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PmWiki ist ein Open Source Wiki-Anwendung, die extrem leicht ist. PmWiki wurde ursprünglich im Jahr 2004 veröffentlicht.

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Laufende Version
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22 June 2022
Deutsch + 37 andere


Grösse der Installation
15.00 MB
Was gibt es Neues?
22 Juni - 15MB
  • This version contains fixes for PHP 8. A form attribute "lang" was added.
  • Sortable tables now allow for table headers to have markup such as bold (except links), and will use a case-insensitive natural ordering.
  • Searchbox now has a default placeholder "$[Search]" and can have the submit button removed with the argument label="" (users need to press Enter on their keyboards to search).
  • $EnableHighlight-formatted code blocks are now converted to plain text to prevent warnings; there is an ongoing discussion in the mailing list so this solution may evolve.
  • For developers: $UploadVerifyFunction can now modify $upname, and a variable $PageIndexTermsFunction can configure a replacement function for PageIndexTerms().
  • The documentation was updated.

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23 Mai - 15MB
  • This version fixes a bug with (:pagelist list=grouphomes:). A new helper function DisableSkinParts() allows for simpler disabling of headers, footers and sidebars from recipes. When a file is uploaded, new variables with the file path and URL are now available to recipes.
  • The version also contains fixes for PHP 8 and documentation updates.

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10 Februar - 15MB
  • This version includes bug fixes and updates for PHP 8.1. The core variable $EnableIncludedPages introduced in 2.3.0 was renamed to $EnableListIncludedPages to avoid ambiguity. With LocalTimes, is now possible to configure the number of days the "plus" button will pull from the page history, and the function will better recognize some older RecentUploads formats. PmSyntax was updated so that "\\" line breaks in tables and headings are treated like in the core, staying in the same context; and the different PmSyntax blocks will now be processed in parallel.
  • The code configuring and loading pmwiki-utils.js was moved to a new file scripts/utils.php, and a new variable $EnablePmUtils was added to allow administrators to easily disable these functions. The script pmwiki-utils.js will now be included in the page header rather than the footer, which may reduce the number of page redraws. The individual functions will now be processed in parallel.
  • The documentation was updated.

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2.3.1 (Hauptversion)
18 Januar - 15MB2.3.1

Bug Fixes
  • There was an omission in the release script which unexpectedly deleted the $VersionNum variable which broke some settings. This quick release fixes it.


PHP 5.3 - 8.1 compatibility
  • PmWiki 2.3.0 includes updates for PHP 8.0 and 8.1. Consequently, it requires PHP version 5.3 (released 2009) or more recent.

  • A new function PmSyntax was added to the core, and enabled on
  • It highlights PmWiki syntax in the documentation, and possibly in the basic edit form.
  • It only highlights PmWiki markup, and is independent from Highlight.js. See Cookbook:PmSyntax and $EnablePmSyntax.
  • It should highlight most core language features and those of many recipes, see this mashup of various markups.
  • Developers can add custom rules in the $CustomSyntax array, see Cookbook:CustomSyntax.
  • The (:markup:) directive can now have class=norender to only show the source code without processing it. This may be useful, together with PmSyntax, in 2 cases: writing/discussing markup code without actually running it, or working on PageList Templates where you want to see and edit them highlighted.

Improvements to the edit form
  • PmSyntax (above) can be enabled to highlight the PmWiki markup the edit form, and should work in recent standards-compliant browsers.
  • The variable $EnableNotSavedWarning is now enabled by default. Add to config.php $EnableNotSavedWarning = 0; to disable it.
  • A new variable $EnableIncludedPages $EnableListIncludedPages (from 2.3.2) allows listing of other pages included from the currently edited page, with links to see or edit them. When the variable is enabled, the list of pages appears in the edit form, after the text area, in a collapsed element. The list includes pages from which text, text variables, or templates are included from the edited page. This is enabled on if you wish to preview it.
  • The $EnableEditAutoText function will now feel more like other text editors by removing the automatically inserted bullet when Enter is pressed twice.

