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CMS Made Simple ist ein Open Source Content-Management-Anwendung. Ursprünglich im Jahr 2004 veröffentlicht, CMS Made Einfache erhielt den 2010 Most Promising Open Source Content Management System Auszeichnung von Packt Publishing.

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17 January 2017
Deutsch + 29 andere


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45 MB
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17 Januar - 45MBToday we are happy to announce the latest release in the continuing life of your favorite content management system. Version 2.1.6 is an important release combining numerous stability fixes, and an important security fix as well. Therefore, we encourage everybody to upgrade their websites at their earliest convenience.

Some of the things changed in this version include:
  • Behavior improvements in Module Manager and in the daily version check if for some reason the CMSMS server is unreachable.
  • For security purposes, we now set the meta referrer tag in the OneEleven admin theme for all admin requests.
  • Improvements to the admin login and various API functions with respect to the CSRF security key on each request.
  • Fixes to the ordering of content blocks when using {content_image} and/or {content_module}.
  • Fix to Content Manager relating to the set non-cacheable bulk operation.
  • Improvements to the detection of a temporary directory for expanding files in the installation assistant.

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(Hauptversion) (Sicherheitsupdate)
7 September 2016 - 45MBToday we would like to announce the release of CMS Made Simple version 2.1.5 - High Rock. This is a stability release fixing a number of issues that have surfaced over the past two months. Though none of the issues are show stoppers, there are issues that generally affect the usability of CMSMS. Therefore, we recommend that everybody upgrade their websites as soon as possible.

Some of the issues fixed in this release include:
  • Fixes to the 404 handler when using pretty URLs and a page-id could not be determined from the route
  • Improvements to the page alias mechanism when a page alias is already supplied
  • Fix a problem with editing of uid=1 by another admin user
  • More fixes to the clearing of cached files
  • Improvements to the way modules are installed and upgraded directly from the forge
  • Ensure that the 'Manage Stylesheets' permission exists for sites that were upgraded from CMSMS 1.12

Version 2.1.4 - Freetown
  • Fix to the clear_cached_file() method which should fix problems with module installation.
  • Minor tweak to distributed sample htaccess.txt file.
  • Phar Installer: Fixes issues with respect to hanging on step 7 when suhosin PHP addon was installed.
  • Phar Installer: Minor PHP7 Fixes.

Version 2.1.3 - Black Point
  • Security fix to prevent HTTP_HOST attacks. Many thanks to I-TRACING ( for reporting it!!
  • Remove stub .htaccess files from subdirectories
  • Update the included sample htaccess.txt file for security
  • Fix for endless loop when calculating a page alias in utf-8 environments
  • Fix for endless loop when calculating a page alias and a page name/title ended with -
  • Fixes a notice on the login page
  • Optimize LoadContentFromId() to be typesafe, and use default page, if the id passed in is invalid
  • Fix error condition if there were no default default design, or default page template
  • Fix problem with system verification.
  • #10825 - Admin-account settings don't remember startpage if you set one
  • #10874 - When creating a page and the title has specific characters, CMSMS stops responding
  • #10910 - content and content_module order incorrect Admin page
  • #10911 - 'Use Admin Search' permission not being used in 2.1.2
  • #10921 - Content Field to Display in Name Column not used
  • AdminSearch v1.0.1: Minor fix to permissions checks.
  • Navigator v1.0.3: Improved exception handling on install
  • News v2.50.5: Fix error condition if no results were returned
  • Installation Assistant v1.0.3.1: Tweaks to README files
  • Installation Assistant v1.0.3.1: Improved error handling in some circumstances
  • Installation Assistant v1.0.3.1: Fix some PHP7 issues.
  • FileManager: #10871 - Filemanager moving folder

Version 2.1.2
  • Minor fix to missing lang string stuff
  • Fixes to home page preferences
  • API documentation fixes (minor)
  • Fixes for ajax_content (the ajax routine behind the parent selector in edit content) to handle ordering inconsistencies.
  • Remove die statement in is_email
  • Minor fix to the relative_time modifier.
  • Upgrade PHPMailer to 5.2.14
  • Now do a check for E_ALL in the system info
  • News v2.50.4: Now all field definitions can be deleted
  • ModuleManager v2.0.2: Revamp module dependency calculations when installing a module.
  • ModuleManager v2.0.2: Minor fix for some notices in install and upgrade modules.
  • ModuleManager v2.0.2: Minor typo fixes.
  • ModuleManager v2.0.2: Minor fixes for PHP7
  • MenuManager v1.50.2: make sure that uninstall cleans up properly.
  • MicroTiny v2.0.3: minor template fix.
  • MicroTiny v2.0.3: fixes for stylesheet overrides.

