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LimeSurvey ist eine Software für Umfragen und war vorher bekannt als PHPSurveyor.

Installation mit einem Klick LimeSurvey

Installation mit einem Klick

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Einfache Aktualisierung

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Speichern und wiederherstellen


Umfragen und Statistik
Laufende Version
Letzte Aktualisierung
7 May 2018
Deutsch + 68 andere


Grösse der Installation
260 MB
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(Hauptversion) (Sicherheitsupdate)
7 Mai - 260MB3.7.1

  • Password reset email doesn't always use the saved email.

Bug Fixes
  • Editor sreen loads without css when creating/opdating custom css
  • Che ck data integrity shows 'errorneous question group order' for all surveys
  • beforeSurveyDelete didn't happen when delete a survey
  • {QUEXMLPDF} Placeholder in template for Save to PDF triggers error if shown on welcome page
  • Adding custom css class to question causes error
  • Panel integration param not passed to END URL
  • Empty template list if user don't have global rights on template
  • Panel int* egration parameters are deleted on saving survey settings
  • Spelling mistake in greek language description
  • Tutorial menu shown even if empty

Translation Updates
  • Catalan
  • Dutch
  • Dutch (Informal)
  • French (France)
  • German
  • German (Informal)
  • Hungarian
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Polish (Informal)
  • Romanian


  • Allow expression in default location (map)

Bug Fixes
  • No questions in panel integration


Bug Fixes
  • Question index (head) show diable even if work
  • Unable to use flatEllipsizeText function in (some) twig file
  • Stored XSS in Boxes
  • First calendar are always in English
  • Date control show always as error
  • Could not save changes in theme editor
  • Preview not working in theme editor
  • Unsupported escape method when deleting uploaded theme file

Translation Updates
  • Catalan
  • Dutch (Informal)
  • Dutch
  • French (France)
  • German (Informal)
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian (Informal)
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish (Informal)
  • Polish
  • Spanish (Argentina)
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese


7 April - 260MB3.6.2

Bug Fixes
  • add menu view
  • clean controller
  • fix error messages
  • import_modal as separate view
  • prerequisite checking in controller
  • Unable to import theme
  • Unable to import theme, adjust text
  • Favicon transparent background
  • No import button in Template listing
  • Unable to import theme
  • When renaming a template : some parts are fixed, some are not
  • Survey texts are not updated via EM javascript
  • Unable to use Expression Manager inside template
  • Language selection does not work in survey-list page
  • Hide progress bar on "thank you" page in vanilla theme
  • Panel integration add url parameter doesn't show any target question
  • Long survey name + Long Group name : breadcumb seems unusuable
  • CSRF in box deletion
  • Remove punctuation points from PHP
  • Remove punctuation points from php
  • Final assesments are shown even if no assessemnt is set
  • Import old survey table HTML broken
  • AuthLDAP doesn't work with multiple search bases.
  • Couldn't change password

  • Catalan, Dutch (Informal), Dutch, Finnish, French (France), German (Informal), German, Hungarian, Japanese, Norwegian (Bokmål), Polish (Informal), Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish (Spain)


Bug Fixes
  • Q_other.shown are difference between PHP and JS
  • Question adv settings are not updated after update of question type
  • space added after default value
  • Images in theme options completely broken

  • Catalan, Dutch (Informal), Dutch, Norwegian (Bokmål), Polish (Informal), Polish


  • Allow new attribute in beforeQuestionRender
  • Allow max_execution_time

Bug Fixes
  • queXML PDF export missing comments on "Multiple choice with comments"
  • cant export numeric column to SPSS with pgsql
  • Not able to save or clear without JavaScript
  • Index usage without JavaScript
  • Lot of bug with not installed template
  • Umlauts shown as ? at QueXML-Export
  • Upload file in theme options is weird
  • beforeQuestionRender didn't include Class
  • EM Error on Validation on hidden question and debug
  • Title are not updated
  • Except at first page : survey text expression usage is broken
  • Error executing admin/checkintegrity
  • Allow to use ComfortUpdate on server with disk_free_space disable
  • Cpdb attribute view not working
  • SQL problem in integrity check
  • Survey logic HTML page broken if error
  • User interface optimization

  • Dutch, Dutch (Informal), French (France), Italian, Italian (Informal), Japanese, Norwegian (Bokmål), Polish, Polish (Informal), Russian


Bug Fixes
  • Unable to send individual remind and invite mails
  • Assessments: wrong windows size and crash after adding a rule
  • Unable to enter 0.000000001 for numeric value
  • Language dropdown must be at first page when create survey
  • Problem when activating force_xmlsettings_for_survey_rendering
  • Calculations sometimes fail in EM
  • Multiple problems regarding question reorder
  • PDF download in statistics not possible anymore
  • Unable to log in to MSSQL when updating from 2.05 or older
  • Update from Dbversion 164 or earlier stuck at version 175
  • Ckeditor not showing on IE

  • Arabic, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Dutch (Informal), French (France), German, German (Informal), Hungarian, Japanese, Myanmar, Norwegian (Bokmål), Polish, Polish (Informal), Spanish (Spain)


Bug Fixes
  • Behavior of reset in mail templates
  • Database upgrade doesn't work


Bug Fixes
  • Brackets [ ] in printer friendly exports
  • Dropdown menu in portuguese internal server error
  • Use of exclusive option hangs browser page
  • Simply uploading an image in a standard theme wasn't working
  • Sporadic update error message on login right after upgrade
  • Relay on surveymodel rather than on inherited setting

  • Catalan, Dutch (Informal), Dutch, French (France), Hungarian, Italian (Informal), Italian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Polish (Informal), Polish

  • Behavior change for numericalmultiple Slider default value when 0 or null Upgraded PHP version
  • Missing translation in beginner tour
  • Invalid SQL in "mail_registered_participants"
  • Untranslated last element in bread crumbs
  • 'Check Data integrity' throws Internal server error
  • Cannot install on MSSQL server
  • Multiple inSurveyView height related problems


  • Added data security policy settings
  • Check for group sort order duplicates in data integrity check
  • Check question order during integrity check
  • Data security settings have to be accepted to take a survey
  • added a js based filter on the data security acceptance

Bug Fixes
  • Unable to start survey
  • Even with good settings : browse ressources show "You don't have Permission to browse this server"
  • Impossibilité de désactiver un questionnaire
  • Extending a theme creates world writable directories
  • missing translation
  • Re-ordering questions and groups using Structure drag & drop fails
  • missing translation
  • Quota, Postgress cant add
  • Logic error
  • Exclusive Option in Multiple Choice question makes not exclusive options invisible instead of non selectable
  • Out of Bound error when exporting marked responses from response list
  • Unable to see "simple plugin"
  • Small display issue in email global settings
  • DateTimePicker interface design problem
  • Installation broken
  • Session lifetime setting visible in global settings even though it is only supported for DB sessions
  • Slider left-/right labels not being set correctly
  • Theme Editor Broken after #13357 fix
  • automatic abbreviation in survey overview not working for data security error
  • hyphens in translation string
  • top bar touching survey

