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Dolibarr is an open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relations management (CRM) application. Dolibarr was initially released in 2003.

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18 June 2018
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170 Mo
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18 Giugno - 170MBBug Fixes
  • can't update contact birthday with REST API
  • !empty instead of count to avoid warning
  • Bug to generate cheque receipt
  • actioncomm export: type filtering not working
  • Add a test to avoid to reset binding by error.
  • addline on invoice supplier manage rank on its own if not provided
  • Add warning when expense report line not into range
  • avoid Error: Call to undefined method mysqli::get_charset()
  • avoid focus problem when select2 is in a modal dialog window
  • Binding pages must start on fiscal month not calendar month
  • button "Classify bill" on supplier order was not visible
  • Button receive products not visible
  • can bypass the CSRF protection with url with domain inside
  • commonobject: don't require notnull field if default set
  • CommonObject: don't require 'notnull' field if 'default' set
  • cron script disabled if module disabled
  • Data on income/expense report was always 0
  • default addupdatedelete actions: uniformize add/update value checks
  • default currency not set on supplier order creation from commercial menu
  • delete all product variants of a parent product
  • Detail per account not visible when total < 0
  • DOL_AUTOSET_COOKIE was not correctly setting value of cookie
  • don't print empty date in CommonObject::showOutputField
  • dont print empty date in CommonObject::showOutputField
  • Draft invoice must be excluded from report
  • environment shown on cron card
  • Error in ContractLigne not return to Contract
  • extrafields price and double were lost during a failed post.
  • File name not visible in email preview
  • filter/sorting on extrafield on contact list from contact tab
  • Initial month on report income/expense per predefined group
  • label in getnomurl projectlist
  • limit access of email template page to internal users
  • look and feel v7 "back to" for bookkeeping record
  • Max nb of generation of recurring invoice should not show warning
  • missing english name for object
  • Missing include
  • missing User object with API REST
  • modulebuilder: could not create html fields
  • modulebuilder: handle 'price' fieldtype
  • multiple creation of same event
  • Name of user not visible on journalizing expense report payments
  • Not approved holidays must not be visible into timesheet
  • Only approved expense report must be journalized
  • payment term doc-specific label was not used
  • payment term doc-specific label was not used
  • project category is type 6 not 5
  • Projet is not prefilled when created from overwiew page
  • Related contact printed in societe agenda
  • Removed error when no error on accounting setup page
  • remove var_dump
  • sanitize setup params
  • selectForFormsList: entity checked even is object not multi-entity managed
  • service creation, right is tested regarding the product type
  • some localtaxes errors
  • Some report have data when several chart of accounts exists
  • sql error using no category
  • SQL Injection
  • Support or multicompany for sheduled jobs
  • Test on mandatory status when closing proposal failed
  • to allow IRPF not null even if main VAT is null.
  • update wrong datetime extrafield
  • Use priority to define order of sheduled jobs
  • various modulebuilder-related issues
  • view of balance before field
  • weird password autocompletion in Goocle Chrome
  • weird password autocompletion in Google Chrome
  • When clearing filter, we must not save tmp criterias in session
  • With x extrafields, request for multicompany label was done x times
  • several XSS
  • zip not filtered

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(versione principale) (release di sicurezza)
12 Aprile - 170MB7.0.1


Bug Fixes
  • User search does not work if MAIN_USE_OLD_SEARCH_FORM, missing list.php
  • Extrafields now reported by /api/index.php/agendaevents/{id}
  • add a configuration for stock calculation
  • Activate all also if there are inactive services
  • add planned delivery to order exports
  • approval date was not visible if leave was canceled after
  • avoid "Array" on screen
  • Avoid empty value to fk_multicurrency attribute
  • Bad var for substitution of free text
  • Can't activate tasks on projects configuration
  • Can use odx templates that does not include lines tags
  • check shipping on delete order
  • check verif exped on delete order
  • comment on tasks
  • country must not be mandatory for accounting report groups
  • css
  • Delete tasks on project delete will now trigger TASK_DELETE
  • Do not lose filter when editing comment of a time spent in task view
  • duplicate confirm message. Missing reposition class
  • Duplicate product_type asignement on order addline
  • email use the validate user instead of approver in holiday approval
  • Error management in leave request
  • for nondisplay of fk_element 's id in REST API response
  • Generic substitution of constant disabled for sensitive constant
  • if we make a mistake with situation_percent, now we can correct it. before situation_final was always set to 1 and no way to go back
  • Import process must stop after ending line nb to import
  • Infinite loop on deletion of temp file when there is symbolic links
  • Input of holiday for subordinates was ko
  • invoice creation fails when next date not defined
  • Label of event show twice
  • letter for month March
  • Look and feel v7
  • Make a redirect after the remove_file action to avoid deletion done
  • migration script for product photo
  • missing email of customer in stripe info payments
  • missing object entity in fetch
  • Missing restore_lastsearch_values
  • multicompany compatibility and fix reports
  • natural search double quote
  • navigation and filters on holiday list
  • Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable
  • Payment mode not correctly set in donation and document
  • Permission in list of holiday
  • Properties updated if update successfull.
  • reverse field to have object loaded in doaction
  • Saving wrong localtax on order addline
  • Search criteria on vat
  • show status on societe banner
  • solve column mismatch in user card with multicompany transverse mode + code cleanup
  • Subscription events not recorded into agenda
  • Subscription not correctly log in blockedlog
  • Temporary dir for mail files must be cleaned at beginning of form
  • Trad and creation date in subscription create
  • translation of holiday types
  • Unknown column 'pl.amount_requested' in compta/prelevement/factures.php
  • Useless clean of tree
  • Use of undefined constant _ROWS_2
  • warning when adding ECM files using old photo path


The following changes may create regressions for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:
  • The methode "cloture" on contract were renamed into "closeAll".
  • The method "is_erasable" of invoice return a value delete() of class Product and PriceExpression was changed from ->delete(id, notrigger) to ->delete(User, notrigger) to match standard dev rules.
  • The signature of method ->delete() of class Adherent was changed from ->delete(id) to ->delete(id, User, notrigger) to match standard dev rules.
  • Removed CommonObject::displayMarginInfos (was deprecated in 3.8). Use same method into html.formmargin.class.php
  • Removed Societe::set_commnucation_level (was deprecated in 4.0). Was not used.
  • Removed the trigger file of PAYPAL module that stored data that was not used by Dolibarr. The trigger event still exists, but if an external module need action on it, it must provides itself its trigger file.
  • Use $conf->global->MULTICOMPANY_TRANSVERSE_MODE instead $conf->multicompany->transverse_mode. So, if you set var $multicompany_transverse_mode to 1 into your conf file, you must remove this line and a new key into the Home - setup - other admin page.
  • Use getEntity('xxx') instead getEntity('xxx', 1) and use getEntity('xxx', 0) instead getEntity('xxx')
  • Some other change were done in the way we read permission of a user when module multicompany is enabled. You can retreive the old behavior by adding constant MULTICOMPANY_BACKWARD_COMPATIBILITY to 1.
  • The hook formObjectOptions was not implemented correctly in previous version. Sometimes, you had to return output content by doing a print into function, sometimes by returning content into "resprint". This has been fixed to follow hook specifications so you must return output into "resprint".

