Pricing by stream volume

Streaming quality
Simultaneous listeners Good Very good Excellent
32 kbps 48 kbps 64 kbps 96 kbps 128 kbps 192 kbps
150 44.00 66.00 88.00 121.00 165.00 253.00
250 88.00 121.00 165.00 253.00 330.00 495.00
350 165.00 220.00 275.00 440.00 550.00 880.00
500 220.00 330.00 385.00 605.00 825.00 1'210
1000 440.00 605.00 825.00 1'210 1'650 2'475
2500 1'100 1'540 2'090 3'080 4'125 6'160
4000 2'475 3'300 4'400 6'600 8'800 13'200
8000 6'050 8'250 11'000 16'500 22'000 33'000

Prices in CHF per year

as from

CHF 3.67

  • simple, clear, and easy to understand
  • designed to let you enjoy the best rates depending on your use
  • change offers in just a click

Package prices

Start Medium Premium
Traffic included 10 TB 20 TB 50 TB
Excess traffic CHF 30.00 / TB CHF 25.00 / TB CHF 15.00 / TB
Number of radio stations unlimited unlimited unlimited
Streams unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of simultaneous listeners unlimited unlimited unlimited
Monthly rate CHF 300.00 CHF 450.00 CHF 750.00

Prices in CHF

as from

CHF 300.00

  • unlimited audience to ensure your success
  • radio/stream included package
  • create your radios instantly

Making the right choice

The first thing is to identify your needs, your plans, and their external scope. Then it is necessary to position yourself in relation to the settings opposite, in order to define the most appropriate offer.

Pricing by stream volume or flat-rate package?

The rates by streaming volume are very adapted to small structures because the costs are controlled. This becomes less interesting when streams increase because the prices go up accordingly.
Flat-rate packages are suitable for larger structures and more specific cases: audience spikes, expanded broadcasts...


Infomaniak enables you to broadcast any audio content live to different devices, as long as they are connected to the Internet. Therefore, it's Internet radio. There are all kinds: those usually broadcast on the FM band, these broadcast a single style of music and you can also listen to Internet radio in the context of a specific event.


This is a packet of compressed information continuously passes in transit. You generate this stream from an audio source, send it to us and we send it along to your audience. You can change the compression format (MP3 or AAC+) and rate (kbps) to reduce the bandwidth needed to transmit the stream and promote access from lower quality Internet connections.


As soon as a listener accesses your audio stream, the data sent to them is recorded (MB) and represents your radio traffic. It depends on the number of listeners and the quality of the stream: an inferior quality needs a smaller amount of information to be sent. As an example, a 50 TB traffic (our highest platform) means more than 900,000 people listening to a stream at 128 kbps for 1 hour (and double the listeners for 64 kbps).

Streaming quality

The quality of your audio stream is an essential setting. If it's high, it will attract users with a good Internet connection and who want to listen to your stream without the compression effects audible at certain frequencies. If it's low, it allows the stream to be reached by users with slower connections. The ideal is to offer both in parallel, and leave the choice up to the listener.

Simultaneous listeners

That's the strength of our streaming product. Imagine a spike in connections to your audio stream (after posting your listening link on Twitter, for example); it should suddenly be distributed to a large number of listeners who want to listen to your radio station...Our services enable you to choose in advance between 150 and an unlimited number of simultaneous listeners.

Sample profiles

Local or personal radio
Local or personal radio
Budget estimate
from CHF 30.64 to CHF 2'298.05 for about 1000 to 10'000 daily listeners
Duration : 1 month

National Radio
Budget estimate
from CHF 278.55 to CHF 696.38 for about 10'000 to 250'000 daily listeners
Duration : 1 year