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CubeCart ist eine kostenlose E-Commerce-Warenkorb-Anwendung. Eine kommerzielle Version ist über die offizielle CubeCart Website Verfügbar. CubeCart war früher als eStore bekannt.

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e-Commerce und Business
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29 April 2019
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34.00 MB
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29 April - 34MBThis is just a maintenance release but it also has two minor security updates so upgrading is recommended.
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22 März - 34MB6.2.4

A fairly critical bug (#2252) has been found in CubeCart 6.2.3 prompting a subsequent release of 6.2.4.

Note: CubeCart 6.2.3 was never available through Applications.


Bug Fixes
  • #2249 Allow set time for product to be listed
  • #2246 Part of Querystring Could Get Lost
  • #2245 Mis-spelled Variable
  • #2244 Language Flags bug
  • #2243 Discount code with minimum subtotal fails for option with absolute product price
  • #2242 Admin Order Summary to Show Language Used
  • #2240 Possible MySQL / PHP Timezone Mismatch
  • #2238 Tables on Mobile Screen
  • #2237 Upgrade Smarty from 3.1.31
  • #2236 Upgrade Ace Editor from 1.2.8
  • #2235 phpMailer/PHPMailerAutoload.php:45 - __autoload() is deprecated, use spl_autoload_register() instead
  • #2232 Address has been updated...appears twice
  • #2230 Incorrect order emails being sent
  • #2229 Missing SEO Tab for Product Translate
  • #2227 setACPNotify & setACPWarning inconsistency
  • #2226 Selecting Shipping Choice Anomaly
  • #2225 Textarea in content causes issues
  • #2222 Code Improvement - Admin Area / Manufacturers
  • #2221 Dimensional Unit default doesn't respect store settings
  • #2218 Google reCaptcha has changed its name again
  • #2216 Max Download Attempts
  • #2215 Tax Rules - Countries sort order.
  • #2214 Clear Cache button
  • #2213 Cookie Dialogue Box only shows once (Cookies set without permission)
  • #2209 Hook Request - order.class.php
  • #2208 Hook Request - cubecart.class.php
  • #2207 Large stores with high volume can experience performance issues due to sessions
  • #2206 Import catalogue to create multi-level categories
  • #2203 Cost Price to be Recorded at Time of Sale
  • #2200 Add new hook
  • #2199 PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in catalogue.class.php on line 116
  • #2196 {if !isset($free_coupon_shipping)}...{/if}
  • #2194 Digital download reset link issue
  • #2193 Added Product to Cart is Corrupted
  • #2191 FCK Editor, image selection "You do not have the correct privileges to perform that action"
  • #2190 any admin with edit rights can self elevate permission
  • #2189 Category Status Query Enhancement
  • #2187 Dont display download items for cancelled orders
  • #2184 Product gallery images not rendered correctly after #1449
  • #2181 Custom Dashboard Tasks - Sort order
  • #2173 Duplicate Statement
  • #2172 Zones Tabs to be at End of Array
  • #2171 CUSTOM_QUICK_TASKS has faulty logic
  • #2170 Invoice Editor URL
  • #2169 Gravatar avatar hard coded http://
  • #2168 Deprecated Messages in Log
  • #2166 Request->log() to Log Anyway
  • #2165 Cannot update currencies 6.2.2
  • #2164 ajaxNewsletter() Could Infinite Loop
  • #2162 Change Default Language - Swap Documents P/C Relationship
  • #2161 Advisory to Update Currency Rates
  • #2160 Verify Database Action
  • #2158 Unneeded Link
  • #2157 Can't change default language in CubeCart
  • #2155 Error message for class.gui.php line 948 (str_replace require 3 parameters...)
  • #2153 Promotional Codes - empty assigned products
  • #2152 Tax incorrect in CubeCart_order_inventory
  • #2151 Hook and code change request
  • #2150 Shipping tax rate in order summary
  • #2149 Dis/Allowed Zone Adds Gets Doubled
  • #2147 Applies tax rate should be stored by line item
  • #2138 Invoice Editor to have Conditioner
  • #2137 Add Joyride step for cache clearance
  • #2133 Email log troubleshooting Bug??
  • #2132 Catalogue->productCount to be Enhanced
  • #2130 Empty query on line 1930 of catalogue.class.php
  • #2125 Error on clicking on Mailing List in Stock 6.2.2 current commit
  • #2119 Search Results may be Incomplete When Admin Logged In
  • #2117 Errors in hreflang tags
  • #2072 Add Email Template Translation Issues
  • #2040 Assumption of Available Data
  • #1982 Selecting a category image after uploading a new one does not work
  • #1975 Language Key Consistency
  • #1960 Stock levels not increased when deleting an order

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21 Oktober 2018 - 34MB6.2.2

This is a maintenance and security release. We urge all merchants to upgrade to this version at their earliest convenience.

  • Admin CP 404 Error XSS Vulnerability
  • PHP 7.2 support with OpenSSL support to replace Mcrypt.
  • Caching optimisation


This is a maintenance release.

  • the GDPR tools have been extended to log cookie consent.
  • numerous purge tools have been created to clean up the mailing list, customers and orders.

