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e-Commerce and Business
Current version
Last update
30 September 2019

System Requirements

Installation size
75.00 MB
open source
What's new


30 September - 75MB3.2.5
  • Embeded live help widget also will track referrer page.
  • Toolbar above messages area.
  • Survey stars will be shown as stars.
  • Option to use redirect instead of internal load during start chat. This will avoid refreshing page and starting new chat each time. Can be set in start chat form settings.
  • Avoid invalid character shown if quates is used in translation for operator typing text.
  • Popup opening in widget will automatically load mobile layout. Possible to set this in start chat form settings.
  • Theme was not passed in auto start chat behaviour.
  • Automatic transfer between departments was not handled in auto start environment.
  • Option to change placeholder text in widget from themes.
  • Improve multiselect dropdown behaviour. Selected items will be shown at top.
  • Changed penging save message design to match chat style.
  • Toolbar for operator admin.
  • Once you set visitor nick it will be remembered for next chat sessions also.
  • Removed autofocus in widgets.
  • Hungarian language.
  • Autoresponder multi-language support fixes. Was not saving correctly checked languages.
  • New bot trigger type, execute always. This will allow specific trigger to be executed at any moment on bot chat conversation. Usefull to have it for visitor quickly switch to human.
  • It supports two "Chat start behaviour"
  • - "Instant execution (Executes and continues workflow)" - this will execute trigger always and continue normal workflow.
  • - "Instant execution and block (executes and blocks further triggers execution)" - this will execute trigger and will not continue normal workflow.
  • - You can use second one to transfer chat to operator. This type of trigger has to have event defined.

  • You can preload now widgets which will eliminate loading delay of widgets. (System configuration -> Chat Configuration -> Misc -> Preload widget. It will avoid loading delay after clicking widget)

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(major version)
12 July - 70MB3.23
  • Proactive invitations now support Injecting HTML directly in website. Useful if you want to show let say some custom modal window then mouse leaves a page.
  • Canned messages now supports HTML Injection also. So you can send like HTML body to website.

  • New element in bot to restrict execute specific trigger defined number of times.

  • Now in bot configuration you can select what bot logic it should include. So one bot can combine multiple bot's logic.
  • Option to have background worker for footprint updates. Useful if footprint table is huge.
  • Rest api chat's fetching methods has delay attribute which can be used. To fetch chats only older than x seconds.
  • Bot now have new element which can search on chat start event. Useful combining various chat start logic.
  • Sort in bot fixed if two elements one by another is same type.

  • Bot translations now can have separate images. So bot identity can be fully overridden now.

  • Bot now can have translations. Usefull if you want have one bot, but a little bit different texts by department.
  • Copy messages now can include or exclude system messages.
  • Mobile invitations. On mobile devices icon will be shown that there is unread messages.

  • Option in file upload configurator to setup meta tag clean up. Upon files upload from operators meta tag information for images can be removed.
  • Updated messages style so that images won't have bubble background if message is only smile it also won't have bubble background.
  • Additional chat columns now support object attributes. Additional can be turned of separately for chat and online visitors.

  • Now in options you can set should be cookie set only for domain where javascript is embedded or also subdomains. Default behaviour does not change. This can be controlled also from js embed code directly also.
  • Updated PHPMailer

  • Operators now will have ability to have their own personal themes. To operators role has to be assigned (Themes) "lhtheme" (Allow operators have their own personal back office theme)"personaltheme"
  • Various other changes related to bootstrap 4 migration.

  • Audit log functionality.
  • Bootstrap 4.1.2, this is quite still early release. So if notice any design issues, let me know.
  • Canned messages now have toolbar for easier images insert.
  • New messages styles
  • Tooltip removed from dashboard items. You should click (i) icon to preview chat information.

  • Various bot improvements. More flexible rules for triggers matching. Termination of bot workflow in the middle of sequence.
  • Bot conditions check.

  • Various bot improvements. Intent detection by matching rules. Possibility to plug in various AI engines in the future.

  • Events will store how many times it was executed so extension can forbid executing it second time.