  • Catalan, Dutch (Informal), Dutch, French (France), German (Informal), German, Hungarian, Myanmar, Norwegian (Bokmål), Polish (Informal), Polish


8 März - 250MB3.4.4

Bug Fixes
  • Fix plugin in survey responses
  • Cannot delete surveys in Survey list when debug is on
  • Crash at optin and optout
  • "Surveys in this group" is not filtering surveys
  • Theme list in theme editor should only list installed themes
  • Some files/folders not included in imported survey themes
  • JavaScript is displayed in email notifications
  • Cannot add subquestions and answer options with plus button
  • No message displayed when saving general survey settings
  • Reflected XSS in file uploader
  • Multiple choice with comments not showing all
  • Base string "List meny entries" incorrect
  • Can't delete uploaded theme files
  • Filter assessments
  • Import of predefined label sets was not working
  • Survey group filter on survey list
  • Twig tags macro and import are now supported

  • Myanmar
  • Catalan
  • French (France)
  • Hungarian
  • Italian (Informal)
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Myanmar
  • Norwegian (BokmÃ¥l)
  • Polish (Informal)
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)


Bug Fixes
  • DejaVu font missing
  • Cannot add JavaScript file to custom admin theme
  • Missing translations
  • Failure of limiting the Ranking questions answers through drag and drop
  • Plugin event beforeQuestionRender does not work
  • Cookie to prevent repeated participation not working
  • Column names in Ranking QT need to be switched
  • Wrong file downloaded from "View Response ID" page
  • Label set problems for answer options
  • Missing creation date in user overview
  • SPSS export: Response data not properly quoted for Multiple choice 'Other' field

  • Catalan
  • Dutch
  • Dutch (Informal)
  • French (France)
  • French (France)
  • German
  • German (Informal)
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Italian (Informal)
  • Norwegian (BokmÃ¥l)
  • Norwegian (Nynorsk)
  • Polish
  • Polish (Informal)
  • Swedish


  • Fixed Vulnerability in installer

Bug Fixes
  • Usage of .question in end message broken
  • Massive deleting responses not possible after modifying table filters in response table
  • Export responses by Token returns empty results
  • Export result not work
  • Invalid XML .lss file broke break page


Bug Fixes
  • New token form set useleft to 1
  • Cannot delete users from owned user group
  • Relevance based on array-dual-scale broken
  • End message is not shown in preview
  • Problem when printing the questions at the end of the survey
  • IP address field always records 'invalid'
  • When submitting an invalid token an error is displayed twice.
  • Missing translation
  • Inconsistent use of icons for adding/new
  • Public PDF export show all question even if unrelevant
  • qtip-content help text outside of window
  • Token with useleft at 0 or less can take the survey

  • Catalan
  • Dutch (Informal)
  • Dutch (Informal)
  • Dutch
  • French (France)
  • French (France)
  • German (Informal)
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian (Informal)
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian (BokmÃ¥l)
  • Norwegian (Nynorsk)
  • Polish (Informal)
  • Polish


  • Setting to force use of XML, for easy theme development

Bug Fixes
  • Cannot use the twig split filter
  • When editing CPDB participant the owner is listed by user name instead of full name
  • Focus in text fields when pressing return
  • Missing translation
  • Missing translation
  • Missing translation
  • Missing translation
  • Next button not working under Edge.
  • Old alert popup at delete group
  • Survey logic view with massive empty space till the footer
  • {ADMINEMAIL} not working as recipient in admin notification emails
  • Admin GUI are not responsive
  • Refresh button at global level reset to "inherit"
  • Missing button for clear all answers
  • Unable to update user
  • Saving German survey title shows JSON output
  • Print answers does not work / gives an error
  • custom.css never gets loaded
  • Button too small for label in edit menu entries
  • Long text question not correctly displayed in printanswers
  • Multiple export and printanswers issues fixed
  • Untranslated strings
  • Font and fruity theme packages not correctly saved
  • Question selector not working after change in global settings
  • Some options not loaded on uninheriting the parent theme

  • Catalan
  • Dutch (Informal)
  • Dutch
  • German (Informal)
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian (Informal)
  • Italian
  • Norwegian (BokmÃ¥l)
  • Po*lish (Informal)
  • Polish
  • Romanian


Bug Fixes
  • Date/Time question type - icon missing
  • Breadcrumb group detail not using admin language
  • Not possible to using placeholders in group titles
  • Ajax mode should be off in database after installation/upgrade
  • "Registration" and "Print answers" screens appear to
  • PDOException after update to 3.3.0
  • Theme editor jumps back to admin home page after every save of changes to theme files
  • debug=2 broke all page with some server configuration
  • Alert animation applied to question container....
  • Copy conditions doesn't work
  • No error message when failed to change password
  • Notice when launching a survey after reinstalling its theme


  • "Clear asset cache" button in global settings

Bug Fixes
  • Make it possible to submit mandatory multiple choice with empty comment
  • Limesurvey crash after activating webserver authentication plugin
  • Can't save token attributes that have no description
  • Custom css/js not loaded on extended themes
  • Welcome text and description not visible

  • Catalan
  • Dutch
  • Dutch (Informal)
  • German
  • German (Informal)
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Italian (Informal)
  • Norwegian (BokmÃ¥l)
  • Polish
  • Polish (Informal)
  • Romanian
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Turkish


Bug Fixes
  • Sliders logging to console when not in debug mode.
  • Filters or rows per page won't work on default page
  • {TOKEN} field doesn't seem to be accessible in end of survey message
  • In Conditions designer, after adding a condition, "Save and close" gives 404 Not found error
  • Sliders given different widths within the same question
  • Display Token Field on Welcome Screen don't work
  • doesn't log
  • Console installation from config file not working
  • Demomode command deleteing neccessary files
  • Missing captcha rendering on registration form
  • Language not fetch the correct way


  • Systeminfos $this->view->assign Button
  • Remote control login
  • Installation from any config file possible

Bug Fixes
  • Rendering issue when adding new questions
  • Unable to update Advanced question setting after activation
  • Focus in text fields when pressing return
  • Import LSS files from previous versions
  • Expressions in question groups are not interpreted
  • Survey menu assigned to specific user shows up for all users
  • Tutorial - Create a sample question and question group
  • Captcha does not show Continue button
  • Export Survey as .lsa doesn't work - _timings not existing
  • "Inactive survey message" for active survey
  • Reference to 'LimeSurvey' in user message breaks Template principle
  • Variables don't work in END_URL
  • Can't view/edit question screen of any template
  • Simple selector don't have optgroup
  • Admin user with only read perm see "Update default"
  • Google analytics script included even if GA is not set
  • Better captcha instructions
  • Add question buttonshown even if not allowed
  • Beginer tutorial won't work withour correct permission
  • Better Excel compatibility for multiline response fields
  • Disable sorting in left box of ranking question
  • Navigation bar overflowing survey welcome
  • question type selectior available in activated survey