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15 Mai 2018 - 34MB
  • Incremental order numbers (with dynamic prefix/suffix).
  • Tools to help with GDPR.
  • Automatically minified and compressed HTML, CSS & JS.
  • Checkout state/county can be required, optional or disabled.
  • Invoice template editor tool.
  • Caching improvements.
  • Product category added to Google Analytics for eCommerce.
  • Order summary to show "guide" currency used.
  • Ability to show hide site document titles.
  • Email log to show fail reason.
  • Email configuration test to work prior to save.
  • reCaptcha added to newsletter signup.
  • Colours added to admin control panel order statuses.
  • Introduction of "Safe Mode".
  • Product dimensions (width, height & depth).
  • Changed admin URL emailed on setup (if changed).
  • "Continue Shopping" added to cart at all times.
  • Search redirect to product detail page for single result.
  • Auto delete captured card details when order status changes from pending.

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14 Mai 2018 - 34MB6.1.15

This is a maintenance release.


  • Google Analytics for eCommerce tracking code updated see #1858.
  • reCaptcha v1 end of life switch off (March 31st) see #1883 & release notes below.
  • 48 resolved issues

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26 Januar 2018 - 34MB6.1.13
  • 1 security update. This is a security release so UPGRADING IS IMPORTANT.
  • 31 bug fixes.

  • 1 critic security update.

  • Ace code editor added to replace code snippet text field.
  • Improvements to structured data (Foundation skin).
  • 29 bug fixes.

  • 2 bug fixes.

  • 44 bug fixes.

  • 25 bug fixes.

  • Addressed a small stability issue.

  • A number of security patches and enhancements.
  • Ability to edit order payment gateway name.
  • File size added to file manager.
  • Invisible Google reCaptcha with skin compatibility checker.
  • Resend email from email log.
  • Improved error reporting in debug mode.
  • Physical & digital items as one product.
  • Stability enhancements to auto upgrade tool.
  • Public folder added to file manager.
  • 52 bug fixes.

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3 März 2017 - 34MBThis is a maintenance release fixing a number of bugs further increasing stability.

What's New
  • Bug: Could Email When Shouldn't
  • Security: Low risk directory traversal vulnerability #2
  • Security: Low risk directory traversal vulnerability #1
  • Bug: Request class caches based on request body only
  • Bug: Bracketed Querystring Param Borks at SEOable()
  • Bug: Gift Certificate Data isn't found
  • Links in error and warning messages need styling
  • Bug: Import Snippets
  • Bug: statistics.emaillog.php template files in admin/sources folder
  • Bug: Files tab of file manager doesn't load to root
  • Bug: As explained in issue 1464
  • Bug: As explained in issue 1463
  • Feature request: As explained in issues 1312, 1470, 1472
  • Bug: As explained in issue 855
  • Bug: Newsletter links associated with appending index.php?_a=newsletter with subscribe and unsubscribe.
  • Feature request: Dropzone Missing in Categories
  • Bug: HTML Syntax
  • Bug: Category images are malfunctioning
  • Bug: FileTree fm-bcf AJAX Return Misinterpreted
  • Bug: FileTree Action Center Bad Behavior
  • Bug: Confusing ID in Template
  • Bug: Calling FileManager May Return Too Much
  • Bug: SubCat Image Corruption
  • Optimisation: Question on Logic
  • Bug: Image Gallery Bounces
  • Hook request: Requesting New Hook - catalogue.class.php, getOptionData()
  • Bug: Product Updated Message When Nothing Changed
  • Bug: CubeCart_order_notes index mismatch
  • Bug: Subscribed
  • Optimisation: Disentangle Literals
  • Hook request: Hook Request
  • Bug: Restrict to Selected GC Delivery Method
  • Feature request: Logging Email Sent is Ambitious
  • Bug: Negative Product Options should be capped
  • Otimisation: Database Table(s) Without Primary Key
  • Feature request: Category Image selector is still Browse
  • Duplicate: {BUG} Product Options not included in order overview and email
  • Bug: Admin Create Order Digital Product Bug
  • Bug: Editing customer order: one item's pricing options affecting other items
  • Invalid / unreproducible: 6.0.12: update billing address and default delivery address sometimes does not work
  • Bug: Page 1 canonical is duplicate content
  • Bug: Order Status Emails - orderStatus function issue
  • Bug: Recover and Register Links not SEO'd
  • Bug: Contact Us Breadcrumb not SEO'd
  • Bug: Option Sets do not work correctly when using 6.0.11
  • Bug: BUG : Problems with foreign language strings in SEO urls
  • Invalid / unreproducible: After Search, Link to Reviews Malformed
  • Bug: Request Class May Use Wrong Protocol
  • Bug: Admin Edit Product Gets Complete Page on AJAX
  • Bug: Option matrix fails with option sets

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24 Januar 2017 - 34MB
  • A security directory traversal vulnerability has been discovered in all version of CubeCart version 6. CubeCart version 6.1.4 has been release which patches this.

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20 Januar 2017 - 34MBHighlights
  • Significant optimisations and stability upgrades to the database and file backup/restore tools.
  • Auto assign of image uploads to products.
  • Image folder create tool from add/edit product.
  • Toggle view assigned/all images on product edit page.

