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Hesk est une application gratuite de support et de base de connaissances. Initialement publié en 2009, Hesk est devenue l'une des solutions gratuite de support les plus populaires.

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13 March 2021
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13 Mars - 10MB3.2.2

  • fix: replies via email not showing content when Rich Text (HTML) formatting is turned on
  • fix: reset ticket session data if any variable is sent to the Create new ticket form
  • due date and ticket language parameters can now be passed to the Create new ticket form


  • fix: merged tickets not showing replies with Rich Text (HTML) formatting turned on
  • fix: SMTP class does not support TLS 1.2 in PHP >= 5.6.7 and < PHP 7.2
  • fix: admin panel modals hidden on small screens
  • updated TinyMCE to 5.7.0

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


(version majeure) (version de sécurité)
3 Mars - 10MBSecurity
  • security: fixed persistent XSS, reported by Charley Celice of Quorum Cyber (www)

  • tickets can now have a due date set
  • added support for HTML-formatted ticket messages/replies (staff only)
  • added links to filter tickets by assignment/due soon/overdue quickly
  • do not update "lastchange" timestamp on Resolved tickets when deleting a user or category
  • support for %%SITE_TITLE%% in email subjects
  • improved button text display on non-English versions
  • added an easy way to load an extra custom CSS file to Hesk admin
  • staff can now change ticket category when submitting a ticket
  • staff can now set ticket (customer) language when submitting a ticket
  • cron files can now have an access key set to authorize web access
  • minor styling and usability changes

Bug Fixes
  • fix: make sure ticket list always has clickable links in mobile view
  • fix: ticket list mismatch after deleting a custom field
  • fix: check if JSON is enabled when installing/updating Hesk
  • fix: bulk ticket actions select vertical scroll bar off-screen on some mobile devices
  • fix: set cookie SameSite attribute to "None" if Hesk is allowed to be displayed in frames
  • fix: message encoding issue when previewing service messages
  • fix: properly escape edge-case HTML special characters and backslashes
  • fix: "Can unban ips" permission should also enable "Can ban ips"
  • fix: email notification setting when someone adds a note not respected
  • fix: respect custom field position when editing a ticket
  • fix: properly encode CDATA closing tag

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


18 Août 2020 - 10MBChanges
  • the "Submit as" control in staff reply form now supports all statuses
  • don't change the "last updated" value of tickets when deleting a custom field
  • prevent a corrupted hesk_kb_categories table causing an infinite loop
  • show ticket subject and notes at the top with "Newest reply at top" setting selected
  • when submitting a ticket from the admin panel Hesk will now pre-select default category priority
  • implemented SameSite cookie attribute support
  • updated third party libraries to the latest version
  • minor styling and usability changes

Bug Fixes
  • fix: the top "Re-send email notification" should send new ticket notification, not new reply
  • fix: language string with a single quote breaks calendar translation
  • fix: use quoting mechanism for special interpretation characters in mail from header
  • fix: on Profile page cannot select "Show the ticket I just replied to"
  • fix: contact details hidden in languages with a long title translation
  • fix: cannot select a language for service messages
  • fix: parsing of a non-utf8 email fails if Iconv functions are not available
  • fix: only list users whom the ticket can be assigned to when submitting a new ticket

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


20 Juillet 2020 - 10MBChanges
  • knowledgebase now shows full category structure in breadcrumbs
  • added custom favicon for better display on different devices
  • minor styling and usability changes

Bug Fixes
  • fix: saving general settings resets sending emails to PHP mail()
  • fix: sub-categories with no articles are hidden in customer side
  • fix: in customer side knowledgebase votes show views
  • fix: knowledgebase sub-category preview shows 1 article too many
  • fix: knowledgebase views show 1 less than actual when viewing an article
  • fix: non-default time format may show staff replies as "50 years ago" in customer-side
  • fix: custom header and footer are outside of the main wapper