31 Januar - 160MB3.1.1 (build 180130) Jan 30, 2018
  • Fixed issue #13206: Unable to update advanced question setting after activation (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #12451: Problem when user exports to PDF (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12815: Error after multiple question deleting (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #12990: Exporting non-response participants very slow - fix by DeveloperChris (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #13010: MySQL 8 reserved word used as table alias in query (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #13104: A lot of white space below answer list (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #13116: Can't edit survey list (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #13185: Rendering issue when adding new questions (Preview) (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13219: Stars / Slider don't work anymore in 1-5 Single Choice Question since 3.0.5 (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13225: VVImport not showing a result screen (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #13235: Copying Array question results in error (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #13239: Extended fruity variations cannot be changed in survey, only in admin theme editor (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #13241: Error when upgrading from 2.x and using MSSQL (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #13255: Problems with saving expiration date and start date (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #13258: Class 'Users' not found when changing menu entry permissions (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #13259: Clear templates database cache after update (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #13180: Variables don't work in END_URL (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: Slider not working on new Firefox (Markus flür
  • Fixed issue: Group ordering doesn't work (markusfluer)

3.1.0 (build 180124) Jan 24, 2018
  • New feature #12240: Validation settings for "array by column" question type (Denis Chenu)
  • New feature: Add em_validation_q to list of choice (dropdown and radio) (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12548: Untranslated string during installation process (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12666: Untranslated string in participant export (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12682: Missing start and end text in quick-translation (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12877: Missing translation (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12925: Untranslated string in survey groups (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12927: String not picked from language files (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #13137: Cannot access theme editor (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #13190: Remove text or uncheck checkbox automatically not work (KLLam)
  • Fixed issue #13193: Unable to update question type (simple selector) (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13200: LDAP Auth plugin user autocreate broken (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #13208: Missing translation in ComfortUpdate (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #13212: missing translation frontend survey (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13215: Missing string (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13216: missing translation (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13223: Missing translation when editing CPDB attributes (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #13226: Array buttons don't stay selected in Firefox 57.0.4 (Markus flür)
  • Fixed issue #13161: Error page when submitting a form which has been saved for later and then resumed. (KLLam)
  • Fixed issue: Captcha alone not working (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Captcha image does not appear (because GD library is not installed) (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Captcha not showing (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Default tutorials out of db and reset surveymenues to work well with translations (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Demo rendered unusable with wipe command (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Emailtemplate reset not working (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: EM expression on other for list dropdown didn't work (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: Error message with missing directories in template editor (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Language error (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: [security] No CRSF check for uninstall theme - reported by Mustafa Hasan (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: Notice if survey is activated and question is edited (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Reverted accidental change from develop branch (Markus flür)
  • Fixed issue: Sliders not working (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Slider value empty (Markus flür)

3.0.5 (build 180118) Jan 18, 2018
  • Fixed issue #13061: Survey list displays only the surveys from the default survey group (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #13110: Language changer doesn't work (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #13118: Hide group name and/or group description not working (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #13153: Confirm Popup stays active after deleting a single token and clicking "yes" (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13176: Conditions on 1-5 Single Choice doesn't work with Star Rating (default + slider works) (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13177: 1-5 Single Choice with Slider & deactivated "no answer" still let's the slider move to 6th element (outside of the slider) (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Mass actions not working correctly (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: More fixes to theme configuration in database after update (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Slow performance on every admininstration page if you have alot of surveys (Carsten Schmitz)

3.0.4 (build 180116) Jan 16, 2018
  • Fixed issue #13124: LDAP Authencation failed (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #13139: Editing assessment rules->message text gets lost (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13145: Unable to process IMAP bounces (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #13151: Display issue in survey theme editor (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13154: "Resume Later" fails with "General error: 1364 Field 'saved_thisstep' doesn't have a default value" (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Missing vanilla and fruity theme configuration after upgrading from 2.73 (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: POST URLs on user editing (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: ComfortUpdate ZIP problem (LouisGac)

3.0.3 (build 180112) Jan 12, 2018
  • Fixed a small typo (gekkedev)
  • Fixed issue #12223: Exporting database does not name columns for attributes (Matthew)
  • Fixed issue #13134: Some Expression Manager vars not rendered (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #13157: Exporting results with active timings results in an SQL error (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #13159: Cannot access logic file (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #13163: Can't add answer option to Single Choice Question (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #13166: Survey theme editor - Animate checkboxes (fruity only) (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Labelsets not working correctly (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Question navigator not working (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: labelsets not working on firefox (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: links in sidemenu to questions doen't work (Markus Flür)
  • Fixed issue: theme.js not loaded (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue:vertical scrollbar in structure view (markusfluer)
  • fixed issue #13156: Some Variables are not working in ongoing survey: ASSESSMENT_CURRENT_TOTAL and TOKEN:TOKEN (LouisGac)

3.0.2 (build 180110) Jan 10, 2018
  • New feature: Else part in Expression Manager function optional (#895) (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #13108: Property "Template.creator" is not defined. (#908) (Tõnis Ormisson
  • Fixed issue #12934: Date field does not show calendar (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13105: Tutor looks bad, buttons are overlapping (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13106: SQL error when installing 3.0.1 (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13111: Google Analytics (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13113: export_responses returns page error as response (#910) (Tõnis Ormisson
  • Fixed issue #13117: Statistics cannot be shown (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #13120: Cant change to custom default survey template (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #13120: Cant use dash in template name (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #13131: Edit survey participant --> "Invitation sent?" and "Reminder Sent" can't be reset (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13133: Can not edit qustion advanced settings on activated survey (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13136: Can't remove end URL (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13144: Remove 'Create theme' button (should only extend) (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #13147: No clearall confirmation (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #13149: Tour does not work when using urlFormat path (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Better handling of email in LDAP account creation (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: End tour button seemed out of place Redirection not working in tour (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Faulty Postgres id seq during db upgrade (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Label set import broken (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Multiple errors on IE11 (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Multiple issues when updating using Postgres (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Registration did not redirect to successpage (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Translation not properly shown (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Non webserver authentication (Pablo Garcia)
  • Fixed issue: Can't save question custom attributes for question themes (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: checkPassword throwing ERROR_PASSWORD_INVALID when credentials are ok. (Pablo Garcia)

