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Versione corrente
Ultimo aggiornamento
2 March 2022

Configurazione richiesta

Dimensione dell'installazione
80.00 Mo
open source
Veduta d'insieme
2 Marzo - 80MB
  • Fixed some plugins like Simple Pages displaying improperly on the admin interface (#971)
  • Fixed some PHP 8.0 compatibility issues that led to notices and warnings being logged
  • When running PHP 7.2 and greater, the API will no longer produce blank output when a resource includes invalid UTF-8 text
  • Updated bundled Exhibit Builder and Simple Pages plugins
  • Updated translations for French, Japanese, Slovenian, and Turkish

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3.0.1 (versione principale)
22 Ottobre 2021 - 80MB3.0.1

Bug Fixes and Changes
  • Updated the bundled themes to fix issues with icons displaying improperly
  • Updated translations


  • Refreshed admin UI
  • Accessibility improvements to the admin metadata forms

Bugs Fixed
  • Importing some PDFs could cause an infinite loop

  • The link_file option for the file shortcode now accepts values of 1 and 0 in addition to true and false

For Developers
  • Added admin_files_panel_buttons and admin_files_panel_fields hooks to admin files form

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2.8 (versione principale)
26 Marzo 2021 - 80MBFeatures
  • PHP 8 support
  • Where appropriate, themes can now allow minimal styling (bold, italic, underline) to be preserved in titles
  • Administrators can select the default query type for simple search
  • It's now possible to add files through the API even when the default job dispatcher is non-synchronous
  • HTML head now includes author and copyright meta-tags as set in the admin
  • Theme header images can now accept a setting for the alt text for the image
  • New option to move files to storage using copy instead of rename (sometimes useful when files are stored on a separate filesystem)

Bugs Fixed
  • Shortcodes with no arguments given could behave incorrectly and throw errors on PHP 7.1+
  • Fixed the admin file edit form to correctly apply HTML filtering
  • Fixed a leftover PHP 7.2 deprecation warning in the YAML component (rarely used)

  • Login forms now use simpler styling to improve appearance with longer text (as in when using some locales)
  • The search reindex process will now continue through errors
  • Allowed size for theme uploads increased to 1 MB

For Developers
  • Omeka_Record_AbstractRecord::delete() now returns true on success
  • New rich_title property for records
  • The default fallback image for files (the "page" icon) can now be overridden like the type-specific icons by passing * as the type to add_file_fallback_image
  • tag_attributes now accepts int and float values instead of stripping them
  • Shortcode arguments are now always an array
  • File uploads can now specify the key order to set file order within an item directly at ingest
  • getID3 updated to 1.9.20
  • HTMLPurifier updated to 4.13.0

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29 Gennaio 2020 - 80MBFeatures
  • PHP 7.4 compatibility

Bugs Fixed
  • Direct upgrades from significantly old versions could fail on the "unEntityTags" migration
  • Tags could not be deleted through the API
  • The link to the Omeka documentation on error pages referred to the older Omeka site structure
  • Mismatched closing tag on login pages
  • Files with large amounts of embedded metadata could fail when uploading

  • Updates to Catalan, Esperanto, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Albanian, Ukrainian

External Libraries
  • getID3 updated to 1.9.18
  • HTML Purifier updated to 4.12.0
  • Removed Zend_Test_PHPUnit and Zend_Tool components

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2.7 (versione principale)
23 Maggio 2019 - 80MBFeatures
  • PHP 7.3 compatibility
  • Version notifications for new releases of plugins and themes
  • Omeka now respects the X-Forwarded-Proto header for determining if it should generate http: or https: absolute URLs. This is primarily useful for users hosting Omeka behind a reverse proxy that's handling the HTTPS connections.
  • A new sslTrustProxy configuration key is available for users using the ssl force-redirect configuration to trust the X-Forwarded-Proto header and not issue unnecessary, looping redirects
  • New forceSSL option for ZendS3 storage adapter to force use of https: addresses for file URLs (#877, contributed by @ebellempire)
  • mail.force_from and mail.force_from_name options for forcing From: address for all outgoing email

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2.6.1 (release di sicurezza)
30 Maggio 2018 - 80MBOmeka 2.6.1 is the first maintenance release in the 2.6 series. All users should update.