Dates and times, monitoring, review
  • The {(ftime)} Markup expression now accepts a new format '%o' for the ordinal suffix of the date.
  • The Notify feature now accepts a tz= timezone specifier for individual subscribers. See Notify#tz.
  • A function based on Cookbook:LocalTimes was added to the core. See the recipe page for the differences. You can continue using the recipe, or disable it and enable the core function.
  • New core variables $EnableLocalTimes, $CurrentLocalTime.
  • New markup @2022-01-09T08:35:00Z output as a element, formatted via $TimeFmt; localized if $EnableLocalTimes.
  • Added a variable $EnableRecentUploads which makes it easy to enable the Recent Uploads feature on AllRecentChanges. This is a basic format that may be good enough for many wikis. For more options, see Cookbook:RecentUploadsLog.
  • The default $RecentChangesFmt now use the variable $CurrentLocalTime instead of $CurrentTime. In the wiki source text it saves the timestamps in a portable time format in GMT, which is then shown formatted per $TimeFmt (wiki timezone). It looks just like $CurrentTime did previously, but can be converted to the visitor's time zone if LocalTimes is enabled. If you have custom $RecentChangesFmt entries that use $CurrentTime, nothing will change for you, but you may want to update these with $CurrentLocalTime if you want to benefit from localization.
  • The "page history" page now has CSS classes for the delay between edits: diffday, diffweek, diffmonth, diffyear. These allow styling of vertical spacing between individual edits in page histories. See Cookbook:DiffDelay for an example.
  • The page history can now have a "hidden" edit type, in addition to "minor". This is intended to be used by recipes in order to hide, rather than delete, some edits from the page history. A couple of new recipes using this feature will be added in the next few days.

PageLists, categories, backlinks
  • PageLists now accept a new argument category=Name which lists only pages declared in the category with the markup [[!Name]], and does not include pages simply linking to [[Category/Name]] (unless they also contain [[!Name]]).
  • The differentiation between links to !Name and Category.Name requires the pages containing category links to be re-indexed; see Cookbook:ReindexCategories which can automate this.
  • Also in PageLists, the arguments link= and category= now accept multiple and negative specifiers, and wildcards. See PageLists#wildcards. If you previously used the recipe Cookbook:PageListMultiTargets, please disable it when you upgrade to 2.3.0.
  • Category links can now have a different text, like [[!Name|Text]], and the markup generally behaves like other links, see PITS:01095.

Styles (core skin PmWiki-responsive)
  • Collapsible sections details+summary will now change the cursor to the "pointer" style over the clickable element, and the color will change to "navy".
  • The core table of contents function ($PmTOC) has had its styles updated, in order to properly indent long sub-headings.

Core helper functions
  • A new helper function PSFT() can now be used as an almost drop-in replacement for strftime() and gmstrftime() which became deprecated in PHP 8.1. Please review the documentation at Functions#PSFT. If you have local configurations or recipes using strftime() you can change for PSFT() now.
  • A helper function DownloadUrl($pagename, $path) was added, see Functions#DownloadUrl. It can simplify the handling of attached files by recipes.

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Zeige mehr Versionen
13 Dezember 2021 - 15MBChanges and Bug Fixes
  • This version includes a minor change in search patterns: searches and pagelists with a wrong or undefined $SearchPatterns (list=abc argument) will now use $SearchPatterns["default"] rather than an empty array (effectively all pages). This was likely the intended behavior, a way for admins to restrict search locations.
  • It also includes updates for PHP 8, a fix of an emoji for non-UTF8 wikis, and the latest pages of the documentation.


Changes and Bug Fixes
  • This version includes fixes for PHP 8 and an update to intermap.txt. The conditional markup "exists" was optimized when called multiple times. The functions CondExists(), MatchPageNames(), and MatchNames(), can now be called with an additional argument (false) when a case-sensitive match is needed.
  • The documentation was updated.


Changes and Bug Fixes
  • This version should prevent some errors from local customization or recipes with recent PHP versions, by disabling obsolete markup rules and replacement patterns. If such markup appears on a page, it will not be processed, it will be rendered like this: âš (:my-obsolete-directive params:) and a tooltip title should have some additional information.
  • Care should be taken if you have custom calls to the deprecated function PCCF(), and incompatible custom replacement patterns processed via PPRE() or PPRA() are silently skipped, which may not work as expected. (Previously they wouldn't work at all.)
  • If you experience any difficulties, please do let us know and we'll try to provide a fix.
  • The documentation was updated.


Changes and Bug Fixes
  • This version hides some PHP 8 notices, and adds 2 new form element attributes "accept" and "autofocus".
  • The documentation was updated.


