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Zurmo est un outil de gestion de la relation client (CRM). Zurmo a été initialement publié en 2011.

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28 June 2019

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28 Juin 2019 - 150MB
21 Octobre 2018 - 144MB
3.2.4 (version majeure)
26 Avril 2018 - 144MB
11 Mai 2016 - 144MBNew features
  • Combined Tasks Kanban - We are happy to announce the first iteration of this much requested feature that allows you now to visualize all your tasks on a single unified Kanban board.

  • Improvements to the Analyze Data and Import Data pages of the Import​ wizard
  • Quick filter to hide old completed tasks on Kanban
  • Better Product management with modal view and edit layouts
  • Improvements to @mentions to make them faster

Bug fixes
  • Time in stage appears as 16875 days by default
  • New project can't be created in case you remove "Related Opportunities" field from "Detail and Edit View" of the project
  • Issue with notification links when commenting on leads
  • UserNotificationConfigurationEditView should not be viewable in designer as Detail and Edit View
  • Fix issue with custom validators during imports
  • Zapier – Can't turn on zaps with meeting trigger or action (commercial edition only)
  • Cloud Field Merge Errors
  • Can't add the task portlet back to the lead view
  • UI - Field selector in Designer not fully showed
  • UI - Mentions user popup issue

Lire la suite: http://zurmo.org/features/zurmo-3-1-4-release

3.1.1 (version majeure)
19 FĂ©vrier 2016 - 144MBNew Features
  • Campaign Retarget - Now you can send a follow up message to all of the individuals that viewed or clicked your campaign.
  • Feed Comments - Feed Comments are a great way to begin a dialogue about a particular record, as well as allowing users to mention other users who may need to be involved on that feed.
  • Mention Feature - Mention another CRM.me user in a Comment, Task, Social post, Conversation or Mission and encourage users to engage and discuss a particular item.

  • Create Marketing lists performance optimized - Creating a new marketing list performance significantly increased!
  • Items I Own search mode - Now you can quickly select your records on the list view.
  • User interface - Lots of improvements and bug corrections here!
  • Bug fix - Workflow email was generating "\" before periods and colons and returns on text area fields.
  • Bug fix - "Opportunities by Sales Stage" portlet was displaying inaccurate data.
  • Bug fix - Removing "Related Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities" from Inline Edit View on Notes module, prevents you creating new notes.
  • Bug fix - Funnel chart was showing the Opp stage results ordered by "Count" criteria.
  • Bug fix - "Convert to base currency" reports option was adding currency $ symbol to "count" values
  • Bug fix - Search results wasn't updating criteria changes.
  • Bug fix - Carriage return issue solved.
  • Bug fix - "My Open Tasks" owner field was showing task name.

Lire la suite: http://zurmo.org/features/zurmo-3-1-0-release

21 Septembre 2015 - 144MBNew Features
  • Favorites Available in Reports Module - You can now Star/Favorite reports. This functionality previously existed in Leads, Contacts and Accounts modules and is now available in the Reports module.
  • Favorite Reports Portlet - You can show your favorited Reports on your dashboard by adding the Favorite Reports porlet. In order for a favorited report to appear it must be owned by the User as well as favorited.
  • View Reports by Logged in User - New option for Owner filter in Reports. You can select a specific Owner or set to Logged in User which will show only items owned by the logged in user.
  • Ex. Admin creates a Report for All Contacts. Filter set to Last Name = Not Empty and Owner = Logged in user. When Sally logs in and runs the report she will see only her Contacts. When John runs the report he will only see his Contacts.

  • Marketing Campaign improvements – Send test emails during a Running or Paused campaign.
  • Internal improvements to Task completion.
  • Contact module improvements – Edit Salutation pick list values in the Designer, previously not possible.
  • Mass updates are available in the Products module.
  • Improvements to Imports – There is now a browser popup warning a user that navigating away from an active Import will cause the Import to stop.
  • Improvements to Exports – Decreased to export batch size and increase to frequency of Export Job. This change will enable large exports that do not timeout.
  • Bug fix – Dependent pick list no longer keep old values. When a value is changed it’s dependent values will change accordingly.
  • Bug fix – Export of a Product based Report causes an error. This issue has been resolved.

  • 23c0194 CRM-127 Send test email on started campaign hangs
  • 26b8701 CRM-186 - Export job queue batch number change.
  • 70621a7 CRM-170 - Cannot modify Salutation picklist
  • 25107d9 CRM-170 - Cannot modify Salutation picklist
  • e635066 CRM-169 - Close window browser alert
  • 98bcff5 CRM-155 - Disable gamification for minify scripts
  • 068b5cf CRM-156 - Exception during OnEndRequestBehavior are not logged
  • 025729f Lead conversion improvements.
  • cba0729 CRM-154 - Gamification security issue
  • a44846a CRM-154 - Gamification security issue
  • 510bfab Minor edit
  • c51f21f CRM-142 - Modifying Picklist value breaks workflow triggers
  • f71eb38 fixing coding violaions.
  • 173fd6a Fixing reports functional test.
  • 72dfa2a [#100720824] added test for new user element for reports.
  • 4570a3c CRM-152 Reports by logged in user do not work
  • 3785826 fixing calendar functional test.
  • 5c8d266 CRM-147 Dependent picklist keep old value in list.
  • 320605b Minor change for import function test.
  • 94ce104 [#99296674] Contact import with explicit permissions functional test.
  • d183516 CRM-143 - PriceFrequency Product field report export error
  • cbc06e0 CRM-129 - Task status changes
  • 777136f CRM-134 - Mass Update for Products module
  • 017e02a CRM-141 - My Favorite reports portlet
  • c66963a Minor edit
  • 274562c Added custom actions function for Opportunity after save.
  • f57440b Fixing issue with more then 10 workflow triggers
  • 8d8a71b Disabling configuring layout panels type for merge views in designer
  • 3d91f76 Lead Conversion Improvements.
  • a7d044b CRM-127 - Send test email on started campaign hangs
  • cc3bfff PT98154198 - Owner = logged in user report filter
  • be106f8 PT98154198 - Fixing unit tests for owner reports
  • e54e269 PT98154198 - Owner = logged in user report filter
  • 5769303 PT95456430 - Fixing issue with failed items stats
  • 1a8736e fixing functional tests.
  • fd91940 Fixing issue with queued email charts
  • 2cd3959 Fixing case issue
  • e04c46a PT98154198 - Owner = logged in user report filter
  • 554ef5e Fixing unit tests
  • 5ad26f5 Minor edit
  • aaf2457 PT#99590836 - Fixing issue with Session timeouts - now it works with multiple tabs using cookies
  • 77b9c4c PT#95456430 - Inaccurate Emails in this Campaign chart
  • 9b1ef89 Minor edit
  • aabe99d PT99818972 - Add Favorite Reports Option
  • c02d519 PT98036066 - Kanban view as default for saved searches in opportunities
  • 8b63bcc Minor edit
  • 34da7d4 PT97156374 - Detailed messages from CRM.me test emails
  • b6bc777 PT97156374 - Detailed messages from CRM.me test emails
  • 6b28307 PT99745840 - Adding Product Type field to Products Portlet causes error
  • 332c842 PT83780228 - Inform user that when importing tagCloud field that original value will be overwritten
  • f0bfcde PT83780228 - Inform user that when importing tagCloud field that original value will be overwritten
  • 564027a PT84714782 - Associate related Account by default when creating new records from a portlet on Contacts or Opps
  • 578374d Minor bug
  • 814ebf3 PT70234328 - MaintenanceMode improvements
  • b2b840a PT72693624 - add additional message in manual job run screen to aid user
  • 84cac51 Minor fix.
  • d934ee6 fixing functional tests and removing wrong usage of assertText.
  • 0c51d2a PT98370090 - Import Update using ID shows success as Created
  • 41c50eb PT98383510 - URL Tracking leads into blank pages
  • dd2be03 [#399296610] Enhancement of functional tests for import module.
  • 603ea38 Fixing validation for tag Cloud and Multi Select
  • bc8a800 PT88160956 - File export issue when 'ID' is set as first column
  • 78094a4 PT84014640 - Some import rules change when you skip between import steps
  • 9cd9a15 PT87016808 - Account record permissions when importing Contacts
  • 6b4a933 PT98651798 - Dummy commit
  • 2213ef3 PT86329644 - Set End Time on meetings to automatically appear 15 mins after the Start Time
  • 2dd56bb PT72933504 and related - Add All tasks button to Tasks portlet on Opps, Accounts and Contacts
  • 0d637dc PT81043266 - Add 'All Opps' button to Opps portlets
  • 160d8ce PT72933504 - Adding All Related Items links to portlets + refactoring
  • c029359 PT86329644 - Set End Time on meetings to automatically appear 15 mins after the Start Time
  • 7d96848 Fixing recaptha for sites that use ssl
  • d73a355 PT98731194 - Fixing inconsistent licensing
  • df9dffa PT98731194 - Fixing inconsistent licensing
  • 6bea36d PT89513478 - Adding sample workflows
  • e2c87ed PT92389530 - Trim spaces from message before validating/saving it
  • 3ecbd88 Allowing merge views in designer.
  • 5980649 Added tag 3.0.4 for changeset 56ff2c00e97d
  • 67bd528 Added tag unstable for changeset 56ff2c00e97d
  • 2b9c5c2 Added tag stable for changeset 56ff2c00e97d
  • 8582412 PT91060686 - Add link to view all contacts on account page

Lire la suite: http://zurmo.org/features/zurmo-3-0-5-release

9 Juillet 2015 - 144MB
  • 6efc03b Fixing issue with Task View Portlet
  • 1995ade M Merged in cybperic/zurmo (pull request #947) Tooltip for TagCloud in Workflows.
  • 53af96e Fixing method visibility in TagCloudElement.
  • 290954f Tooltip for TagCloud in Workflows.
  • 4631d73 Tooltip for TagCloud in Workflows.
  • f5a1c4a Tooltip for TagCloud in Workflows.
  • 7bd3592 Fixing tests
  • 1228565 Adding optional tooltip to Tag Cloud element.
  • 2d98861 PT97390038 - Change Notifications sender name
  • 2e2dcf0 PT97390038 - Change Notifications sender name
  • 974825b PT97390038 - Change Notifications sender name
  • 8735d1c PT97390038 - Change Notifications sender name
  • 67f9fca Minor edit for task portlet
  • ac3cfa6 Fixing tests related to TaskActivityItems
  • 7dc547e PT97385876 - Currency type on Merge Tag for currency fields
  • 25a1345 Minor edit
  • 861d799 Fixing tests related to autoresponders changes.
  • c5bd941 PT88100912 - Mass update pointers for edits in UI
  • 6de2831 PT58269628 - Adding activityItems to task portlet
  • 6c8f7c6 PT58269628 - Adding activityItems to task portlet
  • 3e79680 PT58269628 - Adding activityItems to task portlet
  • 2134567 fixing coding violations.
  • c80b5f4 fixing functional tests.
  • 97a2936 Fixing autoresponders.
  • 4bbbb09 Fixing autoresponders.
  • 9f32515 Fixing Autoresponders.
  • ecace1b Fixing Autoresponders.
  • c975f8d PT96047534 - Opportunity Close Date Incorrect After Importing
  • 078f119 PT86330702 - Pre-populate contact fields with values from related Account
  • e1e28ca fixing coding violations.
  • a2cd717 fixing coding violations.
  • 8ef6ff7 [#96543198] modifying functional tests for lead module.
  • 9beda4d PT86256626 - Adding validation if user changed module when editing workflows
  • 5744e53 PT-84717602 TaskCheckItems order
  • e9c2329 PT97665788 - Adding Workflow email box
  • f20081c PT 97390038 - Adding application name as notification sender from name
  • d5e9688 [#96178570 fix] css fix for accoutn conversion wizard
  • 9a7d216 Fixing issue with quotes in user names for Kanboard
  • 38c62a3 Fixing the Tag Cloud element.
  • 2536fcc Adding missing TYPE_OPERATORS for text fields for workflows
  • b7763a1 Check if max_post_size is reached via API
  • b8d25ac Adding unit tests for Lead Conversion.
  • 21083c3 Extending Lead Conversion functionality.
  • da9ac27 Fixed Unsubscribes for Autoresponders
  • 72f9dcd fixing coding violations.
  • 9a11b39 Adding getModuleClassName method to Person to fix issue related to reports(https://www.pivotaltracker.com/n/projects/380027/stories/96505794)
  • a7bb184 Reverting favicon
  • 304fd3a [fix #95014502] fix for Large white space caused by email signature in one-off email using HTML tab
  • 37f9153 Adjusting core team
  • 5e1759a [#94147608] Fixed link string for User type rows
  • 5f9b95d Fixing AuditEvent issue when debug is on
  • 3e17230 Fixing AuditEvent issue when debug is on
  • 2db67d1 fixing unit tests.
  • 7422743 Fixing bug with saving original attributes
  • fcf2348 fixing issue with AuditEvent optimizations
  • 21fc89c Replacing favicon.ico
  • 7ca286c Do not audit data for some models
  • 6541618 Removing usused function
  • 326834d Do not audit AUDIT_EVENT_ITEM_CREATED event anymore
  • b29d22a Fixing minor incorect function name
  • 52d90aa AuditEvent Optimizations - Removing ItemViewed and Users Login/Logout actions

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/3.0.4..3.0.2

Afficher plus de versions
20 Avril 2015 - 144MB
  • 204e044 Fixing maps module unit tests

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/3.0.2..3.0.1

16 Avril 2015 - 144MB
  • 5f0b34b Email Message API attachments improvemmnts
  • 788957c Adding option to upload encoded attachments with base64 encode
  • fdea574 fixing coding violations.
  • 8dddd5b fixing duplicate labels.
  • 7281d11 fixing functional tests.
  • a016e16 Use memcache MEMCACHE_COMPRESSED option
  • bb776c4 Refactoring memcache to use checksum
  • 6cbbe01 Removing triple serilization of objects when storing them in memcache and adding checksum
  • ac58b04 Removed ActiveProjectsPortletView from designer + Some urls break out of iFrame on dashboard
  • 4c1a657 Fixing coding violations
  • 69ebc7d Make load inbox notifications links in new tab
  • 767d4e6 Disable open email count when viewing emails in crm.
  • c498a45 Minor APi update
  • 1513762 Minor improvement to meeting API calls - Organizer format
  • fed28d4 Use sinceDateTime instead sinceTimestamp in getDeletedItems, getModifiedItems, getCreatedItems
  • 518f30d Minor edit for unit test
  • 914da40 Implementing searchUsersByEmails API method
  • 89512bd Adding organizer details to meetings api calls
  • 94edc01 Added testCreateWithRelations method for meetings with attendees and userAttendees
  • 1ec462e Adding uint tests for meeting api for regular user
  • c4a212a Fixing issue with right for getAuthenticatedUser API call
  • 655f5e3 [#90045274] Fixed csv export for Task status columns.
  • b6ed746 [#89739268] Disabled invalid triggers for workflows (Derived Relations Via Casted Up Model)
  • b522bee Fixing bug with autoresponders in marketing lists
  • 9c31c13 Removing debug line
  • e8a80a6 Fixing unit tests
  • 15de1df Fixes for sending test email (campaigns and templates) + Make visible Html tables in WYSIWYG.
  • e634894 [#88385748] Merge tags improvements.
  • 37fb41e Improving meeting api functions
  • fb55dd4 Fixing issue with new lines when showing plain email message content
  • 8182c27 [#89186800] Added tests for meeting's additional data in API response.
  • a661ece [#89186800] Include additional data in API response.
  • 6ee784a [#88385604] Fixing merge tags bugs.
  • 1df6065 Sending interger ids instead string ids for deleted models via API
  • c433311 Reverting code
  • 1331bc7 Minor edit
  • 694aa17 Adding additional error messages for API
  • 004eb00 Adding additional error messages for API
  • 1c68f0e fixing notification functional test.

