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selfoss is an open source RSS and live stream reader. selfoss was initially released in 2010.

1 click installation selfoss

1 click installation

Easy update selfoss

Easy update

Backup and restoration selfoss

Backup and restoration


Current version
Last update
13 March 2018

System Requirements

Installation size
5.00 MB
open source
What's new


13 Mars 2018 - 5MB


26 Janvier 2017 - 5MB


15 Août 2016 - 5MB
  • improved handling of load list errors
  • Bugfix: f3/Web: workaround CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION not allowed when open_basedir is set
  • Bugfix: MySQL update time default field
  • improvement of translations
  • Add spout "RSS Feed (with enclosures)" to support feed enclosures
  • Added keyboard shortcut to refresh sources (Shift+r)
  • add support for private (@) and hidden (#) tags
  • Optimize SQL request to look for icon usage
  • Bugfix: Restore pgsql compatibility
  • Bugfix: fix tags filtering
  • Remove useless debug log
  • tweak browser icons
  • add toolbar color from Chrome for Android
  • added new auto_collapse option
  • added rewrite rule for ACME well known location. (folder for lets encrypt)
  • improve accesibility of selfoss
  • added no-referrer meta tag
  • Bugfix: fixed the search offset
  • Bugfix: fixed the "active" flag in the sources list
  • Rename floIcon constructors for PHP 7 support
  • indicator of below the fold unread entries


4 Août 2015 - 5MB
  • Implemented settings overwrite through prefixed ENV variables.
  • Fix: F3 would not launch when "magic_quotes_gpc" is not set.
  • Multiple enhancements to unread count user interface
  • Allow configuration of html
  • inline and resize emojis to fit into text flow
  • fix blockquote and pre overflow-x resetting
  • Wordpress share
  • add to allowed HTML-elements
  • Add functionality to show when the last post was found for a source
  • Change MySQL engine to InnoDB
  • fix file permissions
  • fix bad failure handling when using mobile mark these read button
  • fix typos
  • refresh event handlers upon mark these read ajax call error
  • rename CLI update script (Fix #587)
  • fix db_prefix not working (#686)
  • mobile: add unread count near logo at the top
  • periodicaly poll for stats updates, and reload list if it is empty
  • fixed "$HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA is deprecated" error
  • fix bad failure handling when using mobile mark these read button
  • rename CLI update script (Fix #587)
  • some refactorings


11 Mai 2015 - 5MB
  • add fulltext rss spout for loading full content from any rss feed
  • show unread count in the document title
  • add titles to buttons
  • fix the author color on smartphones
  • fix reload shortcut after hitting last element of list
  • enable the app behaviour on android
  • add option 'auto_hide_read_on_mobile' support. Allows to hide read it when closing fullscreen view. Default to 0
  • fix tag names not case sensitive in mysql
  • fix bad encoding with selfoss-android app
  • avoid sql syntax error for spouts with zero items
  • avoid pgsql error on editing source
  • fix favicon parsing
  • enable secure cookie if using https and prevent cookie access from js
  • fix 'trying to get property of non-object' error
  • fix cannot run when base url contains a ~
  • fix cannot login when not using HTTPS
  • fix front-end nginx (through https:443) forward to apache2 (through http:80) the base url was http and not https
  • correctly return 403 permission denied when auth is lacking
  • correctly style sup and sub elements in entry content
  • scroll entry into view when not completely visible
  • github spout: use f3 internals and log errors in db
  • improvement of UTF-8 decoding
  • selfoss user agent for spouts
  • fix parsing href to get icon url
  • also try to use feed logo as icon
  • show and log error with stacktrace
  • added spout that is capable to retrieve a twitter list
  • allowing strike-through tag
  • new filter support for sources
  • allow windows 8 start screen pinning with notifications
  • pgsql upgrade to v6: please use transactions
  • new translation for brazilian portuguese
  • fix error during opml import
  • allow code html element in feed content
  • fixup feed icon in html homepage regexp
  • unbreak twitter spout: allow inline HTML elements in title
  • cleanup database abstraction code duplication
  • optimize database access
  • fix multiple database connections
  • hide passwords in source edit view
  • fix cookie not being set over HTTP
  • convert thumbnails to jpg
  • allow target attribute
  • add custom javascript file: user.js
  • ensure proper failure when feed url return HTTP/406
  • improvement of hungarian translation
  • improvement of polish translation
  • improvement of japanese translation
  • improvement of czech translation


