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ownCloud ist ein Open-Source-File Sync und Aktien-Anwendung. ownCloud wurde anfänglich im Jahr 2010 veröffentlicht.

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31 March 2021
Deutsch + 35 andere


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210.00 MB
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31 März - 210MBEnhancements
  • Context menu for files in case multiple actions apply
  • New external storage: SMB Collaborative (shared file IDs))
  • Allow mounting a subfolder from Google Drive
  • Make the right scrollbar more visible on the UI
  • Improve file list tag management
  • Improve the UX in the external storage settings page
  • Prevent group assignment in Web UI if not supported
  • Display path in the occ app:list command
  • New config parameter to define the encrypted file format
  • Display error/success message while changing the log level
  • Implement pre-signed download urls for public links
  • Allow force set DB patforms
  • Added additional connection parameters to redis config
  • Hide federated user suggestions if system users are found
  • Indicate existing guest-user as a guest in the share tab
  • Add config parameter 'http.cookie.samesite'
  • Add exception messages whenever a node cannot be moved
  • UI improvement external storage
  • Improve systemtags UI for delete and fix case sensitivity problem

Bug Fixes
  • Fix some code smells reported by SonarCloud
  • Don't redirect if the browser ask for a .properties file
  • Show the share list even if some shares point to unavailable storages
  • Fix a regression with theming of settings menu icons
  • Determine unencrypted block size after begin operation
  • Allow all users to see which groups they manage
  • Fix the position of the user afterLogin-event
  • Fix file_target in response when creating a public link share
  • Fix rendering of leading/trailing spaces in the file name
  • Prevent getting a version expiry list when no versions available
  • Fix broken signature when a backup copy is generated
  • Prevent multiple calls by not registering the same listener twice
  • Add the owner to public link shares
  • Fix issues with duplicated file names in the same directory
  • Show non-generic messages for 403 HTTP status to end user
  • Fix command maintenance:mimetype:update-db --repair-filecache
  • Fix storage lookup in versions when storing a new version
  • Fix behavior for user search at the API level
  • Fix mispositioned ui elements after leaving viewerMode
  • Fix problems moving files inside Gdrive storages

  • Use OcsController and routes instead of API::register
  • API changes to remove shares pointing to missing files
  • Rename phoenix to web
  • Update symfony/polyfill (1.20.0 => 1.22.1)
  • Remove package patchwork/utf8
  • Change X-XSS-Protection "1; block" -> "0"
  • Update Symfony components to 4.4.20
  • Update icewind/smb from 3.2.7 to 3.3.1 in files_external
  • Update PHP dependencies

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15 Januar - 210MBBug Fixes
  • Cleaning up autocapitalize="off" in files
  • Google Drive file modifications should not create duplicate files
  • Fix exit codes of security:certificates commands
  • Translate public link sharing email subject
  • Only allow http/https protocol on CORS
  • Fix problem with the market app installing an app using OpenIDConnect
  • Fix expiring a wrong share entry problem
  • Fix decoding of calendars uri
  • Add openid client secret to the sensitive values list
  • Show all shares in the "shared with you" section
  • Reshares using files:transfer-ownership cannot be transferred
  • "Passwords do not match" message was not being translated
  • Fix federated share accepting problem which occurs with some apps enabled
  • Allow federated share name up to 255 character
  • Fix application id used for sharing settings translation
  • Add metrics shared secret to the sensitive values list
  • Fix list of apps returned by OCS Provisioning API apps endpoint
  • Add very minimal empty ODF files
  • Checksums will be kept when a file is uploaded or a version is created
  • Fix invisible notification container blocking mouse events
  • Fix display of public link shares in case avatars are disabled
  • Clean the user's preferences only if they exist during user sync
  • OCS and Public WebDAV Apis should handle LoginException
  • Properly exit and log during error in user sync command
  • Add a configurable number of retries on unsuccessful mountpoint move
  • Fix icon alignment when avatars are disabled
  • Fix file target in the accept share API call
  • Fix for Google Docs not syncing with error "server reported no size"
  • Do not emit "share.failedpasswordcheck" events for authenticated links
  • Fix request token check for ocs requests
  • Fix logging when loading an apps fails
  • Properly handle StorageNotAvailableException in share external
  • Avoid retrieving user root iteratively in share controller
  • Pick the translations from templates included from other apps
  • Override browser Accept-Language header in ajax requests
  • Prevent server error when loading invalid/corrupt translations
  • SSL check when adding a public link to your ownCloud
  • Fix translations of some strings in settings

  • Update deepdiver/zipstreamer (1.1.1 => 2.0.0)
  • Update sabre dependencies
  • Update google/apiclient from 2.5.0 to 2.6.0 and related dependencies
  • Update symfony/polyfill (1.17.0 => 1.18.0)
  • Update icewind/smb from 3.2.5 to 3.2.6 in files_external
  • Add settings checkbox to enable manual file locking
  • Update Symfony components to 4.4.11
  • Update league/flysystem (1.0.69 => 1.0.70)
  • Make core/signature.json and core/skeleton/ inaccessible
  • Update google/apiclient from 2.6.0 to 2.7.0 and related dependencies
  • Add values to the invalid uid list
  • Update doctrine/event-manager (1.1.0 => 1.1.1)
  • Update symfony/polyfill (1.18.0 => 1.18.1)
  • Update egulias/email-validator (2.1.18 => 2.1.19)
  • Update opis/closure (3.5.5 => 3.5.6)
  • Add system config to load a different license implementation
  • Update laminas/laminas-zendframework-bridge (1.0.4 => 1.1.0)
  • Use a debug log level if a share download is aborted
  • Add command to troubleshoot transfer ownership runs for issues
  • Update Symfony components to 4.4.12
  • Update doctrine/dbal (2.10.2 => 2.10.3)
  • Update Symfony components to 4.4.13
  • Update opis/closure (3.5.6 => 3.5.7)
  • Update egulias/email-validator (2.1.19 => 2.1.20)
  • Update phpseclib/phpseclib (2.0.28 => 2.0.29)
  • Update icewind/smb from 3.2.6 to 3.2.7 in files_external
  • Update doctrine/dbal (2.10.3 => 2.10.4)
  • Update symfony/translation-contracts (v1.1.9 => v1.1.10)
  • Reduce the log level of locked exceptions
  • Update google/apiclient from 2.7.0 to 2.7.1 and related dependencies
  • Update sabre/event (5.1.0 => 5.1.1)
  • Update laminas/laminas-zendframework-bridge (1.1.0 => 1.1.1)
  • New defaults for phoenix app switcher icon and label
  • Update pear/archive_tar (1.4.9 => 1.4.10)
  • Update egulias/email-validator (2.1.20 => 2.1.21)
  • Update egulias/email-validator (2.1.21 => 2.1.22)
  • Update Symfony components to 4.4.14
  • DropOldTables repair job won't show a progress bar
  • Update sabre dependencies
  • Update Symfony components to 4.4.15
  • Update opis/closure (3.5.7 => 3.6.0)
  • Update symfony/polyfill (1.18.1 => 1.19.0)
  • Update symfony/polyfill (1.19.0 => 1.20.0)
  • Update google/apiclient from 2.7.1 to 2.8.0 and related dependencies
  • Update dg/composer-cleaner (v2.1 => v2.2)
  • Update Symfony components to 4.4.16
  • Update egulias/email-validator (2.1.22 => 2.1.23)
  • Update sabre/vobject (4.3.2 => 4.3.3)
  • Update opis/closure (3.6.0 => 3.6.1)
  • Update sabre/dav (4.1.2 => 4.1.3)
  • Update egulias/email-validator (2.1.23 => 2.1.24)
  • Update pear/archive_tar (1.4.10 => 1.4.11)
  • Rename phoenix to web

  • Cleanup encryption config values on disabling encryption
  • Add support for date expiration on remote shares
  • Support pre-signed urls
  • Add capability for the favorite files feature
  • Add Support for SGI Image Previews
  • Allow getting the share list filtered by share type via API
  • GetShare API request's "subfiles" parameter allows new interactions
  • Add new method in the PHP API interface

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17 Januar - 180MBSecurity
  • Add new system config to enforce strict login check with user backend: #37569
  • Patch htmlPrefilter: #37598

  • Correct files_external:export output so it can be imported: #37054
  • Add force option to delete user even if the user doesn't exist: #37103
  • List data for pending federated share via OCS API correctly: #34636
  • Ensure ETag changes if a change is detected in a folder: #37218
  • Stop writing data to the output buffer when the connection is not alive: #37219
  • Remove unused files and config opt for settings help: #37225
  • Hide add to your OC at the public page when it's not allowed: #37232
  • Send max number of steps as integer in RepairUnmergedShares: #37241
  • Remove console logging of un-escaped data: #37256
  • Earlier detection of connection status: #37291
  • Rewrite code to fix some notices under PHP 7.4: #37311
  • Properly store complex Webdav properties: #37314
  • Cannot share with user name that has only numbers in the UI: #37324
  • Fix error messages: #37338
  • Allow unlimited access to PUT body if content length is 0: #37394
  • Adjust user:sync --uid to use user backend iterator: #37398
  • Log failed twofactor authentication: #37401
  • Allow clearing a user email address or display name: #37424
  • Allow clearing a user email address with the Provisioning API: #37424
  • Logging of extra fields when logger does not have a writeExtra method: #37453
  • Align the cancel button on public uploads: #37504
  • Do not notify remote if both owner and sharer are local users: #37534
  • Use relative path in shared_with_email activity: #37555
  • Show error message at Settings Personal CORS: #37560
  • Handle exceptions for deleted share nodes while transfering ownership: #4023
  • Return HTTP 404 for upload attempt to non-existing public folders: #37625
  • Fix for centering the credential fields on IE11: #37693

  • Disallow various special usernames: #32547
  • Support PHP 7.4: #36509
  • Drop PHP 7.1 support across the platform: #36510
  • Adjust wording displayed for empty additional settings panel: #36775
  • Add index on addressbookid: #3625
  • Keep the mtime of files and folders inside the tarball: #37222
  • Replace jeremeamia/superclosure with opis/closure: #37238
  • Update icewind/streams from 0.7.1 to 0.7.2 in files_external/3rdparty: #37249
  • Update icewind/streams from 0.7.1 to 0.7.2: #37253
  • Update league/flysystem (1.0.66 => 1.0.67): #37271
  • Update doctrine/dbal (2.10.1 => 2.10.2): #37283
  • Update Symfony components to 4.4.8: #37319
  • Update symfony/polyfill (1.15.0 => 1.16.0): #37367
  • Update sabre/xml (2.2.0 => 2.2.1): #37369
  • Update icewind/smb from 3.1.2 to 3.2.3 in files_external/3rdparty: #37370
  • Update react/promise (v2.7.1 => v2.8.0): #37383
  • Update league/flysystem (1.0.67 => 1.0.68): #37385
  • Update symfony/polyfill (1.16.0 => 1.17.0): #37385
  • Added federated shares scan cronjob depreciating incoming-shares:poll: #37391
  • Update icewind/smb from 3.2.3 to 3.2.4 and files_external dependencies: #37415
  • Update laminas/laminas-zendframework-bridge (1.0.3 => 1.0.4): #37421
  • Update opis/closure (3.5.1 => 3.5.2): #37431
  • Use strict samesite cookie: #37442
  • Update opis/closure (3.5.2 => 3.5.3): #37443
  • Update doctrine/lexer (1.2.0 => 1.2.1): #37448
  • Update doctrine/cache (1.10.0 => 1.10.1): #37458
  • Add file action to lock a file: #37460
  • Update doctrine/instantiator (1.3.0 => 1.3.1): #37464
  • Update Symfony components to 4.4.9: #37465
  • Update nikic/php-parser (4.4.0 => 4.5.0): #37480
  • Share sheet improvements (internal sharing): #3979
  • Update opis/closure (3.5.3 => 3.5.4): #37492
  • Update Symfony components to 4.4.10: #37522
  • Update egulias/email-validator (2.1.17 => 2.1.18): #37544
  • Update opis/closure (3.5.4 => 3.5.5): #37547
  • Share sheet improvements (external sharing): #37558
  • Update symfony/polyfill (1.17.0 => 1.17.1): #37385
  • Adjust wording on login page: #37603
  • Add capabilities for file locking: #37620
  • New CI color and background image: #37650
  • Update nikic/php-parser (4.5.0 => 4.6.0): #37651
  • Update Symfony contracts components to 1.1.9: #37658
  • Update doctrine/cache (1.10.1 => 1.10.2): #37665
  • Update phpseclib/phpseclib (2.0.27 => 2.0.28): #37670

  • Add new grace period and license management into core: #36814
  • Add 3 new events (before-fail-after) for share password validations: #37438
  • Boost performance of external storages: #37451
  • Change the behavior of the header menus: #37490

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7 Mai 2020 - 180MBIMPORTANT
  • Your non-core plugins will be disabled as part of this upgrade. Be sure to upgrade your plugins afterwards and then re-enable them.


  • Add new occ command to check the cache for primary storages

  • Write crash log in case of parse error in config.php
  • Fix ini_set error spamming the log
  • Update egulias/email-validator (2.1.15 => 2.1.17)
  • Update webmozart/assert (1.6.0 => 1.7.0)
  • Update symfony/polyfill (1.13.1 => 1.14.0)
  • Don't write potential sensitive data to the log file
  • Update Graffino/Browser-Update from 2.0.2 to 2.0.5
  • Update phpseclib/phpseclib (2.0.23 => 2.0.24)
  • Update phpseclib/phpseclib (2.0.24 => 2.0.25)
  • Allow dot in database name
  • Respect default_language when sending email notifications
  • Lookup email subject in correct translation context
  • Update Symfony components to 4.4.5
  • Return correct custom dav properties for folder contents
  • Hardening Cache-Control headers for some responses
  • Add menu entry to phoenix if phoenix is configured
  • Update league/flysystem (1.0.64 => 1.0.65)
  • Include reshares in the webdav response when asking for share types
  • Fix UX in files app
  • Update laminas/laminas-validator (2.13.1 => 2.13.2)
  • Update league/flysystem (1.0.65 => 1.0.66)
  • Update minimist (1.2.2 => 1.2.3)
  • Update sabre/dav from version 4.0.3 to 4.1.0
  • Update phpseclib/phpseclib (2.0.25 => 2.0.26)
  • Update psr/log (1.1.2 => 1.1.3)
  • Query on oc_properties is now always chunked
  • Proper error handling on preview endpoint
  • Update symfony/polyfill (1.14.1 => 1.15.0)
  • Update laminas/laminas-zendframework-bridge (1.0.1 => 1.0.2)
  • Update Symfony components to 4.4.6
  • Update Laminas dependecies
  • Update Symfony components to 4.4.7
  • Update laminas/laminas-validator from 2.13.3 to 2.13.4
  • Update laminas/laminas-zendframework-bridge (1.0.2 => 1.0.3)
  • Update phpseclib/phpseclib (2.0.26 => 2.0.27)
  • Update nikic/php-parser (4.3.0 => 4.4.0)

Bug Fixes
  • Show re-share public links to share-owner
  • It's not possible to download externally encrypted files
  • User:resetpassword with --send-email --password-from-env
  • Avoid unneeded DB connections after a long download
  • Remove full-stop from end of reset password message
  • Show pending remote shares at the Shared with you tab
  • Initialize the user before the transfer command
  • Google drive files without extension 404
  • Fix public link upload remaining time estimation
  • Fix OCS Share API response for requests contain "include_tags" parameter
  • Add share type to the verifyExpirationDate hook
  • Fix CLI zero exit code on startup errors
  • Respect sharing.federation.allowHttpFallback config option


  • MariaDB 10.3 support
  • PostgreSQL 10 support
  • Regex version for blacklisted_files and excluded_directories
  • Add an option to provide a mount in read only mode
  • Add user-sync OCS API
  • Support Oracle connection strings
  • Add enabled and disabled filter options to occ app:list command
  • Optimize memory usage in Expire Trashbin Background job
  • Share indicator on webUI
  • Expiration date for user and group shares
  • Reduce memory footprint of trash expiry jobs
  • Allow plus sign in username
  • Optimize memory consumption of occ files:checksums:verify command
  • MariaDB 10.4 support
  • Enable DAV endpoints for trashbin and for public shares
  • Additional share owner and initiator info in shares API response
  • Add very verbose mode to remote shares polling

Bug Fixes
  • Fix links in setupchecks.js
  • Set 599 HTTP code on error
  • Fix "files:transfer-ownership" in S3 multi-bucket setups
  • Fix Trash-bin api access
  • Files shared with user cause purge of the trashbin content
  • Enhance validation for sender e-mail address for e-mail notifications
  • Suppress warning when resetting user password with masterkey encryption
  • Stream_read not returning requested length for encrypted remote storage
  • Receive multiple users for user sync command
  • Fix null for empty path on Oracle
  • Do not dispatch DeclineShare event for non-existing shares
  • Remove part files when upload is cancelled for all public links
  • Return correct file size in the public files webdav API
  • Fix one-time password (OTP) verify button width
  • Sharing with a user and group of the same name on the webUI
  • Fix provisioning API request for user information in mixed case
  • Fix output of files_external:list command
  • Add translation code for the Personal->Sharing section

