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b2evolution ist ein Open Source Blog und wurde 2003 vom Projekt b2/cafelog abgespaltet.

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Laufende Version
Letzte Aktualisierung
12 October 2020
Deutsch + 3 andere


Grösse der Installation
85.00 MB
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12 Oktober 2020 - 85MBChanges
  • The installer now saves a log file of what it did for install or for upgrade to the _logs folder.
  • Deferred loading of Javascripts for better performance (HUGE amount of refactoring!!)
  • "Content List with Thumbnail" template for Universal Item List Widget
  • Special template when MySQL server is overloaded /skins_fallback_v6/too_many_connections.main.php.
  • Improved backoffice edit screen
  • Improved Collection Title widget
  • Skins no longer use a tag by default.
  • Removed IE9 support
  • Bug fixes

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14 August 2020 - 85MB
  • bug fixes

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6 August 2020 - 85MB
  • updated jQuery from v3.4.1 to v3.5.1
  • updated jQuery Migrate from v3.1.0 to v3.3.0
  • bug fixes

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31 Mai 2020 - 70MB7.1.5

Bug fixes
  • Fixed Security fixes.
  • Fixed Bug fixes.


Bug fixes
  • Email templates from anonymous users no longer say "Do not reply".
  • Fixed Bug fixes.


  • Added Templates used in additional places:
  • - Category Content List widget
  • - Universal Item List Widget and all its derivates
  • - The search form can be configured with a template, see Search Form widget
  • - The search results can be configured with templates, see Search Results Panel
  • - It is possible to use a template for displaying content blocks like: [include:item_slug:template_codename:.class], e-g: [include:item_slug:cblock_noclearfix:.class]
  • - It is possible to use Quick Templates to display Custom Item Types like "recipe", see: Item Type: General Settings Panel
  • Added Many Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Improved Site skin headers will not stay fixed in we are in "show containers" mode.
  • Added Quick Item Type switching in Front Office edit form.
  • Added Allow to not-redirect for specific URL params, see URL Parameters
  • Improved Markdown import log
  • Improved Menu Entry Form
  • Added Item preview can now show exactly which content blocks are included
  • Improved Show slug in Posts View with quick "copy to clipboard" icon.
  • Added Support for an Alt skin which may be useful when embedding content into an iframe.
  • Improved WordPress XML Importer
  • PRO Improved Settings to control Registration via social network. See: Social Login Plugin
  • Added Support for an ALT Skin
  • Added New image attachment position = "Background" to be used as background image for Intros for example.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Bug fixes.


  • Improved Front office edit form, which can be more finely configured per Item Type
  • Added Edit file/image properties directly from Attachments Panel
  • Improved "Add version" dialog auto-selects the collection to be used for the new language. See: Item Languages / Version Panel.
  • Added Mass edit functions in Back-Office Posts View.
  • Improved Markdown Importer
  • Improved WordPress XML Importer
  • Added Auto Anchors Plugin
  • Added Keyboard Shortcuts like F2 to edit.
  • Added Menu Editor with support for multiple languages
  • Improved Customizer mode when clicking on widgets.
  • Added First click brings up settings. Additional clicks allow to interact with the widget.
  • Added Move to top or move to bottom button.
  • Added Clone widget button.
  • Added Templates with support for multiple languages (in case the templates contain text). Already used in:
  • - Item Info Line Widget
  • - Small Print Widget
  • - Registration Form Widget
  • - Content Block Widget
  • - [include:] Short Tag
  • Added [switcher:] Short Tag and Param Switcher Widget to allow showing/hiding any content, including divs or rows in the Compare Item Fields Widget
  • Added Added condition field in Compare Item Fields Widget to allow hiding columns in specific views
  • Improved Tiny URL support
  • Added The Markdown Importer will check for the presence of a manifest file, see: manifest.yaml
  • Improved Email Campaign Throttling : limit number of emails sent to same domain in each chunk.
  • Improved UI changes.
  • Improved Upgraded to jQuery v 3.4.1.
  • Improved Upgraded to Bootstrap v 3.4.1.
  • Improved Performance.
  • Added Internal Searches Analytics tab.
  • Added Glossary auto links Plugin
  • Added Support for YAML extra-slugs: in Markdown importer.
  • Added Ability to remove b2evolution branding.
  • Added Social network connection framework: Social Accounts Tab, Social Login Plugin. Users can login/register with a social network account. Multiple social accounts can be connected to / disconnected from a b2evolution account.
  • Added Support for automatic adding of utm_* params in Collection Tiny URLs Settings.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed Show friendly name in more places when requested in Username display options.
  • Fixed Various bugs.