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/3.0.1..3.0.0

3.0.0 (version majeure)
1 Mars 2015 - 144MB
  • f9c3a15 [#89197700] fixing coding violations.
  • 77377d4 Improving unit tests for EmailArchivingUtilTest
  • 75b9b14 Added Email Archiving Utility Tests
  • a6e73e5 fixing notification functional test.
  • 39107d8 Fixing Notifications system tests.
  • 81b789a Fixing assertions in BeanModel
  • 8226bf6 Allowing unit tests to be run using phpunit for 4.5 and higher
  • 93d1d97 Minor change to Meeting getAttendees method
  • 2676b27 [#86132272] fixing notification functional tests.
  • 7e39582 Fixing Notification system bugs.
  • 46e595e [#86132272] functional tests for notification module.
  • 116f15e Meeting getAttendees API method improvements
  • bbeda1c [#88025336] - Reverting begin/end request behavior part 4. removing new files
  • df3a4e9 [#88025336] - Reverting begin/end request behavior part 3. Adding in recent
  • 0d720b5 [#88025336] - Reverting begin/end request behavior part 2. keeping clearCache
  • e124ace [#88025336] - Reverting begin/end request behavior part 1. reverting
  • 2b982e3 Adding email additional field to output of getAttendees API call
  • d784f1f [#86870226] Cached metadata integrity fix for GameScore
  • 5c678df Fixing API unit tests
  • 83c02db Changing request attribute from POST to GET for getAttendees API method
  • 437e691 Adding some space between order priorities for userHeaderMenuItems
  • 0b6981b Refactoring EmailMessage API functions
  • 99368ea Refactoring EmailMessage API functions
  • 3af2c6a EmailMessage Api Controller improvements.
  • 3d9b976 Minor edits
  • 4d7a487 Merge user and attendees from activity items into one function
  • be31716 Added API function for EmailMessage and Meeting.
  • fe233b5 Fixing issue with UserHasPrimaryEmailAddressControllerFilter
  • 1d3b919 Fixing issue with UserHasPrimaryEmailAddressControllerFilter
  • 99268bb Move the mthod to label util
  • fea982c Correct label
  • 98614c2 Changes for zurmo label
  • 8d01cd5 [#86709516 fix] fix for not wrapping tooltips
  • 77fd66a Controller Filter for checking if user entered primary email address
  • 61ebc90 fixing coding vioaltions.
  • 21cbf51 fixing coding violations.
  • b82bdcf fixing coding violations.
  • 71f2d7a Fix for notification that where missing from UI configuration
  • 830cf6d chnages for http and https
  • 3fbe022 Fix for http and https
  • d977e7a Fix for http and https
  • bdeaa11 Fix for http and https
  • 60543c4 Fix for http and https
  • efa1db9 Fix for http and https
  • 3bce588 Fix for unit test
  • a4ecd45 Fix for url layout
  • 4bd7783 Fix for url layout
  • 5779168 Fixing the schema
  • d135527 Remove unused file
  • 0a34560 Check for file existanece
  • 8f26289 Add an additional check
  • 8bda7e3 Fix for story 85825586
  • a582e9f Bug fixes
  • 580d2fb Fix for message on user sendgrid
  • d864565 Fix for message on user sendgrid
  • e28a43a Fix for message
  • d193659 Remove unnecessary filter
  • cd90a0f Changes for rnedering event webhook url
  • 329b883 Fix for common settings for user email configuration
  • 88dfa77 Fix for notifications
  • 9352ecd Fixing test
  • 5bd6d50 Fix for failing test
  • 662f64f [#85550612] Adding notification tests
  • 60f4313 Fix for zero user sendgrid configuration.
  • 83a5df0 Changes with zurmo token
  • 5dcb717 Changes with zurmo token
  • e7f24f4 Fixes for notifications
  • 577ca94 [#85461728] Adjusting fix
  • 69af212 [Deliver #85461728] Fixing cache for UserNotificationConfiguration
  • cb054b4 [#85610230] - fix. Referencing the wrong model.
  • a1217ac [#85461002] Adding inbox notifications to demo users, removing email notifications
  • 5e6f270 Code clean up
  • f87d593 Code clean up
  • ae9730b Check for test
  • e9b4e9a Check for test
  • ed0662b Check for test
  • 693ac83 Check for test
  • e89ff36 Check for test
  • dec2d1c Remove test log location
  • 992a083 Changes for testing
  • 01890b4 M Merge with latest
  • b99dd54 Changed test post file
  • bb27420 Fix for file write
  • d8be1b1 Fix for file write
  • 505781d Fix for file write
  • 408cf4b Fix for file write
  • 43dfd7b Fix for file write
  • 307c86a Fix for file write
  • 69436cd Change to php unput
  • 67cf9cc Adding correct permission
  • 9664a78 Fix for story 85360390
  • 0fe4473 Fixing issue with last refactoring on ProjectsNotificationUtil
  • 477b66c [#85446852] Adjusting test
  • b61b3c0 Added additional tests for testing critical notifications. Changed notification class from Simple2TestNotificationRules SimpleNotificationRules
  • ae9c74c Removing unused assertion and some refatoring
  • ea6f9b6 [#85508524] Refactoring the NotificationUtil to allow setting emailSubject
  • 3713792 Adjusting copyright
  • 354da7a [#85446852] Adding tests
  • e19cf08 fixing functional tests.
  • b9a1297 fixing functional tests.
  • 1ce4c5d [#85446852] Fixing duplicated emails sent on new comment
  • 46c0df2 Fix for story 85346700
  • d47a5d9 Fix for story 85346700
  • 43c45b0 Fix for story 85346700
  • f12c9de Fix for story 85314688
  • 87bb253 Added the help text
  • 4e13b95 [#85346296] - more copyright year updates
  • 2c55932 [#85346296] - Updating copyright to 2015
  • cdd87af [#85313582 fix] fix for Marketing List Detailview Styling issue in Next Default
  • 25c68dd [#84855098] - fixes for tests. also added isReportable for ReportsTestModule
  • 9986693 Fix for email command test
  • aafc8c6 Fix for email command unit test
  • 92ed90a Fix for email command unit test
  • 8162d37 Unit Test Fixes
  • 8b2a79f Fixed NotificationsUtilTest
  • 629411c Fixed EmailHelperTest
  • 2122d37 Fixed CampaignMarkCompletedJobTest
  • 46da5bf Fixed failed assertions due to different newline characters in message. Also changed email messages to have function specific unique names
  • 87bdd02 Fixed NotificationsUtil.processNotification abrupt return bug when allowSendingEmail is true
  • 2e8b31e Fixed MenuUtilTest
  • a449b46 changing max version of PHPUnit to 4.4.0.
  • a8c2e77 changing max version of PHPUnit to 4.4.0.
  • d17158f Fix for unit tests
  • fd46522 Moved tag unstable to changeset c6f0504dc528 (from changeset e83816e33dfb)
  • 6fca05d Moved tag stable to changeset c6f0504dc528 (from changeset e83816e33dfb)
  • 8eca3e8 Added tag 2.8.6 for changeset c6f0504dc528
  • d9aa182 Fixed MarketingListDefaultControllerSuperUserWalkthroughTest
  • fa74a17 Fixed EmailTemplatesSuperUserWalkthroughTest
  • fc9e837 Fixed CampaignMarkCompletedJobTest
  • 1b550a0 Fixed AccessDeniedSecurityException in ReportsSuperUserWalkthroughTest.testCloneSetsRightPermissions()
  • a0ea785 Fixed EmailMessageActivityUtilTest
  • c572439 [#82070424] Disabled loading of mobile.css in ZurmoExternalDefaultPageView
  • 01a663d [Deliver #84789080] Fixing wrong translations on designer dropDowns
  • a0206b6 [#84774790] Fixing non translation of label after language change
  • 0ee582b [#82341930] Added extended test covering cloned report permissions
  • d765c00 Changes to refactor for EmailHelperForTesting
  • bff054c [#84480870] fixing email notifications.
  • 08f8c49 fixing NotificationUtil for using send/sendImmediately.
  • 06fd899 minor changes.
  • 80a4041 [#84328968] [#84383624] Adding support for selecting lead/contact from modal
  • 8334204 [#84145774] Changed JQuery selectors to be more specific
  • e8bee9a Changes related to customizing column adapter for product
  • 3c53599 fixed [#82222204]
  • 8283b01 [#61857878] and [#82572992]
  • d106b3c fixing notification for comments on Tasks and Conversations.
  • 4d3e280 removing desktop notifications since it doesn't support all browsers well and
  • 3be547f fix for [#83506984]. Now when you send an email, it properly handles the onAfterSave
  • 7a1f42f fixing function name
  • 5c3c0a3 [#84112396] Fixed bug related to email validation
  • 5941479 Change the mthod name for head content on portlet
  • 6518997 Move custom change for toolbar to base class
  • 9a5a770 Changes related to custom management
  • c78d6cc [#84329732 fix] generic css class for messages in modals
  • 624f467 [fix #84080360] fix for coin rendering bug in chrome
  • 6a64a83 [#67441468] Added stricter validation for contact selection
  • 616fa67 [#84329732] Fixed styling on send test email modal results message
  • d8b7949 [#83895652] cleaned up test to remove an extra run, cleared cache for campaigns
  • dba5877 [#83895652] Updated test to show bug even after another run of all jobs
  • 7b3cf80 [#83895652] Updated test to show bug
  • 01ced70 [#83895652] Updated test to be more verbose
  • b59edf4 [#82341930] Solving missing permission after cloning report
  • bf3a07e [#83600524] Adding CampaignGenerateDueCampaignItemsJob when we toogle a campaign
  • 656bbcc [#83895652] Adding test to confirm bug. Removing duplicated code from merge.
  • ce72a3d fixing bug [#82741262] - required fields should stay for inline edit designer
  • 7cab8a5 Fixing bug [#81402790]
  • 099a4e7 Fixing issue with missing functions needed.
  • 4302cd2 Remove debug code.
  • b012f1a [fix #82693670] fixing docking/floating behaviour on modals' main action buttons
  • a219bfb [#82693670] Removing floating toolbar for SendTestEmailModalEditView
  • 326f19f [#82693576] Resolving ajaxOptions for menuItems in DividedMenu
  • 0cf10c1 changing download link path.
  • f4355e0 minor changes.
  • 2aaecb2 minor changes.
  • 4e504f1 changing export download link.
  • 236de5d [#78135212] Send email notification to user when Export is ready.
  • e0d6bb9 Fix for send test email
  • 03ffeef Fix for unit test cases.
  • 60430c8 Fix for unit test cases.
  • e0b0aff Fix for unit test.
  • d63a7c2 Check for sendgrid test settings
  • 2e0d81d [#82693622] [#82693402] send test email for templates styles and fixes
  • fb25a78 minor changes.
  • b06d64d evaluating menu items for url.
  • d39eb45 minor changes.
  • 6815a25 [#81538680] redirecting Need Support?/Get More according to edition.
  • 0417b4b [#81538680] redirecting Need Support?/Get More according to edition.
  • a3eb401 [#81538680] redirecting Need Support?/Get More according to edition.
  • 750425e [#81538680] redirecting Need Support?/Get More according to edition.

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/3.0.0..2.8.6

9 Janvier 2015 - 144MB
  • 9f7e6d5 fixing coding violations.
  • 3352eb4 Fixed broken EmailTemplatesSuperUserWalkthroughTest
  • 33d9fef Fixing bug in ModelStateChangesSubscriptionUtil
  • 79d739b Get meeting's user attendees via API
  • 0bacdda [#84032958] - fixing issue with reports not showing the proper 'who can read
  • 1ee9397 Adding method to get MANY_MANY items via PAI
  • ced8662 Configuration menu item visibility hook.
  • d484e2c Adding tests for Accounts API
  • 3fb7930 Adding methods and tests for getting deleted, created and modified Leads via API
  • 3156440 Adding unit tests for tasts/meetings api methods
  • d6e01f5 Adding unit tests for getModifiedItems via API
  • 100e737 Adding unit tests for getcreatedItems API call
  • 6bb9aec fixing functional test.
  • ddf9f04 Work on API methods
  • 2d5cddb API metdods to get deleted models ids
  • afdb365 Adding API method to get deleted ContactIds
  • 9c3944e fixing false failures and indenting tests.
  • 0b8a52c fixing coding violations.
  • e7ade8e Gracefully manage case when emailtemplate attachment is missing
  • 59aabcc Minor edit
  • 95a153b Ading unit test for Meeting API
  • 189d634 Fixing issue with email notifications when recipient do not have email address
  • 7bc8274 Moved tag unstable to changeset e83816e33dfb (from changeset b1a3eb6a86cf)
  • a2c7f85 Moved tag stable to changeset e83816e33dfb (from changeset b1a3eb6a86cf)
  • 8026faa Added tag 2.8.5 for changeset e83816e33dfb
  • d4d63aa [#77747360 fix] sandbox mode styles
  • 5a8709d Adding sandbox mode
  • fc8dbd4 Adding sandbox mode

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.8.6..2.8.5

21 Novembre 2014 - 144MB
  • 41185ac [#82063952][#82699138] - implementing override function getModifiedSignalAttribute()
  • 2cee06a [#82063952] [#82699138] - fixing issue with bug and isModified(). this fix
  • 9fef4e0 [#82659880] umlauts height fix
  • 888c244 [#81571830] - adding test to show merge tags working right for trademark symbol
  • 993efda [#82063952] - Fixing issue with default values for customFields setting
  • fd31579 [#82063952] - adding test to try to show failure. remmed out for now
  • dbb7281 [#80625632] refactoring method name. Adding unit tests
  • a4b9f70 [#80625632] - Resolving multi-byte resolution on module menus
  • 9f40af3 stub checkin to be able to merge double head
  • 5d88a60 Make change to BeanModel
  • 41feb10 fix formating
  • 6d5bb4d zurmo-fixes: Fix join tables for HAS_ONE_BELONGS_TO, attribute id's were previously being joined on the opposite tables.
  • 7d60696 Spacing fixes
  • ee37ece [#81424134] fix for unmatched archived emails 'cancel' button.
  • 3ab9a06 [#81424134] fix for unmatched archived emails 'cancel' button.
  • a4624a0 [#81424134] fix for unmatched archived emails 'cancel' button.
  • 635a45d Minor edit
  • ce5da88 Adding getAuthenticatedUser API method

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.8.5..2.8.4

7 Novembre 2014 - 144MB
  • a27e2f1 working around issue with broken test.
  • 25f068d fixing test
  • 154b63b fixing coding violations.
  • 6f0ce1b fixing coding violations.
  • 42a05bd [#80242416] - Removed an assertion that was no longer true. Since emailMessage
  • 121c337 [#80242416] - Fixing issue with dedupe and recent performance improvement
  • 964f53b fixing functional tests.
  • bee04a8 Refactoring emailMessage activity performance improvement.
  • 2f99011 Remove getModel which is not required
  • 07429b4 Fix for campaign if campaign has started.
  • ee99f78 [#80624934] Fixing issue with person labels not translating on user model since they
  • 4f5e6b0 Properly escapaing variables in queries
  • d275b26 Adding tests to test change to ownerChange triggering. Should only trigger
  • 6a1345f fixing how ownerChange fires
  • 0f4de3e OwnedSecurableItem related tests, about on owner change event.
  • 560188d Fixing failing tests
  • 9cd924d [Deliver #79629446] Fix for redactor removing style on html tag after ul/li/ol on
  • 542e4c9 Fixing tests and also fixing escape wrapper usage
  • 6f2da75 Fixing issue with contact/lead states for search via API
  • 436e7c6 Fixing minor ExportJob issue
  • dbf089a [#81305214] - Adding post sanitization for creating dashboards
  • 388b6c3 working on performance improvement. splitting email queries for latest activities
  • 43a9b86 [fix #80565858] system diagnostic page styling
  • a3085b8 Fixing wrong products label translation
  • b9029a9 [#80644968] Fixing issue with workflow and invalid marketing lists. Graceful handling
  • 21ee06c [#81208290] Removing unnecessary exception from being thrown.
  • af149b8 Adding tests for repair gamification
  • 124db7f More work on repair gamification action
  • 8f601d2 more work on repair gamification command
  • 58b8555 Adding documentation and test
  • a97e65a Improving performance on retrieving super administrators. Only retrieve
  • 9038457 More work on resolving duplicate model collision with gamification. Also
  • 6a8ee3a Fixing issue with model collision and having multiple game models for the same
  • b1a9fb5 Fix for story 79888546
  • d5a9723 [#79229574] hiding super user from leaderboard and user selection.
  • 19d19b9 fixing functional test.
  • 41a7bf5 [#80472416] unit test to confirm that inactive user won't receive
  • 9b8aebf [#80472416] stopping email notification to inactive users when mission is created.
  • ba72584 [Deliver #67409592] Handling case where there is no messageId from Imap messages
  • 785205c Fixing issue with designer duplicate attribute names
  • 8ebecff Fixing issue with designer duplicate attribute names
  • a391e48 Custom management changes related to Queues module.
  • df0782d [#78685120 fix] inbox unread count fix.
  • dd268fb [#78685120] Changing place to render DynamicLabel
  • 2d8b9cf misc ui fixes
  • 51f3b3a Fixing issue with ajax dynamic search validation
  • 77380a7 Set modifiedDateDime via API
  • 52a1d6e Job Queue improvements
  • f136c21 Fixing issues with job queue
  • 0df4583 Adding delay when checking if job already exist in jobQueue
  • 82db8e5 fixing functional tests.
  • 152f3b4 fixing functional test.
  • 019e92b fixing unit test.
  • b973a77 fixing coding violations.
  • acfefa3 Reduced rows processed by Export job to 2000.
  • 146c020 [Deliver #79961426] Fixing not displaying maxItemsCount notice
  • db7893e [#77560048] Reverting code added for debug purposes
  • 59ae421 [Deliver #77560048] Fixing wrong sql with calenderItemsDataProvider
  • 246e330 [#77492066] Changing strpos in tests to assertContains.
  • 7c9eed7 [#77492066] Changing strpos in tests to assertContains.
  • 0f240fb [#77492066] Changing strpos in tests to assertContains.
  • 3518b9c [#78726722] functional tests for developer tools.
  • 536317d changing misspelled notification.
  • a71b44f Moved tag unstable to changeset 5ca32e260e0e (from changeset 3d9b351d20ab)
  • a22c65f Moved tag stable to changeset 5ca32e260e0e (from changeset 3d9b351d20ab)
  • d8d5446 Added tag 2.8.3 for changeset 5ca32e260e0e
  • aeedffa [#79928626] Fixed issue with multiple emailBoxes being created against a user
  • 7db6a1f [#77148676] Fixed issue with User::setMetadata() not setting both User and Person. Added unit test
  • 7497640 [#77148676] Ported UserSearch from Pro to OpenSource

