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Average score: 4.49 / 5

Price: 4.17 / 5
Interface: 4.37 / 5
Traffic: 4.61 / 5
Disk space: 4.63 / 5
Availability: 4.69 / 5
Customer service: 4.60 / 5
Technical support: 4.17 / 5

383 Clients' opinions

5.00 5

Very satisfied!

As a customer for years, the evolution has been nothing but positive!

In my opinion the best hosting service

I have a subscription for website hosting and I have never had a problem.

5.00 5

Outstanding Swiss quality and human values.

Swiss quality with future-oriented expertise, while remaining a company that respects human values. You are the best...THANK YOU!

Quality solutions, flexible support

Infomaniak's teams have readily spent time and energy adapting their managed cloud solution to my needs, so that today I have the ideal hosting service for my professional solution.

5.00 5

A single watchword: Customer Service!

Like many others, I have chosen Infomaniak for one good reason: the quality/price ratio but above all the customer service. There is no reference number to remember. No inaudible and incompetent telephone switchboard located abroad. No reluctance to help the customer under the pretext of the warranty or other reasons. Simply put, in the realm of computer technology, it's a pleasure to be treated like a human being.

thank you

Great team, always available


My first and only hosting service provider since I started on Wanadoo's private pages!

Top quality and secure hosting service provider: Made in Switzerland!

I have had a hosting with them for over 10 years. Never a problem - only solutions!

5.00 5


I have been a client of theirs for a few years now- I am very satisfied with this hosting service provider (I have tried out several) both in terms of the price and quality of its services.


Superb, but a shame I only have one email address with 5 sites - should have one email address per site instead of just the main one

5.00 5

5 stars for Infomaniak

Since the start of my internet activities, I have been hosted with Infomaniak; I find them extremely professional and kind. Thank you to all the Infomaniak team

5.00 5


fast and effective

Just perfect!!!!

Very very good hosting service provider!!! The prices are more than fair. Management via the admin console is very easy. Server availability, storage space and client service just excellent. On top of all these benefits, Infomaniak is perpetually evolving technically. A big thank you for your exceptional services!


Super-fast and effective support

5.00 5


I am with Infomaniak because I had a very bad experience with another hosting provider! As well as that, when a photographer friend had another bad experience with the same hosting provider, I advised him to change to Infomaniak! And that is in progress now.

5.00 5

I'm buying that!

I had to call them 3 times about some problems and "Action, Reaction" - meaning that after the call they repair or guide clients in the event of problems. They have a whole load of FAQs to help clients during set-up, well done, keep it up - real pros!

A quality provider

I have been a client with Infomaniak for a number of years and it has only been a happy experience. Incidents are rare and quickly resolved. I highly recommend it!

5.00 5

Very good hosting provider

No problem. The FAQs are finished and the support is available. The platforms are very ergonomic.

5.00 5

I have not found any better

As a client for my own sites and for those of my friends and clients, I am really happy with Infomaniak. Not only is the relationship between prices and services very good, but what I have really appreciated for several years is the customer service; they are always there beside you, they take less than 2 minutes to answer your call and are very professional and competent.

5.00 5

You want it? You've got it!

Infomaniak offers easy, headache-free hosting. I have contacted the technical support team on 2 occasions (changing owner and the other time to ask how to do something) - it's quick and effective!


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