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Seo Panel is an open source multi-website search engine optimization (SEO) monitoring application. Initially released in 2010, Seo Panel received 1st Runner Up in the 2011 Most Promising Open Source Project awards by Packt Publishing.

1 click installation Seo Panel

1 click installation

Easy update Seo Panel

Easy update

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Backup and restoration


Surveys and Statistics
Current version
Last update
29 April 2020
English + 41 others

System Requirements

Installation size
45.00 MB
open source
What's new


(major version)
29 April - 45MBHighlights
  • Page and Keyword Overview Reports: New feature in dashboard to display best performing pages and keywords of a website.
  • Auto Version Check: Automatically check current version of Seo Panel and will provide new version alerts.

Bug fixes
  • Mysql8 version fixes
  • Inactive search engine fixes
  • Captcha image not showing issue

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(major version)
10 April - 45MB4.3.0

  • Auto Search Engine Configuration Sync
  • Google search engine Improvements
  • Seo panel API changes
  • Sendgrid API support for sending emails

4.2.0 patch

Bug Fixes
  • Google keyword rank position issue(Regex not matched error)


  • Customer Review Manager
  • Google, Bing and Alexa Improvements
  • Important bug fixes to improve the performance of seo panel

4.1.0 patch

Bug Fixes
  • Google keyword rank position issue
  • Bing keyword rank position issue


  • Google Analytics
  • Alerts Management
  • Important bug fixes to improve the performance of seo panel

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(major version)
28 May 2019 - 40MB
  • Added responsive themes for mobile.

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(major version)
29 March 2019 - 40MB
  • Social Media Checker - It will track followers and likes of major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube
  • Customizer Plugin – Integration of Customizer Plugin to customize seo panel Menu, CSS and JS etc
  • Directory Auto Submission – Directory submission is completely automated using captcha solver and auto category selection
  • Test Email Settings – A feature to test email settings by sending a test email
  • Bug Fixes – Important bug fixes to improve the performance of seo panel

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(major version)
14 December 2018 - 40MB
  • Add websites to Google – Feature to add websites to google webmaster tools from seo panel.
  • Google Webmaster Tool Import – Feature to import websites from google webmaster tools to seo panel.
  • Sitemap Submission – Feature to submit sitemaps to google webmaster tools.

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(major version)
28 September 2018 - 35MB
  • Google Webmaster Tool Search Analytics – Feature to track all keywords found in search analytics reports collected from webmaster tools
  • Report Generation Logs – Tracks daily, whether report generation is completed for a user
  • Seo Tools Priority – New feature to change priority order of seo tools displayed in seo panel
  • Seo Plugin Priority – New feature to change priority order of seo plugins displayed in seo panel
  • Sorting – Implemented new jquery sorting script to sort table columns
  • Quick Fixes – Fixed issues with pagination in email reports, google webmaster tool integration fixes

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(major version)
31 March 2018 - 35MBHighlights
  • User level plugin access – Feature to enable/disable access to plugins for different user types
  • User level seo tool access – Feature to enable/disable access to seo tools for different user types
  • Plugin user type settings – Feature to control features of plugin using user types
  • Plugin themes – Feature to add different themes for plugins

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed search engine manager page filter issues
  • Fixed site auditor bugs related with site crawling
  • Added changes to fix while strict trans table settings enabled in mysql
  • Performance improvements

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(major version)
27 October 2017 - 10MBNew Features
  • Google page speed checker – Integrated automated google pagespeed checker to seo panel using the API
  • Graphical Reports – New graphical reports using google graph API
  • Round robin report generation – Implemented round robin algorithm in report generation to get results of all keywords and websites
  • Seo panel upgrade – Changed upgrade steps to update all changes in between different versions

  • Fixed date range issues in website reports
  • Fixed https installation url detection issue
  • Fixed all sql injection issues
  • Created more common functions for database management and validation
  • Email content improvements

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(major version)
17 January 2017 - 10MBNew Features
  • MOZ Domain and Page authority Rank integration – This feature is integrated in website rank reports, site auditor and directory submission
  • PHP 7 Support – Now seo panel will work in PHP 7 environment with out any issues.

  • Fixed issues with google and bing keyword search position reports
  • Fixed issues with bing backlinks and saturation rank reports
  • Fixed issues with crawling of site auditor reports

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(major version)
30 June 2016 - 10MBNew Features
*MOZ Rank integration – As google pagerank service is dead, we replaced it with MOZ rank in all sections of seo panel.
  • Dashboard – Added new reports to dashboard with more details
  • Keyword Position Summary – Report format changed to include more details
  • Added more popup pages to prevent page redirections

  • Fixed issue with PHP short open tags
  • Fixed issue with Google and Yahoo search position
  • Upgraded PHPmailer module
  • Fixed issue showing inactive websites

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(major version)
12 January 2016 - 10MBNew Features
  • User type manager – Now you can create your own user types with website and keyword limit. Also using membership subscription plugin, You can implement subscription payment system.
  • Bulk website import feature – Help to import list of websites to seo panel using csv file.
  • Pagination in keyword position summary page
  • Pagination in dashboard page, archived reports

  • Fixed issue with google first result is not showing in keyword postion reports
  • Fixed https link crawling issues
  • Fixed Forgot password submit button missing issue

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(major version)
4 June 2015 - 10MB
  • Seo Panel API for managing keywords, websites, users and reports
  • Search Filters added to many pages for better usage experience
  • Short open tag checking disabled
  • Performance and security bug fixes added
  • Directory submission issues fixed
  • Excluded unwanted calls from crawl logs
  • Reduced external call requests
  • Keyword position checker tool improvements
  • Proxy ip selection changes
  • Alexa rank backlink count issues fixed

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9 March 2015 - 10MBBug Fixes
  • Yahoo keyword rank position issue
  • Directory submission issues

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(major version)
4 September 2014 - 10MBNew Features:
  • PDF reports available in 30 languages
  • Japanese and Swedish translations
  • Site auditor improvements
  • Improved logging feature to detect captcha in search results page
  • Performance improvements

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bing issue
  • Set mysql timezone issue
  • Rank and backlink checker issues

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(security release)
15 May 2014 - 10MBNew Features:
  • Log Manager - Crawl log manager will provide detailed report about each crawling in seo panel.
  • Proxy performance report - Detailed report will show how proxies are performing.
  • Time zone integration – User can view reports in own time zone
  • Lithuanian translation

Bug Fixes:
  • Yahoo search engine fix
  • Cross site scripting vulnerability and security issues

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(major version)
24 January 2014 - 10MBNew Features:
  • Advanced proxy features: Advanced proxy manager, Proxy import feature, Proxy checking cron job, Advanced proxy settings like use another proxy if one failed.
  • jQuery Integration: Integrated jQuery to seo panel by replacing prototype. Also added new Jquery dialog box for keyword report summary page.
  • Forgot Password: Implemented forgot password feature to get login credentials.

  • SMTP port management for mail sending
  • Improved perfomance of report generation cron job

Bug Fixes:
  • Zip encoding error
  • Cross site scripting vulnerability
  • UI errors

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23 November 2012 - 10MB


(major version)
13 November 2012 - 10MB


9 August 2012 - 6MB

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