Streaming quality
Simultaneous viewers Good Very good Excellent
150 kbps 350 kbps 650 kbps 800 kbps 1000 kbps 1500 kbps 2000 kbps 2500 kbps
500 - - 430 850 1420 2140 9030 10710
1000 - - 2140 2350 5000 7850 18070 21420
2000 430 4700 6000 7850 9420 14280 - -
5000 3570 7850 15700 18070 23570 - - -
10000 7850 15700 - - - - - -
15000 15700 - - - - - - -
20000 23570 - - - - - - -
Price in EUR /month. Some offers are available only with annual billing. Prices in EUR per year.

Making the right choice

The first thing is to identify your needs, your plans, and their external scope. Then it is necessary to position yourself in relation to the settings opposite, in order to define the most appropriate offer.

You can then change the offer selected so that it best fits your needs: add a stream, increase the simultaneous viewers limit, increase the broadcast quality, etc.


To broadcast live any video content to different devices, as long as they are connected to the Internet, a video camera connected to the appropriate software on a computer connected to the Internet may suffice. The encoding hardware is not provided, but free solutions exist. We take care of rebroadcasting to all your viewers.


This is a packet of compressed information continuously passes in transit. You generate this stream from a video source, send it to us and we send it along to your audience. You can change the audio (MP3 or AAC+) and video (H.264 or VP6) compression formats and rate (kbps) so as to be access from all types of Internet connections.


As soon a viewer accesses your video stream, the data sent to them is recorded (MB) and represents your traffic. It depends on the number of viewers and the quality of the stream: an inferior quality needs a smaller amount of information to be sent. That said, you do not need to worry about the volume of information which will be transmitted because the platform is set at 2 TB of data per month, which is enormous.


The quality of your video stream is an essential setting. If it's high, it will allow viewers to appreciate your broadcast at its fair value if they are able to. If it's low, it requires a slower Internet connection and thus promotes accessibility.

Simultaneous viewers

That's the strength of our streaming product. Imagine a spike in connections to your audio stream (after posting your listening link on Twitter, for example); it should suddenly be distributed to a large number of listeners who want to listen to your radio station...Our service allows the connection of 20,000 simultaneous viewers for a single video, but also offers smaller packages for 500 viewers.

Sample profiles

Local Concert
Sample profiles
Budget estimate
About 400 €
For over 2,000 people simultaneously
Duration: 1 month
National Festival
National Festival
Budget estimate
About 1500 €
For over 15,000 simultaneous viewers
Duration: 1 month
National television channel
National television channel
Budget estimate
About 400 €
For over 4000 daily viewers

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