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(versione principale)
12 Aprile 2017 - 75MBFor users:
  • NEW: Add module mulicurrency.
  • NEW: Add module accoutancy expert (double party accountancy).
  • NEW: Better responsive design, above all on smartphone.
  • NEW: #5801 More complete change to allow to disable supplier invoice document generation.
  • NEW: #5830 Can choose a generic email or use remail in the mail from field.
  • NEW: #5896 More complete data on event sent by email (name in title, emails list in details)
  • NEW: Add a better icon to show when "run" in cron jobs is disabled.
  • NEW: Add account statement into fields of bank account transaction list.
  • NEW: Add a direct debit mandate PDF template.
  • NEW: add clone contract feature.
  • NEW: Add color regarding stock even on ajax autocompleter product selector.
  • NEW: Add date into list of print jobs for Google Print.
  • NEW: add field and filters on turnover by third party report.
  • NEW: Add last activation date as info in module list.
  • NEW: add option to limit stock product by warehouse.
  • NEW: Add missing unique key on table llx_links.
  • NEW: Add option "Hide images in Top menu".
  • NEW: Add option PROJECT_LINES_PERWEEK_SHOW_THIRDPARTY to show thirdparty on page to submit time.
  • NEW: Add option "Stock can be negative". Off by default.
  • NEW: Add hidden option to include parent products too in stats of orders (not supported in rest of app yet).
  • NEW: Add Panama datas.
  • NEW: Add ressource extrafields.
  • NEW: add restrictions on standard exports (agenda, order, deplacement, facture, fournisseur, societe, propal, expedition)
  • NEW: Add substitution keys __SHIPPINGTRACKNUM__, __SHIPPINGTRACKNUMURL__ into shipping email template.
  • NEW: Add status Done on interventions.
  • NEW: Add system tool "Files integrity checker" to detect modified files for packaged versions.
  • NEW: Add tooltip in payment term edition in dictionnary.
  • NEW: Add type "url" as possible extrafield.
  • NEW: Add workflow to calculated supplier order status on stock dispatch.
  • NEW: Add workflow to classifed propal bill on invoice validation.
  • NEW: allow to save a parent warehouse.
  • NEW: Better filtering of automatic/manually inserted events.
  • NEW: Bill orders from order list.
  • NEW: Can add event from the card listing events.
  • NEW: Can change thirdparty when cloning a project.
  • NEW: Can create expense report for someone else (advanced permission).
  • NEW: Can clone an expense report.
  • NEW: Can edit a label for each price segment when using several segment prices for products.
  • NEW: Can filter on fields on admin translation page.
  • NEW: Can filter on project/task ref/label on the "new time consumed" page.
  • NEW: Can filter on status on objects on the "statistics" pages.
  • NEW: Can filter on type of leave requests in list.
  • NEW: Can generate SEPA mandate for each bank account of your customers.
  • NEW: Can see/make bank conciliation from bank transaction list.
  • NEW: Can edit RUM number of a customer bank account.
  • NEW: Can link template invoice to other objects. Generated invoices will be linked to same objects (example: contracts).
  • NEW: Can renamed attached files on some documents tabs (like products and expense reports).
  • NEW: Can see/edit the customer ref of a shipment.
  • NEW: Can select fields/extrafields on contract list + Mass delete action.
  • NEW: Can select fields on expense report list. Can make mass delete.
  • NEW: Can select fields to show on list of bank transaction.
  • NEW: Can set to paid automatically social or fiscal taxes after a payment was recorded.
  • NEW: Can sort on status of recurring invoice in list of template invoices.
  • NEW: Can use native php and dolibarr object on pages of module website.
  • NEW: Checkbox 'close order to "Everything received" automatically if all products are received' is visible on supplier orders.
  • NEW: conf to allow payments on different thirdparties bills but same parent company.
  • NEW: Consumption view on thirdparty total line and total HT by element.
  • NEW: Display bookkeeping by accounting account - Bookkeeping ordered by accounting account - Link with customers and suppliers invoices - Sub Total by accounting account - Ability to display more than 25 lines and filter by customer/supplier, invoice and accounting account
  • NEW: Each user can select its landing page (on tab "user display setup").
  • NEW: Editing translation GUI become easier with tool to search existing translation.
  • NEW: Error code of each email sent is visible in list of email targets
  • NEW: Export thirdparty with payment terms and mode.
  • NEW: filter actiontype on thirdparty tab.
  • NEW: filter by supplier and fk_warehouse on replenishment page.
  • NEW: Filters can accept generic search key like __DAY__, __MONTH__, __YEAR__ replaced with current day, month year before making the search.
  • NEW: Function "crop" images available on project, product and holiday attachment tab.
  • NEW: function to display full path to current warehouse.
  • NEW: Generation of document is available on member card.
  • NEW: Introduce mass action "delete" on sales orders.
  • NEW: Introduce option MAIN_DEFAULT_PAYMENT_TERM_ID to set default payment term on company level.
  • NEW: Link between objects can be done on both side and on all objects.
  • NEW: More filter on bank transaction list.
  • NEW: Mutualize mass action. So "Send by email" is also available on orders.
  • NEW: New set of icon for status easier to understand.
  • NEW: option "Current/Next" for limit payment date (in payment term dictionary setup) to use a specific day of current month or jump to same day of next month.
  • NEW: Option DOC_SHOW_FIRST_SALES_REP shows name of "user buyer or saler" on PDF.
  • NEW: Option MAIN_INFO_SOCIETE_MAIL_ALIASES to be able to use several identities into the "email from".
  • NEW: Pagination available on list of users.
  • NEW: Phone formatting for Canada. Add dol_print_phone into phpunit tests.
  • NEW: Reduce nb of picto visible after reference of an object into lists, merging preview and download.
  • NEW: Reduce space lost on EDM module.
  • NEW: Reopen a paid bill is a user advanced permission.
  • NEW: can set a default bank account on thirdparty card.
  • NEW: Show photo of contacts on thirdparty card.
  • NEW: Show subtotal into list of linked elements.
  • NEW: Show total line (planned workload and time spent) on list of tasks.
  • NEW: Start to introduce search filters on dictionnaries for vat list.
  • NEW: Support extrafields for expense reports.
  • NEW: Support extrafields on product lot.
  • NEW: Support free bottom text and watermark on expense report template.
  • NEW: Support mass actions for proposals
  • NEW: Table with list of lots/serial can be viewed (module product batch).
  • NEW: The autofill zip/town table option is on by default.
  • NEW: the count of linked files on card includes external links.
  • NEW: Usage of vat code seems ok everywhere.
  • NEW: User date of employment added.
  • NEW: Use small photo of user on all user links.
  • NEW: Use new archi to select fields into list of time spent.
  • NEW: Available substitution key (__INVOICE_MONTH__, __INVOICE_PREVIOUS_MONTH__, ...) to use into note text of recurring invoices.

For developers:
  • NEW: Add ORDER_MODIFY trigger on each order modification.
  • NEW: Trigger on delete stock
  • NEW: The getURLContent return more information on success and error.
  • NEW: Uniformize code and correct deal with triggers
  • NEW: REST API explorer. Can create invoice and orders with lines.
  • NEW: Add a lot of API REST: expense reports, orders, commercial proposals, projects, agenda events, users, invoices, ...
  • NEW: Default collation for mysql is now utf8_unicode_ci
  • NEW: Can use any filter on all REST API to list.
  • NEW: ckeditor accept a parameter to disable all html filtering.
  • NEW: Complete table llx_ecm_files with field generated_or_uploaded
  • NEW: Enhance function setValueFrom so we can use it for "edit in form" feature.
  • NEW: getNomUrl displays full path to warehouse
  • NEW: Hook formObjectOptions
  • NEW: hook in element overview
  • NEW: Hook on stock product card
  • NEW: param socid find_min_price_product_fournisseur() function
  • NEW: More phpunit tests

WARNING: Following changes may create regression for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:
  • Function delete of class Facture (invoice) need the object $user as first parameter. Also you must check you make a fetch on object before calling the delete.
  • The old driver of "mysql" has been removed. Dolibarr use the new one (mysqli) by default.
  • Remove not used function calculate_byte(). Use dol_print_size() instead.
  • Function pdf_getTotalQty is now deprecated. Not used by Dolibarr core.
  • Method commande->deleteline($lineid) has been replaced with commande->deleteline($user, $lineid).
  • Method expensereport->delete(id, user) has been replaced with ->delete(user) Method warehouse->delete(id) has been replace with ->delete(user). This is to follow good practice to make a fetch on object before deleting it.
  • The form to add a product to a draft proposal/order/invoice, from the product card, is hidden by default. It was not commonly used and usage generates some problems (cost price for margin calculation not entered, vat setting). Set constant PRODUCT_ADD_FORM_ADD_TO to retrieve it.
  • The javascript "datatables" library was previously provided into Dolibarr sources, but it was not used by application. So there is no reason to maintain its compatibility with other dolibarr components. If an external module need this library, this external module must embed the library in his own sources/packages.
  • A new paramater sqlfilters was introduced to allow filter on any fields int the REST API. Few old parameters, no more required, were also removed. Use this new one if you were using one of them.
  • The trigger that activate or close a contract line is run on a contract line, not on contract.
  • Method commande->set_availability(user, availability_id) removed from commande class, use method commande->availability(availability_id, notrigger).
  • Dolibarr 5.0 was frozen before PHP 7.1 was released. Unit tests are successful on PHP 7.1 but we don't have enough feedback to confirm all application is compatible. Current officiel supported PHP versions are PHP 5.3 to 7.0.


11 Aprile 2017 - 75MB
  • FIX: #6234
  • FIX: #6259
  • FIX: #6330
  • FIX: #6360
  • FIX: #6411
  • FIX: #6443
  • FIX: #6444
  • FIX: #6453
  • FIX: #6503: SQL error in "Last pending payment invoices"
  • FIX: #6505 Project elements page shows greyed-out links even if the option to show actions not available is disabled
  • FIX: #6507: Statistics counter show wrong total Contract numbers when the user does not have full access
  • FIX: #6533 #6590
  • FIX: #6619 Template invoices list do not respect restricted thirdparty user rights
  • FIX: #6621 Documents tab shows greyed out upload form even if the option to show actions not available is disabled
  • FIX: add entity param to document link
  • FIX: Can use quote into supplier ref on order line add
  • FIX: Change the customer code only if error on duplicate
  • FIX: Creation of credit note on invoice with deposit stole the discount.
  • FIX: delete bank class lines when we delete bank_categ
  • FIX: deletion of bank tag
  • FIX: detail of deposit and credit not was not visible into final invoice
  • FIX: Error management during bank account creation
  • FIX: error management in bank account deletion.
  • FIX: event status is not modified when assign an user
  • FIX: forgotten fk_facture_fourn attribute on supplierinvoice line object
  • FIX: If bank module on, field must be required to register payment of expense report.
  • FIX: load multicurrency informations on supplier order and bill lines fetch
  • FIX: Missing total on project overview.
  • FIX: multicurrency_subprice
  • FIX: param billed when we change page
  • FIX: protection against infinite loop on hierarchy
  • FIX: Supplier Order list filter by project
  • FIX: the dolCopyDir fails if target dir does not exists.
  • FIX: use param for http links


