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PyroCMS è un programma open source di gestione. Inizialmente rilasciato nel 2009, PyroCMS è cresciuta rapidamente, accettando il codice da oltre 120 collaboratori, e oggi PyroCMS poteri più di 43.000 siti web.

Installazione in 1 clic PyroCMS

Installazione in 1 clic

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Aggiornamento facile

Salvataggio e ripristino PyroCMS

Salvataggio e ripristino


Content Management Systems
Versione corrente
Ultimo aggiornamento
7 June 2014
Italiano + 24 altre

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35.00 Mo
open source
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7 Giugno 2014 - 35MBThis vulnerability effects all CodeIgniter installations (PyroCMS is built on top of CodeIgniter). On some server setups, this vulnerability allows a user to crack the "encrypted" session cookie and inject their own data into the session key. This can happen on any application running on top of CodeIgniter which does not have the mcrypt extension installed.

A good piece of news is that PyroCMS uses the database as a store for its session data, so all that can really be done is that the sessionid can be injected into the session cookie. This _can lead to a session hijack if a malicious user can guess a valid session_id, but the chances of that are slim. Regardless, it could happen, so updating is required.
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28 Aprile 2014 - 35MBPer saperne di più:


13 Agosto 2013 - 35MBImprovements
  • Removed a flag in the WYSIWYG field type that was incompatible with php 5.3 and older

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12 Agosto 2013 - 35MBImprovements
  • Added new Lithuanian language translations
  • Fixes a bug for parse_param plugin attribute being passed to tag generators (img)
  • Altered options field in the settings table to allow for larger option strings
  • Fixed CKEditor moono-dark theme width in Safari
  • Fixed vertical alignment of on admin shortcut buttons
  • After delete, show message in files manager on error, not just success
  • Fixing issue with editing stream relationship fields
  • Drastically improved speed on large paginated stream results.
  • Validate input type in choices field
  • Fixing name variable issue with admin user preview
  • Fixing missing recaptcha config load.
  • Don't add the js/css files for the image field type multiple times.
  • Fixes streams field.choice form dropdown value - Issue #2729
  • Adding parent class to the navigation plugin.
  • Added 'filesize' to File Field Type
  • Adding alternator to list of allowed functions
  • Updated spanish translations, translated remain items
  • Treat 0 or '0' as nonempty values in Lex
  • Allow getstreamfields to prefix the field slugs.
  • Update filters partial for Blog admin
  • Fixing Overzealous Caching in the Pages module
  • When saving keywords, delete existing applied keywords first
  • Adding query caching for streams row model.
  • Changing the way theme details classes are spawned
  • Add indexes for quick DB queries
  • Fixes html entities when validation fails. Fixes #2614, #2476, #2787
  • Fixes #2741, First Name and Last Name are now undeletable.
  • Fixes #2787. WYSIWYG would strip characters when decoding on some systems
  • Add obendclean to a few places that need it in order for the admin to work correctly when gzip is enabled
  • RSS feeds were being double parsed. This was forcing the

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