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TYPO3 is an open source content management application and framework. TYPO3 was initially released in 2000 and today powers over 500,000 websites.

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11 January 2022

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150.00 MB
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What's new


11 January - 150MB
  • [BUGFIX] Correctly apply config.absRefPrefix to _assets resources
  • [BUGFIX] Enforce functional colors package
  • [BUGFIX] Restore sort link in FileList
  • [TASK] Update CKEditor to v4.17.1
  • [TASK] Unify TSFE usage consistently in HMENU
  • [TASK] Update @claviska/jquery-minicolors to v2.3.6
  • [BUGFIX] Exclude pages from linkvalidator path
  • [BUGFIX] Fix rootlevel check in ListModule fieldControl
  • [BUGFIX] Use typolink in EmailViewHelper
  • [TASK] Clean up Page Link Builder code
  • [TASK] Switch description of partialRootPaths and layoutRootPaths
  • [TASK] Extract inline mn attribute scenario from ext:irre_tutorial
  • [BUGFIX] Fix sprintf() PHP warning in FinisherOptionGenerator
  • [BUGFIX] Prevent redirects causing infinite redirect loops
  • [BUGFIX] Prevent undefined array key in PageLinkHandler
  • [TASK] Use ORDER BY uid DESC in LiveSearch
  • [BUGFIX] TypoLink is executed fully without href attribute
  • [TASK] Ensure ATagParams are overridden from global option
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure config.spamProtectEmailAddresses = ascii works for external URLs
  • [BUGFIX] Mark broken links to hidden page and CEs
  • [BUGFIX] Use typolink consistently for makelinks functionality
  • [BUGFIX] Check for excludeUidList in HMENU of default language
  • [TASK] Extract simple mn attribute scenario from ext:irre_tutorial
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure correct test expectation for hierarchicalMenuIsGenerated
  • [TASK] Ensure that hidden pages are not rendered as subpages in HMENU
  • [BUGFIX] Use "" properly for Pages with External URL
  • [BUGFIX] Change misleading label for workspace mass action
  • [BUGFIX] Provide quoted array to string-list implode support
  • [TASK] Better performance for LiveSearch
  • [TASK] Make status of simulate time clearer
  • [TASK] Adjust QueryBuilder PHPDoc comments
  • [BUGFIX] Mark shortcut pages as active in HMENU
  • [BUGFIX] Resolving page slug ending with index and type suffix '.php'
  • [BUGFIX] Add TCA migration for select authMode keywords
  • [BUGFIX] Add CompositeExpression argument docblock type-hint
  • [BUGFIX] Rename variable for storing the translated options
  • [TASK] Extract symmetric mn scenario from ext:irre_tutorial
  • [BUGFIX] Fix ordering of db mounts in page tree
  • [BUGFIX] Do not overwrite previously set preview mode
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid invalid mktemp argument busybox in cglGit
  • [BUGFIX] Set mute=1 if autoplay=1 for rendering youtube videos
  • [BUGFIX] Check correctly for TCA search options
  • [BUGFIX] Fix undefined array key error in DatabaseRecordList
  • [TASK] Update symfony dependencies to 5.4 (LTS)
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid undefined array key in inlineLocalizeSynchronize function of DataHandler
  • [TASK] Add allowed composer plugins for composer >= 2.2.0
  • [BUGFIX] Use realpath() for vcsIgnore in CGL fixer
  • [BUGFIX] Allow rendering of subpages for spacers
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid array offset on null warning when generating preview URL params
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid type errors in TimeTracker
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid undefined array key in LegacyLinkNotationConverter
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid duplicate pages in pagetree when rootPid is mounted
  • [BUGFIX] Fix TCA of sys_workspace custom_stages
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid undefined array key in garbage collection task
  • [TASK] Fix typo in InputDateTimeElement
  • [BUGFIX] Remove useless felogin view configuration
  • [TASK] Add tests for list menu with folder as root storage
  • [BUGFIX] Do not link to untranslated records
  • [BUGFIX] Be consistent in HMENU.special = language
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid PHP 8 warnings in LocalCropScaleMaskHelper
  • [BUGFIX] Fix PHP 8 notices in workspaces preview
  • [BUGFIX] Resolve shortcuts in HMENU to access restricted pages
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid undefined array key in ContentObjectRenderer->getTypoLink()
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid undefined array key in TextMenuContentObject->writeMenu()
  • [BUGFIX] Respect query settings for version overlay enable fields
  • [BUGFIX] Properly support translations only page module
  • [BUGFIX] Initialise parameter in AbstractElementBrowser correctly
  • [BUGFIX] Ignore unmapped tables on non-default connections
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid undefined array key warnings in DatabaseRecordLinkBuilder
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid PHP8 warning for "Insert records" with hidden records
  • [BUGFIX] Use generated TSFE in PageLinkBuilder
  • [TASK] Allow EXT: syntax in f:uri.resource VH
  • [BUGFIX] Allow CSV in startingPoints config as advertised
  • [TASK] Remove stray javascript build outputs
  • [BUGFIX] Fix doctype annotations
  • [BUGFIX] Resolve shortcuts in typolink directly
  • [TASK] Switch to new REST API end point
  • [TASK] Raise friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer:^3.4
  • [BUGFIX] Remove useless string cast of idn_to_ascii()
  • [BUGFIX] Forward-compatible prepared statement support
  • [BUGFIX] Fix scoping issue in FormEngineValidation
  • [TASK] Avoid deprecated doctrine/dbal method 'executeUpdate()'
  • [BUGFIX] Fix extension path in ComposerDeficitDetector
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid exception in ContentObjectRenderer with PHP8
  • [BUGFIX] Fix PHP 8 strict warning in Package MetaData
  • [BUGFIX] Make RichTextElement PHP 8 compatible
  • [BUGFIX] Pass sanitized additional where as string in DatabaseRecordList
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid select and therefore fetchFirstColumn() of doctrine/dbal
  • [BUGFIX] Fix validation in form override settings
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure getTreeList() keeps ordering of subpages
  • [BUGFIX] Do not render hidden pages in HMENU list
  • [BUGFIX] Handle missing $_SERVER['PATH_INFO']
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid duplicate results in HMENU with workspaces
  • [TASK] Avoid extending view helpers in ext:extensionmanager
  • [BUGFIX] Missing rootline in BE ConditionMatcher if page id is determined
  • [BUGFIX] Remove workspace info from logging module if not needed
  • [BUGFIX] Consider Context API when using
  • [BUGFIX] Always return a string for PHP 8.1
  • [BUGFIX] Load all backend routes in installer controller
  • [BUGFIX] Fix undefined key warning in EXT:core/TimeTracker with PHP8
  • [BUGFIX] Render hreflang only for translated pages
  • [DOCS] Resolve warnings in EXT:form manual
  • [BUGFIX] Pass default/override values to FormSelectTreeAjaxController
  • [DOCS] Resolve warnings in System extensions manuals

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(major version)
20 December 2021 - 150MBNew Features
  • Introduce Bootstrap 5 compatible and accessible templates
  • Reintroduce option to modify FE groups w/o auth
  • Introduce view-helper
  • PHP 8 support

