ownCloud ist ein Open-Source-File Sync und Aktien-Anwendung. ownCloud wurde anfänglich im Jahr 2010 veröffentlicht.

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21 November 2016
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140 MB
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19 Dezember 2016 - 140MB
  • [major] UI: File list now works properly with many hidden entries - core/#26518
  • [major] Transfer ownership fails in some sharing scenario - core/#26523
  • [major] Transfer ownership fails if external storage with user-specified password - core/#26530
  • [major] Transfer ownership fails with file shares with invalid permissions - core/#26541
  • [major] Transfer ownership must skip trashed shares - core/#26525
  • [major] Versions on external storage never expire - core/#24161
  • [major] Properly convert public upload OCS params - core/#26691
  • [major] Properly load object store apps at install time when required in config - core/#26299
  • [major] Fix issue in sharing API that can happen with Galera Cluster - core/#26700
  • [major] Cannot delete file in share link from global external storage - core/#25618
  • [major] Fix issue where first run wizard made web UI unusable in IE11 - core/#26438
  • [major] Cannot upload to federated share when only create/update permission given - core/#26173
  • [major] Auth header in new DAV endpoint can break with Windows Webdav - core/#26412
  • [minor] Transfer ownership don't bail out on error - core/#26524
  • [minor] Don't scan received shares in OCC files scan or background jobs - core/#26590
  • [minor] Remove useless warning in log when accessing public shares - core/#25455
  • [minor] Fix disappearance of share info when clicking favorite star - core/#26241
  • [minor] Don't bother fetching preview images if previews disabled in config.php - core/#26705

Lesen Sie mehr: http://owncloud.org/changelog/


21 November 2016 - 140MB
  • Core: Adjusted documentation link to issue template - core/#26087
  • Core: Display feedback in users page when changing password - core/#25532
  • Core: Fix mime type detection in hidden directories - core/#26133
  • Core: Change forum URL to central - core/#25644
  • Core: Fix share array format passed to "post_unshareFromSelf" hook - core/#26390
  • Core: Release mount info memory after running background jobs - core/#26223
  • Core: Improve users page performance by not sorting after every add - core/#26234
  • Core: Escape special chars in some queries - core/#25429
  • Core: Redirect to two factor challenge page when only a single provider exists - core/#26134
  • Core: Fix bogus PasswordLoginForbidden DAV error when logging in as non-existing user - core/#26123
  • Core: Change the minimum log level to FATAL - core/#26131
  • Core: Fix issue with "(2)" appearing on shares when querying avatar with wrong casing - core/#26271
  • Core: Enabling an app now also analyzes dependencies at this time instead of only at install - core/#26295
  • Core: Reuse cached app info to avoid high load on some environments - core/#25603
  • Core: Show warning instead of exception when trying to run ownCloud on Windows - core/#26208
  • Core: Fix misleading SSL/TLS SMTP email configuration - core/#26447
  • Core: Fix malformed attribute in files app page - core/#26480
  • DAV: Improve chunk assembly performance for new DAV endpoint - core/#26062
  • DAV: New chunking now returns Etag and OC-Etag on the final MOVE - core/#25682
  • DAV: Do not print exception messages in HTML - core/#26460
  • DAV: Sanitize length headers when validating quota - core/#26366
  • Files: Allow uploading empty files in the web UI - core/#19116
  • Files: Properly translate file summary in lists - core/#26221
  • Files: Exclude more invalid chars in path - core/#26461
  • Sharing: Let the share owner increase permissions - core/#25542
  • Federation: Fix sharing with remote user names containing spaces - core/#25955
  • Federation: Save some memory in sync job by releasing mount info after each user - core/#26204
  • Federation: Fix federated address book syncing by using the correct background job name - core/#26202
  • CalDAV: Add Schedule and IMip plugins when receiving webdav v1 api calendar calls - core/#23600
  • CardDAV: Unset photo before setting a new one - core/#26242
  • CardDAV: Fix for birthday entries - core/#25636
  • CardDAV: Limit image export mime types - core/#26459
  • Updater: Fix web UI update in some environments - updater/#378
  • Updater: Retrigger integrity check after update - updater/#405
  • User_LDAP: Added OCC command to update group mappings - user_ldap/#14
  • User_LDAP: Fix issue with "(2)" appearing on shares when refreshing users in some scenarios - core/#25718
  • User_external: Double verify the SMB response - apps/#2198
  • Firstrunwizard: Only display the wizard when in files app - firstrunwizard/#52
  • Gallery: Do not display technical error messages - gallery/#707