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.8.4..2.8.3

4 Octobre 2014 - 144MB
  • 0625f6f push dashboard icon
  • 055dbeb Typo fix
  • b64450d Added additional params for html options of link action element
  • 3ae4f96 Email Templates - Resolved custom hook signature
  • c7880b6 Email Templates - custom management hooks, updated signatures
  • f77a9c7 [#78036268] Removed not needed translation calls
  • b213712 [#78036268] More label fixes
  • 4047073 [Deliver #77756072 #79382476] Removing import from url for EmailTemplatesBaseDefaultDataMaker
  • 8b72c4f Added test to confirm emailMessage doesn't get deleted as part of campaignItem deletion
  • 3ec7716 [#78036268] Adding test
  • 503895a Fix for story 79512328
  • d51c0a4 Fix failing test
  • 030b15e [Deliver #79429256] Fixing convert leads with tagCloud custom fields
  • a3ae797 Fixing failing test
  • 222c864 Fixed issue of hostInfo and scriptUrl when doing console installs
  • fa17dd3 [Delivered #79281640] Fixed issue of potential sql injections on autocomplete
  • 9764fb6 [Delivered #78141492] Fixed images for html demo data emails
  • 11986af Fix for user email validation in admin
  • 1976f18 [#79364238] Adding test related to fix
  • 850fd48 [#79364238] Fixing issue with image cache
  • 2a194b9 [Delivered #79186602] Added ChangePasswordCommand
  • 7a5971e [#74420034] Added assertions to check group member count
  • 5d7041b Removing short use of if/else
  • 640b258 [Deliver #73053154] Adding changes on the isActive status to the Audit table
  • a3ba501 [#74420034] Cleared cache in couple of more places
  • c7e3fe2 [#74420034] Tweaked ZurmoRecordSharingPerformanceBenchmarkTest to assert time taken for benchmarks
  • 7dec7ad Fixed ConfigurationSuperUserWalkthroughTest for CI servers
  • aa5e3aa [#74420034] Moved $roleIdToRoleCache back to Role, added Role::forgetRoleIdToRoleCache()
  • af2d44a [#74420034] Moved $roleIdToRoleCache to ReadPermissionsOptimizationUtil
  • feb2c93 [#74420034] Got rid of groupIdToRoleIdCache from Role
  • 057691e [#74420034] Type casted incoming Id params to ints
  • ae46030 [#74420034] Refactored foreach to use functions combined with caches instead
  • cb792c4 [Delivered #78683422] Added checks for missing services. Cleaned up some code. Fixed broken test
  • ee0f775 [Deliver #78744452] Adding filter by concated for marketingListMembers
  • fd74670 [Deliver #79042806] Fixing publishing assets form custom theme
  • b99ed6e [Deliver #67647038] Adding redactor to minify
  • 2465924 [Deliver #78677486] Fixing project label translation
  • 4b6801c [Deliver #74625078] Fixing cloning taks permissions
  • 7e15b24 Push Dashboard / Layout - Permissions fix
  • caa6ff7 fixing campaign functional test.
  • 57f5e7a [Deliver #77756072] Importing images to be used in template layouts
  • 7ab578e Reverting some changes
  • 5d0d73f [Delivered #78727020] Added walktrhough test for runDiagnostic
  • 3616a20 Added one second sleep to ensure CampaignGenerateDueCampaignItemsJobTest.testRunWithJustDueActiveCampaignsWithMembers() always passes
  • b137f7f [#78737142] Fixed broken MarketingListMemberTest. Removed skipped tests from MarketingListMemberControllerSuperUserWalkthroughTest
  • b7d0be6 [#74420034] Fixed ZurmoRecordSharingPerformanceBenchmarkTest
  • 1336095 Moved tag unstable to changeset 3d9b351d20ab (from changeset 70e2f5087547)
  • a80a48c Moved tag stable to changeset 3d9b351d20ab (from changeset 70e2f5087547)
  • 21c4e79 Added tag 2.8.2 for changeset 3d9b351d20ab
  • f8940db Push dashboad or layout tests
  • 07de7db [Finish #78036268] More chages on wrong use of Zurmo::t
  • c0bd416 [#78036268] Changing wrong uses of Zurmo::t

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.8.3..2.8.2

15 Septembre 2014 - 144MB
  • a8d7447 Fixed a critical bug regarding configuration/default/runDiagnostics
  • 6064a71 [#78639194] Got rid of MassSubscribe related tests
  • 1db9fca [Deliver #74904020] Adding called class name when caching lablels
  • c3f49ee Fixing campaign functional test.

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.8.2..2.8.1

11 Septembre 2014 - 144MB
  • ab60fe2 Fixed issues related to NOW() being used in stored proceedures and functions without accounting for timezone differences
  • 06bf9fc Added tag 2.8.1alpha1 for changeset 87585aa9df86
  • 87585aa Removed tag 2.8.1-alpha1
  • 7732ebb Added tag 2.8.1-alpha1 for changeset 026de4842aea
  • 026de48 Added one more scenario for AccountReadPermissionsOptimizationScenariosTest
  • 5df19e4 [fix #78393038] fix for add files link in conversations
  • 2d3dc7a fixing functional tests.
  • 77f88fa fixing coding violations.
  • 6a91200 Fixing EmailMessageOwner user to send message
  • dd54f68 Fixing issue with imap base job to properly handle max execution time reached
  • 102fe97 Expunge deleted imap message after connecting to imap server
  • 0471548 Optimizing ImapbaseJob
  • 55a494d Fixing bug in ZurmoImap
  • 9b444e6 [#75896084] Included Permission's permitable castDown cache to the list of wipes made when role or group changes are saved
  • da37b5d Fixing issue with ZurmoImap::getMessages
  • f999f54 fixing functional tests.
  • 2182db8 fixing functional tests.
  • 908fefd Fixed broken AutoBuildDatabaseTest
  • ac51f20 [#75896084] Fixed broken ZurmoNestedRolePermissionsFlushWalkThroughTest
  • bd42edf Fixed broken ExportJob related tests
  • 3785595 [#75896084] Fixed issue with group and role parent permissions not being flushed correctly. Added ZurmoNestedRolePermissionsFlushWalkThroughTest.
  • c73b741 fixing functional tests.
  • 3ea4ed7 fixing funxtional tests.
  • e3b6e5a [#77560530] fixing google map error.
  • 7858b84 [#77560530] fixing google map error.
  • b040ab3 [#75596698] fixing issue of address filed not getting cleared while merging.
  • 4c30fa3 Push Dashboard / Layout - Removed extra line
  • e890c44 Push Dashboard / Layout - bug fix
  • 3040f27 Push Dashbord / Layout - Miscellaneous fixes
  • a452c05 PushLayout typo fixes
  • c6cab48 PushLayout UI fixes
  • 83ad57a PushLayout UI fixes
  • c7c3298 PushLayout refactors
  • 9144fe3 Push Layout to users for DeatilsAndRelationsView
  • 6a0bc36 Push Dashboard - Fixes
  • e14e4fd Push Dashboard - Added Rights for push dashboard functionality
  • 0753975 Push Dashboard - Copy portlets collection from pushed dashboard to users dashboard
  • 1adc73e push dashboard - refactors
  • a166b37 push dashboard - load pushed dashboard as default user's dashboard
  • 2b5488e PushDashboard to users and groups
  • 356feea Fixing issue with ExportItemTest
  • f3cd093 Dummy commit for new branch
  • cfeac32 you should be able to clear out the google maps api key in the configuration area
  • 4c90e06 [#78138564] Added CampaignGenerateDueCampaignItemsJobTest.testRunWithJustDueActiveCampaignsWithMembers()
  • 9271415 [#75896084] Compacted ZurmoNestedGroupPermissionsFlushWalkThroughTest into one test, removed all those tiny functions
  • c4e7705 [Delivered #75985822] Changed FailedToSaveFileModelException to FailedToSaveModelException. Added short circuit logic to delete exportItem if we can't convert its serializedData to array
  • 5d1a445 [Delivered #77455936] changed serializeData type to longtext
  • 5d2b8ae [#75896084] Added ZurmoNestedGroupPermissionsFlushWalkThroughTest
  • 9e29112 [Delivered #77455936] Updated ExportItem to define max for serializedData. Added tests to ensure larger values in serializedData were being stored correctly. Moved convertToBytes() from PerformanceMeasurement to StringUtil.
  • a538832 Working on some TODO's
  • 23ba998 fixing MaketingList functional test.
  • f82d530 fixing MaketingList functional test.
  • 67bcbab [Delivered #78044280] Fixed issue with member stats not being refreshed
  • 9057733 declared create_email_message characteristics
  • f6bf52d Added a return after emailMessage->save()
  • 41b9c73 Chaging undefined function boolval() by casting
  • d34c2e8 [Deliver #77986706] Fixing wrong link when sending notifications for tasks
  • b6d3f74 [Deliver #77963856] Removing CSS comments before spliting media queries
  • 9265b29 [#75604684] Applied misc fixes
  • 89962dd [#75604684] Changed forgetAll() to forget()
  • 5e558ff [Deliver #77985728] Adding support for non-utf8 on text emails only
  • 60d0952 [#74960740] Added support for showing additional system checks on System Diagnosis screen
  • 5fc5c3a [#70285676] functional tests.
  • 43f6e83 [#76100914] Adding support for sending totalCount in queryString and to use that, when available, to calculate SelectedRecordCount instead of dataprovider
  • b1ce860 [Delivered #77941594] cleared emailMessage cache after saving it through stored procedure
  • ba2ae39 [Delivered #77938132] Fixed issue with saving emailMessage
  • 2057685 [#67437890] Backed out 14562
  • 73e68dc [#67437890] Fixed modulename in MassSubscribeActionSecurity
  • 34f2924 [#74636516] if dropdown is null but does not have null as option, do not display None label
  • 0a72a9a [Deliver #74636516] additional functionality allowing user to clear a field by clicking None when needed
  • a2d99c1 [Deliver #74636516] set addBlank for TitleFullName and allow (None) for DropDownElement on merge form
  • 93dd56a [#76961064] Addding missing editor icons in Compose Email WYSIWYG editor and Marketing configuration.
  • a47a65b [#76961064] Addding missing editor icons in Compose Email WYSIWYG editor and Marketing configuration.
  • d28611b Removed extra resolveHtmlOptions() override not needed, same as base class.
  • a4baf77 Addding missing editor icons in Compose Email WYSIWYG editor and Marketing configuration.
  • cf314a0 [#67437890] Added support to configure rights for mass subscribe on contacts and leads list view screen
  • 2baf72f [#67437890] Added support to mass subscribe leads
  • 81f653a fixing coding violations.
  • d6d8c38 fixing coding vioaltions.
  • 8281b05 fixing duplicate label.
  • 33472e0 [Deliver #77793084] Adding try/catch
  • befbf72 [Deliver #77793680] Adding reconnectToDabase after getting messages
  • 13b6bc7 [Deliver #72494054] Adding empty and is not empty operator to filterBy
  • c04e3be [Deliver #77757828] Adding csrf token data when uploading images
  • e3c5869 fix for marketing list popup
  • e30d6a5 fixing UserTest for changes made in getActiveUserCount().
  • 1de9541 [76563384] Refactoring User getActiveUserCount.
  • cf853a3 Fixed broken MonitorJobTest
  • 121af03 [Deliver #77581424] stripping slashes for text/html content
  • 4edbd42 IMAP optimizations
  • 1d7a402 IMAP optimizations
  • ed8a693 [#75600910] Adding test and adjusting demo data maker for more randomness in emails
  • e7feda3 marketing list flyout fix
  • 2b1fa7f [#75355002] Removing trigger from clickable-dividedmenu
  • dccd287 fix for marketing lists flyout
  • eafa8ac Fixed broken tests: TestOutboundEmailJobTest
  • d1b1e65 Fixed issue with sentDateTime going unquoted.
  • 9e9039d fixing functional tests.
  • fa0e2fb Changed how stored procedure was being called in CampaignItemsUtil
  • a360fc9 M Merged upstream:processOutboundEmailJobImprovements to default
  • e6c8cf8 [#75604684] Changed how benchmark compared execution time
  • 1cf9724 [#75604684] Added benchmark tests for ProcessOutboundEmailJob
  • cf77303 [#75604684] Ported EmailHelper to use sql procedure to update emailMessage record after sending it instead of ORM
  • e58a0e6 [#75604684] Add support to increment sendAttempts in EmailHelperForTesting
  • 50fefc4 Fixed broken tests
  • 76c7931 [#67337550] Merge tags - Fields with underscore character don't work: Fixed MergeTagUtil type in ContactMergeTagsUtilTest. Added test to cover underscored attributes for MergeTagsUtil::resolveAttributeStringToMergeTagString
  • fbd3fbb [#74630982] Prevent People From Being Added To Same Marketing List More Than 1x: Patched to disallow mass/automated operations to change a marketingListMember's status from unsubscribed=1 to unsubscribed=0
  • 341b17f Added additional check to skip duplicate marketingListMembers even when done through unrestrictedSave() on MarketingListMember directly
  • 2a9a4a8 [#77283450] Fix test for html id
  • 9de6ace [Deliver #77445878] Returning default type for unknown extensions
  • d8bbc85 Fixing merge tags with underscore in emailTemplates
  • 57656e7 [Deliver #77283450] Removing staticExpects from MashableUtilTest
  • fff9f9f [Deliver #77313636] Remove user switcher in UI for mobile
  • 5b10644 [Deliver #75600910] Fixing combined rows for marketing list charts
  • a3f406b Documentation typo fix
  • 400ed35 #74160728 - Resolve Custom View Template File name
  • 21f92ab [Deliver #77047510] Converting dateTime to localeFormatted and small cleanup
  • 884c920 [#75119838] Adding test
  • 7194d99 [Delivers #75119838] Adding extra formats form import dateTime fields
  • 3d85c36 [Deliver #77209646] Fix wrong use of label
  • ff48b65 [Deliver #63402448] Finising cleanup
  • 032a248 [#63402448] Changes on the LessCompilerCommand and more cleanup
  • 0cd56c6 [#63402448] Initial cleanup
  • 628671b Fixing issue with modified timestamp when owner change
  • 8dfaacb [76797756] Changed email template subject to 255 from 64.
  • 299f910 fixing SelectBaseTemplateElement for labels
  • 945fdc8 Adding unit test for makeActiveUsersQuerySearchAttributeData and getActiveUsers.
  • ee680b4 [#68830044] Disable Collection and Coins popups.
  • ac64b5e Disable Collections and Coins popups.
  • 80d65d1 [Delivers #76880570] Fixing report for emailMessage sender
  • 7c3e529 Adding test to confirm issue with modifiedDateTime updates
  • e037dd6 Reset jobs in process via command line
  • 25f3ad0 Fixing issue with defaultValue in designer
  • 2df55fe ResetStuckJobsCommand
  • 56211b7 Fixing bug with duplicate field names in designer
  • 3ba37e1 fix for designer where library only shows one row of items
  • 9ea7dbf fixing Zurmo label to properly translate for application name
  • 3b37e29 Adding resolveCompanyNameForRelatedAccountName function to ContactsUtil
  • a8f3f09 M Merge with groupMemebershipsFix
  • 26ff63d Refactoring
  • d21224c Refactoring
  • 603ce08 Hide system users from group views
  • 750259e Adding getHostInfoWithoutSchemaPrefix() to ZurmoHttpRequest
  • e8f6c97 adding additional audit constant
  • 22a6d2c Moved tag unstable to changeset 6d3ad436bb30 (from changeset 476516df96ab)
  • 517547d Moved tag stable to changeset 6d3ad436bb30 (from changeset 476516df96ab)

