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Average score: 4.60 / 5

Price: 4.28 / 5
Interface: 4.45 / 5
Traffic: 4.67 / 5
Disk space: 4.69 / 5
Availability: 4.79 / 5
Customer service: 4.72 / 5
Technical support: 4.28 / 5

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Top level hosting

At last, quality hosting!!! Available, fast, top level support that responds in less than 24 hours, no back-office interruption when you do something else for a few minutes, requirements can be amended without paying extra, simple and efficient management interface, perfect and up-to-date documentation. Like night and day compared to current competitors, you’ll wonder why you didn’t become a customer before...

5.00 5

A great web hosting provider

I use Infomaniak for a personal website; it works perfectly. The support is ultra responsive, even at weekends!

5.00 5

Very good service, I'm happy with it

The customer service was very responsive and gave me personalised and really relevant answers. My problem was solved very quickly. I like their responsible and ecological side, too.

5.00 5


A responsive, professional, fair-priced web hosting provider, and with an ecological fibre.

5.00 5


Available in the event of issues: expert

5.00 5

Infomaniak hosting

Top web hosting provider for more than 15 years...

5.00 5

Extremely reliable

Uninterrupted functional services, efficient technical support, high-performance infrastructures, impeccable hosting. I manage the websites and mailboxes of six associations without any problem!

5.00 5

Excellent service

Thanks to Infomaniak, I've always had a solution to my problems. The last one concerned the hacking of my mailbox, which was diverted to an Italian address with ramifications in Germany. I couldn't receive or send any more emails. My messages were cleaned out after my phone call. Best regards. Emmanuelle

5.00 5

The best quality/price ratio

I've been with Infomaniak for 10 to 15 years without any problems!

5.00 5

Very good service

Whenever I have a problem, the after-sales service team helps me as quickly as possible

5.00 5

Swiss quality

After trying this and that, I came across Infomaniak and I don't want to change. Everything is running smoothly and the customer service is wonderful...

5.00 5


Infomaniak always provides the best service in my opinion.

5.00 5


For my modest use of a site hosted by Infomaniak, the services offered are perfect. It's quite possible that Infomaniak's services are just as remarkable for more demanding users!

5.00 5

Infomaniak is fantastic

Nothing but good experiences with infomaniak, great prices and above all a very good team of professional and helpful people. I highly recommend this web hosting provider

5.00 5

The best

Infomaniak is without a doubt the best web services provider around right now. Not only do they provide highly competitive products, but they're unbeatable in the most important areas of customer service and technical support!!!! These days, nothing beats human contact and the devotion of a person who finds time to help you when you need it. Advice seems to be the main focus of this company. So 5 stars for Infomaniak and THANK YOU to the whole support team

5.00 5

First class

Transferring my domains (hosting and email) from the UK to Switzerland was very quick and easy. Infomaniak even helped us with some specific things related to our former UK supplier. For over a year now, everything's been going well with much better and faster traffic, lots of disk space and exceptional service.

5.00 5

A clear round for Infomaniak

A stable server with 99.99% availability, a flexible and transparent interface, no hidden costs, everything is clear and the customer support people deal with enquiries very well, remaining courteous, adapting to the customer's level and responding promptly. I highly recommend this hosting provider.

5.00 5


A bit more expensive than some low-cost hosting providers, but a very high level of service. If you have a problem, your contact person is available, professional and courteous. I've been able to confirm that several times, notably during the most recent bug on my site, which was due to an error on my part. Although it was entirely my fault, my contact spent a lot of time helping me to regain access to my site. For a professional site that must be absolutely reliable, having checked out several... of the best-known hosting providers, I think Infomaniak is a must. Thanks again to the whole team. Read the rest

5.00 5

What could be better!

I've been with Infomaniak for a long time and I've seen the dynamism at work. I really recommend this web hosting provider.

5.00 5

Very confident

Five customers hosted with this provider: no problems, or solved within 24 hours most of the time. Online support amazingly efficient. All services and tools available, fantastic.