  • Improved Customizer sidebar now updates styles in the right pane in real time.
  • Added Posts can be grouped together as multiple versions/languages of the same content.
  • - Added A widget allows switching between versions.
  • - Added Collections can define a primary language/locale and secondary languages/locales and/or link to other collections for translations to a specific language/locale.
  • Improved Media Index now has a container and displays with a configurable widget.
  • Added Markdown Importer allows you to a directory structure containing MarkDown .md files + related images.
  • Improved UI changes

Bug fixes
  • Fixed Various bugs


  • Il is now possible to organize collections into Sections. Sections are visible in the Dashboard and can also be used for a 2-level navigation with an appropriate Site skin.
  • Site skins to customize the site header & footer. There are 4 different site skins to choose from and most of them have configurable colors & settings.
  • Skin customizer sidebar
  • Widget designer mode
  • Sub-containers
  • It is now possible to attach files in Private Messages.
  • Basic Antispam Plugin now allows to set minimum comment interval per User group.
  • jQuery v2.2.4

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8 Mai 2020 - 70MBLesen Sie mehr:


18 April 2020 - 70MB
  • Fixed: Various bugs

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12 Februar 2020 - 70MBChanges
  • Improved: Back-Office UI
  • Improved: No longer affix the site header when using the Bootstrap Manual Skin. Leave that up to the site header to decide (more options in v7)
  • Improved: Tag widget edit mode
  • Improved: Custom Field format options
  • Improved: [thumbnail:] Short Tag CSS
  • Fixed: Messages overlapping Menus
  • Fixed: Various bugs

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2 Dezember 2019 - 70MB
  • Added Quick tag editing (through AJAX) in the Item Tags Widget.
  • Added Email notification when a User is mentioned in a Meta Comment.
  • Added Item Workflow Properties Widget.
  • Improved Default config changed to prevent uploading sensitive files (like .php files) even for Administrators.
  • Improved Manual skin, added "Sidebar Single" container.
  • Improved Item Custom Fields Widget to allow correctly formatting them in a sidebar.
  • Improved Alignment thumbnails in posts containing several of them.
  • Improved DB backups now include DROP TABLE statements so you can quickly use them to replace a broken DB.
  • Improved Formatting in various notification emails.
  • Improved Numbered all replies in forum skins.
  • Fixed Display of Intro Tag posts in Manual skins.
  • Fixed No longer add Open Graph data to "Login Required" pages.
  • Fixed Allow to limit nesting level on the category list widget.
  • Fixed Attaching existing files in a Meta Comment.
  • Fixed Never show friendly names in username column of user list.
  • Fixed Fake comment form inviting to log in to comment.
  • Fixed Various bugs

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5 September 2019 - 70MBGeneral UI/UX
  • Improved Display update after upload in file manage (AJAX).
  • Improved Search can now find posts based on keywords? See Search Results Panel.
  • Improved UI improvements.

  • Improved Markdown Importer
  • Improved Auto Anchors Plugin : render anchor links on hover & more.
  • Improved Autolinks of usernames
  • Improved Video plug plugin will render full URLs.
  • Improved Short Links / ForeverLinks / Quick Links Plugin : new settings
  • Fixed Intro-Tag posts

Workflow Features
  • Added New notification template when assigning post with meta comment.
  • Added Capability to assign post when posting a regular comment.
  • Improved Autocomplete of usernames
  • Improved Forum skin when used on a Tracker collection. Now shows tasks assigned to you on front page.

  • Added ability to disable disp = users on User Directory Features.
  • Added control to INDEX or NOINDEX Category, Tag & other filtered pages with Intros
  • Improved XML Sitemap -- See: Publish an XML Site Map
  • Improved Default slug length is now 8 words (but on existing installs you will need to manually change this if you want to -- Single post pages / "Permalink" pages ).
  • Fixed Infinite recursion on URLs pointing to the Contact form.

  • Fixed PHP 7.3 compatibility.
  • Fixed Autofix invalid filepaths in DB.
  • Fixed Various bugs

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21 Juni 2019 - 70MB6.11.2

  • Added Auto Anchors Plugin
  • Improved Less error reports on transient IMAP errors: Process the return path inbox, Create posts by email.
  • Added "View history" in evobar menu
  • Improved Filemanager is now able to delete directories, even if they are not empty.
  • Fixed Various bugs


Front Office
  • Improved: Proposing a change can now be done from the Front-Office
  • Added: Link to propose a change (if user has permission) in Small Text of manual pages
  • Added: multiple sort orders in Universal Item List Widget.