3.0.1 (build 171228) Dec 28, 1017
  • Fixed issue #12998: Text noise visible after db upgrade (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #13087: Template carousel button has different fonts (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Breaking updatedb through missing table (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Create survey config after survey import (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Data integrity query failed (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Doubled advanced settings in question edition (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Export form looks strange in small resolution (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Missing columns in responses export (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: boxes not behaving correctly on ie (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: can't save assessment in array question (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: installation db and update db were differing in tutorials, thus breaking tests (markusfluer)

3.0.0 (build 171222) Dec 22, 2017
  • New feature: Redesigned survey toolbar (markusfluer)
  • New feature: Tutorial tour (markusfluer)
  • New feature: Massive action to delete uploaded files for multiple responses at once (Olle Haerstedt)
  • New feature: Browser detection question type template for short text (markusfluer)
  • New feature: Copy, export and import survey plugin settings (Denis Chenu)
  • New feature: Install/uninstall templates uploaded via FTP (LouisGac)
  • New feature: New button to remove uploaded files while keeping the response itself (Olle Haerstedt)
  • New feature: Offer core templates to install manually. (LouisGac)
  • New feature: Purge survey files possibly left from erroneous delete (Olle Haerstedt)
  • New feature: Set quotas by equation (Tõnis Ormisson)
  • New feature: Storage data overview in global settings (Olle Haerstedt)
  • New feature: Template list in survey group, so it's possible to set survey group options for any template (LouisGac)
  • New feature: Copy survey using RemoteControl API (Stefan Verweij)
  • New feature: set_quota_properties via RemoteControl API (Tõnis Ormisson)
  • New feature: Toggle quota status via RemoteControl API (Tõnis Ormisson)
  • New feature #12563: RemoteControl API - process files on add_response() (Adrián Pardini)
  • New feature #12564: RemoteControl API - adds upload_file action (Adrián Pardini)

Zeige mehr Versionen


24 Oktober 2017 - 160MB2.72.3 (build 171020)
  • Fixed issue #12805: Date fields are lost when persistent tokens are re-accessed (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12806: RemoteControl: wrong datatype shows SQL error (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Error after update which resolves itself after some time (caching issue) (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Error message on LDAP token bind too generic (Carsten Schmitz)

2.72.2 (build 171017)
  • Fixed issue #12739: File upload question format: Title and comment may be garbled when going back and forth (markusfluer, Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12785: Some placeholders in e-mail templates do not take 'publicurl' setting into account (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12786: Cannot delete users from user groups unless having Superadministrator permission (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12798: Tools menu can be shown but empty (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: Uploader could not work with multibyte unicode letters (markusfluer)

2.72.1 (build 171012)
  • Fixed issue #12551: Untranslated string (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12765: When saving survey settings an error is shown. (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Unable to save plugin settings (Denis Chenu)

2.72.0 (build 171010)
  • New feature #12691: Allow initial superadmin to login via LDAP (Denis Chenu)
  • New feature #9235: Copy, export and import survey plugin settings (Denis Chenu)
  • New feature: Copy survey from remotecontroll (#688) (Stefan Verweij)
  • New feature: Mass action to export selected responses (LouisGac)
  • New feature: Purge survey files possibly left from erroneous delete (Olle Haerstedt)
  • New feature: queXMLPDF export with response data (#807) (Adam Zammit)
  • New translation: Kirundi - kindly provided by Victorin Luisier
  • Fixed issue #12452: Conditional routing doesn't work on scale and array questions (#783) (opinioni)
  • Fixed issue #12552: Some typos (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12639: Quota end-url does not allow surrounding EM (#798) (Tõnis Ormisson)
  • Fixed issue #12704: Participants receive wrong tokens after testing (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12731: When sending mails to an user group, the success message is not translated to German. (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12736: Incomplete warning for anonymous surveys (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Delete survey folder when using massive action survey delete (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Don't use short-hand array notation (Olle Harstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Maps not working properly on https + bugfixes (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Typecheck the XML variable from the GroupImport method (#804) (Kevin Broeren)

2.71.1 (build 170927)
  • Fixed issue #12703: rtl css not loaded in Survey listing (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #12710: Unable to view survey with debug=2 (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #12711: Date with dropdow throw SQL error with pgsql (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12719: RTL always loaded (and inverse ;) ) (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: Global user permission changes are not saved anymore (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: RTL CSS not loaded when defining language by URL or post (LouisGac)

2.71.0 (build 170925)
  • New feature #12690: Allow super-admin set by other user's than 1 (#810) (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: Can't delete file in template editor that contains a blank (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: template-rtl.css not loaded (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: Token editing - couldn't change to attributes tab (markusfluer)


21 September 2017 - 160MB
  • New feature: Add mass action to delete uploaded files for multiple responses at once (Olle Haerstedt)
  • New feature: New button to remove uploaded files while keeping the response it self (Olle Haerstedt)
  • New feature: Storage data overview in global settings (Olle Haerstedt)
  • New feature: Added editing of participants/tokens to mass actions(LouisGac & markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #12279: Unable to upload image when send invitation (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12585: In quotas some answer options using non-ASCII characters are not shown in overview (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12641: On registering any lang can be set and accepted. (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12652: AuditLog plugin reset langage to default when register (#803) (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12655: Unable to update lang in Personnal settings (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12678: Save ranking question type can broke survey database (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: Can't add new participant in CPDB when audit log is active (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: CPDB attribute language name didn't save (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Don't bind multiple click events on yes/no modal (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Login form language is not updated after error (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: Pagination in Central Participant database not working when using MSSQL (encelado)
  • Fixed issue: Question index menu is too high when survey is big (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Quota general screen not working because of missing language definition (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Should not be possible to change ranking columns when survey is active (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Too many columns error message on response export even if only a few columns were selected (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Wrong date conversion at data entry edit/new (Olle Haerstedt)


19 Juli 2017 - 160MBLimeSurvey 2.67.2 (build 170719)
  • Fixed issue #12491: Permission to delete participants not obeyed in export dialog (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Default template with questions of white font color (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Importing a Tab-separated survey CSV file with multiline text in the question field does not properly work (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: QuickMenu break usage of newDirectRequest for other plugin (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: unable to save Google Analytics key by survey (Denis Chenu)

LimeSurvey 2.67.1 (build 170626)
  • Fixed issue #12414: exporting printable - template assets not visible in some extractors (eg windows default) (#701) (Tõnis Ormisson)
  • Fixed issue: Error in database update syntax (Olle Harstedt)

LimeSurvey 2.67.0 (build 170622)
  • New feature: Opting out of a survey requires a one-click confirmation (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12476: Quicktranslation tabs not working (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: convertDateTimeFormat gets wrong fromdateformat in survey list (Olle Haerstedt)