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11 January - 150MB
  • [BUGFIX] Enforce functional colors package
  • [TASK] Update CKEditor to v4.17.1
  • [BUGFIX] Fix NavigationContainer iframe loading
  • [TASK] Update @claviska/jquery-minicolors to v2.3.6
  • [BUGFIX] Prevent redirects causing infinite redirect loops
  • [BUGFIX] Fix sprintf() PHP warning in FinisherOptionGenerator
  • [BUGFIX] Add TCA migration for select authMode keywords
  • [BUGFIX] Add CompositeExpression argument docblock type-hint
  • [BUGFIX] Fix ordering of db mounts in page tree
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid invalid mktemp argument busybox in cglGit
  • [BUGFIX] Set mute=1 if autoplay=1 for rendering youtube videos
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid duplicate pages in pagetree when rootPid is mounted
  • [BUGFIX] Fix TCA of sys_workspace custom_stages
  • [TASK] Add allowed composer plugins for composer >= 2.2.0
  • [BUGFIX] Properly support translations only page module
  • [TASK] Switch to new REST API end point
  • [TASK] Remove deprecated parameter from VH docs
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid select and therefore fetchFirstColumn() of doctrine/dbal
  • [BUGFIX] Missing rootline in BE ConditionMatcher if page id is determined
  • [BUGFIX] Render hreflang only for translated pages

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20 December 2021 - 150MBBug Fixes
  • [BUGFIX] Allow slashes as TS keys and escape dots for generated TS
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid fatal error in workspaces module
  • [DOCS] Adjust configuration of manuals and changelog
  • [BUGFIX] Lower log level of TSFE->set_no_cache in preview mode
  • [BUGFIX] Respect single tags without white space
  • [TASK] Raise typo3/testing-framework:^6.15.1
  • [TASK] gitlab-ci: Out-of-order nightly jobs
  • [TASK] Don't mount home, passwd, group
  • [BUGFIX] Simplify Apcu cache backend identifier calculation
  • [BUGFIX] Check extension version number format
  • [BUGFIX] Use editors language in admin panel instead of site language
  • [TASK] Update Git commit hook
  • [BUGFIX] Create auto-redirects with default language page uid
  • [BUGFIX] Respect '_language' argument for typoLink and LinkHandler
  • [BUGFIX] Ignore prefixParentPageSlug for non-page record in SlugHelper
  • [BUGFIX] Fix typo in RTE contentsCss example
  • [BUGFIX] Always display root page in page tree
  • [BUGFIX] Add missing field enclosure to example
  • [TASK] xdebug trigger works with macOS and WSL2
  • [TASK] CI: Use docker 20.10 instead of 19.03
  • [BUGFIX] Save correct table name as ref_table in refindex
  • [BUGFIX] Resolve page id correctly in ConditionMatcher
  • [BUGFIX] Fix loose type check in BackendUserAuthentication
  • [TASK] Apply current recommendations for BASH scripts
  • [TASK] Raise typo3/testing-framework:^6.13.0
  • [BUGFIX] Input and save date properly when USdateFormat is set
  • [BUGFIX] Revert "Make file paths absolute in GIFBUILDER"
  • [BUGFIX] Fix timezone of native time records in list
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid InvalidTypoScriptConditionException in RedirectHandler
  • [BUGFIX] Fix too long regular expression error in ContentObjectRenderer
  • [DOCS] Replace links with intersphinx refs
  • [BUGFIX] Load FlexForm Sections on new before save
  • [BUGFIX] Fix method signature of Query::logicalOr()
  • [DOCS] Update section on redirects in seo docs
  • [BUGFIX] Provide arguments in correct order to DataHandler log method
  • [BUGFIX] Streamline arguments for logicalAnd() query in Extbase
  • [BUGFIX] Fix several doc block types in extbase persistence
  • [BUGFIX] Replace non existing icon in DB Check
  • [BUGFIX] Restore new pages behavior in context menu
  • [BUGFIX] Properly respect offset in QueryGenerator
  • [BUGFIX] Properly handle deleted placeholders in TCA group and select
  • [TASK] Fix return type declaration for slug provider
  • [BUGFIX] Use forced scheme only if set and not empty
  • [BUGFIX] Add missing cookie option on install tool logout
  • [TASK] Change requirement for finediff
  • [TASK] Improve readability of ext:redirects documentation
  • [BUGFIX] Translate image dimensions on file replace
  • [BUGFIX] Do not HTML encode attributes in Script and Asset VH
  • [BUGFIX] Fix EditableRestriction for linkvalidator
  • [DOCS] Minor fixes in redirects docs
  • [BUGFIX] Restore SummaryPage path for form single value access
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure view initialisation in FluidEmail
  • [BUGFIX] Document proper paths for form single value access
  • [BUGFIX] Use search_field value from session again
  • [BUGFIX] Fix redirect on failed login when redirectMode is unset
  • [TASK] Enhance deprecation message for table pages_language_overlay
  • [BUGFIX] Fix cache clearing when publishing from workspace
  • [BUGFIX] Keep pagination in redirect module if editing record
  • [BUGFIX] Restore inconsistent language highlighting
  • [BUGFIX] Delete orphans that are deleted or hidden
  • [BUGFIX] Fix various context menu visibility issues
  • [DOCS] Documentation for EXT:redirects
  • [BUGFIX] Clean up clipboard before using it in ContextMenu
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure regexp capture group works with relative target
  • [BUGFIX] Fix warning when query result is written to csv file
  • [BUGFIX] Update composer dev dependencies to min required versions
  • [BUGFIX] Use correct return type annotations in validation results
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid passing null as parameter to trim()
  • [BUGFIX] Better redirects from sys_domain in redirects upgrade wizard
  • [BUGFIX] Make file paths absolute in GIFBUILDER
  • [BUGFIX] Consider language in redirects:checkintegrity
  • [BUGFIX] Consider language dependencies in stdwrap.lang
  • [BUGFIX] Use correct selector for caret animation in EXT:form
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure cyrilic work as regexp redirects capture group
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure slug pieces are strings
  • [BUGFIX] Use proper driver for FAL isWithin() check
  • [DOCS] Document usage of FluidEmail
  • [BUGFIX] Fix type error when value in PaddingViewHelper is omitted
  • [BUGFIX] Do not log page access failures
  • [TASK] Add support for PHP 8.1 functions
  • [TASK] gitlab-ci: Enable FF_ENABLE_JOB_CLEANUP flag
  • [TASK] gitlab-ci: Enable FF_SCRIPT_SECTIONS flag
  • [BUGFIX] Fix ExportNoPagetree issue
  • [BUGFIX] Make Linkvalidator event listener more robust
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure routing works for request with chinese letter
  • [BUGFIX] access-restricted subpages of sysfolders return 403
  • [BUGFIX] Fix page link in redirects module pagination
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid warning when eID is given as array
  • [BUGFIX] Pad multibyte strings correctly
  • [BUGFIX] Fix "View" button on pages with doktype > 200
  • [BUGFIX] Fix log level in html sanitizer config docs
  • [BUGFIX] Use correct description for cache clearing in Install Tool
  • [TASK] Add example for wildcard redirect
  • [TASK] Improve PHPDoc of ResourceStorage::sanitizeFileName
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure string is passed to f:sanitize.html view helper
  • [BUGFIX] Show broken links for all languages
  • [BUGFIX] Fix the generics annotations for ObjectManager(Interface)
  • [BUGFIX] Catch UnknownLinkHandlerException in view helper
  • Revert "[BUGFIX] Use correct variable in CheckboxElement"
  • [BUGFIX] Rebuild redirect cache after changing slug
  • [BUGFIX] Do not show empty dates of system news
  • [DOCS] Recommend $container->hasDefinition() for optional dependencies
  • [BUGFIX] Use correct variable in CheckboxElement
  • [DOCS] Document overrideConfiguration parameter
  • [BUGFIX] Replace duplicated id in Scheduler edit task template
  • [TASK] Raise typo3/testing-framework:^6.11.3
  • [BUGFIX] Use correct module name for checking permissions to help module
  • [BUGFIX] Respect query string for regexp redirects
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure auto redirect respects language host
  • [BUGFIX] Report database migration errors in upgrade wizard
  • [BUGFIX] Add required and autocomplete attributes in ext:felogin template
  • [TASK] Raise typo3/testing-framework:^6.11.1
  • [TASK] Revert "[TASK] Add EventDispatcher to symfony console application"
  • [TASK] Add EventDispatcher to symfony console application
  • [BUGFIX] Add support for DateTimeImmutable in JsonView
  • [TASK] Add tests to cover eID controller requests
  • [TASK] Add early check for validating email address
  • [BUGFIX] Auto redirect resolve target page
  • [TASK] Cover FE index.php id/type parameter requests with tests
  • [BUGFIX] Show all content in any language
  • [DOCS] Use LocalConfiguration.php in workspaces docs

