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wallabag is an open source reading list application. wallabag was initially released in 2013.

1 click installation Wallabag

1 click installation

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Easy update

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Backup and restoration


Current version
Last update
21 March 2022

System Requirements

Installation size
185.00 MB
open source
What's new
2.4.3 (major version)
21 March - 185MBBug Fixes
  • Tag view: order tags by label
  • Pagination style updated
  • Improve performance of REST exists cal
  • Make RSS feed entry links valid and accessible
  • Fixed search on homepage
  • Fixed timeout when assigning tags to entry
  • Fixed reading time in epub/pdf exports
  • Fix dark theme developper page
  • Fix dark mode background color for pre tags
  • Show when articles is read
  • Added random button on article view
  • Fixed wrong number of entries for tag feeds
  • Add support for RTL content
  • Avoid overlapping images when downloading them

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2.4.2 (major version)
3 May 2021 - 185MB2.4.2

  • A lot of bugs related to the dark theme were fixed
  • A year old bug about the auto tagging system which created duplicated tags
  • A lot of translations update, thanks to translators !
  • The link to calculate the reading speed was updated because the previous was dead, you can now use:

  • Fix nav lang filter #4908
  • Fix accessibility problem with the 2FA QR code #4915
  • Preselect currently active section in the filter menu #4972
  • Fix translation of date in the footer using IntlDateFormatter #4971
  • Update dark theme #4921
  • Dark theme updated #4983
  • Fix account dropdown width #4969
  • Fix auto prefered color scheme #5071
  • Convert tag label to lowercase in RuleBasedTagger #5111
  • Fix myreadspeed links #5113
  • Internal server error while exporting to epub #5052
  • Error parsing image URL (with scrset) #4914


  • Fix path icons from manifest.json #4811
  • Fix missing apple-touch-icon-512.png from manifest.json #4823
  • migrations: fix mysql migration for an edge case #4832
  • Add a command to clean downloaded images #4844
  • Add a query to parse only non-hashed URL #4865 #4878
  • material: fix issue with cookie check for light/dark theme #4866
  • Show OTP secret next to the QR Code #4868
  • views: add title to tag li elements, for consistency #4894
  • Add label and issuer to OTP config #4301


New features
  • Allow to rename tags from the web interface #3574,
  • Possibility to change locale from login/register pages #3216,
  • Ability to import/export tagging rules #4028,
  • Enable OTP 2FA via third-party apps (Google Authenticator, Authy or FreeOTP) #3798,
  • Add random feature #3526,
  • Ability to revoke feed token #3994,
  • Move Ignore Origin rules to database #4026,
  • Ability to manually define the reading speed #4053,
  • MathJax support #4128,
  • Allow custom styles system wide #4151,
  • Support elCurator import #4175,
  • Add mass actions for Material design in list view #4326,
  • Add Dark theme to Material #4725


  • Add ability to match many domains for credentials #3937
  • Enable no-referrer on img tags, enable strict-origin-when-cross-origin by default #3943
  • Fix Intl Locale issue #3964


  • Fix bad order parameter in the API #3841
  • Update composer.json to add php-tidy (ext-tidy) #3853
  • Add dedicated email for site config issue #3861
  • Fix read & starred status in Pocket import #3819
  • Fix broken 2 factor auth logo image #3869
  • Fix CORS for API #3882
  • Add support of expect parameter to change return object when deleting entry #3887
  • epub export: fix missing cover image, only for exports of one article #3886
  • Allow optional --ignore-root-warning #3885
  • material: fix left padding of content on medium screens #3893
  • material: hide creation date from card actions on specific sizes #3894


  • Jump to 2.3.6-dev and update release process #3814
  • Fix tag API leak #3823
  • Validate imported entry to avoid error on import #3816
  • Fix incorrect reading time calculation for entries with CJK characters #3820
  • EntriesExport/epub: replace epub identifier with unique urn #3827
  • Fix settings field inverted #3833
  • Cast client id to avoid PG error #3831
  • Rework of EPUB/PDF exports #3826


