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Vanilla Forum è un'applicazione forum open source e il quadro di discussione. Forum Vanilla è stato inizialmente rilasciato nel 2006 e oggi poteri discussione oltre 500.000 siti.

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Installazione in 1 clic

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Applicazioni della Community
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Ultimo aggiornamento
28 May 2018

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Dimensione dell'installazione
30 Mo
open source
Veduta d'insieme


(versione principale) (release di sicurezza)
28 Maggio - 30MBSecurity
  • Prevent activity record data from leaking in AJAX response.
  • Fix XSS in Editor attachment viewer.
  • Fix XSS is SSO connection screen.
  • Regenerate confirmation code when changing email address.
  • Require confirmation of manually-entered emails during SSO.
  • Fix permission check on private conversation participants adding messages.
  • Fix permission-based email leaking in private conversations.
  • Fix permission problem in "getRecord" function.
  • Fix ownership checking of drafts before allowing overwrite.
  • Blacklist the 'download' attribute from user-generated content.
  • Fix our use of cURL to not allow non-HTTP redirects.

  • Users may now "Follow" categories.
  • Recent Discussions page may be filtered to only show discussions from followed categories.
  • This feature must be enabled in the Dashboard.
  • Enabling it adds a new menu to the Recent Discussions page, so theming conflicts should be checked.
  • We removed the old "Mute" function for categories to make room for this new feature.

API v2
  • New addon "API v2 Docs" (in plugins/swagger-ui) is now part of the default package and on by default in new installs.
  • It adds API documentation to the Dashbord menu.
  • The API documentation auto-builds when accessed, giving you custom docs that are specific to what addons you currently have enabled on your site.
  • Add API v2 support for search.
  • API change for Q&A addon: A discussion that is a Question can no longer be updated or deleted from the discussion endpoint. It must use the new Ideation or Q&A endpoints. This prevents loss of data integrity for their current status.
  • API: Add pagination information to response headers for multiple endpoints.
  • API: Add filtering by archived status to categories endpoint.
  • Allow the API v2 to authenticate with API v1 access tokens.
  • API docs: Parameters of type 'enum' now correctly list all values that are accepted.

Bug Fixes
  • Fix ability to delete items in moderation logs.
  • Fix spider crawling errors for non-existent pages.
  • Fix image upload button not always appearing in Advanced Editor and Signature editing.
  • Fix filter menus showing for guests on Recent Discussions and categories root.
  • Add "none found" message to category pages with no categories.
  • Fix image cropper overflow when editing avatars.
  • Fix broken links to theme documentation from dashboard.
  • Update redirection after adding a category.
  • Update System user's default avatar.
  • Rename database column GDN_Session.DateExpire to DateExpires to match conventions and fix structure update problem.
  • Fix translations for file upload error messages.
  • Fix Google+ SSO link to signin.
  • Make 'image upload' button on by default in Editor.
  • Fix user search by IP not returning results
  • Adjust comment editing permission checks to avoid re-querying the database unnecessarily.
  • Multiple accessibility improvements.

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