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html

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(version majeure)
8 Avril 2020 - 10MB
  • choose the desired ticket reply hiding logic
  • added tooltips to action icons without a label
  • descriptive timestamps in ticket details (e.g., 5 hours ago)
  • improved ticket content readability, including adjustable max-width
  • improved formatting of WYSIWYG-generated content
  • improved customer-side display in Internet Explorer 9
  • security: fixed a reflected XSS, reported by Mostafa Gamal & Ahmed Sherif
  • fix: hide the link to Export tickets page if the user has no export permission
  • fix: HTML header code printed twice on the knowledgebase results page
  • fix: properly strip slashes and encode HTML in service messages
  • fix: custom text and hidden fields don't display a default value in admin panel > New ticket
  • fix: custom text field maxlength not working in customer side
  • fix: ticket replies not hidden correctly with "Newest reply at top"
  • fix: if a settings label is long it doesn't align nicely
  • fix: some hard-coded text cannot be translated
  • fix: show full custom field names in customer submit a ticket form
  • fix: when multiple languages are allowed, cannot add a custom status
  • fix: when multiple languages are allowed, editing a custom field shows empty field names
  • fix: IMAP "Keep a copy" checkbox not saving
  • fix: cannot allow single char attachment extensions
  • minor styling and usability changes

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


9 Mars 2020 - 10MB
  • fix: customer ticket reminder form not working in 3.0.2

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


4 Mars 2020 - 10MB
  • fix: settings for POP3 fetching not saving
  • fix: the style of subject and message inputs changes when selecting a ticket template
  • fix: issues with selecting drop-down select box values
  • fix: cannot change ticket status to "New"
  • fix: unable to append or select canned responses in some situations
  • fix: Javascript not escaping converted HTML code properly
  • fix: duplicate "Assign this ticket to myself" in the reply form
  • fix: ticket details not responsive in Edge
  • fix: Undefined offset notice in ticket history
  • tickets with status "Critical" now have a distinctive background color in ticket list
  • minor styling and usability changes

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


1 Mars 2020 - 10MBChanges
  • fix: suppress browser errors when multiple email addresses are allowed
  • fix: properly escape variables when saving settings
  • fix: confirm email always returns an error
  • fix: hesk_error() function should exit not return for end-users
  • fix: unable to append or select canned responses in some situations
  • minor styling and usability changes

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


(version majeure)
25 FĂ©vrier 2020 - 10MBChanges
  • a brand new mobile-friendly user interface
  • built-in theme support for the public (customer) interface
  • fix: SQL error when trying to ban an invalid IP

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


6 Janvier 2020 - 10MBNew Features
  • PHP 7.4 compatibility
  • MySQL 8.0.13 compatibility
  • users with no can_reply_tickets permission can now create ticket notes
  • updated third party libraries to the latest version

Bug Fixes
  • respect article order in Knowledgebase
  • save email attachments sent as message content type
  • better handle can_resolve and can_reply_tickets permissions

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


17 Août 2019 - 10MB2.8.4

Bug Fixes
  • modified the HTMLPurifier library to be compatible with PHP 5.3


Bug Fixes
  • break long words when bulk printing tickets
  • HTML-encoded chars can cause MySQL truncate error
  • parse links with single quotes in HTML email to ticket
  • wrong option for staff re-send notification of an assigned ticket
  • in email to ticket inline attachments with no message are not imported correctly
  • descriptive error message when post_max_size is exceeded for customer interface
  • link to embedded image tags rather than deleting them
  • no image in service messages list for style "None"
  • pagination does not work when searching for tickets by owner
  • workaround for a Microsoft DKIM verification bug

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


6 Juillet 2018 - 10MB
  • service messages can be set to display for a specific language only
  • fix: use div instead of span in print template for better browser compatibility
  • fix: double escaping in hesk_dbLike function may cause failed lookups
  • fix: some queries don't work in MySQL ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY mode
  • fix: POP3 fetching EOF detection unreliable in newer PHP versions
  • fix: Message-ID header missing host name over CLI
  • fix: force hesk_mb_strtolower function to use UTF-8

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


(version majeure)
1 Juillet 2018 - 10MB2.8.1

Bug Fixes
  • fix: update assignedby column when doing bulk assignments
  • fix: add a unique Message-ID header to outgoing emails


