Tegonal Genossenschaft

Tegonal Genossenschaft

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Software development is our skill.

We are a team of passionate software engineers. Together with our customers we analyse the requirements and develop good and individual solutions.

We value open source technologies and prefer to program in the languages Scala, Clojure, Kotlin TypeScript or Java, but we are also open to other technologies. Our customers can access the source code at any time.

We are flexible, well connected and love collaborations. We contribute to an active open source community through our commits. And we like to support charitable projects.

We love elegant code and have mastered the balancing act of using modern technology while ensuring the necessary stability. By using Open Source technologies we are efficient and effective in advancing our clients’ projects. Security and data protection are important to us. We store all data in Switzerland.

Programming languages

Scala, Clojure, Java, JavaScript, Typescript, Kotlin, Dart


Akka, Angular, React, Next.js, Flutter, Docker, Kubernetes, Jelastic, Cloud Foundry, Java EE, Firebase, Play, Apache Wicket, Spring, Progressive Web App

Further areas

Trainings, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Big Data

Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Apache Hadoop, Cassandra, Mongo DB


Maria DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL


Agile, Scrum, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment



Design Référencement (SEO) Migration d'un site vers Infomaniak Réparation et protection d'un site (sécurité) Refonte d'un site Internet Mise à jour (optimisation, nouveaux contenus et fonctionnalités)

Application mobile

Android iOS Refonte d'une application mobile Mise à jour (optimisation, nouveaux contenus et fonctionnalités)


Logiciels Serveur Maintenance Conseil informatique