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OSClass est une application de publication de petites annonces. Initialement publié en 2011, OSClass se développe rapidement avec plus de 17.000 téléchargements par mois.

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Installation en 1 clic

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Sauvegarde et restauration


E-commerce et Entreprise
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Dernière mise à jour
26 January 2022
Français + 23 autres

Configuration requise

Taille de l'installation
30.00 Mo
Base de données
open source
Vue d'ensemble
Quoi de neuf
8.0.1 (version majeure)
26 Janvier - 30MB8.0.1

New Features, Changes and Bug Fixes
  • Mobile ready installation: Installation process has been redesigned in order to make it fully responsive.
  • Contact forms now can be completely disabled: When form is disabled, it is not even possible to make POST request to it and send message. This solves the common problem when admin removes forms from front, but spam mails are still being generated.
  • RTL support for languages: Admin can now set language as RTL one directly in back office.
  • Ban rules processing and evaluation redesign: Osclass now will do 2 queries to database and tries to limit response from database as much as possible. This allows to have much larger dataset of ban rules (i.e. generated by anti-spam plugin) and evaluate them quicker.
  • Alerts table redesign: Alerts table in backoffice got new feel & look and is now much easier to work with. New columns status, status color and unsubsribe date has been added.
  • New option in Tools > Cleanup to remove old alerts
  • Upgrade process improvements - it should be now easier to upgrade your Osclass
  • "Osclass XY is available" message will not be shown anymore after update
  • oc-content folder can now be included in upgrade process as well (Settings > General)
  • Optimization files (css & js) are now cleaned after upgrade. They are also cleaned on numerous actions, like plugin/theme activation/deactivation etc.
  • Numerous bug fixes (auto-upgrade, searching & counting items with pictures, optimization of SQL queries, notices on installation process, market sorting, ....)


The team is working great progress with re-inventing Osclass and boosting it with new features. But that is not all, we are also redesigning and improving existing functionalities and adding numerous new features.

New Features, Changes and Bug Fixes
  • Locations v3.0 added: We have 3x more cities comparing to locations v2.0; 4 new countries added; and much better regions structure.
  • Oc-admin/Backoffice folder can be easily renamed
  • Improved child theme features
  • Ban rules improvement: Ban rules page in oc-admin now contains pagination & search options. Keyword will be searched against name, email and IP of ban rule.
  • Ban rules improvement: New examples (tips) has been added when creating new rule, design & width of inputs changed, show more button removed.
  • Ban rules improvement: Multiple email addresses can be now inserted into one ban rule - separated by comma
  • Ban rules improvement: Ban rules summary widget has been added into Backoffice home page not easy to use.
  • New custom field types: Osclass now contains more custom field types: Phone, Email, Color, Number
  • Updated translit from Cyrilic into Latin for URLs.
  • New widget added: Latest product updates on OsclassPoint.com, where you can see last 5 updated products, date, current version, supported osclass version and what has changed.
  • Configuration information in oc-admin does not calculate folder sizes and permissions by default to avoid resource wasting and speed-up page loading.
  • Admin can run configuration information with details ("Run with details" button) in case these data are needed.
  • New function created: osc_theme_get_info($theme):
  • Returns information about front-office theme (from index.php of theme). Enter only theme name (name of theme folder). Example: bender, sigma, delta
  • Default number of listings matching alert in User > Alerts changed from 3 to 12.
  • Added category object into extendData and extendDataSingle functions, so it easy to identify if category has price enabled or not.
  • Added "Changelog" menu item under "Tools", so you can now easily see what has changed in last versions.
  • Admin can now easily show all plugins available for update in Plugins section.
  • Admin hook admin_content_footer has been removed.
  • Updated composer dependencies to latest available versions.
  • Engine of all database tables has been consolidated.
  • Category ID is now visible in oc-admin when editing categories as tooltip on category name and as header in category edit form/iframe.
  • Updated notice text in all files, based on Apache version, if this file is present in original file, it must be present on all branches with copyright mention.
  • Function osc_user_phone will now return primary mobile phone number, and if not exists, then return land phone number (if exists).
  • Native location names are now available in premiums section as well. No modifications in themes are required.
  • Optimized minified CSS & JavaScript files will now be cleaned and refreshed on following actions: activate theme, install plugin, uninstall plugin, activate plugin, deactivate plugin.

