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MODx ist eine Open-Source PHP Framework.

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Laufende Version
Letzte Aktualisierung
28 May 2021
Deutsch + 20 andere


Grösse der Installation
60.00 MB
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28 Mai - 60MBNOTICE
The MODX 2.8.2 and 2.8.3 releases contain several security improvements, which may have an adverse effect on existing sites. Read for full details.

  • XSS issues reported by Solar Security
  • Adjust filtering of placeholders and accessible options for @SELECT
  • Pass auth token to Browser controller config
  • Update to PHPMailer 6.4.1

Other Changes
  • Patch MagpieRSS for basic use in PHP 8
  • Avoid setting headers for modStaticResource when returning content
  • Fix incorrect id format
  • Fix filesize() calculation for static resources
  • Return content from non-binary static resources
  • Fix PHP 8 compatibility with phpThumb
  • Fix PHP 8 warnings in modPhpThumb
  • Fix PHPMailer version display
  • PHP 8 compatibility

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30 April - 60MBSecurity
  • Prevent access to sensitive user data [#15678]
  • Add permissions to enforce access to specific resource types [#15655]
  • Flatten nested lexicon parameters by dot notation [#15490]
  • Restrict static resources to predefined path [#15656]
  • Prevent XSSI access to MODx.config by requiring auth token [#15644]

Other Changes
  • PHP 8 Compatibility [#15335]
  • Fix Plugin and Template name validation [#15349]
  • Support SameSite attribute in session cookies [#15666]
  • Fix bug with special chars in directory or file names [#15505]
  • Update PHPMailer to 6.4.0 [#15618]
  • Update xPDO to version 2.8.3-pl
  • Update Smarty to 3.1.39 [#15566]

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31 Oktober 2020 - 60MBSecurity
  • Fix XSS in resource group name at TV > Access Permissions
  • Fix XSS in resource list TV

  • Fix alias_visible/syncsite checkboxes when switching templates
  • Allow directories with name "0"
  • Fix login button margins on mobile
  • Hide Update User Group button on Users tab when editing User Group
  • Only log session info if session is initialized
  • Avoid returning resource_groups on resource save
  • Fix JS TypeError if image/file TV fails validation
  • Add upload_check_exists system setting
  • Fix fatal error in url TV input type
  • Fix fatal error in System Info

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16 Oktober 2020 - 60MBMODX 2.8.0 features several bug fixes, enhances in-Manager security and updates some functional libraries used in MODX Revolution.

  • Prevent limited manager users from interacting with files in any media source
  • Fix assorted stored XSS issues in the manager
  • Fix XSS in file upload and file tree
  • Prevent potential XXE vulnerability in modRestService
  • Prevent XSS on a Template name in TV Template access grid
  • Prevent XSS on a Template's name
  • Prevent path traversal when sending a registry message

  • Fix the display of the pagination toolbar
  • Check if a file exists during the upload pocess
  • Fix the incorrect path setting when uploading files
  • Create a dedicated method to get resource preview URL
  • Fixes a bug when emptying Resource trash
  • Fixes URL parameters in config.js processor
  • Set error message by field name instead of id
  • Add "Allow Blank" setting to URL, RichText, Image and File Template Variables
  • Add numberfield as Field Type option for System Settings
  • Add responsive styles for the login screen
  • Fixes a Fatal Error when upgrading from MODX Revolution 2.5.x or earlier
  • Improve the error handling and showing invalid fields when creating/editing resources or elements
  • Add "Update User Group" button to Access Control Lists > User Groups & Users for easier navigation
  • Add the image format webp to the list of allowed Uploadable File Types and Uploadable Image Types
  • Fallback to 0 if the an ID is not defined
  • Prevent rewrite of .well-known directory used by LetsEncrypt
  • Allow custom values in Listbox (Multi-Select) TV
  • Update xPDO to 2.8.1
  • Update phpThumb 1.7.15
  • Update PHPMailer to 5.2.28
  • Update Smarty to 3.1.36

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28 Februar 2020 - 60MBHighlights
  • Fix PHP 7.4 deprecation warnings from curly brace string offset access syntax
  • Make the media browser work on mobile
  • Limit the deprecated modAction warnings when installing or uninstalling extras
  • Fix a MySQL ANSI_QUOTES strict mode compatibility issue
  • Add missing AddToGroup events in modSecurityGroupUserCreateProcessor
  • Fix xPDOFileCache->delete() when a directory with same cache key exists

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28 September 2019 - 60MBHighlights
  • Update PHPMailer to 5.2.27 to address small but potential vulnerability
  • Upon setup completion the setup directory is locked
  • Updated phpThumb to a version that fixes images getting a black background color when converting an image with transparency to a format without alpha support
  • The default RSS feed URLs feed_modx_security and feed_modx_news now use HTTPS
  • Fix for thumbnails not rendering for media sources with spaces in URL’s
  • Restore PHP 5.3 compatibility