  • Validate reshare permissions and attributes based on supershare
  • Drop PHP 7.0 support across the platform
  • Don't report locking support in public.php and public-files endpoints
  • Update handlebars library to 4.5.3
  • Update Symfony polyfill components to 1.13.0
  • Update sabre/http (5.0.2 => 5.0.5)
  • Update doctrine/cache (1.9.1 => 1.10.0)
  • Update Symfony components to 3.4.36
  • Update punic/punic (3.4.0 => 3.5.0)
  • Update patchwork/utf8 (1.3.1 => 1.3.2)
  • Update league/flysystem (1.0.57 => 1.0.61)
  • Update pear/archive_tar (1.4.8 => 1.4.9)
  • Protect public preview with password
  • Consolidate user/group share actions into single dropdown
  • Update pear/pear_exception (v1.0.0 => v1.0.1)
  • Update myclabs/deep-copy (1.9.3 => 1.9.4)
  • Update phpspec/prophecy (1.9.0 => 1.10.0)
  • Update sabre/vobject (4.2.0 => 4.2.1)
  • Update league/flysystem (1.0.61 => 1.0.62)
  • Update zendframework/zend-validator (2.12.2 => 2.13.0)
  • Update egulias/email-validator (2.1.11 => 2.1.13)
  • Update phpdocumentor/reflection-docblock (4.3.2 => 4.3.4)
  • Update phpspec/prophecy (1.10.0 => 1.10.1)
  • Zendframework dependency to laminas
  • Update league/flysystem (1.0.62 => 1.0.63)
  • Switch to new id3parser
  • Update deepdiver1975/tarstreamer (0.1.1 => 2.0.0)
  • Update egulias/email-validator (2.1.13 => 2.1.14)
  • Update laminas dependencies
  • Update sabre/dav (4.0.2 => 4.0.3)
  • Update showdown library to 1.9.1
  • Update composer/semver (1.5.0 => 1.5.1)
  • Update sabre/vobject (4.2.1 => 4.2.2)
  • Adjust wording displayed for empty additional settings panel
  • Update laminas/laminas-validator (2.13.0 => 2.13.1)
  • Update myclabs/deep-copy (1.9.4 => 1.9.5)
  • Update egulias/email-validator (2.1.14 => 2.1.15)
  • Update phpspec/prophecy (1.10.1 => v1.10.2)
  • Update symfony (3.4.36 => 3.4.37)
  • Update punic/punic (3.5.0 => 3.5.1)
  • Update sabre dependencies
  • Update symfony (3.4.37 => 4.4.4)
  • Update league/flysystem (1.0.63 => 1.0.64)

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13 Januar 2020 - 180MBChanges
  • Fix share transfer in files:transfer-ownership command
  • Respect accounts.enable_medial_search setting for remote search
  • Fix SMB access denied error while listing the contents of the folder
  • Avoid unnecessary "Avatar not found" logs
  • Prevent Forbidden errors in the logs during file scan
  • LargeFileHelper::getFileSizeViaCurl is broken with newer libcurl
  • Do not try to set null parent Id in the file cache
  • Follow single-bucket initialization for multi-bucket setup
  • Disallow sharing share_folder or it's parents
  • Fix sharing behavior to distinguish user and group having the same name
  • Do not create error log about user home in user creation
  • Allow sharing with guests when group restriction is active
  • Allow re-sharer to send an e-mail for public link
  • Handling null properly in dav files endpoint
  • Fix a php error for occ command files_external:list --output
  • Fix user search problem happening after user deletion
  • The authentication header can also hold an empty string
  • Remove query and/or anchor part in remote url
  • Occ system:cron only shows progess bar if option is set
  • Update Symfony components to 3.4.32
  • Update phpspec/prophecy (1.8.1 => 1.9.0)
  • Update zendframework/zend-validator (2.12.0 => 2.12.1)
  • Update league/flysystem (1.0.55 => 1.0.57)
  • Update sabre/dav from version 4.0.1 to 4.0.2
  • Update pear/archive_tar (1.4.7 => 1.4.8)
  • Update jQuery-File-Upload from 9.18 to 9.34
  • Update twbs/bootstrap (3.3.7 => 3.4.1)
  • Update nikic/php-parser (4.2.4 => 4.2.5)
  • Update psr/log (1.1.0 => 1.1.1)
  • Update Symfony components to 3.4.33 and other dependencies
  • Update Symfony components to 3.4.34
  • Update nikic/php-parser (4.2.5 => 4.3.0)
  • Update swiftmailer/swiftmailer (v6.2.1 => v6.2.3)
  • Update Symfony components to 3.4.35
  • Update pear/pear-core-minimal (v1.10.9 => v1.10.10)
  • Update pear/console_getopt (v1.4.2 => v1.4.3)
  • Update webmozart/assert (1.5.0 => 1.6.0)
  • New option in occ command files_external:list --mount-options

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12 November 2019 - 180MBChanged
  • Use userFolder instead of rootFolder - #36368

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21 Oktober 2019 - 180MBAdded
  • Support for php 7.3 #34559 #35775 #35752
  • Support for redirecting private links to ownCloud phoenix frontend #35819
  • encryption:fixencryptedversion command to address issues related to encrypted versions #115
  • Tech preview DAV endpoint for public shares #35932 #36057 #36021 #36059 #36066 #36080 #36061 #36119 #36049 #36068
  • Tech preview DAV endpoint for trashbin #35716 #35879 #36053 #36073
  • Disable Tech preview trashbin and public DAV APIs by default - #36124
  • OCS Roles API and ability to set permissions via share attributes - #36024 #36086
  • OCS API for public link share email notification - #36063
  • JS API v2 for share attributes - #35836
  • Url /cron in addition to /cron.php to execute cronjobs via webcron #34932
  • system:cron occ command for executing background tasks via system cron #34932
  • previews_path config option to configure thumbnail storage path #35131
  • Show activity when share receiver unshares a received share #35193
  • Document phoenix.baseUrl in config.sample.php - #36007
  • Add getReshareAttributes method to shareitemmodel with fix for parsing - #36186
  • Add new migrations to dav app to prevent invalid dav properties - #36084

  • Allow two-factor providers to display custom challenge message #34848
  • Handling of unauthenticated ajax requests to prevent browser issues #36003
  • Improved share permission handling #35884
  • Improve the JS attributes handling during reshare #36214
  • Refined user administration setting button #35877
  • Improved mobile device experience #35919 #35813 #35347
  • Reference the new iOS app in the list of available applications #35918
  • Improved sharing autocomplete dropdown layout #35397
  • Improved theming capabilities by allowing html for Name and LogoClaim #35273
  • Improved private link UX for large resolutions #34998
  • Improved wording for several user/administrator encryption related interactions #21 #117
  • Handling of composer autoloader for apps/files_external #35755
  • Renamed share icon to be adblock friendly #35199
  • Bump @bower_components/handlebars from v4.1.1 to v4.1.2 #35025
  • Bump @bower_components/jsTimezoneDetect from 1.0.5 to v1.0.6 #33776
  • Bump doctrine/lexer from v1.0.1 to 1.0.2 #35625
  • Bump egulias/email-validator from 2.1.7 to 2.1.11 #35341 #35625 #35934 #36026 #36026
  • Bump icewind/smb from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2 #36017
  • Bump icewind/smb from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2 in /apps/files_external/3rdparty - #36017
  • Bump league/flysystem from 1.0.51 to 1.0.55 #35275 #35644 #36099
  • Bump nikic/php-parser from 4.2.1 to 4.2.4 #35337 #36015 #36015 #36132
  • Bump phan to 1.3.5 and enable on PHP 7.2 7.3 - #35818
  • Bump phpseclib/phpseclib from 2.0.15 to 2.0.21 #35336 #35565 #35643 #35827
  • Bump sabre/dav from 3.2 to 4.0.1 #34559 #36094
  • Bump sabre/xml 2.1.2 from to 2.1.3 #36036 #36036
  • Bump sabre/uri from 2.1.2 to 2.1.3 #36189
  • Bump sabre/http from 5.0.0 to 5.0.2 #36192
  • Bump swiftmailer/swiftmailer from 6.2.0 to 6.2.1 #35075
  • Bump symfony from v3.4.26 to v3.4.31 #35146 #35348 #35625 #35934 #36098 #36097 #35989 - Bump symfony/process from 3.4.30 to 3.4.31 - #36095 #36096 #36093
  • Bump theseer/tokenizer from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 #35625
  • Updating webmozart/assert (1.4.0 => 1.5.0) - #36103
  • Updating zendframework/zend-filter (2.9.1 => 2.9.2) - #36102
  • Updating zendframework/zend-inputfilter (2.10.0 => 2.10.1) - #36112
  • Update the minimum required Node engine version to 8.15.0 - #36033

  • Deprecated update script from files app #35781
  • Dropped APC and XCache support #35782
  • Old table repair step will drop deprecated contacts_cards_properties table #35721
  • Removed support for swift as primary / external storage #35951
  • Moved S3 external integration into separate app (files_external_s3) #34986
  • Moved ownCloud default encryption app into separate repository #35949

  • Fix potential issue when a user tries to delete the share_folder entry - #36170
  • Clean up code of sharing blacklist feature - #36038
  • Obey to config in share mail notifications APIs - #36161
  • Don't invalidate the auth token if there isn't a user session active - #36153
  • Fix typos in 'phoenix.baseUrl' documentation - #36152
  • Don't check the CSRF token on public link email API - #36158
  • Remove hardcoded http response codes - #36127
  • Fix permission handling for share owner of a reshare - #36193
  • Improve logging when a remote host went down suddenly - #36180
  • Use bit operators when checking share file permission - #36111
  • Only share owner should be able to update or delete share - #36120
  • Fix various issues with session handling in relation to redis - #35888
  • Fix issue where IE did not redirect to login page when user is not logged in - #36079
  • Check that all user mount points has unique names - #36029
  • Fix loading of app.php when using a separate apps folder - #36054
  • Respect default app config within the TwoFactorChallengeController - #36031
  • Don't send WWW-Authenticate headers with schema Basic for ajax requests - #36003
  • Fix issue when share folder and shares go missing when storage becomes unavailable - #35998
  • Handling of OCM sharing when receiving server did not include a protocol (i.e. https) #35711
  • Performance improvements when loading groups of users #35822
  • Relative path handling for files:checksums:verify occ command #35694
  • Failed rename operation leading to unavailable external storage #35598
  • Comment creation event missing ID field #35799
  • Improved handling of share expire input fields to avoid user error #35779
  • Maintain dav properties when files are moved to trashbin #35954
  • Usage of domain when authenticate with SMB/WND shares #35892
  • Triggering dav events on the public webdav endpoint #35820
  • Prevent deletion of configured share_folder #35998
  • Issues with improper displayed languages #35973
  • Respect user.min_search_length with federated sharing #35977
  • Avoid password manager autocomplete on user administration #35931
  • Changing config settings produced duplicate emitted events #35875
  • Properly return StorageNotAvailable on network failures with external storages #35707
  • Improved error message when trying to share with a non-existing federated user #35542
  • Allow selection of UI errors during web-installation #35681
  • Added missing events for webdav copy operations on new endpoint #35604
  • Double-appearing address book entries when shared with groups #35603
  • Issues with federation when proxy requires credentials #35868
  • Respect share_folder with federated shares #35396
  • Issues with sqlite to mysql migration with db:convert-type #35390
  • Upload issues with mismatching checksums #35294
  • Improved memory handling for trashbin expiry background job #35708
  • Proper handling of objecstorage S3 issues on object upload for files_primary_s3 core#35389 files_primary_s3#212
  • Respect default application configuration when using TwoFactor Authentication #36031
  • Improved mobile view for file drop links #34803
  • Ignore case of userid in occ files:scan command #35324
  • Properly handle errors from remote server when declining a non-existing federated share #35321
  • UI issues on setup page when mobile devices where used #35347
  • Direct access to sharing tab for long file listings #35306
  • Improved OCM compliance on providerId and remoteId fields #35122
  • Issue with adding multiple Google Drive external storages #34987
  • Issues with recreating masterkeys when HSM is used #128

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31 Juli 2019 - 180MB10.2.1

  • Added -y option to 'occ encryption:encrypt-all' command

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed reshare permission issue
  • Fixed issue with Sharing API and enforced public link expiration dates
  • Fixed known issue with user avatar paths
  • Fixed known issue with "Password changed" HTML emails rendered in plain text
  • Fixed use of invalid token on password reset
  • Fixed issue when removing a user from a group
  • Fixed an issue with loading JS files when multiple apps folders are in use


  • Dropped PHP 5.6 support across the platform
  • Removed bundled documentation, help links now point to the online documentation
  • Remove incompatible script for generating DB changeset
  • Remove classes that were deprecated since OC 8.0.0: OCPConfig, OCPPERMISSION_XXX, OCPTemplate

  • Add new capability to advertise the availability of the detail parameter for private links
  • Add background:queue:execute occ command for running cron jobs manually
  • Adding background:queue commands: status and delete
  • Added new permissions option for public link
  • Support for extra share key-value attributes
  • Internal permission to prevent file download when set in share attribute, for "secure view" feature
  • Support for automatically accepting incoming federated shares from trusted servers
  • User option for automatically accepting incoming shares
  • User option for automatically accepting incoming federated shares
  • User option to opt-out autocomplete in share dialog
  • Add before-after share link auth events
  • Log broken smb config params for easier debugging
  • Add support for detecting library mime types
  • Extend repair command to be able to list repair steps and run them individually
  • Added CORS headers for many existing API calls, required for Phoenix
  • Encryption now supports working with a Hardware Security Module
  • Command for first run wizard to reset for all users - firstrunwizard/#83
  • Inform admin about the need to login again after changing the master encryption key
  • Added checkboxes to hide quota and password
  • By default the "apps-external" directory is included in config.php during installation
  • Added files:scan --group and --groups options
  • Allow admins to enable medial search on group and user
  • Add composer cleaner
  • Add events for user preference changes
  • Add occ command to poll incoming federated shares for updates

  • Bump @bower_components/bowser from 1.6.0 to 1.9.4 in /build
  • Bump @bower_components/backbone from 1.2.3 to 1.4.0 in /build
  • Bump @bower_components/base64 from 0.3.0 to 1.0.2 in /build
  • Bump @bower_components/clipboard from 1.5.12 to v2.0.4 in /build
  • Bump @bower_components/bootstrap from 3.3.6 to 3.3.7 in /build
  • Bump @bower_components/handlebars from v4.0.12 to v4.1.1 in /build
  • Bump @bower_components/moment from 2.22.0 to 2.24.0 in /build
  • Bump @bower_components/strengthify from 0.5.2 to 0.5.6 in /build
  • Bump @bower_components/underscore from 1.8.3 to 1.9.1 in /build
  • Bump composer/semver from 1.4.2 to 1.5.0
  • Bump extend from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 in /build
  • Bump handlebars from 4.0.12 to 4.1.1 in /build
  • Bump karma from 3.1.3 to 4.0.1 in /build
  • Bump icewind/smb from 3.0.0 to 3.1.1 in /apps/files_external/3rdparty
  • Bump icewind/streams from 0.5.2 to 0.7.1 in /apps/files_external/3rdparty
  • Bump icewind/streams from 0.5.2 to 0.7.1
  • Bump league flysystem 1.0.51
  • Bump react promise v2.7.1
  • Zendframework bumps 20190208
  • Bump paragonie/random_compat v2.0.17 => v2.0.18
  • Bump pear/archive_tar from 1.4.6 to 1.4.7
  • Bump phpseclib/phpseclib from 2.0.13 to 2.0.15
  • Bump pimple/pimple from 3.0.2 to 3.2.3
  • Bump sinon from 7.1.1 to 7.3.1 in /build
  • Bump symfony and modules to 3.4.26
  • Bump symfony/polyfill components from v1.10.0 to v1.11.0
  • Bump deepdiver1975/tarstreamer from 0.1.0 to 0.1.1
  • Bump zendframework/zend-servicemanager from 3.3.2 to 3.4.0
  • Bump zendframework/zend-inputfilter from 2.9.0 to 2.9.1
  • Bump dependencies after PHP 5.6 deprecation, swiftmailer 6.2
  • Bump doc links to 10.1
  • Updating phpunit/phpunit (5.7.27 => 6.5.14)
  • Updating bamarni/composer-bin-plugin (v1.2.0 => v1.3.0)
  • Increase size of login_name from 64 to 255
  • Warn when .htaccess file is not writable
  • Add password confirmation field when resetting password
  • Add email footer with motto in email for changing password
  • Change the styling of the active settings navigation menu item
  • Added delay in search field
  • Tidy up code for notification by email
  • Some code now made PHP 7 specific

