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Mautic is an open source marketing automation application.

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1 click installation

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Easy update

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e-Commerce and Business
Current version
Last update
30 July 2021

System Requirements

Installation size
265.00 MB
open source
What's new


30 July - 265MB3.3.3

Bug Fixes
  • Fix audit log for few entities #9801
  • Fix contact CSV import progress checks unreachable statement #9782
  • Changes company links to action /view in reports #9768
  • Fix date time field display issue #9747
  • Fix report asset downloads counts #9641
  • Fix Salesforce sync boolean type value #9618
  • Fix segment email stats graph #9580
  • Refactor change stage campaign action to use batches #8969
  • Fix cancel scheduled campaign event log #8116
  • Fix inability to update Mautic lead fields if the value that is coming from the integration is empty. #7753


  • Secret data exfiltration via symfony parameters #GHSA-4hjq-422q-4vpx

Bug Fixes
  • Fix company change audit log after modify contact #9770
  • --campaign-limit flag on campaign trigger cron is not working after upgrading to 3.3.1 #9750 #9756
  • Reduce ajax call for email count stats #9712
  • Search with wildcards #9679
  • Fix load filemanager from builder #9651
  • Bug lead graph report with company filters #9560
  • Remove duplicate index #9510
  • added css to center contact name in search result #9438 #4758
  • Fix popup ABSOLUTE_URL in campaigns #9349
  • Fix absolute url of preview email #9329
  • Removed code no longer needed when saving SAML XML files #7512

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(major version) (security release)
3 March - 265MB3.3.1

Bug Fixes
  • Fix migration for 3.3.0
  • Include GrapesJsBuilderBundle in build script for update package
  • No GrapeJS builder after 3.3.0 upgrade
  • No landing page theme available after enabling GrapesJS builder


  • add mjml theme paprika
  • add mjml theme confirm me
  • add mjml theme brienz
  • Add grape js builder bundle.
  • Support for builder specific templates
  • Add DDEV first-run experience
  • Add segment filter info message
  • Webhook processing time limit
  • Adding new templating helper as a proxy for CoreParametersHelper
  • Segment categories
  • Comment improvements
  • Campaign custom reschedule interval
  • Return campaign ID and Name for 'Campaign membership change' Events
  • Re-phrasing a couple of oddities in preference center
  • Allow plugins modify request data for webhook campaign action
  • Ajaxify dashboard 2
  • Added 'overlayDisabled' option in list_toolbar.html.php
  • Add segment build time measurement and support for multiple UNION queries
  • Speed up segment detail page
  • M3 add new cache bundle 2
  • Add lock name on email send command
  • Skip DNC reason query if not needed
  • Add support to auto fill data for others field types
  • M3 Feature/custom fields background
  • M3 Add maxmind data purge command
  • enhance form progressive profiling to make it compatible cross forms and more flexible
  • Adds support for plugins to append to the response of the mt()
  • Customize grid view for developers
  • Allow array values in api filter paramaters
  • Send email and sms webhook events added
  • Send report now
  • Reports: smarter query generation for faster load times
  • New Email builder
  • Permission class DI
  • (Enhancement) Apply "Mailer is owner" only when the email template has no value specified for "from name" and "from email"
  • Enhancement/email use owner setting
  • Respect custom fields order on the lead detail page
  • Stub HTTP client to prevent accidental request to third parties
  • Refactoring theme helper

Bug Fixes
  • Bump GrapesJS builder version to 1.0-RC4
  • Avoid using requestStack->getCurrentRequest() in constructor
  • Fix Uncaught ReferenceError: mauticEnv is not defined from dashaboard.js
  • Fix custom contact column from any group
  • Fix integration config validation - 2
  • Fixed impossible statement
  • Fix PHP Notice on show_php_version_warning_if_under
  • fix timeline on sms
  • missing table prefix on campaign repository
  • Notification header size
  • Bug report graph line leads
  • remove unrelevant filters for dynamic content
  • BUG FIX create table "email_stats" | 1054 Unknown column ‘-’ in ‘generated column function’ when (...)

