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We ease and accelerate your digitalization through Apps and Services for Web Sites, Email, Productivity, Communication, Business Continuity and Security from enterprise grade cloud vendors.

A typical enterprise of today uses tens to hundreds of apps. We protect you against unplanned downtime of your business critical apps that may involve risk of losing both money and trust. When you Go Autopilot with us, we take over the complexity of managing your technology assets to help you succeed in what you do best - your business. Our Managed Apps and Managed Platforms offer exceptional user experiences for your employees, partners and clients.

We are a customer experience oriented team. So, we would like to get in touch with you to know your needs before selling anything to you. Following the analysis of your business needs, we plan, deploy, maintain and secure your application and platform services. As soon as your services are up and running, we start watching processes, services and networks every minute to take quick actions whenever required.



WordPress Drupal PrestaShop Magento Design Référencement (SEO) Marketing (SEA, Email, etc.) Migration vers la console Infomaniak actuelle Migration d'un site vers Infomaniak Réparation et protection d'un site (sécurité) Refonte d'un site Internet Streaming radio/vidéo Mise à jour (optimisation, nouveaux contenus et fonctionnalités)


Mail Ordinateur Logiciels Newsletter Serveur RĂ©seau et connexion Internet NAS Synology WorkSpace (synchronisation d'agendas et de contacts) Gestion Ă  distance (Housing) Maintenance Conseil informatique


PR House

PR House

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G Suite Administration

Google Cloud Platform Partner : G Suite

G Suite Administration : setup, migration of existing data, user transition, security management.

Chrome Enterprise

Google Cloud Platform Partner : Chrome Enterprise

G Suite Administration

Coursera : G Suite Administration