Bug Fixes
  • Allow safe html in system setting description
  • Fix incorrect password behavior and message
  • Resolve 0 integer values marked as undefined when required
  • Fix transparency in .png for Template Variables
  • Prevent users without edit_locked permission from editing locked elements
  • Lock setup after it is successfully executed
  • Allow an empty caption when duplicating a Template Variable
  • Escape instances of new MySQL reserved word rank
  • Check if modx-content is defined before calling doLayout
  • Add additional .sub class in menu for nested li
  • Update PHPMailer to 5.2.27 to address potential vulnerability
  • Check for default URL scheme value as string
  • Fix notices regarding IMG_WEBP constants not being defined for PHP version where support for WEBP isn't advertised
  • Fix an issue where an resource would not be published when the pub_date is equal to "now"
  • Added default styles for scroll in webkit based browsers
  • The menu entry "Manager Actions" has been renamed to "Manager log"
  • Updated phpThumb to a version that fixes images getting a black background color when converting an image with transparency to a format without alpha support.
  • Check extracted files for allowed extensions by option
  • Improved security in contexts in the manager
  • Fix using wrong option for upload_images
  • Fix for thumbnails not rendering for media sources with spaces in URL's
  • The default RSS feed URLs `feed_modx_security` and `feed_modx_news` now use HTTPS
  • The value for the preview tooltip in the trash manager is now properly encoded
  • Change icon to proper one for descending sort order
  • Don't execute the upgrade script for the last installed version again
  • Fix friendly_alias_realtime system setting not working as expected
  • Fix deprecated create_function() calls in modProcessor and modConnectorResponse
  • Fix deprecated each() in the lang.js.php connector
  • Restore PHP 5.3 compatibility

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16 Mai 2019 - 60MBHighlights
  • If a validation error occurs when saving an element, it now switches to the tab relevant to the issue.
  • Introduced an option to prevent removal of static files if automated static files are turned off.
  • The display of information about missing dependencies when you install a package/extra is improved.
  • A number of XSS (cross-site scripting) issues that require authenticated manager sessions were addressed in the manager.

Bug Fixes
  • Fix ctl/cmd+click behavior to open URL in new window/tab
  • Show all resources to purge in the trash manager and change tree options for deleted resources
  • Handle deprecated warnings for sendRedirect in modX class instead of modResponse
  • Updated phpThumb to version 1.7.15-201902101903 which has basic support for WebP
  • Fixed CVE-2018-17556
  • Fixes bunch of various XSS issues in the manager
  • Fix issue with resource list preventing parents from working correctly
  • Fixed issues with tab width and very long strings in the vertical tabs
  • Refactored tag input renderer to fix rendering with empty options list
  • Fix duplicating static templates, snippets etc. with an empty category
  • Don't include the resource ID in real time aliases
  • Move resource_uri and resource_uri_overide to page-settings-right-box-left region
  • Fix position slide-in/slide-out button of Resource tree
  • Fix context menu position on user page "Access Permissions" tab
  • Fixed bug with unexpected incremented TV ranks in Form Customization
  • Improve description of the system setting user_settings_desc to clarify meaning
  • Improved display of information about (missing) dependencies when you install a package/extra
  • Fix an issue where old static files where removed even if the automate static files system setting was turned off for that element type
  • Nested categories display their name instead of their id
  • Fixed case when empty date TVs can be saved even if "allow blank" is set to false
  • Fix empty Constraint column in Form Customization if constraint value is zero
  • Don't remove the trailing slash when redirecting to the manager after logging in
  • Added explanatory text with MODX tag to the description of the System Settings, Context Settings and Lexicon Management sections
  • Bugfix for transport resolution, if the package is not found on the current provider
  • When deleting an element in the tree, the confirmation window will show the translated element type name
  • Fix edit empty files from tree
  • Enhanced the error message of a wrong MODX_CORE_PATH
  • Fix checkDownloadedDependencies query to make package dependencies work properly
  • Don't remove static files if automated static files are turned off
  • Image template variable values escape/encode JavaScript tags only
  • Switch to the tab where the validation error occurs when saving an element
  • Make working Preview menu option in the recent edited resources widget
  • Apply Form Customization rules for TV's when a wildcard action is used
  • Add a Unit Test for testing the build process
  • Don't force the manager date time format for the date of birth field
  • Prevent symlinks and weblink to target itself
  • Checkbox Use current alias in alias path in the Form Customization sets
  • Use the right table name when fetching the MODX package providers
  • Fixed position of context menu in the media browser
  • Fix "undefined" text in Trash manager button tooltip.
  • Fix a broken top-menu
  • Fix the missing description for the system setting "Automatic Template Assignment"
  • Update config.js.php processor to be class based
  • Make the flat file processor deprecated message more useful
  • Fix missing styles on resource data heading
  • Remove unnecessary h2 on resource update heading
  • Use proper element icons in elements tree
  • Fix incorrect margin on the uberbar submit button
  • Fix error message overflowing on TVs

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9 Dezember 2018 - 60MBThis is a new major release of MODx.