  • removed PHP 7.2 depreciated functions
  • minimum required PHP version increased to 5.3
  • bulk assign tickets form the ticket list
  • bulk print tickets form the ticket list
  • added tools for anonymizing tickets
  • find tickets by customer IP address
  • added support for Invisible reCAPTCHA
  • removed reCAPTCHA V1 (discontinued by Google)
  • staff can re-send email notifications for tickets
  • dropped time difference calculation, using timezones
  • new staff permission: can view tickets he/she assigned others
  • export to Excel now works for individual and selected tickets
  • fix: IMAP fetching ticket history log shows POP3 fetching
  • fix: IMAP connection test fails if the password contains a backslash
  • disable IMAP fetching if PHP was compiled without IMAP support
  • warn if a user's email address matches the POP3/IMAP fetching address
  • notice if "From:" email doesn't match SMTP sever email address
  • new "First name" tag for email templates and canned responses
  • minor UI improvements (ticket action buttons)

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


9 Mai 2018 - 10MBHighlights
  • improved handling of multiple emails in a ticket
  • changed a setting field name to avoid a mod_security false positive
  • when editing a ticket, empty values should not be replaced with defaults
  • updated third party libraries to the latest version

Bug Fixes
  • URL in a custom text field breaks HTML on the edit ticket page
  • removing duplicate recipients creates an issue in SMTP library
  • knowledgebase category shouldn't have its child set as parent
  • use multibyte functions for checking and limiting string length
  • (strict mode) only variables should be passed by reference
  • a non well formed numeric value notice in settings

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


11 DĂ©cembre 2017 - 10MB2.7.5
  • fix: old name and subject length limits in "Edit ticket"

  • new email tag %%TIME_WORKED%% shows time staff worked on a ticket
  • new email tag %%LAST_REPLY_BY%% shows name of the person who posted last ticket message
  • increased maxlength attribute for ticket name and subject to max supported in database (50 and 70)
  • improved few default email messages to avoid some spam filters marking them as "linkbait"
  • fix: move category not working correctly for users with no global submit permission
  • fix: if iconv is not available, attempt to use utf8_encode instead in email to ticket
  • fix: don't encode email headers if ascii only, it triggers some spam filters
  • fix: backslash not escaped properly in several functions
  • fix: remove duplicate recipients in hesk_mail() function
  • fix: missing name error message in profile
  • fix: don't allow newlines in email headers
  • fix: duplicate language string, IP WHOIS case
  • fix: use multibyte strtolower for strings where needed
  • fix: possible wrong previous month name in reports/exports
  • updated several third party libraries to the latest version

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


(version majeure)
4 Septembre 2017 - 10MB2.7.3
  • added meta robots "noindex, nofollow" tag to admin pages
  • hide KB functionality from customer side if no public articles
  • upload additional attachments when editing a ticket (up to allowed limit)
  • modified client IP detection to enable detecting proxy connections
  • improved display logic for top and latest public KB articles
  • improved handling of PHP/MySQL timezone difference
  • added new pages to allowed admin panel redirects
  • updated HTML Purifier and allowed URI Schemes
  • delete some cached files when saving settings
  • fix: missing collations in MySQL prior to 5.6
  • fix: missing statuses in ticket ID reminder email
  • fix: issues with emails that contain a single quote
  • fix: wrong custom date field value saved in some timezones
  • fix: extra line when using a hidden custom field after message
  • fix: session expired issue in very old PHP versions with register_globals on

  • fix: suppress warnings when check for update without cURL fails
  • fix: MySQL strict mode issue when upgrading an old Hesk version
  • fix: Content-Security-Policy flags setTimeout string as unsafe-eval
  • fix: searching tickets disabled status New in show tickets form
  • fix: do not overwrite the text/javascript header in tcal.php
  • detect additional "noreply" addresses
  • respect category order in ticket list group/order by category
  • don't list KB articles under "latest" if they are already listed under "top"
  • moved help desk title/URL under general settings to avoid confusion
  • modified some default settings (does not affect updates)

