Infomaniak owns and operates three datacenters located in Geneva, Switzerland. The storage architecture is redundant and meets the highest availability and security standards. The quality and reliability of our services is the source of our reputation, which extends far beyond our borders.

Some numbers


11 routers

74 switches

Global storage

560 Tb (100TB for email, 200Tb for the various backups and the rest for hosting services)


12 Gb/s in late afternoon out of 60 Gbps available


897 physical servers

197 virtual machines


178 POP/IMAP servers

32 SMTP servers

80'000 simultaneous sessions processed by IMAP servers

Web servers

550 millions of hits received per day (i.e. over 6375 hits / second)

SMTP platform

60 messages from outside processed per second (others are rejected for various reasons: blacklists, greylists, viruses, etc.)

5 millions of new messages each

3.3 millions of messages sent each day (all services combined, mailing lists, newsletters, etc.)

MySQL servers

55'700 queries processed per second


Infomaniak owns three datacenters in Geneva, Switzerland. They are connected by secure fiber-optic lines in order to provide network redundancy at the different sites. Server backups from the first datacenter are stored on the second, which in turn are stored on the third, etc.
The datacenters are powered with renewable energy and use Freecooling technology for cooling, which generates a minimal environmental impact.

General statistics

Total bandwidth on our network


Overview of all outbound traffic (blue) of our network, expressed in gigabits per second. Different shades of blue represent the distribution of traffic between transit and peering.

More details