  • Added CSRF protection to users/api-keys
  • Fixed XSS issues with adding and editing tags

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bottom direct pagination input on admin items browse
  • "Encountered an error" pages now correctly report an HTTP error status code
  • Minor appearance fix to new TinyMCE toolbar

  • Switched Javascript used for in-place editing on tag browse, users may notice slightly different apperance/behavior

Bundled Plugins
  • Exhibit Builder 3.4.1 (fixes a bug preventing source code editing for captions)
  • Simple Pages 3.1.1 (restores several removed HTML editing options from versions prior to 3.1)

Bundled Themes
  • Seasons 2.5.1 (fixes a bug in SASS usage, issues with margins and pagination)

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2.6 (versione principale)
31 Marzo 2018 - 80MBThis major new Omeka release in these two important changes:

reCAPTCHA v2 support
  • Google is shutting down the original reCAPTCHA API that Omeka has used, so we're transitioning to the newer, supported "v2" API. This also transitions to the newer "I'm not a robot" checkbox interface.
  • Users with old reCAPTCHA keys may need to create new ones. You can create a new key at

TinyMCE 4
  • This update brings a new, more modern interface for HTML editors in Omeka, as well as a supported codebase which should lead to improved compatibility with modern browsers now and going forward.
  • Note: internal code and filenames have changed in this version of TinyMCE, so all plugins using HTML editors must be updated. Updated versions of ExhibitBuilder and SimplePages are bundled with the release, but others must be updated, including Commenting, Contribution, Posters, SimpleContactForm, and UserProfiles.

  • PHP 7.2 support
  • Message linking to items with no item type (#760, contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Allow multiple item types or collections to be specified for item search (#760, contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Updated tags admin, improving search, pagination and sorting (#784, #787, contributed by @luku)
  • Cachebusting for assets (#790, contributed by @luku)
  • UTF-8 support for snippet (depends on mbstring extension) (#806, contributed by @luku)
  • Improved messaging about data deletion when uninstalling plugins (#824)
  • Admin can choose whether file thumbnails should link to the original file or the file's show page (#759)
  • Clarified default collection show markup and text for listing and linking to items in the collection
  • Updated translations for Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Estonian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Mongolian, Occitan, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

  • Omeka now uses relative URLs for local assets.
  • Auto-orientation now enabled by default for thumbnail creation (#777)
  • omeka-json output format removed
  • The same content is available as the omeka-xml output format, and the API provides a more useful and less verbose JSON format
  • Updated links to point to new structure
  • Updated Font Awesome to 4.7.0 (#800, contributed by @luku)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bad docblock on random_featured_items (#828, contributed by @apjmason)
  • Removed some outdated and broken "related" properties from Item and Collection records (#809, contributed by @luku)
  • Added pagination when necessary to item types page (#823, contributed by @luku)
  • Fixed browse_default_sort filter for collections/browse
  • Fixed style/clearing issue in Firefox on link from forgot password page (#829)
  • API now correctly retrieves site version from in-code constant, not database

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13 Dicembre 2017 - 80MBBug Fixes
  • Upgrades could fail for users moving many versions at once due to zeroes in date columns
  • PHP 7.1 compatibility fixed (Storage interface type mismatch)
  • "Full" delete confirmation pages (as opposed to popups) prevented the user from actually clicking the delete button (a regression in 2.5)
  • Admin Appearance navigation had the wrong filter name, it is now the correct admin_navigation_appearance (contributed by @luku)
  • The value 0 (zero) was not allowed in several places as an element text (contributed by @luku)
  • It was impossible to navigate to the "top" link in nested navigation on a touch-enabled device. Now a single tap opens the menu (as before), and tapping again on the top link will actually navigate.
  • is_allowed would cause an error if run in the background (or whenever the ACL is not loaded)
  • TinyMCE would not load correctly in some situations on IE (a regression in 2.5)

  • User delete confirm from browse now uses the popup instead of the full page
  • Sample configuration file now links to new location of Zend's session documentation
  • Composer added, currently for dev/testing purposes only
  • The size column of the files table is now bigint, allowing for file sizes greater than 4 GiB (contributed by @jajm)
  • TinyMCE is downgraded to 3.5.11