Bug Fixes
  • Wrong translation file referenced for accept & decline share
  • Respect 'writable' appdir flag on update
  • Aborted uploads in web UI are now properly cleared
  • Fix regression with missing progress bar in files drop view
  • Log exception when background job class not found
  • Prevent concurrent updates in group shares to avoid duplicate entries
  • Calender invitation now uses actual sender name
  • Fix public link share default expiration behavior
  • Improve files error handling on download
  • Directly honour robots.txt if htaccess.RewriteBase is set
  • Reduce sharing query size by properly reusing the query builder
  • Tar download support for file names longer than 99 chars
  • Fix Webdav error page, include CSP and message
  • Handle accept decline with invalid share id
  • Normalize path when moving chunks to final destination
  • Better support for international email addresses after swiftmailer update
  • Fix first time login handling
  • Server container interface should inherit from icontainer,…
  • Don't expose hashed password in OCS api
  • Fixes UID issue with birthday calendar events
  • Improve avatar performance by having many avatar related calls bypass the file cache
  • Improve speed of apps list settings page by caching integrity check results
  • Fix chunking infinite loop in some environment related issues
  • Fixes issue file picker choose button disabled for directory selection
  • Use sabre/vobject ^4.2 to fix issues in ITip messages
  • Filter static tags when searching files by tag
  • Fix collaborative tags PHP API for get and create operations
  • Improve performance of account sync service
  • Improve code occ files_external:list --short
  • Fix preview expiration issues with trashbin/versions
  • Use the displayname in lost password emails where possible
  • Store quota overrides in preferences table
  • Prevent password removal in share dialog if enforced
  • Encryption now skips shared files when adding recovery key
  • Fix encryption to use API instead of config access
  • Properly handle StorageNotAvailableException in Webdav endpoint
  • Properly hide share fields in "Shared with You" section when permissions are restricted
  • Repair subshares earlier to avoid errors
  • Only parse info.xml once to improve performance for every request
  • Catch errors when info.xml is malformed
  • Send OCM requests as JSON
  • Remove composer that is now in vendor bin
  • Use recipient language when sending notification email
  • Fix shares not accessible for guest users when using "share_folder" config option
  • Fix reset confirmation mail from occ
  • Correctly write Login failed entry in log when 2FA is enforced
  • Center the logo and login fields
  • Fix Apache warnings by setting headers to "always" in htaccess
  • Fix external storage advanced checkbox state issue
  • Set permissions on log file creation instead of every write
  • Images are again properly rotated now based on EXIF rotation
  • Fix query parts for federated shares to be less expensive
  • Fix cancel upload and hide 'uploading' message for files_drop shared folders

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4 Mai 2019 - 180MB10.1.1

Bug Fixes
  • Set the correct value when upgrading app patch version in DB


  • Added Symfony event for federation to provide apps with federated share receiver id
  • Added mime types for sharedlib and executable
  • Allow loading JSON files in setups with pretty URLs
  • Support global CORS domains for public pages
  • New tag scope "static tags", editable but not assignable
  • Added "getBucket" method to HomeObjectStore to fix S3 issue
  • Pass an additional parameter on the core update
  • Added short list argument to occ files_external:list
  • Public JS utility function for email validation
  • Introduce persistent and explicit locking of file and folders (Webdav locks)
  • Add minimal frontend in files app for persistent locks (Webdav locks)
  • Federated sharing new spec OCM 1.0-proposal1
  • Add sharing scope to enable addressbook sharing with custom groups
  • Add X-Request-ID to header Access-Control-Allow-Headers
  • Now also logging wrapped exceptions
  • Switch to shorten hostname in status.php
  • Use new DAV endpoint in web UI file list and upload
  • Bypass apps max-version check for daily/git release channels
  • Changed default link share name to be "Public link"
  • Set shipped apps max version to 10 in preparation for Semver switch
  • If only the patch level of an app's version changes no migrations will run
  • User/group deletion in users page now has a confirmation dialog
  • Disable browser autocomplete for password fields
  • Minor and patch updates of dependencies as at 20181126
  • Bump @bower_components/browser-update from 2.0.1 to v2.0.2 in /build
  • Bump composer/xdebug-handler to 1.3.0
  • Bump cryptiles from 3.1.2 to 3.1.4 in /build
  • Bump friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer (v2.13.0 => v2.14.0)
  • Bump handlebars from 4.0.11 to 4.0.12 in /build
  • Bump hoek from 4.2.0 to 4.2.1 in /build
  • Bump jakub-onderka/php-console-highlighter from 0.3.2 to 0.4
  • Bump karma from 3.0.0 to 3.1.3 in /build
  • Bump league/flysystem from 1.0.46 to 1.0.48
  • Bump lodash from 4.17.4 to 4.17.11 in /build
  • Bump pear/archive_tar from 1.4.3 to 1.4.6
  • Bump phan 0.12.11
  • Bump phpseclib/phpseclib from 2.0.11 to 2.0.13
  • Bump punic 3.1.0 => 3.2.0
  • Bump sabre/dav from 3.2.2 to 3.2.3
  • Bump sinon from 6.2.0 to 7.1.1
  • Bump marked from 0.3.7 to 0.3.19 in /build
  • Bump sabre xml 1.5.1
  • Bump squizlabs/php_codesniffer 3.3.2=>3.4.0
  • Bump sshpk from 1.13.1 to 1.16.0 in /build
  • Bump stringstream from 0.0.5 to 0.0.6 in /build
  • Bump symfony 3.4.15 to 3.4.20
  • Bump symfony/polyfill components v1.9.0 => v1.10.0
  • Bump symfony/translation from 3.4.17 to 3.4.18
  • Bump webmozart/assert (1.3.0 => 1.4.0)
  • Bump zendframework/zend-inputfilter from 2.8.2 to 2.9.0
  • Patch bumps punic pear-core-minimal xdebug-handler
  • Update moment JS to 2.22.2

  • Deprecate Sharing 1.0 APIs which will be removed in ownCloud 11
  • Remove core/l10n from release build

Bug Fixes
  • Fix missing translations in the user settings module
  • Skip preview expiry when owner cannot be determined
  • Allow the testing app to not be in the default apps folder
  • Integrity check now detects renamed files properly
  • Fix up grammar mistake in console output
  • Expand occ user reset password email validation
  • Return 403 instead of 500 status when uploading into share without write permissions
  • Fix performance issue when fetching versions: do not iterate over all storages when only first is needed
  • Config sample fixes
  • Correction to default apps folder in config.sample.php
  • Fix system tags object mapper for Oracle
  • Adjust last login time when using auth modules
  • Disable share autocomplete endpoint for members of groups excluded from sharing
  • Fix issues with expiration date validation in public link dialog
  • List compatible apps instead of missing ones in occ upgrade process
  • Add background job to clean up orphaned DAV properties
  • Fix paginated iteration when syncing users
  • Cannot set 0 as value for config through OCC command
  • Fix for some upgrade path that led to DAV tables missing bigint conversion
  • Fix checksum verify command verbose mode and path argument handling
  • Fix form to enter initial password to properly display error message
  • File cache corruption check now only reports storage id once
  • Fix escaping of public share names
  • Update config.sample.php to fix a broken link
  • Add "uid" argument to Symfony login events for consistency
  • Prevent deletion of calendar group shares during cleanup
  • Fix upload avatar for LDAP users
  • Fix double escaping in email subject
  • Add missing type hints in code
  • Increase versions list performance by ignoring shared storages
  • Fix PROPFIND with Depth infinity requests through Sabre update
  • Adjust "has never logged in" text in occ command
  • Don't remove temporary file on failure when creating office file preview
  • Warning log about oc_readonly storage wrapper is now logged in debug level
  • Fix occ encrypt-all command to not attempt re-encrypting already encrypted files
  • Register areCredentialsValid as a sensitive logging method
  • Deletion of user now also updates storages applicable fields
  • Blacklist the method "setPassword" in stack traces
  • Fix wording in occ command help
  • Fix preLogin hook parameter inconsistencies

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29 Oktober 2018 - 180MBHighlights
  • Store user name in oc_preferences when provided by backend, use in external storage save in session mode
  • Support JSON format for settings passed to occ system:config:set
  • occ decrypt-all command can now read password from an environment variable
  • Roave Security Advisories as a development dependency
  • Store timestamp when ownCloud was first installed
  • Symfony events for login action with token or Apache
  • Search API for files using Webdav REPORT and underlying search provider
  • Add information whether user can share to capabilities API
  • Reload the filelist view when accepting or rejecting a share
  • Allow different language in public link share email
  • Command files:scan now outputs items per second
  • New option to prevent users to share with specific system groups
  • Hook "loadAdditionalScripts" now also available for public link page
  • Add url parameter to files app which opens a specific sidebar tab
  • Retry chunks in web UI on stalled or timed out uploads
  • Add log entry for each migration that is run
  • Ability to create users and send them an email for password creation
  • Command for resetting password now supports sending reset email and outputting link
  • Added Phan static code analyzer to improve code quality
  • Added method in PHP share API to set password hashes directly
  • Experimental support for asynchronous MOVE operations
  • Config report now contains list of all migrations that have run, for easier debugging of update issues

  • Update CA bundle
  • Minimum desktop client version is 2.3.3
  • Handle SSL certificate verifications for others than Let's Encrypt
  • Insufficient storage exception now logged with "debug" log level
  • Skip filecache repair step for version greater than 10.0.4
  • Bump sinon from 2.4.1 to 6.2.0 in /build
  • Bump karma from 2.0.2 to 3.0.0 in /build
  • Bump behat/behat from 3.4.3 to 3.5.0
  • Bump paragonie/random_compat v2.0.15 to v2.0.17
  • Bump symfony/event-dispatcher from 3.4.12 to 3.4.13
  • Bump symfony/console from 3.4.12 to 3.4.13
  • Bump symfony/routing from 3.4.12 to 3.4.13
  • Bump symfony/process from 3.4.12 to 3.4.13
  • Bump symfony/translation from 3.4.12 to 3.4.13
  • Bump symfony polyfill 1.8.0 to 1.9.0
  • Bump swiftmailer/swiftmailer from 5.4.9 to 5.4.10
  • Minor dependency bumps 2018-08-26
  • Bump symfony 3.4.11 to 3.4.12
  • Bump symfony 3.4.15 and zend-stdlib 3.2.1
  • Allow slashes in generated resource routes in app framework
  • Email field is now default in user management page, users receive an email with token to set initial password
  • Split of config.sample.php into two files for core and apps

Bug Fixes
  • Fix PHP 7.2 issue with ini_set
  • Prevent logging LDAP password in case of failure
  • Prevent passwords to be set to empty strings
  • Fix update issue related to oc_jobs when automatically enabling market app to assist for update in OC 10
  • Trigger missing migrations in files_sharing app, adds indices and can speed up some instances
  • Fix issue with spam filters when sending public link emails
  • Fix version previews to fall back to icon when no preview provider is available
  • Fix master key recreation
  • Return correct status when IMip email delivery fails
  • Fix typos in config.sample.php
  • Don't check for avatar folder if not enabled
  • Add missing ILogger declaration in MigrationService
  • Fix JS tests for future Sinon JS update
  • Command to verify checksums is now more robust
  • Fix not allowed to share message
  • Update php doc to reflect proper return type
  • Catch more errors in SMB storage
  • Don't crash on filescan where folder has symlink
  • Fix issue with some special characters in queries
  • Use the core exception logger functionality in cron.php
  • Compare UIDs instead of objects when changing displayname
  • Compare UIDs instead of objects when changing email address
  • Improve performance when propagating size updates in file cache
  • Prevent current chunk assembly failing by setting the exclusive file lock earlier
  • Don't strip linebreaks in personal note of public link share
  • Let files be overwritten by rename operations on local storage instead of pre-deleting
  • Continue with upgrade even if the market app cannot be disabled
  • Versions app now works also when comments app is disabled
  • Fix two factor challenge page for when password has expired
  • Scanner now properly resets checksum whenever a file has changed remotely
  • Fix checksums not being updated on modifying shared file for objectstore
  • Accept email addresses with subdomains with hyphens for public link emails
  • Properly set installed_version flag when enabling app via provisioning api
  • Fix API response of pending shares when the state did not change
  • Read mtime from both JS properties in web UI upload for browser compatibility
  • Fix warning in logs while moving FutureFile after chunk assembly
  • Allow null in "Origin" header for third party clients that send it with WebDAV
  • Fix calendar or reminder insertion error via CalDAV on MacOS
  • Properly log failed message when token based authentication is enforced
  • Prevent share access to birthday calendar
  • Added space in display names of shared calendar/contact
  • Deleting a user now also properly deletes their external storages and storage assignations
  • Improve text about logging in config.sample.php
  • Use OC_DEFAULT_MODULE constant for encryption in core
  • Unset encrypted flag in file cache when running decrypt-all command
  • Fix decrypt of single user in decrypt-all command
  • Fix login exception in decrypt-all command
  • Properly clean up encryption keys after file deletion
  • Remove sensitive shared_secret data from occ config:list output
  • Fix file cache update function to properly handle empty string and nulls with Oracle
  • Fix bogus etag update when propagating etag for federated shares
  • Display all failed recipients when sending link share email
  • Lock public link share dialog while processing
  • AppManager text typo and PHPdoc return tags
  • Optimize file uploads with PUT method, with custom mtime, use storage instead of view
  • Optimize file uploads with PUT, don't fetch and update checksum again, reuse the one from part file
  • Do not throw an error when the same theme is enabled twice
  • Fix repair step that removes duplicate sub shares
  • Adjust code to follow coding standard
  • Fix overriding for gif images in themes for CLI scripts
  • Fix wording on password change page
  • Fixed mount config in frontend to only load once to avoid side effects
  • Don't urlencode group id to make it work with "/" and "%"

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10 August 2018 - 155MBAdded
  • Added account module middleware to be able to plug in logic after authentication - #31883 #31933
  • occ user:list now takes a list of attributes to display - #31115
  • Added Symfony events for user preference changes - #31266
  • Added Symfony events for public links shared by email - #31632
  • Added Symfony events for accept and reject for local shares - #31702
  • Added support for Imprint and Privacy Policy URLs in web UI and email footers - #31666 #31699 #31730 #31766
  • Added HTML template for lost password email - #31144
  • Received local shares can now trigger a notification to accept or reject them, also visible in "Shared with you" section - #31613 #31886
  • Rejected shares can now be accepted again in the "Shared with you" section - #31613
  • Provide original exception via logging events - #31623
  • Share autocomplete now displays useful tooltip when typing less characters - #31729
  • Added public Webdav API for versions using a new "meta" DAV endpoint - #31729 #29637 #31805 #31801
  • Added support for retrieving file previews using Webdav endpoint - #29319 #30192 #31748 #31788 #31862 #31865
  • Added versioning support for primary object store - #29607 #31285 #31595

  • Updated ca-bundle.crt - #31734
  • Bump symfony to 3.4.8 and other pending minor bumps - #31221
  • Bump karma from 2.0.0 to 2.0.2 in /build - #31253
  • Bump karma-jasmine from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 in /build - #31378
  • Bump karma-coverage from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 in /build - #31380
  • Bump zendframework/zend-inputfilter from 2.8.1 to 2.8.2 - #31431
  • Bump icewind/smb from 1.1.0 to 3.0.0 in /apps/files_external/3rdparty - #31521
  • Bump symfony 3.4.9 to 3.4.11 - #31571
  • Update jsdoc requirement to ~3.5.5 - #30036
  • Removed example theme which now lives in the theme-example repository - #31447
  • A user who is a member of multiple groups is now excluded from sharing if at least one of their group is configured for exclusion - #31737 #31822
  • Changed back default minimum search characters to 2 for share autocomplete due to confusion - #31729
  • Files app UI now uses new versions API through the "meta" DAV endpoint - #29607

  • Removed old private ajax API for previews, deprecated by DAV endpoint support - #30254
  • Bookmarks certificate was removed - #31878

  • Adjustments for the notifications messages of the sharing apps - #31947
  • Disable jquery globalEval - #31972
  • Work around Edge browser memory leak in web UI chunked upload - #31884
  • Don't fail if ISqlMigration doesn't return anything - #31779
  • Fixed restoring of versions for single file shares - #31681
  • Group admins are not able to create groups any more using provisioning API - #31738
  • Fix Oracle for queries using ILIKE operator - #31466
  • Improve user-sync command help description - #31691
  • Fix deletion and restoration of files in trashbin in some partial selection scenarios - #31700
  • Do not load the code of disabled theme apps - #31478
  • Fix encrypt-all and decrypt-all commands to keep shares when encrypting - #31600 #31590
  • Proceed with encrypt-all command by enabling user-keys if no mode is selected by user - #31612
  • Validate maximum length of a username - #31664
  • Save timezone as given during login - #31493
  • Fix checksum computation to not apply on read-write streams to avoid potential mismatch results - #31619
  • Exclude uploads directory from read-only cache mask, fixes guest app chunked uploads - #31596
  • Properly normalize paths for event, no &$magic needed - #31689
  • Use the correct user id in login related Symfony events - #31605
  • Fix public link dialog issue when collaborative tags app is disabled - #31581
  • Fix updating public link share in transfer ownership command - #31176 #31953
  • Do not set the password again if it hasn't changed - #31370
  • Use correct l10n to translate 'password was changed' email - #31553
  • Improve text in settings/personal App Password - #31539
  • Fix default language code example - #31448
  • Fix double slash in versioning file copy events - #31452
  • Split public password enforced capabilities based on a config - #31499
  • Fix bogus exceptions related to missing DAV nodes after deletion - #31479
  • Fix enabling of users by group admins in the web UI - #31489
  • Fix AccountMapper to return an object or throw an exception - #31445
  • Proper handling of exceptions in UserManager - #31446
  • Properly cache non-existing user in UserManager - #31446
  • Update verify checksums console output to flow more naturally - #31449
  • Subadmin shouldn't be able to add users to their groups via API - #31337
  • Catch duplicate inserts in token table - #31460 #31794 #32041
  • Fix overflowing public share names in the share panel - #31369
  • Fix occ user:sync to sync quota from preferences after upgrade if backend provided no quota - #31360
  • Fix for Redis dev editions - #31282
  • Fix mail debug message recipient field - #31227
  • Prevent infinite loop in case of error in "log" event handler - #31247
  • Fix HTTP status code when uploading virus-infected files - #31260
  • Add back robots.txt in the release - #31248