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1 October 2021 - 150MBBug Fixes
  • [TASK] Explicitly define symfony polyfill packages
  • [TASK] Upgrade to typo3/html-sanitizer v2.0.11
  • [TASK] Upgrade to typo3/phar-stream-wrapper v3.1.7
  • [BUGFIX] Bump symfony/polyfill-mbstring to ^1.16
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid TSFE injection into standalone ContentObjectRenderer
  • [BUGFIX] Correct decision about new content button
  • [BUGFIX] Fix slug generation for non-pages records with pid=0
  • [BUGFIX] Fix event handler invocation in language pack download
  • [TASK] Emit typo3:datahandler:process after drag&drop in page module
  • [BUGFIX] Evaluate edit permissions of live search suggestions
  • [TASK] Make some type annotations more specific
  • [DOCS] Fix typo in deprecation rst for 57594
  • [BUGFIX] Respect includeNotInMenu setting in menu cache hash
  • [BUGFIX] Backend Login Test for admins improved
  • [TASK] Delete acceptance split job files before recreation
  • [TASK] Better checks in Build/Script/
  • [TASK] gitlab-ci: Activate check permissions script
  • [TASK] Test if status codes are selectable and send in redirects
  • [BUGFIX] Remove forgotten PHP 8.0 option from
  • [TASK] Raise typo3/testing-framework:^6.11.0
  • [TASK] Remove php 8.0 option from Build/Scripts/
  • [BUGFIX] Add "308 Permanent Redirect" HTTP status to redirects
  • [BUGFIX] Fix pasting elements in page module
  • [TASK] Update CKEditor to v4.16.2
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure deterministic orderBy of CategoryCollection
  • [TASK] Add support for class-string annotation and provide meta file
  • [BUGFIX] Allow shortcuts to pages with doktype > 200
  • [DOCS] Access single form values
  • [TASK] Version check docker-compose v2
  • [BUGFIX] Fix queryGenerator count result with deleted entries
  • [BUGFIX] Make QueryGenerator handle multiple label_alt columns
  • [DOCS] Fix incorrect code block syntax in some rst files
  • [BUGFIX] Correct locallang reference in irre_tutorial
  • [BUGFIX] Provide correct description for MAIL settings
  • [BUGFIX] Render "Update now" button for every community release
  • [BUGFIX] Mitigate docker shenanigans using
  • [TASK] Raise typo3/testing-framework:^6.10.0
  • [BUGFIX] PSR-7 Uri implementation must return scheme as string
  • [TASK] Upgrade to typo3/html-sanitizer v2.0.10
  • [TASK] Remove obsolete LOCK TABLE check from install tool
  • [TASK] Public GeneralUtility::xml2arrayProcess()
  • [TASK] Require symfony/filesystem as direct dependency
  • [BUGFIX] Correctly resolve nested arguments in SimpleEnhancer
  • [BUGFIX] Keep checked state of record relations in sync
  • [BUGFIX] Revert "Remove prefixed scriptName from urlPath in PageRouter"
  • [BUGFIX] Do not transform text when RTE is disabled
  • [BUGFIX] Remove unnecessary html tags
  • [BUGFIX] Reset mass action state when updating workspace listing
  • [BUGFIX] Check for any references to formPersistenceIdentifier
  • [TASK] Update guzzlehttp/psr7 to 1.7.0
  • [BUGFIX] Hide inactive checkbox labeled toggle state
  • [DOCS] Fix LinkServiceHook changelog
  • [BUGFIX] Drop button group sliding from MultiStepWizard

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(security release)
18 August 2021 - 150MB10.4.20

New Features
  • [FEATURE] Introduce explicit f:sanitize.html view-helper

Bug Fixes
  • [TASK] Upgrade to typo3/html-sanitizer v2.0.9
  • [BUGFIX] Adjust default behavior of HTML sanitization in parseFunc
  • [BUGFIX] Allow HTML node onclick events in generated frontend markup
  • [BUGFIX] Use loading="lazy" in FormEngineUtility::getIconHtml()
  • [BUGFIX] Respect toggle for legacy form upload MIME types again
  • [DOCS] Exclude form finisher options from overrides
  • [BUGFIX] Fix FileSpoolTest creating "spool" directory on root level
  • [BUGFIX] Remove prefixed scriptName from urlPath in PageRouter
  • [BUGFIX] Support for vimeo event url
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid timeout issues through SvgFilesSanitization
  • [TASK] Add status quo tests for f:format.html
  • [BUGFIX] Re-add language switcher for sys_file_metadata records
  • [DOCS] Document usage of YAML loader
  • [TASK] Forward initiator to typo3/html-sanitizer
  • [TASK] gitlab-ci: Backup TYPO3 logs of backend acceptance tests
  • [TASK] Upgrade to typo3/html-sanitizer v2.0.8
  • [DOCS] Document final "nature" of Redirect finisher
  • [BUGFIX] Inform about extended support in reports module correctly
  • [BUGFIX] Accept JS spam protected email addresses
  • [BUGFIX] Fix the Formelement selection button on first use
  • [TASK] Enhance documentation for integration of html-sanitizer
  • [BUGFIX] Respect 'ignoreRootLevelRestriction' setting
  • [TASK] Declare core as replacement for t3g/svg-sanitizer"
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid option enableWordClean name in tests
  • [BUGFIX] Sort tables alphabetically in Export


  • [SECURITY] Ensure XSS-safe rich text rendering

Bug Fixes
  • [TASK] Declare core as replacement for t3g/svg-sanitizer
  • [TASK] Update enshrined/svg-sanitize to v0.14.1
  • [TASK] Restore newRecord level button behaviour
  • [BUGFIX] Render correct version information in Core Updater and reports module
  • [BUGFIX] Reset query filters for file storages
  • [BUGFIX] Prevent method call on invalid task in scheduler
  • [BUGFIX] Only allow to edit metadata in FileList if metadata exists
  • [TASK] Allow step debugging acceptance tests
  • [TASK] Raise typo3/testing-framework:^6.9.0
  • [BUGFIX] Add necessary type property to reduced data structure
  • [TASK] Remove duplicate variable initialization
  • [BUGFIX] Use correct fallback for default page TSconfig
  • [BUGFIX] Extbase Relations are resolved properly in workspaces
  • [BUGFIX] Store preview of FAL Online Media in public folder
  • [TASK] Add tests for wrong translation behavior of Extbase
  • [BUGFIX] Clarify IPv6 address matching
  • [TASK] Change indent for .rst in .editorconfig
  • [BUGFIX] Fix sphinx warnings in previous changelog entries
  • [TASK] Synchronize core changelog files between v11, v10, v9
  • [BUGFIX] Skip range validation if input value and default are both "0"
  • [BUGFIX] Add typehints for Doctrine DBAL 2.13.x
  • [TASK] Add NEON files to .editorconfig
  • [BUGFIX] Check whether realpath exists in
  • [TASK] Rename to
  • [BUGFIX] Use correct maximum width/height for media preview
  • [BUGFIX] Do not encode password reset link in plain text
  • [TASK] Make compatible with docker-compose v2
  • [BUGFIX] Extbase ObjectManager can inject PSR ContainerInterface
  • [BUGFIX] Add missing title tag for edit icon in page module.
  • [BUGFIX] Check whether tt_content parent page is accessible
  • [BUGFIX] Render upgrade wizard description in confirmation step