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2.5 (versione principale)
2 Febbraio 2017 - 80MBBugs Fixed
  • Certain sorting options failed on MySQL 5.7 (#684)
  • Tabbing on the admin interface could be broken when loading a page with a fragment specified
  • Unselected record types in the search settings had the wrong IDs (#698, contributed by @paxed)
  • Collections show pages had the wrong title
  • The tag interface showed an incorrect number of total tags (#708, contributed by @luku)
  • HTML 5 video embeds could end with the wrong closing tag (#710, contributed by @luku)
  • The item details toggle didn't work correctly on the first click (#715, contributed by @luku)
  • The API results per page label was associated with the wrong control for accessibility purposes
  • Element texts could be deleted if they were saved multiple times for the same item in a single request
  • Invalid record types on sitewide search could raise a notice (#754)
  • Errors that occurred when uninstalling a plugin were incorrectly hidden from view (#740)
  • Resources loaded in a different order in background jobs than in the web interface (#725)
  • An error occurred when printing the maximum file upload size on the Item form with some locales (like es_CO) (#756)

  • Batch Edit All: Batch editing can now edit an entire search result's worth of items, even if split across several pages (contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • New Item Advanced Search option: AND/OR support for combining multiple searches
  • New Item Advanced Search option: "starts with" and "ends with" search types (#688, contributed by @luku)
  • New Item Advanced Search option: "matches" regular expression search type (#695, contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • New Item Advanced Search option: [No Collection] is now an option for finding items that don't belong to a collection (#693, contributed by @Daniel-KM) (#746)
  • Use Square Thumbnails appearance setting: Admins can now select whether themes use square or "normal" thumbnails by default without editing the theme files (#763)
  • Warnings presented to users when navigating away from pages with unsaved changes (#771, thanks also to @Daniel-KM for #722 and @luku for #753)
  • Additional wider version of admin theme added (#751, contributed by @luku)
  • New autoloader prevents many "white-screen" errors and otherwise consumed error messages from autoloaded files
  • Site title on login page links to public side, not admin (#646, contributed by @miniol)
  • Admin collections show pages now include the list of output formats
  • Improved ARIA labels for accessibility
  • New "display_title" property to simplify getting a title suitable for use in labels and headings
  • User zooming is now enabled for mobile devices in the admin (#718, contributed by @luku)
  • The Item API now allows for simple search
  • Administrators can now allow the id attribute in the HTML Security Settings
  • An option to choose the admin theme is now shown if the user has installed or created an alternative admin theme
  • New ignore_unknown option for metadata() to allow the call to fail silently if Omeka cannot find the Element Set or Element the call refers to (#712)
  • The delete confirmation dialog title is now translatable (#752, contributed by @luku)
  • Mime type detection for "text" filetypes is improved (#757, contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Improved theme selection admin page display code (#734, contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Added item_next and item_previous filters for altering Omeka's default "Next Item" and "Previous Item" links (#743)

  • The theme configuration page now redirects back to itself on save, not to the Themes page (#744, contributed by @luku)
  • TinyMCE's validation has been loosened (#727, contributed by @doana)
  • TinyMCE's conversion of "special characters" to HTML entities is restricted to otherwise-invisible whitespace only
  • Shell command names are escaped with escapeshellarg, not escapeshellcmd. In particular, this should improve treatment of paths containing spaces as is common on Windows
  • "Add Input" buttons on element form are now "button" type buttons instead of "submit" type, so they no longer submit the form in the case of some scripting problem
  • Collections no longer attempt to show the "Text" Item Type Metadata element when showing a preview of the items in the collection
  • The red top border on admin content is now simply red instead of being made out of an image
  • The admin record views now check for the specific "delete" privilege before showing the Delete button (this affects only users who alter the default ACL) (#750, contributed by @luku)
  • The installer now checks for the "dom" and "filter" extensions before allowing install (#673)

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13 Giugno 2016 - 80MBBugs Fixed
  • Drag and drop sorting failed for longer lists
  • The "linkText" option was ignored for the file markup renderer's default link-only display. (#690)
  • Labels weren't properly associated with sitewide search record type checkboxes when unchecked (#698)
  • The show page for Collections had the title "Edit Collection"
  • A Javascript error could sometimes occur when refreshing an item edit page