  • Bug: Fix 'Undefined index: search' PHP notice
  • Bug: Remove unneeded lines from search code
  • Bug: Fixes PHP notice: undefined variable 'joinString'
  • Fixes PHP notice: undefined variable 'search'
  • Bug: Resolves issue #1264
  • Bug: Resolves issue with custom category URLs
  • Bug: Add Customer Tweak
  • Bug: Resolves issue #821
  • Feature request: Resolves issue #953
  • Bug: Resolves issues #1103 and #1118
  • Bug: HTML Syntax
  • Optimisation: Overview tab layout on dashboard is poor
  • Bug: Review URL in category view - issues
  • Bug: FileManager has Spurious Records
  • Bug: FindFiles Limited Character Test
  • Critical bug: Backup tools are not reliable and require optimisation
  • Bug: It's possible to checkout with no shipping selected
  • Bug: Specificity Too Tight?
  • Bug: SEO->sitemap() Misunderstands Value
  • Bug: Filemanager->formatName to be UTF8
  • Bug: dropzone JS error on somepages
  • Bug: Tab selection not working properly
  • Upgrade 3rd Party Code: Chosen (JQuery Plugin) to be Updated
  • Feature request: Improve the manufacturer grid layout in advanced search
  • Bug: Fixes empty options selection from appearing when product has no options
  • Bug: email_definitions.xml typos
  • Bug: Use of Function is Misunderstood
  • Bug: Wrong Variable
  • Bug: Error message on empty search is duplicated
  • Bug: Wrong Constant Used
  • Bug: Tax Setting Not Used in GC
  • Optimisation: Optimizing Tweak
  • Feature request: Feature Request: Shipping Group Name should be a setting
  • Optimisation: Email log needs recipient list from comma to new line
  • Bug: Check Code Intent
  • Hook request: Requesting new hook
  • Feature request: Addition to bulk Price Change functionality
  • Bug: Customer Order Count Bad Type for Tab Control Indication
  • Bug: Country List enhancement to prevent error log entries
  • Bug: Total Tax missing on order "Overview" tab
  • Bug: Cart maintained when switching between customers as admin
  • Security: Force use of renamed admin.php file
  • Bug: Config->set() Tweak
  • Bug: AIM Displayed Response is Misleading
  • Bug: Redis parameters passed by redis_options not being used
  • Bug: Some Admin Templates, Standard Layout Issues (minor)
  • Feature request: Creating Language Additional Data for Language File
  • Bug: Auto upgrade not detecting new version availability
  • Bug: Check digital download path exists doesn't actually check
  • Bug: Creating Language Creates Bad Header Info for File
  • Bug: Config->set() Rejects Acceptable Data
  • Bug: Creating Language Setting to Config has Wrong Syntax
  • Bug: Mailer loadContent Language
  • Bug: Language REGEX
  • Bug: Upgrading plugins using thunderbolt downloads file to cache directory
  • Feature request: Auto assign latest images in file manager reload
  • Feature request: Make it clear the dropzone box can be clicked for old style uploads
  • Hook request: Hook Request - Contact Form Mailer
  • Feature request: Allow for Foreign Currency Notation for GC
  • Feature request: Allow Purchase of GC While Hiding Prices
  • Bug: GC Page Hides Prices
  • Bug: GC Admin Panel to have Value Clues
  • Feature request: Replace PclZip with ZipArchive (PECL zip)
  • Bug: Customer ID not populated in CubeCart_downloads Table
  • Bug: Customer list does not preserve page number after action
  • Bug: 6.0.12 Order notes timestamp is from host server, not from store settings
  • Feature request: Address server side checks - Differences
  • Feature request: Suggestion: Remove 'delete' capability from stock warnings

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21 November 2016 - 34MB
  • Dashboard notifications for extension updates (see upgrade notes).
  • Font Awesome replaced with SVG in Foundation skin for optimisation with smaller page loads (up to 107KB smaller).
  • SVG support for logo.
  • Redis cache support.
  • Automatic admin folder/file renaming on install for improved security (see upgrade notes).
  • Automated admin file and folder renaming after auto/forced upgrade based on config values.
  • Store email log with preview of rich and plain text version.
  • Log retention (default 30 days).
  • Reviews can be added via admin control panel.
  • "Available for purchase" field added to import tool.
  • Free shipping option for coupon codes.
  • Smarty template engine updated to 3.1.30.
  • Email content and template syntax validation on save.
  • Improvements to front end catalogue search for partial word matches.
  • Improvements to mail()/SMTP test tool.
  • Unsettled orders tab improvements on dashboard for print, bulk print and status change.
  • Merchants can now specify featured products.
  • Bulk price update tool now includes quantity discounts and product options.
  • Bulk product assign to category tool improved.
  • Bulk price change tool separated from "assign to category" tool.
  • "More" pagination memory on browser back button on front end of "Foundation" skin.
  • Improved admin control panel file manager with drag and drop image uploads (powered by DropzoneJS).
  • Misc bug fixes and tweaks.

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