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(security release)
3 August 2021 - 150MBSecurity
  • [SECURITY] Do not log sensitive data in authentication process
  • [SECURITY] Mitigate XSS related to column names
  • [SECURITY] Encode error messages in Query View
  • [SECURITY] Mitigate XSS in viewpage

Bug Fixes
  • [TASK] Mitigate downstream CSV code injection
  • [BUGFIX] Prevent TypeError in TableController
  • [BUGFIX] Upgrade packages chart.js, codemirror, ckeditor4
  • [TASK] Skip another SVG sanitizer test causing seg fault
  • [TASK] Skip SVG sanitizer test causing segmentation fault
  • [TASK] Backport SecurityUtility.stripHtml()
  • [TASK] Streamline identifier usage in SvgFilesSanitization upgrade wizard
  • [BUGFIX] Correctly resolve best matching FAL storage
  • [TASK] Adjust RST syntax in SVG sanitizer documentation
  • [TASK] Introduce SVG Sanitizer
  • [BUGFIX] Properly check shortcut permissions in ShortcutRepository
  • [TASK] Improve exception messages in ImageService
  • [BUGFIX] Enable ContextMenu for file mounts and file storages again
  • [BUGFIX] Remove always true part of if condition
  • [BUGFIX] Fix missing closing divs in SelectSingleBoxElement
  • [TASK] Add placeholder for title field in create multiple pages
  • [BUGFIX] Allow to abort a selected upgrade wizard before execution
  • [TASK] Reflect patched jQuery state
  • [BUGFIX] Unlink temp files in import of ext:impexp
  • [BUGFIX] Handle invalid source string correctly in ImageService
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid crash due to endless loop in Fluid-based Page Module
  • [DOCS] Complete new pagination changelog rst
  • [BUGFIX] Set position for alert container to fixed
  • [DOCS] Use correct method params in #90956 rst-file
  • [BUGFIX] Fix typos in language labels
  • [BUGFIX] Declare guzzlehttp/psr7 dependency
  • [BUGFIX] Respect TSconfig when adding page translations to recordlist
  • [DOC] Change fallback layer code removal information
  • [BUGFIX] Fix terms in Info > Page TSconfig
  • [BUGFIX] Missing is_array check in setValueByPath
  • [BUGFIX] Respect offline storages on context menu initialization
  • [TASK] Extract common site test aspects to trait
  • [TASK] Add acceptance test for EXT:reports module
  • [TASK] Add customization examples for felogin
  • [BUGFIX] Fix range handling for eval double
  • [DOCS] Fix PHP code example in changelog
  • [TASK] Raise typo3/testing-framework:^6.8.4
  • [TASK] Raise typo3/testing-framework:^6.8.3
  • [BUGFIX] Correct ac test file namespace
  • [BUGFIX] Fix return annotation of AbstractDomainObject->getUid()
  • [BUGFIX] Do not render clipboard actions for page translations
  • [TASK] Remove "sha1" from sys_file searchFields
  • [BUGFIX] Check if shortcuts' target table still exists
  • [TASK] Document behaviour of inline parent info in itemsProcFunc
  • [BUGFIX] Add uid field to fieldDefinitions in EXT:seo
  • [BUGFIX] Prevent Uncaught TypeError in Recordlist JavaScript

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16 December 2020 - 150MB
  • [BUGFIX] Implement deferred BE image processing consistently (thanks to Helmut Hummel)
  • [BUGFIX] More deterministic mm sorting (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [TASK] Raise typo3/testing-framework to ^6.6.0 (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [TASK] Add EventDispatcher and Logger support to transports (thanks to Simon Gilli)
  • [TASK] Harden client-side SecurityUtility.encodeHtml (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • [BUGFIX] Properly discard workspace MM relations (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [BUGFIX] Use less restrictive CSP for showing PDF documents (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • [TASK] Use correct version in build package.json (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • [BUGFIX] Use named export of BackendExceptionModule in FormEngine (thanks to Benjamin Franzke)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix hardcoded icon path in CSS (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • [BUGFIX] Revert method signature change (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • [TASK] Change page unavailable status code from 500 to 503 (thanks to Ben Abbott)
  • [TASK] Prepare TYPO3 tests to use phpunit v9 (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix display of login message in EXT:felogin (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Use composer min version depending on PHP version handled (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)
  • [BUGFIX] Respect none accessible workspace pages in tree list (thanks to Daniel Siepmann)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix translation wizard when there are elements with language "All" (thanks to Dmitry Dulepov)
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure pageUid of RedirectFinisher can be parsed correctly (thanks to Elias Häußler)
  • [TASK] Update frontend build step to node14 and yarn v1.22 (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • [BUGFIX] Add missing function for workspaces module pagination (thanks to Sebastian Michaelsen)
  • [BUGFIX] Show record history sub elements (again) (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • [BUGFIX] Add context menu to page translations in info module (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Remove event listener from Topbar (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [DOCS] Correct page TSconfig example when using types for presets (thanks to Stefan Frömken)
  • [TASK] Use default from address in scheduler's test task (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • [TASK] Raise typo3/testing-framework to ^6.5.0 (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [TASK] Add application type to request (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [TASK] Introduce constant 'TYPO3' (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [BUGFIX] Do not hand invalid input to ResourceFactory (thanks to Daniel Goerz)
  • [BUGFIX] Allow removal of RegularExpression validator (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [DOCS] Fix hook registration example in changelog (thanks to Remo Schneider)
  • [DOCS] Add missing descriptions to ViewHelper arguments (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix performance issue with mail spools (thanks to Markus Gerdes)
  • [BUGFIX] Update sessions in RedisBackend correctly (thanks to Markus Klein)
  • [TASK] Add deprecation warning to Widget ViewHelper (thanks to Remo Schneider)
  • [BUGFIX] Add focus to user confirmation password field (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Allow keyboard navigation for form duplication wizard (thanks to Elias Häußler)
  • [BUGFIX] Make sure external link checks time out (thanks to Sybille Peters)
  • [BUGFIX] Use a HTML button for the collapsable IRRE header (thanks to Olaf Schmidt-Wischhöfer)
  • [BUGFIX] Use button tag for modal buttons in InlineControlContainer (thanks to Olaf Schmidt-Wischhöfer)
  • [BUGFIX] Set the correct PageUid in the MountpointInfos (thanks to Devid Messner)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix removal of broken link from list (thanks to Sybille Peters)
  • [TASK] Output test run overview at end of local test run (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)
  • [BUGFIX] Make non-visible l10n_parent fields of type group (thanks to Markus Klein)
  • [BUGFIX] Register icons not being part of TYPO3.Icons again (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • [BUGFIX] Ignore deleted form elements for form's reference count (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • [DOCS] Switch extensionname and pluginname in ext:form (thanks to Charanth)
  • [BUGFIX] Release locks in middleware to prevent locking deadlock (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [BUGFIX] Correct uri in functional test (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [BUGFIX] Do not change TCA in ext_tables in test_datahandler (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [BUGFIX] Do not change TCA in ext_tables in irre_tutorial (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [BUGFIX] Use hashed sessionId to find existing session (thanks to Markus Klein)
  • [BUGFIX] Assume image dimension of SVGs with no dimension (thanks to Helmut Hummel)
  • [BUGFIX] Reimplement mod.defLangBinding for fluid-based page module (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • [BUGFIX] Process cropped images only once (thanks to Helmut Hummel)