  • Jump to 2.3.5-dev and update release process #3778
  • Remove preview picture from single entry view page #3765
  • Fix Android app login issue #3784
  • material: fix missing thumbnail on list view #3782
  • material: decrease size of tags on list view #3783
  • build: upgrade yarn dependencies, update prod assets #3781
  • No more dev for guzzle-site-authenticator #3810


  • Fix image downloading on null image path #3684
  • Remove remaining deprecation notices #3686
  • Fix mobile viewport on big iframe and video elements #3683
  • Autofocus the username field on the login page #3691
  • Feature/svg logo #3692
  • Fixes a typo #3702
  • Update release script #3705
  • Removing failing test from Travis #3707
  • Replace SO url by to avoid random failing test #3685
  • php-cs-fixer: native_function_invocation #3716
  • PHP 7.2 shouldn't fail #3717
  • Liberation goes https #3726
  • Bugfix: Sanitize the title of a saved webpage from invalid UTF-8 characters. #3725
  • Fix dockerfile php72 #3734
  • Fix sort parameters #3719
  • Add note on GitHub PR template to auto-close issues #3763
  • Fix link to wallabag requirements in documentation #3766
  • Update translation when marking as read #3772
  • Makefile fixes for non GNU systems #3706
  • Card no preview replaced by wallabag logo #3774


  • Fix error when withRemove variable is not defined. #3573
  • Fix title card HTML parsing #3592
  • Fix tests #3597
  • Fix tests #3619
  • Better encoding of the URI for the bookmarklet #3616
  • Fix overflow wrap issue #3652
  • Fix/firefox mobile unneeded resize #3653
  • Fix srcset attribute on images downloaded #3661
  • Fix authors and preview alt encoding display #3664
  • Spelling: GitHub, Log out, of the dev #3614
  • Fix tests #3668
  • Fixed migrations with dash into db names #3538

  • Allow login by email #3615
  • Occitan update #3646
  • Highlight code in articles using highlight.js #3636


  • Nav actions updated
  • Replaced Create new client link with a button

Bug Fixes
  • Add set -eu to
  • Fix broken link to remove tags from entries


  • Added custom driver & schema manager for PostgreSQL 10
  • Replaced exit_to_app, redo and autorenew icons
  • Added PHP 7.2 compatibility

Bug Fixes
  • Changed the way to check for initial migration
  • Displayed the RSS icon on homepage route
  • Hided the share toggle button if no service is enabled
  • Updated robots.txt to prevent crawling
  • Fixed lower case tags migration
  • Fixed initial migration when using custom table prefix
  • Fixed assets for subfolder install
  • Fixed empty card title link
  • Fixed empty title and domain_name when exception is thrown during fetch
  • API: copied entry object before sending, to keep id


  • API exists returns id if article exists
  • Added API endpoint to handle a list of URL and to add/delete tags
  • Added API endpoint to handle a list of URL
  • Retrieve tag / tags value from query or request
  • Register through API
  • API user creation behind a toggle
  • Allow other fields to be sent using API
  • Add ability to patch an entry with more fields
  • Create (and return) a client after creating a new user using the API
  • Fix PATCH method

Technical stuff
  • Dropping PHP 5.5 #2861, migrated to Symfony 3.3 #3376, defined MySQL as the default rdbms for wallabag
  • Add Cloudron as installation method
  • Added migrations execution after fresh install
  • Upgraded CraueConfigBundle to 2.0
  • Removed embedded documentation. The repository is now here.
  • Fix some Scrutinizer issues #3161
  • Isolated tests
  • Log an error level message when user auth fail
  • Add a real configuration for CS-Fixer
  • Replace ant with Makefile

  • Share articles to Scuttle ( instance
  • Allow to remove all archived entries
  • Added publication date and author
  • Added notmatches operator for automatic tagging rule
  • Search & paginate users
  • Clean duplicates entries command
  • Added headers field in Entry
  • Add some deletion confirmation to avoid mistake
  • Add support for tag in Instapaper import
  • Added tags on list view
  • Show user command
  • Add ability to filter public entries & use it in the API
  • Store credentials for restricted site in database
  • Add RSS for tags & All entries
  • Add list users command
  • Add reload entry command
  • Add starred_at field which is set when an entry is starred
  • Add originUrl property to Entry