  • SSL/HTTPS detection is now more reliable (#685)
  • The default extension and mimetype whitelists are expanded to cover the newly-supported filetypes from the 2.4 release (#683)
  • Fewer characters will be entity-encoded in HTML values when HTMLPurifier is disabled

  • New translation for Belarusian (be_BY)
  • Updates to many existing translations

External Libraries
  • Omeka 2.4.1 reverts to the following versions of its external dependencies: jQuery UI 1.11.2

Bundled Plugins
  • Exhibit Builder 3.3.1

  • Pasi Kallinen (#698)
  • Sarah Weissman (#690)

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2.4 (versione principale)
30 Marzo 2016 - 80MBAudio and Video Support Changes
  • To keep up with the changing browser support landscape, Omeka now uses HTML 5's audio and video tags when embedding audio and video, instead of the object and embed tags used by previous versions. This change means generally better support for newer formats on current desktop and mobile browsers (for example, fixing a bug where audio files would improperly auto-play on Chrome), but worse support for older video formats, particularly those that rely on browser plugins like Quicktime, Windows Media Player or VLC. Site visitors will still be able to download those older videos and view them locally, provided they have a video player installed that's capable of playing them.
  • Added embedded audio support for .m4a and .opus
  • Added embedded video support for .m4v and .webm
  • Removed embedded audio support for .mid, .midi, .kar, .rmi and .wma
  • Removed embedded video support for .avi, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpe, .m1v, .m2v, .qt, and .wmv
  • For more information about HTML 5 media support in Omeka, see Media Files.

Bugs Fixed
  • Installation could fail on servers running newer versions of MySQL (5.7+) (#678)
  • Counting tags could become extremely slow on installations with many tags and tagged records (#674)
  • New version detection could sometimes throw an uncaught exception when failing to connect
  • Items would not filter correctly using an Item Type object
  • Some old "cellspacing" and "cellpadding" attributes were used instead of their CSS counterparts
  • An exception within the Navigation component was not properly thrown, leading to an error
  • The default files/show view had a mismatched closing div tag

  • Pluralized strings are now supported
  • New translation for Mongolian (mn)
  • Updates to many existing translations

External Libraries
  • Updated: Zend Framework 1.12.17
  • Updated: getID3 1.9.11
  • Updated: HTML Purifier 4.7.0
  • Updated: jQuery 1.12.0
  • Updated: jQuery UI 1.11.4

Exhibit Builder 3.3
  • Users can now manually select a "cover image" to serve as the thumbnail for an Exhibit
  • Added a new File-only block layout that allows files to be centered on the page
  • Fixed problems with dialog box placement
  • Fixed an issue with API Import
  • Improves compatibility with MySQL 5.7+
  • Updated translations

Simple Pages 3.0.7
  • Improved compatibility with MySQL 5.7+
  • Updated translations

  • Thanks, Roy 2.3.2
  • Seasons 2.3.1
  • Berlin 2.3.1

For Developers
  • For change information geared toward developers, see What's New in Omeka 2.4 on Omeka's Read the Docs site.

  • Julian Maurice (#665)
  • Daniel Berthereau (#680)
  • Will Simpson and Ginger Bidwell (Exhibit Builder #80)

Per saperne di più:

2 Settembre 2015 - 80MBEnhancements
  • It is now possible to view tags assigned to zero records in the admin interface for tags
  • The item shortcodes now allow filtering by item type (#668).
  • Invalid strings are now handled more gracefully when using PHP 5.4 or newer
  • The full set of available filters for Items are now available for use in the API
  • The ExternalImageMagick and Imagick file derivative strategies now have a autoOrient option to automatically fix the orientation of images that have an embedded orientation flag.