Lire la suite: https://osclass-classifieds.com/changelog

4.3.2 (version majeure)
2 Février 2021 - 30MB4.3.2

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed problem with some plugins missing in backoffice left navigation menu


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed problem with unfunctional friendly URLs for plugin pages
  • Fixed overlay issue in backoffice (menu vs flash message)


Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Osclass and all themes & plugins are now compatible with PHP 8.0
  • Incorrect mail server configuration will not block actions where mails are sent (like user register or listing publish).
  • New section under Apearance has been created - customization, where you can enter any CSS code to modify appearance of your theme.
  • User table in backoffice now contains also phone number of user (mobile if not empty, otherwise land phone)
  • Fixed usage of POP3 before SMTP in mail function
  • Fixed different issues with form functions
  • Removed child themes from update sequence - child themes cannot be updated at all
  • Enabled options for current theme to be updated
  • Themes are now sorted in ascending order by their name
  • Fixed error message when installing problematic plugin, where message was sometimes not visible
  • Design for filter pop-up window in backoffice on mobile devices has been fixed

Lire la suite: https://osclasspoint.com/blog/

21 Décembre 2020 - 30MB
  • Fixed problem when editing listing, updating contact phone or contact other would take no effect.
  • Fixed problem with pagination links in user public profile, when friendly urls are disabled.
  • Updated function osc_get_current_user_locations_native to avoid undefined notice log.
  • Fixed installation problems when email was impossible to send using PHP mailer.
  • Fixed notices in item form class
  • Security update to avoid using action parameter on home page for code injection
  • Function get_magic_quotes_gpc completely removed from osclass as it is deprecated

Lire la suite: https://osclasspoint.com/blog/

9 Décembre 2020 - 30MB
  • Improvements and fixes on script installation process.
  • listAll function added to Region class in order to sort data by name ascending.
  • listAll function in Country class updated to proper DAO form.
  • ItemForm::region_select() function now accept 3rd parameter that if set to true, will generate list of all regions (in case site not use countries).
  • ItemForm::region_select() will generate regions by default in case website contains only 1 country.
  • Optimized & merged js & css are now cleaned on theme change.
  • Sigma theme public profile now show proper user image.
  • osc_sanitize_url() and osc_validate_url() has been updated.
  • user save URL in profile has been updated & improved.
  • in backoffice item edit/add form, location selector has been changed to dropdowns (it was dropdown / autocomplete / autocomplete).
  • fixed possible error notices and problems in hSearch helper file.
  • item url structure has changed for new installation from {CATEGORIES}/{ITEM_TITLE}_i{ITEM_ID} into {CATEGORIES}/{ITEM_TITLE}-i{ITEM_ID}, this change has no impact on existing installations.
  • fixed possible problems with pagination generation caused by group by statement in item counter function.
  • fixed installation error that could be thrown from localhost due to sending mail from osclass@localhost, that is not valid mail.
  • you can now upgrade from Osclass Evo script, where OsclassPoint script will detect other branch and provide all required updates to convert files and tables.

Lire la suite: https://osclasspoint.com/blog/

Afficher plus de versions
4.2.0 (version majeure) (version de sécurité)
7 Décembre 2020 - 30MB4.2.0

  • CSS style sheets and JS scripts optimization
  • Market built-in to backoffice
  • More than 50 free products uploaded to OsclassPoint.com
  • New UI for oc-admin dashboard
  • Osclass configuration information
  • Osclass debug/error log page
  • Profile picture/avatar feature built-in to osclass core
  • Comments rating feature
  • Improved front & back office login security
  • Listing publish redirect
  • TinyMCE / Rich edit in user profile (description)
  • New Data clean up section in backoffice
  • Moderator custom access
  • Renewal feature built-in to osclass
  • Deactivate listing
  • Structured data (micro data / rich tags) integrated in osclass
  • Admin toolbar in front
  • Admin can now "login as user"