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(security release)
20 November 2020 - 150MB
  • [SECURITY] Disallow XXE in RSS dashboard widget (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • [SECURITY] Protect persisted session IDs from being used directly (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • [SECURITY] Encode passed arguments in Fluid view helpers (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • [SECURITY] Upgrade typo3fluid/fluid to v2.6.10 (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • [BUGFIX] Do not try to evaluate fe_groups for page overlays (thanks to Markus Klein)
  • [BUGFIX] Do not use AdminPanel reference in EXT:frontend code (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • [TASK] Introduce resource Content-Security-Policy check (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • [TASK] Introduce sudo mode for install tool accessed via backend (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • [BUGFIX] Update localized records when publishing default translation (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • [TASK] Drop deprecated testing-framework method usages (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [BUGFIX] Make login loading text always readable (thanks to Eric Chavaillaz)
  • [BUGFIX] Install tool database row updater works with mssql (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [TASK] Streamline server response check (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • [TASK] Update @typo3/icons to 2.0.4 (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:backend (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • [TASK] Streamline usage of contrib packages in TypeScript (thanks to Benjamin Franzke)
  • [BUGFIX] Remove upper limits of imagewidth & imageheight of tt_content (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • [DOCS] Improve documentation for Fluid f:translate viewhelper (thanks to Peter Kraume)
  • Revert "[BUGFIX] Update localized records when publishing default translation" (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)
  • [BUGFIX] Update localized records when publishing default translation (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • [TASK] Use current mime types for fonts (thanks to Guido Schmechel)
  • [TASK] Enable EXT:impexp to include presets in export (thanks to Alexander Nitsche)
  • [BUGFIX] Disable no_cache functionality for new installations (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • [TASK] Remove unneeded BE user context set up from TreeController test (thanks to Tymoteusz Motylewski)
  • [BUGFIX] Reintroduce the check on options.saveDocNew (thanks to Xavier Perseguers)
  • [FEATURE] Add options to locally test on composer min and max stages (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)
  • [TASK] Raise typo3/testing-framework to 6.4.7 (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • [TASK] Removed unknown aria attribute from modules menu (thanks to Torben Hansen)
  • [BUGFIX] Add focus style to button on login form (thanks to Torben Hansen)
  • [FEATURE] Allow more DBMS-Versions for local testing (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)
  • [BUGFIX] Moving pages in workspaces updates pid correctly (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [TASK] Upgrade typo3/phar-stream-wrapper to v3.1.6 (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix type error in TCA table wizard for null values (thanks to Daniel Siepmann)
  • [TASK] Enforce Composer 2 usage for TYPO3 development (thanks to Helmut Hummel)
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:extbase (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid database errors when translating sys_file (metadata) records (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix workspace select / deselect all buttons (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Allow keyboard usage of file upload dropzone (thanks to Olaf Schmidt-Wischhöfer)
  • [BUGFIX] Workspace preview uncheck all button (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [TASK] Use SVG icon sprites (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • Revert "[BUGFIX] Fix count for custom queries with group by statement" (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)
  • [BUGFIX] Allow slug recreation if postModifiers are defined (thanks to Elias Häußler)
  • [BUGFIX] Provide colPos for each cell in defLangBinding view (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix count for custom queries with group by statement (thanks to Stefan Froemken)
  • [BUGFIX] Use requested php version for testing also in web container (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix exclusive values in FormEngine's selectMultipleSideBySide (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • [BUGFIX] Apply fixes from newer php-cs-fixer (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • [BUGFIX] Use default page id for fetching a site in SlugService (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Use button tag for buttons in IRRE header (thanks to Olaf Schmidt-Wischhöfer)
  • [TASK] Update build plans to support Composer 2 (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Database (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • [DOCS] Wrong API example for FluidEmail in changelog (thanks to Daniel Siepmann)
  • [DOCS] Update linkvalidator documentation: Administration (thanks to Sybille Peters)
  • [BUGFIX] Use correct format character in CleanerTaskTest (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Do not re-set PreviewAspect when initializing TSFE (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • [DOCS] Update linkvalidator documentation Introduction (thanks to Sybille Peters)
  • [DOCS] Fix wrong event class name in AssetRenderer events example (thanks to Jonas Eberle)
  • [BUGFIX] Prevent double escaping for src attribute in ScriptViewHelper (thanks to Frank Naegler)
  • [BUGFIX] TCA foreign_table_where on some l10n_parent fields (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix CSH labels for inverted columns (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Use type "button" for accessible paste content buttons (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:backend Tree (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure getUniqueId returns unique ids for grid objects (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Limit doctrine/dbal to 2.10.x or 2.11.2+ (thanks to Markus Klein)
  • [BUGFIX] Allow access to a sub-branch of a workspace for a limited user (thanks to Danilo Caccialanza)
  • [BUGFIX] Felogin allows redirect to any site (thanks to Markus Klein)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix PHP type error in view helper (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • [BUGFIX] Remove invalid attribute alt from textareas (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • [BUGFIX] Make paste content button accessible via keyboard (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Remove invalid attribute href from span element (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix label for pages.no_search column (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Remove invalid alt attribute from span elements (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • [BUGFIX] Replace shorthand ternary operator in CheckboxElement (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • [TASK] Provide title attribute for iframes (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Remove wrong single quote (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:backend Form (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:backend Controller (thanks to Daniel Goerz)
  • [BUGFIX] Restore behavior of LocalDriver->isFolderEmpty() (thanks to Daniel Goerz)
  • [TASK] Ensure composer update installs the highest possible packages (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • [BUGFIX] Add missing field in MigrateFeloginPlugins upgrade wizard (thanks to Christoph Lehmann)
  • [BUGFIX] Mark page for previewing when admin panel is active (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • [BUGFIX] Migrate the most accurate RealURL page path to page slugs (thanks to Mathias Brodala)
  • [BUGFIX] Return empty array when user can't be found (thanks to Tymoteusz Motylewski)
  • [BUGFIX] Workspace and reference index fixes (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:backend View (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • [TASK] Fix documentation rendering (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • [BUGFIX] Allow empty string in redirects:integritycheck task (thanks to Daniel Siepmann)
  • [DOCS] Improve documentation of format.crop (thanks to Sybille Peters)
  • [BUGFIX] Return alternative group uids when aspect has no user (thanks to Xavier Perseguers)
  • [BUGFIX] Do not consider empty files being an image or media file (thanks to Helmut Hummel)
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure message send loop breaks in case of success (thanks to Simon Gilli)
  • [DOCS] Revise visual output of linkvalidator configuration chapter (thanks to Chris Müller)
  • [BUGFIX] Provide original message and envelope to transport (thanks to Simon Gilli)
  • [BUGFIX] Quote double quotes in CSV integrity fix script (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [TASK] Raise typo3/testing-framework to 6.4.6 (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix SQL error in backend user list on PostgreSQL (thanks to Stephan Großberndt)
  • [TASK] Provide information about mandatory uid field in PHPDoc (thanks to Thomas Löffler)
  • [BUGFIX] Allow more page types for backend usergroups (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • [BUGFIX] Improve performance of the forgot password action (thanks to Tymoteusz Motylewski)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix type error in log upgrade wizard (thanks to Georg Großberger)
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure UserAspect->isLoggedIn() checks for user only (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • [BUGFIX] Do not read workspace if there is no BE user (thanks to Markus Klein)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix data type annotations in WidgetRegistry (thanks to Chris Müller)
  • [TASK] Remove empty array from site configuration before persisting (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • [TASK] Explicitly require PHPUnit 8 (thanks to Helmut Hummel)
  • [BUGFIX] Use correct path in example of ResourceViewHelper (thanks to Sybille Peters)
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid exceptions during link checking (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • [TASK] Force integer for specific fields of site configuration (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • [BUGFIX] If is_regexp = 1 then source_path must wrap in # (thanks to Mohsin Khan)
  • [BUGFIX] Adjust acceptance test for composer max stages (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)
  • [TASK] Activate a postgres/mssql skipped test (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [BUGFIX] Omit exception using localized file metadata with RTE (thanks to Chris Müller)
  • [BUGFIX] Revert typo3/testing-framework providing prophecy trait (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Resource (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • [BUGFIX] Use Package as argument type in ServiceProviderRegistry again (thanks to Daniel Goerz)
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Utility (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Imaging (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Crypto (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Mail (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:lowlevel (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • [BUGFIX] Allow LocalDriver baseUri to be set to any value (thanks to Helmut Hummel)
  • [BUGFIX] Use correct regular expression in FormDefinitionConversionService (thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • [BUGFIX] Pass defLangBinding to generateLanguageView (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Disable a flaky postgres functional test (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [TASK] Raise typo3/testing-framework to 6.4.4 (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)
  • [BUGFIX] Proper reference index updating on workspace publish (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [TASK] Define callable controller actions (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • [TASK] Add a remark about changed loading order mechanism (thanks to Moritz Ahl)
  • [TASK] Assert clean reference index after DataHandler tests (thanks to Christian Kuhn)
  • [BUGFIX] Correctly handle workspace overlays (thanks to Nicole Cordes)
  • [BUGFIX] Use correct page id for permission calculation of inline controls (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Use transOrigPointerField for indentation check in recordlist (thanks to Oliver Bartsch)
  • [BUGFIX] Remove sorting from BackendLayoutIcon Updater (thanks to Stefan Froemken)
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:fluid (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core TypoScript (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • [TASK] Improve mocking in ConnectionTest to prepare for dbal 2.11 (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)
  • [TASK] Rephrase explanation of sprintf arguments (thanks to Remo Schneider)
  • [DOCS] Fix typoscript example in EXT:form (thanks to mtness)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix event registration for legacy-slot (thanks to Daniel Goerz)
  • [TASK] Move CleanerTask tests to functional tests (thanks to Anja Leichsenring)