19 Juni 2017 - 160MBLimeSurvey 2.66.0 (build 170619)
  • New feature #12468: EM placeholder {SID} in email templates (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12101: Placeholder "TOKEN" does not work in Equation question (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12166: No possibility to share users with some webserver configurations (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Allow more date formats in date question default answer (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: avoid very rare possible duplicate id on a page (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: DateTime object can be false (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: possible page broke when import TSV survey (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: Unable to use pop up editor in survey setting (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: [security] XSS in survey list (Denis Chenu)

LimeSurvey 2.65.6 (build 170615)
  • Fixed issue: DateTime increased when going forward and back (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Missing hash column in notifications table (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Replacement fields are unsorted (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Replacement fields editor not properly working (Carsten Schmitz)

LimeSurvey 2.65.5 (build 170613)
  • Fixed issue: Date questions do not properly save the date
  • Fixed issue #11868: Zlib library missing (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11995: Removing language from global settings produces fatal error (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12031:Download files button in Response detail screen mislabelled (Carsten Schmitz)

LimeSurvey 2.65.4 (build 170612)
  • Fixed issue #12225: [security] Cross-Site Scripting (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12417: Error when creating a question group multiple languages and using MSSQL (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12463: "Quick add.." replace function does not work anymore (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: Fixed confusing captcha (markusfluer)


7 Juni 2017 - 160MBLimeSurvey 2.65.3 (build 170607)
  • Fixed issue: LimeSurvey logos too big
  • Fixed issue #12460: Filtering statistics based on numeric question details (e.g. "Number less than X") has no effect (LouisGac)

LimeSurvey 2.65.2 (build 170606)
  • New feature: Add some collapse feature to remotecontrol function list (Denis Chenu)
  • New feature: RemoteControl : allow to get all attributes in get function (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12368: RemoteControl: properties that are available are not shown (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12372: Unsuitable CAPTCHA (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #12432: Reflected XSS in Notifications (thanks to mrbreaker) (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12433: [security] Reflected XSS (Thanks to mrbreaker) (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12436: [security] Potential SQL injection through Notifications (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12450: DataEntry not opening with array filter questions (Tõnis Ormisson)
  • Fixed issue #12452: Numeric vars are treated as string during comparison (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Saveall display even if completed (ImperatorTheo)

LimeSurvey 2.65.1 (build 170522)
  • Fixed issue #12258: Incorrect date validation when using mm-yyyy dateformat (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #12371: 5-point array question with semantic differential has bold font on left side and normal font on right side (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #12372: Unsuitable CAPTCHA (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12379: Audit Plugin: Property "PluginDynamic.reason" is not defined on Response Table Import (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: [security] Weakness in survey import code replacement (Carsten Schmitz)

LimeSurvey 2.65.0 (build 170502)
  • New feature: Add massive set-expiry to survey-list (Tõnis Ormisson)
  • New feature: LDAP auth group filtering, support for $userdn (Enrico Polesel)
  • New feature: Option to reset response ID when copying a survey (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12154: production CSS files contains info about * (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #12179: Missing translation in panel integration settings (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12235: the template model of the administration interface changes the color of a template button (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #12237: Tips are missing in "General options" (Tõnis Ormisson)
  • Fixed issue #12263: Error when uploading additional file in template editor (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12267: Quotas quick report (export to .csv) is missing (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #12270: [security] XSS Vulnerability (Matthew)
  • Fixed issue: IP address always saved even if not activated in survey settings (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: wrong url generation for survey new test, that could lead to session problem when combined with wrong resources url (eg: favicon). (LouisGac)
  • Fixed wrong URL at instructions for adding your own logo to a template (Marcel Minke)


14 April 2017 - 160MBLimeSurvey 2.64.7 (build 170404)
  • Fixed issue #12187: invitation mails are not being sent using json-rpc (brammeleman)
  • Fixed issue #12249: This survey does not work with quota (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12254: CSRF issue in admin after testing a survey (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Collation error in token import when the file charset is not properly detected (Carsten Schmitz)

LimeSurvey 2.64.6 (build 170332)
  • Fixed error: Still not working quotas created more problems (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Not displaying quotas (markusfluer)

LimeSurvey 2.64.5 (build 170331)
  • Fixed issue: Quotas are not accessible on a non activated survey. (markusfluer)

LimeSurvey 2.64.4 (build 170330)
  • Fixed issue #12076: Array of texts set to "numbers only" doesn't allow negative values (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Active group not selected when filtering question list by group (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: Can't filter question list by group (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: PHP notice in browse token after tested another survey (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: Problems with a missing surveytable (Markus)
  • Fixed issue: Switch option when import VV not used (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: Unable to use month in date (Denis Chenu)

LimeSurvey 2.64.3 (build 170327)
  • Fixed issue #12226: [security] Improper handling of insufficient privileges (Matthew)
  • Fixed issue: Error on upload in template editor (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Not possible to change template in template editor (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Quota methods not correct on frontend (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Quotas were wrongly set in the backend. (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: [security] CSRF token not regenerated on log in (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Unable to use EM in cron (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: XSS filter for participant firstname/lastname is applied when the participant is marked as completed or quota out (Carsten Schmitz)

LimeSurvey 2.64.2 (build 170324)
  • Fixed issue #12072: Conditions dialog very slow when creating/editing surveys (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12189: Group import count are false (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12192: Quotas page missing pagination - only 10 quotas visible (Ormisson)
  • Fixed issue #12198: Date/Time question timeformat A seems invalid (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12201: Quotas not triggered for secondary languages (Ormisson)
  • Fixed issue #12207: Valid variable can be seen as invalid (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12208: Bad language used for EM in survey logic file (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12214: Check for integer on numerical questions not working correctly (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12224: [security] Cross-Site Request Forgery issue (lacrioque) - reported by Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten & Manuel Stotz (SySS GmbH)
  • Fixed issue #12225: [security] CSS issues in file upload question type and administration user edition (Denis Chenu & Carsten Schmitz) - reported by Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten & Manuel Stotz (SySS GmbH)
  • Fixed issue: [security] XSS in plugin using sidebody function (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: Quota end message use base language only (Denis Chenu)

LimeSurvey 2.64.1 (build 170310)
  • Fixed issue #12136: The central participant database does not export (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #12173: Error with pluginhelper?sa=sidebody direct link (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12176: Fatal error in admin response controller (Matthew)
  • Fixed issue #12177: Modal language changed to last survey language if massive exporting htmls (Ormisson)
  • FIxed issue #12178: fix quota-grid errors if no quotas (Ormisson)
  • Fixed issue #12183: New quota : autoload_url to Yes by default (Ormisson)
  • Fixed issue: Captcha text was not unescaped at all places (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Certain invalid numbers don't raise warning during entry (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Good header for zip files download (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: Missing subaction in URL for generate question codes (Olle Haerstedt)

