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Vanilla Forum è un'applicazione forum open source e il quadro di discussione. Forum Vanilla è stato inizialmente rilasciato nel 2006 e oggi poteri discussione oltre 500.000 siti.

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14 May 2017

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open source
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(release di sicurezza)
14 Maggio - 14MBWhat's New
  • A critical upgrade to the PHPMailer library to prevent remote code execution.
  • Mitigation of a medium-level exploit of the HTTP_HOST header.
  • Additional minor fixes.

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(versione principale)
15 Marzo - 14MBWhat's New
  • Vanilla 2.3 requires PHP 5.4 which is a change from earlier versions.

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(release di sicurezza)
10 Maggio 2016 - 14MBWhat's New
  • Sets email default to text. This is future-proofing for HTML emails being added in 2.3.
  • Fix RSS feed when using table layout (thanks to korelstar).
  • Fix breadcrumbs when Vanilla is installed in a sub-directory (thanks to korelstar).
  • Fix translation bug in Captcha.
  • Fix where an error could be thrown on certain 404 pages.
  • Fix redirect after deleting an activity.

Security Patches
  • Upgrade htmLawed library to 1.1.21 (security fix). Thanks to psych0tr1a for responsibly disclosing this.
  • Fix condition where a filename could be echoed back to user (unsanitized output).

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(versione principale) (release di sicurezza)
17 Novembre 2015 - 14MBWhat's New
  • Add Advanced Editor (HTML5 full drag-and-drop WYSIWYG).
  • Remove cleditor (not secure).
  • Add Emoji and an Emoji Extender addon to create your own sets.
  • Add Google+ SSO.
  • Add Section 508 support (accessibility improvements).
  • Add support for controllers in plugins.
  • Add spam checking & more flood control in Conversations.
  • Upgrade PHP Markdown and split out Vanilla Markdown customizations.
  • Add the Garden.Community.Manage permission for community managers.
  • Allow Unicode in mentions and usernames.
  • Allow using utf8mb4 databases (to allow Unicode emoji characters).
  • Added support for,, and SoundCloud.
  • Add new social icons.
  • Add new class to handle event logging.

Security Patches
  • Fix issues with fetchPageInfo() implementation.
  • Implement public stashes.
  • Protect transient key from JSONP.
  • Protect transient key on profile pages.
  • Don't allow SSO with empty secrets.
  • Remove htmlEntityDecode() endpoint.
  • Improve addon testing / enabling / disabling security.
  • Add validation to .org feed pulling.
  • Protect discussions from unauthorized split/merge.
  • Add output filtering to a few places.

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