  • Upgrade to PHPUnit 9
  • Drop PHP 7.2 support


  • Show warning on dashboard if user is using unsupported PHP version
  • Update PHPSTAN to 0.12.25

Bug Fixes
  • Fix dashboard query performance
  • Focus items in dynamic web content
  • Fix absolute url in pages
  • Fix gated video showing play button above form
  • Update db_server_version on existing Mautic instances
  • Check for country/city presence before use.
  • Fix: Report when use Contact Point Log as data source and filter by Segment
  • Fix input format for onesignal.
  • Fixed batch delete response inconsistencies

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(security release)
18 January - 265MBSecurity
  • A Moderately Critical Vulnerability (Vulnerability 1) reported by Dardan Prebreza at Bishop Fox
  • A Highly Critical Vulnerability (Vulnerability 2) reported by Naveen Sunkavally at

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(major version) (security release)
3 December 2020 - 265MB3.2.1

  • Upgrade filemanager


  • Adding a new boolean option system setting to transliterate page titles

  • Allow 0% coverage on Codecov patch
  • Add "Export to Excel" functionality for contacts
  • Functional test performance improvement
  • Enabling company tokens in webhook campaign action
  • Add thumbnails to file manager
  • CI: move from Travis to GitHub Actions
  • Email attachment tooltip with info about tracking added
  • Adding missing campaign action add/remove DNC description
  • Add composer.json and composer.lock to release zip archive
  • Fix user icon position
  • Upgrade to PHPUnit 8
  • Make CI more travis-y and explicit
  • Fix V3 Upgrade to detect that its already in CLI
  • Update cs-fixer-package to 2.16.4
  • Update Gaufrette packages to resolve deprecates in the old version
  • Add post-checkout hook for deleting cache ✨
  • Add link to profile for integration
  • Fetch the list of IP's from Maxmind that should not be tracked due to CCPA requests
  • Add support for PHP 7.4
  • Segment public name property for preference center
  • Sms send by segments
  • Custom contacts columns
  • Adds support for defining Sparkpost's campaign ID
  • Email Stat Limit: limit number of Stat 'openDetails'
  • Add support for relative dates to campaign action - update contact

Bug Fixes
  • Bump minimum MySQL version to 5.7
  • Fix this in campaign action
  • Adding the Connection: Close response header only when the request is made using HTTP/1.1.
  • Fix international phone number validation
  • Page and Email language as required
  • Add more mime types to import csv validation
  • Fix: Quote regular expression characters for multiselect segment filter
  • Improve query performance
  • Fix typo on EmailModel and a null notice on segments
  • Fixing the search for columns composed of more words
  • Fix replace image from file manager
  • Store company changes on new contact save via UI
  • Fix data fixture namespace
  • Fix SES Transport
  • Fix Citrix segment filter
  • Fix inability to delete campaign actions with many logs.

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6 November 2020 - 265MB
  • Fix CS
  • replace getName to getBlockPrefix
  • Fix unsubscribe from contact preference page
  • Add clonedId to email entity
  • Append Tracking to body of emails.
  • Fix error dynamic content without variants
  • Fix cache key contains reserved characters with API limiter
  • Focus preview even If website fetch url doesn't exist
  • Change lead company link to View instead of Edit
  • Fix failed send mail to contact campaign action when CC or BCC are incorrectly formatted
  • Fix not loaded core integrations like Twilio/OneSignal in Windows
  • Remove font-size:0
  • Update Travis to Bionic 18.04
  • Fix remove DNC from contact profile
  • Fix campaign membership segment filter
  • Revert back allowCampaignForm for modify tags action
  • Fix install warnings from
  • Fix send email without contact information
  • Fix cache key contains reserved characters with API limiter
  • Add better support to DEVV-Local, use any ENV Variable that ddev provide
  • Fix DO NOT CONTACT Subscriber not listening to events
  • Fix datetime picker for contact/company fields
  • Add Constructor to StopSubscriber.php
  • Use sendRawEmail instead of SendBulkTemplatedEmail for Amazon SES API
  • Fix API form tag action save
  • Fix transliterate without intl extensions
  • fixed the contact import is not merging with several uniquely identified fields
  • Fix segments stats line graphs
  • URL validation improvement
  • Fix iOS picture orientation after upload
  • partial failures

