.CREDITCARD is a new generic extension open to everyone.

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You can reserve this domain name for several consecutive years. The price indicated enables you to benefit from this domain name for a complete year.



At the end of the initial period, the renewal won’t be automatic. We will warn you in advance so you can renew it at the given price.



If you transfer your domain name to Infomaniak Network, you are sure of bringing it to a secure place. The transfer can be made in a few clicks at the price indicated on our website, and once it’s finalized, your domain name will be renewed for at least one year! Note that we don’t charge for a transfer towards another provider.

Cambio di proprietà


The change in ownership (trade) for this extension is free. The current owner will receive an email informing him of the operation, including a 48-hour valid link, which he will have to click on to confirm the hand-over.



If you don’t renew the domain name’s rental in due time, it will enter in redemption period. You will then have 30 days to "restore" the domain at the given price, before it is definitely deleted.

Prezzo EUR Iva inclusa/anno





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Lunghezza del dominio

da 1 a 63 caratteri

Periodi di prenotazione

1 anno, 2 anni, 3 anni, 4 anni, 5 anni, 6 anni, 7 anni, 8 anni, 9 anni, 10 anni

Periodi di rinnovo

1 anno, 2 anni, 3 anni, 4 anni, 5 anni, 6 anni, 7 anni, 8 anni, 9 anni

Tempo di attivazione


Tempo di trasferimento

5 giorni

Tempo di un cambio di proprietà


Periodo di redenzione

30 giorni

Trasferimento su un altro registrar

possibile 60 giorni dopo registrazione o trasferimento

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