  • Improved: Snippets Toolbar Plugin
  • Improved: new Colorwheel color selector which supports alpha channel where appropriate (more of this in v7 skins)
  • Added: Import regions/subregions/cities with provided CSV samples in /media/shared/...
  • UI improvements

Scheduled Tasks
  • Improved: "Clean up scheduled jobs older than a threshold" now has 2 different thresholds to keep errors longer than normal tasks
  • Improved: better reporting of "# of actions" of scheduled tasks
  • Improved: Scheduled tasks that may fail because of IMAP timeouts will no longer send immediate email notifications. They will notify only after a threshold of consecutive errors (default: 3)

  • Changed: backoffice now uses evoadm.php instead of admin.php in order to avoid mod_rewrite false positives
  • Improved: Quick upload folders will now be renamed to match the slug of the current post (unless a file is linked to several posts)
  • Added: Config variable $email_send_allow_php_mail == false; to disallow using PHP's internal mailer
  • Added: default file type for CSV .csv
  • Bug fixes


  • Added Ability to upload attachments to comments by drag & drop
  • Added Ability for users to propose changes to posts. We are using it on the user manual here.
  • Added Webmentions support
  • Added Ability to use clickable images in email campaigns; see Email Elements Renderer Plugin
  • Added Snippet Toolbar Plugin: allows to quickly insert snippets into Posts or Comments (useful for frequent replies, etc.)
  • Added Fresh installs will show examples of Recipes built with a custom Item Type, custom fields & custom display template
  • Added $admin_url configuration variable for those who want to move/rename the admin.php file.
  • Added Markdown file type .md
  • Added Search Results config options (weighting)
  • Added Settings for the task: Clean up scheduled jobs older than a threshold
  • Improved Universal Item List widget can now sort on 3 different fields
  • Improved Debug log for redirected pages
  • Fixed Content Hierarchy Widget default open levels

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3 Mai 2019 - 60MB
  • Provide direct links to edit Posts from widgets including a Post
  • UI improvements
  • Bug fixes

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20 Februar 2019 - 60MB
  • New feature: mass change User account status
  • New feature: mass-assign / unassign User groups to Users
  • New automation action: Step action "Change user account status"
  • More control variables for the "Anti Brute Force Password Attack" protection.
  • Simplified password recovery in case the user tries to register twice with the same email address.
  • UI improvements
  • Bug fixes

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16 Januar 2019 - 60MB
  • Email campaign Call-to-Action buttons can now trigger a new Automation for users that click on them.
  • A welcome email campaign can now double as an Activation email (to prevent sending 2 emails at the same time when a new user registers)
  • Option NOT to send a welcome PM if user account is already tagged.
  • Setting to turn off meta comments in Front-Office
  • Cleaned up widget params
  • Better error messages
  • UI improvements
  • Included up-to-date Database diagram
  • Bug fixes

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15 Oktober 2018 - 60MB
  • New Edit/Post option in the evobar.
  • Enhanced autocomplete when typing @login in comments.
  • Ability to insert polls into email campaigns (with links for instant voting)
  • Info messages float on top of the screen even when page is scrolled down.
  • Enhanced Item Custom fields: New disp=compare@items=3,5,8...
  • Enhanced Item Custom fields: Widget to compare custom fields between multiple Posts/Items. Can be used with disp=compare or with fixed content in other places
  • Enhanced Item Custom fields: Custom fields can be marked public or private (in the latter case, they only appear in the backoffice / during edit)
  • Enhanced Item Custom fields: Number fields can now have a format to display them properly. E-g: format $ 0 0.00 USD renders as $ 12 345.67 USD
  • Enhanced Item Custom fields: Parent post of a child post/Item is now clearly displayed in the backoffice
  • Enhanced Item Custom fields: Custom fields with identical names now auto-replicate from parent to children, recursively.
  • Feature to delete old backups directly from the backoffice.
  • Autoupgrade now shows already downloaded ZIP files. It is now possible to launch the autoupgrade using one of those files without fist trying to download again.
  • Feature to mass-delete spammers (after applying a filter to the user list)
  • Enhanced filters on the list of Users
  • It is now possible to configure which filters are available in the front office on disp=users
  • UI enhancements
  • Bug fixes.

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31 August 2018 - 60MB6.10.2
  • b2evo can now send notifications to users if they are mentioned through @username in a comment or a post
  • Links to remind people to log in instead of posting anonymously
  • New UI for quick moderation
  • UI improvements for using the back-office on a mobile phone
  • Additional UI Improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Removed legacy code for supporting old PHP versions (

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