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(major version)
7 October 2020 - 265MB3.1.1

  • Create
  • Create
  • Create FUNDING.yml

Bug Fixes
  • Fix broken link in the readme
  • Fix handling of empty reasoncode in DNC API
  • Fix doNotContact on contacts created through API
  • Add DNS check
  • Update ListType.php to show all categories in list showing them (segments, preference center)
  • Fix migration template
  • Fix notification style
  • Fix JS issue for code mode
  • handle urls with unicode characters
  • Sanitizing select aliases during generating report query
  • Fixes Anchor in url doesn’t work after redirect with utm
  • Hubspot support for read only fields
  • Return unique clicked stats in email detail stats graph
  • Add missing dist sections
  • Fix message_queue job loops and incorrect schedule dates


  • Add support for Amazon SES API
  • Add company view
  • Reply API endpoint
  • Add the Pepipost SMTP service
  • Add the Psysh REPL for dev usage

  • Add Unit Tests For SES API
  • Show "added through API" event log to timeline
  • Remove index for tweet text to allow 280 chars
  • Allow publishing plugins without authentication
  • populate doNotContact field in webhooks
  • Fix field merge condition for merging contacts
  • Improve show script tags
  • Allow custom orderBy to API
  • M3 Webhook fail notification by e-mail
  • Improve tooltip of scheduled emails
  • Sync boolean by value
  • Deduplicate composer.json post-* scripts
  • User notify campaign has unpublished mail 2
  • add automatically plain text version to email if not set
  • Allow HTML for Webhook campaign action
  • Updates for pepipost SMTP
  • ownerfield tokens
  • New webhook: Contact Company Subscription Change
  • Added report column: Date added to company
  • Fixed Portugal regions names in regions.json
  • New webhook: Company Create/Update Event
  • Updated Japan Flag
  • Improve pending contacts queries.
  • Update bots list
  • Make manipulator available
  • Install command and service
  • Make report export batch configurable
  • Generated columns
  • Added support for contact tokens for url in Send a webhook campaign action
  • New blank theme

Bug Fixes
  • Repair bug API access to list custom fields Mautic v3.0
  • Stage Change Exception when Stage Name includes a number
  • Dynamic content allows only one variation
  • Fix campaign trigger scheduled day/hour
  • Send JSON Webhooks in campaigns when content-type of application/json is included in the header
  • Fix Code Mode block for non valid HTML
  • Fix - SAML - use username (optional) in attributes mapper
  • Add Kosovo to Countries and Regions
  • Fix report time frame
  • Impossible to import contacts
  • Improve empty placeholder for code mode and text slot
  • Add path to cookie when focus is engaged

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(major version)
31 July 2020 - 265MB3.0.2

  • #9028 (3.0) Enable code coverage report on plugins and middleware (@dennisameling)
  • #9024 Mautic 3 - Checkbox is displayed after option label (not before) (@mabumusa1)
  • #9006 Fix to Email Sending Issue with SparkPost (@mabumusa1)
  • #8989 Salesforce - truncate activity name to 80 characters (@kuzmany)
  • #8980 Fix pagination for integrations (@kuzmany)
  • #8968 Cors allow headers authorization (@adiwegs)
  • #8967 Fix convertEmbedImages not working (@Salamek)
  • #8957 Fix segments list for owners (@kuzmany)
  • #8937 API and Tracking configuration - check that the options exist (@kuzmany)
  • #8935 Fix multiple forms on pages (@kuzmany)
  • #8884 Change '0 mn' option to 'Never retry' since this is the current behavior (@dhilst)
  • #8676 IntegrationBundle: Updated field mapping form render logic to render fields with "mappedField" index. (@shinde-rahul)
  • #8619 Fix sent email point actions issues (@kuzmany)
  • #8417 Update oneup/uploader-bundle to 2.1.5 (security release) (@bytehead)