6 Septembre 2014 - 5MB
  • fix prefix bug on mysql
  • integrate fancybox for images
  • improved twitter integration
  • show authors of feeds
  • wallbag support added
  • update third party libraries
  • allow ajax based update of feeds
  • fix utf8 feed title bug
  • fix #405: extra spaces on login screen
  • fix #518: sorting of sources

Afficher plus de versions


14 Juillet 2014 - 5MB
  • little fix to Polish translation
  • instapaper spout: use HTTPS
  • A new spout to get full text for entries in the Teltarif RSS feed
  • fix pgsql VACUUM ANALYZE syntax error
  • A new spout to get full text for entries in the Lightreading RSS feed
  • Multi-language support of search and error fix.
  • Make it possible to disable auto stream more, add handy "Mark these read" button
  • Use PHP to set the fore color of all tags
  • itemsPerPage value is set from INI file.
  • API header returns application/json
  • added estonian translation
  • allow sub and sup elements
  • entry CSS tweaks
  • REST API : Get only items updated since given time #532
  • Bugfix: API REST : /login should return true if auth is disable
  • Bugfix: Heise feed pull kills Update process #499
  • Bugfix: https for openshift #488
  • Bugfix: heise spout error handling #517


15 Février 2014 - 5MB
  • fix error 500 on icon fetching
  • add heise hardware-hacks (thanks a lot to robelix)
  • reddit2 spout: fix link to return http (thanks a lot to Bert Deferme)
  • reddit2 spout: add empty validation on username and password (thanks a lot to Bert Deferme)
  • setting to lazy load images on mobile devices (thanks a lot to Bodnár István)
  • update fat free php framework version 3.2.0 (thanks a lot to Tim Gerundt)
  • improve heise spout (thanks a lot to robelix)
  • fix duplicate items with MySQL (thanks a lot to mistic100)
  • fix auto language detection
  • save OPML export file with xml extension (thanks a lot to hdhoang)
  • sqlite's "optimize()" was implemented (thanks a lot to arbk)
  • sources: show sources with error first (thanks a lot to hdhoang)
  • fix bug on base url determining using https
  • support search terms with quotes to find exact phrase like "Windows 8" (thanks a lot to Tim Gerundt)
  • github spout fix (set user agent) (thanks a lot to niol)
  • more opml export logging (thanks a lot to niol)


(version de sécurité)
27 Octobre 2013 - 5MB
  • new configuration parameter for share buttons (thanks a lot to becevka)
  • new Ukrainian translation (thanks a lot to becevka)
  • fix Italian translation
  • new error message bar (thanks a lot to tamizhgeek)
  • fix php 5.5 bug for some spouts (thanks a lot to amiga23)
  • fix 'Undefined Index' error in item tpl when no shares available (thanks a lot to venyii)
  • add multi reddit support (thanks a lot to Janez Troha)
  • avoid duplicate sources while importing OPML (thanks a lot to Azhaguselvan SP)
  • prevent reflected XSS vulnerability in search form (thanks a lot to Azhaguselvan SP)
  • add support for fullscreen Webapp on iPhone 5 (thanks a lot to darkside40)
  • added new config parameter (unread_order) to be able to read unread items from oldest to newest (thanks a lot to Paul Fauchon)
  • update twitter api (thanks a lot to bobman38)
  • the processing of the parameter of the session cookie is updated (thanks a lot to arbk)
  • prevent stored XSS vulnerability in the source add form (thanks a lot to Azhaguselvan SP)
  • sort spouts by name (thanks a lot to Tim Gerundt)
  • allow -element and style definition list elements (thanks a lot to mcnesium)
  • new GitHub spout to list commits on a repository (thanks a lot to Tim Gerundt)
  • performance improvement on feed update (thanks a lot to Brad Koehn)


