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Average score: 4.50 / 5

Price: 4.18 / 5
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Traffic: 4.62 / 5
Disk space: 4.64 / 5
Availability: 4.71 / 5
Customer service: 4.62 / 5
Technical support: 4.18 / 5

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Makes the virtual world human

In addition to its indisputable performance, traffic availability and premium product qualities, Infomaniak is also and above all a relationship with its clients that's full of humanity, cordial, on-hand, effective, regardless whether the matter is easy or complex, your contact knows what they're talking about and does everything in their power to help you. Thanks to everyone on the Infomaniak team.

5.00 5

I challenge you to find better!

Premium WordPress themes and plug-ins offered! Really fast bandwidth and ultra-responsive customer service! Basically, what more can you ask for.

5.00 5

excellent hosting service provider...

With infomaniak since the start of the 2000s. A hosting service provider that's always on hand, even though they've grown a lot. I recommend it any time I can. And my contacts are always just as delighted as me...

5.00 5

Satisfaction even for the most manic?

We've been with Infomaniak for nearly eighteen years now and, honestly, we've never had the slightest issue. In our opinion, could you imagine anything better!?

5.00 5

5 stars may seem a lot but impossible to put more

A super responsive provider that doesn't cost a bomb.

5.00 5

Migration from OVH to Infomaniak

About 6 months ago, I migrated from OVH to Infomaniak and I'm ecstatic, totally stress-free! The service is a model of stability, the hotline is ultra responsive and really spoils us, pure bliss. I definitely recommend it and other hosting service providers had better watch out!

5.00 5

Always happy!

I'm really rubbish when it comes to computing but I always get answers which I'm able to understand. Thanks you for that!

5.00 5

5 stars

We repatriated all our domains and web servers to Infomaniak as they were here, there and everywhere. They've convinced us because any time we call or email their support, we've always been in contact with extremely kind, attentive, helpful people.

5.00 5

Infomaniak support

Really good provider. Super support. Excellent QoS.

5.00 5

You're the best!

You've got everything to make customers happy and successful. Whether we're multinationals, SMEs, associations, private individuals... Your prices are so attractive that we really want to be hosted by you. And, your systems are so flexible (even a little too much). Just one little flaw (just a little one), mails only work half the time... The .ch domain name at CHF6.20, there's no cheaper anywhere!

5.00 5

Really fast

Ultra fast, cheap, brilliant offers and quality service

5.00 5

The best hosting service provider

Technical support available, excellent hosting, totally positive :-)

5.00 5

www.Infomaniak.com rocks...

I am yet to find anything better... plus, being a company based and headquartered in Geneva, it benefits from the legal conditions guaranteed by the Swiss Confederation. Swiss law is vital for ensuring the protection and security of data. Bravo for such professionalism.

5.00 5

Very satisfied!

As a customer for years, the evolution has been nothing but positive!

5.00 5

In my opinion the best hosting service

I have a subscription for website hosting and I have never had a problem.

5.00 5

Outstanding Swiss quality and human values.

Swiss quality with future-oriented expertise, while remaining a company that respects human values. You are the best...THANK YOU!

5.00 5

Quality solutions, flexible support

Infomaniak's teams have readily spent time and energy adapting their managed cloud solution to my needs, so that today I have the ideal hosting service for my professional solution.

5.00 5

A single watchword: Customer Service!

Like many others, I have chosen Infomaniak for one good reason: the quality/price ratio but above all the customer service. There is no reference number to remember. No inaudible and incompetent telephone switchboard located abroad. No reluctance to help the customer under the pretext of the warranty or other reasons. Simply put, in the realm of computer technology, it's a pleasure to be treated like a human being.

5.00 5

thank you

Great team, always available


My first and only hosting service provider since I started on Wanadoo's private pages!


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