Tindo Logistics Group

Tindo Logistics Group

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Tindo Logistics Group is an international center specialized in the fields of:


- Transport, equipment rental, sale of vehicles & other equipment;

- Promotion, administration, management of real estate and sale of land on: www.tlg-icontact.com



- General Logistics and Handling;

- The supply.



- Creation, administration and management of websites;

- Management of network cabling (physical connection between several machines);

- Routing management (logical connection between the inside and the outside of the network or between several subnetworks);

- Security management (antiviral protection, firewall, intrusion prevention etc.);

- Management of user access rights (access to the network, etc.);

- Design and development of software or business management applications;

- General maintenance.



- Construction, renovation, rehabilitation & maintenance;

- Follow-up of building sites and



- Printing of printed matter

- Organization of show and promotion;

- General Trade & Supply;

- Calls for tenders, placement, recruitment, training & Assistances on: www.tlg-goa.com   


Born from a synergy of Northwestern experience. It is driven by an active team of professionals, attentive to the needs adapted to urban life and stubbornly committed to an iterative process (Reflection, Decide and Act) and on RECACECC values ​​(Reactivity, Commitment, Creativity, Continuous Improvement, Equity and Customer Culture).


TLG is a Limited Liability Company (SARL) with a capital of 50,000,000 GNF, registered in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register of Guinea under number 074.063B and in the register of the CNSS as an employer under the number: 82-04-11801-0400, its Tax Identification Number (TIN) is: 039995F, and declared to AGUIPE under the number: 11-25-17120 / AGUIPE / 17, the head office is in front of Gbesia International Airport, Feralux Building, Matoto / Conakry Commune / Republic of Guinea.


TLG is a diversified international company, part of a large consortium of local and international companies, it has become today a key player in the Guinean business world and offers individuals and institutions its key services throughout the country.

It negotiates the best rates with these partners and develops, on this basis, the simplest and most complete offers possible: any service taken out with the Group includes insurance and VAT.



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