(versione principale)
2 Febbraio 2017 - 75MBFor users:
  • NEW: Add reccuring invoice feature and automatic generation of invoices.
  • NEW: Add module "Loan" as stable.
  • NEW: Add module "Supplier commercial proposal" (price request) is set to stable status.
  • NEW: Experimental module Accountancy Expert
  • NEW: Experimental module Multicurency
  • NEW: Show into badge on tab head the number of dedicated contacts for all objects.
  • NEW: Add a checkbox to select/unselect all lines on page that support mass actions (like invoice list page)
  • NEW: Add a new method for margin calculation. Added margin on "cost price" to margin on WAP price and margin on "best supplier price".
  • NEW: Add an explanation message on shipment page to explain you can't make shipment if order is not validated
  • NEW: Add date_rum into table of thirdparty bank account.
  • NEW: The probability of lead/opportunity can be defined per lead.
  • NEW: Added Malta VAT into migration script
  • NEW: #4972 Translated Charges sociales (type 0) and Charges sociales (type 1) in reports page
  • NEW: Add Expense report into accountancy report
  • NEW: Add Expense report to approve into workboard
  • NEW: Selection of boxes is move on top of home page
  • NEW: Add filter on a keyword, status and nature into list of modules
  • NEW: Add hidden option BANK_DISABLE_CHECK_DEPOSIT to disable check deposit feature.
  • NEW: add html id/class to locate value in the DOM html
  • NEW: Add index on invoice status
  • NEW: Add constant MAIN_LOGTOHTML to 0 into other setup by default to save time when we need to make debug on hosted instance.
  • NEW: Add list of billed
  • NEW: Add minimum stock and desired stock into import/export profiles.
  • NEW: Add state into thirdparty export fields
  • NEW: Add more trackable events (create, submit and receive supplier order).
  • NEW: Add picto on module list to show warning and if module is an external module.
  • NEW: add product type filter on turnover report
  • NEW: Add state into list of fields available for personalized fields of thirdparties
  • NEW: Add statistics for interventions module
  • NEW: Add statistics on number of projets on home page
  • NEW: Add stats and late records into dashboard for supplier proposals.
  • NEW: Add the admin info on combo of type of contact
  • NEW: Add the event BILL_PAYED to list of supported events for module notification.
  • NEW: Add total weight and volume on PDF
  • NEW: Add hidden option to hide column qty ordered on shipments.
  • NEW: Add view of virtual stock into product list (when appropriate)
  • NEW: Add warning on tasks when they are late (add also the warning tolerance parameter)
  • NEW: Add weight/volume for one product into shipment export
  • NEW: Add width and height on product table
  • NEW: allow a document to be linked to project from another customer on config
  • NEW: allow project to be shared across entities (for multicompany module)
  • NEW: All variant of ckeditor config can be tested into the setup page of module.
  • NEW: Can change dynamically number of records visible into lists.
  • NEW: Can change type of extrafields for some combinations.
  • NEW: Can define number of first and last line into import wizard.
  • NEW: Can edit next execution date of a cron job.
  • NEW: Can edit value date of a vat payment after recording it.
  • NEW: Can filter modules on publisher
  • NEW: Can filter on employee status when building emailing from users
  • NEW: Can reopen an closed shipment
  • NEW: Can search on shipments into the quick search box
  • NEW: Can select dynamicaly number of lines to show on page on product, shipment, contact, orders, thirdparties
  • NEW: Can select fields to show on supplier orders list.
  • NEW: Can select fields to show on list also for list of customer orders, shipments and invoices.
  • NEW: Can select fields to show on proposal lists.
  • NEW: Can select language from combo list on page to overwrite a translation
  • NEW: Can select number of lines on page list for projects and tasks.
  • NEW: Can use ^ and $ (to say start with or end with like regex syntax) into search fields when search field is text. Bonus: ^$ can filter all lines with field not defined.
  • NEW: Clean and enhance code for cron engine
  • NEW: Can decrease stock on shipment closing/classifying (only if module lot is not enabled for the moment)
  • NEW: Disabled users are striked.
  • NEW: Enhance navigation of project module
  • NEW: fichinter lines ordered by rang AND DATE
  • NEW: hidden conf to use input file multiple from mail form
  • NEW: hidden feature: SUPPLIERORDER_WITH_NOPRICEDEFINED allow supplier order even if no supplier price defined
  • NEW: Hidden option MAIN_LANDING_PAGE to choose the first page to show after login works as a "global" option (llx_const) and as a "per user" option (llx_user_param).
  • NEW: Holiday is a now a RH module. All RH module provides by default visilibity on users of its hierarchy.
  • NEW: If error is reported during migration process, you can ignore it to avoid to be locked.
  • NEW: if nb total of lines provided in print barre_liste, display in title
  • NEW: If option to see non stable modules is on, add a filter into module list to filter on level (deprecated, experimental, development)
  • NEW: Include number of linked files into badge counter of "Linked files" tab.
  • NEW: Include sales representative into export of thirdparties
  • NEW: Indicator on workboard are red/green if late or not.
  • NEW: Into GED module, filename is truncated only if there is not enough space into table
  • NEW: Introduce a predefined job to run database backup
  • NEW: Introduce option MAIN_WEIGHT_DEFAULT_UNIT and MAIN_VOLUME_DEFAULT_UNIT to force output unit for weight and volume.
  • NEW: Introduce position of records into dictionnary of type of contacts
  • NEW: Link on user in leave context reach to leave tab.
  • NEW: List of user in agenda view per user show photo thumb
  • NEW: Margins module - Check/update buying price on invoice lines
  • NEW: Merge all admin tools (system and module admin tools) into same entry "Admin tools", so now things are clear: All features restricted to an admin user is inside "setup" (for setup) or "admin tools" (for action tools) instead of 3 different entries.
  • NEW: Merge all boxes "related objects" into one. This save a lot of room on most card and avoid often horizontal scoll.
  • NEW: Moved code that deals with bank categories to BankCateg. Created BankCateg::fetchAll function
  • NEW: Move Expense report menu from module to menu files
  • NEW: Move HRM dictionary from module to core dictionaries
  • NEW: Mutualize code to manage email substitution variables. Show available variables into page to edit email templates.
  • NEW: Mutualize code: Use one call of function "addThumbs", when possible, to generate thumbs files instead of several call of "vignette" function.
  • NEW: On translation admin page, admin can overwrite a translation value.
  • NEW: Option MAIN_LIST_FILTER_ON_DAY is supported on proposal list
  • NEW: Add reputation field for price supplier
  • NEW: Rest API token is no more reset at each call. We can reset it with param reset=1 on login call.
  • NEW: Selection of fields is available on member list.
  • NEW: Show a badge with number of withdraw requests done on the withdraw tab of invoice.
  • NEW: Add option to show detail per warehouse into reassort
  • NEW: Show total number of modules into the module list
  • NEW: Survey system has now a status like other objects. You can close or reopen a survey.
  • NEW: The note on time spent can be entered when using the view per day.
  • NEW: Use ellipsis truncation on too large left menu text
  • NEW: When a new field to show into lists is selected, the form is automatically submited and field added.
  • NEW: When creating a template invoice from a draft invoice, if there is link to contract on draft invoice, link is kept on template invoice.
  • NEW: When emailing is not sent completely, show progression.

For developers:
  • NEW: Add a css class style called 'reposition', so when clicking on a link with this class will move scrollbarr to be placed at same page location.
  • NEW: TimeZone can be supplied to mktime
  • NEW: hook in shipment card
  • NEW: Deprecated Societe::set_prospect_level, Societe::set_commnucation_level, Societe::set_OutstandingBill functions
  • NEW: A module can add, into its import profiles, a sql request to execute at end of import. This allow to update dernormalized data after import.
  • NEW: Add hook pdf_build_address
  • NEW: Add a parameter on graph function to show a generic graph when no data are available.
  • NEW: Add $object in parameter of pdf_build_address so we could include hook into the function.
  • NEW: Add a tool for developers to purge database with no loose of setup
  • NEW: Can disable a module by renaming dir of module into module.disabled (this save time for maintenance when working with FTP).
  • NEW: Created AccountLine::insert function and started using it for transaction creation
  • NEW: Created Account::__toString, Account::getFieldsToShow and Account::getAccountNumberOrder to refactor the way account number was shown
  • NEW: Created FormBank::getIBANLabel function to get the label of "IBAN" depending on bank account country
  • NEW: prepare for additional warehouse statuses
  • NEW: project sharing in select_projetcs_list function
  • NEW: Removed deprecated CommonObject::client property. Please use CommonObject::thirdparty instead
  • NEW: Removed unused FormOrder::selectSourcesCommande function
  • NEW: Renamed ActionComm::add function to ActionComm::create
  • NEW: Rename Form::select_date to Form::selectDate and Form::form_date to Form::formDate
  • NEW: Rename path for generiN
  • NEW: More phpunit tests. Include some REST API into automatic tests.

WARNING: Dolibarr 4.0 should be compatible with PHP 7 but more feedbacks are still expected to confirm that. Following changes may create regression for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:
  • Function log() of class CommandeFournisseur has been removed. Using it is no more required.
  • Class Resource was renamed into DolResource to avoid conflict with a reserved PHP word.
  • Method commonobject->add_thumb() has been renamed into commonobject->addThumbs().
  • Method select_type_comptes_financiers() has been renamed into selectTypeOfBankAccount()
  • Property ->client that was deprecated 6 years ago, is replaced in all core code with ->thirdparty.
  • File '/core/tpl/document_actions_pre_headers.tpl.php' were renamed into '/core/'.
  • So if you included it into your module, change your code like this to be compatible with all version: $res=@include_once DOL_DOCUMENT_ROOT . '/core/'; if (! $res) include_once DOL_DOCUMENT_ROOT . '/core/tpl/document_actions_pre_headers.tpl.php';


(versione principale)
24 Agosto 2016 - 75MB
  • FIX: #4383 $userid not defined
  • FIX: #4448 $filebonprev is not used, $this->filename now
  • FIX: #4455
  • FIX: #4749
  • FIX: #4756
  • FIX: #4828
  • FIX: #4926
  • FIX: #4964 buyprice in customer from shipping buyprice wasn't load in expedition::fetch_lines
  • FIX: #5004
  • FIX: #5068
  • FIX: #5170 tva sign with INVOICE_POSITIVE_CREDIT_NOTE option
  • FIX: #5338 use of not initialized var $aphour, $apmin, etc
  • FIX: #5343
  • FIX: #5380
  • FIX: #5383 bad object id on don delete
  • FIX: #5414
  • FIX: #5470 User of expense report in bank transactions page is not correct
  • FIX: a case of corrupted ODT by Word that insert when it should not.
  • FIX: Can't create thirdparty or validate invoice if profid is mandatory and profid does not exists for other countries
  • FIX: dasboard wrong for late invoice
  • FIX: duplicate jquery.js files
  • FIX: extrafield cloned on project clone
  • FIX: Failed to open file
  • FIX: Filter on opportunity amount and budget
  • FIX: form_confirm to delete payment on supplier invoice
  • FIX: javascript error with german-switzerland language
  • FIX: large expense note
  • FIX: Missing original .js file (license violation if sources are not provided)
  • FIX: Option strict mode compatibility
  • FIX: product stats all bloc module without enbaled test
  • FIX: receiving link never works
  • FIX: task ODT company object not correctly retrieved
  • FIX: Translate group perms as it is done into user perms
  • FIX: We must take the last recent defined price when using price level