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.8.1..2.8.0

2.8.0 (version majeure)
15 Août 2014 - 144MB
  • c5181ee Refactoring ReadPermissionSubscription
  • c78abc2 Refactoring ReadPermissionSubscription
  • 6895437 [#75481306 fix] fix for radio not clickable in FF
  • 78d6b1f Added tag 2.8alpha2 for changeset 6d021a47d3cc
  • 5a611a6 fixing functional tests.
  • f717a16 fixing coding violations
  • e8e1bf5 fixing coding violations.
  • c6a3a1a fixing coding violations.
  • 0717427 Fixing unit tests
  • 3f62dd3 Fixing ImapBaseJob make test fail
  • 40e6557 Fixing unit tests after merge
  • ba2b44f Fixing bug in ReadPermissionSubscriptionUtil
  • 13d2f46 Fixing test
  • 39cd702 Fix test
  • 0fe3192 Fixing tests
  • 3b562f7 Fix for bug 75616326
  • 61a82a7 Fixing test. Adding OutboundEmailJob into queue if there email messages are in
  • 1510b7c fixing unit test.
  • 17e7f93 Minor improvement
  • c44aded Change for export issues
  • a3be3a3 export ui and some misc fixes
  • f991a2b Filter the search attributes.
  • 8a61531 Adding export file name element
  • ae5b162 Correct documentation
  • dd93e84 Fix for story 72537726
  • ca3f6ae Code review comments incorporation.
  • 113149d Correcting the number.
  • 6561b41 Change for cancel button
  • f99f309 Latest column changes
  • bbd30ba Change for export module
  • 1631911 Test bug fix.
  • ca4bb2e Fixing the label in admin area for export.
  • b78f7a5 Fix for export item list view.
  • 5050f00 Changes for export item list view.
  • 77cd1fc Changes for export
  • 6c9f476 Changes for export story
  • 0703868 [#75473566] Adding test
  • ff69878 export item status
  • fafd579 Email Templates - hide info icon from featured saved templates
  • f020796 Email Templates - default layouts should be sorted in progressive order
  • 24b5438 Email Template custom icon, redundant code fix
  • 3c4f855 Fixing return value
  • 1eca14a resolving merge.
  • e52defa fixing unit test for marketing cofiguration.
  • 84f5627 unit tests for system configuration.
  • a4104b6 resolved merge conflicts.
  • f73d497 fixing variable names.
  • f089670 [#64110102] system config setting for upper limit on page size.
  • 95eb7b2 [#64110102] system config setting for upper limit on page size.
  • 97be6a2 fixing projects globally searchable.
  • 29ed0be [#69365228] Projects globally searchable
  • 60a36a7 [#75473566] Fix sendQueue batch count
  • d739035 user switcher fix.
  • 30571c3 Fixing rows for ZurmoSystemConfigurationEditAndDetailsView
  • 437bdfa Fixing rows for ZurmoSystemConfigurationEditAndDetailsView
  • de349c6 Fix recursion
  • 659dc5f Removing unused section
  • 8457f30 Adding unit tests
  • 0f81fe8 [Deliver #75473566] Adding batch size for outboundEmailJob
  • d9467b5 [Delivers #75360716] Refactoring to adjust new signature
  • 152e802 [Deliver #74343278] Adding debuging messages, paging and db reconect to imapJobs
  • 7880ffa adding assertion
  • ae1b6a6 making super user root at the time of installation.
  • 967dd33 making super user root at the time of installation.
  • 72a9854 [#74955658] moved elevate command from pro into open source.
  • 70c53a5 [#74955658] moved elevate command from pro into open source.
  • e232a60 Fixing tests and ToDos
  • 30d3fec Featured Email Templates, wrapper hooks
  • 46a4ee0 Fixing syntax error
  • 126aeb7 Fixing issues,adding comments
  • 69dac27 fixing coding violations.
  • cb8b117 fixing coding violations.
  • 68206bf Minor edits related to read permisisons
  • 6f9110b [Deliver #75360716] Fix method signature
  • 08af040 Disabling something sergio did
  • c5adf67 making pretty
  • 0b9d37c Fixing how function is defined
  • 5723c8a Supprt for role, users events for read permission subscription plus tests
  • 85d397c [#75194280] moved Autoresponder/Campaign batch size to system configuration area.
  • 71650f5 Refactoring
  • 2bb9129 Reverting testLogo.png
  • 4a64119 Group actions support for Read Permission Subscription Jobs
  • 08d5ac9 Update to use serialize (only one ajax call now)
  • f27ca81 Spacing and code violation fixes
  • 6fd8e88 Clone should keep sort orders
  • 70ae134 revert sort order to [id] descending if no sort values are found (same as original zurmo functionality)
  • b78e17d Fix bug where changing sort order of tasks would be forgotten.
  • 25955ef Initial task sort fixes commit
  • 1c83b60 Detect SSL and set flag for rssfeed tool.
  • bba21c3 Moved tag stable to changeset 476516df96ab (from changeset 9149ccdd67ff)
  • bf2f134 Moved tag unstable to changeset 476516df96ab (from changeset 9149ccdd67ff)
  • 4acb5f7 Added tag 2.7.4 for changeset 476516df96ab
  • dc45e89 compiled css
  • a8a474e fix for user switcher.
  • 07f1f0c Fixing bad merge.
  • 2a2f2ea Temp commit for ReadPermissionSubscription refactoring
  • 5ae9088 Reverting changes
  • 3fdcf9c Read permission subscription optimizations for Groups and Roles
  • ca00dc9 fix for game dashboard line-braking tooltips
  • 9f7aba3 Fixing setting to match how it is used. also fixing page size to avoid timeouts
  • 1e105c4 fixing default permission settings for new performance work. leaving off by default
  • aeec0e4 reverting changes.
  • e62f903 Backed out changeset: 44732d08a333
  • a690aa4 Backed out changeset: 43b66dde56b0
  • 43b66dd [#74517526] Created new root level configuration area under administration.
  • 2dc46f0 ReadPermissionSubscriptionUtil - refactoring
  • b0d7e22 Fixed Autoresponder/Campaign QueueOutbox job failing due to dangling items without actual autoresponder/campaign item. Fixed RedBeanModelsCacheTest
  • 44732d0 [#74517526] Created new root level configuration area under administration.
  • 52af98c [#74517526] Created new root level configuration area under administration.
  • 1b12293 Added tag 2.8alpha1NextDefault for changeset f58aa0b1aa65
  • f58aa0b Got rid of sender cache for outgoing emails
  • 3d464b6 Additional unit tests
  • 865acf8 Added tag 2.8alpha1NextDefault for changeset 355cedcc2f10
  • 355cedc Tweaked benchmark tests to use better assertions
  • bbec2b0 Fixed broken ApiRestUserTest
  • 8aa06a4 Unit tests for new read permission subscription
  • d61883d Removed tag 2.8alpha1NextDefault
  • ea84717 Fixed broken CampaignGenerateDueCampaignItemsJobTest
  • 70c7e46 Fixed broken CampaignDefaultControllerSuperUserWalkthroughTest
  • 5d1139b Fixed broken CampaignItemsUtilTest
  • 55261bb Fixed few broken tests, fixed campaign's fromName and fromAddress bug, fixed few other minor bugs
  • 0ab17ca Fixed some broken tests
  • 3aa0630 [Deliver #74294906] Fixing test
  • dad0b62 Minor edit
  • 1885b29 Update account read permission subscription table in real time
  • c254d41 Added tag 2.8alpha1NextDefault for changeset cc73dc5cd206
  • cc73dc5 [#69206484] Removing submenu items from metadata of left side admin menu.
  • 7288e57 [#74343060] Modifying customfieldvalue.value from text to varchar 255.
  • b9909ff [#74343060] Modifying customfieldvalue.value from text to varchar 255.
  • 1036a64 Read Permission Subscription Table - improvements
  • ee7560d [#73202716] Updated global footer
  • 0098c5c [#66773464] Changed User to user in link label
  • f0ae0a0 [#66773464] Disabled the link that triggers modal
  • ae6dc77 [#68440394] Tweaked benchmarks
  • 0454a76 [#68440394] Got rid of extra print statements to benchmark functions for campaign outbox processing
  • 01e0573 [#68440394] Got rid of extra campaign item generation code, removed user option to configure items to process
  • af8bb43 [#68440394] Improved Generate Campaign Items performance. Dummy code still in place.
  • 3a8b7d1 [#73202716] Update unsubscribeUrl and manageSubscriptionsUrl to just print url. Fix broken tests: resolved
  • f28822f [#66773464] Fixed User modal not being displayed
  • 87ee9e3 [#66773464] Fixed User being able to switch to root users, changed user switcher to be only accessible to root users
  • 94b3269 fixing merge
  • c3916bc Added missing file
  • 64e9dc0 [#68440394] Added CurlUtil, refactored relevant code. Refactor User's avatar special merge tags. Disabled validation in benchmark tests. Added a todo to fix personsOrAccounts bug
  • 8c0c2c3 [#68440394] Added MissingRecipientsForEmailMessageException
  • ee8d649 [#68440394] Refactored some code, fixed some broken tests
  • 4404dc7 [#68440394] Removed an extra return
  • cb4cc48 [#68440394] Changed email message saving to be done via functions and stored procedures
  • 9457c3e [#68440394] Removed EmailMessage.save. Changed few RedBeanModel properties to be protected. Updated CampaignQueueMessagesInOutboxJobBenchmarkTest to add accounts to created contacts
  • d274500 [#68440394] Minor refactors and fixes
  • 18674a3 [#68440394] Added caching for marketingList->sender
  • a1db1c0 [#68440394] Added realistic content for tests
  • 9cbe549 [#68440394] Fixed call to generateAndProcessCampaignItems
  • 9f69986 Fixed failing assertion
  • 8e8b9e1 [#68440394] Updated how tests dealed with processing Autoresponder/Campaign Items. Added benchmark test. Fixed a UserSwitcherElement bug
  • d4b65ae [#68440394] Moved some functions outside of AutoresponderAndCampaignItemsUtil
  • 126a0dd [#68440394] Added support for useSQL in send and relevant functions. Added a save before sending.
  • 2607d64 [#68440394] Added some comments on further optimization
  • 73dd10f [#68440394] Refactored markItemAsProcessed to use sql
  • 107b89c Removed Switch user for headerMenuItems
  • b1d1962 user switcher fixes
  • a338283 [#70256014] Converted unsubscribe url and manage subscriptions url to special merge tags. [#59480802] Refactored EmailMessageActivityUtil. Fixed broken tests
  • cb779a4 [#66773464] Customized interface in HeaderLinksView. Added support for excludeRootUsers autoCompleteOptions. Added UserSwitcherElement.
  • b4f563d [#66773464] Removed dummy action. Added code to restrict switching to other Root users.
  • a1cb573 Fixed the bug that let any user switch to super once cookie exists. Switched from cookie to session for switching data. Refactored some other code
  • 19fe0d4 Fixed undefined property bug
  • 30e7eb5 Restricted switch user action access to only super admins. Refactored access control filters
  • 02e2974 user switcher UI, please see inline comments in HeaderLinksView.php
  • d45946b Added a custom filter to limit access to switch and switchTo actions
  • 1c8163b Encrypted packed values
  • ce6a4e8 [#66773464] Added option to gears menu
  • 9eeb65c [#66773464] Refactored some SwitchUserIdentity code. Fixed installation issues, added logic to refresh userModel only if its null or we have switched
  • 5a95ecd (#66773464) Implemented the core concept of user switching
  • 501be31 Fixed broken users tests
  • 1676cd7 (#47416079) Salting passwords: Resolved
  • f376090 Added logic to also handle modelIdentifier, updated test to ensure fileContent is not saved in memcache
  • 91f6eed Updated tests to ensure fileContent instances are note cached
  • 3456d6c (#70362684) Implement "we should not cache fileContent in memcache, this would be a bad use of caching. ": Fixed

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.8.0..2.7.4

18 Juillet 2014 - 144MB
  • 2572eff breaking qtip fix.
  • bdf04fe misc fix for kanban, had some weird spacing issue.
  • 666e232 [#74636252]
  • 04e09ae [#74555982] Returning empty if UniqueIdentifier is not positive
  • 9af4509 [#74636014] Fixing module class name for leads import rules
  • 5dfc5f7 [#73897940] Moving image align into wrapper div
  • 217ce39 [#74320628] Fix validating url when its null
  • dd60df3 [#65569016] fixing variable name and removing unwanted variable.
  • 207edb4 [#65569016] Alphabetization of Group Module Rights.
  • c79d427 Alphabetization of Group Module Rights.
  • 3907db9 [#74320628] Adding url validator form BuilderImageElement
  • 5cc37a4 [#72083390] Fix for CSSIN media queries
  • d4e7c60 [#74046822] Fixing refresh of listView
  • 477a691 fixing conversation functional test.
  • 17daa30 Fix failing test
  • 8ff6c3c [#72791572] Fixing read permissions for the Predifined Email Templates
  • fb64753 Adding indexes to improve performance.
  • f209ae6 [#63173438] Fix tests
  • 741723d [#63173438] Reverting changes
  • 6873a90 [Deliver #71056094] Adding ability to use the not operator in the search structure
  • 9e31f15 [#63173438] Trying diferent aproach (using getter for derived attribute)
  • 6de1875 image element legacy notification
  • 27b2356 Changes on UI message
  • 3506e7c [#74127716] Encoding translated text for javascript
  • 5e45bd2 Changing text message
  • 2138be7 Moving the resolving width and height to when getting image summary
  • 34df031 Fixing value for hidden id
  • c143778 Adding width adn height to old imageFiles
  • 2f955fa Adding legacy support for old BuilderImage in template
  • bf0a6d2 [#72094542] Solving issue while saving custom values
  • 9641339 [#72079202]
  • 7bd963f [#72079202]
  • 20a852a fix foo full contact social icons api style
  • 72101be [#72079202]
  • b99b701 Fix for story 73222606
  • 9be6c79 Fixing test case for error on related attribute.
  • b064f4f Fix for story 62017366
  • ae0340f Revert the changes
  • 56eddfc Addition of test for validation.
  • 61e7929 Bug fixes
  • 8088eb2 Added the issue for later reference
  • e772028 Fix for story 72083434
  • 7dd3c8a [Deliver #67473086] Adding personOrAccounts as reportable under Recipients
  • d14834b [#63173438] Adding extra condition to fix report of owner
  • 76749f5 compiled css
  • d162cfe empty image list view icon. tabs over state fix
  • 89aa51d Fix failing tests
  • c1e85ce Changing CssClassForCGridView
  • 65c0edb [#63173438] Reverting changes and add test to confirm bug
  • cf4e245 [#63173438] Fixing FullName export issue
  • 38ea5e7 [#63173438] Returning get{$attributeName} when nothing else works
  • 3427ee8 change isset to == null and remove the DELETE queries in both tests since they are already in the delete() function for both autoresponder and campaign
  • f982e7f [#72083434] - created new function stripTagsAndMultipleByteEncode to handle formatting
  • 0ad2a11 [#72920058] change autoresponderitems and campaignitems lookups to existing functions instead of query, and add testing to testDeleteCampaign and testDeleteAutoresponder
  • 1810dc2 [#72083434] strip_tags and mb_convert_encoding the modelName so that multibyte characters are shown correctly in Recently Viewed (replaces CHtml::encode)
  • c51004f [#72920058] - delete unprocessed autoresponderitem, autoresponderitemactivity after Autoresponder is deleted. Also delete unprocessed campaignitem, campaignitemactivity after Campaign is deleted. Execute directly via sql per Jason.
  • 8e5b126 [#72083434] - use strip_tags instead of CHtml::encode so that Notes and other modules with html tags in the name are formatted correctly in Recent History
  • c37c990 [#70960080] - added getDedupeAttributes to Leads so dedupe works upon import
  • 67eeb8f Backed out changeset: 88cd614c8d46
  • 2657356 redactor image plugin/modal fixes
  • 21deebc image modal in redactor
  • 598b25d image edit styles
  • 025abb5 Moving select and edit image buttons to the image summary details
  • 31747f2 image upload styles
  • 66669d4 JobQueue improvements and fixing unit tests
  • 394031d Adding lockImageProportion when editing the image
  • f3a4027 Adding edit(crop/resize) feature for images
  • 74a426f Adding form inputs for ImageEditView
  • 89bd6e5 image resize style and resize icon
  • 3a896b0 image editor styles
  • 0ce7801 Fixing edit link after selecting image and adding jrac css
  • Triggering apply after selecting image and removing width/height option 2014-06-19
  • Adding ImageEditView 2014-06-19
  • Added possibility to hide jobs from jobManager UI. 2014-06-19
  • Fixing issue with Exchange IMAP connection 2014-06-18
  • 445359a Adding delete link on listView and edit link for image

