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The Bug Genie est un outil de suivi de bogues open source et une application de gestion de projet. The Bug Genie a été initialement publié en 2003.

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24 July 2020
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open source
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24 Juillet 2020 - 65MB4.3.1

Bug Fixes
  • This is a bugfix release to fix an issue with an incorrect php dependancy.


  • Requires php 7.1 or higher.

  • New comment layout, with conversation view and direct replies
  • Improved presentation of priority and severity fields
  • Improves display of a lot of setting screens
  • Module updates and automatic module installation now requires a valid thebuggenie.com subscription
  • Added setting screen for saving the thebuggenie.com license
  • Updates b2db dependency from v2.0 to v3.0, including a total rewrite of all database handling code in thebuggenie.
  • Updates fontawesome from 4 to 5


Bug Fixes
  • enable proper upgrades for versions < 4.1.13


  • Significantly improved and simplified permission model with permission inheritance
  • Support for parsing and automatically detecting todo-items from issues
  • Brand new project-focused frontpage
  • Introduced project templates to set up projects with default settings for different usecases
  • Improved onboarding for new users
  • Improved team and client dashboards
  • Added support for Github login
  • Added support for Google login
  • Added support for integration with Slack
  • Unified and updated theme and layout
  • Support for PHP 7.2

  • More reliable mail notifications, with better and more readable formatting
  • Improvements to searching for related issues
  • Changed from server-side rendered code highlighter to js-powered highlighter
  • More details are shown in the issue log
  • Missing wiki articles now highlighted when linked to
  • Comments in issues can now be sorted in reverse order

Lire la suite: https://github.com/thebuggenie/thebuggenie/releases/tag/4.3.1


16 Avril 2018 - 65MB4.1.13

  • bugfix for captcha not showing during registration
  • bugfix for search column selections not saving
  • added project name in header bar when in a project
  • massive performance improvements
  • theme tweaks


  • updated mobile theme
  • support for upgrading and cache-clearing via the command line
  • a fix for notification settings not saving in certain situations
  • better support for log items
  • su* pport for logging in with email or username

Lire la suite: https://github.com/thebuggenie/thebuggenie/releases/tag/4.1.13


3 Août 2016 - 65MBThis release sees a huge improvement in speed and consistency across several key areas:
  • Notifications has been rewritten, and improved with the introduction of individual category and project subscriptions as well as desktop notifications
  • Module support has been further enhanced, and several modules are already available, such as Slack™ integration
  • Time tracking has been improved

Lire la suite: http://www.thebuggenie.com/release/4_1_8


(version majeure)
11 Septembre 2015 - 65MBThis release contains significant changes and requires human interaction to finalize the upgrade process. Visit the installation after upgrading to finalize.

Many of the underlying framework components have been greatly improved, resulting in the fastest and most responsive release to date!
The Bug Genie now integrates with the new addons section. Download and install addons from the website or inside the issue tracker
The license has been upgraded from MPL 1.1 to MPL version 2, which greatly increases license compatibility and reduces license concerns
Lire la suite: http://www.thebuggenie.com/release/4_1_0

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