The loss of a domain can be very costly for you

You run the risk of permanently losing your domain. Every year, tens of thousands of companies end up without an email access or a website because they have failed to renew their domain.

  • What happens if your domain is not renewed?

  • Loss of your online business

  • Loss of your visibility on the internet

  • Unable to send or receive any mail

  • Your domain can be registered by anyone

Every day we see the consequences of the involuntary expiry of a domain name. Scenarios leading to the loss of a domain are common.


Prolonged absence of the owner


Payment method blocked or refused.


Renewal emails blocked as spam


Contact email obsolete or mailbox full

Renewal Warranty, the ultimate solution to guarantee the renewal of your domain names

If your domain is important for your business, Renewal Warranty offers you a guarantee of never losing it. With this guarantee, Infomaniak will do everything within its power to ensure that you keep it.


For one reason or another, the domain was not renewed in time.


Instead of losing your domain, Infomaniak renews it for 280 days and contacts you through all means so that you can be sure to keep it.


With Renewal Warranty, you are guaranteed to continue to send and receive your emails and protect your online activity.


1st step

Infomaniak informs you that the domain has been renewed thanks to Renewal Warranty. Your domain is preserved and you have 280 additional days to do whatever is necessary.


2nd step

Infomaniak will contact you again by phone, post and send an email to all users who handle billing.


3rd step

You will also receive an alert via SMS, mail and telephone to prevent losing your domain inadvertently.

No risk of losing your domain with this warranty

We will send several emails to contacts with billing rights on your account.

We will call the legal account manager several times.

We will send an SMS to mobile numbers provided on your account.

We will send an email to the postal address provided on your account.

from EUR 2.40 / yr

(50% of the price of the domain at activation)

Do you already have domain?

  • 1. Log in to the Manager.

  • 2. Go to "Domains".

  • 3. Click on the domain that you want to protect.

  • 4. Enable Renewal Warranty in the domain dashboard.

A very advantageous guarantee

The investment represents 50% of your domain amount at activation and only 20% in the second year. Thanks to our competitive rates, your domain with Renewal Warranty is very cost-effective.

You maintain complete control

You remain the sole legal owner of your domain and you can stop Renewal Warranty or cancel your domain whenever you like.

Everyone can take advantage of it

All domains managed with Infomaniak can have this coverage. You can easily transfer your domain to Infomaniak.

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Renewal Warranty - Frequent Asked Questions

Renewal Warranty is the assurance of never losing your domain name, even if you forget to renew or your payment is blocked. Your websites and email addresses are always accessible and you don't give others the opportunity to steal your domain name.
Outside of promotional offers, Renewal Warranty costs 50% of the domain price at activation and only 20% in subsequent years. Since Infomaniak is one of ICANN's most cost-effective accredited registrars, the total price of a domain with Renewal Warranty remains very competitive.
Renewal Warranty is enabled in one just click when ordering or transferring a domain to Infomaniak. If you already have a domain managed by Infomaniak, log in to Manager and go to "Domain name". Then click on the domain to protect and enable Renewal Warranty in the domain dashboard. It will only take a few seconds.
Renewal Warranty is available for all extensions whose annual total is less than or equal to EUR 200.
You can easily transfer your domain to Infomaniak without interrupting the operation of your websites and your email addresses. You will enjoy our competitive rates and all our benefits. Find out more
You only need to pay the usual amount of your domain if Infomaniak automatically renews your domain with Renewal Warranty. There are no additional costs applied if the payment is delayed or refused.

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