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.7.4..2.7.3

14 Juin 2014 - 144MB
  • 18f96c1 [Fix #71161968] Moving resolveOneToManyPostCreateActionSaveModelCache
  • d7f49c5 [#70919438] Removing calendar icon when user dont have access rights
  • 574923a [#66780366] Moving validation to hostname
  • 7115d06 Bug fixing related to contact merge and import notification
  • caa3d54 [Fix #72267834] Resolving modelClassName for null string
  • 8561eab [Fix #66780366] Adding notification for when using gmail on stmp server
  • 6022136 [Fix #70861764] Removing jquery-ui from scriptMap
  • 6df811f Misc fixes in group edit view
  • 05d3fcb [#72571226] Adding tests
  • 8bab2cf [Fix #72571226] Moving resolveReadPermissionsOptimizationToSqlQuery
  • 8579ca2 [#71209878] Ported code from ParentRoleElement to ModelElement and made it generic
  • 706077c Set export asynchronousPageSize to 250 instead 500
  • 03862cf [Fix #70712466] Fix RedBeanModel for isModified when model has dropdwon
  • 7080175 Adding test to confirm bug with task with project with custom dropdown
  • 0064924 [#70712466] Adding test to confirm bug
  • 6cd2d8f [#72174970] Fixing AuditEventsListControllerUtil and improving test
  • b1fc1c8 [Fix #72174970] Adding logged in and logged out events to audit list
  • 6d53409 Increasing recipient and sender fromName and toName to 128 characters
  • 00cf6b9 [#71871716] Adding missing member for test model
  • 5261ea0 [Fix #71871716] CalculatedNumber not detecting correct currency
  • de86c4f Backed out changeset: e31cfe42e7f8
  • e31cfe4 Fixing PhpUnitServiceUtil for version 4.0
  • 021640a Preparing for showing/hiding multi fields on reports->amounts->between
  • d4553a4 Fix moved code from PageView to FooterView
  • 6ceba1a [Fix #71273026] Removing email validation for report filters
  • b25953b Forget attributeLabelsByLanguage when forgeting all
  • daba0b1 Fixing assert being triggered with debug mode on
  • 9b566b9 [Fix #71282170] Adding Today type for MixedDataTypesSearch
  • 275c2ff [fix #69813020] aliasing issue in firefox/chrome windows
  • 424ccda [Fix #69362726] Resolving NavigationClass for mobile
  • e206d92 [fix #69967086] for Email template Text Content DV height issue
  • 7b5cea0 [fix #69813020] Calendar done/now fix
  • 80f8231 [fix #69481824] lead conversion ui issues
  • bd71fd8 Cleaning CssIn so it dont display empty styles and fixing html error on
  • 07a05bc [Fix #70771150] Adding TextArea element for Task description
  • 12227c4 [Fix #70858282] Adding support for hasMany relation for mergeTags
  • 5213fd1 [Fix #70712466] Removed validation on saving ProjectAuditEvent
  • 742ab17 [#70720678] Moving label inside div.has-model-select
  • 8168f69 [#69551600] Removing unused code
  • cf0bc40 [#70648454] Adding test to confirm fix
  • 80f19a7 [fix #70720678] compose email 'select template' label z-index issue
  • 9ce7afd [#64701512] Adding attributeLabelsByLanguages php cache
  • d8df2e0 [Fix #70648454] Changing CalendarItemsDataProvider to get events that span more
  • e661db7 [fix #68541228 #69545474] fixes for performance info and upload button in task modal
  • 592e0d7 Adding color property to td on buttonElement
  • 8c292ae Removing !important from builder css.
  • e254095 [Fix #69833838] Adding active for child items
  • e7c2fcd [#68541228] Moving performance info into FooterView
  • a0cd98f [#69545474] Adding missing closing div to FileUpload
  • 49ac0a7 [fix #69833838] sidebar menu highlighting fix in designer
  • ed022d2 [fix #70008608] date picker z-index issue
  • eacc4ff [fix #70497844] clear role link and misc fixes
  • 1625823 Moved tag unstable to changeset 42228645d751 (from changeset 4d205508a1b5)
  • 2e8dab0 Moved tag stable to changeset 42228645d751 (from changeset 4d205508a1b5)
  • c73c8cd Fixing ZurmoCssInUtil overrides css
  • 90225da Removed !important from inline css.

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.7.3..2.7.2

2 Mai 2014 - 144MB
  • 62fcbf1 Fixing functional tests.
  • c73da92 Temp fix for strange caching bug
  • 36ad656 [Fixing #70577314] Changes on setting html on redactor
  • 7183764 [#70521166 fixing] Adding ability to edit the attachments in emailTemplates
  • 723f2b3 Removing exit from tests
  • 84d9c45 Added hook to resolve ActionElementInformation
  • 25975bc Typo fix - removed unused variable
  • 90cecaf Adding test for ImageFileModel (#69752762)
  • 49b0a78 Modifying functional tests path for new windows server
  • 7e94879 Enhancement for MarketingList/email template functional tests.
  • 8ee9e91 (#63843952) Un-require Password on Users import: removed resolveRequiredDerivedAttributesCollection
  • d7005b7 Fixing encoding link (#70328724)
  • c378502 Fixing wrong sql when there are no permitables (#70465996)
  • 37373cc Add tests, documentation and make public static so that test suite can access
  • 289671e Need to parse special characters first
  • cb01529 Trim quotes from beginning or end of the full name for email matching. This will not impact scenarios where last names start with a quote, which is the most common place one would find a legitimate quote.
  • b340200 Created new branch zurmo-emailmatchingfixes
  • 7c84450 (#64281990) Removing parent Role: Resolved. Also added tests
  • 76eed65 Fixing failing tests
  • 6502083 (#55204724) List Unsubscribe strange message: Resolved
  • a953761 Moved request to users many_many inside else to save some memory
  • 743d553 Fix for detailsLink for contacts/leads (#69980010)
  • a831e66 (#70362190) Email alerts to Everyone Group do not send : Resolved
  • a114c8a Fixing missing module on creatin emailTemplate for Workflows (#70320254)
  • 14909d2 Removing commented code for debug purposes
  • e0eeaac (#70299062) https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/issue/253/email-character-encoding-issue : Resolved
  • 172a41e (#69195720) need to make option that is in common.php for flushing entire memcache pool upon clearCache=1, explain in common what it is for: Fixed
  • a8b020f Ignored app/protected/tests/common/phpunit-profiler.xml
  • 697cd1b Removed an extra file
  • 6231800 Ensured recursive merge tags are only resolved if there is a need
  • be764d2 Fixing sanitazion on composeEmail (#70328562)
  • bf2880f (#69195720) need to make option that is in common.php for flushing entire memcache pool upon clearCache=1, explain in common what it is for.
  • e62b762 Fixing issue with restricted permissions
  • bc0d535 Adding scheme to avatar url when called for mergeTags
  • d792aa1 Fixing failing assertion
  • 6bfb07c Fixing failing tests
  • 77f220b Fixing copying emailTemplate into composeEmail/campaign (#70272640)
  • 94aeb52 Fixing test and renaming method
  • a4262b5 Fix for gravatar get_headers() check. Specify http transport. Transport is not important here since the request is coming from the server not the client so mismatched transport will not result in an error.
  • 3b2af24 Gravatar without transport to allow https without error
  • 609da1e Created new branch gravatarfix2
  • c139005 Fixing uploading invalid images (#69752762)
  • 00b69e8 Enhancement of workflow functional tests.
  • 4e099c1 Enhancement of workflow functional tests.
  • b87368a Reverting changes to https for gravatar (#70017538)
  • e90f747 Removing redundant check for secureConenction
  • 438a5b4 Fixing failing tests
  • 73937d0 Fixing BuilderElements settings/content tab changing (#70105530)
  • ba839cd Used shorter browser shortcut for scheme
  • 8c54ec3 Adds 75% of requested functionality. Sufficient for workaround as per Issue #233
  • 91fe661 Fix for functional test.
  • a617572 Adding delta to dateTime test
  • 8b49e27 Fixing wrong link in email messages summary for list view (#69980010)
  • 506af38 Fixing redirect cancel button on EmailTemplate edit (#69980054)
  • eb38108 Fixing Task workflow for status change (#65757086)
  • 90a9b4f Fixing missing calender items after clearing cache (#69863106)
  • ff4050a Sending email from the user email account if custom settings are set (#69849832)
  • 598b0d4 Adding border color for ZurmoColorPicker (#69858134)
  • 0e6bb8d Moved tag stable to changeset 4d205508a1b5 (from changeset a999da93e155)
  • e1856d7 Moved tag unstable to changeset 4d205508a1b5 (from changeset a999da93e155)
  • 4e4ab76 Added tag 2.7.1 for changeset 4d205508a1b5
  • 036b49c Fixing test
  • 3184d63 Adding indexes to campaignitem to improve performance for generating campaign
  • 12ebf35 Removing timeZone from DateTimeUtil::getFirstDayOfAWeek and getLastDayOfAWeek
  • 520dba1 Fixes for firstDayOfWeek and lastDayOfWeek
  • b0e8134 Refactoring for the User gravatar url (#69798330)
  • de16179 Fixing blurred avatar (#69798330)

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.7.2..2.7.1

22 Avril 2014 - 144MB
  • 1f1071e Fixing hash query string for css files to be timestamp based
  • 04da76e Fixing BreadCrumbView for numeric string (#69825710)
  • 8dc6026 Fixing Can't use function return value in write context error
  • e13c84a Fixing stored procedure issue
  • 59f9b19 Fixing duplicated ListView in Designer for Projects module (#69728072)
  • c1fe685 Fixing EmailTemplateElement not syincing redactor (#69738670)
  • 2c8008b Changing time expressions for php. Since seeing some strange results
  • c946b13 Fixing CSS caching issue.
  • 87adda3 Better use of limit statement
  • e9a66f6 Fixing performance issue with marketing/campaign chart sql statements
  • 4522208 Fixing duplicate label.
  • b4e3334 Replacing Zurmo labels in IMAP and Bounce configuration views
  • 267fe6c Refactored - Contact delete cascade
  • 96a2442 Fixed - Product Portlet error when adding Price Frequency
  • d7d3ca5 Cascade afterDelete - On contact delete, cascade marketing list members
  • 492630d Fixed - On contact delete, cascade marketing list members
  • 10ff49a On contact delete, cascade marketing list members

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.7.1..2.7.0

2.7.0 (version majeure)
16 Avril 2014 - 144MB
  • ff1b708 (#69640346) when making the 1px image for tracking, add a alt tag, it will help with spam filters: Added a default alt attr for open tracking image for when applicationName is not set in system
  • c609e92 (#69541130) Pasting issue with html/rich text editor: Fixed
  • 0a25781 Reverted changes made to redactor.js
  • 73e010f Fixed broken tests. Fixed Autoresponder creation issue with the new EmailTemplateElement. Removed couple of unneccessary files. Fixed some other small bugs here and there
  • fe1de4e Fixing coding violations.
  • 82b6ca9 (#66627026) Zurmo email archiving will accept emails sent form emails addresses of Inactive users: Resolved
  • 0de3b6e Fixing issue with generating campaign items and not accounting for deleted
  • 53d7c8a Fixing endlesspaginations class
  • 7e45cd4 (#69541130) Pasting issue with html/rich text editor: Set all content to be pasted as plain text
  • f3b541e Fixed a minor bug regarding active-tab
  • 5eaee3a (#68918310) Inbox links break: Added a button to toggle iframe. Changed iframe to load url only if div is expanded the first time.
  • 6f8eeb7 Full Calendar - Redundant events bug fix
  • 821ee30 Enhancement of email template functional tests.
  • 22d15a3 Moved ConstantBasedStaticDropDownTriggerRules.php
  • f115a5b Added Merge tag resolution before global footer to ensure we don't add duplicate footers
  • f47e5f2 (#68918310) Inbox links break: Wrapped htmlContent in iframe for all notifications
  • e0b068b Fixed issue with dummy html still being populated
  • 91d6516 Fixed proper loading of active tab
  • d84dcd2 Merge with templateWizardViewRefactoring
  • 2446bec Fixed highlighting the correct tab
  • 11e0f90 Fixed failing tests - typo fix
  • 6a65184 Fix for chrome paint bug in wide screen list views
  • 2e971da Fixing MashableInboxRules for conversations and notifications (#65466548)
  • 5d01941 Fixing coding violations.
  • 78f9912 Fixing not wrapping elements in a new row (#69307704)
  • 7e0320a Fixing bug when dropping element in the blank area of canvas (#68772558)
  • 2d3ba03 Changing UI issues for the emailTemplateWizard (#67293578)
  • d3620b5 Fixes for preSelectingATemplate (#67293578)
  • 0cda13c Fixed javascript encoding issues with special characters for chart labels
  • 22e8604 Refactored kanban background image, sticky functionality
  • b9d3e74 Kanban background image not sticky
  • 26b2fb4 TextUtil fix - Do not discard "http://" or "https://" and query string from url text
  • eba3abf Adding modal picker for email template (#67293578)
  • 003281b Adding the endlesspager (#67293578)
  • 3aabd88 Fixing issue with product and product template triggers
  • 5f30037 Enhacement of email template functional tests.
  • 3320b70 Make 'My Open Tasks' portlet default sort by 'Due On' instead of 'Name'
  • 5872b95 Put a delay of 10 seconds to differntiate between creation of dates for two products
  • 1a24cfc Fixing how priceFrequency shows for reporting and workflow as filters and triggers
  • 49c8b3c Added Link titles for plain text emails
  • 6d3d829 Excluded marketing external urls to be tracked
  • 2f089fb (#69025110) URL Tracking on Text only campaigns: Fixed
  • 720b256 Fixed TextContent not preserving line breaks
  • da08ea4 Changes on the select base wizard view (#67293578)
  • dfaf7ca Refactoring preview area to be used by the select template (#67291788)
  • cc15ea0 (#68774050) Show HTML Content by default on Templates DV: Fixed active tab resolution
  • 50d866b Added test for save action for super user. Added tests for regular user
  • b399252 Fixed issue with group permissions not showing up on forms
  • 0e5445e Refactored sort attribute and default sort order for MyListView
  • 5a0ae8a Refactored sort attribute and default sort order for MyListView
  • a6ff925 Refactored sort attribute and default sort order for MyListView
  • f023dc6 My Meetings List View - Standardizing get calls
  • ee161f0 Refactored data provider for my meetings list view
  • 3035000 Default sort order fix for upcoming meetings portlet list view
  • 519453e Fixed - List view sorting by currency, fails
  • 689b9b9 Adding function to check if ReadPermissionSUbscription job is completed sucesfully
  • d0020a3 Adding ReadPermissionSubscription status field to global config
  • b27c9f4 Fixing functional tests.
  • 93b2678 Adding infiniteScroll extension (#67293578)
  • 0f60b01 Adding recusrion for parent role validation (#68541108)
  • bd6b112 Adding recusrion for parent role validation (#68541108)
  • 7288270 Adding use and privew actions (#67291788)
  • e8b4050 Removing orderBy clause from ReadPermissionSubscriptionUtil
  • 18bdbb7 Fixing coding violations.
  • 4a133f6 Temporary fixing issue with ReadPermissionSubscription and deleted models
  • 3394c92 Adding messageLogger for ReadPermissionSUbscriptionUtil and minor fixes
  • 9ed3504 (#66502452) Add 'type' column to templates list view: Fixed labels on select built type
  • fb4cffc Added tests for DetailsJson, Details, and Create
  • 6bd1e7b (#68774050) Show HTML Content by default on Templates DV: Fixed
  • f36bde9 (#68772898) Element settings panel change "Cancel" to "Back": Fixed
  • 031cf08 (#66502452) Add 'type' column to templates list view: Updated list view type labels
  • f7ba741 Fixing Role::beforeValidate and adding test (#68541108)
  • 0c75b68 Adding validation to prevent infinte loop (#68541108)
  • 32acd53 Fixing id for BuilderSocialItemsButton (#68716536)
  • 3b6e193 Adding ZurmoListView and related views for the SelectBaseTemplate (#67293578)
  • 4448a48 Added tests for ConvertEmail, RenderElementNonEditable, RenderElementEditable, and RenderBaseTemplateOptions
  • 384984d Fixing using emailTemplate on compose email when user dont have write permission
  • 65d0c67 Fixing ContactEmailTemplateNamesDropDown access whitout read permissions (#68404616)
  • 535be32 Inital changes for the emailTemplateWizardView (#68434156)
  • 645788e Fixing bug related to ReadPermissionSubscriptionUtil
  • 223da00 Enhancement of email template functional tests.
  • ddebb62 Added test for has one and not owned relations in ModelToExportAdapterTest
  • b94f596 Add role in users export
  • b97ee9c ModelToExportAdapter for additional User export fields
  • 8696482 Fixing duplicate creation of templates (#68434216)
  • f1e25f6 Reverting changes for BuilderButtonElement
  • a68ebda Removing td attributes for BuilderButtonWrapperElement
  • 8de8ca2 Adding class to BuilderButtonWrapperElement
  • 74bad6c Fixing redactor merge tags pluggin (#68434312)
  • c41b846 Adding BuilderButtonWrapperElement
  • 753baf1 Adding td button class.
  • 539a6fc Adding default color property for button
  • 91afc4c Fixing coding violations.
  • 25c60be Removing strong from button.
  • 8f26071 Fixes for ZurmoCssInUtil with BuilderButtonElement (#68079004)
  • cc11cd5 Implementing performance improvement on user profile page
  • b130cf0 Move font-weight property to strong in BuilderButtonElement
  • acf2bfa Fixing issue with how activity_item was joining to the originating item
  • e45a6f4 Moving texture class from body to html (#68292706)
  • abd8d5e Calling method for adding the dropable area (#67863902)
  • bf91a31 Updated DateTimeUtilTest with different timeZones to validate execution
  • 0f6d7de DateTimeUtil Fixes unit tests for timezone adjustment fixes
  • 234c473 Removing mobile-actions and mobile-view-toolbar-containe (#67988646)
  • 8948fa0 Fixing small drop area on empty template (#67863902)
  • 357b732 Fixing remove of user membership from group (#67754366)
  • 82e1e6c Resolved 'Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency?'
  • 8470f63 Added verbose statement for startTest
  • 080ee72 Fixing draggind new elements to a new row (#68241634)
  • 710f267 Removing calender link from mobile (#68205744)
  • 73ccb4c Template chooser and misc fixes
  • a5966ba Social button fix
  • 4b48074 Fixing issue with image element not working in chrome (#68184010)
  • 044919b Fixes for the active pillbox menu on user profile (#68020260)
  • ca6f05e Adding !important to color tag on A for buttons
  • dfadadb Fixing href and target showing on td as well as a for buttons
  • 50c0071 Changes in the cssInUtil to add missing stuff (#68101590)
  • bd266ad Calendar fixes.
  • bd69ba1 Fixing tests and missing icon (#68095092)
  • 38b5256 Removed premailer. Changed how CSSIN was imported
  • 2a856e1 Fixed the call to resolveEmailMessage
  • 0010043 Added parameter to optionally compile serializedData on the fly
  • d9eb275 Remove reserialize action
  • 970a087 Changed converter to default to null instead of 0. Minor refactors
  • 14005f9 Fixed issue with permission being not applied correctly to emailTemplates
  • cc4bd79 Added permission for everyone group to each predefined emailTemplate
  • c29c7ee Made predefined templates to be owned by everyone group
  • 07f1f47 Added logic to compile htmlContent again if its empty for a template in preview action
  • b5fe896 Added a linebreak, changed commit text
  • 7c2fb4e Fixed issue with comment not appearing before docblock
  • 2a0e2ba Added pretty print for htmlContent after it gets converted, added a comment before doctype to get hero image working
  • 681e46c Removed converter param from actionSendTestEmail