  • Option to have custom columns in dashboard chat lists based on additional chat data; additional_data.; chat_variable.
  • Custom priority based on additional chat data.

  • Remote API Keys support, this feature can be used by external API
  • Custom arguments based on javascript variables existing in embedded page. No need to generate custom Live Helper Chat code. You just define what variable should check LHC
  • Avoid PHP Sessions concurrent conditions if Redis is used as PHP Sessions handler.
  • Various bot improvements. New Datatype

  • Password requirements configuration options
  • Option to have expirable password so after n days operators would have to change their password.

  • Back office styling options
  • Option to have custom default messages box height
  • option to have custom default operators number in list

  • Google re-captcha option for login page.

  • Option to have custom text in themes for text like "You are number {number} in the queue. Please wait..."
  • Option to set default order for pending chats. Chat configuration -> Misc -> "Make default pending chats order from old to new"
  • Proactive invitation feature to have custom design for proactive invitation. Still not completed. But fields is presented already.
  • Proactive invitations if have same priority will be used randomly. So A/B testing will make sense.
  • Gulp library updated.

  • Filter online visitors by Country and Time On Site

  • Proactive campaigns will be kept as long as online visitors records.
  • Option to configure how long to keep department availability statistic.

  • Proactive chats A/B testing with campaign feature
  • Proactive chat efficiency tracking statistic. To track conversion rate.

  • Chat lists will include proactive invitation filtering options
  • Statistic windows also will include invitation filtering options

  • Auto assign enhancement. It can try to assign chats matching operators languages first. It can be per department enable/disabled
  • Auto refresh window for operators then version is updated.

  • Various bot enhancements. Attribute element.
  • Option to setup automatic chat closing for active/pending/bot chats; Responsible cron; php cron.php -s site_admin -c cron/workflow
  • Additional data attribute included in XLS export
  • Auto responder can send bot custom message.
  • Video type for bot
  • Allow to see generated bot syntax from bot builder interface
  • Option to have auto uppercase sentences in operator interface.
  • Rest api enhancements
  • Option to set how long chat can be opened after he was closed.
  • Show correct online status on widget minimization.

  • New themes could not be saved.
  • Updated GEO ip detection section. Freegeoip was retired by owner.
  • Bot enhancements and subscription integration.
  • Auto responder can take bot trigger and sends it's meta data as additional data within message. Usefull if you want to show visitor Subscribe button.
  • Performance improvements be refactoring lh_chat table indexes.
  • Clicking subscribe button will show message in user messages window.
  • Updating user statistic in high load environment causes table locks. Added retry to that part.
  • Option to set referrer in google translations service integration.

  • Web push notifications for visitors.
  • Themes import allowed to upload php files. Security report by

  • Option to set bot/trigger for proactive invitation.
  • Possible to search by subjects in chats list and in statistic will be represented chart.
  • Various bot improvements/fixes.

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1 July 2018 - 55MB2.96
  • In themes possible to override Start chat, Leave a message button texts.
  • In theme custom field to have custom html above all input fields.
  • In bot mode possible to disable all fields and just have custom start chat with bot button.
  • Added option to change Collectable workflow cancel button text.
  • Added support for Collectable workflow to have cancel workflow button on error.
  • Custom edit icon in Collected summary.
  • Bot can have custom nick.
  • And various other bot fixes/improvements.

  • Default trigger if visitor message is unknown.
  • Option to collect visitor phone/email through chatting.
  • Theme has custom status text for chat's going with a bot.

  • Bot. First version of bot. Expected to be enhanced further a lot.

  • Department availability statistic. In order for this statistic to be collection. This cronjob has to be setup.
  • * * * * cd /home/www/ && php cron.php -s site_admin -c cron/departament-availability > /dev/null 2>&1
  • Updated translations.