Lesen Sie mehr: http://owncloud.org/changelog/


26 September 2016 - 140MB
  • Core: Remove OCS response body for HTTP status 204 and 304 which disturbed some firewalls - core/#25835
  • Core: Map Oracle driver options to params - core/#23938
  • Core: Log cron job class name for easier troubleshooting - core/#25743
  • Core: Skip version and trash expiry for users that never logged in - core/#25741
  • Core: Added white download icons for apps to use - core/#23891
  • Core: Fix warning about undefined offset in LoginController - core/#25714
  • Core: Fix warning about undefined two factor providers - core/#25606
  • Core: Load app before executing its repair steps - core/#25674
  • Core: Fix "defaultapp" setting - core/#25562
  • Core: Fix issue when opening some file app links received in share emails - core/#25200
  • Core: Reconnect DB in occ files:scan to avoid DB timeouts - core/#25853
  • Core: Fix status.php page redirection with non-standard port - core/#25946
  • Core: Improve users page loading performance with many groups - core/#25922
  • Core: Don't log credentials from tryLogin - core/#25895
  • Core: Fix password recovery with case sensitive user names - core/#25684
  • Core: Fix two factor page cyclic reload with some providers - core/#25893
  • Core: Add visual feedback when updating password in users page - core/#25532
  • Core: Fix useless warning when overwriting file when open_basedir is set - core/#26033
  • Files: Display hidden files in footer and selection summary - core/#25855
  • Files: Fix hidden files handling with insertion or selection - core/#25856
  • DAV: Faster classification migration in CalDAV - core/#25638
  • DAV: Error message about forbidden password login is now logged in debug level - core/#25486
  • DAV: Return "data-fingerprint" property on any file related element - core/#25482
  • DAV: Fix missing properties in CalDAV subscriptions - core/#24469
  • DAV: Improve performance of chunking in new DAV endpoint- core/#26072
  • Sharing: Fixed wrong insufficient storage error - core/#25582
  • Sharing: Prevent shared storage recursions to avoid memory issues and crashes - core/#25557
  • Sharing: Group received shares which have same source and target - core/#25113
  • Sharing: Fix sharing over API when dealing with trailing slashes - core/#25464
  • Sharing: Fix public upload issue with quota in some scenarios - core/#24751
  • Sharing: Fix issue where videos did not play from share links with PHP 7 - core/#25483
  • Sharing: Fix BadMethodCallException in cron or scanner - core/#25506
  • Sharing: Prevent ghost mounts for deleted/orphaned shares - core/#26001
  • Sharing: Fix fatal error for users with older existing shares from OC bad signature - #24095
  • TextEditor: Checksum not invalidated on file change - #23782
  • occ files:scan does not invalidate checksums if file changed on disk. - #23783
  • [9.0] handle completely unscanned storages in the background scanner - #23576
  • [stable9] Write .htaccess also from CLI - #24136
  • Share link: user mail is disappearing after selecting expiration date - #22947
  • Folder size not propagated when uploading as share recipient with encryption enabled - #24105
  • Can create events in contacts_birthday calendar - #24154
  • [stable9] Ignore certificate file if it starts with file:// - #24172
  • [stable9] remember email when setting expiration date - #24149
  • cron.php does not exit, consumes RAM - #23621
  • Cron gives errors on getQuota() on null in apps/files_versions/lib/storage.php on line 691 - #23513
  • [9.0] Change the sort order of background jobs to be DESC instead of ASC - #24196
  • No "Personal" calendar created for installing user - #24082
  • [9.0] dont do optimized size propagation for encrypted files - #24158
  • [stable9] on clone Connection, do not take over the existing LDAP resource - #24236
  • [stable9] Fix LDAP race conditions - #24242
  • Catching undefined exception in versions expire - #24233
  • [9.0] Call private cache methods only for `OC\Files\Cache\Cache` - #24202
  • "Deadlock found when trying to get lock" in file locking - #20555
  • [stable9] don't get the config for the same mount multiple times - #24259
  • Scanner doesn't propagate etags any more when file changed - #24255
  • Undefined index: extension at /var/www/owncloud/lib/private/installer.php#272 - #24228
  • [stable9] Disable pastezone for jquery.fileupload - #24281
  • Can't upgrade to 9.0.1 (daily) in CentOS 6.6 - #24276
  • [9.0] error out if a local storage isn't setup correctly - #24289
  • [Stable 9] Make ownCloud work again in php 7.0.6 - #24343
  • After switching to Postgresql changing any activity checkbox checks all of the boxes - #23761
  • Upgrade from o.C. 8.2.X to 9.0.X. Cannot access to oC if and LDAP user that made a share was deleted from the LDAP server. - #24090
  • Update sabre/dav to 3.0.9 for windows 10 support - 3rdparty/#269
  • Update sabre/dav to 3.0.9 on stable9 - 3rdparty/#270
  • Spinning wheel OC 9 - activity/#481
  • wrong links in RSS feed - activity/#508
  • Announcementcenter is listing only the last 5 announcements - announcementcenter/#67
  • Export Addressbook - contacts/#248
  • [stable9] Redirect page if not shown in an iframe - files_pdfviewer/#109
  • Fix wrong path to lost password template - templateeditor/#43
  • 3rdparty folder not overwritten on update - updater/#316
  • getExtractionBaseDir should be deleted before code signature is verified - updater/#318
  • BrokenUpdaterRepair SQL issue - updater/#331
  • Wrong app path when optional PCNTL module was not enabled - updater/#335
  • integrity-check command shows error after running updater from 9.0.1 stable to daily stable9 - updater/#342
  • updater/update.log has to be stored in the data folder - updater/#317
  • 3rdparty folder not overwritten on update - updater/#316
  • getExtractionBaseDir should be deleted before code signature is verified - updater/#318
  • Upgrade from 9.0 to 9.1 fails - updater/#336
  • Wrong app path when optional PCNTL module was not enabled - updater/#335

