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Collabtive is an open source project management application. Collabtive was initialy released in 2007.

1 click installation Collabtive

1 click installation

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Easy update

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e-Commerce and Business
Current version
Last update
5 January 2018
English + 38 others

System Requirements

Installation size
1.00 MB
open source
What's new
3.1 (major version)
5 January 2018 - 1MB3.1
  • Fix a bug where the generic female avatar wasnt shown in the user-admin area
  • Update PHPMailer to its latest stable release 5.2.2 to mitigate potential issues with PHP7
  • PHPMailer dependency now managed by composer
  • PCLZip dependency now managed by composer
  • Fix CSP header frame-ancestors
  • Submit timetracker entries asyncronously
  • Display total hours in timetracker report (again)
  • Make forms reset by default after they have been submitted.
  • Allow users to be assigned to milestones
  • When moving the due date of a milestone, the due dates of associated tasks are also moved
  • Allow multiple tasklists to be created when creating a milestone
  • Display tree view of tasklist assigned to a milestone in milestone details
  • Display messages in milestone details treeview
  • Make opening an accordion slide a lot faster in accordions with many items
  • Replace pixel graphics in the tree view with SVG vector graphics
  • Fix the accordion in "late" milestone when creating a new milestone that is late
  • Draw milestones associated to messages, with their tasklists, tasks in a tree view
  • Draw files associated to messages in a tree view in the message details.

  • Fix character encoding issue with some special characters in titles of projects, tasks, etc
  • Refactor lots of vue.js 1.0 syntax to be compatible with 2.0
  • Change default number of projects displayed on the desktop to 15
  • Fix font encoding issue in PDF generation
  • Change truncation of project titles to 35
  • Fix the accordeon in project->milestones
  • add an additionalFields field to the model of the viewManager. It facilitates passing arbitrary global data from an endpoint to a vue template
  • Improve pagination with many pages: the pagination control now display only the first, second as well as the current +-1, and the 2 last pages
  • Actually load minified JS assets in some places
  • Set CSP frame-ancestors to 'self'. this prevents clickjacking attacks, where collabtive is embedded into other website contexts.

  • Fix broken link to task list in upcoming milestones block
  • Fix XSS Vector in the user profile
  • Fix selection of subfolders when uploading files
  • Make truncation of project titles more consistent at 40 characters.
  • Correctly display timetracker and projects block in a users own profile
  • Fix user profiles when not logged in as admin
  • Fix changing the role of an existing user that already had a role assigned.
  • use a global HTMLPurifier object in getArrayVal() instead of creating a new one for each variable. this should improve performance by creating a much fewer objects.