  • Load previous button moved up, so visitor nick will be visible again for first message.
  • Option to anonymize visitor IP and messages after specific period of time.
  • In modern look, invitation will be hidden persistently on minimize action.
  • Header refactored on modern look.
  • Improved replacement algorithm for canned messages, then sometimes # hash was left after replace.
  • And many other small changes :)

  • Modern look for widget.
  • If you had a theme for old style status widget it will still work. In theme there is option to choose what style widget to have. Old style or modern style.
  • Option to set required groups. So then operator is setuping new user he will have to choose one of required groups.

  • Objects group model. Can be used in extensions to have custom permissions.
  • Further mobile improvements.

  • Option to have persistent files. So they won't be deleted during files maintenance procedure.
  • More slick mobile layout
  • Various other fixes on mobile layout and consistency improvements.

  • Chat now have chat start time, it different time than chat creation time. It maybe different if chat is closed and later reopened by visitor.
This situation can happen also with telegram chats and facebook chats. This change will allow us to have correct chat wait time based on time then chat became pending.
  • Change chat duration algorithm. Now chat duration will be based not on first and last message times. But on intervals between messages. You can also set timeouts.
there will be option to set two timeouts.
Timeout how long visitor can wait for a operator message before time between messages are exclude.
Timeout how long operator can wait for a visitor message before time between messages are exclude.
  • More emoji conversion from text. Supported are
:), :D:, :D, :(, :o:, :o, :p:, :p, ;), ;(, :x, :*, ;*, :/
  • Fixed duplicate messages on window focus. Seems in rare cases then window was focused customer could receive same message twice if there was any pending message from operator.

  • Subjects for chats.
  • Standard widget/Proactive invitation will be submitted using XHR request. This will avoid record in browser history.
  • FAQ, Questionry, Chatbox widget improvement toa void error in "messages"
  • Emoji icons for chats.
  • Search in chat list by user group or department group.
  • Statistic by week.
  • Sync offline/online icon in cross window environment. Child window will detect activity and report to parent window to avoid false positive for inactivity.
  • Footprint cleanup algorithm change for high load environment.
  • Bigger font size on mobile devices so scaling of widget won't be triggered.
  • Search by subject is not yet supported will be added in the upcoming releases.

  • Option to allow read only chats. In user account editing window you can choose what type of assignment it should be. Read only or write also.

  • Database charset changed to utf8mb4 to support emoji

  • Option to delay status widget show.
  • Option to delay tooltip show.

  • Autoresponder now supports custom nick. Multi language also supported.
  • Chart charts can exclude or include only offline requests.
  • Transfer to chat modal window now allows to change chat owner directly. "lhchat","changeowner" (Allow operator to change chat owner) is required.
  • User account window allows to change operator online/offline status directly.

  • Quote selection sometimes forced chat messages to collapse.
  • Option to have online visitors and their footprint cleanup from cronjob.

  • Delays for proactive invitations.
  • Quoting functionality. Just select a text in message.
  • Survey results export in XLS, JSON, XML
  • Dashboard widgets filtering by users, users groups, departments groups.
  • Forbid sending messages to chat once visitor was redirected to survey.
  • New colours for chat messages.
  • Above messages block will be shown time since last user message.
  • Chat duration will be dynamically updated. It's either chat duration from first and last message or time since chat start if chat is not closed.

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22 December 2017 - 40MB2.80
  • Multilanguage support for canned messages and auto responders.
  • Survey grouping fix
  • Save user browser language within chat.
  • Reopen chat in same place then chat information was edited.
  • Archive enhancements.
  • Video embed support. If uploaded file from visitor is video format. Video will be played directly in chat window.

  • Archive automatisation. In archive configuration possible to set automatisation.
  • To have fully automated workflow you have to setup cronjob: php cron.php -s site_admin -c cron/archive

  • Option to set delay, between new chat can be assigned to operator since last assignment.
  • Option to have auto chat acceptance. If chat is automatically assigned it's possible now that new chat will be opened automatically to operator.
  • Option to exclude operator from participating in auto assign workflow, even if he is online.
  • Option to ignore inactive chat's in auto assign workflow.

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24 October 2017 - 40MB2.74
  • Option to set auto assign workflow priority by time.
  • Various small changes.
  • Translations updated.