Other updates and fixes
  • Breadcrumbs micro-data (structured data) has been updated to latest definition based on http://schema.org/BreadcrumbList.
  • Static pages has new option to index / not index particular pages. When page is selected not to be indexed, meta tags (nofollow) are updated to tell crawling bot not to take page into index.
  • Search engine counting has been redesigned (total number of listings) and pushed from PHP side (that had limitation) into database side that is much faster and more effective. Prior versions had limit 100*items_per_page.
  • Backoffice (oc-admin) is now completely responsive, including guid pages (login, forgot, recover). Minimum width of page has been set to 280px that should cover any device nowadays being used.
  • Dialog boxes in backoffice can now be closed also by clicking outside dialog box (not just by clicking on close button).
  • Fixed error query trying to get currency with incorrect filter (blank).
  • Custom fields are now sortable and may be ordered in way you like. In prior versions only way to resort custom fields was to remove them and create again.
  • Fixed several minor issues with native location names.
  • Language/translation files got new naming convention and has been cleaned.
  • Fixed item price function, where 0 price was processed as "Check with seller" instead of "Free".
  • CSRF security tokens has been redesigned and now are not so annoying as they used to be. Tokens now works in similar way as in Wordpress. New class keywords has been added to disable CSRF on forms: nocsrf (current), notoken, nooctoken.
  • Stats page charts god new layout and are loaded from updated link. Still using google charts as it is stable solution.
  • Fixed bug when it was not possible to change status of comment directly on comment page (Probable invalid request).
  • "Remember me" option on front & oc-admin login has been fixed and you can now stay logged for much longer time.
  • Code cleaning and formatting has been done in all osclass files, removing more than 200 000 unnecessary white spaces.
  • Bender theme has been removed from installation files and is not delivered with osclass anymore, however you still may use it. Use Sigma theme instead.
  • Modern backoffice theme has been removed and is not delivered with osclass anymore. You still can use modern backoffice theme, but will not contain many different settings. Use Omega theme instead.
  • 100+ improvements and design upgrades in backoffice theme and backoffice itself.
  • Pagination function has been fixed and will accept also itemType in user account > user listings section.
  • Backoffice meta title tags has been redesigned, not using right double arrow anymore and using "-" instead.
  • Contact form bug fix - in case visitor did not uploaded any attachment, osclass will no more throw error.
  • Following libraries has been updated to latest versions: PHP Mailer - 6.1.x, Gettext - 4.8.x, Recaptcha - 1.2.x, HTML Purifier - 4.13.x, PHP Sec lib - 2.0.x
  • Robots.txt has been updated and does not allow bots to crawl multiple osclass folders those should not be indexed.
  • Filters item_title & item_description has been added to search items as well, so title and description can be modified in same way on all the places (i.e. bad words functionality).
  • Improvements when processing non-latin characters into URL, like cyrilic, chinese, alphabet etc. Search page will not throw error anymore when using such characters with friendly URLs, listing URL also fixed for cyrilic characters.
  • Listing views count has been added to oc-admin > Listings section as last column in table.
  • new functions has been created to support theme authors: osc_lib_url(), osc_content_url(), osc_themes_url(), osc_plugins_url(), osc_translations_url()
  • added missing email variables to class to avoid undefined notices error. Updated class to avoid errors in case some variable description is missing.
  • version_compare2 function to compare versions of products has been redesigned and improved to accept string as well as integer version numbers.
  • Fixed bug/problem with translations of CHILD themes those could not be properly used on prior osclass versions. Osclass now consider both language files as well as both translation domains.
  • location dropdown functions (country_select, region_select, city_select) from item form class has been redesigned and now does not load any data if not necessary. In previous versions it loaded all countries, regions and cities into select boxes that made website to load for long time and made it slow and unresponsive to user interactions.
  • limit set on generic_select function that generates select fields, default value is 1000. This is to protect website from loading unnecessary too much options into select box.
  • Auto-upgrade no more send emails to admin if nothing has been upgraded. Now will also contain information if core, plugins, themes or languages has been updated.
  • update removes old phpmailer folder located in oc-includes folder to avoid issues when using different plugins those may be checking if this folder exists.