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23 Mai 2018 - 155MBHighlights
  • PHP 5.6 deprecation
  • Personal note for public link mail notification
  • New mail notifications feature
  • LDAP-related improvements
  • New events for audit logging
  • New command to verify and repair file checksums
  • New config setting to specify minimum characters for sharing autocomplete
  • New option to granularly configure public link password enforcement
  • New option to exclude apps from integrity check
  • New occ command to modify user details
  • occ files:scan can now be executed for groups
  • New configurable default format for syslog
  • New config option to enable fallback to HTTP for federated shares
  • Migration related to auth_tokens (app passwords)
  • Changed behavior of e-mail autocomplete for public link share dialog
  • Notifications sent by occ can now include links
  • Global option for CORS domains

  • Added option for user:sync to reenable formerly disabled users
  • Ability to log extra JSON fields
  • Trigger event when logging
  • Added command to verify and fix checksums
  • Introduce seen and single user sync command line features
  • Added config setting to specify minimum characters for sharing autocomplete
  • Added personal note field for link share email
  • Add conditional Logging target logfile for shared_secret and users
  • Add option to disable link share password enforcement for write-only shares
  • Add Webdav-Location header in private link redirect
  • Make syslog output configurable, introduce new default that includes the request id
  • Added "uid" parameter to "validatePassword" events
  • Added new API event for zip file download
  • Added new API event for public link creation
  • Added log entry when the "data-fingerprint" command was run
  • Added "heic" and "heif" as image mime types for thumbnails
  • Added new API events for commenting actions
  • Added "register notifier" event for use with the notification emails feature
  • Added group option to files:scan command
  • Added warning if no files to process in occ files:transfer-ownership command
  • Added user:modify command to core
  • Added config switch to enable fallback to http scheme when creating fed shares
  • Added repair step for orphaned sub-shares
  • Added repair step to fix orphaned reshares
  • Added Symfony events for configuration changes (config.php and appconfig)
  • Added Symfony event to let apps resolve private links
  • Added Symfony events for delete and create share
  • Added Symfony events for updating share attributes (expiration, password, name)
  • Added Symfony events for group membership events
  • Added Symfony events for feature change in group admin
  • Added config.php option to select apps to ignore missing signature file (mostly for themes)
  • Added ability for full-page frontend-only apps in info.xml
  • More user-friendly email address input and handling in link share dialog

  • Set minimum php version to 5.6 in composer.json
  • Bump PHP to 5.6.33 in composer
  • Bump phpseclib/phpseclib from 2.0.3 to 2.0.10
  • Bump phpunit and symfony/translation to match master
  • Bump guzzlehttp/guzzle from 5.3.1 to 5.3.2
  • Bump lukasreschke/id3parser from 0.0.1 to 0.0.3
  • Bump symfony to 3.4.5
  • Bump symfony/translation from 3.2.4 to 3.3.16
  • Bump latest symfony and sabre/vobject point versions
  • Bump karma from 1.5.0 to 2.0.0 in /build
  • Bump punic/punic from 1.6.5 to 3.1.0
  • Bump symfony to 3.4.6 and Sabre vobject to 4.1.5
  • Bump sabre/http from 4.2.3 to v4.2.4
  • Bump jakub-onderka/php-parallel-lint from 0.9.2 to 1.0.0
  • Bump behat/mink-extension from 2.3.0 to 2.3.1
  • Bump league/flysystem from 1.0.42 to 1.0.43
  • Update composer in stable10 with versions as at 2018-02-07
  • Renamed SMB logging config.php settings from "wnd" to "smb"
  • Improved error messages in user:delete command
  • Validate email address in mail settings section
  • Only decrypt users who have already logged in with decrypt-all occ command
  • Replace usage of "create_function" in PHP
  • Provisioning API can now properly set default or zero quota
  • User quota setting can be queried through provisioning API

  • Removed private oc_current_user Javascript variable
  • Remove app store config values from config.sample.php
  • Remove documentation of the theme option in config.sample.php
  • Remove unused config.sample.php parameters
  • Remove "Unlimited" word from quota report in personal page

  • Prevent background scan to scan homes of users who never logged in
  • Properly align three button dialogs
  • Many documentation improvements in config.sample.php
  • Fix some documentation paths in config.sample.php
  • Fix App Framework ApiContoller initialization to fix thumbnail access
  • Check apache auth on login form
  • Check basic auth credentials periodically after a timeout instead of …
  • Email autocomplete in link share dialog will not return local/federated users any more, only contacts
  • Fix settings page where elements are inline when they shouldn't
  • Do not log errors when uploading forbidden file format
  • Fix upload issue by replacing emittingCall with separate before and after events
  • Fix Symfony event emittingCall by adding return
  • Properly trigger file-related Symfony events when chunking
  • Remove unsupported "enable for groups" field for theme apps
  • Added OneNote 2016 user agent string to make it work with Webdav
  • Refactored metadata sync code to unify behavior across all login methods
  • Mask "marketplace.key" in config list as it is sensitive
  • Polish totp middleware a little
  • Set empty authtoken names to 'none' as empty is not allowed any more
  • Fix CORS OPTIONS request for unauthenticated requests
  • Treat any unknown app version as 0.0.1
  • Ignore multiple slashes in http path
  • Initialize root folder service later to fix user backend registration order issue
  • Remove implicit login in base.php to remove bogus "Login failed" logs
  • Use storage specific move operation for object store
  • Fix webUI display of group containing numeric username
  • Fix calendar changes limit
  • Properly use error exit code for unsupported PHP version
  • Unbrand Personal security sessions message
  • Propagate move exception messages to the frontend
  • Fix chunk size comparison for big values on 32-bit systems
  • Make error origin more distinguishable in some filesystem code paths
  • Don't send emails when importing calendar/events
  • Adding a system configuration for global CORS domains
  • Better label for CORS in settings section
  • Allow regular users to change their CORS domains
  • Catch session unavailable exception
  • Proper HTTP status code on login exception
  • Fix file mtime issue on 32-bit systems
  • Fixing logout for app password scenario
  • Fix wording if you are not a member of any groups
  • Fix for error when querying non present log_secret
  • Properly create a session for a pure token based request, fixed oauth2 issues
  • Free resources in preview providers
  • Continue in case of rare error in files:scan repair command
  • Make theming work when theme app is outside the ownCloud root
  • Don't try decrypting federated shares in decrypt-all command
  • Keep null in getMetaData in Checksum storage wrapper, fixes some files:scan scenarios
  • Modals dialogs can now scroll, improves link share dialog UX
  • Adjust link share wording and fix translations
  • Fix failure of shares which are already moved with transfer ownership
  • Return 403 instead of 503 to resume syncing of desktop client
  • Guide users to also check spelling for typos in federated share id
  • Fixed issue with number of hidden files not updating on renaming a file
  • Fix deleted items auto expiration for users with no quota
  • Fix validation for new encryption storage key location
  • Fix some CSRF issues on Webdav endpoint by only checking for POST method
  • Prevent share icon from shrinking with long texts
  • Fixed regression where a user could not set own email address in the settings page
  • Fix caldav and carddav syncing when dealing with lots of data
  • Don't restrain width of icon-logo
  • Check trashbin permissions before moving to trash, fixes deletion as guest user
  • Handle no read access to skeleton
  • Fix file name escaping in error messages in web UI related to file operations
  • Proper error message when trying to add user to a group they are already member of in web UI
  • Show new basename and extension while waiting for rename operation to finish in web UI
  • Fix app author parsing in apps page
  • Validate system path data used in findBinaryPath
  • Fix deletion of group with special characters in web UI
  • Fix missing preview in file upload conflict window
  • Fix files endpoint bug when downloading vCard
  • Properly filter link share email parameters
  • Filter sender display name in mail notification handler
  • Filter file name when sending internal mail
  • Convert null to empty string for Oracle in file cache accessor
  • Use LargeFileHelper to calculate log file size

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16 März 2018 - 150MB10.0.7

Bug Fixes
  • Fix various issues about null user errors
  • Solve OAuth token expiry issue
  • Fixed issues related to app passwords and account lock-outs


Bug Fixes
  • Fix missing build dependency for L18N


  • Add php-intl as hard requirement
  • Optionally show server hostname in status.php
  • Add link for logfiles docs in exception page and simplify text
  • Link to trusted domains docs in error message
  • Add indices on share table
  • Add dispatcher event for "unshare from self" action
  • Technology preview for PHP 7.2 support
  • Added public hooks for file operations using Symfony Event Dispatcher
  • Expose getAppPath() and getAppWebPath() on the AppManager service
  • Add warning in settings page when running in debug mode

  • Switch Webdav URL in field in navigation panel to the new endpoint
  • Require a minimum of 1 character for the application password name
  • Only allow a single active theme app with no magic fallbacks to inactive app themes
  • Config report now hides email address from email config
  • Change "remote" to "federated" suffix in sharing autocomplete dialog.

  • Removed old Dropbox storage backend, people should use the instead
  • Revoke tasks.crt
  • Remove unused composer dependency on natxet/CssMin

Bug Fixes
  • Fix Dropbox / GDrive oauth handshake handling
  • Redisplay login page on CSRF error
  • Do not reset display name to uid on sso login
  • Do not automatically disable apps of certain types
  • Fix provisioning API when dealing with group name "0"
  • Tweak occ command help output
  • Now using upsert instead of insertIfNotExists for file cache updates, fixes concurrency issues
  • Only set CORS headers on Webdav endpoint when Origin header is specified
  • Ignore broken/dead symlinks on filescan
  • Improve performance by caching non-existing accounts
  • Fix template location order by searching the enabled theme app first
  • Actually log message instead of {$message}
  • Improved performance on new DAV endpoint by skipping querying parent nodes
  • Adjust error message about PHP compatibility to say PHP X.X like previous line.
  • Raise more useful message when constructor are not resolvable
  • Fix wording for versions expiration occ command
  • Handle invalid or missing external storage backend to keep mount point visible
  • Fix integrity check when owncloud is not installed
  • Fix issues about unsharing with some scenarios after moving the share
  • Allow group 0 to be created by provisioning API
  • Do not reset quota if it was not provided
  • Improve quota value validation - check size only if size key is set
  • Code cleanup

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8 Januar 2018 - 150MBAdded
  • Added support for eml mimetype
  • Added "occ dav:cleanup-chunks" command to clean up expired uploads
  • Added "occ files:scan" repair mode to repair mismatch filecache paths
  • Added occ command to change/recreate master-key
  • Detailed mode for "occ security:routes"
  • Webdav property to retrieve a private link to files or folders
  • CORS support for public API routes
  • More "files_sharing" capabilities entries
  • Display server name in admin page, don't show in status.php
  • Validate public link mail on the client side
  • Expose XHR response in share dialog autocomplete callback for extensions
  • Let apps provide icons for settings sections
  • Added cancellable prehooks for logout operation
  • Markdown support for app descriptions in apps settings panel
  • Add option to allow user to share only with the groups they belong to
  • Cacheable storage adapter for use by Flysystem based external storage backends
  • Add user additional info field for share autocomplete
  • Add dispatcher event for remote fed shares
  • Adding mode of operations - either single-instance or clus…
  • Added support for MariaDB 10.2.7+
  • Admins can now exclude files from integrity check in config.php
  • Use X-Request-ID header as request id if provided by client, useful for logging
  • Added authentication headers verification to validate the session
  • Added IServiceLoader on server container to load app service classes from XML tags in info.xml
  • Trigger events for federated shares

  • Exclude mimetypelist.js from integrity check
  • Refactor set and reset of capabilities
  • All amazon locations support v4 now - v3 deprecated
  • Modified time value of files is now 64 bits long
  • User names must now be at least 3 characters long
  • AccountMapper get by email is now case insensitive
  • Remove deprecated federated share API warning as it needlessly pollutes logs
  • Improve UI for public link sharing permissions for folders
  • Replace notify user for local shares with button
  • Log out current user after submitting form in password reset page
  • Update minimum supported browser versions
  • Admins can now change display name even when its modification is disallowed for regular users

  • Remove AvatarPermissions repair step
  • Remove unused FTP code
  • Remove app store related code obsoleted by market app
  • Remove a route to removed script

  • Corrected namespace for OC\Memcache\ArrayCache which caused errors on some environments
  • External storage Javascript code from apps is now loaded correctly (fixes Dropbox app and others)
  • Use product name from theme
  • Make sure the external storage folder name is editable when returning from OAuth authorization
  • Fix duplicate external storage config that appear sometimes when returning from OAuth authorization
  • Log exceptions in decrypt-all command
  • SFTP key pair mode now works again
  • Use correct class namespace for ownCloud ext storage
  • Fix generated zip file to avoid errors with some zip tools
  • Fix position of dialog boxes
  • Move 64bit mtime migration from dav to core
  • Allow 0 byte quota to be entered on UI
  • Don't display warning about limited commands when running maintenance:install
  • Handle no user session in isSharingDisabledForUser()
  • Fix icon format for federated cloud sharing
  • Fix for decrypting user specific keys
  • Remove alternate keys storage during user delete
  • Fix error logs due to deletion of keys
  • Fix encryption panel to properly detect current mode after upgrade to ownCloud 10
  • Fix quota check when uploading to federated shares
  • Fix issue when mounting another encrypted ownCloud
  • AccountMapper get by email is now case insensitive
  • Fix order of apps to be deterministic during install process
  • Only initiate connection to federated share when necessary
  • Allow group named "0" to be deleted
  • Do not translate CORS header in settings page
  • Disable background scan for home storage/cache
  • Fixed double escaping in full page error messages
  • Updated davclient.js which fixes issue whenever an app extends Array prototype
  • Fix OCS apps API to correctly include attributes into generated XML
  • Make enum type mapping work with migrations
  • Handle invalid storage when getting storage root id
  • Fix storing/retrieval for dav properties of non files
  • Remove double quotes from boolean values in status.php output
  • Tidy code in DAV related classes
  • Fix the missing argument to DecryptAll
  • Skip copying skeleton files if skeleton dir is not accessible
  • Use chunked DB query when preloading directory content for DAV properties
  • Fix failure when checking integrity signature for non-existing files
  • Prevent uploading of part files through WebDav
  • Only trigger "changeUser" event if account object really changed
  • Only load app type once in app manager classes
  • Use efficient startsWith implementation in server container
  • Fix race condition in browser when uploading folder tree
  • Disable nginx buffering for file downloads to avoid huge memory usage in some scenarios
  • Fix many issues related to session removal
  • Fix SMB to better detect when overwriting through rename
  • Fix files scan repair in bulk warning
  • Fix federated share import from public link
  • Fix status.php to properly display product name
  • Sort allowed storages checkbox list

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23 Oktober 2017 - 150MBAdded
  • It is now possible to upgrade from 8.2.11 directly to 10 - #28655 #28673
  • Added extra check in case of missing home storage - #28504
  • Added Shield and Workflow icons - #28588
  • Enable chunking for big files in web UI when logged in - #28547
  • Added emitting of hook "post_unshareFromSelf" to Share 2.0 - #28413
  • Added occ user:inactive command to list inactive users - #28294
  • Added internal setting for the periodic credentials validity check - #28298
  • Added jquery events for external storage settings UI when using OAuth - #28210
  • Added public IThemeService which allows apps like the template editor to interact with the current theme - #28647 #28926
  • Added "passwordEnabled" field to hook data of link shares - #28827
  • Add new option to disable sharing in every user-mounted external storages - #28706
  • Added default user and group share permissions - #28903
  • Added occ command to list routes - #28907
  • Added mime types for m3u, m3u8, pls mappings to audio streams - #28885

  • Transfer ownership now works with master key encryption - #28537 #28845
  • Reenable medial search by default - #28064
  • The LoginController now emits "failedLogin" hook signal after a failed login - #28631
  • All columns that use the fileid have been changed to bigint (64-bits) - #28581
  • Added search pattern for the occ app:list command - #28653
  • Allow phpredis develop branch - #28717
  • Default minimum desktop version in config.php is now 2.2.4 - #28540
  • Reallow negative mtimes by default in storage implementations - #28697

