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The quality of professional service on a human dimension!

For the last year, we've been using most of the services Infomaniak proposes for our customers. Super quick and efficient technical and commercial support which really understands our expectations. Incident and accident prevention thanks to their advanced infrastructure. A big thank you to Infomaniak teams for all their work.

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Perfect and proactive

Perfect and proactive

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Since I transferred my two sites to Infomaniak, I've never had any of the issues I had to deal with before: no more price increase, unavailability, etc. and no scams or rip offs whatsoever, which does happen sometimes. And, it's the first time ever that a hosting service provider decreases prices after offering extra services! And no, I don't have a stake in Infomaniak and I'm not even Swiss ;-)

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Super service

Super hosting service provider, for several years now, never had any issues, following a separate information issue, I contacted their commercial and technical service... I was more than surprised by their attentiveness and responsiveness. The problem was solved really quickly and the follow-up was more than excellent! I had extremely friendly and, more particularly, competent contacts! I'm a webmaster and I know loads of service providers... okay, Infomaniak is occasionally more expensive than... other providers... but as I know the interfaces and, even more so, the customer service of them all, Infomaniak is way better than the others! It goes without saying, I definitely recommend Infomaniak. Read the rest

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Nothing to add

Really proactive by phone and by mail. My problem wasn't related to hosting but to an error on my Joomla, and although they hadn't any support planned for the apps and tools and all that we install when hosted, they were able to give me good ideas as to what was wrong so I could find the bug quickly. Thank you :-)

5.00 5

I challenge you to find better!

Premium WordPress themes and plug-ins offered! Really fast bandwidth and ultra-responsive customer service! Basically, what more can you ask for.

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excellent hosting service provider...

With infomaniak since the start of the 2000s. A hosting service provider that's always on hand, even though they've grown a lot. I recommend it any time I can. And my contacts are always just as delighted as me...

5.00 5

Satisfaction even for the most manic?

We've been with Infomaniak for nearly eighteen years now and, honestly, we've never had the slightest issue. In our opinion, could you imagine anything better!?

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5 stars may seem a lot but impossible to put more

A super responsive provider that doesn't cost a bomb.

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Always happy!

I'm really rubbish when it comes to computing but I always get answers which I'm able to understand. Thanks you for that!

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5 stars

We repatriated all our domains and web servers to Infomaniak as they were here, there and everywhere. They've convinced us because any time we call or email their support, we've always been in contact with extremely kind, attentive, helpful people.

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Infomaniak support

Really good provider. Super support. Excellent QoS.

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The best hosting service provider

Technical support available, excellent hosting, totally positive :-)

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www.Infomaniak.com rocks...

I am yet to find anything better... plus, being a company based and headquartered in Geneva, it benefits from the legal conditions guaranteed by the Swiss Confederation. Swiss law is vital for ensuring the protection and security of data. Bravo for such professionalism.

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Outstanding Swiss quality and human values.

Swiss quality with future-oriented expertise, while remaining a company that respects human values. You are the best...THANK YOU!

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A single watchword: Customer Service!

Like many others, I have chosen Infomaniak for one good reason: the quality/price ratio but above all the customer service. There is no reference number to remember. No inaudible and incompetent telephone switchboard located abroad. No reluctance to help the customer under the pretext of the warranty or other reasons. Simply put, in the realm of computer technology, it's a pleasure to be treated like a human being.

5.00 5

Top quality and secure hosting service provider: Made in Switzerland!

I have had a hosting with them for over 10 years. Never a problem - only solutions!

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I have been a client of theirs for a few years now- I am very satisfied with this hosting service provider (I have tried out several) both in terms of the price and quality of its services.

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5 stars for Infomaniak

Since the start of my internet activities, I have been hosted with Infomaniak; I find them extremely professional and kind. Thank you to all the Infomaniak team

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fast and effective