  • Fixed vulnerability CVE-2018-14481

  • Location new fields and source
  • Auto-upgrade functionality

Other updates and fixes
  • Images can now be rotated on publish page (image rotation), this update should not require theme updates
  • Admin can now set in listing settings, if phone number is visible only to logged-in users or to everyone
  • Users table in oc-admin has been redesigned, now shows last modification or registration date and last user access date
  • Users last access date logging has been fixed and changed, originally it was logging user activity once per hour, now it has been changed to once per minute
  • New function osc_user_is_online($user_id = '') added to core, that returns true if user has been online in last 5 minutes, false otherwise
  • Cron history is now available in oc-admin settings page, this helps administrators to control and watch more closely if cron is running properly, as this information was not visible in backoffice at all
  • "Show phone on the listing page" is now checked by default on publish page
  • There has been work done on alerts functionality, including optimization, fixes as well as change in notification email. Email now contains table with list of new listings with their pictures, title and description (originally, only list of links has been included)
  • Default "per page" settings in oc-admin has been changed from 10 to 25. On multiple pages option "500 per page" has been added as well
  • Oc-admin login now contains button to show/hide password you are entering into password input
  • Label for auto-cron functionality in setting has been updated, to clarify this feature is for testing purpose only and does not fully replace cron setup via cron panel in hosting
  • Admin can now change default behaviour of search pattern. Full-text search is enabled by default in osclass (boolean), this can be changed to "Contains mode" that enables to search part of word and "NLP" mode that stands for nature language processing mode. For more details on NLP check mysql documentation.
  • TinyMCE v4 has been replaced with latest TinyMCE v5.4
  • Admin can now enable TinyMCE (rich text, rich editor) on listings description when adding new listing (front & back office)
  • When editing static pages or email templates, you can now insert image into content simply by pasting it directly into text (paste image to text). Image will be auto-uploaded to server by osclass.
  • Image regenerate/refresh process has been redesign and improved. Once regenerate process is reaching time limit of php, it's paused. Admin can then again restore process at point it stopped, so it is not need to start from beginning
  • Multiple error notices fixed in core
  • All osclass core translations has been updated, en_US version now contains also .pot files (PO template) those allows simply update other translations from this template file, without loosing existing translations
  • Updated Sigma frontoffice theme to latest, including lot of improvements in theme
  • Updated Omega backoffice theme to latest, including lot of improvements in theme
  • Osclass by OsclassPoint is now available at sourceforge.net (https://sourceforge.net/projects/osclass-by-osclasspoint/)


  • New default front-office theme Sigma
  • New default back-office theme Omega
  • New installation design
  • New osclass home page
  • New fields on listings: phone number, show/hide phone number, other contact field (i.e. whatsapp)
  • New fields on categories: icon, color
  • PHP 7.4 compatibility fixed
  • Image upload/processing feature: "best crop"
  • Other updates and fixes

Lire la suite: https://osclasspoint.com/blog/osclass-42-major-update-b34

3.8.0 (version majeure) (version de sécurité)
24 Juin 2019 - 30MBHighlights
  • Fixed several vulnerabilities found by Zekvan Arslan ( https://www.netsparker.com )
  • Hooks at category insert & edit (‘edited_category’, ‘add_category’)
  • Filter at search page (‘search_pattern’)
  • mb_strlen missing at installation has been fixed
  • meta_title() fixed missing page (recover & forgot)
  • Fixed issue with filter ‘pre_item_add_error’
  • Updated HTML Purifier to 4.10.0
  • Updated PHPMailer to 5.2-stable
  • Fixed DateInterval custom field issues
  • Invalid email address verification on resend password request has been fixed
  • Multiple minor fixes and improvements