  • Removed "themes" folder - #28617 #28999
  • Removed unused Windows checks - #28612
  • Removed "appstoreenabled" from config.php - #28714
  • Slash in filename when renaming is not allowed any more in the frontend (unintended "feature") - #28490
  • Using old chunking protocol on new DAV endpoint is now disallowed - #28637

Fixed - Platform
  • Fix issue with folder sizes on 32-bit systems - #28654
  • Fix null error in ActivityManager on some setups - #28420
  • Load app code before running app specific migrations - #28391
  • Prevent certificate manager to access FS too early, fixes 8.2 to 10 migration issue - #28668
  • Clustering: Better support of read only config file and apps folder - #28594 #28601
  • Only use IndexIgnore in htaccess if mod_autoindex.c is enabled/loaded - #28591
  • Fix app enable of not existing app - #28317
  • Keep redirect information when logging in with wrong password - #28511
  • Use SwiftMailer antiflood plugin to reconnect after multiple emails sent - #28180
  • Theme is now properly loaded when displaying full page error messages - #28622
  • Adjusted warning for PHP 5.5 EOL - #28765
  • Don't enable market app on upgrade from OC < 10 if "appstoreenabled" was false in config.php - #28757
  • Use different CSS comment style for IE11 support - #28752
  • Adjust default slogan - #28724
  • Catch filecache inconsistencies instead of logging warnings - #28710
  • Check for null when traversing app passwords table rows - #28894
  • Improve market upgrade messages + new switch - #28871
  • Make occ upgrade verbose by default - #28876
  • Add more information to updatechecker config doc - #28867

Fixed - Database
  • All columns that use the fileid have been changed to bigint (64-bits) - #28581
  • Fix length of account search term column which broke installs on some DB setups - #28576
  • Fix column lengths on migrations table to fix index - #28254
  • Fixed some repeated duplicate key errors relate to oc_preferences table - #28486
  • Add migration step to fix birthday calendars - #28338
  • Added cache for new card uri-id mapping to fix db cluster execution - #28308

Fixed - Performance
  • Optimize upload - don't fetch info of non-existing file - #28704
  • Optimize upload - don't check if file exists if already known - #28704
  • Optimize upload - do not fetch metadata for part file during checksuming - #28633
  • Optimize shares retrieval logic with complex scenarios - #28524
  • Optimize query logger - #28220
  • Remove initial scanning overhead to speed up federated shares with lots of entries - #28604
  • Improve contact search performance - #28042
  • Improved search performance for federated instance users - #28209
  • Add database index on "oc_share.share_with" column - #28856

Fixed - Filesystem / storage
  • Don't trigger hooks for every new dav chunk, only for final file - #28817
  • Prevent creating file cache inconsistencies when moving a subtree in or out of a share - #28219
  • Add check for empty result in storage memcache - #28548
  • Fix error message when accessing of non-existing file on external storage - #28613
  • Fixed OAuth frontend logic when connecting to external storage - #28496 #28400
  • Fix quota handling on new Webdav endpoint (affects desktop client 2.2+) - #28261
  • Fix mounting Webdav as drive in Windows 10 - #28243
  • Fix rare error that happens when mounting invalid shares - #28342
  • Handle BSD case for 32 bit filemtime and install warning - #28790
  • Properly check target rename path in new dav endpoint - #28737
  • Increment required only when encryption is enabled - #28880

Fixed - Files app
  • Make sure passed upload mtime is always an int - #28186
  • Fix directory mime type in trashbin list - #28803
  • Properly highlight files when opening private link - #28681
  • Fix overlapping selectively in default fileslist - #28906
  • Better timeout detection in web UI uploads + chunked uploads - #28896
  • Fix getting drop target when dragging from file manager - #28882
  • Improve file upload progress bar - #28861

Fixed - Sharing
  • Creating link shares now doesn't forget "Allow editing" permission any more - #28065
  • Fix "notify user" checkbox in share panel - #28237
  • Proper message shown when accessing unreachable private links - #28600
  • Fix exact search term match for LDAP in share autocomplete - #28851
  • Add tooltip to public shares panel - #28781
  • Validate share link password even if unchanged when updating share - #28713
  • Fix DiscoveryManager error during upgrade by untangling federated share app dependencies - #28858

Fixed - User management
  • Don't set email if invalid in user:add command - #28577
  • Group admins can now properly edit members' email addresses - #28366
  • Fixed "settings_ajax_changegroupname" typo in route name - #28746
  • Use IProvidesEMailBackend to fix syncing with LDAP backend - #28736

Fixed - API related
  • Make Backbone PROPPATCH work with options.wait mode - #28791 #28837
  • Detect PROPPATCH failure by parsing multistatus in Backbone Webdav adapter - #28628
  • Error messages from the server on upload are now displayed in the web UI instead of generic messages - #28635
  • Properly set the status text in OCS API v2 calls - #28595
  • Data was not properly set in case of OCS Result object - #28198

Fixed - Other
  • Only reload file list when switching navigation sections - #28843
  • Make new text file tooltip messages update properly - #28151
  • Fix trashbin preview icons - #28158
  • Allow user "0" as in comments - #28422
  • Better description for occ files:scan command - #28839
  • Better description for occ files:cleanup command - #28841
  • Reworded upgrade message for admin with big instance - #28828
  • Make lost password errors distinguishable - #28756
  • Add height to menutoggler - #28723
  • Remove apostrophe from full page file read error text - #28702
  • Added missing "fatal" log level to occ log:manage level command - #28683

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13 Juli 2017 - 150MBWarning:
  • This is considered a major upgrade and so all non-core OwnCloud plugins will be disabled during the upgrade process.

  • [major] Fix issue with database.xml migration being triggered twice on market app install
  • [major] Apps formerly marked as shipped can now be uninstalled
  • [major] Market now properly updates app version when using multiple apps paths

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8 Januar 2018 - 140MBLesen Sie mehr:


10 Februar 2017 - 140MB
  • [major] Make error message for password reset form more generic - core/#27011
  • [major] When sharing autocomplete is disabled, also disable for the email field - core/#26504
  • [major] Add command to clean up invalid/expired remote storages - core/#26379
  • [major] Fix encryption key storage when using LDAP home folder rules - core/#26820
  • [major] Properly react on memcache errors - core/#25692
  • [major] Fix random normalizedPathCache log messages / garbage collection issues from PHP 7 - core/#22370
  • [major] Properly deal with inconsistent LDAP/memcache or user/group manager responses - core/#26871
  • [major] Added configreport app which will help with better bug reports - configreport/#6
  • [minor] Fix syncing of file names with colon followed by a number - core/#25479
  • [minor] Prevent empty user uid from LDAP - user_ldap/#6
  • [minor] Prevent repeated log messages when dealing with broken picture files - core/#26758
  • [minor] Fix group-enable option in apps page when memcache is enabled - core/#26638
  • [minor] Add AVMaxFileSize config option - files_antivirus/#133
  • [minor] Reduce number of federated share requests when dealing with non-existing entries - core/#26324
  • [minor] Remove obsolete legacy storage repair routine - core/#26774
  • [minor] Fix broken remote avatar image in activities tab - activity/#529
  • [minor] When grouping duplicate shares, sort by stime then id - core/#25830
  • [minor] Make file upload post hooks consistent between chunking and non-chunking mode - core/#26387
  • [minor] Fix wrong German translation in upload progress bar by using momentjs library - core/#26804
  • [minor] Skip unavailable storages in background file scan instead of failing - core/#26055
  • [minor] Update PHP 7.1 incompatibility warning - core/#26982
  • [minor] Warning notification when uploading 4+ GB file in IE11 - core/#27004

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19 Dezember 2016 - 140MB
  • [major] UI: File list now works properly with many hidden entries - core/#26518
  • [major] Transfer ownership fails in some sharing scenario - core/#26523
  • [major] Transfer ownership fails if external storage with user-specified password - core/#26530
  • [major] Transfer ownership fails with file shares with invalid permissions - core/#26541
  • [major] Transfer ownership must skip trashed shares - core/#26525
  • [major] Versions on external storage never expire - core/#24161
  • [major] Properly convert public upload OCS params - core/#26691
  • [major] Properly load object store apps at install time when required in config - core/#26299
  • [major] Fix issue in sharing API that can happen with Galera Cluster - core/#26700
  • [major] Cannot delete file in share link from global external storage - core/#25618
  • [major] Fix issue where first run wizard made web UI unusable in IE11 - core/#26438
  • [major] Cannot upload to federated share when only create/update permission given - core/#26173
  • [major] Auth header in new DAV endpoint can break with Windows Webdav - core/#26412
  • [minor] Transfer ownership don't bail out on error - core/#26524
  • [minor] Don't scan received shares in OCC files scan or background jobs - core/#26590
  • [minor] Remove useless warning in log when accessing public shares - core/#25455
  • [minor] Fix disappearance of share info when clicking favorite star - core/#26241
  • [minor] Don't bother fetching preview images if previews disabled in config.php - core/#26705

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21 November 2016 - 140MB
  • Core: Adjusted documentation link to issue template - core/#26087
  • Core: Display feedback in users page when changing password - core/#25532
  • Core: Fix mime type detection in hidden directories - core/#26133
  • Core: Change forum URL to central - core/#25644
  • Core: Fix share array format passed to "post_unshareFromSelf" hook - core/#26390
  • Core: Release mount info memory after running background jobs - core/#26223
  • Core: Improve users page performance by not sorting after every add - core/#26234
  • Core: Escape special chars in some queries - core/#25429
  • Core: Redirect to two factor challenge page when only a single provider exists - core/#26134
  • Core: Fix bogus PasswordLoginForbidden DAV error when logging in as non-existing user - core/#26123
  • Core: Change the minimum log level to FATAL - core/#26131
  • Core: Fix issue with "(2)" appearing on shares when querying avatar with wrong casing - core/#26271
  • Core: Enabling an app now also analyzes dependencies at this time instead of only at install - core/#26295
  • Core: Reuse cached app info to avoid high load on some environments - core/#25603
  • Core: Show warning instead of exception when trying to run ownCloud on Windows - core/#26208
  • Core: Fix misleading SSL/TLS SMTP email configuration - core/#26447
  • Core: Fix malformed attribute in files app page - core/#26480
  • DAV: Improve chunk assembly performance for new DAV endpoint - core/#26062
  • DAV: New chunking now returns Etag and OC-Etag on the final MOVE - core/#25682
  • DAV: Do not print exception messages in HTML - core/#26460
  • DAV: Sanitize length headers when validating quota - core/#26366
  • Files: Allow uploading empty files in the web UI - core/#19116
  • Files: Properly translate file summary in lists - core/#26221
  • Files: Exclude more invalid chars in path - core/#26461
  • Sharing: Let the share owner increase permissions - core/#25542
  • Federation: Fix sharing with remote user names containing spaces - core/#25955
  • Federation: Save some memory in sync job by releasing mount info after each user - core/#26204
  • Federation: Fix federated address book syncing by using the correct background job name - core/#26202
  • CalDAV: Add Schedule and IMip plugins when receiving webdav v1 api calendar calls - core/#23600
  • CardDAV: Unset photo before setting a new one - core/#26242
  • CardDAV: Fix for birthday entries - core/#25636
  • CardDAV: Limit image export mime types - core/#26459
  • Updater: Fix web UI update in some environments - updater/#378
  • Updater: Retrigger integrity check after update - updater/#405
  • User_LDAP: Added OCC command to update group mappings - user_ldap/#14
  • User_LDAP: Fix issue with "(2)" appearing on shares when refreshing users in some scenarios - core/#25718
  • User_external: Double verify the SMB response - apps/#2198
  • Firstrunwizard: Only display the wizard when in files app - firstrunwizard/#52
  • Gallery: Do not display technical error messages - gallery/#707

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26 September 2016 - 140MB
  • Core: Remove OCS response body for HTTP status 204 and 304 which disturbed some firewalls - core/#25835
  • Core: Map Oracle driver options to params - core/#23938
  • Core: Log cron job class name for easier troubleshooting - core/#25743
  • Core: Skip version and trash expiry for users that never logged in - core/#25741
  • Core: Added white download icons for apps to use - core/#23891
  • Core: Fix warning about undefined offset in LoginController - core/#25714
  • Core: Fix warning about undefined two factor providers - core/#25606
  • Core: Load app before executing its repair steps - core/#25674
  • Core: Fix "defaultapp" setting - core/#25562
  • Core: Fix issue when opening some file app links received in share emails - core/#25200
  • Core: Reconnect DB in occ files:scan to avoid DB timeouts - core/#25853
  • Core: Fix status.php page redirection with non-standard port - core/#25946
  • Core: Improve users page loading performance with many groups - core/#25922
  • Core: Don't log credentials from tryLogin - core/#25895
  • Core: Fix password recovery with case sensitive user names - core/#25684
  • Core: Fix two factor page cyclic reload with some providers - core/#25893
  • Core: Add visual feedback when updating password in users page - core/#25532
  • Core: Fix useless warning when overwriting file when open_basedir is set - core/#26033
  • Files: Display hidden files in footer and selection summary - core/#25855
  • Files: Fix hidden files handling with insertion or selection - core/#25856
  • DAV: Faster classification migration in CalDAV - core/#25638
  • DAV: Error message about forbidden password login is now logged in debug level - core/#25486
  • DAV: Return "data-fingerprint" property on any file related element - core/#25482
  • DAV: Fix missing properties in CalDAV subscriptions - core/#24469
  • DAV: Improve performance of chunking in new DAV endpoint- core/#26072
  • Sharing: Fixed wrong insufficient storage error - core/#25582
  • Sharing: Prevent shared storage recursions to avoid memory issues and crashes - core/#25557
  • Sharing: Group received shares which have same source and target - core/#25113
  • Sharing: Fix sharing over API when dealing with trailing slashes - core/#25464
  • Sharing: Fix public upload issue with quota in some scenarios - core/#24751
  • Sharing: Fix issue where videos did not play from share links with PHP 7 - core/#25483
  • Sharing: Fix BadMethodCallException in cron or scanner - core/#25506
  • Sharing: Prevent ghost mounts for deleted/orphaned shares - core/#26001
  • Sharing: Fix fatal error for users with older existing shares from OC can't import contact birthdays #23004
  • The birthday_calendar is read-only #23105
  • Prevent calendar proppatch for share recipients #22909
  • Fix syncing of all birthday calendars in one go #23035

External storage
  • Chunk upload for GDrive #23361
  • Files on external storage can't be opened in 9.0.0 #23145
  • fix creation of versions of encrypted files on external storages #23710
  • Display external storage GUI even if user mounting disabled #23335
  • External FTP storage doesn't work with encryption enabled #22286
  • Dropbox stream download with RetryWrapper #23522

  • A lot of 'noise' in owncloud.log showing LDAP users in users view #22770
  • Received share to local user disappears from Webdav when LDAP server unavailable #20536
  • Users with LDAP photos unable to see SMB external storage on OwnCloud Android app #21555
  • Remove deprecated ldap_sort #23086
  • Encryption
  • [Encryption] Encryption no longer working after update from 8.2.2 to 9.0.0 #23181
  • [Encryption] "Bad Signature" error after activating encryption #23078
  • [Encryption] Make sure that the encrypted version is set #23709
  • [Encryption] OCA\\Encryption\\Controller\\SettingsController->updatePrivateKeyPassword displays password in plain text when logged #23717

  • [FEDERATION] ownCloud not responsive because of inaccessible federated share #22987
  • [FEDERATION] Multiple federated unsharing removes the last, not the removed one #23148
  • [FEDERATION] OwnCloud not responsive because of inaccessible federated share #22987