  • #8961 Fix mysqli issue with Mautic 3 DB migrations (@dennisameling)
  • #8956 Fix memory limit message in InstallBundle (@dennisameling)
  • #8954 An attempt to optimize the code coverage report generation only for 1 PHP version (@escopecz)
  • #8953 Fix communication with stats server (@dennisameling)
  • #8941 add getProjectDir() function to Kernel (@dennisameling)
  • #8925 Fix form search after switch language (@kuzmany)
  • #8914 Fix UpdateHelper error code (@dennisameling)
  • #8901 Increase limit for unique filename (@kuzmany)
  • #8894 M3 focus item preview using iframe (@hluchas)
  • #8862 Fixed CompanyExportTest and LeadExportTest (@fedys)
  • #8836 Fix #7559: Merge lead devices when merging leads (3.x rebase of #7561) (@pjeby)
  • #8809 Respect configuration time format in timeline (@kuzmany)
  • #8796 Prevent wrong campaign scheduling If daily options are filled (@kuzmany)
  • #8765 Remove logging of extraneous schema error during install. (@afonseca08)
  • #8749 Fixing "[WARNING] Some commands could not be registered." warning. (@shinde-rahul)
  • #8675 Update form submission results to use local timezone based on configuration in Mautic. (@mohit-rocks)
  • #8665 Make sure the lifetime interval is an integer (@nickveenhof)
  • #8556 Do not strip script and style tags in Froala (@heathdutton)
  • #8480 SugarCrm: Skip fetchDnc if entity not exists (@kuzmany)
  • #8478 fix a report with the same values in the bounced and unsubscribed columns (@WaldemarOrobanche)
  • #8467 Fix anchor links during redirection (@kuzmany)
  • #8462 Fix category type for Marketing messages (@kuzmany)
  • #8460 Fix Most hit email redirects dashboard widget (@kuzmany)
  • #8402 Fix Salesforce multiselect field sync (@kuzmany)
  • #8330 Fix send unpublished reports (@kuzmany)
  • #8106 Fix the periodic check for tracking pixel presence (@loilo)
  • #7812 Prevent campaign failures for unpublished emails and failure to move stage (@alanhartless)
  • #7799 Fix import with stage not found (@hluchas)
  • #7783 Fix incorrect cleanup calls in EventExecutioner (@galvani)
  • #7752 Fix bug in DateTimeHelper::setDatetime method. (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #7705 Fix number/boolean form field campaign condition (@kuzmany)
  • #7631 Gitignore update (@kuzmany)
  • #7541 Date condition on company field (@escopecz)
  • #7365 Fix Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'type' of undefined at mtc.js:60 at mtc.js:3 at Object.MauticJS.processGatedVideos (mtc.js:60) at MauticJS.initGatedVideo (mtc.js:59) (@leo108)
  • #7129 Fix scheduled jump to event campaign action (@kuzmany)


We're incredibly excited to release Mautic 3 to the public today. A huge thanks to Acquia's R&D team for leading this project and doing the vast majority of the heavy lifting, also to the community contributors who have submitted pull requests, bug fixes, and helped with rebasing pull requests from Mautic 2.x (which is an ongoing process).

