MODx ist eine Open-Source PHP Framework.

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Installation mit einem Klick

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Einfache Aktualisierung

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Speichern und wiederherstellen


Laufende Version
Letzte Aktualisierung
21 November 2016
Deutsch + 20 andere


Grösse der Installation
40 MB
Was gibt es Neues?


21 November 2016 - 40MB
  • [SECURITY] Hide critical settings in MODx.config [#13170]
  • [SECURITY] Prevent local file inclusion/traversal/manipulation [#13177]
  • [SECURITY] Prevent path traversal in $modx->runProcessor [#13176]
  • [SECURITY] Prevent unauthenticated access to processors [#13175]
  • [SECURITY] Prevent path traversal in modConnectorResponse action param [#13173]
  • [SECURITY] Update xPDO to 2.5.1 release
  • Add security/login support for action based connector [#13158]
  • Make one single connector file possible [#13157]
  • Don't create a DirectoryIterator on non existing folders [#13127]
  • Fixing tvLabel output filter empty needle warning [#13138]
  • Fix session extension call using action based connector [#13146]
  • Select modTemplateVarTemplate.rank for MySQL 5.7 ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY SQL Mode [#13098]
  • Fix new category option duplicating view of elements [#13137]
  • Consistency in error messages, based on error type [#13126]
  • Make sure things do not break when no valid json/empty string is returned OnMediaSourceGetProperties event [#13119]
  • Removed superfluous code in the manager "gateway" [#13120]
  • Set temporary directory for files processing in phpThumb [#13128]
  • Upgraded phpThumb to 1.7.14-201608101311 [#13125]
  • Force display errors during setup [#13107]
  • Added duplicating caption field for TVs [#13100]
  • Fix PHP warning if the response message is empty [#13111]
  • Removed duplicate element ID [#13105]

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19 August 2016 - 40MB
  • Preserve original behavior for 3PC RTE TVs [#13071]
  • Fix with of install button after text change [#13078]
  • Fix server port check in setup start script [#13037]
  • Update phpThumb to version 1.7.14 [#13039]
  • Show image preview in file tree for S3 media source [#13059]
  • Fix problem with S3 bucket names containing dots [#13031]
  • Add missing properties in modX class [#13035]
  • Fix pagination in the "New event create" dialog [#13062]
  • Fixing padding-top issue in MODx.Window [#13038]
  • Use sans-serif font for TV textareas [#13045]
  • Prevent reflected XSS in connector's JSONP support [#13051]
  • Fix a SQL injection [#13052]
  • Fix uberbar user search return invalid User ID [#13056]
  • Fix width of the install button [#13057]
  • Extended grunt build tasks [#13026]
  • Remove deprecated curl option [#13032]
  • Show resources marked as container with a folder icon in the tree, even if it has no children. [#13027]
  • Restore missing Duplicate buttons on weblinks and symlinks [#12910]
  • Fix changing labels via manager customisations on checkboxes [#12890]
  • Fix extracting the title if it contains newlines when importing HTML [#12937]
  • Fix code smell issues in modPhpThumb [#13022]
  • Prevent using double quotes in extended user fields and containers to prevent breaking the context menu [#13012]
  • Fix saving a resource if the pagetitle of the parent contains tags [#13017]
  • Fix JavaScript error when editing an extended user field that contains markup [#12841]
  • Increase the delay for opening top nav menu items to 0.5s to prevent misclicks [#12931]
  • Allow email addresses validated by the extjs email vtype to have longer TLDs [#12940]
  • Fix updating user settings [#12988]
  • Fixed permissions for new files [#13000]
  • Fix for 500 error after install using STRICT_TRANS_TABLES mode in mySQL [#13001]
  • Fixed typo in scss [#12993]
  • Remove all traces of manager HTML5 cache manifest [#12985]
  • Fix rare database connection setup error (new installs/advanced upgrades) [#12997]
  • Remove :first-of-type, reduce padding on container [#12973]
  • Fix problem with multiple placeholders in a system setting [#12692]
  • Set correct title to edit fc set [#12974]
  • Corrected $_lang array index and $_lang string typo [#12979]
  • Error 500 + installer fails when MYSQL Strict SQL Mode is ON [#12838]
  • Use rawurlencode in modparser [#12675]
  • Reference to values passed by reference got lost [#12951]
  • Add uri to mysql/modcontext.class.php [#12971]
  • Add missing viewport meta tag needed to enable the responsive manager [#12977]
  • Avoid empty manager theme [#12989]
  • Fix: expression is always true [#12956]
  • Make sure uberbar resource search respects ACLs [#12960]

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17 August 2016 - 40MBPreparing for the Future
  • PHP 7 compatibility (it's coming soon to a server near you). PHP 7 performs significantly faster than any previous release before it so your sites should be able to handle more visitors and serve them more quickly, keeping them engaged and returning for more.
  • Accessibility improvements worked into the core Manager experience including screen reader and keyboard navigation on the Login screen. The work that is going on for the Accessible Manager theme that takes this much further, works in MODX Revolution 2.5, too.

Improved UX
  • New default content for new installs provides helpful resources and information. Instead of the empty blank page in all previous versions of MODX Revolution, you now get a nice intro page with some important links to assist and orient new users..
  • Much more mobile-friendly Manager. As a stepping stone towards a new Manager in the future, this allows you to make edits and access the Manager much more easily than was possible before, thanks to the intense efforts of JP Devries.
  • Add ability to unpack zip files in the file tree / media manager

Faster Performance
  • Parser optimizations which improve pre-caching performance. This means visitors will be served more quickly, and Google will give your site a little more respect, which it clearly deserves.
  • The new anonymous_sessions setting (enabled by default) can significantly speed up the performance for sites that don’t need to have PHP sessions or logged in users. When this setting is disabled, and a page is fully cached, having sessionless anonymous visitors eliminates the need for a database connection for that visitor on each request. If your site serves even moderate traffic, this can significantly reduce the amount of processor required to operate.

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