  • All external library dependencies now live in /vendor/ and are managed using composer.
  • Restructured templates. Form templates now live in the /forms/ subdirectory of the template folder.
  • Start using native HTML5 form validation instead of a JS library
  • Added blockaccordeon for the blocks in the userprofile
  • Improved the look of the file list view
  • Fix a bug where getThemes() wouldnt finish if a template has no /theme/ folder
  • Properly minify all JS assets using closure compiler
  • Display the parent message in the breadcrumbs on top when viewing a message
  • Messages now can have recursive replies. That is, each reply can have a reply, which can have a reply and so on.
  • Private messages can now be added to any project. They can only be viewed by their designated recipient.
  • Don't show mobile template in the template selector. these should not be activated directly but set by class mobileDetect()
  • Updated the database schema of new installations to use innoDB instead of myISAM storage engine. myISAM is outdated, and innoDB now the default on mysql.
  • Moved helper classes to replace inline styles to /theme/css/style_helpers.css
  • Most inline styles have been refactored to classes. One of the next releases will disable inline style in CSP
  • The sidebar is collapsed by default, giving more room for the main content area It can be expanded by clicking
  • Added viewManager functions that make it easy to create, and update reactive vue.js views
  • Added helper methods css(), cssAll, cssId() to ajax.js
  • All animations now use velocity.js. This removes the dependency on scriptculous and enables HW acceleration on mobile.
  • Implemented new modal dialog for the calendar, that is not based on prototype
  • Implemented accordeon that does not depend on prototype
  • Added example plugin
  • Plugin system that is completely modular and cacheable.
  • Plugins are defined as their own classes, and implement the collabtivePlugin interface
  • Arbitrary Plugin Hooks can be placed in templates to allow dependency injection
  • All forms are now submitted asyncronously
  • Rewrite of UI rendering with vue.js to enable more reactive UI
  • Changed constructor of SmartyPaginate.class.php to be compatible with PHP 7
  • Fixed unfiltered variables
  • Refactored helper methods to use the new ajaxRequest object.
  • Implemented ajaxRequest() object in ajax.js that wraps native xmlhttprequest to create POST and GET ajax requests.
  • Improved database checks in init.php (srichter)
  • Fixed file download link in file upload email notification
  • Performance improved in getMyProjects() SQL query by using a JOIN (srichter)
  • Fixed a bug in thumb.php where not-logged in users could load thumbnails of images they know the path to
  • Converted the filetype check int he user image upload to a whitelist to be more secure from malicious file uploads.
  • Added code for excel import
  • Code refactoring to use arrays $cleanPost, and $cleanGet - these supply the value of $_POST and $_GET sanitized from XSS vectors
  • Converted a few remaining SQL queries to prepared statements
  • Converted loading of content on the desktop to an asyncronous method using vue.js. This speeds up the loading of the desktop page considerably.
  • Adding of projects now done asyncronously
  • Refactoring of code
  • Converted several queries into JOINs to improve performance
  • Converted loading of project tasks to asnycronous loading
  • Converted loading of timetracker to asyncronous loading
  • Converted loading of milestones to asyncronous loading
  • Converted loading of messages to asyncronous loading
  • Made adding of projects asyncronous
  • Late, Current and upcoming milestones are now displayed in a block accordeon
  • Project tasks are now arranged as a block accordion
  • Rewrote accordion code to no longer depend on prototype.js
  • Added feature to optionally adapt all lower-level deadlines upon changing a project or milestone deadline

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17 March 2015 - 1MBRead more:

13 March 2015 - 1MB
  • Improved performance: For this release the event logging mechanism has been refactored. This results in very noticeable speedups, especially when working with many tasks and projects.
  • Improved timetracker: The timetracker has been improved. The user is now able to enter the number of hours worked, in addition to specific hours.

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2.0 (major version)
14 August 2014 - 1MB
  • Fixed notice on desktop that resulted from missing network connection during update check
  • Fixed deactivation of error reporting during update
  • Merge existing members and new members when adding project
  • Error reporting globally set to E_WARNING
  • Changed redirection after project creation from desktop or project administration to project dashboard
  • Improved translations: German, Polish, Farsi, Norwegian (Bokmal & Nynorsk), Simplified Chinese
  • Improved project tree's handling for special characters
  • Removed file upload from the add reply form. Now only previously uploaded files can be attached to replies.
  • Lots of code beautification in templates files
  • Make filemanager behave more like explorer (i.e. no pagination - show all files in each folder at once)
  • Revert to gridview as the default file view (this was changed in 1.2 b/c of issues)
  • Added edge case for SSL detection
  • Removed .htaccess file as it was causing trouble with some servers
  • Added start date functionality for tasks
  • Fixed several typos in style_form.css
  • Fixed typo in paginate-first function
  • Fixed cancel button for deleting folders in list view
  • Corrected label for edit button in project members view ("edit file" -> "edit user")
  • Changed permission for adding users to an existing project from "administration" to "project edit"
  • Implemented HTML Purifier filter for all user input. This will give us STRONG protection against all kinds of XSS attacks, while preserving rich formating options. It will also enhance well formedness.
  • Implemented some Content-Security-Protection header options. No framing,only load css from same origin, only load .js files from same origin, only load images from same origin
  • Remove force-compile option from template engine. This disabled caching and caused performance problems for some users.
  • Add compileAllConfig() to force a recompile of the config files in certain cases.
  • Fixed possible sql vulnerability in manageajax.php
  • Dont expose plain filesystem links to uploaded files. Downloads are routed through download.php
  • Added AES encryption of uploaded files
  • Added CSS theme functionality. Now the CSS and image files for each template set reside in a /themes/ subfolder. This way, there can be CSS only variations of templates created more easily.
  • Change color of tab info string, making it more readable
  • Set cache directory for HTML purifier definitions to /files/standard/ics/
  • Messages can now be edited asyncronously
  • Messages can now be replied to asyncronously
  • Implemented a new structure for the desktop. It is now an accordeon where clicking each section slides it open and closes all others.
  • Implemented a new structure for the project dashboard. It is now an accordeon where clicking each section slides it open and closes all others.
  • Customer profiles can be added in admin->customer
  • A customer can be assigned to projects
  • Remove user pictures from the onlinelist
  • Added translation of install-readme: Simplified Chinese
  • Removed unfunctional links from the day numbers in the desktop calendar
  • Fixed white page when editing of task failed.
  • Fixed conversion of umlauts when uploading files.
  • Fixed accordeon in tasklist view
  • Fixed a bug where the list view in project->files could not be selected if the user's role had file:add deactivated.
  • Files in subfolders can now also be attached to messages
  • Fixed filetype detection in message::getAttachedFiles - needs more refactoring to use file::getFile
  • Fixed a problem with file uploads and visibility string
  • Fixed cancel button submitting the form in task->edit
  • Localized project tree labels
  • Localized label for name in list view for files
  • Added a new CSS theme: spring
  • Fixed various display bugs