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30 September 2020 - 150MBFeatures
  • [FEATURE] Add FluidEmail option to EXT:form EmailFinisher

Bug Fixes and Changes
  • [BUGFIX] Add FieldWizard for other language thumbnails
  • [BUGFIX] Add missing language option to EmailToSender
  • [BUGFIX] Adjust CSS import paths in inline CSS
  • [BUGFIX] Allow Fluid Preview for each Plugin
  • [BUGFIX] Allow longer values in index_stat_word
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid using BackendWorkspaceRestriction
  • [BUGFIX] Check for columns before iterating over those in page module
  • [BUGFIX] Correct sys_refindex update on workspace publish
  • [BUGFIX] Disable cross origin check for cropper.js
  • [BUGFIX] Do not show editlock fields to editors
  • [BUGFIX] Do not stop rewrite processing for favicon.ico
  • [BUGFIX] Do not translate move pointers in workspace
  • [BUGFIX] Do not use returnUrl and index.php for workspace logout links
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure composer update --prefer-lowest installs the lowest possible packages
  • [BUGFIX] Fix copying of moved records in workspace
  • [BUGFIX] Fix uninitialized $queuedMessages in MemorySpool
  • [BUGFIX] Increase size of DB field filelink_sorting
  • [BUGFIX] Make external link checking more robust
  • [BUGFIX] Only fix versioning PID for moved records
  • [BUGFIX] Optimize database pre checks within install process
  • [BUGFIX] Page tree: Hide delete drop zone when not dragging
  • [BUGFIX] Prevent toggling of child containers controls
  • [BUGFIX] Prevent usage of non existing php function in PHP 7.2 tests
  • [BUGFIX] Properly render IRRE image thumbnail
  • [BUGFIX] Properly update reference index when deleting children
  • [BUGFIX] Remove linebreak in translation of site.base
  • [BUGFIX] Remove pre-checks on "transport_spool_filepath"
  • [BUGFIX] Remove wrongly introduced showNewRecordLink property
  • [BUGFIX] Render plugin content element only if a plugin is selected
  • [BUGFIX] Respect selected language id in columns mode
  • [BUGFIX] Send specific value when unchecking items in TypoScript module
  • [BUGFIX] Send workspace notifications to selected recipients only
  • [BUGFIX] Separate 'delete' and 'discard' in DataHandler
  • [BUGFIX] Set correct return type for CommandRegistry::getCommandByIdentifier
  • [BUGFIX] Set typo3Language for new site languages if possible
  • [BUGFIX] Show fieldname of flexform fields
  • [BUGFIX] Skip sys_refindex for workspace placeholders
  • [BUGFIX] Stop calling a non-static method statically
  • [BUGFIX] Use correct variable to access language id of a column
  • [BUGFIX] Use dedicated property to hide newRecordLink button
  • [BUGFIX] Use null coalescing operator in ViewHelperResolver
  • [DOCS] Correct FAL tag notation
  • [TASK] Activate phpstan rule IncompatiblePhpDocTypeRule
  • [TASK] Add field flag to LanguageMenuProcessor
  • [TASK] Add functional tests for RootlineUtility
  • [TASK] Add missing word to comment
  • [TASK] Add more test cases for workspaces
  • [TASK] Add tests for Extbase DateTimeConverter
  • [TASK] Always send 404 response on hidden pages
  • [TASK] Avoid double slash in requirejs contrib paths
  • [TASK] Deferred reference index updating
  • [TASK] Drop reference index in workspace discard more effectively
  • [TASK] Extract SVG image processing into processor
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:belog
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:beuser
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Authentication
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Cache
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Charset
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Composer
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Configuration
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Core
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core DependencyInjection
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Domain
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core ExpressionLanguage
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Html
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Http
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core LinkHandling
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Localization
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Log
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Package
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Page
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Routing
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Service
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Session
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Site
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core TimeTracker
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Tree
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:core Type
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:felogin
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:filelist
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:frontend
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:impexp
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:indexed_search
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:info
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:recordlist
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:recycler
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:redirects
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in several extensions
  • [TASK] Improve and fix ThumbnailController
  • [TASK] Local variable $resolvedIds in PlainDataResolver
  • [TASK] Make online media preview processing a processor
  • [TASK] Omit composer install before composer update for test builds
  • [TASK] Remove Build/phpstan.level2.neon
  • [TASK] Remove rector/rector from require-dev section
  • [TASK] Render language ID in site module languages inline header
  • [TASK] Update all npm packages
  • [TASK] Update ckeditor to 4.15.0
  • [TASK] Update ckeditor-wordcount-plugin to 1.17.6
  • [TASK] Update phpstan/phpstan and friendsoftypo3/phpstan-typo3
  • [TASK] Update TypeScript and friends
  • [TASK] Upgrade codemirror to 5.58.1
  • [TASK] Upgrade Grunt to 1.3

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14 September 2020 - 150MB10.4.8
  • [TASK] Drop workspace publish locking
  • [BUGFIX] Add support for symfony/event-dispatcher-contracts v1
  • [BUGFIX] Evaluate drag elements language in page modules Drag&Drop
  • [DOCS] Streamline Symfony Command examples
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:form
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure cache entries in PageRepository consider groups
  • [TASK] Use eslint instead of tslink in test script
  • [TASK] Provide web server url configuration for acceptance tests