  • Chunked Files: Optimize checking if all chunks are there #22601
  • Remove browser autocomplete in new file menu #22784
  • Integrity check stumbles over lost+found special directory #23341
  • Code integrity failure when modifying .user.ini #23144
  • Admin page down after update to 9.0 #22960
  • Remove browser autocomplete in new file menu #22784
  • Redirect loop on session timeout when exploring trashbin #21140
  • Fix tooltip for versions mtime #22924
  • The download archive should be named after the name of the current folder #22836
  • Undefined index: newVersionString #22917
  • Rename and move permissions are set when a file is updatable #22841
  • Files Sidebar shows no entries #22980
  • Class 'XMLReader' not found in Reader.php (after upgrade from 8.2.2) #23003
  • Fix call to disk_free_space when a file is provided #22912
  • Missing document icons in filter views #23044
  • Remove disabled autocorrect for new file names #23024
  • Getting a 404 when calling url/owncloud; fine when calling url/owncloud/index.php #22970
  • Call to a member function getRequest() on null #23031
  • Windows Office files via SMB mount through WebDAV is prompting for authentication #22596
  • php fatal error during upgrade from to #23020
  • 500 on PROPFIND with "oc:owner-display-name" #23116
  • Explicitly check for port #23156
  • Windows Office files via SMB mount through WebDAV is prompting for authentication #22596
  • memcached error - no activities are being shown #23076
  • Fix errors in memcached implementation #23229
  • Search broken #23136
  • Update error text for link passwords #22933
  • The API of the Thumbnails invalidate the Session Cookie on WebDAV on OC9 #22893
  • Logtimezone #23134
  • Unescaped column identifier in join breaks oracle #22835
  • Chunked Files: Optimize checking if all chunks are there #22601
  • Delay the check if the remote is an owncloud instance till we actually use the scanner #22973
  • Mod_php7.c reference missing in .htaccess #21146
  • 500 error instead of 503 when SMB not available #22826
  • Prevent certain DBs throwing exceptions on same-value updates #23309
  • Add setup check for libxml2 >= 2.7.0 #23168
  • Give swift 15 seconds after startup #23324
  • Some typo corrections in occ command output #23358
  • Full name is not shown just after modifying it in the Personal Page #20455
  • No files shown in the web interface and many JavaScript errors in the console after fresh ownCloud 9.0.0 installation #23199
  • Update 3rdparty submodule for sabre 3.0.8 update #23307
  • Detection of existing tags doesn't allow to create tags named like a prefix substring of an existing tag. #22064
  • Accept- or Deny-Link of Notifications Lack Webroot Part #22786
  • Fix writing to cache when fallback server should be used immediately #23401
  • Non-ending background job #22887
  • Log more information by default #23464
  • Properly use smb permissions #23447
  • Update from 8.2.2 to 9.0.0-1.1 failed - Doctrine\DBAL\Exception\TableExistsException Table 'oc_gallery_sharing' already exists #22993
  • Query the cache when checking if a node exists #23520
  • Menu language can't be changed #22695
  • open_basedir issue in router.php #23533
  • Dont die when we cant save the resized avatar, log instead #23582
  • Themes background don't stick with local images #23239
  • Activity notification in OC9.0.0 does not specify what was accessed #23503
  • Correct form of upload-white icon to be same as upload icon #23631
  • Only remove avatars from the folder we store them in #23641
  • XCache isAvailable check fails in OC9 #23653
  • Use the shipped cacerts.pem instead of the global one #23662
  • RemoveMount should lock #17144
  • Current-user-principal returns incorrect href. #23306
  • Trying to activate app on production stable9, doesn’t work (dependency analyzer) #23668
  • User trapped in app management screen #23482
  • Read available l10n files also from theme folder #23567
  • CSS isn't loaded correctly in ownCloud 9 version of the player files_videoplayer/#36
  • Only load for apps/files and apps/files_sharing gallery/#635
  • Fix order of Gallery app in app navigation gallery/#640
  • Issue migration from 8.2.2 to 9.0.0 updater/#270
  • Date of checkpoint/backup missing updater/#268
  • [New updater] Checkpoints aren't deleted after restoring them updater/#259
  • [New updater] Updater tries to do a md5 of a missing file updater/#260
  • Updater breaks OC leaving apps empty updater/#280
  • Invalid password/updater.secret + Login UI broken updater/#263
  • Fix message style in activity view activity/#474
  • Remove left margin from files tabview activity/#475
  • Activities not loading (Autoload path not allowed) activity/#491
  • Clicking files doesn't direct to file activity/#482
  • Infinite scrolldown in OC9 activity/#483
  • Trim long messages in the UI? notifications/#74

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8 März 2016 - 140MB
  • New: Comments on files
  • New: Tags for files
  • New: Notifications (separate from Activity feed)
  • New: (Federation) Auto-complete of user names
  • New: (Federation) Trusted Servers
  • New: Code signing, checked when updating or installing core and apps
  • New: Stand-alone updater for more reliable upgrading
  • Improved sharing behavior and performance
  • New External Storage API's for improved scalability
  • Calendar and Contacts Apps where rewritten. The CalDAV and CardDAV backends are now part of core
  • Security hardening
  • ownCloud API work to improve scalability
  • Many small improvements

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10 Februar 2017 - 140MB
  • [major] Make error message for password reset form more generic - core/#27011
  • [major] When sharing autocomplete is disabled, also disable for the email field - core/#26504
  • [major] Fix LDAP "undefined OfflineUser::composeAndStoreDisplayName()" - core/#25588
  • [minor] Prevent repeated log messages when dealing with broken picture files - core/#26758
  • [minor] Add AVMaxFileSize config option - files_antivirus/#133

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21 November 2016 - 140MB
  • Core: Adjusted documentation link to issue template - core/#26087
  • Core: Display feedback in users page when changing password - core/#25532
  • Core: Fix mime type detection in hidden directories - core/#26133
  • Core: Change forum URL to central - core/#25644
  • Core: Fix unshare from self etag propagation - core/#26346
  • Core: Fix misleading SSL/TLS SMTP email configuration - core/#26447
  • DAV: Sanitize length headers when validating quota - core/#26366
  • Updater: Fix signature data not found error when updating to 9.0 - updater/#384
  • Updater: Clicking notification now updates doc in new tab - core/#26260
  • User_external: Double verify the SMB response - apps/#2198

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3 August 2016 - 140MB
  • Files: fix locking issue with too long key names - core/#25376
  • DAV: Additional perm check in Webdav - core/#25449
  • Admin: Set content type when downloading log file to force download on some browser - core/#25382
  • Versions: Log version expiration as INFO instead of DEBUG to be consistent with trashbin - core/#25367
  • Versions: Hide rollback button in versions app when no permission to revert - core/#25288
  • Sharing: Use display name instead of LDAP user id in sharing error messages - core/#25305
  • Search: Fix search when operating on share file list sections - core/#23774

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30 Juni 2016 - 140MB
  • Fix oc_appconfig fetching performance core/#25226
  • Wrong file size for encrypted file when reverting version core/#23928
  • Fix app loading order to looad authentication apps first, fixes mail app issue core/#25126
  • Fix occ files:scan locking issue with shared folder core/#24507
  • Fix quota update after moving files to shared folder in webinterface core/#21236
  • Show a proper error message when handle "storage not available" situations core/#25037
  • Fix cron job error related to versions core/#22450
  • Fix thumbnail download issue with external storage due to inaccurate path handling core/#21173
  • Capped cache for the user/group cache core/#24958
  • Capped cache for normalized paths core/#24340
  • Fix 'lost_password_link' from config.php that did not work as expected core/#24789
  • Fix IApacheBackend issue due to wrong initialization order core/#23899
  • Fix SSO + master key encryption issue due to wrong initialization order core/#24182
  • Read available l10n files also from theme folder core/#23571
  • Propagate size changes when running files:scan with explicit path core/#24271
  • Fix performance for isLocal in SharedStorage core/#24651
  • Clarify filesystem_check_changes in config.sample.php core/#24817
  • Free up memory when releasing the last shared lock core/#24704
  • Fix issue with chunks that got cleared too early core/#24653
  • Fix federated share checkboxes to correctly display disabled state core/#24547
  • LDAP: do not attempt to process user records without display name core/#20804
  • Updater server URL can now be specified in config.php core/#24500
  • Remove "en@pirate" locale which caused issues core/#24545
  • Added warning in admin page when using unsupported transaction mode core/#24889
  • Don't update search onResize core/#24682
  • Gallery: tokens are too loose gallery/#669
  • WND: Fix issue decrypting the password twice, causing to log some errors windows_network_drive/#397
  • WND: stat / dir / log rework windows_network_drive/#399
  • WND: Fix js to allow updating the personal mounts with custom credentials properly windows_network_drive/#388
  • WND: Lockout fix when credentials changed in the storage backend windows_network_drive/#387
  • WND: Run strreplace only on strings windows_network_drive/#386

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15 Mai 2016 - 140MB
  • webdav / files broken after upgrade to 8.2.4 #24487
  • Addressed XSS issues in the files_videoviewer app

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6 Mai 2016 - 140MB
  • [stable8.2] Remove browser autocomplete in new file menu - #22927
  • owncloud-8.2.3.tar.bz2 contains /apps/dav folder - #22962
  • The download archive should be named after the name of the current folder - #22836
  • [Stable 8.2] Rename and move permissions are set when a file is updatable - #22842
  • [stable8.2] Remove disabled autocorrect for new file names - #23025
  • Windows Office files via SMB mount through WebDAV is prompting for authentication - #22596
  • Received share to local user disappears from Webdav when LDAP server unavailable - #20536
  • [stable8.2] Update error text for link passwords - #22934
  • Renaming and moving displays an error in public shared folder with edit permissions. - #21678
  • Sharing to AD group fails when not all users have logged in - #22907
  • "Allow editing" capability in share by link not disabled - #23325
  • Full name is not shown just after modifying it in the Personal Page - #20455
  • Position of edit options in sharing menu confuses user - #18163
  • Password-link shares listed in "Shared in ... with ..." section of sidebar - #22128
  • Users with LDAP photos unable to see SMB external storage on OwnCloud Android app - #21555
  • Webdav invalid request error with samba share - #22187
  • Cannot upload file from OC
  • Passing an empty base in this diagnosis call will not result in LDAP errors
  • LDAP Wizard Group Tab: infinite loop when having more than 400 groups
  • User management: Password change error display behavior

Sharing improvements
  • Fix Group Sharing
  • Mount fed share as same user, move source into received folder, must be forbidden
  • Files/folders created while the users group was included in 'Exclude groups from sharing' cannot be shared even if the group is removed from the excluded groups.
  • Fix shared files of deleted users, detect DN change when checking for existence on LDAP
  • Recursive external shares kill web server
  • Send sharing link to more than one recipient

Other fixes
  • Force approval in GDrive oauth to get refresh_token
  • Show the language code in personal settings for unknown languages
  • Login attributes tab. Other attributes combobox does not keep the selection if the users click away
  • Empty etag after moving shared file into a commonly received share
  • Fix trashbin wrapper when no user is logged in
  • Handle non existing files in version previews
  • User details not saved unless click Enter
  • Properly handle enforce home folder naming rule setting
  • X-Sendfile likely required for video streaming - to be documented - apps
  • Allow seeking for non-public videos. - apps
  • Skip version check for daily builds - updater
  • Several UI improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Many small improvements

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1 November 2015 - 140MB
  • Stop when PHP 7 is used, only ownCloud 8.2 is compatible
  • Allow public webdav auth to recognize sesssion, (WebDAV can be used with publicly shared links)
  • Make it possible to change the syslog_tag
  • Enable limiting resharing when using Federated Cloud Sharing
  • Improved Memcached compatibility
  • Optimized ./occ performance and decrease space usage
  • Several improvements to LDAP reliability
  • Switch to debug logging on upgrade
  • improve Documents compatibility
  • IE/Win 10 compatibility fix
  • WebDAV won't create empty folders on incorrect copy commands
  • Crypto error fix
  • Improve email sending compatibility
  • Download tar on Mac instead of zip
  • Fix search operations for Node
  • Block downgrades as they are unsupported
  • Fixed password reset from admin account
  • Fixes related to various PHP versions
  • Fixes to PDF viewer and text editor
  • Several UI improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Many small improvements

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15 September 2015 - 140MBSharing improvements
  • New share dialog autocomplete option
  • Public shared folder upload fix
  • Sharing by link fix
  • Public link page conflict fix
  • Remove share permissions on failed mount points
  • Quota warning in shared storage fix
  • External sharing fix
  • Shared folders fix

Install and upgrade fixes
  • Dependency check on install fix
  • Upgrade log fix
  • Upgrade with enabled search fix
  • And more

Other fixes
  • App download fix
  • File move fix
  • Fixes related to PHP older than 5.6
  • Regular expressions fix
  • WebDAV folder size fix
  • Handling rmdir for ftp
  • Empty content message fix
  • Capabilities API fixes
  • Mobile scrolling and UX issue fix
  • SMB fixes
  • Non-existing CA bundle warning on upgrade
  • IE8 rendering fixes
  • Object store setting fix
  • Multiple LDAP group member count fix
  • Configure visibility of SSL root certs
  • Long-lived certificate fix
  • Admin page fix with enabled LDAP Home Connector app
  • Domain info fix for windows network drive
  • User display fix in windows network drive
  • Fix error messages in syslog
  • Notification and activity mail language fixes

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2 September 2015 - 140MB
  • App download fix
  • File move fix
  • Sharing improvments: New share dialog autocomplete option
  • Sharing improvments: Public shared folder upload fix
  • Sharing improvments: Sharing by link fix
  • Sharing improvments: Public link page conflict fix
  • Sharing improvments: Remove share permissions on failed mount points
  • Sharing improvments: Quota warning in shared storage fix
  • Sharing improvments: External sharing fix
  • Sharing improvments: Shared folders fix
  • Install and upgrade fixes: Dependency check on install fix
  • Install and upgrade fixes: Upgrade log fix
  • Install and upgrade fixes: Upgrade with enabled search fix
  • Other fixes: Fixes related to PHP older than 5.6
  • Other fixes: Regular expressions fix
  • Other fixes: WebDAV folder size fix
  • Other fixes: Handling rmdir for ftp
  • Other fixes: Empty content message fix
  • Other fixes: Capabilities API fixes
  • Other fixes: Mobile scrolling and UX issue fix
  • Other fixes: SMB fixes
  • Other fixes: Non-existing CA bundle warning on upgrade
  • Other fixes: IE8 rendering fixes
  • Other fixes: Object store setting fix
  • Other fixes: Multiple LDAP group member count fix
  • Other fixes: Configure visibility of SSL root certs
  • Other fixes: Long-lived certificate fix
  • Other fixes: Admin page fix with enabled LDAP Home Connector app
  • Other fixes: Domain info fix for windows network drive
  • Other fixes: User display fix in windows network drive
  • Other fixes: Fix error messages in syslog
  • Other fixes: Notification and activity mail language fixes
  • Many small improvements

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11 August 2015 - 140MB
  • Fix infinite loops with propagating etags on reshares
  • Let the encryption storage wrapper always update the file cache
  • Only update database on the first run
  • Add error handlers for avatar setup
  • Fix Search box in user management only appears when making the font bigger or smaller
  • Detect old NSS and OpenSSL versions
  • Double slash for SMB storage id for compatibility
  • Encryption migration improvements
  • Only set is encrypted when encryption is enabled
  • Adding error handling in case setting the password fails
  • Fix mount point detection
  • Allow upgrade of not enabled apps
  • Ensure groups match filter when using memberOf to read users group
  • Fixing 'Undefined index: REMOTE_ADDR'
  • Add repair step for outdated OCS IDs
  • Do not try clearing locked files in cache folder
  • Fix "undefined index" and "file_exists() on a non-object" messages
  • Fixing error logging
  • Add verbosity check and show repair info & steps
  • Many small improvements

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9 Juli 2015 - 140MB
  • Much polishing, stability and performance improvements
  • Encryption 2.0
  • Updated Documents
  • New Mount Options for External Storage
  • Federated Cloud ID
  • Integrated documentation
  • LDAP Wizard Improvements
  • Security Improvements
  • App store improvements
  • Release channels
  • ownCloud API work: 190 new calls, 50 replaced
  • Many small improvements

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23 Dezember 2015 - 140MB
  • LDAP wizard 'Could not connect to LDAP' fix
  • Backup Host for LDAP server does not automatically connect
  • Fix shared files of deleted users, detect DN change when checking for existence on LDAP
  • Hardening home folder retrieval in user_ldap
  • Force approval in GDrive oauth to get refresh_token
  • escape like parameter in cache operations
  • Node API: search operations don't work on the top folder of external shares
  • Use new updater URL
  • CLI scan ignores passed user / options parser seems broken
  • Prevent 0 byte downloads when storage returns false
  • Handle non existing files in version previews
  • Mount fed share as same user, move source into received folder, must be forbidden
  • Allow seeking for non-public videos - apps
  • Several UI improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Many small improvements

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1 November 2015 - 140MB
  • Stop when PHP 7 is used, only ownCloud 8.2 is compatible
  • Improve LDAP and Memcached compatibility
  • Switch to debug logging on upgrade
  • optimize ./occ performance and decrease space usage
  • WebDAV won't create empty folders on incorrect copy commands
  • improve Documents compatibility
  • IE/Win 10 compatibility fix
  • Security improvements
  • Small improvements

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15 September 2015 - 140MB
  • App download fix
  • "Enforce HTTPS" description fix
  • Handle rmdir for ftp
  • Mobile scrolling and UX issue fix
  • Doc fixes
  • Remote ownCloud instance check behind proxy
  • Dependency check on install fix
  • Object store setting fix
  • Public shared folder upload fix
  • Admin page fix with enabled LDAP Home Connector app
  • User display fix in windows network drive

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2 September 2015 - 140MB
  • App download fix
  • "Enforce HTTPS" description fix
  • Handle rmdir for ftp
  • Mobile scrolling and UX issue fix
  • Doc fixes
  • Remote ownCloud instance check behind proxy
  • Dependency check on install fix
  • Object store setting fix
  • Public shared folder upload fix
  • Admin page fix with enabled LDAP Home Connector app
  • User display fix in windows network drive