  • #8909 Readme & feature request template update (@RCheesley)
  • #8897 Add updated config parameters to (@dennisameling)
  • #8893 Add missing string #8857 (@RCheesley)
  • #8844 Restore API permissions for M3 (@alanhartless)
  • #8805 MAUTIC_DEV_HOSTS server variable renamed (@escopecz)
  • #8799 Restores auth settings for legacy integrations (@alanhartless)
  • #8798 Fixed date/time comparison that started causing Pipedrive tests to fail for M3 (@alanhartless)
  • #8745 Go to webinar fixes (@lukassykora)
  • #8727 Ensure that isEnabled is an int when submitting (@dongilbert)
  • #8693 Update (@npracht)
  • #8690 Revert "Impossible to import contacts" (@dongilbert)
  • #8688 Fixed path to plugins migrations directory (@mtshaw3)
  • #8669 Merge 2.16 branch into 3.x (@dennisameling)
  • #8664 Revert "Fix conversion exception" (@escopecz)
  • #8654 Make sure we can include Mautic as a package instead of making Mautic a project that cannot be modified by anyone (@nickveenhof)
  • #8646 Maut 3476 optionlist fix (@lukassykora)
  • #8633 M3: Remove mkdir permission limit to make umask work as expected (@Gregy)
  • #8610 Add possibility to have only isPublished interface without Auth (@Enc3phale)
  • #8602 Mautic redirect links return 500 errors in some cases (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #8598 Cleanup mapping objects table after a contact or company is deleted (@alanhartless)
  • #8590 Fix possibility to overwrite objects in the sync engine (@alanhartless)
  • #8580 Fix int nullable env procesor (@alanhartless)
  • #8578 Makes permission class instantiation compatible with #7312 (@alanhartless)
  • #8572 Community PR for MAUT-3427 (@mtshaw3)
  • #8568 MAUT-3480 / Warm up cache in MiddlewareBuilder.php (@lukassykora)
  • #8564 Integrations bundle template fix (@alanhartless)
  • #8555 M3: Refactor lookup_id field (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #8553 Css fixes notes (@lukassykora)
  • #8552 Webhooks are getting rescheduled even if the endpoint returns 200 response code (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #8549 Removing 2 methods that were not being called. Only from each other (@escopecz)
  • #8546 MAUT-3469 / Fix and test isFormCancelled (@lukassykora)
  • #8545 Upload custom image (@lukassykora)
  • #8542 Fix case in SmsModel (@lukassykora)
  • #8540 Fix lead gravatar (@lukassykora)
  • #8539 [WIP] Refactor use of MailHelper out of MauticFactory (@p365labs)
  • #8535 Add missing translation for plugin based logins (@alanhartless)
  • #8533 Fields visible in form detail (@lukassykora)
  • #8532 Mautic fixtures install fix (@lukassykora)
  • #8526 Campaign toggle fix (@escopecz)
  • #8525 Parameter always in the query (@lukassykora)
  • #8524 MAUT-3434 / Array flip operators (@lukassykora)
  • #8500 Fix delete of multiple forms (@hluchas)
  • #8475 MAUT-3377 - Refactor to build middleware cache on warmup (@mtshaw3)
  • #8474 Community PR for Error thrown from email field in forms (@mtshaw3)
  • #8473 Fix select contact source from campaign forms (@hluchas)
  • #8472 Fix adding widget (@hluchas)
  • #8466 Refactored building config bundle metadata (@alanhartless)
  • #8456 Refactor SchemaHelperFactory (@p365labs)
  • #8449 Replace fetching updates from to use Github releases (@alanhartless)
  • #8395 Beanstalk fix (@hluchas)
  • #8379 Create (@RCheesley)
  • #8377 Optional fixtures (@lukassykora)
  • #8335 Remove deprecated services lead bundle - part #1 (@p365labs)
  • #8306 Update filemanager (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #8252 M3: fix form buttons (@dongilbert)
  • #8250 M3: Fix Autoloading & Bootstrap File Usage (@dongilbert)
  • #8249 M3: Migration for IntegrationsBundle tables (@dongilbert)
  • #8244 Upgrade Swiftmailer bundle (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #8236 M3 refactor on campaign trigger action send email to user (@hluchas)
  • #8226 Use Github directly for installing language packages M3 (@escopecz)
  • #8220 [WIP] M3: Fix tests on 3.x branch (@dongilbert)
  • #8207 M3: Remove MauticFactory from AbstractCommonModel #8103 (@mtshaw3)
  • #8206 Fix for auditlog model and fix for RouterHelper removed generate method (@dongilbert)
  • #8185 Merge m2-to-m3 branch into 3.x (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #8182 Merge WIP m2-to-m3 branch into the 3.x Branch (@dongilbert)
  • #7725 Request URL header in request to webhooks (@hluchas)
  • #7254 Allow HTML for Webhook campaign action (@kuzmany)