Bugs Fixed
  • An error occurred when adding tags differing only in trailing spaces
  • Sessions containing invalid UTF-8 text data could be dropped or truncated
  • Invalid element text records could cause nonsensical API output
  • Element texts could be duplicated if a record was saved more than once in a single request
  • The linkToMetadata option for file_markup could cause a PHP notice
  • The Imagick derivative strategy handled images with layers and transparency improperly
  • The Mixin_ElementText::getAllElementTextsByElement function introduced in 2.3 did not work correctly (#662, fix contributed by Daniel Berthereau)
  • There was a typo in the admin interface (#664, fix contributed by Zach Ploskey)

  • PHP's error reporting level is now set the same regardless of the "environment" setting

  • New translation for Latvian (lv_LV)
  • Updates for Czech (cs), Estonian (et), Italian (it), Dutch (nl_NL), Polish (pl), Swedish (sv_SE), and Turkish (tr_TR).

Bundled Add-ons: Themes
  • Thanks, Roy 2.3.1 (fixed a problem with site logos not showing correctly on item pages)

Bundled Add-ons: Plugins
  • Exhibit Builder 3.2.1 (fixed a problem that sometimes prevented exhibits from being deleted, updated translations)
  • Simple Pages 3.0.6 (updated translations)

Per saperne di più:

2.3 (versione principale)
10 Aprile 2015 - 80MBThis release includes improved accessibility, with better labels, skip navigation links, and the addition of ARIA roles and landmarks . We have also added the ability to use PHP’s GD extension for creating file derivatives when uploading. This is in addition to the options to use either PHP’s Imagick extension, or the default external imagemagick. This should allow easier setup on some servers. Read more about configuring thumbnail creation here. Another change is that the drop-down menu in advanced search for “narrow by specific field” now sorts the fields in the same order that you have arranged them, rather than sorting alphabetically, making it easier to find the fields you use most when searching.

There are a large number of bug fixes for this release, including issues with assigning tags, some tags being treated as case-sensitive, fixes to some upgrade errors, resolving an issue with multiple text inputs and advanced search, display of item search filters, theme overrides on plugin views, over-escaping on certain attributes and page titles, and errors which could cause index records to fail.

  • Accessibility improvements (added ARIA roles and landmarks, improved labels, navigation skip links)
  • New file derivative strategy using PHP's GD extension
  • Built-in support for setting default sort orders for browse pages
  • Element dropdowns on item advanced search respect the admin-configured element sorting order (#643)
  • The admin-configured page limits for browse pages are used for more controllers, including plugins
  • The listing of items on collection pages now follows the admin page limits (#601)
  • Support for the new access control directives used by Apache 2.4 (#631)
  • URLs within the default citation output now include a span wrapper to allow specific styling
  • New interface for resetting customized navigation to default settings
  • Improved error output for exceptions
  • Detailed error messages are now always shown for exceptions during upgrade
  • Support for newer versions (4.2+) of PHPUnit
  • The API now accepts sort_field and sort_dir GET parameters for sorting results
  • Omeka will hide the "Path to ImageMagick" setting when an alternative derivative strategy is in use
  • The System Information panel now uses internal "folder" names for both themes and plugins
  • Improved translation coverage (#655, #659)

Bugs Fixed
  • Tags were incorrectly treated as case-sensitive in some places
  • Assigning tags to records caused an SQL error for some newer MySQL servers
  • The item advanced search "does not contain" worked incorrectly with elements having multiple texts
  • API authentication did not work properly on installations with no database prefix
  • browse_sort_links for "bare" links handled attributes incorrectly (#648)
  • Setting a custom homepage including a query string would silently set that query on all pages
  • Upgrades could fail on some "strict mode" MySQL configurations
  • Upgrades directly from old 1.x versions could fail when migrating collections
  • Theme overrides of plugin views did not apply when on a different plugin's page (#635)
  • The display of item search filters did not always recognize when users filtered by tag
  • Automatic alt attributes for file display were over-escaped
  • Admin-side page titles on hover were over-escaped
  • Long titles for records indexed for the sitewide search could be silently truncated or cause an error
  • The sitewide search form did not respect the documented submit_value option
  • Errors on individual items could cause the "Index Records" job to fail
  • Item Types did not properly clean up after themselves after they were deleted

  • The Norwegian (no) translation has been moved to Norwegian BokmÃ¥l (nb).
  • New translations for Bulgarian (bg_BG), Korean (ko_KR).
  • Updates to many existing translations

Per saperne di più:

2.2.2 (release di sicurezza)
26 Novembre 2014 - 80MBThis release is the second maintenance release in the 2.2 series. Users of earlier versions are recommended to upgrade.

