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Joomla ist ein Content Management System (CMS), mit dem Websites und leistungsfähige Online-Anwendungen erstellt werden können. Durch tausende Module und Erweiterungen lässt sich mit Joomla fast jedes Projekt umsetzen.

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Laufende Version
Letzte Aktualisierung
10 May 2022
Deutsch + 26 andere


Grösse der Installation
100.00 MB
Was gibt es Neues?
10 Mai - 100MB
  • Several 8.1 fixes
  • Improve SVG upload (#37703)
  • Language improvements (see)
  • Improve the child template creation (#36250)
  • Fix scheduler DB query (#37463)
  • Cassiopeia SCSS variables got the !default flag (#37360)

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4.1.2 (Sicherheitsupdate)
1 April - 100MB4.1.2

Bug fixes
  • Revert security fix 20220303 due to implementation issues.


  • This release was initially withheld from distribution because it didn't pass Applications's testing standards which all new releases are tested against.
  • Joomla 4.1.2 has subsequently been released and passes Applications's testing standards.

  • [20220301] Low Severity - Moderate Impact - Zip Slip within the Tar extractor (affecting Joomla! 3.0.0 through 3.10.6 & 4.0.0 through 4.1.0) - Extracting an specifilcy crafted tar package could write files outside of the intended path.
  • [20220302] Low Severity - Low Impact - Path Disclosure within filesystem error messages (affecting Joomla! 3.0.0 through 3.10.6 & 4.0.0 through 4.1.0) - Uploading a file name of an excess length causes the error. This error brings up the screen with the path of the source code of the web application.
  • [20220303] Low Severity - High Impact - User row are not bound to a authentication mechanism (affecting Joomla! 2.5.0 through 3.10.6 & 4.0.0 through 4.1.0) - A user row was not bound to a specific authentication mechanism which could under very special circumstances allow an account takeover.
  • [20220305] Low Severity - High Impact - Inadequate filtering on the selected Ids (affecting Joomla! 3.0.0 through 3.10.6 & 4.0.0 through 4.1.0) - Inadequate filtering on the selected Ids on an request could resulted into an possible SQL injection.
  • [20220306] Low Severity - Low Impact - Inadequate validation of internal URLs (affecting Joomla! 2.5.0 through 3.10.6 & 4.0.0 through 4.1.0) - Inadequate validation of URLs could result into an invalid check whether an redirect URL is internal or not.
  • [20220307] Low Severity - Moderate Impact - Variable Tampering on JInput $_REQUEST data (affecting Joomla! 4.0.0 through 4.1.0) - Under specific circumstances, JInput pollutes method-specific input bags with $_REQUEST data.
  • [20220308] Low Severity - Moderate Impact - Inadequate content filtering within the filter code (affecting Joomla! 4.0.0 through 4.1.0) - Inadequate content filtering leads to XSS vulnerabilities in various components.
  • [20220309] Low Severity - Moderate Impact - XSS attack vector through SVG (affecting Joomla! 4.0.0 through 4.1.0) - Possible XSS attack vector through SVG embedding in com_media.

Bug fixes and Improvements
  • Fix language strings behaviour in TinyMCE
  • Fix switch for syntax highlighting in TinyMCE
  • Show failed tasks in scheduler
  • Correct usage of Jooa11y parameters
  • Codemirror enhancements
  • Several 8.x PHP fixes

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4.1.0 (Hauptversion)
16 Februar - 100MBThis release sets new standards in accessible web design and brings exciting new features, highlighting Joomla's values of inclusiveness, simplicity and security into an even more powerful open-source web platform.

  • Tasks Scheduler: Do you have tasks you do time and time again? Or tasks for the future which you must not forget to do? Now you can automate them with the new Task Scheduler. The new Task Scheduler comes in addition to the existing Workflows Manager and Web Services introduced in Joomla 4.0. This unique combination adds a tremendous potential to Joomla as a Web applications and automation framework.
  • Child Templates: With child templates, you can create different instances of a template with one click, changing only the lines of code you need to, it is simple and effective. In the past, personalizing template parts for specific pages involved several technical steps, which are now integrated. At its most basic level, it only contains a single file, templateDetails.xml, as everything else is inherited from the parent. There is no limit on the number of child templates that you can create so each one could have different layouts and styles.
  • Accessibility Checker: Jooa11y - The Joomla accessibility and quality assurance tool. Every visitor unable to view your page is potentially a lost customer. Joomla 4's main focus is accessibility, and now we enable authors to create great accessible content with Jooa11y: It visually highlights common accessibility and usability issues. Jooa11y highlights content issues and is integrated into the content authoring experience.
  • Syntax Highlighting in the integrated editor: Sometimes the “What you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) is not enough and you have to switch to the HTML code view. Now with Joomla! 4.1 all the code is syntax highlighted in the built-in TinyMCE editor. This will make it so much easier to read all of your HTML tags and CSS classes. Markup is clearly displayed. Additionally, you can search and replace directly in the HTML code view.
  • Inline Help: After we cleaned up a lot of redundant descriptions In Joomla 4.0 we now implement the ability to toggle on/off detailed inline help when needed. You can decide if you need support and toggle the extra help on and off. When you are comfortable with how a particular area works, you can turn inline help off and get that minimalist look back.

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18 Januar - 100MBBug fixes and Improvements
  • Many more PHP 8.1 fixes
  • Major improvements to the API documentation by moving components to their namespaced versions
  • Bootstrap upgraded to 5.1.3
  • When uninstalling a component any custom dashboards panels are now also removed.

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Zeige mehr Versionen
15 Dezember 2021 - 100MBBug fixes and Improvements
  • PHP 8.1 compatibility patches. Please note if you show "all errors" there could be deprecation notices on some pages.
  • RTL Styling Simplifications
  • Tinymce plugin configuration styling improvements
  • Fix Joomla Page Cache when System Page Cache plugin is enabled
  • Ensure the namespace mapper is regenerated on Joomla update (for future extensions being added in Joomla 4.1 alpha’s)
  • Fix SQL Error edge case in the template override update view

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27 Oktober 2021 - 100MB
  • Bootstrap Upgrade to 5.1.2 (#35766)
  • Major restructure to the updater code base (#35388)
  • Fix TinyMCE templates not loading in certain OS’s (e.g. Alpine Linux) (#35636)
  • Tags created date changed when the server wasn’t in a UTC timezone (#35724)

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4.0.3 (Hauptversion)
1 Oktober 2021 - 100MBJoomla 4.x is a major version. Everything has been redesigned, rethought, and has new features.

Joomla 4.x requires manual migration from Joomla 3.10 and earlier. For migration information please reference At the bottom of that page, you can then proceed to the step by step instructions for migration from 3.10 to 4.x.

Joomla 3.10 will continue to be supported for 2 more years.
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