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MODx est un framework open source de développement PHP.

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12 January 2018
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40 Mo
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open source
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(version majeure)
12 Janvier - 40MB2.6.1-pl

  • Increase efficiency of cache refresh on autopublish events
  • Remove concatenated key from name field in Contexts grid
  • Prevent infinite loop when a modSymLink refers to itself
  • Get only unique template paths for manager controllers
  • Ensure dashboard widget exists before calling methods on it
  • Fix phpthumb issue in files tree and media browser
  • Show correct Resource type icon in search results
  • Allow callback if nothing is selected in MODx.browser
  • Fix Flush Your Permissions top menu item
  • Improve changelog display in package browser
  • Revert behavior of image_width and image_height for media source images
  • Fix CLI installation to properly detect MySQL server version
  • Fix title format in various manager views
  • Fix javascript issue on resources containing quotes
  • Fix console error when editing resources with tv tab
  • Fix invokeEvent call for new OnResourceCacheUpdate event


  • Add top padding to .modx-alert and .modx-confirm classes
  • Improve setUserGroups/addUsers methods
  • Enable sorting by 'assigned' column in template variable grid
  • Return better error message if group name already exists
  • Hide empty template variable tabs in the resource panel
  • Add .less, .scss, .sass and .css.map as default allowed upload file types
  • Enable context setting overrides in modResource->cleanAlias()
  • Add OPTIONS request method to modRestController
  • Fix redirect when deleting elements
  • Fix format of chunk title
  • Prevent connector errors from invalid ctx parameter
  • Fix processing of noncacheable elements inside cached
  • Fix site_status issue when a session is not available
  • Fix endless loop when error log is too big
  • Fetch Lexicon lang and topic lists from database
  • Add CSS class to TV containers
  • Add OnResourceCacheUpdate event
  • Add new Who's Online dashboard widget
  • Additional SVG preview improvements
  • Enable rendering of SVG previews in Media Browser
  • Add stream upload support for binary files to modRestService
  • Remove null-byte character check
  • Add search/filtering to plugin event list
  • Search improvements for user management
  • Improve description of TemplateVariable Input Option Values
  • Replace all hardcoded http versions by $_SERVER['SERVER_PROTOCOL']
  • Make searchbar accessible via assistive tech landmarks
  • Make ContextResource optional in query for rebuilding contexts
  • Reduce varchar and text index prefixes for utf8mb4 support in mysql
  • Change new installs to create tables with InnoDB engine on mysql
  • Fix set height of error log
  • Reset user session token if it is set but value is empty
  • Fix chmod feature on directories
  • Fix resource tree ignoring hide_children_in_tree value
  • Skip date format check when using resource quick update
  • Fix ability to drag files more than once
  • Fix permission check for updating user group settings
  • Fix collapsing secondary buttons
  • Add unique index for modTemplateVarResource values
  • Fix media browser active state in tree
  • Fix media browser tree refresh after creating a directory
  • Prevent "New User Group" button being covered with long translations
  • Add modx_media_sources_elements when a context is duplicated
  • Remove resource template values when context is removed (cherry-pick)
  • Fixed issue with incorrect signature during installing two packages with setup options (cherry-pick)
  • Added loading error log only via ajax to avoiding blank page in case bad characters in log file
  • Added DKIM attributes to PHPMailer
  • Hide user group tree panel splitbar if center panel is hidden (cherry-pick)
  • Added missing setting for primary user group during creating a new user
  • Remove exposing of full path from error message when controller not found in the Manager
  • Remove hardcoded modUser references in user processors
  • Secondary button height fixes
  • Add newNameField to modObjectDuplicateProcessor to correct error messages
  • Added ability to duplicate a context from the contexts grid & while editing a context
  • Honor the failed_login_attempts setting
  • Added option to allow double encoding to htmlentities output modifier
  • System events are now listed with their attached plugins
  • Added ability to return custom error message via plugin when a user authenticates
  • Create a new "please wait" windows on any package download instead of hide/show
  • News & security feeds in the manager welcome page are now loaded using AJAX
  • Added resource pagetitle & ID when deleting a resource
  • Remove unused path_search and url_search processors in setup
