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Vtiger è un cliente che permette di gestire i rapporti open source. Vtiger biforcuta da SugarCRM, nel 2004, e oggi poteri operazioni Vtiger per oltre 350.000 aziende e organizzazioni in tutto il mondo.

Installazione in 1 clic Vtiger

Installazione in 1 clic

Aggiornamento facile Vtiger

Aggiornamento facile

Salvataggio e ripristino Vtiger

Salvataggio e ripristino


e-Commerce e-Business
Versione corrente
Ultimo aggiornamento
27 September 2017
Italiano + 14 altre

Configurazione richiesta

Dimensione dell'installazione
121 Mo
open source
Veduta d'insieme


(versione principale)
27 Settembre 2017 - 121MBWith Version 7, we made the CRM simpler and smarter. Vtiger 7 brings a new UI, new features, and several enhancements of existing features.

New Features
  • Follow and get notified of updates on any record
  • Smart Reminders to keep in touch and followup
  • Direct Messages to speed up collaboration
  • New Helpdesk System with Cases module & SLA policies
  • Business Hours
  • Insights on Customer Service giving actionable reports
  • Viewers on a record

  • Unified Touchpoints in Contact View - Learn more with all interactions - Meetings, Calls, Emails, Cases, Chats - shown in one timeline
  • Enhanced Preview - Save time with Touchpoints and Comments added to the quick preview
  • In Lists, Double-click to edit value - Make changes faster while enjoying spreadsheet like feel within the CRM
  • In Lists, Add/Remove columns easily
  • Colored Picklist Values - Find the record you are looking for easily
  • Multiple Dashboards - Managers love dashboards. Why stop with one! (+ Insights in Ultimate Edition gives deeper analytics)
  • Many-Many relationships between modules - Do you want to create a new Magazines module and link to Contacts? It only takes a few clicks now.
  • New Mail Manager - 3 Panel view speeds up easier
  • Workflows administration is made simpler - See Triggers, Conditions, and Actions from list view.
  • Agenda View in Calendar
  • Tasks are one click away with a dedicated page - A simple task manager within the CRM
  • Smart Help - If you have questions, the answer you are seeking might just be on the Help panel
  • Sync History for Google, Office 365, Magento, Quickbooks, Xero & Tally - Previous sync details help you find which records are updated and when.
  • Public Tags
  • Merge selected records
  • Configure Header Fields - Yet another thing you can customize!
  • Thumbnails for Email templates - Easier to identify them from the list
  • Auto-save of Email Campaigns

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