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e107 est un système de gestion de contenu et portail communautaire open source.

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Dernière mise à jour
19 April 2018

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Taille de l'installation
40 Mo
Base de données
open source
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19 Avril - 40MB2.1.7

  • New admin style added “K-admin inspired”
  • Grid View for Admin interface added
  • Option to convert image formats from png or gif to jpeg during import added
  • Pre-release language packs are now also visible in the language manager
  • News-List template now support special styling for the first item
  • Support added for multiple news templates
  • {NEWS_IMAGE} Auto Carousel option added to news
  • Added {NEWS_RATE} shortcode
  • Added NEWS_LAYOUT constant
  • Social login Yahoo added
  • Multisite navigation support (when using the ‘multisite’ plugin)

Bug Fixes
  • HybridAuth upgraded to v2.9.6 and LinkedIn login fixed
  • Fixes for the installation routine on specific server configurations
  • Several fixes to the SEF URLs across all areas
  • Several fixes to the caching functionality (especially in ‘news’)
  • Fixed issue with plugin preferences not saving correctly when value is '0'
  • ‘Voux’ is now set as the default theme during installation
  • LAN fixes, improvements and clean up
  • Several fixes and improvements for backwards compatibility
  • Performance improvements (database, update checks, loading of Glyps)
  • PHP 7 compatibility improvements
  • Fixes to admin and user permissions
  • PHP notices and warnings clean up


  • Language-Packs can now be downloaded and installed without leaving the admin area
  • New MySQL method selectTree()
  • New constant e_HTTP_STATIC
  • New constant e_VERSION which returns the currently installed version of e107
  • Custom TinyMCE snippets can now be placed in the theme folder as custom templates: templates/tinymce/snippets
  • Ability to override site path (hash) by defining $E107_CONFIG['site_path'] in e107_config.php
  • Table data from e107 v1.x "Content Management" plugin can now be imported into "Pages/Menus"

Bug Fixes
  • TinyMce updated to 4.5.6
  • PHP Mailer Upgrade to 5.2.23
  • Improvements to sending email procedure (SMTP)
  • Bug fixes to plugins: Chatbox, Downloads, FAQ, Featurebox, Forum
  • News: meta-description character limit option added. ie. {NEWS_DESCRIPTION: limit=x}
  • Downloads: now supports file in root directory (no longer 'parent > child" needed)
  • Several fixes to SEFL URLs, including automatic generation
  • Numerous LAN enhancements (thanks @yesszus)
  • Caching improvements
  • Improvements to meta-tags
  • Further fixes for PHP 7.1 compatibility
  • Fixes to the backup/export functionality
  • Javascript files are now moved to the footer
  • Improved logging to system logs (especially SQL queries)
  • Improved sessions handling (should prevent sudden logout)
  • And literally dozens of other bugfixes and optimizations

Lire la suite: https://e107.org/blog/merry-xmas-and-a-new-release-v2-1-7.html


(version majeure)
24 Avril 2017 - 28MBFixes/Improvements
  • Significant amount of LAN work (thanks to @yesszus)
  • Numerous speed and memory usage optimizations (work in progress)
  • 'Country' extended user field (EUF) working again
  • Several backwards-compatibility fixes for v1 plugins
  • Cleanup and enhancements to the library manager (see _blank theme/plugin for usage)
  • Added more id and class tags to allow for more styling (e.g. forum plugin)
  • {NEWFORUMPOSTS} working again (but still deprecated, it is replaced by the newforumposts_menu in the forum plugin)
  • Several fixes to the upgrade procedure from v1.x installations (e.g. users with a . in their username are now properly recognized again)
  • Plugin manager is now using the Admin UI allowing for searching/filtering
  • Changed enabled/disabled option to on/off (using a new switch) in the Admin Area
  • Userpicker method working again when using SEF URLs
  • News Grid Menu template upgraded for greater flexibility
  • {XURL_ICONS} now has its own template
  • And literally dozens of other bugfixes and optimizations

New features
  • Page/Menu custom fields
  • e107::getParser()->toFile() method added
  • {CHAPTER_MENUS: id=chapter-sef-url} shortcode added
  • New event added: user_chatbox_post_created
  • the e_parse addon can now also hook into the e107::getParser()->toDb() method
  • "Theme converter" allows to create a new theme based on an existing theme (/e107_admin/theme.php?mode=convert)
  • Start of SVG icon support
  • Theme shortcodes may be assigned as sitelink (navigation) dropdown content.

Lire la suite: http://e107.org/blog/e107-v2-1-5-bootstrap-cms-released.html


22 Mai 2013 - 28MBThis release focuses on fixing several bugs, some of which were introduced in the previous release. In addition, several enhancements were added to improve performance and backwards compatibility with outdated software and code. A short summary highlighting important changes:
  • Backwards compatibility with PHP4 installations and old coding (e.g. TYPE= in plugin.php)
  • Preventing large (wide) images from breaking the website layout
  • Fixed several bugs in the ‘Event calendar’ plugin which caused events to display a day before the actual event was set to occur.
  • Fixed a parsing issue where the & entity would multiply. An update routine has been added to clean-up and fix installations which were exposed to this bug.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes which can be found in the changelog.

Lire la suite: http://e107.org/news.php?extend.892.2


15 Mars 2013 - 28MB
  • In the administration area a "New Comments" counter has been added to the "Latest" menu and some cross-browser compatibility issues with the textareas corrected.
  • Improvements to multilingual support included changes to the core database to ensure the proper display of non English characters.
  • Upgrades to the Events Calendar bring it up to date with a new standard for e107 and compliments updates to core files, features and processes that have been made on an ongoing basis.

Lire la suite: http://e107.org/news.php?extend.890.2

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22 Octobre 2012 - 28MB


30 Mars 2012 - 28MB


(version majeure)
29 Décembre 2011 - 28MB


19 Septembre 2011 - 27MB


7 Avril 2011 - 27MB


22 Septembre 2010 - 26MB

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