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NextCloud is an open source file sync and share application. NextCloud forked from ownCloud in 2016.

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Installation en 1 clic

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Dernière mise à jour
18 July 2019
Français + 40 autres

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260.00 Mo
Base de données
open source
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(version de sécurité)
18 Juillet - 260MB16.0.3

  • Do not fail hard on new user mail error
  • Fix redirect after rescanFailedIntegrityCheck to "Overview" page
  • Fix permissions for drag-n-drop uploads
  • Try to delete the cypress folder of the viewer app
  • Send browser notifications again


  • Bump tar from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2
  • Bump axios from 0.18.0 to 0.19.0

  • Update ca bundle
  • Update ca bundle checker
  • User management/subadmin: rephrase ambiguous error message
  • Update shipped.json to include privacy and recommendations
  • Show supported apps in app management
  • Update CRL due to revoked cookbook.crt
  • Only show sharing section if it has content
  • Remove quota feedback if no link set
  • Allow redis cluster to use password
  • Don't run repair step for every individual user, outsource that to background job
  • Check the actual status code for 204 and 304
  • Don't notify admins if no potentially over exposing links found
  • Also allow dragging below the file list
  • Change text color in search box in darktheme
  • Check for free space on touch
  • Search files by id in shared storages last
  • Hide newFile menu if quota is set to 0B
  • Add core/js/dist/ to l10nignore
  • Add LDAP integr. test for receiving share candidates with group limitation
  • Remove auto focus of share input field on dialog open
  • LDAP) API: return one base properly when multiple are configured
  • Handle storage exceptions when trying to set mtime
  • Fix LDAP Wizard forgetting groups on select with search
  • Revert "Fix userid casting in notifications"
  • Fix appid argument for integrity:check-app
  • Fix full text search for groupfolders
  • Fall back to black for non-color values
  • Check if uploading to lookup server is enabled before verifying
  • Allow apps to store longer messages in the comments API
  • Invalidates user when plugin reported deletion success
  • Fix download link included in public share page with hidden download
  • Better check reshare permissions
  • Verify that paths are valid for recursive local move
  • Don't allow to disable encryption via the API
  • Do not show a internet connectivity warning if internet access is dis…
  • Update Nextcloud version in docs link
  • Allow apps to overwrite the maximum length when reading from database
  • RefreshWebcalJob: replace ugly Regex with standard php utils
  • Better check reshare permissions part2
  • Fix "unshare group share from self" activity
  • Fix load of character maps
  • Correctly show errors when setting the password
  • Blacklist using .noimage
  • Update dependabot deps in stable16
  • Increase size of icon bubble for more visibility
  • Add app description to readme and appinfo
  • Catch and filter share that can't be found

Lire la suite: https://nextcloud.com/changelog/


17 Mai - 260MB
  • Fix setupcheck for intl module (server#15223)
  • Take return of mkdir into consideration; photocache to not create a folder for deletion (server#15303)
  • Remove the custom prefix from the table name length when checking on … (server#15312)
  • Check if the data is in the lookup server (server#15341)
  • Do NOT assume all files are selected if the first checkbox is (server#15345)
  • Fix collapse button in app navigation in IE11 (server#15389)
  • Make sure all middlewares are only registered once (server#15399)
  • Allow to send the password of protected conversations (server#15405)
  • Remove extra margin from warning messages in authenticate page (server#15409)
  • Set Edge < 16 as incompatible with css vars (server#15417)
  • Remove extra param in cache update call (server#15418)
  • Handle 0 B default quota properly in the web UI (server#15424)
  • Fix multiselect min width (server#15433)
  • Make access column a real boolean (server#15434)
  • Fix public upload by also load the semaphore method (server#15439)
  • Remove setup args from logging (server#15442)
  • Use non-absolute logout URL to fix wrong URL in reverse proxy scenario (server#15452)
  • Fix mobile vertical scrolling (server#15469)
  • Remove recommendation for opcache on CLI (server#15471)
  • Update file-upload.js (server#15482)
  • Add interfaces to interact with subscription from support app (server#15513)
  • Fall back to application/octet-stream instead of using an invalid mim… (activity#374)
  • Only call setViewerMode if FileList is available (files_pdfviewer#132)
  • Use correct CSS URL, remove default marked settings and change to GFM rendering (files_texteditor#150)
  • Use correct method to determine if HTTPS is used (firstrunwizard#189)

Lire la suite: https://nextcloud.com/changelog/


(version majeure)
6 Mai - 260MBNextcloud 16 is smarter than ever, with machine learning to detect suspicious logins and offering clever recommendations. Group Folders now sport access control lists so system administrators can easily manage who has access to what in organization-wide shares. We also introduce Projects, a way to easily relate and find related information like files, chats or tasks.

Major Features
  • Nextcloud 16 becomes smarter with Machine Learning for security and productivity
  • ACL permissions for Groupfolders
  • Nextcloud 16 allows you to link resources to keep track of your projects
  • Talk 6.0 brings commands, improved user experience and more

Lire la suite: https://nextcloud.com/changelog/

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