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1.2 (security release)
20 January 2014 - 1MB
  • Added collapsible tree showing the structure of a project (milestones, tasklists, tasks, messages)
  • Removed Basecamp importer (didn't work in a long time, see )
  • Milestones can now have a start date set when created. Start date can also be edited.
  • Removed links to the my-projects/tasks/messages blocks in block titles on the desktop
  • Milestones can now be deleted asynchronously
  • Milestones can now be closed asynchronously
  • Milestones are now grouped into "current" , "late" and "upcoming" milestones in project->milestones
  • Closed tasklists now receive their own white bg block in projects->tasklists. Better sets the block apart from active tl's
  • Removed tags from the add message form. Tags will be removed from Collabtive in order to simplify things.
  • Removed file upload from the add message form. Now only previously uploaded files can be attached to messages.
  • Implemented tree view for projects
  • Fixed display problem with Smarty where pages weren't listed as before
  • Improved notification emails. They are now much more informative / better localized (StephanRichter)
  • Implemented iCal auth (StephanRichter)
  • Fixed bug where certain dates (like 1.9.2013) could not be selected in date picker (StephanRichter)
  • Added htaccess file to deny folder listing in the file folder (StephanRichter)
  • Switched from a background-color gradient to a solid color
  • Fixed a bug where the timetracker report would return a server error (
  • Start date for a timetracker entry can now be set manually
  • Fixed a mssing (int) typecast in managetimetracker.php.
  • Timetracker start date can now be manually set
  • Added translations: Vietnamese
  • Improved translations: Spanish

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1.1 (security release)
23 September 2013 - 1MB
  • Fixed bug in tasklist editing, which would automatically remove the tasklist's assignment to a given milestone
  • Fixed notice in user editing form which showed up when an available language's name was not translated in the selected language
  • Updated the template engine to Smarty3 (mwirtz)
  • Updated the bundled TCPDF to 6.0 (mwirtz)
  • Changed class.mylog to show 25 entries per log page instead of 10
  • Changed inserting of default values to settings table to a single query (from a foreach loop) in install.php
  • Fixed an error where any registered user could delete other users' profiles
  • Fixed an error where other files than pictures (for example PHP scripts) could be uploaded as the user's avatar
  • Fixed a possible SQL injection in the timetracker reporting
  • Fixed text in empty project message PDF export
  • Fixed bug with empty timetracker PDF exports
  • Improved replying to messages by putting as editable default title "Re: title of orig. message"
  • Fixed UI bug in project's tasklist view for tasks with multiple users
  • Changed UI string "Send" to "Save"
  • Made sure the database uses UTF-8 for the connection
  • Fixed links in e-mail notifications for new project / message
  • When editing closed tasks/projects in tables, the edit form is now displayed in the top block, like for open tasks/projects
  • Fixed UI glitches with "Never due" field in project add/edit forms
  • Updated image handling to remain compatible with PHP 5.4+
  • Removed unused field "folder description" from form for adding folders
  • Made field "folder name" required in form for adding folders
  • Made installer more secure by checking for pre-existing installation in each step of installation (not only on 1st)

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9 May 2013 - 1MB

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