4 Gennaio 2016 - 75MB
  • FIX: #3805
  • FIX: #3231 [Members] Public subscription page displays GeoIP error
  • FIX: #3240
  • FIX: #3293 Login page form icons not shown
  • FIX: #3508 Useless tooltip in 3.8 boxes
  • FIX: #3661 Margin is not selected correctly when adding a product
  • FIX: #3679 Error when deleting a Localtax2 special payment
  • FIX: #3707 Thirdparty bank account page table has a glitch
  • FIX: #3726 When upload file, don't test if PRODUCT_USE_OLD_PATH_FOR_PHOTO variable is empty or not
  • FIX: #3734 Do not show empty links of deleted source objects in stock movement list
  • FIX: #3836 Unable to upload a document to an invoice under some circunstances
  • FIX: #3878 Storing and deleting files on emailing was done at wrong place
  • FIX: #3880
  • FIX: #3882
  • FIX: #3890 Expected transactions bank account page, shows negative numbers
  • FIX: #3912
  • FIX: #3928 Creating a Customer order and a Customer invoice from a project, does not inherit payment conditions and method of payment of customer card
  • FIX: #3953 Don't round supplier price
  • FIX: #3953 rounding of buying price
  • FIX: #3980 Search field in "product by supplier" list sends empty result 3.8 and 3.7
  • FIX: #3987 Undefined variable $newref in CommandeFournisseur::approve
  • FIX: #3988 Undefined variable $conf and $error in CommandeFournisseur::addline
  • FIX: #3989 Undefined variable $conf in CommandeFournisseur::getNomUrl
  • FIX: #3990
  • FIX: #3992 CommandeFournisseur::ref is marked as deprecated and it shouldn't be
  • FIX: #3996 Dictionnary hooks are not working in 3.8
  • FIX: #3997 Wrong permission key used for Margins > Read all
  • FIX: #4016 User link is not correctly formed in emailing receivers
  • FIX: #4018 SQL error if trying to access the mailing/card.php page without an ID defined
  • FIX: #4036 Direct printing module without any driver configured, shows an unformatted error message
  • FIX: #4043 Incorrect translation in error mesage in menu creation admin page
  • FIX: #4049 PHP warning when trying to access a non-existing product/service
  • FIX: #4055 SQL error when trying to access a non-existing expedition
  • FIX: #4081 Added missing translation
  • FIX: #4097 Public holiday calculation
  • FIX: #4182 SQL error when deleting an unexisting bank entry
  • FIX: #4242 Allow disabling dashes in documents
  • FIX: #4243 sql injection
  • FIX: #4281
  • FIX: #4282 Defined shipping time were not shown in Customer order's PDF documents
  • FIX: #4285 SQL query shown when accessing an unexisting invoice
  • FIX: #4287 SQL error when accessing an unexisting proposal
  • FIX: #4302 Undefined variable $conf in Commande::LibStatut
  • FIX: Allow to search on alias name into select
  • FIX: Add a protection to not make release if ChangeLog was not generated.
  • FIX: autofocus on input search product
  • FIX: bad calculation for stock value
  • FIX: Better compatibility for users that used the not supported option MAIN_USE_JQUERY_MULTISELECT set to 1.
  • FIX: Bug: $this is not accessible in static context in Mailing::libStatutDest #4050
  • FIX: can not have access to the new ids or propal lines on PROPAL_CLONE
  • FIX: Can't update line's duration
  • FIX: Can use formated float number on old expense report module.
  • FIX: change object statut on close shipping and remove erratic db commit
  • FIX: change order date on clone (as everywhere else)
  • FIX: event's data lost on user assign update
  • FIX: export propal and order with extrafields
  • FIX: export with category contact extrafields
  • FIX: jquery select of project generate js error on change event
  • FIX: label of line is set in description field if empty
  • FIX: loss data also if update was cancel by error of ended state with no end date, try a generic patch
  • FIX: mail isn't display in title on event in mode view
  • FIX: Missing to set context into workflow actions, so triggers can't know we are creating an invoice from order or an order from a proposal.
  • FIX: NB task and percent progress in box project
  • FIX: Not delete a product when have customer price
  • FIX: Not deleting contrats on element_element table
  • FIX: Not use localtaxes when invoice some orders
  • FIX: only active customer should be available into select list thirdparty on invoice creation
  • FIX: only active customer should be return into new invoice creation select list
  • FIX: AWP calculation
  • FIX: product link in project box
  • FIX: Remove column creation for table llx_product_fournisseur_price, the column use un calss is fk_supplier_price_expression, and fk_price_expression does not exist into lx_product_fournisseur_price sql file declaration
  • FIX: Show category selector if we have permission to view products or services
  • FIX: showrefnav htmlspecialchar instead of < >
  • FIX: The label hidden was not supported when using jmobile
  • FIX: Too many information were hidden. A lot of users still need bank account on PDF.
  • FIX: Use "WHERE true" instead of "WHERE 1" #4132


10 Novembre 2015 - 75MB
  • FIX: Add a protection to not make release if ChangeLog was not generated.
  • FIX: 1/ update_extra() function must not be in "if(!empty(MAIN_DISABLE_CONTACTS_TAB)" test. 2/ Reindented code
  • FIX: #3240
  • FIX: #3541 Bypass authentication when user was created using LDAP
  • FIX: #3605 deleting a shipping
  • FIX: #3661 Margin is not selected correctly when adding a product
  • FIX: #3689 Bug on workflow module
  • FIX: #3724 Bug: Blank page after cloning proposal if we changed client
  • FIX: #3726 Better support for PRODUCT_USE_OLD_PATH_FOR_PHOTO
  • FIX: #3726 Not showing images on product card
  • FIX: #3757 Can't set amount in a social contribution with some languages
  • FIX: #3786 Translation of select box.
  • FIX: #3841 creation of a task completed has not status set to finished by default
  • FIX: #3878 Storing and deleting files on emailing was done at wrong place
  • FIX: #3880
  • FIX: #3882
  • FIX: action not appear before an update because of a lack of line in action ressource
  • FIX: add tag myuser_job into ODT replacement
  • FIX: Avoid changing the state to a thirdparty who shouldn't be contacted anymore
  • FIX: bad calculation for stock value
  • FIX: Bad parameters
  • FIX: Bad picto for expense report
  • FIX: bad property so after creating an event from calendar, filter were lost.
  • FIX: bad stock valorisation
  • FIX: better fix to generate a PROV ref after clone
  • FIX: bug invoice classified in propale next update commonobject class in 3.8
  • FIX: Can export a field into task time table with export project profile
  • FIX: change order date on clone (as everywhere else)
  • FIX: clone customer order create new order with validate ref and not with PROV
  • FIX: Contacts are not added to the list with the status "no contact"
  • FIX: Default thirdparty when cloning invoice was not set.
  • FIX: double db escape add too quote
  • FIX: event's data lost on user assign update
  • FIX: Filter in customer price per product of a thirdparty returned error
  • FIX: filters on supplier invoices list are not used, search_status instead
  • FIX: fix HTML into formconfirm box
  • FIX: IF autocomplete was set on thirdparty list, it was not possible to open list of extrafields.
  • FIX: If no end date is set on survey, we should be able to vote.
  • FIX: loss data also if update was cancel by error of ended state with no end date, try a generic patch
  • FIX: no need to remove file into mail form, the temp dir will be deleted after any sending
  • FIX: pmp calculation
  • FIX: Preview pages was not using correct style for ref
  • FIX: project was not retrieved on invoice creation form
  • FIX: Search status not saved into list
  • FIX: search_status not used in mergefusiontool
  • FIX: Show category selector if we have permission to view products or services
  • FIX: Show product image on getNomUrl()
  • FIX: skeleton class must use db->order rather than ORDER BY into fetchAll
  • FIX: Societe::set_parent() function needs societe object to be fetched to update parent
  • FIX: supplier rights for orderToInvoice
  • FIX: tag object_total_vat_x need x to be a string with unknown decimal lenght. Now use for x the real vat real with no more decimal (x = 20 or x = 8.5 or x = 5.99, ...)
  • FIX: The preview of PDF was never refreshed if PDF document was changed
  • FIX: The thumb of user into top menu was using the image in full size. This make a large download at each page call. We must use the mini thumbs.
  • FIX: Total in summary was not same than into detail on the referrer page.


20 Ottobre 2015 - 75MB
  • #3641 fix : Typo
  • #3621 FIX Only are showing one object linked
  • #3614 FIX #3572 Impossible to attach project in order. The option to use autocompletion for project failed.
  • #3582 FIX: order ref must not be translated
  • #3579 Search don't work in customer invoice list
  • #3574 FIX : avoid SQL error when no sortfield send to method (price by customer)
  • #3572 Impossible to attach project in order
  • #3571 FIX: When filter with empty status, by default get canceled status (-1)
  • #3566 Supplier's invoice attachments not renamed after validate
  • #3537 FIX #3533 Load categories language
  • #3523 fix error on tabcollectors and enhance
  • #3522 Fix : Class 'Categorie' not found in core\class\html.form.class.php in supplier card
  • #3479 Bug: Can't access check deposit
  • #3227 [Export] Missing translation in supplier orders
  • #3226 [Export] Missing translations in supplier invoices
  • #3225 [Export] Missing translations in interventions


(versione principale)
19 Ottobre 2015 - 75MBHighlights
  • Module project (a rewrite were done to provide easier way to enter time spent, to use projects to manage opportunities, to report a benefit per project including expense report and time spent, and to match other module behaviour)
  • Module expense report. This new module replace the old module expense report. This is a complete rewrite to match other modules behaviour and to be able to define a project for each expense report line).
  • Module leave request / holiday. This module was rewrote to manage "a type of holiday".
  • Module lot/batch has been seriously enhanced to be moved as stable (well, it's goal of 3.8, but we are waiting your test/bug fixes to have it completely stable).