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11 August 2015 - 140MB
  • remove duplicate ID in HTML template for public shares
  • Scan check path correctly
  • Fix php ldap segfault when some users login
  • Do not restrict permissions for the original owner
  • Fix thumbnails on public pages are blurry on high DPI devices
  • Properly handle NotPermittedException in SabreDAV
  • Fix version rename with files and folders
  • Several smaller fixes

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9 Juli 2015 - 140MB
  • Upgrade fixes
  • Dropbox logs error fixes
  • File scan fixes
  • Security fixes
  • OCS API fix
  • Control bar width no longer overlays scrollbar
  • Only load commands of enabled apps
  • Port detection when using LDAP
  • LDAP wizard improvements
  • MultiSelect fixes
  • Upgrade jquery-migrate
  • Shared file deletion fix
  • Fix sync from client to external SMB storage
  • Video streaming fix
  • File path fix
  • LDAP user deletion fix
  • Parsing fix in AppFramework
  • File overwrite fix for external storage
  • Disallow cookie auth in API
  • Fix versions when restoring a deleted file
  • Fix shares of unavailable users
  • Unset password of a link share
  • App store application fixes
  • Several smaller fixes

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10 Juni 2015 - 140MB
  • occ can now optionally run the update routines without disabling all third party apps
  • Database handling changes which should improve performance on big systems
  • better support for very old cURL versions (for QNAP users)
  • Extended X-Accel-Redirect functionality in nginx
  • Added work-around for file transfers on 32bit systems
  • Improved quota calculation
  • Many fixes and improvements to sharing
  • Several fixes to upgrade process
  • Fix deleted folders on client not showing up in trash
  • fix inability to delete files when quota is 0
  • Change WebDAV error to 500 instead of 403 on denying overwrite of read-only file
  • Fixed enforcing expiration date
  • Fix to Provisioning API
  • Fixing shared document editing by shared LDAP users
  • IE 8/9 fixes
  • Several smaller fixes

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4 Mai 2015 - 140MB
  • Fix several Constrain Violation Exceptions
  • Fix misleading Maintenance mode message
  • Timezone fixes for countries with 0.5 and 0.75 offsets
  • Fix usage of default share folder location
  • Reenable trashbin after failed rename
  • Fix disabling of APCu
  • Do not show update notification on mobile
  • Fix "Only variables should be passed by reference" error log spam
  • Add timeout to curl
  • Makes repair errors and warnings visible for the user when upgrading on the command line or in the web UI
  • Cron shall not operate in case we are in maintenance mode
  • Disable the cache updater when doing the encryption migration
  • Fix "Error while updating app" error
  • Internal Server Error after attempting to do "occ files:scan"
  • Several smaller fixes

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12 März 2015 - 140MB
  • Prevent DB errors in certain high load situations
  • Fix installation and updating of apps from the app store
  • Fix documentation links
  • Fix file move/copy when out of storage space
  • Disable 3rd party apps during upgrade to prevent breaking ownCloud if incompatible apps are used
  • Fix compatibility with certain MariaDB versions
  • Print app upgrade information to console
  • Detect broken APC versions
  • Fix certain incompatibilities with older PHP 5.4 versions
  • Several smaller fixes

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10 Februar 2015 - 140MB
  • Favorites
  • Federated cloud (Server 2 Server Sharing, Version 2)
  • Improved apps management page
  • Improved updater app
  • Improved search
  • Direct download support, Broker
  • More fine grain storage configuration
  • Provisioning API will be released as part of the community edition
  • Apps can now specify their dependencies in info.xml
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Improved Documents
  • LDAP/AD: command line functions for creating and deleting LDAP configurations.
  • LDAP/AD: subtle configuration wizard improvements, including user name attribute detection.
  • PDF viewer has been updated to a new version of PDF.js
  • Sharing links are now shorter and "look better"
  • Usermanagement improvements
  • Better structured settings and admin page
  • Performance improvements
  • App container can now automatically resolve dependencies
  • Various app API deprecations and features
  • Improved import for contacts
  • App development tutorial for building a notes app

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15 Mai 2016 - 140MB
  • Addressed XSS issues in the files_videoviewer app

Lesen Sie mehr:


6 Mai 2016 - 140MB
  • [stable7] Ignore certificate file if it starts with file:// - #24167
  • [stable7] Redirect page if not shown in an iframe - files_pdfviewer/#113

Lesen Sie mehr:


23 Dezember 2015 - 140MB
  • Handle non existing files in version previews
  • Use XMLWriter to generate response
  • Use a correctly initialized JobList in antivirus update

Lesen Sie mehr:


1 November 2015 - 140MB
  • Stop when PHP 7 is used, only ownCloud 8.2 is compatible
  • Improve PHP 5.3 support
  • Switch to debug logging on upgrade
  • Improve LDAP and Memcached compatibility
  • WebDAV won't create empty folders on incorrect copy commands
  • Security improvements
  • Small improvements

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15 September 2015 - 140MB
  • App download fix
  • Repair info during upgrade fix
  • Object store setting fix
  • Improved error messages in text editing
  • Check FileActions in test editing
  • Add versions to JS files in PDF viewer

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2 September 2015 - 140MB
  • App download fix
  • Repair info during upgrade fix
  • Object store setting fix
  • Improved error messages in text editing
  • Check FileActions in test editing
  • Add versions to JS files in PDF viewer

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11 August 2015 - 140MB
  • Fix runtime caching in ldap's user manager
  • Fix "undefined index" and "file_exists() on a non-object" messages
  • Only rescan versions once in trashbin
  • Return correct user count when the group has none
  • Several smaller fixes and improvements

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9 Juli 2015 - 140MB
  • Fix port detection when using LDAP
  • External storage reload fix
  • Dropbox logs error files
  • Video streaming fix
  • Fix sync from client to external SMB storage
  • DB performance improvement
  • File path fix
  • Upgrade fixes
  • LDAP user deletion fix
  • Parsing fix in AppFramework
  • Disallow cookie auth in API
  • Fix shares of unavailable users
  • IE8 fixes
  • App store application fixes
  • Several smaller fixes

Lesen Sie mehr:


10 Juni 2015 - 140MB
  • Improve upgrade process
  • Improved quota calculation
  • Added work-around for file transfers on 32bit systems
  • Some fixes to sharing
  • Fix issue with broken encryption key when deleting file shared by other user
  • Fix incompatibility bugwith PHP 5.3
  • Fixed several LDAP and AD issues
  • Fix movie indexing
  • Several smaller fixes

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12 März 2015 - 140MB
  • LDAP user cleanup
  • Add note about external user app to config.sample.php
  • Fix creation of ghost directories in certain situations
  • Fixes for password protected links
  • Fix upgrade with LDAP in certain situations
  • Fix Server2Server sharing if trailing slashes are missing
  • add config-option for an image's maximum file size when generating previews
  • Increase initial user count in user management to 50
  • Note in config.sample.php that certain previews are not available on Windows
  • Drop useless "No reuse of etag" log output
  • Fix retrieval of LDAP user group in certain situations
  • Better cleanup temporary files
  • Show spinner on file upload in IE8 and IE9
  • Fix links to app store
  • Return real mime type in PROPFIND
  • Check if files are deletable before trying to delete them
  • Several security fixes. (Will be disclosed 2 weeks after the release)
  • Several smaller fixes

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10 Dezember 2014 - 140MB
  • Added XMLWriter check
  • Better deleted outdated previews
  • Store storage credential in session only if needed
  • Don't disclose relative directory path for single shared files of user
  • Password reset fixes
  • Fix enable app only for a specific group
  • fixing port configuration in trusted domains
  • LDAP fixes
  • Make group search case sensitive
  • Allow admin to change users display name
  • ldap performance improvements
  • config.php can now be read only
  • Several smaller fixes

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13 November 2014 - 140MB
  • Some OS X server fixes
  • Several external storage fixes and improvements
  • Close session early to speedup apps page loading
  • Add overwrite.cli.url config option
  • Fix finding old versions in special cases
  • Make versions and encryption aware of copy operations
  • Force loading encryption app in all needed cases
  • Better filesystem scanning error messages
  • LDAP wizard fixes
  • Add configuration switch to enable preview mimetypes
  • Create backup of all encryption keys before recovery
  • Add displayname for admins
  • Better config.sample documentation
  • Better apps descriptions
  • Improve visual feedback if recovery key password gets changed
  • Fix some object store integration issues
  • Improved data directory configuration
  • Fix DAV permissions without create permissions
  • Fix filepicker home icon being partly hidden
  • Do only follow http and https redirects
  • Properly delete old previews
  • Prevent upgrades between more than one major versions
  • Several security fixes
  • Lots of smaller improvements

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29 August 2014 - 140MB
  • App upgrading stability improvements
  • Make default share folder configurable
  • Improve readability of error messages
  • Log failed authentication
  • S3 key fixes
  • Fix range requests with encryption
  • Several LDAP fixes
  • Remove obsolete 'Download preparing' message for zip downloads
  • Remove not working checks from code checker
  • No error if we try to delete a file which no longer exists
  • Fix detection of system wide mount points
  • Simplify App navigation
  • Add group management to public api
  • Remove confusing 'automatic logon rejected' message
  • Implement a txt preview fallback for the case that ttf is not support
  • Fix tiny thumbnail bug
  • Don't display share permission if resharing was disabled by the admin
  • Close session right before the download starts
  • Fix date display in filepicker
  • Don't touch non-oc tables when doing the InnoDB repair step
  • Several Documents fixes
  • Correctly handle public uploads activities
  • Add better 4 image previews to gallery

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5 August 2014 - 140MB
  • Set maximum width for notification so they don't overlap the whole header
  • Don't preload videos on public sharing
  • Fix preview size calculation under certain conditions
  • Fix to always show all available versions in the versions dropdown
  • Support WebDAV copy operation and make encryption aware of it
  • Make sure to set the expire date if a date is set as default
  • Improved link icon for better UX
  • Fix rendering of blank template
  • Only call exec if is is enabled by PHP
  • Limit app menu icon size
  • Show a warning in the personal settings and admin settins if the encyption keys are not yet initialized
  • Always remove share permission if user is excluded from sharing
  • Add OCS api call to set expire date for link shares
  • Improved db schema migration for sqlite
  • Don't try to execute background jobs that no longer exist
  • Improve look of search on mobile, save space in top bar
  • Set core version after a successful update to make upgrade more robust of app upgrades fail
  • Verify whether download URLs are valid
  • Fix preview animation on uploading
  • Prevent cron.php to trigger apps updating
  • Fix remote share when remote server is installed at the root
  • Fix files sorting
  • Fix calendar import
  • Fix gallery pause icon
  • Several contacts fixes specifically for PHP 5.3
  • Make updater more robust

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24 Juli 2014 - 140MBownCloud 7 has significant feature improvements for users, administrators and developers. We invite you to check out the great features highlighted below.

Improvements for Users:
  • Server to Server Sharing
  • Improved File Sharing
  • Improved Documents Capabilities
  • File Activity Notifications
  • New Files View
  • Mobile Web Browser Support
  • Password Strength Indicator
  • Significant Speed Improvements

Improvements for Administrators:
  • New User Management
  • External Storage Access
  • Object Stores as Primary Storage
  • Antivirus Scanner Integration
  • Active Directory / LDAP Enhancements
  • SMTP Config Wizard
  • Editable Email Templates
  • Upgrade / Migration Routine Script
  • Quota Improvements (including external storage)

Improvements for Developers:
  • Webhooks
  • Overlay Icon API
  • Developer Documentation

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9 Juli 2015 - 89MB
  • Dropbox logs error files
  • Fix sync from client to external SMB storage
  • File path fix
  • App store application fixes
  • Several smaller fixes

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10 Juni 2015 - 89MB
  • versioning and deletion fix that solves "unable to rename, file is not writeable" bug
  • fixed the long execution time of the key migration
  • Remove hacky Substring support for MSSQL
  • Several smaller fixes

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12 März 2015 - 89MB
  • Remove some not needed error log messages
  • Removes the bogus leading slash in some sharing situations
  • Better cleanup temporary files
  • Several security fixes. (Will be disclosed 2 weeks after the release)
  • Several smaller fixes

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13 November 2014 - 89MB
  • Fix finding old versions in special cases
  • Make versions and encryption aware of copy operations
  • Force loading encryption app in all needed cases
  • Better filesystem scanning error messages
  • LDAP wizard fixes
  • Add configuration switch to enable preview mimetypes
  • Create backup of all encryption keys before recovery
  • Add displayname for admins
  • Several security fixes
  • Lots of smaller improvements

Lesen Sie mehr:


29 August 2014 - 89MB
  • Documentation improvements
  • Fix anonymous upload if logged-in
  • Fix handling of special characters in group names
  • Fix downloading of big files in special situations
  • More consistent handling of debug mode
  • Fix sharing email notifications
  • Disabling upload button if upload is not possible
  • Fix detection of system wide mount points
  • Handle video viewer in sharing links correctly
  • Update encryption keys recursively if a folder was moved
  • Enable download button for public folders
  • Handle exceptions if file to too big for trash-bin correctly
  • Quota fixes
  • Avoid unnecessary writing to the DB when preferences are not changed
  • Disable download button if zip download is disabled
  • Fix searching for users in special situations
  • Mount-point handling fixes
  • Correctly handle storage stats for trash bin
  • Remove etag warning for trash bin
  • Hardened SFTP host verification

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27 Juni 2014 - 89MB
  • Fixed a security issue (Will be disclosed two weeks after this release)
  • Several LDAP fixes and improvements
  • Add deprecated warning to load function
  • File scanner fixes
  • Heart beat fixes
  • Encryption fixes for some corner cases
  • Fix conflict dialog translations
  • Fix button text overflow
  • Fix search with Oracle
  • Php upload errors are written to log
  • OCS status code fixes
  • Add PostgreSQL version warning

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29 April 2014 - 89MB
  • Several security fixes.
  • Appframework extensions to improve the compatibility with 3rdparty apps
  • LDAP performance improvements
  • Fix updating of email adresses from LDAP
  • Fix WebDAV timestamp format handling
  • Disable internet connection check if a proxy is configured
  • Fix a potential file chunking problem on a server that is running out of storage
  • Do not expire file chunks while checking their existence
  • Fix loading of authentication apps in any case
  • Performance improvements by reducing the number of chmod operations.
  • Make the trusted domain upgrade feature more robust.
  • Don't allow creating a "Shared" folder.
  • Fixed "select all" + download on public page
  • Fix share as link with email multiple users
  • Reset time of last update feed polling to fix the updater
  • Share API fixes
  • Admin option for public upload with encryption enabled
  • Fix CIFS with home shares
  • Detect a missing "data" directory mount
  • Fix the filesize calculation of encrypted files
  • Fixes in the OpenStack support
  • Fixes in the SWIFT support
  • Don't block PHP sessions during download
  • Fix sharing oc addressbooks
  • Several ownCloud Documents improvements and fixes
  • Several smaller bugfixes

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3 März 2014 - 89MB
  • Several security fixes
  • Improved trash bin performance for deleting lots of files
  • Mobile interface improvements
  • Fix key problems in encryption mode in rare situations
  • Smaller LDAP improvements
  • Fix the keep-alive ping for non standard php session lifetimes
  • Cleanup storage table when deleting an entry
  • Fix compatibility with xsendfile mode
  • Fix file size calculation in encryption mode
  • Fix image previews in trash bin
  • Fix public upload with enabled enryption
  • Added APC enabled check
  • Correctly localise date in notification emails
  • Improve compatibility with some CIFS servers
  • Fix shared files and Gallery
  • Several Contacts compatibility improvements
  • Several Documents improvements
  • A lot of smaller bug fixes

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22 Januar 2014 - 89MB
  • Fix handling of encryption keys
  • Disable xcache in case admin auth is disabled
  • Speed DB improvements in user home directory location fetching
  • Fix some APC configuration problems
  • Fix duplicate .exe mime-type detection
  • Support DECIMAL DB schema statement
  • Fix some API response code problems
  • Added download workaround for some Android versions.
  • Turn off not working mod_pagespeed extension
  • Command line tool option to show user number
  • Some LDAP fixes for certain configurations
  • Fix previews for reshared files
  • Fix unshare on delete behaviour
  • Fix a CIFS mounting timezone problem
  • File Trash handling fixes
  • Fix potential data corruption problem during massive parallel uploads of the same file
  • Fix versions expiration logic
  • Fix public upload progress bar

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15 Dezember 2013 - 89MB
  • Remove wrong warnings from logfile
  • Fix LDAP authentication
  • Fix LDAP configuration
  • Fix Share dialog
  • Fix migration under certain conditions
  • Fix database encoding for old PHP versions
  • Fix select all checkbox
  • Fix migration with lucene search enabled
  • Fix migration for postgresql