LimeSurvey 2.64.0 (build 170307)
  • Fixed issue #12118: Expiry date not referenced correctly at survey list overview (Ormisson)
  • Fixed issue #12132: Survey List Status Filter 'Active and running' does not list expiring surveys (Ormisson)
  • Fixed issue #12134: Activation button for active but expired should link to expiry options (Ormisson)
  • Fixed issue #12146: Edit answer options: New answer option UI error (Matthew)
  • Fixed issue #12147: Template news_paper has phantom buttons (Matthew)
  • Fixed issue #12150: Download link in responses may download wrong file if same file name was uploaded twice (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12156: RemoteControl get_question_properties does not convey answer options order (Matthew)
  • Fixed issue #12159: On-page Regex validation shows incorrect behaviour (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12164: Bad header when download file in Response browsing (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12165: Unable to add more than drop-down field to an attribute at a time (Matthew)
  • Fixed issue #12169: Import permission for Central Participant Database not available (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Cannot import survey structure text format edited on Mac OS (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: $deleteAfterUse parameter in BigData constructor wasn't used. (brammeleman)
  • Fixed issue: Missing space before (Base language) (Ormisson)
  • Fixed issue: RemoteControl API mail_registered_participants not working on MSSQL (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Settings filter in survey list not working in MSSQL (Carsten Schmitz)
  • New feature #12117: Massive actions for quotas (Ormisson)
  • New feature: Export printable questionnaires (Ormisson)
  • New feature: Extend LDAP authentication plugin with optional group-membership restriction (Fred Yankowski)
  • New feature: Method to get all uploaded files for a given token (brammeleman)
  • New feature: NUMBEROFGROUPS replacement field on welcome template (Matthew Favetti)
  • New feature: Regular expression flags can now be used in validation (Carsten Schmitz)
  • New feature: Remote Control: list_users accepts user_id filter (Gabriel Jenik)


6 Februar 2017 - 160MB
  • Fixed issue #11696: "Return to survey" link misaligned in load screen (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12029: EM for {Qcode.shown} not working after Update (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #12055: Error when setting conditions on questions (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12084: HTML body tags missing in login (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #12096: PHP notice when editing Array number (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #12107: Sumifop concatenating values instead of sum them up. (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Login panel stuck to the top (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Survey archive import doesn't import all tokens (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: Various bugs in update procedure when updating from 1.92 or older (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: when user select responses on statistics, and then click on browser buttons, filters does not apply to Yii Grid. (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: [security] SQL injection vulnerability in response browse screen (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #11744: Fixed issue #11744: When adding new answer the assessment column isn't displayed
  • Fixed issue #11887: Stars of 5 Point Choice question are not set to given value after using "back" button (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Error on save in Quick-Translate function when using Postgres (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Replacing `@@SURVEYURL@@` incorrectly in RPC (#630) (Frederik Prijck)


20 Januar 2017 - 160MB
  • Fixed issue: [security] Possible XSS in loading screen (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Notice when allow_url_fopen is set to off (Johannes Weberhofer)
  • Fixed issue #12052: Overlapping messages (markusfluer)
  • New feature: Added token email as replacement field for confirmation emails (Gabriel Jenik)
  • New feature: Make AuthLDAP support multiple Base DNs for "Search and Bind" (ecraven)
  • New feature: RemoteControl - new filter by token ids at invite_participants method (Gabriel Jenik)


2 November 2016 - 160MB
  • Fixed issue #11606: Date/Time filed does not record the answer (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11813: Default order of responses not set to response ID when browsing or exporting (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11821: Apache error uploading images kcfinder (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11823: Screen for activation of survey too narrow (Olle Haerstedt)

2.55 (build 161021)
  • New feature: Quick-add conditions in the condition designer (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11727: 'Undefined index: LEMsid' with a plugin sidebody URL (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11758: Better error message for replacement fields (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11794: Show scenario number when edit condition (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11818: Non-sanitized output in massive actions for question list (Carsten Schmitz)

2.54.5 (build 161019)
  • Fixed issue #11805: Timestamp hours does not display correctly in 'invitations sent' window (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11809: Restrictions for mass actions not correct working in response browsing (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11815: Can't login, no input field for login (LouisGac)

2.54.4 (build 161018)
  • Fixed issue #11702: Dropdown question : 2 'no answer' if value selected is 0 (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #11731: Regexp validation for short-text question (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11740: Decimal throwerreor with negative value (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #11753: Date validation issues (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11768: Window for old token tables too small (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11802: Remove unused files (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11806: Blank page in conditions (Olle Haerstedt)

2.54.3 (build 161014)
  • Fixed issue #11746: Notice when previewing a hidden question and debug mode activated (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11765: Admin data entry doesn't work if survey has restricted access (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Mass-exporting survey archives shows error (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Remove session warning message from question organizer (Olle Haerstedt)

2.54.2 (build 161012)
  • Fixed issue #11752: Mandatory radio star show 4 stars only (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #11760: Helper class ls\ajax\AjaxHelper uses echo keyword as method name (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11772: Expression manager convert_value does not obey strict setting (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11775: Gender question condition faulty (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11780: Typo - The file has been successfuly uploaded (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11785: Warn if input is too big in question organizer (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: SPSS data export corrupted (Carsten Schmitz)

2.54.1 (build 161010)
  • Fixed issue #11760: White screen/error when opening CPDB

2.54 (build 161007)
  • New feature #11683: i18n for EM validations tip (Denis Chenu)
  • New feature: Choose language when exporting SPSS data (Carsten Schmitz)
  • New translation: Bengali (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10614: Crash during installation if password and confirmation password don't match (Alfredo Esteban)
  • Fixed issue #11682: Possible illegal string offset with some attribute (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #11730: Minimum width warning for admin interface showing when it shouldn't (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11732: (partial) Slider reset don't reset to default position (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #11757: tmp/assets directory is missing (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Crash during installation if admin email is empty (Alfredo Esteban)
  • Fixed issue: TLS handshake used even if no TLS is set in SMTP settings (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: XSS filter for attributes is applied when the participant is marked as completed or quota out (Carsten Schmitz)