Bugs Fixed
  • A security issue where files that the server was configured to execute could be uploaded when the file validation was disabled
  • The Delete link for Element Sets did not show the confirmation message as a popup

  • The collections shortcode now accepts an ids parameter for showing specific collections
  • Numerous additional security improvements

  • New translation for Danish (da_DK)
  • Updated translations for Icelandic (is), Polish (pl), Serbian (sr_RS), and Thai (th)

Bundled Add-ons Plugins
  • Exhibit Builder version 3.1.1 (improves security, fixes previous/next page links, updates translations)
  • Simple Pages version 3.0.1 (improves security, updates translations)

Per saperne di più:

2.2 (versione principale)
26 Novembre 2014 - 80MBShortcodes
  • Omeka now supports shortcodes for embedding content such as a list of recent or featured items, as well as plugin content, such as a map from the Geolocation plugin.
  • The new Simple Pages plugin bundled with Omeka supports shortcodes in the page text.

Derivative Images
  • Configurable and extensible derivative image (thumbnail) creation
  • Blacklisting and whitelisting image creation by MIME type in config.ini
  • Support for using ext/imagick instead of command-line ImageMagick
  • The default ImageMagick derivative creator no longer separately tries to run identify; this can double thumbnail creation speed for some files
  • Representative Files for Records
  • Any record type can return a "representative" file Omeka can use for displaying thumbnails
  • Collections and Exhibits select a representative image for themselves and so will show thumbnails on the front page, their browse pages, and in shortcodes
  • Items, Files, Collections, Exhibits, and any other records with representative images will show thumbnails on sitewide search results

  • Admins can hide the header listing the element set ("Dublin Core") on item/collection/file pages through Appearance Settings
  • Additional fallback thumbnail icons for audio, video, and image types
  • Sorting links on the default public collections browse view
  • Common "single.php" themeable display for Items, Collections, and Exhibits used in recent and featured sections and shortcodes
  • Dev-editable button text for items-specific search

Admin Interface
  • New interface for manually resending the user activation email message to a user.
  • The user edit page is split among three subpages and more closely follows the admin style
  • The Item-specific advanced search page more closely follows the admin style
  • The File edit page has tabs for each element set and filter-added section, like the Item and Collection add/edit pages
  • The dropdown for selecting a Collection for an item is sorted alphabetically by collection title
  • HTML edit boxes for metadata will automatically grow with the text input

  • Admins can now specify more Allowed HTML Elements, such as iframe
  • Ability to enable or disable element filtering for the API

  • Username restrictions greatly relaxed to allow email addresses as usernames
  • Theme configuration can now be divided into named sections
  • Accessibility improvements throughout the admin and public themes
  • jQuery and jQuery UI now automatically fall back to local copies if the CDN copy can't be loaded
  • All records can be sorted randomly
  • Search term input on "Narrow by Specific Fields" disables for "is empty" and "is not empty" types
  • Files can be internally filtered by original filename (#616, thanks to Daniel Berthereau)
  • Simple "OR" searches on records by providing an array of values (#622, thanks to Daniel Berthereau)

Bugs Fixed
  • MIME types could be incorrectly set for multiple files uploaded simultaneously
  • HTML in titles shown incorrectly on batch-edit
  • Invalid XML characters could break omeka-xml and omeka-json output (#617, thanks to Rachel Donahue)
  • Emails sent by Omeka did not support non-Latin characters (#618, thanks to Marios Bekatoros)
  • Element names were not localized on items/browse listing of filters (#620, thanks to Matti Lassila)
  • On the item-specific advanced search, "does not contain" did not include items that completely omitted the element (#621, thanks to Daniel Berthereau)

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25 Giugno 2014 - 50MB
25 Giugno 2014 - 50MB
25 Giugno 2014 - 50MB
25 Giugno 2014 - 50MB
27 Agosto 2013 - 50MB
27 Giugno 2013 - 50MB
25 Aprile 2013 - 50MB
19 Marzo 2013 - 50MB
21 Febbraio 2013 - 50MB
24 Gennaio 2013 - 50MB
1 Agosto 2012 - 50MB

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