  • Auto responder now have On-Hold functionality. If chat is on hold, no survey redirection will be executed. Usefull if you just want visitor to wait until you find some info.

  • Offline requests are stored as chats
  • To proactive invitation now can be assigned auto responder.


10 August 2017 - 40MB2.71
  • Option in autoresponder to set visitor redirection to survey if visitor does not respond for n seconds.

  • Option to configure what should happen on transfer to department: Leave assigned user or not, Make chat status pending or not, Remove assigned user or not.
  • Option for operator to configure show alert or not then chat is transferred directly to them.
  • If chat is transferred to operator and operator opens chat directly from transfer record will be removed also.

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17 January 2017 - 40MB
  • Option to transfer chat to another operator directly with !transferforce command !transferforce
  • Option to transfer user to survey by choosing survey itself.

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2 May 2016 - 40MB
  • Option to disable iframes rendering. It just increases security in some cases. There is checkbox in co-browsing settings page.
  • href links in co-browsing will be replaced with javascript:void(0), so in order operator to click invalid link he will have to type it manually.
  • From now you can create custom themes in back office. In the future there will be separate section for back office themes.

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2 February 2016 - 40MB
  • This release brings initial version of Rest API, over time there will be more features. At the moment just take a look at

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4 January 2016 - 40MB
  • Product concept, few products can be assigned to single department [Sponsored]
  • Passwords are stored using password_hash function. [Improved security]
  • Cleanup user part [General]
  • 5.4 PHP required
  • Option to securely encrypt passed data to additional form data. [Sponsored]
  • Paid chats concept, tutorial article is comming. [Sponsored]
  • New statistic - unanswered chats. Chat becames unanswered if (1) User starts chat and there is message field and chat is pending, (2) Operator accepts a chat but visitor has already closed chat widget chat remains unanswered, (3) If chat started in proactive mode and user filled message and chat is not accepted yet, (4) Unanswered chat flag is removed.
  • User row has 3 additional attributes which can be used for extensions; attr_int_1, attr_int_2, attr_int_3.

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20 December 2015 - 40MB
  • Option to force close chat on widget close button. At the moment it just closes widget. But on operator side there is no indication for that.
  • Custom field for sort priority

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31 October 2015 - 40MB
  • - option in theme to define optional field which would be visible in department
  • One more time new chat messages interface. Messages can be styled in theme editing window.
  • Option to turn off/on voting thumbs
  • Option to have custom text instaed of Department. Let say Location.
  • Option to enable disable need help widget directly from theme.

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11 September 2015 - 40MB
  • User can drag and sort frontpage widgets as he wants. Widgets order and what widgets user can see are based on user individually.
  • Canned messages are sorted by position and title now.
  • Other small UX updates.

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2 September 2015 - 40MB
  • User activity tracking on site enhancements. New tab in settings "Visitor activity"
  • Also @SergeyDjam has prepared ROSA linux distrubution RPMS for desktop client.

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9 August 2015 - 40MB
  • Option to have a survey at the end of chat. This mode is written in flexible way so most likely it will be mutch more improved over time. At the moment only stars evaluation at the end of chat is possible
  • New icons -
  • Left menu
  • In start chat you can enable automatic start chat as soon visitors types atleast one key.
  • And various others UX and performance improvements.

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(security release)
10 July 2015 - 40MB
  • Unfilled forms fields will be highlighted
  • Security improvements
  • Option to prefill custom fields which were added from back office.
  • Tooltips changed to bootstrap popovers
  • Translations won't translate BBCode

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2 July 2015 - 40MB
  • Transfered chats as widget.
  • Updates required for XMPP support.
  • New algorithm for sound and notifications. Sound stops after pending chat is gone.
  • Option to delete pending chat instantly.
  • Position queue.
  • Option to set automatically checkd Terms Of Service checkbox
  • Desktop client will show only only visitors which user has permission to see.
  • E-mail templates supports {chat_id}
  • Permission UX
  • Optimizations for excel generation
  • Option to hide right column in frontpage.
  • Department XMPP recipients column change to text
  • Statistic improvements.

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