  • FIX: #2519
  • FIX: #2758 Product::update sets product note to "null" when $prod->note is null
  • FIX: #2832: Fixed a problem with special characters in expense report PDF model
  • FIX: #2856 : Wrong table design
  • FIX: #2901
  • FIX: #2957 : missing $langs object for trigger
  • FIX: #2983 Load gravatar avatar images securely over HTTPS
  • FIX: #2987: removed dead function moneyMeter()
  • FIX: #3009: Better filtering to prevent SQL injection
  • FIX: #3009: Better filtering to prevent SQL injection
  • FIX: #3091 TotalHT amount in supplier order is bold unlike the rest of Dolibarr
  • FIX: #3138 - Too much visible thing when access is denied on public pages
  • FIX: #3173 Overlapping of shipment ref
  • FIX: Adding 5 more choice link into survey module was not working with chrome
  • FIX: bad calculation for stock value
  • FIX: Bad link to login page into email for password renewal.
  • FIX: Bad logo for status "Do not contact" of thirdparty.
  • FIX: Better management error into the color conversion functions
  • FIX: [bug #1883] missing field in SQL installation
  • FIX: Bug on order and supplier invoice numeration mask when use supplier code
  • FIX: Bug on order and supplier invoice numeration mask when use supplier code
  • FIX: button create payment hide if tax amount is less than 1
  • FIX: can receive new batch product on supplier order
  • FIX: can show print page after product save
  • FIX: Close #2835 Customer prices of a product shows incorrect history order
  • FIX: Close #2837 Product list table column header does not match column body
  • FIX: Close bug #2855 Wrong translation key in localtax report page
  • FIX: Close bug #2861 Undefined variable $res when migrating from 3.6.2 to 3.7.0
  • FIX: Close bug #2891 Category hooks do not work
  • FIX: Close bug #2900 Courtesy title is not stored in create thirdparty form
  • FIX: Close bug #2976: "Report" tab is the current tab but it is not marked as selected by the UI
  • FIX: Correct migration script
  • FIX: create contact with extrafiel is null when it is require
  • FIX: Description of contract line was not visible.
  • FIX: Correct path of loan class
  • FIX: Correct problem field with note - Add note_private & use wysiwyg editor
  • FIX: Edit in place of "Outstanding Limit"
  • FIX: Module Expense Report - Correct init
  • FIX: Update licence to GPLv3
  • FIX: End log must use same level then start log.
  • FIX: event for restricted user was restricted if company null
  • FIX: event not linked to contact on creation
  • FIX: Export of tags for contact and member
  • FIX: extrafields required on thirdparty
  • FIX: Function expects an int, not a boolean
  • FIX: Function was expecting a boolean not a string
  • FIX: hide category if it's not enable
  • FIX: If supplier invoice block linked element is display after other block total HT amount is not reset to 0 and sum other block (like customer orders values)
  • FIX: jdate returning -62169955200 on x64 machine
  • FIX: Let ability to use IDPROF verifications even if new entry is "private"
  • FIX: moved built-in bug report system to GitHub Issues
  • FIX: Moved code to where the variable is defined
  • FIX: No check warehouse is provided if module stock is not enabled.
  • FIX: Payed invoices are showed as canceled FIX: Bad date filter on customer order
  • FIX: Ref/label of product on contract line was not visible, nor into page, nor into PDF.
  • FIX: Removed concatenation on undeclared variable
  • FIX: remove deprecated property 'libelle' on product object
  • FIX: Removed HTML file preventing PHP service
  • FIX: Save of filters into export profiles failed.
  • FIX: "script" balise with wrong syntax
  • FIX: send mail, copy sendto don't read the list of contact
  • FIX: top links menu have target attribute with wrong value
  • FIX: total amount in tpl linked object are not reset
  • FIX; Unknown field 'sc.fk_soc' in field list
  • FIX: update usergroup name
  • FIX: Variable declared boolean
  • FIX: Variable might not be traversable
  • FIX: We did a test on a permission to export contract when permission did not exists.
  • FIX: when mailing is deleted, the targets list was kept in database
  • FIX: when multicompany was enabled, this function didn't check just on the good entity (problem when both company use same mask)
  • FIX: When we automatically creta an order from a proposal with workflow module, if some extrafields of propal don't exist in order object, insertExtraFields() function tries to insert extrafields in unexistant column of commande_extrafields table.
  • FIX: When we clone a propal, if it has a project which is not assigned to a third, it was not on new propal because fk_project was always set to empty string if new propal is for another third.
  • FIX: when we create an agenda event with "Not applicable" status, it is automatically saved with "To do" status
  • FIX: width multiselect
  • FIX: Wrong type hinting
  • FIX: XSS security using the onerror and missing escapement on type of member page.
  • FIX: Missing visibility of static property
  • NEW: Add a button to purge criteria in user list
  • NEW: add all assigned users and all extrafields data in new event when we createFromClone
  • NEW: Add a new component to select categories/tags from the main edit page of product. The dedicated tab is also removed.
  • NEW: Add a search field and report on hrm area
  • NEW: Add a tab document in donation card
  • NEW: Add bank account owner in invoice/proposal/orders footer
  • NEW: Add button to purge search criteria into list
  • NEW: Add close date and user for projects.
  • NEW: Add company information into category contact export
  • NEW: Add current salary on list of payment
  • NEW: add date value filter on account records list
  • NEW: Add exemple of setup for multitail to render dolibarr log files
  • NEW: Add filter on status on invoice list
  • NEW: Add filter on task ref and task label into list of tasks
  • NEW: Add filter on user contact or user task into task list
  • NEW: Add function dolCopyDir to copy directory with recursive content.
  • NEW: Add gender property managed on user card FIX: Better error messages when uploading photo of user when permission to write are not granted
  • NEW: Add help tooltips on fields of dictionary edit pages. Fix: visible list of tasks are for opened project only.
  • NEW: Add hidden option MAIN_MAILFORM_DISABLE_ENTERKEY to disable the key enter into the form to send email.
  • NEW: add hook in send mail
  • NEW: Add hooks on list of members to allow an external module to add more fields into list view.
  • NEW: Add hooks to allow an external module to complete list of events into calendar views.
  • NEW: Add opportunity amount on project card.
  • NEW: Add option THEME_ELDY_DISABLE_IMAGE to disable images into menu eldy.
  • NEW: add PDF icon on linked element into project
  • NEW: add "productpricecard" hook and uniformize code
  • NEW: Add ref and label of project into export
  • NEW: add restler framework First step to build REST API into Dolibarr
  • NEW: Add search box for supplier order search.
  • NEW: Add status into filters of graph
  • NEW: Add tab document on salaries payment
  • NEW: A link to the bugtracker can be enabled in the GUI
  • NEW: A module can add its entries into cron module.
  • NEW: autofocus on product selection dropdown list or search field
  • NEW: Backup and restore tool is easier to use
  • NEW: Can add all user of a project as user of a task, in one step.
  • NEW: Can add project search on left menu search area
  • NEW: Can assign a task to yourself to have it appear on timesheet
  • NEW: Can close a project that has draft status with no need to switch it to validate status before.
  • NEW: Can edit Background color for Top menu and Background color for table title line (works only with theme menu eldy).
  • NEW: Can edit email template using WYSIWYG editor
  • NEW: Can edit internal label of invoice even when closed (this is a private information)
  • NEW: Can edit list of prospect status for customers/prospects. Add a new entry into dictionary table to manage list fo status. Removed deprecated files.
  • NEW: Can filter on contact status in prospect list. Removed deprecated menu entry.
  • NEW: Can filter proposal on a tag of a product Enhance also the prototype test_arrays to include select form before table.
  • NEW: Can filter proposal, orders or invoices with criteria "contain at least one product with following tag"
  • NEW: Can install an external module from admin pages, if web server has permission for and if setup is ok for.
  • NEW: Can search on customer order amount into customer order list.
  • NEW: Can upload files on leave requests. Use more standard permissions.
  • NEW: Can use a "|" to make a OR search on several different criterias into text filters of tables.
  • NEW: Clean code into salary module, debug and add indexes NEW: Can filter on user list and salary payments on user with naural search.
  • NEW: clone action on agenda events
  • NEW: dev feature : replace conf filename with "conf" parameter on url by GET
  • NEW: display linked object in edit mode when we create an event from an order, propal...
  • NEW: Enhancement of module 'Notification by Email'. Show nb of notifications set. Can set several emails. Can set a threshold on amount for notifications. Add notification on supplier order validation.
  • NEW: Enhance prototype, project list and proposal list with new hook to have an external module able to add more fields.
  • NEW: Enhance the natural_search function so we can use it to search numeric fields with criteria with operator = inside (< 100, >= 1000)
  • NEW: Enter amount for withdraws requests
  • NEW: Feature request: A page to merge two thirdparties into one #2613
  • NEW: Feature to build a merged pdf with all unpaid invoice can work for paid invoices.
  • NEW: Filter "active" by default on user list. Fix label of permission of project module
  • NEW: For a contract line, price is no more mandatory.
  • NEW: Forms are using the tab look, even in creation mode.
  • NEW: Hidden option THEME_ELDY_USE_HOVER is stable enough to become officialy visible into setup.
  • NEW: If module salaries is on, you can set a hourly value for tome consumed by users. Each time a user enter its time consumed on a project, a calculation is done to provide the cost for human services. This value appears into the "Transversal view" of project.
  • NEW: Implement option SUPPLIER_ORDER_USE_DISPATCH_STATUS to add a status into each dispathing line of supplier order to "verify" a reception is ok. Status of order can be set to "total/done" only if line is verified.
  • NEW: Into the overview of projects, the name of thirdparty appears into combo lists of elements to link to project.
  • NEW: Introduce function dolGetFirstLineOfText
  • NEW: Introduce option SUPPLIER_ORDER_DOUBLE_APPROVAL to allow 2 approvals to make a supplier order approved. Activating this option introduce a new permission to the second level approval.
  • NEW: Introduce TCPDI as replacement of FPDI.
  • NEW: List of recent modified supplier product prices in Supplier card
  • NEW: Module notification should details of emails into confirm box, not only number.
  • NEW: On page to see/edit contact of an ojbect, the status of contact is visible (for both external and internal users).
  • NEW: Product stock and subproduct stock are independant
  • NEW: Propal merge product card PDF into azur
  • NEW: Rename install etape to step
  • NEW: Replace category edition page on members with new select2 component.
  • NEW: script to build API class from existing class
  • NEW: Show difference between timespent by everybody and time spent by user making timesheet into timesheet pages. NEW: Can enter start hours of task when creating timesheet
  • NEW: Show last official stable version into system - update page.
  • NEW: Show photo of logged user into login top right block. NEW: If no photo is available for user, we show a generic photo depending on gender
  • NEW: [T1758] Merge bank card & account card
  • NEW: [ task 1191 ] AJAX selector for projects
  • NEW: [ task #851 ] Add a new field: Commercial name
  • NEW: [ task #977 ] New option to manage product unit Migrated code from GPCSolutions/dolibarr:3.2-units branch and adapted for 3.8 with some improvements
  • NEW: The line where mouse is over can be highlight with option THEME_ELDY_USE_HOVER (on by default)
  • NEW: The notification module accept keyword __SUPERVISOR__ to send notification to supervisor of user.
  • NEW: Thumbs for statistics on main page are fully clicable (not only link inside the thumb)
  • NEW: Title of page project contains project ref and label
  • NEW: update skeleton and class builder
  • NEW: Use new select2 component for juridical status, country and state selection.
  • NEW: Web service to create or update product can correct stock during creation/update.
  • NEW: When creating order, proposal or invoice from thirdparty card, the project is asked during creation. A link to create project if it does not exists is also available. NEW: Uniformize form creation of proposal to add public and private notes during creation like done for order and invoice.
  • NEW: When using transfer or correct stock from warehouse, after recording we go back to the warehouse page.
  • NEW: Add Option to not change date on cloning project
  • NEW: Add check list from table for extrafield type
  • NEW: Use new combobox.
  • NEW: Add hidden option MAXTABS_IN_CARD.
  • NEW: A default label is suggested for stock correction and transfer instead of empty string.
  • NEW: Add Weighted average price as default price for buying price for margin calculation. Add option MARGIN_PMP_AS_DEFAULT_BUY_PRICE to replace with first supplier price.
  • NEW: Introduce option MAIN_HTML_TITLE to start to control format of html title content.
  • NEW: Add extrafields on bank account cards.
  • NEW: Added delay between mails in Newsletter module.
  • NEW: [ task #1793 ] Create new permission to restrict commercial agent margin to logged user.
  • NEW: Add experimental module ask supplier price to request supplier quotation.
  • NEW: Add module batch management.