  • #8912 Quick dirty fix for API default settings in form (@dennisameling)
  • #8910 Exclude DataFixtures folders from deleted files (@dennisameling)
  • #8907 Fix eventName on CampaignSubscriber (@dennisameling)
  • #8874 M3 Set campaign trigger to the next selected day of week when delay in days is set (@hluchas)
  • #8871 Update the message string for the messages sent. (@mohit-rocks)
  • #8865 Update permission choices array format to fetch proper details. (@mohit-rocks)
  • #8856 Fix A/B test winner 500 error (@kuzmany)
  • #8848 Fix timeline layout (@kuzmany)
  • #8847 Fix Unable to batch-set DNC on contact (@kuzmany)
  • #8846 Fix lifecycle widget fatal error (@kuzmany)
  • #8845 Hotfix to not typecast numbers without a precision to float in contact API responses (@alanhartless)
  • #8825 Update proper translator interface to prevent the failures. (@mohit-rocks)
  • #8818 Update message id to fetch the proper translation for button label (@mohit-rocks)
  • #8816 M3 tokens for landing page not functioning (@hluchas)
  • #8800 Prevents redirecting to category list after creating a category from another form (@alanhartless)
  • #8793 Fix error with OneSignal integration (@kuzmany)
  • #8773 Fix notice when deleting multiple e-mails (@hluchas)
  • #8772 M3 Downgrade Doctrine/ORM from 2.7.2 to 2.7.0 (@hluchas)
  • #8771 M3 fixes ability to update state through the api (@hluchas)
  • #8770 M3 saml signature bug (@hluchas)
  • #8768 M3 changed to flush queue before cc and bcc are cleared (@hluchas)
  • #8766 Fixed issue where form submit action was not removing contacts from D… (@hluchas)
  • #8740 M3 fix multivalue custom fields (@hluchas)
  • #8738 Deleting mapped objects (@escopecz)
  • #8732 Update the group field html to display input outside label tag. (@mohit-rocks)
  • #8722 Fix the error on report create page. (@mohit-rocks)
  • #8714 Fix password reset link (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #8704 Fix "ConversionException: Serialized array includes null-byte" exception/error (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #8703 Fixes issue where support for tokenization was not detected in the MailHelper (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #8702 Mailjet transport fix (@escopecz)
  • #8695 Fix import with stage not found 2 (@hluchas)
  • #8689 Email builder apply fix (@escopecz)
  • #8687 Add back a method removed in 3.x that the campaign segment share feature depended on (@alanhartless)
  • #8671 Fixes the telephone form field CSS class name (@alanhartless)
  • #8644 M3 contact sync triger for company change (@hluchas)
  • #8639 Maut 3276 remove sessions (@lukassykora)
  • #8638 Custom html freezes wysiwyg editor (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #8636 Fix conversion exception (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #8635 Gravatar path fix (@lukassykora)
  • #8634 Fix failing ThemeHelper test (@Gregy)
  • #8632 Field value campaign condition fix (@escopecz)
  • #8630 Forgotten choices to fqcn (@escopecz)
  • #8601 Primary company is not displayed properly on the lead view page (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #8596 Integration mapping filter save fix (@escopecz)
  • #8588 Add missing translation string (@RCheesley)
  • #8575 Report fix (@escopecz)
  • #8573 Fixed campaign membership manipulation (@alanhartless)
  • #8571 Fix profile form fields to user Symfony classname form types. (@dongilbert)
  • #8570 Use absolute path instead of relative path for locating templates (@dongilbert)
  • #8565 Fix manual setting of DNC (@hluchas)
  • #8562 M3: Fix "Recent Activity" feed UI (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #8559 M3: new file manager doesn't insert selected images (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #8544 Fix plugin auth popup (@hluchas)
  • #8541 MAUT-3455 New report's columns are not defaulted to the first data source (@mtshaw3)
  • #8511 Fixes dynamic web content (@alanhartless)
  • #8506 Default email_frequency_time should be a string by default and not an integer (@alanhartless)
  • #8502 M3 Fix form field placeholder persistence (@hluchas)
  • #8479 Fix category filter (@lukassykora)
  • #8459 Enable overwrite with blank for API (@kuzmany)
  • #8451 Tracking helper without session (@lukassykora)
  • #8304 Remove duplicated options from the email transport select box (@escopecz)

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