  • fix: don't modify ticket "Last updated" when updating HESK to 2.7.x

  • custom fields have been improved significantly:
  • translate title
  • change display order
  • tie them to specific categories
  • private (staff only) custom fields supported
  • mark as required for everyone or just for customers
  • checkboxes now require only a single option (before: two)
  • increased number of available custom fields to 50
  • improved interface and moved under "Tools"
  • do not show double punctuation in forms
  • new types: date, email, hidden
  • you can now create custom ticket statuses
  • improved language loading (fallback if not found, custom text)
  • automatically reload pages with list of tickets every X seconds/minutes
  • require tickets to be assigned before staff is able to reply to them (option)
  • implemented IMAP fetching (import emails to tickets from an IMAP email server)
  • email templates can now be modified from the Admin panel (Tools > Email templates)
  • removed LIMIT 1 from SQL UPDATE/DELETE statements to avoid replication warnings
  • in "Tickets per user" report show how many tickets a user has submitted
  • in admin panel show a link to the public knowledgebase article location
  • added head.txt for custom code to be included before tag
  • delete knowledgebase articles from the "Edit article" page
  • moved temporary files out of attachments folder
  • new staff permissions:
  • can resolve tickets
  • can submit tickets to any category
  • can move tickets to any category
  • ticket message can be set to not required
  • ticket subject can be set to not required
  • ticket email can be set to not required
  • HESK can now force SSL connections
  • fix: JS function argument default values are not available before ES6
  • fix: wrong order of ticket list column titles when a required column is missing
  • fix: return back to the previous page after editing KB articles from List private/draft articles
  • fix: remember opened ticket when changing display language in customer ticket view

  • fix: wrong form title when editing service messages
  • fix: removed some missing and/or mismatched HTML tags
  • fix: modify SQL database table structure to work with strict mode
  • security: fixed an issue, reported by Sven Morgenroth from Netsparker (www)
  • security: various security improvements, reported by Mohammed Abdulqader Abobaker Al-saggaf (www)
  • misc: updated few third party libraries

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


18 Avril 2016 - 6MB
  • changed email piping and pop3 fetching files line endings to Unix format for compatibility
  • security: removed private info from query string, reported by Alec Broughton (www)
  • security: require email to view tickets setting is now enabled by default
  • fix: pagination in private staff messages not working
  • fix: wrong links to index and KB page in help files
  • in customer side emails are now shown as a link

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


2 FĂ©vrier 2016 - 6MB
  • improved reCaptcha library to work with cURL
  • verify MySQL privileges before installing/upgrading
  • fix: respect attachments settings in KB form (minimum 3 if enabled)
  • fix: always checking for maintenance mode when downloading attachments
  • fix: missing tag in Reports

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


12 Septembre 2015 - 6MB
  • HESK now supports Zend OPcache enabled
  • modified PHP7 depreciated class constructors
  • improved handling of values/options when changing custom field type
  • simple anti-SPAM image now uses PNG or GIF support if JPEG is not enabled
  • trim "Help Desk URL" trailing slash when saving settings
  • fix: send customer notification of a new staff reply in the correct language
  • fix: merging tickets could hide old replies until a new reply is posted
  • fix: preserve table prefix in installation script on connection error
  • fix: session expired error when trying to reset password
  • fix: don't send out content-type headers for CLI scripts

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


18 Mars 2015 - 6MB
  • fix: \0 converted to null byte in XML export
  • fix: closedby column in hesk_tickets table must accept signed values

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


(version de sécurité)
28 FĂ©vrier 2015 - 6MB
  • fix: POP3 fetching task timeout can be disabled
  • fix: security issue reported by MichaĹ‚ Bentkowski (www)