Changes and Bug Fixes
  • This version adds ways to define 2 custom functions:
  • $MultiFactorAuthFunction to enable custom MFA/2FA with AuthUser
  • $PageIndexFoldFunction to define a custom function normalizing the page terms while indexing and searching (by default PmWiki converts the terms to lowercase).
  • The documentation was updated.

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29 Juni 2021 - 15MB
  • This version has updates for PHP 8.
  • The API of the source code highlighting library has changed and the PmWiki loader function was adapted; if you use this feature, please upgrade Highlight.js to version 11.0.0 or newer.
  • Note: since version 11, Highlight.js doesn't preserve HTML in the preformatted blocks and issues a console warning, so you should only use the (space)[=escaped=] or the [@escaped@] markup blocks.
  • The documentation was updated.

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12 Mai 2021 - 15MB2.2.139

Bug Fixes
  • Removes empty "title" attributes in HTML tags (links and images)
  • Fixes warnings which appear with PHP 8


Bug Fixes
  • Fixes a bug when a details directive has markup in the summary attribute

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2.2.137 (Sicherheitsupdate)
26 Februar 2021 - 15MB2.2.137

Bug Fixes
  • fixes a bug introduced earlier today with entities encoded twice in PQA() quoted arguments.


  • fixes a XSS vulnerability for WikiStyles.

  • adds a second argument $keep to the core function PQA($attr, $keep=true) which by default escapes HTML special characters and places the values in Keep() containers. If you have custom functions that call PQA() and expect the previous behavior, call PQA() with a second argument set to false.

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1 Februar 2021 - 15MB
  • This version fixes a number of PHP8 compatibility issues. This is a work in progress, if you uncover others, please report them at PITS:01461.
  • A work is underway to implement session tokens to prevent CSRF vulnerabilities -- suggested by Dominique Faure. I wanted to rework these functions but the PHP8 compatibilities are more urgent so at the moment the PmToken functions are transparent/non-functional.
  • A defunct syndicated blocklist was disabled, a minor code refactoring was done for PmTOC to better support manual edit section links, and the documentation was updated.

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3 Dezember 2020 - 15MB
  • This is a documentation update version.

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2.2.133 (Sicherheitsupdate)
6 November 2020 - 15MBSecurity
  • CWE-384: Session Fixation: The fix regenerates the session identifier at the moment someone logs in

Bug Fix
  • CSS: Unintended variable evaluation in link markups

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6 Oktober 2020 - 15MB
  • Update documentation.

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31 August 2020 - 15MB
  • Update documentation.

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8 Juli 2020 - 15MB
  • Update documentation.

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1 Juni 2020 - 15MB
  • Mute some PHP notices.
  • Copy "simpletable" styles from the "pmwiki-responsive" skin into the old "pmwiki" skin.
  • Update documentation.

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28 April 2020 - 15MB
  • This version only includes some cosmetic changes and updates the documentation.

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23 März 2020 - 15MB
  • This version sets the maximum height of the edit form textarea after reports for a jumping behavior on mobile devices.
  • The core table of content classes "pmtoc-show" and "pmtoc-hide" now replace the previous classes "show" and "hide" to prevent conflicts with other frameworks.
  • The functionality of the recipe Skins:SkinChange was added to the core (disabled by default).
  • The documentation was updated.

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2 Februar 2020 - 15MB
  • This version fixes a bug with $PmTOC['MinNumber'] set to -1, and updates the .htaccess format for caches.php.
  • The documentation was updated.

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27 Januar 2020 - 15MB
  • This version adds a variable $SetCookieFunction to override the core "pmsetcookie" function.
  • A new feature ToggleNext was included in the core, documented at Cookbook:ToggleNext.
  • The documentation was updated.

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2 Januar 2020 - 15MB
  • This version allows link URLs to be escaped with [=link address=] if they contain any special characters, including quotes, parentheses and pipes.
  • The obfuscated e-mails will now work from headers, footers and sidebars.
  • A form attribute "formnovalidate" was added to the core and to the "Cancel" button in the edit form.
  • Core table of contents will now work better with Cookbook:SectionEdit.
  • Cookbook:RecipeCheck was included in the core -- if you have this recipe already installed, you can simply comment it out from your config.php.
  • The code that handles $EnableRCDiffBytes was refactored to also show the bytes changed in the page histories.
  • New upload extensions "webp" (images) and "opus" (audio) were added.
  • The documentation was updated.