  • Changed default value for list mode (grid instead of list)
  • Remove isPublic from Entry entity
  • Use username to import
  • Adds Webpack support and remove Grunt
  • Improved Guzzle subscribers extensibility
  • Added logger when we match Tagging rules
  • unify Download/Export wording.
  • Staying on an article view after removing a tag
  • Use an alternative way to detect images
  • Displays an error with an annotation with a too long quote
  • Validate language & preview picture fields
  • remove craueconfig domain name setting and add a proper one in parameters
  • Better public sharing page #3204,
  • Improved pagination, navigation, tag's list and footer UI

Bug Fixes
  • Use up-to-date Firefox extension and add F-Droid link for Android app
  • Fixed sandwich menu position in entry view (material theme)
  • Disabled shortcuts on login/register page
  • in url not parsed correctly (when we click on original URL)
  • Skip auth when no credentials are found
  • Added migration to change length for user fields
  • Fix delete annotation when username is defined
  • Fixed is_starred for wallabag v2 import
  • Replace images with & in url
  • Ignore tag's case
  • Multiple tag search, which was broken from API
  • In RSS feeds, pubDate now conformant to DateTime RFC822 specifications


  • Lock guzzle-site-authenticator to avoid errors
  • reorder contrib strings in about page
  • Fixed documentation URL
  • Update graby* licenses
  • Fix API pagination is broken if perPage is custom value
  • Create a new entry via API even when its content can't be retrieved
  • Translate error message in login page
  • Fix display the form errors correctly
  • Disable negative numbers in filters
  • Small typo in documentation fix #3061
  • Ignore tests exported files
  • Correct create_application en string
  • Make symfony-assets-install use relative symlinks
  • Add export notice at the end of the epub
  • Save alpha channel when downloading PNG images
  • Update paywall.rst
  • Update paywall.rst
  • remove language on html tag


  • Fixed symlinks issue during release creation
  • Search by term: extend to entries url
  • Fixed rendering of entry title in Twig views
  • Updated spanish translation
  • Import: we now skip messages when user is null
  • Alert that 2FA must be authorized in app/config/parameters.yml
  • Search by term: extend to entries url
  • Added italian documentation
  • Documentation: update java wrapper, add cmd tool to add article
  • Added informations about Apache 2.4
  • Added log for restricted access value
  • Fixed misspells in polish translation
  • Update RulerZ
  • Show active list in the left menu during search
  • Documentation on how to configure mobile apps to work with wallabag
  • Fixed composer.phar: not found in update script
  • Fix nav-panel-search height
  • Renamed Developer section to API client management

  • Fixed duplicate entry for share_public in craue_setting_table and added documentation about migration (@nicosomb)


  • Available in wallabag 1.x, downloading pictures has been added. You need to enable the feature in the internal settings of your wallabag.
  • If you don’t like to remove your fingers from your keyboard, we added shortcuts. You can have a glance of all the available shortcuts by hitting the ? key.
  • Wanted for months, the search engine is finally available in wallabag. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the header to display the search form.
  • We added a new setting to define the redirection made after archiving an entry: define it on the configuration page.
  • To avoid too large RSS feeds, it’s now possible to limit them. Define this value on your configuration page.

  • Two useful enhancements for developers: annotations and entries export are now available in the API.

Export Entries
  • The endpoint is /api/entries/123/export.epub to export the entry 123 in epub (available formats: epub, mobi, pdf, txt, csv).
  • This feature is already used by Plop! reader, a wallabag application for Pocketbook Touch Lux ereaders, by pmartin.

  • The endpoint is api/annotations/123.json to get annotations for the entry 123.

  • We added new tag form in mobile view for Material theme.
  • We added a list view, which hides the preview picture and displays only the title.
  • On mobile view, for long articles, we added a floating button to archive, star or delete an entry.

  • You can now share your entries to, a bookmarks manager.
  • Sharing to Shaarli (an other bookmarks manager) is available since wallabag 2.0. But lapineige, one of our happy users, wanted to share tags into Shaarli. So he developed this feature.

  • you can now import your data from Pinboard.

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