  • Fix logging an empty value in modUser->joinGroup()
  • Fix featured flag in package listing not interpreting the string value
  • Re-style the templated package provider thumbnail grid
  • No addition on a JS string!
  • Sessions are marked as staled after creating/updating/removing a user group/policy
  • Clearing cache from the manager is now logged in manager actions
  • Context sorting in trees is now enabled by default
  • Add events for package install, uninstall, and remove
  • Add setting to log when snippets are called that don't exist
  • Added option to disable EVAL binding in TVs
  • Allowing using keyboard modifiers to open some links in new tabs
  • Pass properties to the OnRichTextBrowserInit event
  • Add tag [^m^] to show used memory
  • Add Delete button to chunk/snippet/plugins-window
  • Add after(append) and before(prepend) output filters
  • Add class_key and item filter to the Manager Log
  • Change view_ permissions to edit_ permissions for elements in uberbar search
  • Allow manually editing rank of contexts
  • Pass the namespace to OnManagerPageInit event
  • Add new line and spaces regex to input filter
  • Add "UserProfile events"
  • List empty as default template in system settings
  • Add .x-form-display-field style
  • Add the ability to generate custom manager "top menus"
  • Replace dirname(dirname(__FILE__)) with dirname(__DIR__)
  • Add User Group description to UserGroups grid (with row toggle)
  • Add ExtJS Manager headers and descriptions components
  • Made modX::addEventListener & modX::removeEventListener actually work
  • Correct email subscription form on help page
  • Add ability to see changelog of extras before downloading the update
  • Fix session_start error "Session callback expects true/false" on PHP 7
  • Prevent "Call to member function get() on array" error, caused by TinyMCE
  • Prevent drag/dropping contexts when context_tree_sort is disabled
  • Improve user messaging with an outbox and improved message listing
  • Prevent dashboard breaking if a widget is missing a file
  • Fix positioning of TVs on the first resource tab
  • Prevent error on PHP 7 when using invalid output conditions
  • Allow use of date/strftime output filter on date strings without strtotime output filter
  • Make the save button available immediately when removing locks from the resource update page
  • Add option to skip duplicating resources when duplicating a context
  • Expand relative base paths in the file media source
  • Added pagetitle of the resource that has been duplicating into the title of duplication window
  • Fix incorrect pending changes warning when a resource was set to the empty template
  • Add optional $byName attribute to modResource->joinGroup to force joining a numeric group
  • Allow default TV values to use @BINDINGs
  • Make sure log_target being empty defaults to FILE instead of ECHO
  • Allow javascript handlers to be executed in the user-nav
  • Make sure the scripts cache uses the right file permissions
  • Add support for new_folder_permissions_cache and new_file_permissions_cache settings to change permissions on cache folders
  • Add new modDirectory->getFiles() method to list files/folders in a directory
  • Some modRest refactoring to clean up code style and doctypes
  • Fix output filter handling of non-existent TV tags to be consistent with placeholders
  • Automatically change to the resource tab that holds an error when encountering a validation error saving a resource
  • Move OnFileManagerBeforeUpload event so it can also be used to prevent uploads or change file info
  • Lower memory usage of duplicating contexts with lots of children


  • Use pageSize from system settings for system settings grid
  • Fix date format for created field of package in the package provider
  • Add a mouseout listener to the 'Clear Filter' buttons across the manager
  • Add view_template:true for the "Content Editor" access policy
  • Refresh the parent (resource) node when creating the first children
  • Refresh element in tree after changing name in element's panel
  • Remove unused path_search and url_search processors
  • Fix logging an empty value
  • Update xPDO to fix issue with validation rules


4 Mai 2017 - 40MB
  • Try all available methods when attempting to download transport packages [#13419]
  • Prevent stored XSS in UserGroup names and various other fields [#13418]
  • Prevent user/email enumeration in forgot password feature [#13408]
  • Prevent XSS cache poisoning via Host header [#13426]
  • Proper use of json_encode and error handling for outputArray() in processors [#13389]
  • Prevent reflected XSS in setup [#13424]
  • Fix local file inclusion vulnerability in setup action parameter [#13422]
  • Fix various local file inclusion preventions to also protect on windows [#13428]
  • Remove htaccess from allowed file types on new installations [#13423]
  • Prevent stored XSS in resource pagetitle [#13415]
  • Make search bar work as expected on Chrome & Firefox [#13405]m


