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Open Real Estate is an open source realty management application.

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27 January 2018

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85 Mo
open source
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27 Gennaio - 85MB1.22.2

  • CKEditor 4.7.3
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes.


  • Minor improvements and bugfixes.


  • A new way of displaying listings rating in theme “Atlas”.
  • Mortgage calculator in listings view.
  • More convenient data input with search on country, region and city in search filters.
  • An opportunity to insert different titles for showing widgets.
  • A new widget “Summary information page” with a filter function that can be implemented in infopages.
  • Create backup copies in the admin panel.
  • New graphs in the admin panel.
  • Other minor changes and error fixes.

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(versione principale)
27 Agosto 2017 - 85MBFeatures
  • an opportunity to upload documents (files) in listings
  • ability to use updated Google reCaptcha2
  • Yandex.Maps
  • flexible search
  • create listings step-by-step
  • new administration panel theme
  • file manager in a visual editor
  • updated CKEditor
  • optimization of Yandex Realty module
  • RTL language support
  • option to create pages with city description and listings
  • FlowPlayer removed -- now html5 videoplayer is used
  • half day booking

  • PHPMailer library is updated up to version 5.2.23

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7 Aprile 2016 - 55MBPer saperne di più:


3 Aprile 2016 - 55MBPer saperne di più:


1 Marzo 2016 - 55MB
  • Improvements and bug fixes.

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2 Febbraio 2016 - 55MB
  • Improvements and bug fixes.

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14 Gennaio 2016 - 55MB
  • Developers have implemented some corrections and made some improvements to the product to make it even better than before!

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17 Dicembre 2015 - 55MB
  • errors' correction.


(versione principale)
1 Dicembre 2015 - 55MB
  • online booking payment (available only with modules 'Booking calendar' and 'Payments and paid services');
  • new paid add-on 'History of changes';
  • new paid add-on 'Subway stations';
  • new add-on 'Materials'. Now you can create content categories of your own: news, article, blog and assign categories to newly created materials (news, articles, posts);
  • new base of countries, regions and cities for module 'Location' from SypexGeo ( ;
  • property on a map in print version;
  • framework Yii is updated up to the latest version (1.1.16);
  • numerous improvements and bug fixes.


13 Ottobre 2015 - 55MB
  • fixed a new property type can't be added in the file protected/modules/apartmentObjType/models/ApartmentObjType.php


(versione principale)
30 Settembre 2015 - 55MB
  • nested objects. For example, apartments in apartment building or rooms in hotel.
  • 'Seasonal prices' module. Option to set different prices for different periods of the year to 'Rent' listings. For example, prices in high season can be higher, than during low one.
  • optimization of map view of all the properties.
  • optimization of 'Yandex.Realty' module.
  • ability to set the default type of operations in the settings.
  • improvements in 'Forms Editor' module: option to set a field visibility - visible to all, to registered users, to owner and admin, to admin only.
  • bulk addtion of cities and reference values.
  • miscellaneous amendments and improvements.

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(versione principale)
9 Luglio 2015 - 55MB
  • ability to search available properties by dates
  • improved menu settings
  • support and editing of any new currency
  • 3 colour schemes of 'Atlas' theme
  • setting 'confirmation by e-mail at registration'
  • updated CKEditor
  • filtration of the listings with paid services in admin panel
  • listings cloning
  • safe removal of the listings (the listings are displayed on the website with the sign "Listing is not actual")
  • User Agreement page and corresponding checkbox at registration
  • numerous improvements and bug fixes.


(versione principale)
10 Aprile 2015 - 55MB
  • module "Customers": the basic customer accounting (add/edit/data view);
  • new paid module "Inner correspondence";
  • jQuery Sortable to move elements in tables of the admin panel;
  • search by user type;
  • search by ads "only with photos";
  • fields management: the option to connect listing's parameters to different tabs and fields assorting;
  • other numerous improvements and debugging.

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