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phpMyChat is an open source real-time chat application.

1 click installation phpMyChat

1 click installation

Easy update phpMyChat

Easy update

Backup and restoration phpMyChat

Backup and restoration


Community Building
Current version
Last update
21 May 2017
English + 16 others

System Requirements

Installation size
24 MB
open source
What's new


(major version)
21 May 2017 - 24MB
  • UTF-8 compatible
  • php7 compatible (7.1.1)
  • MySQLi compatible (5.7.17)
  • MariaDB compatible (10.1.21)


3 August 2015 - 20MB
  • calendar class updated to 3.75-loc version (fixed missing year on selection); (functionality related)
  • added option in profile for users to enable/disable sound notifications in chat (it doesn't apply to buzzes and media posts e.g. youtube); (functionality extenssion)
  • fixed a bug that didn't play sounds on entrance; (functionality related)
  • fixes to improve performance on LAN networks without internet connection (disabled functions that require internet access, making the script to freeze/hang); (functionality related)
  • uploader class updated to version 0.33dev; (functionality related)
  • added GeoIP Country Flag Mod, based on MaxMind GeoIPLite2 offline database, thanks DaniĆ«l for the suggestion; (functionality extension)
  • added drag&drop support to avatar upload page; (functionality related)
  • lurking page improved for admins; (functionality related)


24 April 2015 - 20MB
  • fixed session_register deprecated bug, for admin logins; (functionality related)
  • changed the 4 ip fields in the database to varchar(30) to allow IPv6 connections to the chat (Important: this is bug fix for users being kicked out on login without any error!); (functionality related)
  • applied a Turkish fix for i vs I usage in function names php1970 and/or = 5.5 which made a calendar response from bot stop; (functionality related);
  • more DB connections stripped down: multiple connections per user are required as phpMyChat is based on HTML frames and popups, for each one a separate mysql connection being needed; in this version, most direct mysql connections have been changed to mysql.lib.php class global usage, with the benefit of less than 1/3 of previous number of connections made per user; the bot will still use direct connections to the DB, as per Alice ProgramE; (functionality related)
  • converted chinese config translations in admin panel; (translation related)
  • adjusted fb like position in input bar; (display related)
  • fixed hangout in exit.php by changing link to _top not _parent; (functionality related)
  • resized Secret answer field maxsize to 14 chars, in registration and edit profile; (security related)
  • admin panel Configuration sheet converted and optimized for localizations - thanks to Marco Gelli Marchese (; (translation related)

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5 June 2011 - 20MB


16 April 2004 - 1MB

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