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Custom Web Platforms


Highly focused software developers with over seven years’ experience in a variety of development and engineering projects. Being organised, methodical and with strong analytical skills we always aim for solid, test proof software applications. Understanding client requirements and communicating the progress of the projects are core values in achieving long lasting business relationships. 


We are a team of developers driven by passion and specialized in building Custom web platforms from scratch: Webscrapers, E-commenrce platforms, Social Network platforms, etc.

Back-End: Lynux based servers, Python, Django, Scrapy, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, Apache, etc.

Fornt-End:Javascript, React.js, SoketIO, AJAX, JSON, HTML, CSS/SCSS, etc.

We trust that Custom Web Platforms bring not only profit but add value and identity to our partners therefore we offer a personalized solution for each one of them. 

We are happy to help you achieve the best result with your website, mobile application, programming or content writing. Totally at your disposal together with our team.




Design Migration d'un site vers Infomaniak Réparation et protection d'un site (sécurité) Refonte d'un site Internet Mise à jour (optimisation, nouveaux contenus et fonctionnalités)

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CC WDesign

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