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Your Own URL Shortener (YOURLS) est une application de raccourcissement d'URL.

Installation en 1 clic YOURLS

Installation en 1 clic

Mise à jour facile YOURLS

Mise à jour facile

Sauvegarde et restauration YOURLS

Sauvegarde et restauration


Version courante
Dernière mise à jour
27 May 2017

Configuration requise

Taille de l'installation
5 Mo
Base de données
open source
Vue d'ensemble
Quoi de neuf


27 Mai 2017 - 5MB
  • improved: stat graphs, regarding accuracy and time zones
  • improved: navigation in the admin interface
  • improved: several little things
  • fixed: several little bugs
  • updated: all third party libs
  • dropped: PHP 5.2 support

Lire la suite: http://blog.yourls.org/2017/05/yourls-1-7-2/


8 Décembre 2015 - 5MB
  • added: compatibility with PHP 7
  • added: allow hooks with closures (see Advanced Hook Syntax)
  • improved: you can now search across all fields at once in the admin interface
  • improved: bookmarklets are now human readable in the PHP source, and minified on the fly
  • improved, still not perfect: support for URLs and page titles with encoded chars
  • fixed: timezone warnings
  • fixed: cookie mismatch preventing login when multiple YOURLS installs on subdomains of the same domain
  • fixed: lotsa bugs
  • improved: lotsa things

Lire la suite: http://blog.yourls.org/2015/12/yourls-1-7-1/


11 Janvier 2014 - 5MB
  • added: support for PDO and MySQLi
  • added: social bookmarklets - share on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr in a click
  • added: check api.yourls.org if a new version of YOURLS is available
  • added: proxy support - install YOURLS behind a firewall!
  • improved: security regarding SQL injections
  • improved: security regarding your credentials - now auto-encrypted
  • improved: external HTTP request handling
  • improved: ƒυηкƴ UTF-8 titles handling
  • fixed: compatibility with Apache mod_security blocking bookmark lets
  • fixed: lots of bugs

Lire la suite: http://blog.yourls.org/2014/01/yourls-1-7-tom-araya-released/


17 Avril 2013 - 5MB
  • added: مرحبا العالم! Hej verden! 你好世界! Kumusta mundo! Ciao mondo! Hello world! Translation API.
  • added: custom API actions
  • added: support for URLs with common protocols
  • fixed: search and pagination in the admin interface
  • updated: third party libs jQuery, ezSQL, GeoIP
  • improved: sanitizing and escaping functions

Lire la suite: http://blog.yourls.org/tag/1-6/

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29 Août 2012 - 5MB


3 Octobre 2011 - 5MB

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