Lire la suite: https://blog.osclass.org/2018/07/31/osclass-3-8-0-ready-download/

3.7.4 (version majeure) (version de sécurité)
6 Octobre 2017 - 29MB
  • Multisite fixes and improvements
  • Fixed an issue with custom fields on edit item
  • Mysql 5.7 compatibility
  • Comment email notification only if comment moderation is disabled
  • Use https in order to prevent warnings
  • Remove temporal unremoved files (auto_qqfile_*)
  • Cron skipping issues has been fixed
  • New hooks, pre_item_add_error and pre_item_edit_error. Plugins can add FlashMessages.
  • Prevent subscribe to searches twice (Alerts)
  • Increase PHP minimum version to 5.6.0
  • Robots.txt overwrite has been fixed
  • Improved helper function osc_validate_email()
  • Added new noCaptcha ReCaptcha
  • Added listings link at item add / item edit (oc-admin)
  • Fixed Authenticated cross-site scripting issues.
  • Found by Robin Peraglie with the help of the RIPS code analyser (https://www.ripstech.com)
  • Osclass core fixed and improvements
  • Bender theme minor fixes

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org

3.6.1 (version majeure) (version de sécurité)
4 Février 2016 - 29MB
  • Fixed SQL injection vulnerability thanks to High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab ( https://www.htbridge.com/ )
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Improvements in the market area

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org

3.5.9 (version de sécurité)
19 Octobre 2015 - 29MB
  • Fixed four critical vulnerabilities thanks to HP Fortify Open Review ( https://hpfod.com/open-source-review-project )
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org

15 Octobre 2015 - 29MBLire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org

13 Mai 2015 - 29MBLire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org

26 Mars 2015 - 29MB
  • Fix typo

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org

3.5.5 (version de sécurité)
24 Mars 2015 - 29MB
  • Fixed two critical vulnerabilities thanks to Pedro Worcel ( http://www.security-assessment.com/ )
  • Fix typo on SQL query

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org

15 Décembre 2014 - 29MB
  • Checking for updates is now down in background
  • Typo fix

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org

24 Novembre 2014 - 29MB
  • Fixed wrong market endpoint in upgrade-funcs

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org

19 Novembre 2014 - 29MB
  • Manage Users, added reset filter
  • Fixed issue at search page with gallery format and premium ads
  • Bender theme - Parent category link are clickable
  • Bender theme is now upgradable via market

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org

3.5 (version majeure)
13 Novembre 2014 - 29MB
  • Higher limit for custom fields values.
  • Bug fixed, Manage locations, slugs not being generated
  • Added filter theme_url, change theme urls as you want
  • Add customizable class for pagination.
  • Added styles to Expired ads at Manage listings page.
  • Date format improvements at Manage users/listings page.
  • Fixed issues with Premium.php helper.
  • Ad management as a settings of Bender theme.
  • Connect / Disconnect from market.osclass.org
  • Market section, now show paid plugins and themes
  • My purchases (market page) download your paid plugins or themes
  • Market section, added search filters.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.
  • Several issues with Bender theme fixed.

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org

3.4.3 (version de sécurité)
9 Octobre 2014 - 29MB
  • Fixed four critical vulnerabilities thanks to Egidio Romano (http://karmainsecurity.com/)
  • Fixed some issues with the thousand separator in prices
  • Fixed some issues with search urls creating a redirection loop
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org/2014/10/09/osclass-3-4-3-ready-download/

3.4.2 (version de sécurité)
27 Septembre 2014 - 29MB
  • Fixed two vulnerabilities thanks to Robert and Onur from http://www.netsparker.com
  • Fixed some issues with the cache
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

6 Août 2014 - 29MB
  • Fixed compatibility issues with PHP 5.2
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

3.4 (version majeure)
4 Août 2014 - 29MB
  • Extensible cache support (memcache, APC,...)
  • User based subdomains
  • Emails filters with more variables added
  • Some sql optimizations (categories, users, premium)
  • UI fixes and improvements in admin
  • Imagemagick issues fixed
  • Child theme support
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

