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SilverStripe è un programma open source di gestione dei contenuti e framework di sviluppo PHP. Inizialmente pubblicato nel 2000, e open source dal 2006, SilverStripe ha ricevuto numerosi riconoscimenti tra cui miglior progetto open source nel 2010 New Zealand Open Source Awards.

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Content Management Systems
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18 October 2017
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(versione principale)
18 Ottobre 2017 - 80MBWARNING
Any customisations made to SilverStripe's core or modules will likely be broken by upgrading to this version.

  • 41270fc Only allow HTTP(S) links for external redirector pages (Daniel Hensby) - See ss-2017-003
  • 447ce0f Lock out users who dont exist in the DB (Daniel Hensby) - See ss-2017-002
  • 61cf72c Unescaped fields in CMSPageHistroyController::compare() (Daniel Hensby) - See ss-2017-004

API Changes
  • f1b99b6 Enable theming of GroupedDropdownField (Damian Mooyman)
  • 3583f1f Convert::raw2json can be passed an optional bitmask of JSON constants as options (Robbie Averill)

Features and Enhancements
  • 1a65188 Make page urls bookmarkable (Damian Mooyman)
  • 40bf945 PHP 7 compatibility (Loz Calver)
  • 88f90bf Merge pull request #6499 from SilbinaryWolf/feat-decoratorsetlist (Damian Mooyman)
  • 52cad6c Added ImagickBackend::crop() for compatibility with GDBackend (UndefinedOffset)
  • b4ba606 HTMLEditorField default alignment setting (Damian Mooyman)
  • 24dc342 HTMLEditorField default alignment setting (Jonathon Menz)
  • 776d2fb Allow setting of unlimited row counts on GridFieldPaginator (Daniel Hensby)

  • 5116476 Issue where CMS SiteTree can result in infinite recursion if parent and child relation is swapped (Daniel Hensby)
  • 1ff6f3f ing doArchive (John Milmine)
  • 000a5f7 Fix page history / settings forms (Damian Mooyman)
  • 7e77753 intl test (Daniel Hensby)
  • 41eddfc ing cms page history controller to use new page id param (Tim Kung)
  • 80e8967 Fix VirtualPage::init() content-modification check. (Sam Minnee)
  • 2ddb616 Correct case of CopyContentFrom method (Daniel Hensby)
  • ec15c71 Add __isset to VirtualPage for PHP7 support. (Daniel Hensby)
  • ae0fe75 non-numeric warnings in GDBackend/ImagickBackend (Loz Calver)
  • f101697 File::ini2bytes() in PHP 7 (Loz Calver)
  • e22cd4d TabSet attempting to access undeclared property (Loz Calver)
  • f083a06 Fix ViewableData::__isset() for getXXX() getters. (Sam Minnee)
  • e5f51b1 Relax PHP version requirement. (Sam Minnee)
  • 454646c invalid closure param in ShortcodeParserTest (Loz Calver)
  • 82f62c8 illegal string offset in spyc component (Loz Calver)
  • b3d3788 many_many_extraFields breaks _SortColumn0 ordering (fixes #6730) (Loz Calver)
  • cc749d3 Give DatetimeField its own template (which is extensible) (Robbie Averill)
  • 22ad39e Fix SSViewerTest in PHP7 (Sam Minnee)
  • f224849 Don't use SplFixedArray in PHP 7. (Sam Minnee)
  • cca7e96 Correct PHP4-style constructors in SimpleTest. (Sam Minnee)

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(versione principale)
23 Marzo 2017 - 75MBBugfixes
  • 2017-02-08 1f3d46b #6606 the JS SiteTree lib depends on whitespace (Daniel Hensby)
  • 2017-01-30 10d9f90 to allow ASSETS_DIR to be a subdirectory (Brendan Halley)
  • 2016-11-21 682e607 Correct response code generated from error pages (Damian Mooyman)

3.5 Release Summary
  • 2016-06-10 19b9413 Use injector for MemberLoginForm fields (Daniel Hensby)
  • 2016-05-15 c401d9d added hide_from_cms_tree and hide_from_hierarchy (John Milmine)
  • 2015-02-11 dae2295 Allow the paddedresize to take another hex value to specify a transparency on the padded color (Nick)
  • 2016-11-15 f43a91a Add FormField::canSubmitValue() (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2016-11-07 ffd9938 ShortcodeParser getter and extension points (Jonathon Menz)
  • 2016-09-15 b87c668 support dblib (#5996) (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2016-09-05 c6457c5 Allow has_many fixtures to be declared with array format as well as many_many (#5944) (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2016-07-15 d08ab6a Allow X-Frame-Options to be configured (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2016-06-20 e810a99 Add optimistic_connect to SS_Database (Damian Mooyman)

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(release di sicurezza)
25 Settembre 2013 - 75MBOverview
  • Security: Require ADMIN for ?flush=1 (stop denial of service attacks) (#1692)

  • Security: Require ADMIN for ?flush=1 (SS-2013-001)
  • Security: Privilege escalation through Group hierarchy setting (SS-2013-003)
  • Security: Privilege escalation through Group and Member CSV upload (SS-2013-004)
  • Security: Privilege escalation through APPLY_ROLES assignment (SS-2013-005)
  • Security: Information disclosure in Versioned.php (SS-2013-006)

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19 Febbraio 2013 - 75MBOverview
  • Fixes unpublish and "delete" actions in CMS (regression from $allowed_actions changes in 3.0.4)

  • 2013-02-18 16d0c18 Find Form actions in CompositeFields for access checks (Ingo Schommer)

  • 2013-02-19 9e7c622 fixed error property $ of object is not a function (roed)

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17 Febbraio 2013 - 75MB3.0.4 provides these security fixes and minor enhancements:
  • Security: Undefined or empty $allowed_actions overrides parent definitions (Severity: Important)
  • Security: Information leakage through web access on YAML configuration files (Severity: Moderate)
  • Security: Information leakage through web access on composer files (Severity: Low)
  • Security: Require ADMIN permissions for ?showtemplate=1 (Severity: Low)
  • Security: Reflected XSS in custom date/time formats in admin/security (Severity: Low)
  • Security: Stored XSS in the "New Group" dialog (Severity: Low)
  • Security: Reflected XSS in CMS status messages (Severity: Low)
  • API: More restrictive $allowed_actions checks for Controller when used with Extension
  • Changed dev/tests/setdb and dev/tests/startsession from session to cookie storage.

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26 Novembre 2012 - 75MB3.0.3 provides security fixes, bugfixes and a number of minor enhancements since 3.0.2.
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8 Novembre 2012 - 75MB

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