  • Add recursive method to replace reserved characters
  • Update phpThumb to 1.7.15-201810050741
  • Fixed error log line wrapping problem
  • Fixed call to a member function deprecated() of null
  • Deprecate 0.9.x parser migration utilities for removal in 3.0
  • Add some deprecated logging
  • Validate the ID target for symlinks and weblinks
  • Add native PHP password hashing
  • Enable automatic static elements workflow
  • Fix and normalize combo-boolean tv option values
  • Allow a middle mouse click to open links in a new tab/window
  • Fixing getlist processors for combos that have a page size
  • Improved messages on plugin editor page
  • Add "OnBeforeRegisterClientScripts" event
  • Trash manager
  • Implemented quick create buttons on tree nodes for documents
  • Copy file/folder path to clipboard
  • Add method for logging deprecated method usage
  • Fixing user combo with preselected user ids
  • Restore the setup options window title, if two packages are installed with setup options
  • On PHP 5.4+, clone the modSystemEvent object so values can be transmitted between plugins
  • Make path for custom MODX error handler class configurable
  • Resolve issue with package update window when clicked multiple times
  • Update Smarty to 3.1.33
  • Fixed the name of system setting about allowing or not eval in TV
  • Hide Input Option Values for TV types where irrelevant
  • Improve display of double-height dashboard widget
  • Fix for the password length error message during setup
  • Apply containerOptions correctly when creating database during installation
  • Use max_input_nesting_level for max depth argument in modX::sanitize
  • Pass missing signature to lexicon when package uninstall fails
  • Prevent double-click resulting in blank page from media browser
  • Clear system/phpthumb connector properties to prevent unnecessary warnings
  • Constrain MODx.Window to browser's viewable area by default
  • Delete files in media browser with '&' in the file name
  • Prevent invalid relative media source path from revealing root path contents
  • Prevent an infinite loop in sendErrorPage()
  • Got rid of bower from theme build process
  • Set the min-height of a x-combo-list-item when it is empty (no text)
  • Fixed manager header height on resize
  • Improved performance and requests timing by changing the counting of children via subqueries
  • Improved the isBinary checks in modFileHandler class
  • Fixing images escaping their container in media browser
  • New RewriteRule to hide dot directories from the public access.
  • New system setting with default media source type value
  • Fixed handling $depth variable during recursive calls in getTree method
  • Prevent header overriding in included template of error unavailable
  • Add ability to see all elements under tree nodes for Categories
  • Correct display of policy permissions in access control grids
  • Make the resource class a little closer to SOLID principles
  • Smart detecting of used plugins for expanding rows in grids
  • Login forgotten password improvements
  • Enhancement for dashboard jumping around on page load
  • Set the caption for node elements inside categories
  • Make policies in grid sortable by enabled/disabled mark
  • Remove non-functional cache_disabled system setting
  • Reduce log level to WARN when calling non-cacheable tags inside cacheable ones
  • Remove cache_system_settings from system settings
  • Prevent directory traversal and limit files deleted when clearing modFileRegister
  • Filtering user parameters before passing them into phpthumb class
  • Update phpThumb to 1.7.15-201806071234
  • Require minimal PHP version (in composer.json)
  • Prefer ampersand replacement of the the translit class
  • Add iconv_ascii transliteration
  • Add set_sudo permission
  • Log setlocale errors
  • Various improvements regarding password generation and validation
  • Make error.log location customizable
  • Add system setting for partial resource cache clearing feature
  • Prevent line-wrap in error log
  • Add template icon for resources in search results in the uberbar
  • Remove duplicate code of password generator and fix an issue with the empty value of password_generated_length setting
  • Add ID number to manager pages (resources and elements)
  • Add option to supply waitMsg on submit in MODX windows
  • Show validation errors when setting a new user password
  • Add CLI install script for use with composer create-project
  • Allow extension packages to have an empty table_prefix
  • Add wildcard support to form customization actions
  • Make HTTPS server check accept any non-empty value
  • Add ability to search by id on all objects in manager search
  • Add automatic_template_assignment feature
  • Media Browser optimizations
  • Add "Purge Old Versions" button to the package version listing to clean up old versions
  • New resource option "Use current alias in alias path" to allow hiding resources from the URI
  • Make $modx->setDebug support E_LEVEL constants (e.g. E_NOTICE/E_ERROR) and fix setting debug to 1 not working
  • Use stricter check for string type in resource tree to avoid uncaught error in edge cases
  • Allow plugins OnDocFormRender to set templates with $resource->set('template', 3)
  • Add "filterPathSegment" output filter to turn a string into url-safe string
  • Make sure requests to containers without the container suffix are redirected to the right url with container suffix
  • Ignore spaces in allowedExtensions properties and relevant system settings to ensure the right file types show up
  • Add list of recent manager log entries to the Resource Overview page
  • Prevent notices for undefined Smarty placeholders
  • Remove some unused images
  • Fix incorrect hex colors in TV input options description
  • Change modResource.description column to text
  • Fix modDbRegister->clear and use fully qualified name

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