1 Mars 2017 - 40MB
  • Respect new_file_permissions setting when create/upload files in manager [#13246]
  • Escape regular expression special characters in last query string of a superboxselect [#13236]
  • Improve logging of bad links [#13268]
  • Fix a few Smarty variables not being defined [#13117]
  • Only load manager layout when the controller is not "browser" [#13135]
  • Add autoHeight in the Create/UpdateSetting window [#13220]
  • Address various potential security issues in setup [#13261]
  • Validate file extension when renaming/creating files in file browser [#13240]
  • Examples to rewrite all domains of one installation with/without www [#13249]
  • Update MODX Transport Provider to use SSL URL [#13260]
  • Add site name to the login title [#13254]
  • Fix File Unzip feature [#13223]
  • Fix truncating filename at space by downloading via filemanager [#13171]


5 Janvier 2017 - 40MB
  • Update xPDO to 2.5.3 release to avoid xPDOQuery class not found error
  • Fix listing packages on systems with non-utf8 locales [#13182]
  • Update PHPMailer to 5.2.21 for CVE-2016-10045 patch [#13229]
  • Access chunk array instead of chunk object instance [#13210]
  • Update PhpMailer to 5.2.19 to protect against RCE vulnerability [#13227]
  • Add various missing permission checks to processors [#13174]
  • Update xPDO to 2.5.2 release
  • Improve phpThumb InitializeTempDirSetting [#13151]
  • Validate Resources when dropped onto weblinks and symlinks [#13212]
  • Fix Resources not loading in the tree in sqlsrv [#12845]
  • More specific removal of critical settings in MODX.config [#13180]
  • Fix broken list of previously installed package versions [#13179]
  • Fix incorrect media source name on Files tab [#12596]
  • Update Font Awesome to 4.7.0
  • Remove placeholders from login screen to fix accessibility bug/confusing screenreading [#13186]

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21 Novembre 2016 - 40MB
  • [SECURITY] Hide critical settings in MODx.config [#13170]
  • [SECURITY] Prevent local file inclusion/traversal/manipulation [#13177]
  • [SECURITY] Prevent path traversal in $modx->runProcessor [#13176]
  • [SECURITY] Prevent unauthenticated access to processors [#13175]
  • [SECURITY] Prevent path traversal in modConnectorResponse action param [#13173]
  • [SECURITY] Update xPDO to 2.5.1 release
  • Add security/login support for action based connector [#13158]
  • Make one single connector file possible [#13157]
  • Don't create a DirectoryIterator on non existing folders [#13127]
  • Fixing tvLabel output filter empty needle warning [#13138]
  • Fix session extension call using action based connector [#13146]
  • Select modTemplateVarTemplate.rank for MySQL 5.7 ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY SQL Mode [#13098]
  • Fix new category option duplicating view of elements [#13137]
  • Consistency in error messages, based on error type [#13126]
  • Make sure things do not break when no valid json/empty string is returned OnMediaSourceGetProperties event [#13119]
  • Removed superfluous code in the manager "gateway" [#13120]
  • Set temporary directory for files processing in phpThumb [#13128]
  • Upgraded phpThumb to 1.7.14-201608101311 [#13125]
  • Force display errors during setup [#13107]
  • Added duplicating caption field for TVs [#13100]
  • Fix PHP warning if the response message is empty [#13111]
  • Removed duplicate element ID [#13105]