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21 November 2019 - 15MBChanges
  • ObfuscateLinkIMap: Fix bug with special or international characters in custom subject fields, reported by FidelioEspoir.
  • Add $DefaultUnsetPageTextVars, $DefaultEmptyPageTextVars.
  • Mute "Uninitialized string offset messages" for error_reporting(E_ALL), reported by DFaure.
  • Fix PmTOC, when NumberedHeadings is enabled, to number headings even when the TOC would not be created.
  • Add {$$EachCount} pagelist template pseudovariable, containing the count for the current "each" loop.
  • Add $InputAttrs role and aria-* form attributes, allow aria-\w* attributes for the (:searchbox:) field.
  • Update documentation.

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13 Oktober 2019 - 15MBChanges
  • Add (:input datalist:) form element.
  • Add (:details summary="...":)...(:detailsend:) block markup.
  • Fix bugs with guiedit.php/guiedit.js reported by FidelioEspoir.
  • PmTOC: add max-height and overflow-auto to the block.
  • Update documentation.

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4 Oktober 2019 - 15MBHighlights
  • This version updates the core for PHP 7.4. Required input fields now feature required="required" attributes and modern browsers prevent sending the edit or upload form with empty required fields.
  • Attachlist ext= and names= arguments now accept patterns and negatives like ext=jpg,png, ext=-pdf, or names=-th*---*.jpg.
  • The Redirect function can now have a 3rd argument with the full URL.
  • The scroll position in the edit text area will be remembered on save-and-edit and preview.
  • A bug was fixed with pagelist while preview.
  • The documentation was updated.

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6 September 2019 - 15MBHighlights
  • This version integrates the features of the recipe Cookbook:PreviewChanges into the core.

If you currently use Cookbook:PreviewChanges, please uninstall it and add this to your config.php:

$EnablePreviewChanges = 1;
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19 August 2019 - 15MB
  • This version adds handling of "partial content" requests for file downloads.
  • New video file extensions 'm4v' and '3gp' were added.
  • The Upload form now includes a new text field "Uploader" pre-filled with the name of the editor.
  • New variable $EnableUploadAuthorRequired was added (defaults to $EnablePostAuthorRequired).
  • The documentation was updated.

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24 Juni 2019 - 10MB
  • This version fixes pagelists with case insensitive matches of page (text) variables for international wikis. If your international wiki pagelists rely on case-sensitive variable matches, please see $PageListVarFoldFn.
  • The documentation was updated.

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16 Mai 2019 - 10MB2.2.115
  • Responsive skin: Simplify CSS for custom backgrounds, remove repetition.
  • Update documentation.

  • Fix bug with input select lists where an already defined id= attribute may get overwritten.
  • Vardoc: Move the id= attribute from a standalone anchor to the definition term element (allows ":target" styling).
  • Vardoc: Localize table header and link text (suggested by Michael F. Wolff).
  • Add $SkinTemplateIncludeLevel, IncludeTemplate skin directive.
  • Add input "tel" type, and attribute "pattern". Fix classnames of new input types.
  • Update documentation.

  • Add input button element.
  • Add $EnableInputDataAttr.
  • Update documentation.

  • Fix switch break for PHP 7.3, reported by Hans-JĂĽrgen Godau.
  • Update documentation.

  • Add $Id$ subversion keyword to pmwiki.php, requested by Peter Gragert.
  • Fix responsive skin search form max-width in desktop mode, reported by Moni Kellermann.
  • Add $DenyHtaccessContent variable. Update protective .htaccess files.
  • Add tz= and locale= arguments to {(ftime )} MarkupExpression (PHP5+).
  • Update documentation.

  • Fix {(substr )} markup expression with non-number arguments could cause warnings, reported by Simon.
  • Add $PageListSortCmpFunction, default to current 'strcasecmp'.
  • Add global $MarkupMarkupLevel which changes when the processing is inside (:markup:) blocks.
  • Fix inconsistent white space with inline [@escaped code@], reported by Dannybpng.
  • Update documentation.

  • Update pmcrypt() to exclude negative -@groups from hash checking.
  • Add $EnableMarkupDiag to backtrace all markup calls, suggested by ChuckG.
  • Fix Path InterMap broken in 2.2.108, reported by ChuckG.
  • Update documentation.