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.7.0..2.6.5

31 Janvier 2014 - 144MB
  • 5e9bc85 Fixing listview merge work
  • 8cf76f0 Enabling related product workflows from opportunity
  • aaa78e5 Adding product attribute form
  • 69d0980 Misc email composing fixes
  • fac6756 Adding product actionModalList
  • d5e2bac Ability to check debug.php is present or not.
  • ebfe9cb Adding product element and listview adapter.
  • d504006 Tasks - increase character limit for name.
  • a7b671b Capitalization of account affiliation options.
  • 81b58d9 Add test for list view merge copy email
  • 940d216 Fixing dashboard: ActiveProjects project completation stats (#64239742)
  • 8bf7fef Fixing temaplete picker for compose email (#64265808)
  • 9408e5f Fixing policy validators for newly created users (#64313232)
  • ca96296 Fixing issue with security Opt off and securityDetails overview for super
  • 5b7a25c Fixing endless pager for ie8 (#58891514)
  • 1caa664 Removing deactivateButton when language is in use (#56367396)
  • 0b07403 Fixing meeting description on import (#63764968)
  • f8d591b Fixing ContactEmailTemplateNamesDropDownElement (#63842988)

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.6.5..2.6.4

21 Janvier 2014 - 144MB
  • f45ae0d Added makeAuthorizationViewForCurrentUser in ZurmoDefaultViewUtil. Used in OAuth authorization views.
  • 8a22fcd Fix for the moving kanban cards from someday into todo (#64150788)
  • 6093079 Adding missing queuing job call
  • ce3d7ad Fix for small has-model-select field in reports
  • d453df9 Refactor observers to better use base class.
  • a3bda31 Fixing MessageSource max length for category (#64067642)
  • eac78ed Fixing email archiving for non utf-8 charsets (#63926816)
  • f5b21c1 Fixing bug with boolean value IF check
  • 126f433 Adding the ability to make email templates for products
  • 8f7eefd Fixing ProjectFeed for restricted access on projects (#63912548)
  • d384fe6 Fixing portlet pagination for projects feed and active list (#63912378)
  • e61b821 Adding support for email message reports.
  • 0ccc495 Adding dashboardListPageSize for UserConfigurationForm (#63638952)
  • bb8ab4b Fixing the pageSize for dashboard portlets (#63638952)
  • 2677a4b Removing the autosave feature and including a link on the notify message (#63379340)
  • ca39ce6 Fixing the dedupe search when user click on save form (#63379340)

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.6.4..2.6.3

15 Janvier 2014 - 144MB
  • 97af173 Minor edit
  • 6e5320e Minor edit
  • 32356be Adding additional API search tests
  • 1057c62 Adding more tests and minor search API refactoring
  • 0943f62 API advanced search

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.6.3..2.6.2

15 Janvier 2014 - 144MB
  • 906e409 Fixing buttonset for FilterByRadioElement (#58775062)
  • e25a2fb Moving filterElement outside search-view-0 (#58775062)
  • 281d7d7 Moved patterns to /images/
  • 668a12f Adding filter to redeemListView (#58775062)
  • 78bcec1 Fixing opportunities stage when used in dependentPickLists (#62401648)

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.6.2..2.6.1

10 Janvier 2014 - 144MB
  • fc1219d Exclude JS minification for External Page View
  • e835c6a Refactored ZurmoExternalPageView according to latest fixes in PageView
  • 488d6fd Fix taskModelDetailsView when clickin enter on subject (#63454882)
  • 5171e82 Changing width for radarChart on ModelsToMergeListAndChartView
  • 81391c7 Fix for chart behing cutt off (#63379210)
  • 421f5ac Fix for more details link on task (#63379210)
  • d827e36 Fixing cancel button for taksModal (#63379114)
  • cacc5d9 Cleaning some misc text and fixing some syntax.
  • 6ab747a OAuth integration - core refactors
  • 4cb8501 Fix for the first visible model when creating
  • 1fe3375 Fixing the first visible card to the primary one
  • 1ce0b88 Adding selected class to li.selectedDupe on clicking
  • 4cbdd7c Hiding dedupe notification on clicking
  • 7eef60b Removing primary label form create dupes
  • a9327ad Changes os merge and created dupes views
  • e313620 Adding selected class and span to underline link
  • 946327c Fix for story 63303438
  • de05587 Fixing visible cards
  • 28e39c9 Fixing counter and sintax
  • 5198140 Adding br between addresses for merge
  • 7ae4fd9 Adding classes for selected and merge-color on ModelAttributeItems
  • 0059b6c Fixing campaign listview search. also cleaning up some merge items
  • 6e4aea0 Changing order of logic to improve performance during import
  • 42a190c Adding renderAttributesContainerWrapperDiv method
  • 9af1f49 Adding a search by partialName for accounts
  • e377f31 Removed keyframes.css and integrated it into zurmo.less.
  • d399587 Adding missing translated label
  • 04cd916 Fixing rights for bulk merge
  • b58e4c5 Fixing tests and moving files into correct location
  • 3ac5338 Fixing path for custom css in ThemeColorElement
  • c6f8632 Removing debug code.
  • a57cebf Code refactoring and addition of reltaions
  • 278f8e9 Less compilation fixes.
  • 084f6d1 Refactoring DedupeRules to accomodate action logic
  • b89d0ef Fixing less compilet z_path to point to images path
  • af01751 Removing MAX_NUMBER_OF_MODELS_TO_SHOW const and refactoring DedupeRulesFactory
  • ee73064 Renaming actionSearchForDedupes to actionSearchForDuplicateModels
  • 2284e8b Passing z_path variable to less compiler (#62971662)
  • 80da343 Adding the common class for List view merge summary and fixing the bug in dedupe
  • 7c7f680 Changing Menu Label and alert message
  • 8a900f8 Adding activitiesTotals after the cardview on ModelsToMergeListAndChartView
  • ed60d8a Refactor to remove methods from elements (#49368119)
  • 7325584 Adding changes for accounts and leads
  • 5dd2832 Finishing the radar chart for models info (#49368119)
  • 9457e78 Removing the dedupe for existing models(#49368119)
  • c589288 Creating the dedupe for edit view (#49368119)
  • 4ab59e5 Adding deduping to elements (#49368119)
  • 379f48e Changes related to model element and save part
  • 8e2ccd6 Fixing modifiedByUser and modifiedDateTime on importing (#62920188)
  • e50b185 Needed for new lead queueing management
  • 28d8545 Fixing meeting api tests
  • 9897bd4 Fixing test problem with eventHandlers never being detached. Caused massive
  • 2519e28 Fixing test.php url
  • bc00bb7 Increasing max file size for logs to 5MB
  • 6226af9 Adding scriptName back to the urlManager
  • 0fca9b3 Fixing missing audio file for collect item (#63030226)
  • fe0a6b2 Compiling customCss if its need and file dont exist (#62971662)
  • 8f9f7d2 Fix live preview for themeColor on UserInterfaceConfiguration
  • a6c0c85 Fixing tests, also fixing model copy issue when using getAttributes. Using
  • be9f083 Fix searchUtil and MixedModelsSearchResultsDataCollection
  • 3821711 Setting a default global theme color (#61287874)
  • ab6ed6e Fixing force all users theme checkbox on user interface configuration (#61287874)
  • 8db03ed Fixing issues for the colect item popup (#60039104)
  • 6970693 Create zurmo jobs logging path if it already do not exist
  • e8cde68 Adding default values for the customThemeColorsArray (#61289718)
  • 78d7ad0 Removing theme from minify in common since current method will not work this way
  • 7b120d5 Resolving affiliation issue with displaying role in related list
  • dd0a6f7 Adding missing currency unit in pyramid and funnel charts (#62466070)
  • 20c97c6 This commit implements the fix for the Jobmanager for the DefaultMessageLogger.
  • 59fdcc7 Making the link to get collection item work (#60039104)
  • efd258b Bug Fix - Removed duplicate class for column adapater
  • 6732937 Adding audit link for affiliations and refactoring to support a secondToolbar
  • 6b3df19 Adding account/account affiliation support
  • d4aba61 Adding more support for account/contact affiliations
  • 8af6218 Adding check for additional nested array and proper handling
  • 4b0eced Reorganizing IF clause ordering to avoid model problems with reference vs copy
  • ed60488 Adding onRedBeanOneToManyRelatedModelsChange event and properly
  • 077661e Adding account/contact affiliation observer
  • 3ca02b8 Fixing auto search for email recipents (#62483026)

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.6.1..2.5.8

20 DĂ©cembre 2013 - 144MB
  • a2ec44a Fixing issue with querying fromTables with aliases. Where the alias is not the
  • 567c569 Refactor check for preceding relation match and also making a fix for a caching
  • d8a7e05 Fixing issue with projects not running workflow
  • 33e2f14 Temporarily fixing issue with a bug that we cannot figure out.
  • c831383 Fixing so projects has mass edit.
  • 7646dbb Fixing modal task layouts so they cannot be split since it is only one column
  • 4d08040 Fixing mass update view for users, so you can't add attributes you should not
  • 32f2a2b Fixing for marketing stage pills continuum
  • 5d760c3 Removing unsupported browser check as it is causing more trouble than it is
  • c39b4dc Fixing 'Create Task' button label issue on Project details screen
  • fd7de1e WebForms - Bug Fix. Salutation/Title is place-able attribute for web forms.
  • f997260 Fixing issue with empty email subject in EmailArchivingJob
  • 2b3a579 Fixing issue with empty email subject in EmailArchivingJob
  • 2cfad9d Webforms are ModelForm instances, it should accept these instances.
  • f4ff7fe Fixing wrong label for TagCloudElement (#62159138)
  • 00c2c23 Render Error fix for drop down elements
  • 692a143 Render Error fix for drop down elements
  • 3d72518 Contact Web Forms - Custom Required Attributes, validation fixes

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.5.8..2.5.7

7 DĂ©cembre 2013 - 144MB
  • c91d810 Adding cleaned up console.log
  • dec6611 Fixing web forms spinner when adding fields
  • 925b88d Adding keyframes as a minified file
  • 72c6789 Fixing 2 minified css files to support ie9 correctly
  • a8c8d72 Fixing checkbox label position
  • 2ae2d96 Adding locking out some fields from being added using designer to the dv/ev layouts
  • 78cbc8a Fixing modal execution from jumping page to top (0,0);
  • cd626a1 Adding bigger email compose text area in modal
  • 25b17b7 Fixing default text area values on import issue (#61091696)
  • 128218c Adding missing ProjectListViewColumnAdapter (#61868840)
  • 7b0724f Updating ZurmoExternalDefaultPageView with new css file names
  • 947784e Fixing long user name in mobile view
  • 8e3043b Fixing mass edit view and date/datetime element for disabled state
  • 4c3edd1 Fixing issue with adding values to custom field via api
  • 91f38b1 Fixing long user name in mobile view
  • 3febb81 Fixing issue with latestActivityDateTime addable to designer when it shouldn't
  • 15b05b8 Fixing drill down report but with runtime filter (#61490408)
  • cf875ea Fixing HtmlPurifier Cache Permissions
  • 2350d7b Adding split css files in 2 because of an issue with IE9 which prevented it from applying styles because of too many style declarations
  • 8a907f1 Fixing documentation files from repository
  • 160dc7a Fixing permissions for marketing lists. The function was in the wrong

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.5.7..2.5.6

27 Novembre 2013 - 144MB
  • 097a644 Fixing RoleAttribute when adding it as a new field for import (#60811506)
  • d6c7fc6 Changing empty for == null (#61150352)
  • adf7721 Changing getMaxCount to use db values instead of configuration params
  • 1e6320f Fix for the case where add comment is breaking on task
  • e26fbca fix for non clickable add-files in a task modal
  • 0e0e39e Fixing issue displaying htmlContent for campaings (#61183002)
  • e1fcc97 Add configuration param for KanbanBoardExtendedGridView maxCount (#61150352)
  • e5c41a1 Fixing bug with multiselect filter in workflow (#61246192)
  • dbdfc61 (#57471988) Refactor RedBeanModel.getTableName: Removed argument forward to getTableName()
  • ae26d04 (#57471988) Refactor RedBeanModel.getTableName: Fixed remaining calls
  • 8f5dee7 (#57471988) Refactor RedBeanModel.getTableName: Resolved
  • cc9af21 Fixing role as a mapped field during user import (#60811506)
  • 5833701 Fixing issue with when a contact no longer exists for campaign item generation
  • a565465 fix for bug 61136366
  • 6a67e5b Merged in sushilmeher/zurmou (pull request #533)
  • ebf9462 Enhancement of TaskImportDataAnalyzerTest unit test.
  • a7a9da8 Moved tag unstable to changeset 73047729c660 (from changeset 1008d6f64552)
  • d3da2be Moved tag stable to changeset 73047729c660 (from changeset 1008d6f64552)
  • db838b4 Added tag 2.5.5 for changeset 73047729c660
  • e50c73e Fixing double binding click on removing portlet after refreshing portlets (#61069348)
  • 3c25b2f Fixing sorting on non default portlet (#60738264)

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.5.6..2.5.5

21 Novembre 2013 - 144MB
  • 9e0a9e2 Reverting changes and adding namespace for fix (#60956870)
  • 2e7447e Fixing marketingListPortlet (#60956870)
  • 55ab8f3 Fixing label for ImapConfigurationEditAndDetailsView (#60437024)
  • c727a02 Fixing bug on portlets double binding after saving the portlet configuration (#60956870)
  • 632ccfc Adding proper database close in end request behavior.
  • 64380b9 Fixing bug on task modal detail on home page (#60781056)
  • 4599270 Fixing issue with second db connection being made on each load which is
  • db1672f Fixing legth rule for password in import mapping (#60780058)
  • 92d8a30 Fixing audit trail not working in profiel (#60876332)
  • d08db63 Trimming data before importing (#60778078)
  • e5c483b Caching email template dataAndLabels to improve performance
  • ce19f66 Highlighting dragged over columns in kanban details view
  • b323f0c Fixing icons for external web forms and gmail gadget.

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.5.5..2.5.4

17 Novembre 2013 - 144MB
  • 493e4fc Fixed issue with multiselect fields in reporting and workflow
  • b9f63a1 Fixed javascript error on about us page.
  • 1be190c Fixed test. Permissions were missing on non elevated user in order to
  • 3a1e563 Create meeting from calendar startDateTime populated.
  • 9785b3e Added changes for delete for open task
  • e35ddf0 Added enhancement of marketing functional tests.
  • 0aee4f3 Added meeting dashboard improvements.
  • 3ca9621 Fixed missing translation tags (#60453760)
  • 454a8c6 Fixing issue with matrix export
  • f421bc4 Added more external web forms css

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.5.4..2.5.3

12 Novembre 2013 - 144MB
  • 58d4764 Additional CSS File, required for gmail gadget, inclusion sync.
  • 86df623 Fixing map portlet (#60357988)
  • 21a95b4 Fixing outgoing email not working in other languages (#60261284)
  • 8e0fe42 Adding support for LDAP and AD login via API
  • 428a82e Adding functions to clear cache at start and end of runPart1 and runPart2
  • d2c9765 Added logic to not decrease column length/display width, updated tests
  • 94225a7 Fixing mislabel
  • ab3017c Fixing issue with menu links being misrepresented causing a problem in
  • 44c4cd0 Fixing issue with workflow and creating related tasks from projects
  • 8d5f42e Fixing issue with currency attribute in a user's listview

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.5.3..2.5.2

9 Novembre 2013 - 144MB
  • 528bc60 Removing attribute from being placeable
  • 79f3020 Tweak for external forms
  • ee6f525 Updated css path for external file in webforms
  • 440461b New CSS for webforms appended at bottom of DOM Head
  • c7bcefb (#59497870) EmailTemplate/Workflow: Create/Edit Page: Check if currently logged-in user has access to sent Module or not: Resolved
  • 4c7c4dd Patched demodata of autoresponders, campaigns and emailTemplates to be proper html
  • 4e47da3 More fixes for BreadCrumbs of administration (#60220514)
  • c8afbe7 Fixing report export to CSV bug (#59910390)
  • f2ab079 Fixing preview marketing config footer rich text (#59885554)
  • 1b9636c Refactored game dashboard interactions for scrolls and other general tweaks
  • 82541cf Properly handling meeting logged attribute

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.5.2..2.5.1

6 Novembre 2013 - 144MB
  • 47c4e61 ReadPermissionSUbscriptionUtil and ModelStateChangesSubscriptionUtil improved.
  • 634166f Fixing BreadCrumbViews for Administration (#60033846).
  • 8bed46e Moving redactor for email templates into an iframe (#60086916).
  • a299130 Fixing designer issue with TaskModalEditView (#59885984).
  • b2f6337 Fixing task activity items dont get populated when creating task from account.
  • 5caebc6 Fixing issue with project portlet list views in designer--they should not.