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12 Dezember 2013 - 89MB
  • User Avatars
  • Previews in files app and other places
  • Updated design, less clutter and more whitespace
  • Public gallery sharing
  • Activities
  • Better file conflict handling dialog
  • Improved public App API
  • Sharing API
  • Example Files
  • Share Email Notifications
  • New Doctrine based database layer
  • Plural translations
  • Refactored OC.dialogs (both code and design wise)
  • Priorize often used languages in personal-settings language selection
  • Update jquery to 1.10.0 and add jquery-migrate 1.2.1
  • Show a summary as the last filelist entry
  • Improve app-management (more verbose error-messages)
  • Show 'More apps' link to app administration directly in app navigation
  • Templates for newly created files
  • Add MB indicator to size column
  • Google Drive external storage uses a new library
  • New icons for shared and external folders
  • File uploads conflicts dialog
  • Possibility to prepopulate a new users home with a skeleton
  • Public upload with encryption enabled
  • Users now can decrypt the files again if their encryption app was enabled
  • Many quota related fixes
  • Total used space (with quota) now only counts user’s own files
  • Many external storage fixes, improved performance
  • Improved file navigation performance by using Ajax calls (no full page reload for each folder)
  • The file owner can now also restore deleted shared files
  • New version drop-down with previews and the ability to downloading versions directly

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30 Juni 2014 - 89MB
  • Fixed a security issue (Will be disclosed two weeks after this release)
  • Add deprecated warning to load function
  • Fix button text overflow
  • Fix search with Oracle

Lesen Sie mehr:


29 April 2014 - 89MB
  • Several security fixes
  • Make the trusted domain upgrade feature more robust.
  • Fix group restore
  • Don't block PHP sessions during download
  • Several smaller bugfixes

Lesen Sie mehr:


3 März 2014 - 89MB
  • Several security fixes
  • Improved trash bin performance for deleting lots of files
  • Mobile interface improvements

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18 Dezember 2013 - 89MB
  • Fix bug that triggers a regeneration of the etags and redownload of files
  • Don't check migration status if a file is accessed by a public link
  • Fix unsharing of files
  • Several external filesystem improvements and fixes
  • A lot of quota calculation fixes
  • Login cookie handling fixes
  • Fix WebDAV url
  • Fix updating of cached permissions
  • Reverse proxy fixes
  • Fix handling of touch for external filesystems
  • Fix setting of display names
  • IIS fixes
  • Fix some Oracle corner cases

Lesen Sie mehr:


8 November 2013 - 89MB
  • SECURITY: Fix a possible security bypass on admin page under certain circumstances and MariaDB
  • Correctly update database schema during app update
  • Fix automatic login rejecion error message
  • Several Oracle fixes
  • Fixing serverroot/webroot calculation
  • Adding detection for aborted uploads for chunked uploads
  • Fixing directory handling that end with a space
  • Fixing home storage handling
  • Allow to share a file/folder as public link also if one of it parents was already shared as link
  • Fix search in shared folders
  • Fix check for uploads into Shared folder
  • Several Shared folder handling fixes
  • Prefere them PNGs over core SVGs
  • Fall back to default log file of specified logfile doesn’t exist
  • Several IE fixes
  • Fix LDAP login for certain circumstances
  • Fixed chunk size calculation for encrypted files
  • Fix recursive delete for smb
  • Fix using touch for creating files for smb
  • Support OCS Share API
  • Fix updating ETAGs
  • Don't write user passwords into logfile
  • Enable configuration of timezones for logfile timestamps
  • Cleanup share database table for files that no longer exist
  • Adding privilege check on move and rename operations

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4 Oktober 2013 - 89MB
  • User management interface fixes
  • Allow numeric group names
  • Improved IE compatibiliy
  • Fix database upgrade error
  • Sharing permission interface fixes
  • Small visual fixes
  • File scanner fixes to handle deleted files correctly

Lesen Sie mehr:


10 September 2013 - 89MB
  • Fixing upload in shared folders with create privileges
  • Making ldap more robust in certain situations
  • Handing quota violation earlier to make the desktop clients more robust
  • Several quota fixes
  • Fix issues with certain file names like 0 or false
  • Disable smb in files_External on windows servers
  • Enable user to decrypt files again after encryption app was disabled
  • Improved Encryption messages
  • Add a searchByMime call to API
  • Fix multiselects for Firefox on Mac in groups management
  • Reduce the number of ldap connections
  • Show a "password incorrect" notice when used shared password is wrong
  • Switch to the completely new Google Drive SDK.
  • Scanner: additional tests for reusing etags during scanning
  • Fix accessing files that are newly created by setting the right mime type
  • Several Calendar bugfixes
  • Fixed "Show on Map" in Contacts
  • A lof of Contacts fixes
  • Several "Tasks" fixes

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12 August 2013 - 89MB
  • Configurable logfile date format
  • Several Oracle fixes
  • Several MSSQL fixes
  • Make default language configurable
  • New CLI upgrade script
  • Correctly calculate folder size
  • Fix display of search results
  • Database upgrade fixes
  • Smaller filesystem cache fixes
  • Remember password fixes
  • Encryption fixes
  • Fix problems with german "Umlauts" in folder name
  • IE fixes
  • Improved upgrade logging
  • Improved external storage status display
  • Flicker free versions dropdown
  • Don't create empty versions
  • Less noisy debug logfile
  • Don't show firstrunwizard during upgrade
  • Several Calendar fixes
  • Contacts fixes
  • Fixes for Gallery
  • Several smaller fixes

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15 Juli 2013 - 89MB
  • Fixes for mounting an WebDAV into an ownCloud
  • Improve expiring of old version in case of an full storage
  • IE8 fixes
  • Speedup syncing of shared files
  • Oracle compatibility fixes
  • Make upgrade routine more robust
  • Fix gallery for curtain php configurations
  • Fix pdf viewer close button
  • user_external fixes
  • Several smaller fixes

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10 Juli 2013 - 89MB
  • SECURITY: XSS vulnerability in "Share Interface" (oC-SA-2013-029)
  • SECURITY: Authentication bypass in "user_webdavauth" (oC-SA-2013-030)
  • New anonymous upload feature
  • Fix syncing of external filesystems
  • External filesystems performance improvements
  • Improve compatibility with Oracle
  • Improved and simplified theming
  • Internet explorer 8 fixes
  • Fixes for partial file uploads
  • LDAP: fix handling of User and Group Bases
  • Improved and more robust upgrade system
  • A lot of encryption system fixes
  • Do not add groups if user has no groups
  • Several Contacts fixes
  • A lot of smaller bugfixes all over the place

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6 Juni 2013 - 89MB
  • SECURITY: Multiple XSS vulnerabilities (oC-SA-2013-028)
  • New encryption app as preview included. WARNING: This is not yet ready for production use but testing and feedback is welcome.
  • Several LDAP compatibility fixes
  • Several performance improvements of file handling
  • Trashbin fixes for Safari
  • Internet Explorer fixes
  • Several Contacts fixes
  • New check for magic_quotes
  • External Filesystem fixes
  • Add support for copying/moving folders between storages
  • Several smaller fixes

Lesen Sie mehr:


14 Mai 2013 - 89MB
  • SECURITY: SQL Injection (oC-SA-2013-019)
  • SECURITY: Multiple directory traversals (oC-SA-2013-020)
  • SECURITY: Multiple XSS vulnerabilities (oC-SA-2013-021)
  • SECURITY: Open redirector (oC-SA-2013-022)
  • SECURITY: Password autocompletion (oC-SA-2013-023)
  • SECURITY: Privilege escalation in the calendar application (oC-SA-2013-024)
  • SECURITY: Privilege escalation and CSRF in the API (oC-SA-2013-025)
  • SECURITY: Incomplete blacklist vulnerability (oC-SA-2013-026)
  • SECURITY: Information disclosure: CSRF token + username (oC-SA-2013-027)
  • Fix renaming of shared files
  • Fix UUID handling with LDAP
  • Fix several undelete files issues
  • Fix LDAP cachekey handling
  • Several OCS API fixes
  • Dropbox mounting fixes
  • Remove ldap group name restrictions
  • Fix fetching of the userlist with multiple user backends
  • Turn off password autocompletion
  • Translation fixes of the Shared folder
  • Fix the fileactions order for filetypes
  • Allow to ship a default theme
  • Disallow URLs containing “@”
  • Smaller layout improvemens
  • Log an upgrade warning
  • Log a trash bin cleanup message
  • Improved quota calculation
  • Allow to set Quota to zero
  • Fix performance regression for uploading of big files
  • Several Calendar fixes
  • Use displaynames in contacts
  • Check for existing address books during migrate->import
  • Texteditor fixes
  • Increase the SQLite database timeout
  • Order images in Gallery

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19 April 2013 - 89MB
  • Fix navigation hover effect
  • Fix database migration
  • Add a warning in the logfile when doing a migration
  • Fix renaming of shared files
  • Improved quota calculation
  • Fix free space calculation
  • Several layout fixes
  • Better save mode check
  • Cleanup database after user deletion
  • Fix touch for creating new files
  • Several trash bin fixes
  • Update MediaElement.js
  • Fix double address book problem
  • Fix layout problem triggered by impress
  • Several smaller fixes
  • Security: XSS in flashmediaelement.swf (oC-SA-2013-017)
  • Security: Authentication bypass in calendar (oC-SA-2013-018)

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11 April 2013 - 89MB
  • Fix file renames
  • Improved compatibility with PostgreSQL
  • Fixed upgrade for PostgreSQL users
  • Improved LDAP compatibility
  • Fix the upgrade hint
  • Make upgrade more robust fix maintainance mode
  • Smaller CSS fixes
  • Fix internet check for proxy users
  • Manually disable files_archive app to fix upgrade
  • Fix touch() for local storage
  • Fix versioning check to allow installation of 3rd party apps
  • Fix default quota
  • Several contacts fixes
  • Several calendar fixes
  • Fixed ampache support in media player
  • Improve mail function in antivirus app
  • Fix setting of user quotas
  • Fix deleted files size calculation
  • Fix “You do not have write permissions here” warning
  • Fix asynchronous loading of users
  • Fix notice from the nullbyte check
  • XSS vulnerability in jPlayer (oC-SA-2013-014)
  • PovstgreSQL: Insecure database password generator (oC-SA-2013-015)
  • Windows: Local file disclosure (oC-SA-2013-016)

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(Nachtrag 1)
3 April 2013 - 89MBApplications:
  • Applies a fix for ownCloud issues affecting some installs that upgraded to 5.0.2.


3 April 2013 - 89MB
  • Correctly handle .part files
  • Improve PostgreSQL support
  • Fix database upgrading from old versions
  • Improved app styles
  • Fix versioning string
  • Fix compatibility with older MySQL versions
  • Fixed classnames and improved autoloaded to improve compatibility with older PHP versions
  • Show a warning if an insecure PHP version is used
  • Filesizes are displayed correctly
  • Fixed groups in usermanagement
  • Several Internet Explorer fixes
  • Use display-names in more places
  • Fix upgrading of cache
  • Fix navigation scrollbar for lots of apps
  • Fixed ETag handling to prevent wrong conflict files
  • Fix public link handling
  • Better indexes to improve performance
  • Several Windows server fixes
  • Fix renames of shared files
  • Fix PostgreSQL compatibility
  • Improve error reporting for app installation
  • Improved compatibility with Novell eDirectory
  • Several LDAP fixes
  • Improved sorting in usermanagement
  • Improved background jobs
  • Several CardDAV contacts fixes
  • Several mediaplayer fixes
  • Fixes for text editor
  • Several lucene search fixes
  • Several smaller fixes
  • Contacts: SQL Injection (oC-SA-2013-012)
  • Multiple XSS vulnerabilities (oC-SA-2013-011)

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2 April 2013 - 83MB
  • Fix versioning string
  • Fix compatibility with older MySQL versions
  • Fixed classnames and improved autoloaded to improve compatibility with older PHP versions
  • Show a warning if an insecure PHP version is used
  • Filesizes are displayed correctly
  • Fixed groups in usermanagement
  • Several Internet Explorer fixes
  • Use display-names in more places
  • Fix upgrading of cache
  • Fix navigation scrollbar for lots of apps
  • Fixed ETag handling to prevent wrong conflict files
  • Fix public link handling
  • Better indexes to improve performance
  • Several Windows server fixes
  • Fix renames of shared files
  • Fix PostgreSQL compatibility
  • Improve error reporting for app installation
  • Improved compatibility with Novell eDirectory
  • Several LDAP fixes
  • Improved sorting in usermanagement
  • Improved background jobs
  • Several CardDAV contacts fixes
  • Several mediaplayer fixes
  • Fixes for text editor
  • Several lucene search fixes
  • Several smaller fixes
  • Contacts: SQL Injection (oC-SA-2013-012)
  • Multiple XSS vulnerabilities (oC-SA-2013-011)

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(Nachtrag 1)
20 März 2013 - 83MBApplications:
  • Install: Correctly set ownCloud tmp directory for memcache-enabled server configurations.


13 März 2013 - 83MB
  • New design
  • Restore deleted files
  • New fulltext search
  • Display names
  • New photo gallery
  • Improved calendar and contacts
  • Improved bookmarks
  • New documentation system
  • Improved file cache
  • Improved security checks
  • Security hardening in templates
  • Security hardening: Implemented Content Security Policy
  • Better versioning of better autoexpire
  • Extended external storage
  • New OCS REST API support
  • Improved apps management

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10 Juli 2013 - 63MB
  • SECURITY: Authentication bypass in “user_webdavauth” (oC-SA-2013-030)
  • Fixed deleting old files versions

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6 Juni 2013 - 63MB
  • SECURITY: Multiple XSS vulnerabilities (oC-SA-2013-028)
  • Several Contacts fixes
  • Several Calendar fixes
  • Several smaller fixes

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14 Mai 2013 - 63MB
  • SECURITY: SQL Injection (oC-SA-2013-019)
  • SECURITY: Multiple directory traversals (oC-SA-2013-020)
  • SECURITY: Multiple XSS vulnerabilities (oC-SA-2013-021)
  • SECURITY: Privilege escalation in the calendar application (oC-SA-2013-024)

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19 April 2013 - 63MB
  • Security: XSS in flashmediaelement.swf (oC-SA-2013-017)
  • Security: Authentication bypass in calendar (oC-SA-2013-018)

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11 April 2013 - 63MB
  • Fix public sharing
  • Improved LDAP error reporting
  • Don't show share action for Shared folder
  • XSS vulnerability in jPlayer (oC-SA-2013-014)
  • PovstgreSQL: Insecure database password generator (oC-SA-2013-015)
  • Windows: Local file disclosure (oC-SA-2013-016)

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13 März 2013 - 63MB
  • Fix foldersize checks to validate zip input size
  • Offer download of shared dir as zip only if zip size limit is not exceeded
  • Escape more characters for LDAP search
  • Fix versioning together with real home directories
  • Multiple XSS vulnerabilities (oC-SA-2013-008)
  • Contacts: Bypass of file blacklist (oC-SA-2013-009)
  • user_migrate: Local file disclosure (oC-SA-2013-010)

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20 Februar 2013 - 63MB
  • Fix for 3rd party apps dropping the database
  • Fix SubAdmins management
  • Fix PHP warnings
  • Fix compatibility with some CIFS shares
  • More robust apps management
  • Remove not needed AWS tests
  • Improved mime type parsing
  • Several sharing fixes
  • Offer the option to change the password only supported by the backend
  • More robust auto language detection
  • Revoke DB rights on install only if the db is newly created
  • Fix rendering of database connection error page
  • LDAP: update quota more often
  • Multiple XSS vulnerabilities (oC-SA-2013-003)
  • Multiple CSRF vulnerabilities (oC-SA-2013-004)
  • PHP settings disclosure (oC-SA-2013-005)
  • Multiple code executions (oC-SA-2013-006)
  • Privilege escalation in the calendar application (oC-SA-2013-007)

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22 Januar 2013 - 63MB


20 Dezember 2012 - 63MB


4 Dezember 2012 - 63MB


27 November 2012 - 63MB


14 November 2012 - 63MB


25 Oktober 2012 - 63MB


11 Oktober 2012 - 62MB


6 Juni 2013 - 45MB
  • SECURITY: Multiple XSS vulnerabilities (oC-SA-2013-028)

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14 Mai 2013 - 45MB
  • SECURITY: Multiple directory traversals (oC-SA-2013-020)
  • SECURITY: Multiple XSS vulnerabilities (oC-SA-2013-021)

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11 April 2013 - 45MB
  • XSS vulnerability in jPlayer (oC-SA-2013-014)
  • PovstgreSQL: Insecure database password generator (oC-SA-2013-015)
  • Windows: Local file disclosure (oC-SA-2013-016)

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13 März 2013 - 45MB
  • Contacts: Bypass of file blacklist (oC-SA-2013-009)
  • user_migrate: Local file disclosure (oC-SA-2013-010)

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20 Februar 2013 - 45MB
  • Multiple XSS vulnerabilities (oC-SA-2013-003)
  • Multiple CSRF vulnerabilities (oC-SA-2013-004)
  • Multiple code executions (oC-SA-2013-006)

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22 Januar 2013 - 45MB


20 Dezember 2012 - 45MB


14 November 2012 - 45MB


10 Oktober 2012 - 45MB


15 August 2012 - 45MB


1 August 2012 - 45MB


20 Juli 2012 - 45MB


17 Juli 2012 - 45MB

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