For translators
  • NEW: Update language files.
  • NEW: When a translation is not available we always jump to en_US and only en_US.

For developers
  • NEW: Function yn can show a visual checkbox.
  • NEW: Introduced select2 jquery plugin.
  • NEW: Possibility to add javascript in main login page with "getLoginPageOptions" hook
  • NEW: possibility to defined a tab for all entities in module descriptor

WARNING: Following changes may create regression for some external modules, but was necessary to make Dolibarr better:
  • Removed hoo supplierorderdao into supplier order creation. This is a business event, so we must use the trigger ORDER_SUPPLIER_CREATE instead.
  • Hooks 'printLeftBlock' and 'formConfirm' are now compliant with hook development rules. They are "addreplace" hooks, so you must return content with "->resprints='mycontent'" and not with "return 'mycontent'"
  • All fields "fk_societe" were renamed into "fk_soc".
  • Method select_PriceBaseType and load_PriceBaseType were merged into selectPriceBaseType.
  • The trigger USER_LOGIN* are deprecated. They are still working but you should prefer use the hook afterLogin or afterLoginFailed instead.


1 Giugno 2015 - 75MB
  • FIX Bug in the new photo system
  • FIX Error management
  • FIX [ Bug #2714 ] Members -> Memberxy-> Agenda -> technical Error
  • FIX [ Bug #2713 ] 3.7.0 mailing-unsubscribe.php not unsubscribe
  • FIX #2901
  • FIX when we create an agenda event with "Not applicable" status, it is automatically saved with "To do" status
  • FIX check the user status during authentication
  • FIX top links menu have target attribute with wrong value
  • FIX extrafields required on thirdparty
  • FIX create contact with extrafield is null when it is require
  • FIX width multiselect
  • FIX "script" tag with wrong syntax
  • Fix bug debian 786479
  • FIX update usergroup name
  • Fix facturestats was not filtering on invoice type
  • FIX #2856 : Wrong table design
  • FIX button create payment hide if tax amount is less than 1
  • FIX event for restricted user was restricted if company null
  • FIX send mail, copy sendto don't read the list of contact
  • FIX Properly escape untrusted data to prevent HTML injection.
  • FIX send mail, copy sendto don't read the list of contact


(versione principale)
21 Aprile 2015 - 75MBFor users:
  • New: Match other auth system: Login can be done entering login or user email (this open the road for SSO).
  • New: Agenda export by project #1967.
  • New: Increase length of thirdparty to 128 chars.
  • New: "Is Order shippable" icon #1975.
  • New: statistics on supplier orders and invoices on home page.
  • New: Add permissions to read all trips and expenses.
  • New: Can filter on date into tab "Referring object" of a project.
  • New: Module notification has been enhanced: EMail use now language of target contact; Can also define a fixed email for notifications.
  • New: Feature to link manually an order to an invoice does not disappear once link has been done.
  • New: Can set a color on user card (visible into agenda view).
  • New: extrafields for projects and tasks are exported to ODT documents.
  • New: Add number of active notification into tab title (like we do for notes and documents)
  • New: Can add product into category from category card.
  • New: PDF event report show project and status of event.
  • New: Can filter on status on interventions.
  • New: Add help info of field type into dictionary of payment types.
  • New: Add proposals into referer page of thirdparty.
  • New: On contact list can set filter on both active and not active (no more exclusive select).
  • New: Intervention documents are now available in ECM module.
  • New: Can attach supplier order to a customer order.
  • New: Supervisor is now visible into user list.
  • New: Add user of creation and validation on invoice export.
  • New: Add info page about browser.
  • New: Enable feature developed for 3.6 we forgot to enabled: Adding prefix on uploaded file names.
  • New: No more dependency between contract and service module.
  • New: [ task #867 ] Remove ESAEB external module code from core.
  • New: Can create proposal from an intervention.
  • New: An event can be assigned to several users.
  • New: Can filter events on a group of users.
  • New: Can filter events of a thirdparty.
  • New: Onto event summary of elements, end date and status are visible.
  • New: Split Agenda view (month, week, day) into different tabs.
  • New: Add a view "per user" of agenda events (with different colors according to type of event).
  • New: Each user can include its own external ics calendar into dolibarr agenda view.
  • New: Add event FICHINTER_CLASSIFY_BILLED into list of possible events to create an automatic event into agenda.
  • New: Add new type of event (when type of events are used, not by default).
  • New: Can disable predefined type of events.
  • New: Form to add a photo is immediatly available on photo page if permissions are ok (save one click per photo to add).
  • New: Add option PRODUCT_MAX_VISIBLE_PHOTO to limit number of photos shown on main product card.
  • New: Add country into table of thirdparties type. This will allow to provide a list of thirdparty types specific to a country (like argentina that need type A or B).
  • New: Can force a specific bank account onto an invoice/order.
  • New: Home page of project area shows list of draft project (like other main page).
  • New: Can search on project ref or string from project main page (like other main page).
  • New: First change to match accessibility rules Differentiate text and img; Use label into quick search form; Use accesskey on form search.
  • New: Intervention documents are now available in ECM module.
  • New: Add attachments on user card + in ECM module.
  • New: Can add __PROJECT_REF__ and __TIHRPARTY_NAME__ into email topic or content template.
  • New: [ task #1204 ] add Numering contrat module free (like leopard in product module).
  • New: [ task #712 ] Add warning when creating invoice from proposal or order, when there is already one invoice.
  • New: Enable supplier price log table.
  • New: [ task #1204 ] add a supplier reference to contract.
  • New: [ task #1218 ] Can drag and drop an event from calendar to change its day.
  • New: Optimize size of image static resources.
  • New: Add hourly and daily amount on user card. Add weekly working hours and salary on user card.
  • New: Content of predefined email come firstly from table llx_c_email_template, then translation key.
  • New: Add option MAIN_GENERATE_INVOICES_WITH_PICTURE to show picture onto PDF like MAIN_GENERATE_PROPOSALS_WITH_PICTURE dir for proposals.
  • New: Add more search field in list of cheque deposits.
  • New: Add feature to order to invoice on supplier part.
  • New : Use of MAIN_USE_FILECACHE_EXPORT_EXCEL_DIR to use disk cache for big excel export.
  • New: Direct invoice creation from predefined invoice.
  • New: Add dunning into accountancy report.
  • New: Add favorite button into country dictionary to put value on top select list
  • Upgrade phpexcel lib to 1.7.8
  • New : Use of MAIN_USE_FILECACHE_EXPORT_EXCEL_DIR to use disk cache for big excel export.
  • New : Option on extrafields to have them always editable regardless of the document status.
  • New : New module PrintIPP to print without opening document is available as stable.
  • New : Introduce hidden option STOCK_WAREHOUSE_NOT_REQUIRED_FOR_SHIPMENTS to solve at no risk a missing control on missing warehouse.
  • Fix: [ bug #1487 ] PAYMENT_DELETE trigger does not intercept trigger action
  • Fix: [ bug #1470, #1472, #1473] User trigger problem
  • Fix: [ bug #1489, #1491 ] Intervention trigger problem
  • Fix: [ bug #1492, #1493 ] Member trigger problem
  • Fix: [ bug #1474, #1475 ] Contract trigger problem
  • Fix: [ bug #1496 ] ACTION_DELETE trigger does not show trigger error
  • Fix: [ bug #1494 ] CATEGORY_CREATE and CATEGORY_MODIFY triggers do not intercept trigger action
  • Fix: [ bug #1502 ] DON_CREATE trigger does not intercept trigger action
  • Fix: [ bug #1505, #1504] Project trigger problem
  • Fix: [ bug #1463, #1464 ] Proposal triggers problem
  • Fix: [ bug #1498, #1499 ] Shipment/Delivery triggers problem
  • Fix: [ bug #1465, #1466 ] Product triggers problem
  • Fix: [ bug #1508 ] STOCK_MOVEMENT does not show trigger error message
  • Fix: [ bug #1501 ] DEPLACEMENT_CREATE trigger do not intercept trigger action
  • Fix: [ bug #1506, #1507 ] ECM trigger error problem
  • Fix: [ bug #1469 ] Triggers CONTACT_MODIFY and CONTACT_DELETE duplicates error message
  • Fix: [ bug #1533 ] Links triggers do not show trigger error message
  • Fix: [ bug #1537 ] Difference between societe.nom and adherent.societe.
  • Fix: [ bug #1535 ] Supplier invoice Extrafields are not shown
  • Fix: datepicker first day of week can be monday by setting into display setup
  • Fix: [ bug #575 ] GED doesn't works if there is "/" in a mask

