Servers in load balancing

For a broadcast without limits, even during significant audience spikes, we have twenty load-balanced servers dedicated to receiving and broadcasting streams.

24/24 monitoring

At the slightest stream interruption, an email is automatically sent to the customer. Infomaniak is notified by pager and a technician is available 24/7 to restore the proper functioning of the service as soon as possible.


With audio streaming, FM radio stations now have a virtually unlimited broadcasting space for universality of listening that had been impossible until now. With Infomaniak, they also enjoy unparalleled broadcast quality, without a failure or interruption, even during coverage of live events (games, concerts, debates) and regardless of changes in audience spikes.

High-capacity connection

The servers managing radio streaming are located in our Carouge datacenter, connected by 2 dark fibers of 20 GB each, allowing traffic spikes of up to 40 Gbps.

Reliability and availability

To ensure a broadcast free of breakdowns or outages, our network and technical infrastructures include multiple security systems.