  • [BUGFIX] Update ref-index when deleting new workspace relations
  • [TASK] Replace ResponseError with regular AjaxResponse
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure BroadcastService listens only once
  • [BUGFIX] Fix language module naming in ext:setup
  • [BUGFIX] Backport new API to keep legacy_collections compatible
  • [BUGFIX] PlainDataResolver misses DeletedRestriction
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:install
  • [BUGFIX] Skip -1 as language column in fluid based page layout
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:extensionmanager
  • [BUGFIX] Don't call ResourceFactory::getStorageObject twice
  • [BUGFIX] Correctly build query string without cHash
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:workspaces
  • [TASK] CSV integrity test script can fix fixtures
  • [BUGFIX] Use complete message object for testing transport events
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:linkvalidator
  • [BUGFIX] Apply default values before processing datamap
  • [BUGFIX] Do not create Install Tool cookie if not needed
  • [TASK] Update build toolchain
  • [BUGFIX] Fixes annotation of parameter in ExtensionConfiguration
  • [TASK] sys_refindex testing in DataHandler functional tests
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure uniqid calls use more_entropy
  • [BUGFIX] Exclude relations to tables in sys_refindex
  • [TASK] Fix phpstan checkFunctionArgumentTypes errors in ext:scheduler
  • [BUGFIX] Add missing migration check for replyToAddress
  • [BUGFIX] Don't pre-calculcate asset paths in t3editor
  • [DOCS] Fix location of "Detailed statistics" module
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure workspace's new placeholder keeps sorting+pid on moving
  • [BUGFIX] Do not set a label for workspace placeholders
  • [TASK] Set Sys log dateformat to system default
  • [BUGFIX] Correctly show changes in current workspace in the page tree
  • [BUGFIX] Provide EventDispatcher and Logger to transports
  • [DOCS] Avoid use of TYPO3_MODE checks in ext_localconf.php
  • [TASK] Default workspaces_perms=0 for new be_users
  • [BUGFIX] Output messages and progress for language:update
  • [BUGFIX] Fix return type hint for retrieveYamlFilesFromExtensionFolders
  • [BUGFIX] DB check -> full search shows deleted records if requested
  • [BUGFIX] Add absolute URL generation to
  • [BUGFIX] Correctly call BackendUtility::selectVersionsOfRecord
  • [BUGFIX] Fix passing status code in redirects pagination
  • [BUGFIX] DatabaseRecordList: Field selection in single table view
  • [BUGFIX] Workspace delete placeholder handling in list module
  • [BUGFIX] Only set BE user cookie when logged in
  • [BUGFIX] Add UID of metadata to mergedProperties
  • [BUGFIX] Workspace relations in ElementInformationController
  • [BUGFIX] Wrap operands in parentheses
  • [BUGFIX] Properly set user to admin in setup module
  • [DOCS] Add RTE preset override for flexform field
  • [BUGFIX] Discarding record in workspaces deletes move placeholder
  • [BUGFIX] IRRE: Handle localizable records correctly
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure context for inline relation buttons
  • [BUGFIX] DatabaseRecordList: Respect connected translation mode
  • [BUGFIX] Context menu: Disable new on translated page records
  • [BUGFIX] Context menu: Disable new on translated records
  • [BUGFIX] Fix unique slug when counter suffix fails
  • [BUGFIX] Reintroduce tt_content sorting to both page modules
  • [BUGFIX] DatabaseRecordList: Alternative route for new content wizard
  • [TASK] Use named export of MessageUtility in Scheduler.ts
  • [DOCS] Fix invalid Symfony Command examples
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure correct loading order in ModuleTemplate
  • [BUGFIX] Respect defaultAction for file overrides set in UserTSconfig
  • [BUGFIX] Handle missing files in ImageService
  • [BUGFIX] DatabaseRecordList: Make link of reference count work again
  • [BUGFIX] Make edit record bookmarks appear again
  • [BUGFIX] Properly convert setting detectDomainRecords
  • [BUGFIX] Add missing default value for sitemap_priority column
  • [BUGFIX] Streamline AjaxDataHandler event names
  • [BUGFIX] Fix wrong return hint for getRecordOverlay
  • [BUGFIX] Recycler does not show workspace records in live
  • [TASK] Add security relevant .htaccess configuration as default
  • [TASK] Add
  • [BUGFIX] Keep FE cookie expire time correct
  • [BUGFIX] Disable editExistingRecord test
  • [BUGFIX] Use proper workspace record in stage notifications
  • [BUGFIX] Properly allow multiline values in Install Tool
  • [BUGFIX] Render placeholder attribute for readonly fields
  • [TASK] Minor workspace docs update
  • [BUGFIX] Drop 'List View' in workspace preview
  • [BUGFIX] Register deprecated icon if target extension is loaded
  • [BUGFIX] Limit amount of data fetched by the page tree
  • [BUGFIX] Add polyfill for custom elements
  • [TASK] Update typo3/cms-styleguide to 10.0.4
  • [TASK] Admins set up first workspace in workspace module
  • [TASK] Non-admin users see all workspace tabs
  • [BUGFIX] Backend search in field "slug"
  • [BUGFIX] Do not set type=text/javascript in ResourceCompressor
  • [TASK] Redirects: Add space item if no preview is available
  • [TASK] Remove inline onclick code from MoveElementController
  • [BUGFIX] Scan for AbstractController, not its methods
  • [TASK] Add html linting to
  • [BUGFIX] Drop "All workspaces" tab from workspace module
  • [BUGFIX] Extract width and height meta data for all image files
  • [BUGFIX] Fix typo to show label description of tasks again
  • [BUGFIX] Improve readability of records in workspace module
  • [BUGFIX] Drop "LIVE workspace" tab from workspace module
  • [TASK] Use frontend requests when testing canonical URL behavior
  • [BUGFIX] Remove left-over "import all the things"
  • [BUGFIX] Use GeneralUtility::createVersionNumberedFilename in AssetRenderer
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure decoded parameters are a valid array
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid empty cache identifiers
  • [BUGFIX] Skip processing of inline children which aren't workspace-aware
  • [BUGFIX] Show "All" language flag again in Page module (old and Fluid)
  • [BUGFIX] Ensure uid is integer when passing to method call
  • [BUGFIX] Allow routes without actual route variables for ExtbaseEnhancer
  • [BUGFIX] Workspace preview shows correct pages in sub menus
  • [TASK] Reload topbar when sys_workspace records are changed
  • [TASK] Broadcast AjaxDataHandler events
  • [BUGFIX] Improve usage of 3rd party modules in TypeScript context
  • [BUGFIX] Use GeneralUtility::makeInstance instead of ObjectManager calls
  • [TASK] Revert "Limit amount of data fetched by the page tree"
  • [TASK] Add possibility to create random values in JavaScript
  • [BUGFIX] Always use 'paste' wording pasting clipboard elements
  • [BUGFIX] Switch workspace by opening the module explicitly
  • [BUGFIX] Use ADMCMD_prev to keep live version in workspace split view
  • [BUGFIX] Always fetch live versions for root page IDs in Extbase
  • [BUGFIX] Do not use hard-coded magic 1337 in admin panel
  • [BUGFIX] Casual notice in ExtensionManagementUtility
  • [BUGFIX] Drop obsolete workspace fluid partial
  • [BUGFIX] Fix slug handling for sites not on root level
  • [BUGFIX] Allow moving a workspace record after itself
  • [BUGFIX] Workspace module: Clear row selection after publish
  • [BUGFIX] Allow more than 999 subpages in link browser pagetree
  • [BUGFIX] Always initialize frontend user groups in Extbase User model
  • [BUGFIX] Add sites folder to install tool permission check
  • [BUGFIX] Improve error message when deleting a page with disallowed tables
  • [BUGFIX] Prevent non-numeric value warning in ErrorHandler.php
  • [BUGFIX] Prevent non-numeric value warning in PhpErrorCodeViewHelper
  • [BUGFIX] Add missing composer.json adjustments for ext-libxml
  • [BUGFIX] Fetch TYPO3 version in reports module only
  • [BUGFIX] Fix install tool updates of user configuration on PostgreSQL
  • [BUGFIX] Use configured sender address in recovery e-mail in ext:felogin
  • [TASK] Update typo3/testing-framework to 6.3.3
  • [BUGFIX] Use proper english in label when translating a page
  • [BUGFIX] Tests for translated content will prepare a translated page
  • [TASK] Update example of FormProtectionFactory validation
  • [TASK] Add index for pages_language_overlay migration
  • [BUGFIX] Add max-size to checkBox select icons
  • [BUGFIX] Discard only workspace records if deleting workspace
  • [BUGFIX] Properly return integer within resolvePreviewRecordId
  • [BUGFIX] Check if DOM element exists before usage
  • [BUGFIX] Do not generate site configuration for localized root pages
  • [BUGFIX] No bogus log entries when discarding workspace records
  • [BUGFIX] Add more log info when discarding workspace records fails
  • [TASK] Restore order of class members in extbase's ActionController