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


(version majeure)
23 FĂ©vrier 2015 - 6MB
  • HESK is now compatible with PHP 5.6
  • minimum MySQL server version is 5.0.7
  • select which columns to display in ticket list
  • staff can now manage notifications and preferences for other users
  • option to disable email notifications to customer when they submit a new support ticket
  • notify customer when a ticket is marked Resolved (by staff without replying or automatically)
  • track what knowledgebase articles were suggested to the customer when submitting a new ticket
  • remind customer to check SPAM box for confirmation emails after submitting ticket
  • existing staff responses will be marked as read when customer replies over email
  • ticket templates for faster submitting of common tickets from admin interface
  • additional buttons to easily submit responses with different ticket statuses
  • improved handling of the goto parameter in admin panel (Lisandro Ubiedo)
  • require access control when testing connections (Lisandro Ubiedo)
  • don't start a new POP3 fetching task if the previous is still running
  • fix: fieldset legend element not aligned properly in most browsers
  • fix: set correct MIME type for servers sending nosniff header
  • fix: adjust MySQL time in legacy hesk_formatDate() function
  • fix: remove all non-ascii chars from attachment names
  • fix: custom checkbox fields not staying selected
  • staff can indicate a reply as a reply from the customer
  • use HESK knowledgebase only (no help desk)
  • allow staff to reset forgotten passwords
  • HESK can be put in maintenance mode
  • ability to find tickets by Owner
  • added support for reCAPTCHA API v2
  • the "Time worked" feature can be disabled
  • HESK width increasted of 960 pixel by default
  • show service messages on help desk homepage
  • option to prevent customers from resolving tickets
  • link customer IP addresses to an IP whois service
  • new email tag %%ID%% prints sequential ticket ID
  • save ticket response message for later without replying
  • set default customer notification box selection in Profile
  • ticket notes now allow attachments and can be modified
  • staff members are now ordered by name for easier selection
  • customers can select email reminder to list all or open tickets
  • three time formats available for the "Updated" column in ticket list
  • "Submit a ticket" form fields can now be populated using GET and POST
  • when saving settings don't test SMTP and POP3 connection if no changes
  • optionally show "Click to select" for ticket category, priority and custom fields
  • skip customer notification of new ticket if a SPAM tag is in email subject
  • customer email and staff signature field length increased to 1000 chars
  • accept or reject emails with no message (email piping/POP3 fetching)
  • on Categories page added links to list all tickets in each category
  • when listing knowledgebase articles verify the category exists
  • show related knowledgebase articles when viewing an article
  • when creating tickets from emails respect the Reply-To: tag
  • change ticket priority for selected tickets in ticket list
  • set default priority for ticket categories
  • minor changes to the interface
  • ban email addresses
  • ban IP addresses

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


5 Août 2014 - 6MB
  • fix: correct TinyMCE update to 3.5.11 from version 2.5.4

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


4 Août 2014 - 6MB
  • fix: MySQL test ignoring new database name when verifying tables
  • fix: adjust time if MySQL and PHP use different time zone setting
  • fix: single quotes not escaped properly in Javascript
  • updated TinyMCE to 3.5.11

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


16 Mars 2014 - 6MB
  • Firefox built-in spell check is now enabled when creating/editing knowledgebase articles
  • rephrased few commands in the interface for better understanding and consistency
  • fix: some Javascript not working if translated command contains a single quote
  • fix: line separator chars causing Javascript syntax errors in canned responses
  • fix: Hotmail breaks ticket tracking ID in email reply subject by adding spaces
  • fix: define dt and lastchange variables for emails when adding a ticket note
  • fix: email date should be in RFC2822 format (no manual time adjustment)
  • fix: allow upgrading from 2.5.x series without patch files
  • updated pop3.php to avoid a strict standards warning
  • improved and simplified installation/update script
  • added .header a:visited to hesk_style.css
  • user password length is no longer limited
  • updated TinyMCE to 3.5.10

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


13 Octobre 2013 - 6MB
  • reports now include "Time worked" summary
  • modified sorting by "Last Replier" field. Staff will be sorted first (by ID), then customers by name
  • fix: toggling limit of categories and features for users should be controlled by selected admin value
  • fix: checking if temporary file exists may cause problems with open_basedir in effect
  • fix: disabled attachments in version 2.5.x don't load all required functions
  • fix: knowledgebase categories have problems with % char in their name
  • fix: anti-SPAM question doesn't accept 0 as a valid answer
  • updated TinyMCE to 3.5.9

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


8 Août 2013 - 6MB
  • added "Updated" value to the export of tickets to Excel
  • added support for exporting tickets in Zip without Zip library enabled
  • added two new email template tags: %%CREATED%% and %%UPDATED%%
  • reduced memory usage in knowledgebase article suggestion, search and display
  • set last replier name to the email sender name with email piping/POP3 fetching
  • show "Open" and "Resolved" ticket count in reports by user and by category
  • fixed HTML quoted printable chars causing problems in non UTF-8 emails
  • fixed Javascript encoding of UTF-8 URL query parts
  • fixed behavior of hesk_isEmailLoop() function
  • remove invalid UTF-8 bytes from submitted text
  • improved parsing of incoming email messages
  • delete temporary email files on errors