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.5.1..2.5.0

2.5.0 (version majeure)
4 Novembre 2013 - 144MBWhat's New:
  • Gamification Phase 2 – Collections and Coins
  • Enhanced Marketing
  • Enhanced Webforms
  • Project Management
  • Lead Queues*
  • SIP enabled calling*

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.5.0..2.2.8

28 Octobre 2013 - 144MB
  • 3553ce7 Properly catching GeoCode_Exception for map portlet

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.2.8..2.2.7

24 Octobre 2013 - 144MB
  • b4026d5 Adding code for refactored API handlers in BeginRequestBehaviors
  • 25a5114 Walkthtough test for adding portlet with 2 columns on Home page.
  • 4b02d2d Copying 10572 from next-default to fix issue reported here PT-58267902

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.2.7..2.2.6

15 Octobre 2013 - 144MB
  • c9e00dc Refactoring regex for adding perInstanceTestConfig
  • 947cca6 Include perInstanceTestConfig.php in perInstaneTest.php
  • a4c90ff Fixing problem with syntax. lost flash message bar as a result
  • 2d31570 Fixing merge tag issue with activity items (#55766172)
  • 4ea49ba fix for bug in catalog items.
  • 87fde3a Replacing marketing demo data images
  • a90e185 Improving Notification model and adding ModelIntegrationIntegrityCheckJob
  • a0d3e21 Replacing Zurmo with application label in EmalTemplate demo data
  • 35b9202 Changing how archiving works when the from address is not a valid user email
  • 4ab5595 Added setOwnerUnrestricted to OwnedSecurableItem for QueueObserver
  • 9e515ff Fixing mergeTag for Activity models (#55766172)
  • f6aa3a0 Updated createSystemUser to also accept firstName and lastName
  • 8891b10 Updated to post event to have the extra newOwner parameter, added type hinting
  • b5096d0 Fixing Catalog Items Details View not being changed in designer (#56407992)
  • f68673c Adding GMT text to dates in merged fields on an email.
  • 559b2d3 Improving how email messages resolve explicit permissions when they are created
  • c1b1d29 Fixing bug with meetings not being created from workflows (#57578422)
  • 4e7c3af Adding ability to have a custom display label for the everyone group
  • 7173f36 Fixing labels not translating (#58106306)
  • 681252a Need a quick checkin to reopen branch
  • ed37ed0 Fixing undetected labels for translation when using extra space (#58106102)
  • 069401b Fixing issue with users in controller save and
  • b1064b0 Fixing issue with recent work on setExplicitReadWriteModelPermissionsForWorkflow
  • 4619d5e Change rights checking for adding new value to CustomFieldData
  • 1e62ab3 Fixing bug with workflow and permissions being the same as the triggered record
  • fabecb3 Fixing translating issues (#58106102 and #58106674)
  • beca5c6 Exporting grand totals data for matrix reports (#55305892)
  • e0a45a9 Refactoring ModelAttributesAdapter
  • 3b021fb Adding customFieldName to ModelAttributesAdapter output
  • 1a2d4d3 List model attributes via API
  • 78a7b23 Add values to CustomFieldData via API
  • 05530c4 Export grand totals for SummationReports (#55305892)

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.2.6..2.2.5

4 Octobre 2013 - 144MB
  • 5819b21 Changing properties to protected to allow for easier override
  • d6990db remnant removal of manual showRunJobLink
  • f4f0f9f Refactoring Making manual job run link always show. also refactoring run view
  • f6eb635 Updated StringUtil's getChoppedStringContent to accept a third optional argument to append to provided string if it gets chopped
  • b57d550 Updated createSystemUser() to accept additional arguments with defaults
  • 2ef9cf2 Added supportsQueueing() to OwnedSecurableItem and Contact
  • ef6e823 buttons bar styles
  • 2ff533f Fixing language syntax
  • 3570f59 Allowing customization of defaultFrom and defaultTestTo email addresses
  • ea3e2f9 Merge with latest zurmo(default).
  • de4309d fix for code violations.
  • cba0888 Changed code to utilize events instead
  • 1f28f5e Updated OwnedSecurableItem to add Pre and Post owner change set requests
  • 9ad0fce Fixing matrix reports not exporting all data (#57945582)
  • 78dc478 Fixing attachments for emails sent from workflows (#57812112)
  • e6abd14 Fixing default value of picklist fields in import mapping screen
  • 25bb7ac Merge with candidate
  • 09c4ba4 Merge with release
  • afd8216 Moved tag stable to changeset f05643e2c4ad (from changeset e314f21633a7)
  • 534eb1b Moved tag unstable to changeset f05643e2c4ad (from changeset e314f21633a7)
  • 72deecf Added tag 2.2.4 for changeset f05643e2c4ad
  • 8ebf838 Added a wrapper around list-view table to fix issue with scrolling pager when table is too wide.
  • c27371c Merged in sushilmeher/zurmofunctionals (pull request #437)
  • 265d108 Enhacement for workflow and template functional test.

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.2.5..2.2.4

28 Septembre 2013 - 144MB
  • 1b9ce5c Fixing issue with not setting attributes for relatedModel in import (#57541648)
  • 0f72e38 Fixing issue with logging created, where sentry was not properly
  • 3559f71 Fixing failing export all pages of drill down summation report (#57578022)
  • cf4928f Improving ReadPermissionSubscription and ModelStateChanges utils
  • bbd2e6e Enhancement for accounts functional test.
  • 84e8815 Enhancement for accounts functional test.
  • 0ec95fa Fixing calculatedNumberUtil when using one attributes that is a substring
  • 563c14a Fixing wrong link on reports fullName links (#57540850)
  • d52264d Enhancement for contact functional test.
  • 08a6ec7 Non-super admins should not be able to add themselves or others to super
  • ba143f1 Fixing merge tag reference to zurmo
  • 35e190b Fixing date and dateTime input for years like 1925 (#57103424)
  • b204ad4 Enhancement of opportunities functional tests.
  • fcf067e Enhancement of opportunities functional tests.
  • 3aeb631 Fixing issue with workflow queue listviews if you remove the model the workflow
  • 32bde00 Fixing hyperlinks on report chart data labels and ballon (#57339338)
  • 6b17815 Enhancement of products functional test.
  • 2653b8d Adding additional unit test for ModelStateChangesSubscriptionUtil
  • feb0738 Merged in sushilmeher/zurmofunctionals (pull request #430)
  • 7d3ae3d Enhancement for product templates module.

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.2.4..2.2.3

20 Septembre 2013 - 144MB
  • 1c062ca Fixed issue with broken tests and change with minLength of strings.
  • 6e5ba1a Removed creation of BaseConfigControlUser from BaseTest, fixing broken test manually instead
  • 776a19e Fixed edit meeting with restricted access to attendees (#56152488)
  • 779c9d0 Fixed Errors when only using summation reports with date groupBy and display
  • 846af73 Fixed for marketing functional test.
  • 0c6956c Fixed broken export related tests
  • 91197ca Fixed AccountReadPermissionsOptimizationScenariosTest failures by enabling child test classes to skip creation of backend control users
  • 1670f1e Fixed for marketing list functional test.
  • f3f8ce5 Fixed include failed exception. Added test to validate that.
  • 10cd0d8 Fixed few broken tests. Notification + Export tests still broken.
  • d8e7331 Mercurial shouldn't track commands/log and commands/logs folders
  • d50b70b Added a clearCache at start of runPart1
  • babdb04 Refactored logic related to BaseControlUserConfigUtil, updated InstallUtil and tests to reflect changes
  • 27be647 Resolving duplicate label categories
  • dcefc66 Fixed Campaigns and EmailTemplates zeroModelsCheckController (related to #56801968)
  • 27a9b5e Fixed MarketingListsZeroModelsCheckControllter (#56801968)
  • a1070de Fixed language labels.
  • 7a781ee Fixed issue with message util for translating attribute labels.
  • 8989858 Additional message script cleanup.
  • fffbdf0 Refactoring MessageUtil and removing loose functions.
  • 6d01599 Resolved absolute URL issue for jquery timepicker css.

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.2.3..2.2.2

11 Septembre 2013 - 144MB
  • 62eb5a6 Fixing: Error label position in calculatedNumberFormulaElement (#56517974)
  • 1154de8 Removing h1 from view when there is no title
  • 46e66ef Fixing bug with lead Business Card and Full View when cancel lead conversion
  • e8af823 Users count modal paging fix when debug is on
  • c3867b5 Adding message debugger to help allow for additional debugging information
  • 3a647b1 Adding link to conversation comments with url
  • 3a88d14 Refactor "users by Role model" to "users by model"
  • 40a735e Resolve route action vai params, instad of overriding constructor
  • 5332aca User group has many resolution fix in search attribute data
  • c99b894 Created generic view and utils for clickable user count instead doing separately for each model.
  • e6c0879 Moving anyMixedAttributes to nonPlaceableAttributeNames in LeadsMyListConfigView
  • f6f8352 Fixing: detailViewOnly for panel in designer (#56552174)
  • 747a231 Fixing: Cant add portlets of the same type (#56467758)
  • fec04cf Fixing zeroModelsView left menu for Web Forms (#56357606)
  • 39a1b2d Fixing wrong designer rule type for AccountsForMixedModelsSearchListView
  • 0962ed6 Fixing: Matrix report hyperlink on name (#56449932)
  • d563ca3 Making marketing and campaign data more generic
  • b8f8269 Adding custom label to report export (#56450104)

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.2.2..2.2.1

7 Septembre 2013 - 144MB
  • 858a8cb Adding check for isSuperAdministrator as user model method
  • 066e939 Fixing: Wrong use of variable in adaptCellSettingsToMetadata
  • dd0a736 Reverting fix as it broke listviews
  • 17a7cea Fixing: Detail view only in Designer does not work (#55239874)
  • b6b04b7 Fixing: After deleting an workflow action previous ones stay hidden.
  • 17f8738 Adding link into final import screen to records created or updated
  • 5090392 Consistency for Mass Update, not Mass Edit.
  • 9dde3ec Removing open task portlet description
  • 571acbb Adding account from related contact/opportunity when CreateProductFromProductTemplate
  • f7baea1 Merged in msinghai/zurmo-latest (pull request #402)
  • 4f303f1 Walkthrough test for story 55490462
  • 1d39c47 Fixing: Encode issues textElement (#53967425)

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.2.1..2.2.0

2.2.0 (version majeure)
31 Août 2013 - 144MB
  • 96dc5e3 Fixing layout functional test.
  • fe2ad35 Fixing code violations
  • c546d29 Fixing missing echo
  • fd269d0 Fixing coding standards
  • d031ee4 Reverting change when creating activities from related model
  • 1b40d58 Adding fallback in reporting for non owned models that have attributes matching
  • 7b749c8 Changed isset to ===, changed ENABLE_CACHE to false
  • ee44636 Merged upstream:default
  • 756f414 Refactor EmailMessageActivity, CampaignItemActivity and AutoresponderItemActivity. Updated tests and related classes.
  • 8ef982a Fixing addRelatedModelAccountToModel in activitiesModule
  • 83ecc45 Copying account to related created models
  • 4293d6d Added support for caching booleans in GeneralCache, updated GeneralCacheTest
  • 0e830bd Removing ForMixedModelsSearchListViews from designer
  • 700de3b Enabled ZurmoConfigurationUtil to utilize cache
  • 2dc3838 Spliting Notification::getCountByTypeAndUser into two methods
  • 12c9b9d Fixing issue with sorting and assertions in unit test
  • a04e0c9 Backed out changeset: a40d65740b16
  • a40d657 Importing patch that has fix for garbage collection
  • 57158af Refactoring garbage collection to work properly. Better handling of forgetting
  • 954bb18 Fixing for layout and global search functional test.
  • d3f2eec Fixing for intro steps in resposnsive steps
  • ad3bbea Renamed a method, added test to confirm unsubscribers don't get emails.
  • fd6e481 Reverting change to create a campaingItem for all marketingList members
  • 6a927d9 Fixing business card view for company name
  • ab9bbed Adding metadata reader action. also fixing checks on 'super' to be super admin
  • d4a0567 Ignore processing Sentry logs for Workflows
  • b118ccf Fixing issue with updating logo (#55196564)
  • 8b18fc3 Fixing Extra contact icon in Contact display.
  • 033c9ed Fixing security issue with actionLogo (#55911326)
  • c1175e2 Removed the old query from CamapignUtilItems.php
  • 61643e2 Implementation of getTableName in CampaignItemsUtil.php
  • 0fe9265 Removing star column from the listViews for MixedModelsSearch (#55856148)
  • dcca6f3 Fixing issue with adding createdByUser and modifiedByUser to myList views
  • 97d30dc Fixing status attribute for contact and mass update
  • 3f9e157 Fixing issue with after closing a task and showing it again in open tasks
  • 4fc6882 Fixing issue with filtering tasks by completed = no
  • 06dd64c Fixing issue with adding a portlet to the home page when there are no portlets
  • 1e030c2 Changes it ExportJob for MatrixReport and adding test
  • 0212022 Fixing broken test and fixing css class name for iframe portlet
  • f0a6ada Adding pagination to reportExport and publishing fonts assets
  • d789c25 Removed ForgetAllCacheUtil, Removed unused loop variable
  • 521cc9d Fixing relations involving files. Fixed Campaign emails missing attachments for second recipient and onwards. Fixed bug that would send emails even to unsubscribed members.
  • 8724bd0 Fixing issue in ModelStateChangesSubscriptionUtil and ReadPermissionSubscriptionUtil
  • 572b62f Fixing Portlets, Home and Products functional tests.
  • 60393a3 Fixing issue with createdByUser being set after the workflowObserver
  • ec524a8 Fixing issue with how createdDateTime and modifiedDate are handled as triggers
  • 0e692e9 change label from delete to unlink to be represent to the user what is happening.
  • 0009c5f Added testRunWithMultipleRecipientsWithAttachments
  • 0b02095 Fixing issue with when you try to continue on to create a time workflow
  • f46fe92 Ensuring variable is an array before attempting a string unset
  • 17f9bb1 blocking 'anyMixedAttributes' from being added in a portlet config view
  • ae5eaa3 Fixing import problem with title bars showing twice
  • 3c6daf0 Fixing issue with iframe portlet
  • 064e5fb Fixing labels for import analysis
  • db3ba57 Fixing issue with emails going to system box instead of user default box
  • ddccc20 Adding porttlet fix in detail view
  • 457ded6 enhancement for product functional test.
  • eef9143 Demo controller for product module.
  • 2a7ccbc Commit for iframe portlet height configuration
  • 00a4836 Fixing: Sent emails dont use the fromName and fromAddress from the use account
  • 21ed4eb Fixing: Icon for 'Send a Message' does not appear when removing messages from
  • 516f802 Adding tests and reverting changes on ReportDataProviderAmChartMakerAdapter
  • c4607b5 Removing unused variables in ExportJob
  • 2d78633 Overriding datepicker._gotoToday and reverting changes
  • bc1aa22 Fixing: Add multiple messages without first filling them out in sequence cause
  • fb25fc3 55272798 - New Custom required field should be available on exisitng web forms
  • 258683a Documentation altered in accounts and activities module.

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.2.0..2.0.22

19 Août 2013 - 144MB
  • 13bd3a2 Fixing workflow issue with delayed emails being sent

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.0.22..2.0.21

16 Août 2013 - 144MB
  • 90a2dcf Fixing bug with workflow where it would send out all emails for delayed
  • f0a4e8a Fixing memory leak with running processing job for campaigns.