21 Juillet 2013 - 5MB
  • new Polish translation (thanks a lot to Piotr Dymacz)
  • improved Expires section and Compression in .htaccess (thanks a lot to S Anand)
  • make api item listing, tags and sources stats accessible for non loggedin users in public mode
  • update fat free php framework version 3.0.8
  • new configuration parameter for default readability api key
  • new configuration parameter for allowing unauthorized access for the update job
  • new delicious support (thanks a lot to bbeardsley)
  • support ssl proxy (thanks a lot to zajad)
  • new readability support (thanks a lot to hayk)
  • pass original url to external sites except for opening the anonymized url (thanks a lot to bbeardsley)
  • new finnish translation (thanks a lot to jukper)
  • new spanish translation (thanks a lot to Matias Perrone)


11 Mai 2013 - 5MB
  • new spout for instapaper (thanks a lot to janeczku)
  • new Hungarian translation (thanks a lot to Sancho)
  • fix keyboard shortcut on some browsers
  • new spout for youtube channels (thanks a lot to Arndt Staudinger)
  • new rss feed for selfoss releases:
  • fix bug on removing search terms (thanks a lot to ochristi)
  • translation for login page (thanks a lot to jicho)
  • new japanese language file (thanks a lot to wowo)
  • new shortcuts (thanks a lot to jicho)
  • fix issues with refreshing the items list and slow ajax requests (thanks a lot to Sean Rand)
  • don't leave behind sp-container divs when refreshing the tags (thanks a lot to Sean Rand)
  • clean up orphaned items of deleted sources (thanks a lot to Sean Rand)
  • update fat free php framework to newest versoin 3.0.6
  • only allow update for localhost or loggedin users (thanks a lot to Tiouss)
  • added Facebook page feed (thanks a lot to Thomas Muguet)
  • fix memory bug on icon generation (thanks a lot to Matthieu Codron)
  • new opml export (thanks a lot to Sean Rand)
  • new norwegian translation (thanks a lot to Kjetil Elde)
  • set default title if no one was given by the feed


10 Avril 2013 - 3MB
  • fixed OPML import for other formats (thanks a lot to Remy Gardette)
  • fix deletion of sources (no longer bad request)
  • disable tag click on smartphone
  • shortcuts mark/unmark as read and star/unstar also available on closed articles
  • fix tag list refresh


8 Avril 2013 - 3MB
  • new navigation with right/left cursor (thanks a lot to jicho)
  • replace • for IE compatibility
  • fix re-initialize entry events on screen width change (thanks a lot to Sean Rand)
  • allow optional userdefined user.css (thanks a lot to Jean Baptiste Favre)
  • some smaller css tweaks (thanks a lot to Sean Rand)
  • new parameter use_system_font for using Arial instead of Open Sans
  • new italian language file (thanks a lot to David Chionne)
  • fix duplicate article fetching on uids with more than 255 characters
  • add integrated json api
  • add error handling for feeds with wrong link
  • new swedish translation (thanks a lot to andersgd)


1 Avril 2013 - 3MB
  • prevent error on icons parsing error
  • new homepage parameter (thanks a lot to Jean Baptiste Favre)
  • new button for open an articles source
  • no error message if no unread item is available and mark all as read was pressed
  • improve logger
  • readability is now available as spout instead as global parameter
  • new share buttons for google+, twitter and facebook
  • mysql use longtext for articles content
  • improved detection of mobile devices
  • allow more tags in articles content
  • show unread items per tag in taglist (thanks a lot to Fedor Bezrukov)
  • show list of sources for filtering (thanks a lot to Fedor Bezrukov)
  • use more eye catching unread stats in main navigation
  • show source title in selfoss RSS feed (thanks a lot to Darkwing1)
  • load sources for update by last update time (thanks a lot to Lars Formella)
  • Opening feed search focuses the search input field
  • Scroll blockquotes and pre on overflow (especially good for mobile devices)
  • new option for automatically mark items as read
  • new share buttons for email and pocket (thanks a lot to Francis Noel)
  • new shortcut r for reloading the current list
  • new internationalization (language files for German, English, French, Turkish, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Latvian, traditional and simplified Chinese included)
  • make article id generation more reliable
  • fix some font issues
  • fix JavaScript error in login screen
  • autofocus username on login
  • add open in new window button for mobile view
  • allow choosing tags in article list
  • concurent multiples updates makes no longer duplicates entries
  • Reload items on mark as read
  • anonymizer support
  • selfoss rss feed support tag filtering (?tag=) (thanks a lot to Francis Noel)
  • fix tag render bug


21 Mars 2013 - 3MB

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