Version 2.1.1 - Nicholls Town
  • Fix the template compiler so that content blocks can be placed within sub templates and detected with the {include} tag.
  • Fix minor problem with checksum verification.
  • Fix to the cms_cache_handler class
  • Minor fix to SetAllPageHierarchies()
  • Correct location where session was started in frontend displays.
  • Fix the default option for {content_image}
  • Modify the locker to use a beacon if supported, when unlocking.
  • Fix missing permissions when a 1.12 site was upgraded (installation assistant)
  • CMSContentmanager v1.1: Minor template changes in edit content wrt. locking
  • CMSContentmanager v1.1: Adds ability to clear content locks (admins can clear all locks, regular users can only clear their locks)
  • CMSContentmanager v1.1: Enhancements to the action to bulk set designs to show only page templates by default, but to optionally show more.
  • DesignManager v1.1.1: Minor template changes in edit content wrt. locking
  • DesignManager v1.1.1: Adds ability to clear template and css locks (admins can clear all locks, regular users can only clear their locks)

Version 2.1 - Bahamas
  • Minor performance tweaks to sample htaccess.txt
  • Minor fix to the ProcessTemplateFromDatabase module API method.
  • Improvements and re-factor the way headers are sent wrt caching
  • Add a new method to the ModuleOperations class to allow a module to be within a namespace.
  • Enhances the Group class.
  • Enhancements and fixes to the cms_url class.
  • Modified the $mod->smarty reference to be smarter... it is now deprecated.
  • Fixes issue with https requests (#10697)
  • Modifies The CmsLayoutTemplate class and CmsLayoutTemplateQuery to allow filtering on listable or non listable
or setting a template as listable (default) or non listable
  • Fixes a problem with styling of the login form if tasks must be run AND a module needs upgrading.
  • Fixes to the cloning of templates in CmsLayoutTemplate
  • Fixes problem with SetAllHierarchyPositions that cleared the entire cache instead of only the necessary part of it.
  • Adds the unloadCancel handler to the lockManager jquery plugin.
  • Moves version.php and include.php inside the lib directory so that they are easier to protect from unwanted direct access.
  • Fixes to page alias tests when manually entering a page alias.
  • Missing language strings are no longer output to Admin log, but to the debug log.
  • Requests for modules that are not installed/enabled, or for invalid actions will now result in 404 errors.
  • Fixed problem where restricted content editors could implicitly change the page alias.
  • Improvements to the system information page, particularly the bbcode output.
  • cms_init_editor, form_start, and cms_action_url plugins are no longer cachable.
  • Adds the 'adminonly' option to the {content}, {content_image}, and {content_module} tags to allow only members of the 'Admin' group to manipulate the values of that block.
  • Add a trivial check to the sitedown message to make sure that it is not empty.
  • Minor fixes for PHP 7
  • MicroTiny v2.0.2: Now add page hierarchy to autocomplete text when using the linker.
  • MicroTiny v2.0.2: Now use $smarty->CreateTemplate for clarity when compling the config template
  • MicroTiny v2.0.2: Now explicitly assign urls so that they do not get caced by smarty.
  • MicroTiny v2.0.2: Slightly tweak the default HTML content in the example tab.
  • MicroTiny v2.0.2: Updated tinymce to the latest 4.2.7 version, included the 'paste' plugin, and turned on 'paste_as_text'.
  • MicroTiny v2.0.2: Added the ability to enable the table plugin, now distribute the table plugin
  • CMSContentManager v1.0.2: Fix problem with pagedefault metadata.
  • CMSContentManager v1.0.2: Fixes for handling no listable templates for a design
  • CMSContentManager v1.0.2: More work with locking. With only one exception all locking and unlocking is initiated via javascript.
  • CMSContentManager v1.0.2: Minor fix to copycontent
  • DesignManager v1.1: Adds ability to toggle the listability of a template.
  • DesignManager v1.1: Fixes problems with lost changes if there is a syntax error in the template.
  • DesignManager v1.1: More work with locking. With only one exception all locking and unlocking is initiated via javascript.
  • News v2.50.3: Fixes minor issue with pagination in News admin console.
  • News v2.50.3: Fix errors in the default form template.
  • News v2.50.3: Fixed URL to long issues on redirection after adding/editing article.
  • Search v1.50.2: Minor PHP7 fixes.
  • ModuleManager 2.0.1: Minor fix to which modules could be uninstalled and deactivated.

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