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.0.21..2.0.20

15 Août 2013 - 144MB
  • 69ec0a1 Reverting redirectUrl change to paging. will restore after release

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.0.20..2.0.19

14 Août 2013 - 144MB
  • 203e423 Adding job manager buttons and detail view
  • ffe8a1d Fixing: Email created dont get the user default permissions (#55037222)
  • 167220b Fixing: Issue with Mass Update Using Custom CheckBox (#54967568)
  • bec526d Fixing: Email created from related models dont get permissions from the related
  • 5d877ed Fixing: Encode issues in accounts name edit field (#53967425)
  • 7215d8a Fixing issue with assertion
  • 8464594 Fixing product template status and type to work properly with reporting and
  • 9e1a5b2 Blocking product categories relations from reporting
  • 041428d Adding ability to run jobs from browser
  • 564a096 Adding sticky setting for full vs. business card view on a per portlet and
  • c65f3eb Fixing css issue in email message editview and empty content
  • 267b6b0 Fixing: Redirect issue with Workflow Template (#54388116)
  • 250d8d3 Adding additional test lines but still cannot get it to fail first.
  • e550b03 Fixing issue with permissions and changing owner and group read/write on a model.
  • a6a0ba9 Adding menu link for system diagnostics page
  • cb22a33 Adding missing labels and removing extra variables not in use
  • 1208d20 Fixing bug in group controller.
  • d1d05a2 Fixing for bug in group controller.
  • 1910a7d Adding diagnostics page and additional service helper
  • 9924a5f Fixing issue with deleting an unmatched archived email. it should redirect
  • 129cc54 Adding commercial.css and custom.css hooks
  • 5f84d13 Adding customConsole hook
  • a3b49cd Adding hook to allow for Custom override of controllers
  • 38b3573 Adding emailMessage editview and deletion from user interface
  • 3bb081d Fixing permission bug. where a user who is not the owner and not the created
  • 7a5b329 Fixing bug with moving from owner only to ALL on record permissions
  • 9f6422a Fixing permissions bug if you don't have access to create products,
  • 0879e7a After you save a group, it properly shows flash message.
  • 23911f6 Removing extra validation check, that is not necessary.
  • 3e84b89 Fixing how 'type' attribute for product and productTemplate display
  • 4edf8ca Adding link to job manager when a stuck notification goes out
  • 6df8355 Adding missing behaviors for command line operation.
  • bfad295 Fixing issue with redirect in related portlets after doing one action then
  • 2ff7f2d Fixing caching issue with workflow and related model creation.
  • 1ee398e Fixing issue with penultimate relationship and workflow
  • 26db6b0 Adding tests for bug with unique validator where unique validator should
  • c53ecfb Fixing issue with unique validator not validating correctly for reporting and
  • f70f257 Fixing issue with workflow filters on related inferred relations. Adding test
  • 4dd73ac Fixing accounts and workflows functional tests.

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.0.19..2.0.18

7 Août 2013 - 144MB
  • d03f098 Fixed title and label for map portlet
  • 34748e1 Fixing issue with contact/lead export
  • 7e4bd0b Changing async to 1000 from 100. 100 was too small
  • e4f38aa Fixing columns margin for portlets
  • a1c9374 Fixing walkthrough map portlet test.
  • c157450 Fixing issue with default operator for workflow not showing the proper
  • f579334 Cleaning up some things with the new map portlet
  • 5b8c1de Improving async export performance. reducing memory footprint by 38% on large
  • df145be Fixing issue with deleting value from Designer
  • 2a3c57b Reducing async export threshold to 100 from 2500. Also fixing async export
  • ed84cc8 Added message when someone goes to /gamification/demo/LoadGameNotificationsSampler

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.0.18..2.0.17

2 Août 2013 - 144MB
  • 1f90ac6 Fixing issue with drilldown summation queries when there is an or statement
  • 568c0c4 Fixing issue where a user who is denied access to catalog, cannot see the
  • da323c9 Fixing issue with product relatedList portlet not properly filtering on the filtered
  • 7793c11 Fixing empty/null check on emailAddress. should check empty as well as null.
  • 6c58677 Fixing bug with non specific link specified when the relation is an item
  • bcfdb34 Reverted change made to ModelMetadataUtil. Detailed debugging and fix will be done in autobuildv2 branch
  • da199c0 Fixing issue with workflow and 'changes' operator on NameIdElement calls for
  • fb6c803 Excluding browser check for external requests
  • 763ada9 Miscellaneous additions and fixes ZurmoHttpRequest
  • cf0442b Fixing issue with filters and sql statements. the filters in a report
  • 5d2abff Fixing product selection label to be dynamic.
  • 5b3770f Catching an exception gracefully.
  • 98d5da8 Fixed duplicate custom fields issue
  • 4596f43 Responsive login screen for gmail login
  • aaa996f Fixing test for proper adding custom attribute
  • cb95a29 Fix rendering zero view when removing workflow actions
  • d93f4df Fix for delete link in workflow actions
  • 19d1a15 Renamed model to models inside mashableInbox/tests/unit
  • 5a9150c Adding delete link next to save on workflow actions
  • 05c0c12 Fixing: (#53734349) Bug with operator for anyState address search

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.0.17..2.0.16

28 Juillet 2013 - 144MB
  • 4e91b20 Fixing bug with reporting and showing the wrong value for an attribute
  • fcaaceb Fixing how some exceptions were thrown. they were not being instantiated properly
  • 08a5288 Fixing issue with resolving decryption of a string when the string is not
  • dd4e671 Fixing issue with portlets showing as removable when they should not be
  • 2d41547 Fixing issue with join building for from tables. it was using an improper
  • a24db8e Fixing label translations for products and product templates to use the
  • a8ffd1e Fixing css when single column porlet view.
  • 82cbca5 Refining marketing list report rules and autoresponder report rules
  • c72eaea Fixing some issues with broken tests and report rules
  • ac40dd8 Making return false explicit for campaign job
  • a818cb4 (#51991267) Add Marketing Lists to Reports: Added AutorespondersReportRules. Selecting autoresponders from filters screen throws exception
  • ab425e9 (#52845451) 'Select from Catalog' Right and permissions is always set to Owner and not my personal default settings: Moved logic off SecurableItem and into ZurmoControllerUtil
  • a01295f (#51991267) Add Marketing Lists to Reports: Enabled reports on MarketingLists Module. Added rules for MarketingList and MarketingListMember module, missing rules for Autoresponder model
  • 5ffa6c0 (#52912273) Google Analytics ,For Universal Analytics.js : Added checks in case analytics isn't already loaded on pagen with embedded contactWebForm
  • 75902f0 (#52845451) 'Select from Catalog' Right and permissions is always set to Owner and not my personal default settings: Added a todo item SecurableItem.beforeSave()
  • 30b5ed0 (#52845451) 'Select from Catalog' Right and permissions is always set to Owner and not my personal default settings: Added SecurableItem.beforeSave(), this breaks lots of tests and does not work yet
  • a6dca4f Allow activities metadata to be changed
  • 5ea5dac Fixing issue with email addresses that are missing.
  • e017650 (#52912273) Google Analytics ,For Universal Analytics.js : Updated Js code to use ga's tracker for clientId
  • 5c16d71 Fixing missing label translation for product categories

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.0.16..2.0.15

22 Juillet 2013 - 144MB
  • 1e7ad0c Fixing: (#53761733) Cancel unlink not working on unlinking contact
  • ecf54ef Fixing tests, the sorting changed on fullName so the tests needed to be adjusted
  • b1647f4 Fixing issue with user who has elevated rights/permissions to modify groups
  • e38e502 (#53721753) [[COMPANY^NAME]] Merge tag needs to be renamed: Fixed
  • 73f6074 Changed rich demo data to basic version for now
  • 5f443d Fixed failing campaign tests
  • c033151 (#53116397) catch exception on sending test email if the super user doesnt have an email address defined: Fixed
  • cf02498 Fixing: (#53679771) marketingList unsubscribed member receiving campaigns message
  • 6fd3f77 Fixing: Sort issue with lastName
  • d0ea032 Fixed MarketingList failing tests
  • 7760c27 Fixing language for adding items to marketing lists
  • 77f3565 Fixing issue with message translations not properly pulling all the labels.
  • 328d2cd Fixing recent performance work
  • 73d856e Fixing issues with campaignItem creation during job and performance.
  • 6f3b954 Adding link on firtName and lastName columns for listView
  • 2360b29 (#48441405) build richer full html demo data for email templates, Autoresponders and Campaigns and also better text template demo data: added demo data
  • 591cc73 (#53360247) Text version campaign improvements: Fixed line breaks issue in EmailHelper.
  • 340af90 (#53283317) Add support for unsubscribe and manage susbcriptions url in general merge tags adapter
  • 975951f (#51151537) Add attachments in demo data of emailTemplates, Autoresponders and Campaigns
  • 4f9f09b (#53283447) Add support for special merge tags: Updated MergeTags Guide View with new merge tags
  • fa9cb8e (#53283447) Add support for special merge tags: Updated ContactMergeTagsUtil and WorkflowMergeTagsUtil tests
  • eb5c203 (#53283447) Add support for special merge tags: Refactored MergeTagsToModelAttributesAdapter into SpecialMergeTagsAdapter and added tests for SpecialMergeTagsAdapter
  • f106c71 (#53360247) Text version campaign improvements: Added new lines and fixed broken tests
  • da21c1d (#51753825) permission/rights change needed with emailMessages

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.0.15..2.0.14

17 Juillet 2013 - 144MB
  • 64eff74 Fixing issue with non-existant user
  • eefbca3 Fixing issue with audit and owner. Adding tests. Fixing workflow issue
  • fb334b7 Fixing issue with castDown of models that have some some ancestry that does not
  • b68e00a Fixing issue with custom attributes not working as merge tags
  • 5719e7c Fixing issue with adding contacts from a report for a marketing list.
  • a537a85 Changes for product template select
  • df4b7d1 Fixing bool conversion
  • a731dab Remove unused class
  • 283837b Fixing AutoBuilder when using CFilterValidator
  • 39af48f Trimming username and changing person min length to 1
  • 90b4d04 Fixing email template editview in chrome, the text content, there is a big white box but only part of it is clickable.
  • 82942a9 Fixing branding Issue
  • 52b6de5 Fixing social icons css
  • 49cd807 Fixing style for no-portlets-modal

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.0.14..2.0.13

15 Juillet 2013 - 144MB
  • Fixing: Campaign From Name and Address are not passed to the campaign email
  • Fixing: Campaing with not supports HTML set still sends the html content
  • Adding additional safety on test
  • Improving monitor and job cleanup performance. reducing queries to single
  • Fix issue with defaultOwner not correctly forming during autobuild. Required
  • Making html tab visible by default when there is no text content in emailTemplate
  • Fixing autoresponders show "Sent" before they should
  • Merge tag does not work in html a href: Fixed
  • permission/rights change needed with emailMessages for campaign/autoresponder related stuff: Fixed permissions related issues, updated tests
  • changed emailMessage's owner back to marketingList
  • Fixing issue with copying models and adding test
  • Fixing ajust local time to meeting activity rules
  • Fixing flash notification
  • (#51753825) permission/rights change needed with emailMessages for campaign/autoresponder related stuff: Fixed owner issue for campaigns. Autoresponder related tests would fail
  • Added tests for ModelUrl merge tags
  • Fixing bug: Unsubscribe all message dont get displayed.
  • Fixing documentation
  • Adding NoPortletToPlace view
  • Fixing bug: Lead Conversion fails when converting and creating an account with required field.
  • Remove selected attributes
  • Fixed the i18n issue with multiple occurrences of the same message in the same PO file with diferent contexts
  • Fixing bug: Reports label not correctly translated
  • Fixing bug: Imap message subject with diferent charset not get displayed
  • Fixing bug: Archiving emails that dont have to address set
  • Fixing bug with AutoresponderAndCampaignItemsUtil adding footer info when

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.0.13..2.0.12

7 Juillet 2013 - 144MB
  • 040880d Fixing default values for product and product catalog import
  • d0f8c33 Fix UsersImport functional test case
  • 5b64b42 Fixing issue with manageSubscription and unsubscribe links
  • b29d9a9 Fixing email activities demo data creation
  • 30c6602 Adding additional tests. Moving product js file to correct location
  • 587c3a0 implementing flash bar to help user understand when scheduled jobs are not setup
  • 17ac7e4 Fixing issue with invalid merge tags. If you had text but not html or vice versa
  • d669e88 Fixing several isseus with campaigns and jobs.
  • 2cec4ba Fixing misc bugs on campaings: emailMessages appear as queued in the
  • 3373010 Fixing bug with resolveGroupBy GROUPING_TYPE_DAY
  • a033c42 adding Warning message on Email Archiving Configuration screen
  • 01ae625 z-index fixes for drop down in products
  • aeac036 Adding CRUD test for hasOne and hasMany relation on EmailAccount and
  • 3da0ea2 Merged in msinghai/zurmo-default (pull request #341)
  • 8130a6d Remove import for some attributes for product
  • 21fec7d Fixing bug that was autoselecting user time zone on confirmation window even
  • e1f18a2 Declare variable protected for Email Configuration Issue.
  • 240c0e6 Email redirect link changes for activity portlet
  • e817313 Create cunstructure and filter for Email configuration redirect.
  • 1f8def5 Fixing bug with runTimeFilter when using filters using modelElement like
  • fd5076b Fixing missing * in name for Reports and Workflows

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.0.12..2.0.11

2 Juillet 2013 - 144MB
  • 45048b7 misc z-index for file upload in thread view
  • 3f3248c misc fixes

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.0.11..2.0.10

1 Juillet 2013 - 144MB
  • ae54464 Fix for workflow
  • 816ae17 Fixing coding standards
  • db489c7 Fixing issues with mysql and mysqldump not being detected as working correctly
  • 5ed4a90 Fixing but with TestImapConnection on BounceConfigurationForm
  • 618fe4d Fixing issue with tests and how they are setup to use assertions
  • 748950f fix for mising subscribers icon
  • 83c775e Refactoring ComponentForWizardModelView to sign the required field in the
  • f727f17 Fixing but with required name validation in report create/edit
  • 9f5d3f4 Fixing bug with checkBox in workflows
  • fbfe4a9 fixing z icon for reports with no results
  • 498ab2f removed z icon from CampaignItemsRelatedListView
  • 61cf323 Prefixing the sticky data key for reports so it gets unique in the system
  • e3d4bd6 Fixing bug with report demo data creation
  • bbba064 Fixing bug with report demo data creation
  • b5a4cc2 Fixed bugs in Name link
  • 7984968 Fixing Name Link issue
  • 3b42761 Merged zurmo/zurmo into default
  • 9c8aa0a Fixed naming bugs
  • 6160d85 MarketingList Contact Name link changes.
  • 2d3510f Email Adapter casing issue changes.
  • f9871e8 Merged in ddonthula/zurmoldap (pull request #336)
  • aaba47a blank spaces removal
  • 0d93298 commit for Helper fix and custom label
  • 2fdfe52 commit for Customizing Label and demo email address
  • ec74279 Fixing issue with broken tests
  • 181e5d3 Fixing bug with filter form not respecting sticky data
  • 48e2a77 Adding commercial support for command line calls
  • b1390ef Additional refactoring of beginRequestBehavior
  • 31297df Refactoring BeginRequestBehavior to support overriding and adding new behaviors
  • 7fe0dfa Fixing reports not behing exported whit run time filters
  • 75557a9 Fixed issue with adding marketingList as a column in the campaign listview
  • 9ce0c1b Merged in ddonthula/zurmo15 (pull request #335)
  • 0cb9b6d minor fix
  • 6f70d36 commit for map test fixes
  • ae87e52 Adding CampaingItemSummaryListViewColumnAdapterTest and fixing an issue with
  • 01a8e87 Merged in vhirpara/viralbranch (pull request #330)
  • 20e9e42 Fixed casing issue
  • 0f7594b Report redirect changes.
  • a975c31 Merged zurmo/zurmo into default
  • b7ce54c Email Adapter Changes.
  • c511bf2 Email export adapter changes.
  • 36fe428 Email adapter chantes.
  • b1db2e3 Email adapter chantes.
  • bcc0e9e Email export adapter changes.
  • bf901db Merged zurmo/zurmo into default
  • d13525e Merged zurmo/zurmo into default
  • 6ac1fa5 MailingList adapter changes.
  • 55aafe5 Merged zurmo/zurmo into default
  • c5eb753 create MalingList Adapter.
  • 5564a0c removing zero model on social items portlets
  • 40d3a6c Merge with default
  • 3d04bc6 Adding test for PersonSlidingPanelsUtil and PersonCardViewLayout
  • 677810f Fixing users custom smtp settings
  • a38164d Adding additional hook on business card for person view to show close label
  • da014a8 adding show class to person card view layout
  • d36d5f9 Fixing issue related to User Outbound settings

Lire la suite: https://bitbucket.org/zurmo/zurmo/compare/2.0.10..2.0.06

25 Juin 2013 - 144MB
19 Juin 2013 - 144MB
15 Juin 2013 - 144MB
14 Juin 2013 - 144MB
12 Juin 2013 - 144MB
12 Juin 2013 - 144MB
2.0.0 (version majeure)
10 Juin 2013 - 144MB
9 Mai 2013 - 144MB

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