For users, new experimental module (need to set feature level of instance to experimental to see them):
  • New: Module Accounting Expert to manage accountancy
  • Removed: unmaintained OScommerce module

For translators:
  • Update language files.
  • New: When a translation is not available we always jump to en_US and only en_US.

For developers:
  • New: Syslog module can be set to use ChromePHP plugin to output log server into browser console.
  • New: Add a css style "cursorpointer".
  • New: Select list of users can return user into hierarchy.
  • New: getBrowserInfo can return type of layout of browser (classic/phone/tablet)
  • New: Add hook "searchAgendaFrom" and "beforePDFCreation".
  • New: Add trigger DON_UPDATE, DON_DELETE
  • New: Add country iso code on 3 chars into table of countries.
  • Qual: Removed hard coded rowid into data init of table llx_c_action_trigger.
  • New: [ Task #1481 ] Add trigger BILL_SUPPLIER_UPDATE.
  • New: [ Task #1495 ] Add trigger LINECONTRACT_CREATE.
  • New: Added hook "formConfirm" and "doActions" for supplier invoice card.
  • New: [ task #1511, #1426 ] Added hook "doActions" for supplier card and supplier order card.
  • New: renamed table llx_c_pays to llx_c_country & libelle field to label.
  • New: Added hook "formConfirm" and "doActions" for fichinter card
  • New: Can search list of thirdparties from web service on part of name.
  • New: Function getCurrencyAmount is marked as deprecated. Use function price to output a price including currency symbol.
  • Qual: Renamed table llx_c_civilite into llx_c_civility, field civilite into label in the same table, and field civilite into civility in other table.
  • Qual: Renamed all files & links "liste.php" into "list.php".
  • Qual: Renamed all files & links "fiche.php" into "card.php".
  • Qual: Replace all constants COMPTA_* by ACCOUNTING_*.
  • Qual: Replace all constants ACCOUNTINGEX_* by ACCOUNTING_* to simplify migration of the module
  • Fix: [ bug #1724 ] Can't add a submenu to projects

WARNING: Following changes may create regression for some external modules, but was necessary to make
Dolibarr better:
  • If you can't see trips and expenses records, check that you have the new permission "read all trips and expenses".
  • Deprecated module "oscommerce" were removed.
  • Changed the way parameters are provided to scripts sync_xxx_ldap2dolibarr.php
  • Some field into database were renamed from "libelle" to "label".
  • Table llx_c_pays were renamed into llx_c_country.
  • Triggers *_BUILDDOC are removed. Building a doc is not a business event. For action after creation of a pdf or odt, hook "afterPDFCreation" or "afterODTCreation" must be used instead.
  • A lot of pages called fiche.php were renamed into card.php
  • A lot of pages called liste.php were renamed into list.php
  • If you used warehouse/stock module, recheck setup of stock increase/decrease rules of the warehouse module and your Point Of Sale module if you use one.


31 Dicembre 2014 - 75MB
  • Fix: fix ErrorBadValueForParamNotAString error message in price customer multiprice.
  • Fix: bug 1588 : relative discount.
  • Fix: label of input method not tranlated.
  • Fix: box of customer and propsects were not correctly disabled.
  • Fix: [ bug #1618 ] PHP Error thrown when saving a barcode
  • Fix: Civility & birthdate wasn't save into adherent module.
  • Fix: webservice Thirdparty parameter lastname for invidual creation is now lastname and not ref
  • Fix: Chars - is no more allowed into value for code for extra fields.
  • Fix: [ bug #1622 ] Requesting holiday than spans across two years cause high CPU usage by Apache
  • Fix: [ bug #1595 ] Selected boolean extrafield in intervention creation page, does not save state
  • Fix: Show sender Country on PDF docs when sender Country receiver Country
  • Fix: [ bug #1624 ] Use lowest buying price for margin when selling with POS
  • Fix: [ bug #1749 ] Undefined $mailchimp
  • Fix: [ bug #1649 ] Cancel button of several thirdparty actions, does the same thing as modify
  • Fix: [ bug #1736 ] Failing supplier Elephant numeration module with some masks
  • Fix: [ bug #1731 ] Can't use quick navigation on project tasks secondary tabs


13 Ottobre 2014 - 75MBFor users:
  • Fix: Can upload files on services.
  • Fix: sql errors on updat fichinter.
  • Fix: debian script syntax error.
  • Fix: error "menu param is not inside list" into pos module.
  • Fix: Salary payments are not reflected on the reporting sheets.
  • Fix: Unsubscribe emailing not working.
  • Fix: Trigger on create category call failed because user is not passed on card.
  • Fix: list event view lost type event filter.
  • Fix: Save also code event.
  • Fix: VAT payment - Add control on field date value.
  • Fix: Salaries payment - Field date value is now required and add control on it.
  • Fix: Iban was used instead of Bic into SEPA file.
  • Fix: Must unaccent strings into SEPA file.
  • Fix: Extrafield feature select from table should try to translate multiple column when not needed
  • Fix: cents for indian ruppes are calle paisa and paise.
  • Fix: Invoices payments may be older than invoices.
  • Fix: Withdrawal total amount is double
  • Fix: [ bug #1593 ] Spanish Localtax IRPF not being calculated since 3.6.0 in supplier invoices when adding a line
  • Fix: Web service categorie WDSL declaration is correct
  • Fix: ErrorBadValueForParamNotAString was displayed in virtual product if no base price defined
  • Fix: Category creation failed and no message output
  • Fix: Lanf for Payment Type
  • Fix: PHPCheckstyle 1.5.5