2.53 (build 161004)
  • New feature #11626: beforeTokenEmail for confirmation email (Denis Chenu)
  • New feature: Add model for beforeTokenEmail event (name in the DB for surveyls_email_model) (Denis Chenu)
  • New feature: Add survey for survey id in beforeTokenEmail event (Denis Chenu)
  • Updated feature: Added setting to toggle search box on home page survey listing (#11710) (Matthew Favetti)
  • Updated feature: Allow custom links in home page boxes (#11548) (Matthew Favetti)
  • Updated feature: User can now choose whether or not to create sample question and group when a creating survey (#11605) (Matthew Favetti)
  • Fixed issue: [security] Persistent XSS in the attributes of a token (Alfredo Esteban)
  • Fixed issue #11542: Implement setting to display more than 10 users per page (Matthew Favetti)
  • Fixed issue #11586: Window size problem for admin screens (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11621: Dashes and leading numbers not allowed in database names (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11678: some misplaced text string etc in Print answers after survey completition (Alfredo Esteban)
  • Fixed issue #11681: Clicking "Undo" right after page load erases everything in template source code editor (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11684: Download all files for these responses is missing (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11685: Survey header in mobile view breaking into next line (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #11690: Mandatory indication is missing in question list (Matthew Favetti)
  • Fixed issue #11691: Can't upload CSV files with valid tokens (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #11698: ConfortUpdate cannot download the zip file via proxy (Matthew Favetti)
  • Fixed issue #11700: Mandatory array (dropdown) is not mandatory (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #11708: Question code not shown when 'Show question code only' is selected in survey settings (Matthew Favetti)
  • Fixed issue #11710: Add 'search box' on Home page survey list (Matthew Favetti)
  • Fixed issue #11712: Bootsrap3 Class for plugin settings (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #11713: Unclear message when setting an expiration date (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11736: Uncaught ReferenceError: Decimal is not defined (Matthew Favetti)
  • Fixed issue #11739: No redirect to survey after token use (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Control characters break XML export (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Copying a survey takes a very long time due to slow link replacement (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Last browser version show ranking right to left and not left to right (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: SQL error with postgresql when filling integer fields in tokens list (Alfredo Esteban)
  • Fixed issue: UID not logged when creating token (Alfredo Esteban)

2.52 (build 160920)
  • New feature #11626: beforeTokenEmail for confirmation email (Denis Chenu)
  • New feature: Add model for beforeTokenEmail event (name in the DB for surveyls_email_model) (Denis Chenu)
  • New feature: Add survey for survey id in beforeTokenEmail event (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #11574: Search box in main survey list is case sensitive (Alfredo Esteban)
  • Fixed issue #11639: Bad design when using the function Copy conditions (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11642: Update CKEditor to Version 4.5.11 (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11644: SQL error in postgresql when filtering by date types in participants list and responses list (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11647: Can not use LANGUAGECHANGER inside a survey (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #11650: Array dropdown : answer_width don't set answer column width (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #11651: Multiple question exportation to SPSS unclear (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #11663: KCFinder Image Browse Server not working when using db sessions (Gabriele Mambrini) (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #11664: When using core variable in relevance or in attribute : update language during survey break expression (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: ~ and _ in tokens hard to manually enter (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: import template skipped "woff2" files, and warn as "skipped" the folders. (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: Language changer not holding language with activated captcha (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: SQL error with postgresql when filling integer fields in tokens list (Alfredo Esteban)
  • Fixed issue: Tokens are silently sanitized on import - should be skipped instead with proper error message in import summary (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Version number not updated (Carsten Schmitz)

2.51.4 (build 160908)
  • Fixed issue #11615: Input is not properly supressed when setting "numbers only" restriction (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #11621: Installer allows invalid database names (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11624: Zeros in Excel export are formatted as text not as numbers (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11628: When LDAP enabled and default the login form does not look properly (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11633: User can access closed surveys of no tokens were generated (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #11634: Quick add answer options, all options have same code (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #11635: Array by column has no zebra style (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: [security] Closed surveys accessible without token if no participants having a token exist (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Active and running filter not working if there is only start- or enddate (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Active and running not working on postgres (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: Custom templates have a Open Modal instead of a exit and clear button (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue: User with token update permission does not see 'Send invitation/reminder' menu entries (Carsten Schmitz)


7 September 2016 - 160MB
  • Fixed issue: Template editor not working properly (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11599: Any way to show active and not expired surveys (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #11613: Importing a participant having an empty token field is not possible (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11616: Data of "Other" field at "Multiple options with comments" question not shown on revisiting survey page (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11617: At question import the question code gets replaced though the code doesn't exist in that survey (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11619: Error 500 tokens (array short-notation) (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Nojavascript tag showing in custom templates
  • Fixed issue: Broken HTML in survey listing (Denis Chenu)


2 September 2016 - 160MB
  • Fixed issue #11565: When importing participants, can't un-set attribute match once set (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11581: Active label on survey list is confusing (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11591: Typing mistake in text string (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11592: Fatal error with clean 160829 (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11598: Some survey responses cannot be exported to SPSS (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11603: Upgrading from 2.50-160616 to 2.51-160829 fails with database error on MS-SQL (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Renew key message even though there is no manual renewal possible (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Statistics show more than allowed filter for ranking question type (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: Survey cannot proceed anymore (Carsten Schmitz)


23 August 2016 - 160MB
  • New feature: Add example group and question on survey creation (Carsten Schmitz)
  • New translation: Kyrgyz by kmaksat (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11553: Buttons "Expert mode" and "Close" not clickable (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #11558: No obious way to add a new question after question group is added (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11568: Active surveys list for surveytakers is not properly formatted (markusfluer)
  • Fixed issue #9401: CPDB survey participant attribute mapping not automatically used when copying from CPDB to survey (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #9825: Remove hardcoded CSS style from privacy message (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #9957: R Export syntax file does not state UTF-8 encoding (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: Plugin specific settings not working in survey settings (Carsten Schmitz)