  • Add $PCCFOverrideFunction.
  • $AuthUserPageFmt can now be an array of page names.
  • Add $PageCacheFileFmt default to "%s/%s,cache" (like before), allowing custom cache filenames.
  • Form checkbox labels now have the same tooltip title as the checkbox.
  • Add %reversed% WikiStyle.
  • RefCount: add label to checkbox, class to table.
  • Vardoc: fix markup call, reported by Hans-JĂĽrgen Godau.
  • pmcrypt() return false when salt appears to be some old PmWiki attribute.
  • Default InterMap PmWiki URLs have now the HTTPS protocol (suggested by Simon).
  • Update documentation.

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6 Februar 2018 - 10MB2.2.107 (2018-02-02)
  • This version includes more fixes for PHP 7.2 for forms and pagelists.
  • A new variable $MailFunction allows administrators and developers to write replacement functions for the PHP function "mail()".
  • Styles were improved for right-to-left text blocks embedded into left-to-right texts (and vice versa).
  • The documentation was updated.

2.2.106 (2017-12-01)
  • This version has a rewrite of the function PageListSort() to allow it to work with PHP 7.2, and fixes a bug with the backtick (escape) `WikiWord markup.
  • The helper function pmsetcookie() and the variables $EnableCookieSecure, $EnableCookieHTTPOnly were added to allow easy setting of secure cookies.
  • The documentation was updated.

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21 November 2017 - 10MB2.2.105 (2017-11-07)
  • This version fixes a bug with the PQA() function causing invalid HTML with attributes glued together. The function HandleUpload() was refactored and UploadSetVars($pagename) was added to allow upload-managing add-ons to set variables more easily.
  • If you upgrade from 2.2.98 or earlier, and you have custom markup rules relative to author signatures, please see note about change in 2.2.99 (documented November 2017).

2.2.104 (2017-10-11)
  • This version fixes a bug with path WikiTrails reported today.

2.2.103 (2017-10-01)
  • This version is a major upgrade on the internal processing of markups and patterns, all core scripts were updated to be compatible with PHP version 7.2. Whether you use that PHP version or another one, with any local configurations and custom add-ons, there should be no change for what you see, but if any problems please contact us immediately.
  • Pagelists can now have optimized list=grouphomes and fmt=#grouphomes arguments to list only the home pages of your wiki groups, whether they are named Group.HomePage, Group.Group, or a custom Group.$DefaultName. Minor bugs in older xlpage scripts were fixed, the responsive skin is now compatible with even older PmWiki/PHP versions, web subtitles (*.vtt) were added as an allowed extension, input form fields can now have a "title" attribute (usually rendered as a tooltip/help balloon when the mouse cursor is over the input element), and a configuration variable $AuthLDAPReferrals was added for wikis running AuthUser over LDAP to force enable or disable referrals when needed.
  • The documentation was updated.

2.2.102 (2017-08-05)
  • This version reverts the patterns for text variables changed in 2.2.99, because we found that a longer text variable content may cause a blank page or an internal server error. In the page SiteAdmin.AuthList an input box was added to allow filtering of the groups or pages.

2.2.101 (2017-07-30)
  • This version renames the internal constructor of the PageStore class to be compatible with both PHP 5 and PHP 7. Previously, the PageStore class had two constructors for PHP 4 and PHP 5 compatibility of which one was silently ignored, but recent PHP 7 versions display strict or deprecated notices when the PHP 4 constructor is used.
  • If you must use PmWiki 2.2.101 or newer on a PHP 4 installation, please contact me so I can provide you with a workaround.

2.2.100 (2017-07-30)
  • This version provides a workaround for an incompatibility with our Subversion version control system, where the $Author wiki variable was considered a Subversion variable. A fix for the responsive skin adds some spacing above the WikiText block. The documentation was updated.

2.2.99 (2017-06-26)
  • This version fixes a bug where an incomplete text variable without a closing parenthesis like "(:Var:Value" could hide the remaining of the page.
  • A bug was fixed where previewing a page didn't show changes to be done by replace-on-save patterns (the function ReplaceOnSave was refactored). Markup rules for previewing author signatures are no longer needed and were removed. Note that if you had custom markup rules processed before or after the ~~~ or ~~~~ author signatures may need to be set to '

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