Lire la suite: http://modx.com/blog/2016/07/21/revolution-2.5.1/


19 Août 2016 - 40MB
  • Preserve original behavior for 3PC RTE TVs [#13071]
  • Fix with of install button after text change [#13078]
  • Fix server port check in setup start script [#13037]
  • Update phpThumb to version 1.7.14 [#13039]
  • Show image preview in file tree for S3 media source [#13059]
  • Fix problem with S3 bucket names containing dots [#13031]
  • Add missing properties in modX class [#13035]
  • Fix pagination in the "New event create" dialog [#13062]
  • Fixing padding-top issue in MODx.Window [#13038]
  • Use sans-serif font for TV textareas [#13045]
  • Prevent reflected XSS in connector's JSONP support [#13051]
  • Fix a SQL injection [#13052]
  • Fix uberbar user search return invalid User ID [#13056]
  • Fix width of the install button [#13057]
  • Extended grunt build tasks [#13026]
  • Remove deprecated curl option [#13032]
  • Show resources marked as container with a folder icon in the tree, even if it has no children. [#13027]
  • Restore missing Duplicate buttons on weblinks and symlinks [#12910]
  • Fix changing labels via manager customisations on checkboxes [#12890]
  • Fix extracting the title if it contains newlines when importing HTML [#12937]
  • Fix code smell issues in modPhpThumb [#13022]
  • Prevent using double quotes in extended user fields and containers to prevent breaking the context menu [#13012]
  • Fix saving a resource if the pagetitle of the parent contains tags [#13017]
  • Fix JavaScript error when editing an extended user field that contains markup [#12841]
  • Increase the delay for opening top nav menu items to 0.5s to prevent misclicks [#12931]
  • Allow email addresses validated by the extjs email vtype to have longer TLDs [#12940]
  • Fix updating user settings [#12988]
  • Fixed permissions for new files [#13000]
  • Fix for 500 error after install using STRICT_TRANS_TABLES mode in mySQL [#13001]
  • Fixed typo in scss [#12993]
  • Remove all traces of manager HTML5 cache manifest [#12985]
  • Fix rare database connection setup error (new installs/advanced upgrades) [#12997]
  • Remove :first-of-type, reduce padding on container [#12973]
  • Fix problem with multiple placeholders in a system setting [#12692]
  • Set correct title to edit fc set [#12974]
  • Corrected $_lang array index and $_lang string typo [#12979]
  • Error 500 + installer fails when MYSQL Strict SQL Mode is ON [#12838]
  • Use rawurlencode in modparser [#12675]
  • Reference to values passed by reference got lost [#12951]
  • Add uri to mysql/modcontext.class.php [#12971]
  • Add missing viewport meta tag needed to enable the responsive manager [#12977]
  • Avoid empty manager theme [#12989]
  • Fix: expression is always true [#12956]
  • Make sure uberbar resource search respects ACLs [#12960]

Lire la suite: http://modx.com/blog/2016/07/21/revolution-2.5.1/


(version majeure)
17 Août 2016 - 40MBPreparing for the Future
  • PHP 7 compatibility (it's coming soon to a server near you). PHP 7 performs significantly faster than any previous release before it so your sites should be able to handle more visitors and serve them more quickly, keeping them engaged and returning for more.
  • Accessibility improvements worked into the core Manager experience including screen reader and keyboard navigation on the Login screen. The work that is going on for the Accessible Manager theme that takes this much further, works in MODX Revolution 2.5, too.

Improved UX
  • New default content for new installs provides helpful resources and information. Instead of the empty blank page in all previous versions of MODX Revolution, you now get a nice intro page with some important links to assist and orient new users..
  • Much more mobile-friendly Manager. As a stepping stone towards a new Manager in the future, this allows you to make edits and access the Manager much more easily than was possible before, thanks to the intense efforts of JP Devries.
  • Add ability to unpack zip files in the file tree / media manager

Faster Performance
  • Parser optimizations which improve pre-caching performance. This means visitors will be served more quickly, and Google will give your site a little more respect, which it clearly deserves.
  • The new anonymous_sessions setting (enabled by default) can significantly speed up the performance for sites that don’t need to have PHP sessions or logged in users. When this setting is disabled, and a page is fully cached, having sessionless anonymous visitors eliminates the need for a database connection for that visitor on each request. If your site serves even moderate traffic, this can significantly reduce the amount of processor required to operate.

Lire la suite: http://modx.com/blog/2016/04/21/modx-revolution-2.5/

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