26 April 2016 - 160MB
  • Fixed issue: Date picker not properly working in administration (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10972: Unable to edit pstpl files located at template root (2.06 templates) (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #11016: 10 point array does not fit on tablet screen (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #11027: Better styling of progress bar in 2.5 templates (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11034: No javascript warning is not viewable (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #11004: [security] Unauthorized access to certain admin pages by restricted admins (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10274: Bad layout of mini calendar in statistics (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10474: Characters not accepted for "save & resume later" passwords in links sent by email (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10704: Missing translation in response filter (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10748: Mix of languages in response browsing (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10886: Export to XML: question type List Radio not exported (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10939: Public Survey List (root of app) includes a different set of CSS files from the Survey itself, and in the wrong order (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #10946: Design issue when entering answer options on double matrix question (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #10949: Numbering of sub questions The first subquestion is numbered with leading 0, like SQ001, while the following is numbered SQ2, SQ3 etc. (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #11000: Slider question rendered too small (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #11001: Selecting a screen in the template editor fails (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11005: Button link error (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11010: PHP notice when create a new survey (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11011: Blank screen after adding new group (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11012: Delete Group button in group list view (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11013: Small editor when adding/editing a question group (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #11014: Multiple numeric input with narrow colum is aligned too right (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #11017: Missing Save and Close button (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #11018: User with only statistics access can see survey in list (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #11022: Better alignment of the percent in the progress bar (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: If an invalid admin theme is set (e.g. after upgrade) the global settings are not properly read (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue: template.js path forced in uploader controller (LouisGac)
  • New feature #10571: beforeController event (for web) (Denis Chenu)
  • New feature #10954: Always add font-awesome in public and admin (Denis Chenu)
  • New feature: Configuration AuditLog config page + new log survey settings change event (Daniel Gimeno)
  • New feature: Enable integer-only answers in multiple numeric fields (Daniel Gimeno)
  • Fixed issue #10390: Commit to set default charset at global settings got (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10712: Some screens are not disabled if user doesn't have permissions to update a survey (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10846: Checked responses are not read when load "surveys file" (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #10941: Two problems in statistics PDF export (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10956: Double inclusion of language selector in welcome (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10969: Slider call out only shows up after sliding and releasing the slider (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10976: Empty help string/info icon on numerical input with (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10982: Theme/Template Editor adds whitespace to the beginning and end of loaded/saved files (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10985: Theme editor unable to handle theme names with special characters (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10990: Pasting text not possible in Internet Explorer 11 (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10993: Alignment of radio buttons (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10988: Undefined variable: sMandatoryText - crashing survey on start (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10829: Survey admins presented with inappropriate control (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10908: Disable next button with time limit is not working (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10928: Adding Conditions in the Conditions Designer does not work for Conditions based on Token Fields (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10929: Missing translation in home page configuration (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10944: Bad design when designing a survey on 1366x768 resolution (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10945: Add button Save and close when creating a new group (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10959: Missing translation (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10960: Dual-scale dropdown looks weird (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10961: bad layout quota design (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10962: adding answer to quota seems odd (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10964: Bad layout on narrow screens in statistics (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10965: Tiny caption text issue (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10966: Donate link in footer opens in parent window (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10967: Non-formatted date format in data integrity check (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10968: Slider reset button wrongly styled (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Dixed issue: ComfortUpdate colors in lime-admin-comon (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: Internal server error at then end of the update process from 2.06 (LouisGac)
  • Fixed update #10829: Survey admins presented with inappropriate control (Olle Haerstedt)
  • New feature: Default template errors/alerts system enhanced (LouisGac)
  • New feature: Frontend, scroll to first error (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #10222: Attachments for registration emails don't get attached (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10774: Column header at wrong position (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10933: The Maximum characters on array(Texts) Type not working (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10934: EM regexMatch function don't show pattern error (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #10936: FileUpload doesn't work correctly when there's two in same group (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10953: Using mktime() EM function broke survey administration (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: Srray number wrong header alignment (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: Headers were right align in arrays text (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: No column for suffix in array 5 point choice (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: Short free text, prefix and suffix not centered (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: Text in headers and input left align in arrays text with number only option (LouisGac)
  • New feature: Arrays, mute headers when exlusive option is choosen (LouisGac)
  • New feature: Better display for Open Layer map (LouisGac)
  • New feature: Force asset manager to republish assets for manual updates (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue: Error when running integrity check and trying to remove orphan quotas (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10860 : Regular expression fail with specific value (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #10921: Questiontype Array (numbers) with checkbox-layout (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10923: statistics of questiontype array(numbers) not (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Accessibilty issues when filling out survey (Louis Gac)
  • Fixed issue #10795: Label text in statistics graph is missing a space (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10844: Various issues using the LS 2.50 default template (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10901: Cannot open a survey in RTL Language (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Various issues using the LS 2.50 default template (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Global settings being randomly deleted (Louis Gac)
  • Removed translation: Kazakh (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10755: Return to admin panel button do not work (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10901: I cant open a survey in RTL Language (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: Saving global settings didn't submit (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #10844: Various issues using the LS 2.50 default template (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10893: Error when saving survey settings (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #10899: Kcfinder browse.php is shown, not executed (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10901: I cant open a survey in RTL Language (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10904: Installer not styled anymore (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #10905: Too many leading zeros in CSS for answer cells (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10907: Display columns error (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #10776: Quick Add not working for x-scale in Array (Numbers) (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10820: kcfinder not working with symlinked /upload (reverted from commit 36c988bc75dcc680d7bf20c6df6f6d5e27ad6c3d) (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10889: When importing a group in the wrong language, error (Olle Haerstedt)


7 April 2016 - 160MB
  • Fixed issue #10816: Entry box for Subquestion relevance equations is to (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10844: Various issues using the LS 2.50 default template (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10850: Questions attributes "Display columns:" wrong default value 6->1 (t6nnp6nn)
  • Fixed issue #10861: Second label of bipolar marix question does not (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10871: Invitation/Reminder buttons at bottom of token table do not function (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10875: Remote control list_surveys can list whole surveys, and not only needed (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #10883: Error 500 survey permission (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10884: Ranking question always in error when filled in (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10654: Notice messages shown when disabling update (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10474: Some characters not accepted for "save & resume later" passwords in links sent by email (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10572: Error during update when updating token table field sizes (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10586: Multiple choice exported to R, levels are wrong on factor() syntax file (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10628: Mixed content error for image in administration (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10823: Can't read the timing data (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10824: Broken list in survey privileges (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10848: Can't edit quota (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10866: PHP fatal error at data entry for multiple choice checkbox (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10867: Missing statistics buttons (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10869: "Thank you" after submit is written in white color (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10847: Unable to add attachement in an invitation Mail (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10784: Small translation issue (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10819: Display tokens rows too high (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10820: kcfinder not working with symlinked /upload (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10823: Can't read the timing data (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10848: Can't edit quota (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10851: Short free text question - Prefix and Suffix text (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10858: Notifications overlap menus (Carsten Schmitz)
  • Fixed issue #10847: Unable to add attachement in an invitation Mail (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10817: Testing 2.50 default template on mobile devices (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10818: Subquestion relevance not working on runtime (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10841: Prefilling a survey using GET parameters (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue: event for beforeTokenEmail for register is not dispatched (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #10817: Testing 2.50 default template on mobile devices (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10825: No filter on number is done before try to save in DB (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #10817: Testing 2.50 default template on mobile devices (Olle Haerstedt)
  • New feature : newUnsecureRequest event : same than direct request but without CRSF (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue: Missing queXML PDF export (Adam Zammit)
  • Fixed issue #10269: Plugin setting type html is broken (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10495: Missing padding when browsing responses (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10555: Simple selector : Advanced settings of question is not updated when update question type (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #10632: Can't access advanced settings of a question when survey is activated (Denis Chenu)
  • Fixed issue #10649: LDAP pluging - Default setting 'LDAP authentication' does not apply (Alfredo Esteban)
  • Fixed issue #10730: Default templates errors with (dual) matrix on small (Olle Haerstedt)
  • Fixed issue #10744: Numeric slider : no difference between unanswered + no reset (LouisGac)
  • Fixed issue #10760: TSV export : Conditions truncated at "

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