(versione principale)
21 Agosto 2014 - 75MBFor users:
  • New: Update ckeditor to version 4.
  • New: Add form "search customer order" on commercial main page.
  • New: Can create contract from an order.
  • New: Add list of orders products in tab "consumption" on thirdparties.
  • New: Add graph stats for suppliers orders in tab "stats" on products.
  • New: Add option MAIN_HIDE_INACTIVETAB_ON_PRINT to hide inactive tabs when you use the "print" view on screen.
  • New: Add option MAIN_AUTO_TIMESTAMP_IN_PUBLIC_NOTES and MAIN_AUTO_TIMESTAMP_IN_PRIVATE_NOTES to automatically add timestamp and user line into edition field when editing a note.
  • New: Add button cancel into edition of notes.
  • New: Improved Barcode module: Can input barcode during product creation step.
  • New: Improved Barcode module: Add autonumbering of barcode value for products.
  • New: Improved Barcode module: Add a page/tool for mass barcode generation.
  • New: Improved Opensurvey module: Added options to disable comments and disable public votes.
  • New: Improved Opensurvey module: Limit dates use calendar popup.
  • New: Improved Opensurvey module: Description of survey use wysiwig editor.
  • New: Improved Opensurvey module: More information shown on result tab.
  • New: Improved Opensurvey module: Renamed "survey" into "poll" (better translation).
  • New: Add filter on text and status into survey list. Can also sort on id, text and date end.
  • New: The box "balance of bank accounts" show all opened accounts.
  • New: Add option MAIN_ADD_SALE_REP_SIGNATURE_IN_NOTE to add sale represnative into public note of generated documents.
  • New: Add warning if supplier payment is higher that due amount.
  • New: Increase length of url into bookmark module.
  • New: Automatic events sending mails add info about linked objects into email content.
  • New: Price management enhancement (multiprice level, price by customer, if MAIN_FEATURES_LEVEL=2 Price by qty).
  • New: Add option MAIN_FAVICON_URL.
  • New: Created {line_price_ht_locale}, {line_price_vat_locale} and {line_price_ttc_locale} ODT tags.
  • New: Add filter on project status into task list. By default, only "opened" project are visible.
  • New: Status "validated" for project are renamed into "opened".
  • New: Add barcode fields into user database.
  • New: Add manager name (ceo, director, president...) into main company information page.
  • New: Add field url as product properties.
  • New: More options to create a credit note (can be filled autatically according to remain to pay).
  • New: Can define custom fields for categories.
  • New: Prepare generation of SEPA files into module withdrawal.
  • New: [ task #1164 ] Add "Ref. supplier" search box in supplier orders
  • New: [ task #1345 ] Can filter on status for supplier order.
  • New: Add option FACTURE_SENDBYEMAIL_FOR_ALL_STATUS to allow to send invoice by email whatever is its status.
  • New: Add filter date in bank writing list page.
  • New: Extrafields can be used as substitution key %EXTRA_XXX% into emails texts for members.
  • New: Add categories translation.
  • New: Enable option "clone target emailing".
  • New: Improved tax module: Add specific page for salaries payment
  • New: Add composer.json file so Dolibarr can be publish onto
  • New: The combo list of juridical status is now sorted
  • New: [ task #926 ] Add extrafield feature on order lines.
  • New: [ task #927 ] Add extrafield feature on Proposal lines.
  • New: [ task #928 ] Add extrafield feature on invoice lines.
  • New: Paypal/paybox email sent after backcall of a payment is now a formated and translated HTML content. For member subscription renewal, there is also a link to member.
  • New: When a subscription is recorded with invoice and payment: the document (PDF) of invoice is also generated; the invoice is set to status paid.
  • New: Can enter holiday for someone else if user has permission for.
  • Fix: Project Task numbering customs rule works.
  • Fix: Add actions events not implemented.
  • Fix: Price min of composition is not supplier price min by quantity.
  • Fix: [ bug #1356 ] Bank accountancy number is limited to 8 numbers.
  • Fix: [ bug #1478 ] BILL_PAYED trigger action does not intercept failure under some circumstances
  • Fix: [ bug #1479 ] Several customer invoice triggers do not intercept trigger action
  • Fix: [ bug #1477 ] Several customer invoice triggers do not show trigger error messages
  • Fix: [ bug #1471 ] Several PHP warnings when intercepting USER_CREATE trigger.
  • Fix: [ bug #1517 ] Packages sizes.
  • Fix: [ bug #1521 ] The second order's page from a provider shows all orders

For developers:
  • New: Add path file of trigger into admin trigger list page.
  • New: More phpunit tests.
  • New: Payments and supplier payment pages tabs can now be extended from modules.
  • New: Add option 'aZ' into GETPOST function to check parameters contains only a to z or A to Z characters.
  • New: Opensurvey polls tab cards can now be extended from external modules.
  • New: Add new hook function addMoreActionsButtons to allow a module to add/replace action buttons into an element.
  • New: Normalize code for barcode generation to match other modules.
  • New: Uniformize code for contacts forms.
  • New: Add some hooks for financial reports.
  • New: A module can add its own ECM view.
  • New: A module can disable a standard ECM view.
  • New: Add multilang support into product webservice.
  • New: Add hooks on project card page.

WARNING: The following changes may create regression for some external modules, but was necessary to make Dolibarr better:
  • The deprecated way (with 4 parameters) to declare a new tab into a module descriptor file has been removed. You must now use the 6 parameters way. See file modMyModule.class.php for example.
  • Remove the javascript function ac_delay() that is not used anymore by core code.
  • Properties "dictionnaries" into module descriptor files has been renamed into "dictionaries".
  • Method form->select_currency() has been removed. Use instead print form->selectCurrency().
  • Method form->select_methodes_commande() has been renamed into english name selectInputMethod().
  • The following hooks are now 'addreplace' hooks: "formCreateThirdpartyOptions". So check that return value is 0 to keep default standard behaviour after hook or 1 to disable default standard behaviour.
  • Properties "civilite_id" were renamed into "civility_id".
  • Remove add_photo_web() that is not used anymore by core code.


15 Luglio 2014 - 75MB
  • Fix: Hide title of event when agenda module disabled.
  • Fix: When using option MAIN_MAIL_ALLOW_SENDMAIL_F, a mail was sent to sender.
  • Fix: Question about warehouse must not be done when module stock is disabled.
  • Fix: Option STOCK_SUPPORTS_SERVICES was not correctly implemented (missing test at some places).
  • Fix: Renaming a project with uplaoded files failed.
  • Fix: [ bug #1476 ] Invoice creation form loses invoice date when there is a validation error.
  • Fix: [ bug #1431 ] Reception and Send supplier order box has a weird top margin.
  • Fix: [ bug #1428 ] "Nothing" is shown in the middle of the screen in a supplier order.
  • Fix: The object deliverycompany was not used anymore and output of details for delivery reports was lost during 3.5. Rewrite code to restore feature.
  • Fix: [ bug #1445 ] html fix : missing '/tr' tag
  • Fix: [ bug #1415 ] Intervention document model name and suppliers model names is not shown properly in module configuration
  • Fix: [ bug #1416 ] Supplier order does not list document models in the select box of the supplier order card
  • Fix: [ bug #1443 ] Payment conditions is erased after editing supplier invoice label or limit date for payment
  • Fix: Filter on status was not visible when selected from url.
  • Fix: Filtering on status was last when asking to sort.
  • Fix: [ bug #1432 ] Trigger SHIPPING_CREATE ignores interception on error.
  • Fix: [ bug #1449 ] Trigger ORDER_CREATE, LINEORDER_DELETE, LINEORDER_UPDATE and LINEORDER_INSERT ignore interception on error.
  • Fix: [ bug #1450 ] Several Customer order's triggers do not report the error from the trigger handler.
  • Fix: [ bug #1451 ] Interrupted order clone through trigger, loads nonexistent order.
  • Fix: [ bug #1454 ] Mention de bas de page erroné
  • Fix: Do not display dictionnay for non activated module
  • Fix: Link element from element project pages
  • Fix: [ bug #1509 ] Expedition admin free text & watermark submit error
  • Fix: [ bug #1349 ] AJAX contact selector does not work fine in Project card
  • Fix: [ bug #1452 ] variable used but not defined
  • Fix: If multiprice level is used the VAT on addline is not correct
  • Fix: [ bug #1254 ] Error when using "Enter" on qty input box of a product (on supplier order part)
  • Fix: [ bug #1462, 1468, 1480, 1483, 1490, 1497] $this instead of $object
  • Fix: [ bug #1455 ] outstanding amount
  • Fix: [ bug #1425 ] LINEBILL_SUPPLIER_DELETE failure trigger leads to an endless loop
  • Fix: [ bug #1460 ] Several supplier order triggers do not show error messages
  • Fix: [ bug #1461 ] LINEORDER_SUPPLIER_CREATE does not intercept supplier order line insertion
  • Fix: [ bug #1484 ] BILL_SUPPLIER_PAYED trigger action does not intercept failure under some circumstances
  • Fix: [ bug #1482 ] Several supplier invoice triggers do not show trigger error messages
  • Fix: [ bug #1486 ] LINEBILL_SUPPLIER_CREATE and LINEBILL_SUPPLIER_UPDATE triggers do not intercept trigger action
  • Fix: [ bug #1522 ] Element list into associate object into project are no more filterd by project thirdparty
  • Fix: [ bug #1526 ] Thumbs of files uploaded with dots in their names do not load correctly
  • Fix: Import ProfId1 to siren and ProfId2 to siret


1 Giugno 2014 - 75MB
  • Fix: Error on field accountancy code for export profile of invoices.
  • Fix: [ bug #1351 ] VIES verification link broken.
  • Fix: [ bug #1352 ] Removing a shipping does not remove the delivery.
  • Fix: Option MAIN_INVERT_SENDER_RECIPIENT broken with typhon template.
  • Fix: Can disable features with PHPEXCEL (no DLSF compatible).
  • Fix: Can disable features with CKEDITOR.
  • Fix: Pb of records not correctly cleaned when module marge is uninstalled (conflict between 'margin' and 'margins').
  • Fix: [ bug #1341 ] Lastname not added by file or direct input in mass e-mailing.
  • Fix: [ bug #1357 ] Invoice creator state not printed in generated invoice documents.
  • Fix: Suppliers invoice mask fails using {tttt} in numbering.
  • Fix: [ bug #1350 ] pdf template name for typhon was not correctly set when enabling module.
  • Fix: Navigation on notes for shipments was not working.
  • Fix: [ bug #1353 ] Email notifications, wrong URL.
  • Fix: [ bug #1362 ] Note is not saved.
  • Fix: tr/td balance.
  • Fix: [ bug #1360 ] note indicator for member tab.
  • Fix: Nb of notes and doc not visible onto tasks.
  • Fix: [ bug #1372 ] Margin calculation does not work in proposals.
  • Fix: [ bug #1381 ] PHP Warning when listing stock transactions page.
  • Fix: [ bug #1367 ] "Show invoice" link after a POS sell throws an error.
  • Fix: TCPDF error file not found in member card generation.
  • Fix: [ bug #1380 ] Customer invoices are not grouped in company results report.
  • Fix: [ bug #1393 ] PHP Warning when creating a supplier invoice.
  • Fix: [ bug #1399 ] [pgsql] Silent warning when setting a propal as "facturée" in propal.php
  • Fix: When number reach 9999 with default numbering module, next number will be 10000 instead of 0000 and error.
  • Fix: element page on project give wrong href link.
  • Fix: [ bug #1397 ] Filter by supplier orders with status Draft does not filter.
  • Fix: [ bug #1388 ] Wrong date when invoicing several orders.
  • Fix: [ bug #1411 ] Unable to set an expedition note if invoices module is not enabled.
  • Fix: [ bug #1407 ] Rouget pdf overlapped when using tracking number and public notes.
  • Fix: [ bug #1405 ] Rouget PDF expedition incorrect when two expeditions under the same commande


5 Maggio 2014 - 75MB

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