  • [SECURITY] Avoid ambiguous HMAC results
  • [SECURITY] Apply file deny pattern to eID API used for file retrieval
  • [BUGFIX] Respect different matcher config of ConstructorArgumentMatcher
  • [BUGFIX] Drop obsolete CSS code
  • [BUGFIX] Send warning email for backend login failure on all DBMS
  • [TASK] Update description for lockIP and lockIPv6
  • [BUGFIX] Correctly remove added items from unique selectbox
  • [BUGFIX] Skip TimeTracker errors in ErrorHandler
  • [TASK] Allow typo3/cms to be installed with Composer 2
  • [BUGFIX] Show indexed_search backend module on PostgreSQL for pages with subpages
  • [BUGFIX] Adjust processing order of routes during URL generation
  • [BUGFIX] Deleting a localized page deletes its localized records
  • [BUGFIX] Provide example on how to limit phpunit test execution
  • [BUGFIX] Add missing css class to create new IRRE relations
  • [BUGFIX] Translation wizard shows correct elements in workspace
  • [TASK] Add 'enableControlPanels' argument
  • [BUGFIX] Limit amount of data fetched by the page tree
  • [BUGFIX] Implement Tag interface for DocBlock tags
  • [BUGFIX] Correctly render information boxes if image rendering tests fail
  • [BUGFIX] Fix indenting in changelog
  • [BUGFIX] Set fixed widths for extension manager ui elements
  • [BUGFIX] Increase size of sitemap_priority database field
  • [TASK] Adjust ActionDispatcher comments in BackendUtility
  • [TASK] Order Changelog versions for v10 descending
  • [TASK] Remove inline JavaScript from backend paginate view helper
  • [TASK] Reduce inline JavaScript for refreshing backend components
  • [TASK] Streamline GlobalEventHandler JavaScript module
  • [BUGFIX] Move translations of general information widget to EXT:dashboard
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid SQL error in indexed_search indexer on PostgreSQL
  • [DOCS] Fix reST markup
  • [BUGFIX] Always merge results from empty tabs

Read more:


9 July 2020 - 150MB
  • 2020-07-07 e5d157de7f [BUGFIX] Handle null values correctly to avoid PHP errors (thanks to stiffes)
  • 2020-07-07 8788b9cefc [BUGFIX] Use URI of current request for referrer check (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • 2020-06-30 55eb394e19 [BUGFIX] Fix serialization of FileReference objects (thanks to Benjamin Franzke)
  • 2020-06-30 c8d38e9269 [TASK] Fix comments of DataHandler::clear_cacheCmd() (thanks to Christian Eßl)
  • 2020-06-30 5aa085fea6 [BUGIFX] Store state of PageTitleProviderManager in cache (thanks to Helmut Hummel)
  • 2020-06-29 c0602c087d [BUGFIX] Reinitialize PageRenderer after deserialization (thanks to Benjamin Franzke)
  • 2020-06-29 2661fa0cb3 [BUGFIX] Convert SVG files if fileExtension is explicitly set (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • 2020-06-29 d3381d3e73 [BUGFIX] Use hashed object identifier in IRRE for nprogress (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • 2020-06-29 f11267293d [BUGFIX] Add ext-libxml to composer.json (thanks to Daniel Goerz)
  • 2020-06-29 c35ed460c2 [BUGFIX] Fall back to default folder when user-specific upload folder does not exist (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • 2020-06-29 52b0af1d3e [BUGFIX] Replace $.trim with String.prototype.trim (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • 2020-06-22 774e0fb71a [BUGFIX] Add max width for social media images (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • 2020-06-21 f25454b9b9 [BUGFIX] Allow deserialization of Area objects for processed files (thanks to Helmut Hummel)
  • 2020-06-20 caa671acc0 [BUGFIX] Register workspace preview middleware earlier (thanks to Benni Mack)
  • 2020-06-14 032f1f633c [BUGFIX] Use proper language label for hidden headlines in preview (thanks to Daniel Siepmann)

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10 June 2020 - 150MBRead more:


(major version)
19 May 2020 - 150MB
  • 2020-05-19 1e766c5c5d [BUGFIX] Loosen site check for records not stored in site context (thanks to Helmut Hummel)
  • 2020-05-19 78ea2ce307 [BUGFIX] Re-add initialization of PageRepository::$where_groupAccess (thanks to Thomas Hohn)
  • 2020-05-19 712c24bc02 [BUGFIX] Fixed order-by while querying old realurl table for slugs (thanks to Riny van Tiggelen)
  • 2020-05-18 86b9b4a226 [BUGFIX] Allow referrer refresh in install tool (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2020-05-18 4d15cf2103 [BUGFIX] Use checksum of frontend groups in cache identifier (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • 2020-05-18 2ce81ab606 [BUGFIX] Fix serialization of ObjectManager (thanks to Benjamin Franzke)
  • 2020-05-18 d685d02162 [TASK] Add missing documentation for BackendUserConfigurationUpdate (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2020-05-18 7c4699b2f9 [BUGFIX] Set controller object name for widget request (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • 2020-05-18 b9ace2c1bb [BUGFIX] Properly (un)serialize ReflectionService (thanks to Alexander Schnitzler)
  • 2020-05-18 18e3f4f7db [BUGFIX] Allow arbitrary objects in widget context (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2020-05-18 794c2286ae [DOCS] Fix table syntax in changelog (thanks to Daniel Siepmann)
  • 2020-05-18 fbafe16c48 [BUGFIX] Allow multiple referrer types in backend main route (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2020-05-18 c6863067a8 [BUGFIX] Use SystemEmail layout in felogin password recovery (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • 2020-05-17 33187ea82b [DOCS] Correctly close tags in changelogs (thanks to ayacoo)
  • 2020-05-15 110985c199 [TASK] Namespaces for PSR-14 events corrected (thanks to jdoe-dev)
  • 2020-05-15 cb0d4629d8 [BUGFIX] Set changed state of FormEngine when null placeholder fields are changed (thanks to Andreas Fernandez)
  • 2020-05-15 67944aa4f5 [BUGFIX] Check for existence of t3js-login-url id in Login dialog (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2020-05-14 a908f93edd [BUGFIX] Fix SMTP encryption migration when plaintext was used before (thanks to Benjamin Franzke)
  • 2020-05-14 2398785187 [BUGFIX] Use correctly terminated HTML block elements (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2020-05-14 dab027bd42 [BUGFIX] Exclude current record when checking slug's uniqueness (thanks to Xavier Perseguers)
  • 2020-05-14 5c48857fc5 [BUGFIX] Relax constraints on serializing objects (thanks to Oliver Hader)
  • 2020-05-14 45d2a426b3 [BUGFIX] Open CSH with selected context provided by links (thanks to Daniel Siepmann)
  • 2020-05-13 738ac0cc94 [BUGFIX] Remove wrong MethodCallStaticMatchers (thanks to Markus Klein)
  • 2020-05-13 3c7867fc5e [TASK] Don't use GeneralUtility::getContainer in functional tests (thanks to Benjamin Franzke)

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