Lesen Sie mehr: http://owncloud.org/changelog/


12 April 2016 - 140MBSharing
  • Add mimetype to OCS Share API output #23060
  • Allow group shares, even if not all public keys are available #23264
  • Allow blocking of group sharing #23473
  • API share returns the shares that I make even API is disabled #22668
  • Return remote shares in oc:share-types Webdav property #23570
  • "Allow editing" capability in share by link not disabled #23325
  • Fix archive file name when downloading public share #22922
  • Link to the folder/file is broken/wrong in the email sent via internal share. #23197
  • Dont break when there is an invalid share #23252
  • Add webdav share-types property to fix favorites/tags share status icon #23384
  • In files view, the user that made the shares is not shown #23645
  • files:transfer-ownership command does not work in some scenarios with shares #23686
  • Sharing to AD group fails when not all users have logged in #22907
  • Case insensitive group sharing #23223
  • Position of edit options in sharing menu confuses user #18163
  • Cannot download shared albums that were shared via link gallery/#554

CalDAV/CardDAV, Calendar and Contacts
  • Allow to migrate calendars of all users #23113
  • Missing contacts_birthday calendar after upgrade to 9.0 #23203
  • Add title and color to birthday calendar #23128
  • CalDAV / CardDAV URLs no longer working after upgrading to 9.0 #22988
  • Group calendars can't be edited by group members #23011
  • Contact birthdays of untouched contacts not displayed in calendar #22971
  • Shared addressbook is always writable independently on "can edit" checkbox #23273
  • Calendar: Shared Calendars Aren't Visible After Upgrading From 8.2.2 -> 9.0.0{beta2,RC1,final} #22678
  • Calendar doesn't support dates before Unix epoch => can't import contact birthdays #23004
  • The birthday_calendar is read-only #23105
  • Prevent calendar proppatch for share recipients #22909
  • Fix syncing of all birthday calendars in one go #23035

External storage
  • Chunk upload for GDrive #23361
  • Files on external storage can't be opened in 9.0.0 #23145
  • fix creation of versions of encrypted files on external storages #23710
  • Display external storage GUI even if user mounting disabled #23335
  • External FTP storage doesn't work with encryption enabled #22286
  • Dropbox stream download with RetryWrapper #23522

  • A lot of 'noise' in owncloud.log showing LDAP users in users view #22770
  • Received share to local user disappears from Webdav when LDAP server unavailable #20536
  • Users with LDAP photos unable to see SMB external storage on OwnCloud Android app #21555
  • Remove deprecated ldap_sort #23086
  • Encryption
  • [Encryption] Encryption no longer working after update from 8.2.2 to 9.0.0 #23181
  • [Encryption] "Bad Signature" error after activating encryption #23078
  • [Encryption] Make sure that the encrypted version is set #23709
  • [Encryption] OCA\\Encryption\\Controller\\SettingsController->updatePrivateKeyPassword displays password in plain text when logged #23717

  • [FEDERATION] ownCloud not responsive because of inaccessible federated share #22987
  • [FEDERATION] Multiple federated unsharing removes the last, not the removed one #23148
  • [FEDERATION] OwnCloud not responsive because of inaccessible federated share #22987

