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Vtiger est une application open source de gestion des relations. Vtiger est dérivé de SugarCRM depuis 2004. Aujourd'hui Vtiger est utilisé pas plus de 350.000 entreprises et organisations à travers le monde.

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2 August 2021
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7.4.0 (version majeure)
2 Août 2021 - 230MBEnhancements
  • Import feature enhanced to support uitype4 fields in field mapping
  • Secure login passwords
  • Strong password regex has been centralized
  • jQuery and dependent libraries (daterangepicker, jquery ui) upgraded to v2.2.4
  • log4php library upgraded to v2.3.0
  • Eliminate MySQL CAST on datetime columns when expected value type is datetime
  • Optimization of record label computation
  • Extend versioning support to all client side resources
  • Admins can't remove/edit Lists from Shared Lists
  • Pre-Computation of username for better customization and performance
  • Provide hooks to plugin custom connectors and avoid modification in core files
  • Improved Mexican Language pack
  • Enabled every 4 months frequency for Recurring Invoice service
  • Enhanced transferRelatedRecords() api to handle new related fields and custom modules
  • Calendar UI improved to handle mass select/de-select
  • Webservice history api enhanced to support unlink relationship
  • Comments in tickets module should be internal by default

Lire la suite: https://code.vtiger.com/vtiger/vtigercrm/wikis/Release-Notes#version-740

7.3.0 (version majeure) (version de sécurité)
23 Octobre 2020 - 230MBLire la suite: https://discussions.vtiger.com/discussion/192109/vtiger-crm-7-3-release

7.2.0 (version majeure) (version de sécurité)
11 Mars 2020 - 230MBVtiger CRM 7.2.0 is mainly focused on security and performance.

  • Data Integrity support through checkpermission api.
  • DFile security through obscurity
  • DBarrier for SQL Injections through prepared queries.
  • DOpen security and performance issues have been addressed
  • DFix for 60+ high priority issues on code.vtiger.com

Lire la suite: http://community.vtiger.com/help/vtigercrm/releasenotes.html

7.1.0 (version majeure)
4 Mai 2018 - 200MBMajor version released to enhance stability of Vtiger 7.0 - addresses 200+ key functional issues and knocked off 500+ issues​of usability or inconsistent behaviour that were present in earlier versions.
Lire la suite: http://community.vtiger.com/help/vtigercrm/releasenotes.html

7.0.1 (version majeure)
27 Septembre 2017 - 121MBWith Version 7, we made the CRM simpler and smarter. Vtiger 7 brings a new UI, new features, and several enhancements of existing features.

New Features
  • Follow and get notified of updates on any record
  • Smart Reminders to keep in touch and followup
  • Direct Messages to speed up collaboration
  • New Helpdesk System with Cases module & SLA policies
  • Business Hours
  • Insights on Customer Service giving actionable reports
  • Viewers on a record

  • Unified Touchpoints in Contact View - Learn more with all interactions - Meetings, Calls, Emails, Cases, Chats - shown in one timeline
  • Enhanced Preview - Save time with Touchpoints and Comments added to the quick preview
  • In Lists, Double-click to edit value - Make changes faster while enjoying spreadsheet like feel within the CRM
  • In Lists, Add/Remove columns easily
  • Colored Picklist Values - Find the record you are looking for easily
  • Multiple Dashboards - Managers love dashboards. Why stop with one! (+ Insights in Ultimate Edition gives deeper analytics)
  • Many-Many relationships between modules - Do you want to create a new Magazines module and link to Contacts? It only takes a few clicks now.
  • New Mail Manager - 3 Panel view speeds up easier
  • Workflows administration is made simpler - See Triggers, Conditions, and Actions from list view.
  • Agenda View in Calendar
  • Tasks are one click away with a dedicated page - A simple task manager within the CRM
  • Smart Help - If you have questions, the answer you are seeking might just be on the Help panel
  • Sync History for Google, Office 365, Magento, Quickbooks, Xero & Tally - Previous sync details help you find which records are updated and when.
  • Public Tags
  • Merge selected records
  • Configure Header Fields - Yet another thing you can customize!
  • Thumbnails for Email templates - Easier to identify them from the list
  • Auto-save of Email Campaigns

Lire la suite: https://www.vtiger.com/docs/whats-new-in-vtiger-7

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6.3.0 (version majeure)
15 Juin 2015 - 121MBLire la suite: http://blogs.vtiger.com/

6.2.0 (version majeure)
2 FĂ©vrier 2015 - 121MBAfter 4 month span from vtiger 6.1.0 release, we're happy to announce vtiger 6.2.0 release. Our efforts towards this release is to make product more stable.

Some of the notable enhancements includes:
  • Google Calendar api upgraded to support V3 api
  • Security fix for session hijacking (refer changeset for 6.1.0 or 6.0.0)

Closed over 200 issues reported on trac.vtiger.com. Closed tickets also include long standing issues from 5.4.0 and also patches shared by developers.
Lire la suite: https://blogs.vtiger.com/?p=2194

6.1.0 (version majeure)
13 Octobre 2014 - 121MBWe're thrilled to announce the official release of Vtiger 6.1.0 GA. Although it doesn't get its own parent version number, we consider this a major release and encourage all users to download, deploy, develop for, and share it!

In case you haven't followed along with the EA release, version 6.1.0 brings with it a slew of major enhancements, from much needed support for new PHP versions (up to 5.5), to Asterisk integration, a new app marketplace for developers to list their extensions for all to see, and much more.

Some of the notable enhancements include:
  • PHP 5.4 & 5.5 support
  • MySQLi support
  • Search within listview
  • Asterisk (PBXManager) integration
  • Scheduled reports
  • Report charts
  • Click-through charts
  • Mass-edit for documents
  • Workflows for documents
  • RSS module
  • Our sites module
  • New app marketplace (Extension Store)

Lire la suite: https://blogs.vtiger.com/?p=2010

6.0.0 (version majeure)
4 Mars 2014 - 121MBWe're pleased to announce the official launch of Vtiger CRM Open Source version 6.0.0.

Major Additions
  • Modern UI with Usability in focus.
  • Record Summary View.
  • Module level dashboards.
  • Quick Global Search on record labels.
  • Easy to use Layout Editor with Drag and Drop ability.
  • Configuring fields in related lists.
  • Google Contact & Calendar Synchronization.
  • Linking opportunities/tickets to contacts and organizations.
  • 'Can Assign Records To' feature in Role.

  • Nested Condition Grouping in Filter with (AND/OR) now reduced to Flattened mode.
  • Report Sharing (all reports are public in 6.0. only accessible records are visible to user)

Lire la suite: https://blogs.vtiger.com/?p=1719

25 Octobre 2012 - 121MB

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