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


(version majeure)
2 Juillet 2013 - 6MB
  • HESK is now fully compatible with PHP 5.5
  • export tickets into Excel (XML spreadsheet)
  • knowledgebase categories can now be ordered
  • show number of private and draft articles in the Knowledgebase categories list
  • new SPAM prevention option built-in: ReCaptcha
  • new special tag for use in email templates: %%EMAIL%%
  • support for %%MESSAGE%% tag in private messages
  • in email piping/pop3 fetching show notice what attachments were removed and why
  • if email contains message add direct links to any attachments at the bottom
  • add the "Reply above this line" tag only if email contains message
  • in emails make sure all fields have HTML special chars properly formatted
  • pop3 fetching now has an option to keep copy of emails on the server
  • pop3 fetching change verify sender name encoding
  • use mysqli extension instead of mysql if available
  • if customer reopens ticket change status to waiting reply from customer and remind customer to add a reply
  • it's now easy to change the name of admin and attachments folders
  • disallow uploads of some file types: .php, .phtml, .php3, .php4, .php5, .phps, .pl, .cgi, .shtm, .shtml
  • optimized several SQL statements for better performance
  • staff can now only run reports for categories they have access to and (by user) only for themselves.
  • option to give staff permission to run full reports
  • removed duplicates from text.php
  • when grouping tickets by owner show current user's on top
  • improved URL parsing to detect all schemes (http, https, ftp, sftp, file, ...)
  • when replying as staff give an option to not send email notification
  • in options.php urldecode $query
  • On Hold and In Progress statuses not cleared from the "Change status to" box
  • empty category value in submit ticket form if no public categories
  • work-around for a bug in older versions of Internet Explorer not allowing https downloads
  • long URLs in messages can be automatically shortened
  • session names shouldn't collide with multiple copies installed
  • email piping limit length of name and subject
  • detect if an attachment file has been deleted
  • show replier first name when printing tickets
  • do not allow rating replies of third party tickets
  • wrong status in email if status changes when replying
  • make "Add to the bottom" default selection for adding canned responses
  • "last changed" sometimes not updating correctly
  • remove the need for server path setting
  • forms need to allow longer emails (now 255 chars)
  • if a customer replies to a ticket with status "New" don't change status
  • "Show newest on top" setting now affects notes as well
  • custom fields need to be converted into plain text before sending in emails
  • hesk_makeURL should detect localhost addresses
  • decode XHTML reserved entities to UTF-8 in emails
  • prevent & in "Site title" setting from becoming & in emails
  • modified knowledgebase search form to make it clearer what the form does (search help)
  • detect if someone tries to post more data than what the server allows (PHP post_max_size limit)
  • expired sessions in admin panel may cause an "Invalid Request" error
  • reloading the page after submitting a KB article creates a new (duplicate) article
  • fix category name and email problems due to MySQL wildcard match
  • for customers, auto-focus first required field when "Submit a ticket" form loads
  • prevent caching of session pages by sending session_cache_limiter nocache
  • private and draft article list showing only 1 draft per category
  • limiting failed login attempts can now be disabled in settings
  • modified the simple anti-spam image a bit
  • count views of private articles
  • when deleting knowledgebase category also delete/move subcategories and attachments
  • fixed an error that can occur when merging tickets in strict MySQL mode
  • if one attachment fails delete others as well
  • fixed problems with \ " < > & in pop3/smtp passwords
  • removed support email variable (not used anymore)
  • removed Connection and Content-length HTTP headers from AJAX posts
  • cache check for updates to 1 per hour
  • updated TinyMCE to 3.5.8
  • updated mime_parser class to 1.85
  • few minor user interface changes

Lire la suite: http://www.hesk.com/demo/docs/changelog.html


19 FĂ©vrier 2013 - 4MB

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10 Go de VOD

Messagerie professionnelle
5 adresses email avec stockage illimité

Messagerie en ligne
Messagerie instantanée
Synchronisation des contacts et agendas

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Serveur Cloud


HĂ©bergement Web 100% SSD
100 Go et +
Gestion multisites
Gestion avancée des certificats SSL EV et DV
Protection Anti-DDoS
10 Go de VOD

2 CPU et +
6 Go de RAM et +
100% SSD
Ressources 100% dédiées

Infomaniak gère votre serveur

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