  • Chunked Files: Optimize checking if all chunks are there #22601
  • Remove browser autocomplete in new file menu #22784
  • Integrity check stumbles over lost+found special directory #23341
  • Code integrity failure when modifying .user.ini #23144
  • Admin page down after update to 9.0 #22960
  • Remove browser autocomplete in new file menu #22784
  • Redirect loop on session timeout when exploring trashbin #21140
  • Fix tooltip for versions mtime #22924
  • The download archive should be named after the name of the current folder #22836
  • Undefined index: newVersionString #22917
  • Rename and move permissions are set when a file is updatable #22841
  • Files Sidebar shows no entries #22980
  • Class 'XMLReader' not found in Reader.php (after upgrade from 8.2.2) #23003
  • Fix call to disk_free_space when a file is provided #22912
  • Missing document icons in filter views #23044
  • Remove disabled autocorrect for new file names #23024
  • Getting a 404 when calling url/owncloud; fine when calling url/owncloud/index.php #22970
  • Call to a member function getRequest() on null #23031
  • Windows Office files via SMB mount through WebDAV is prompting for authentication #22596
  • php fatal error during upgrade from to #23020
  • 500 on PROPFIND with "oc:owner-display-name" #23116
  • Explicitly check for port #23156
  • Windows Office files via SMB mount through WebDAV is prompting for authentication #22596
  • memcached error - no activities are being shown #23076
  • Fix errors in memcached implementation #23229
  • Search broken #23136
  • Update error text for link passwords #22933
  • The API of the Thumbnails invalidate the Session Cookie on WebDAV on OC9 #22893
  • Logtimezone #23134
  • Unescaped column identifier in join breaks oracle #22835
  • Chunked Files: Optimize checking if all chunks are there #22601
  • Delay the check if the remote is an owncloud instance till we actually use the scanner #22973
  • Mod_php7.c reference missing in .htaccess #21146
  • 500 error instead of 503 when SMB not available #22826
  • Prevent certain DBs throwing exceptions on same-value updates #23309
  • Add setup check for libxml2 >= 2.7.0 #23168
  • Give swift 15 seconds after startup #23324
  • Some typo corrections in occ command output #23358
  • Full name is not shown just after modifying it in the Personal Page #20455
  • No files shown in the web interface and many JavaScript errors in the console after fresh ownCloud 9.0.0 installation #23199
  • Update 3rdparty submodule for sabre 3.0.8 update #23307
  • Detection of existing tags doesn't allow to create tags named like a prefix substring of an existing tag. #22064
  • Accept- or Deny-Link of Notifications Lack Webroot Part #22786
  • Fix writing to cache when fallback server should be used immediately #23401
  • Non-ending background job #22887
  • Log more information by default #23464
  • Properly use smb permissions #23447
  • Update from 8.2.2 to 9.0.0-1.1 failed - Doctrine\DBAL\Exception\TableExistsException Table 'oc_gallery_sharing' already exists #22993
  • Query the cache when checking if a node exists #23520
  • Menu language can't be changed #22695
  • open_basedir issue in router.php #23533
  • Dont die when we cant save the resized avatar, log instead #23582
  • Themes background don't stick with local images #23239
  • Activity notification in OC9.0.0 does not specify what was accessed #23503
  • Correct form of upload-white icon to be same as upload icon #23631
  • Only remove avatars from the folder we store them in #23641
  • XCache isAvailable check fails in OC9 #23653
  • Use the shipped cacerts.pem instead of the global one #23662
  • RemoveMount should lock #17144
  • Current-user-principal returns incorrect href. #23306
  • Trying to activate app on production stable9, doesn’t work (dependency analyzer) #23668
  • User trapped in app management screen #23482
  • Read available l10n files also from theme folder #23567
  • CSS isn't loaded correctly in ownCloud 9 version of the player files_videoplayer/#36
  • Only load for apps/files and apps/files_sharing gallery/#635
  • Fix order of Gallery app in app navigation gallery/#640
  • Issue migration from 8.2.2 to 9.0.0 updater/#270
  • Date of checkpoint/backup missing updater/#268
  • [New updater] Checkpoints aren't deleted after restoring them updater/#259
  • [New updater] Updater tries to do a md5 of a missing file updater/#260
  • Updater breaks OC leaving apps empty updater/#280
  • Invalid password/updater.secret + Login UI broken updater/#263
  • Fix message style in activity view activity/#474
  • Remove left margin from files tabview activity/#475
  • Activities not loading (Autoload path not allowed) activity/#491
  • Clicking files doesn't direct to file activity/#482
  • Infinite scrolldown in OC9 activity/#483
  • Trim long messages in the UI? notifications/#74

Lesen Sie mehr: http://owncloud.org/changelog/


8 März 2016 - 140MB
  • New: Comments on files
  • New: Tags for files
  • New: Notifications (separate from Activity feed)
  • New: (Federation) Auto-complete of user names
  • New: (Federation) Trusted Servers
  • New: Code signing, checked when updating or installing core and apps
  • New: Stand-alone updater for more reliable upgrading
  • Improved sharing behavior and performance
  • New External Storage API's for improved scalability
  • Calendar and Contacts Apps where rewritten. The CalDAV and CardDAV backends are now part of core
  • Security hardening
  • ownCloud API work to improve scalability
  • Many small improvements

Lesen Sie mehr: http://owncloud.org/changelog/

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