17 Décembre 2013 - 29MB
  • Fixed issue #1239
  • Improved a little upgrade process and warning

16 Décembre 2013 - 29MB
  • Fixed blurred watermark text
  • Fixed black background on images
  • Fixed error that makes impossible to install languages via market

3.3 (version majeure)
10 Décembre 2013 - 29MB
  • Subdomains improved
  • Ajax upload of photos, with preview
  • Improved image handling, no more mess with background color
  • Passwords more secure (use of Bcrypt + individual salt isntead of SHA1)
  • Updated HTML Purifier to 4.5.0
  • Release notes added when upgrading from previous version
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org/2013/12/10/osclass-3-3-available-download/

28 Octobre 2013 - 29MB
  • Custom fields search issues fixed
  • Fixed several bugs in the Bender theme
  • Some improvements in image upload & management
  • Several minor bugs fixed

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org/2013/10/28/osclass-3-2-2/

28 Août 2013 - 29MB
  • Location subdomains works now with multiple word locations
  • Several issues with Bender theme fixed
  • Categories will be translated to new languages (when possible)
  • Small fix with permalinks and certain configurations
  • Several minor bugs fixed

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org/2013/08/28/osclass-3-2-1-is-available-for-download/

3.2 (version majeure)
25 Juillet 2013 - 29MB
  • Improvements on categories – up to four levels of subcategories (for example: Flats –> For Sale –> Offered –> 1 Bedroom/ 2 Bedroom/etc.);
  • Expiration date for a listing (till now you can do that only for the whole category);
  • Advertising by locations (region1.osclass.org/region2.osclass.org) and categories;
  • Custom searchable fields (you will be able to personalize more searches), including date and date interval field;
  • Bender responsive theme as default theme;
  • Akismet for listings (added Akismet filter to new listings);
  • Expiration notice (emails to the users reminding them about the expiration date of each listing);
  • Added search filter to manage users;
  • Sending email to new admins created from oc-admin;
  • Manage users minor improvements (row colorsStatus , Link to public user profile);
  • Updated JQuery to 1.8;
  • New routes for plugins (here);
  • Override email from and email name from;
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org/2013/07/25/new-version-available-download-osclass-3-2/

7 Mai 2013 - 29MB
  • CSRF errors now show a flash message instead of a blank page
  • CSRF error ajax, return json with error message
  • Memory peak usage in osc_update_location_stats fixed
  • Issues using Imagick instead of GD when uploading images fixed
  • XSS vulnerability in search page fixed
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

  • Install and Edit: Added Polish language option.

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org/2013/05/07/osclass-3-1-2-is-available-for-download/

20 Mars 2013 - 29MB
  • Fixed breadcrumd in public profile
  • Showing correct description in public profile
  • SEO fixes: meta description and correct HTTP headers in search results and listing detail page
  • Don't override from email address when using SMTP
  • Problem fixed with custom field url
  • Issue with reCAPTCHA in mobile and tablet browsers
  • Bug fixes related to CSRF

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org/2013/03/20/osclass-3-1-1-is-available-for-download/

3.1 (version majeure)
26 Février 2013 - 29MB
  • Better market: you can now download languages from the admin
  • User ban system
  • Templates for static pages + better customization of pages
  • Manage email alerts
  • Security improvements: CSRF in the forms
  • Easier installation process
  • Preview of the email templates + legend in the sidebar

Lire la suite: http://blog.osclass.org/2013/02/26/new-version-of-osclass-3-1-is-ready-for-download/

22 Octobre 2012 - 24MB
13 Août 2012 - 24MB
3.0.0 (version majeure)
13 Juillet 2012 - 24MB
22 Mai 2012 - 24MB
2.4.0 (version majeure)
4 Mai 2012 - 24MB
2 Mai 2012 - 21MB

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