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Seo Panel es un c贸digo abierto multi-sitio web de optimizaci贸n de motores de b煤squeda (SEO) aplicaci贸n de monitoreo. Inicialmente lanzado en 2010, Seo Panel recibi贸 el 1er Premio en el 2011 los premios del proyecto de c贸digo abierto m谩s prometedoras por Packt Publishing.

Instalaci贸n en 1 clic Seo Panel

Instalaci贸n en 1 clic

Actualizaci贸n f谩cil Seo Panel

Actualizaci贸n f谩cil

Copia de seguridad y restauraci贸n Seo Panel

Copia de seguridad y restauraci贸n


Encuestas y estad铆sticas
Versi贸n actual
脷ltima actualizaci贸n
31 March 2021
Espa帽ol (Spanish) + 41 otros

Configuraci贸n requerida

Tama帽o de la instalaci贸n
45.00 MB
Base de datos
c贸digo abierto
Vista de conjunto
Qu茅 hay de nuevo


(versi贸n de seguridad)
31 Marzo - 45MBSecurity
  • Fixes reported by Niclov and xoffense

Bug Fixes
  • Automatic Search Engine Fix: Search engine issues automatically fixed with out latest version upgrade.
  • German Language Updates

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(versi贸n de seguridad)
12 Marzo - 45MBSecurity
  • Security Bug Fixes Reported by Netsparker

  • DataForSEO API Integration
  • Serbian Language Support

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6 Octubre 2020 - 45MBFeatures
  • Integrated LinkedIn company page to social media checker tool.
  • Implemented mail log manager to see logs of all mails sent from seo panel software.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with Alexa in backlink checker tool.
  • Fixed issue with Youtube in social media checker tool.
  • Other important bug fixes in different sections.

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30 Junio 2020 - 45MBHighlights
  • Google PageSpeed Insights API Upgrade
  • Upgraded Google PageSpeed Insights API from V2 to V5
  • Fixed issues with Google API Key connection.

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ver m谩s versiones


29 Abril 2020 - 45MBHighlights
  • Page and Keyword Overview Reports: New feature in dashboard to display best performing pages and keywords of a website.
  • Auto Version Check: Automatically check current version of Seo Panel and will provide new version alerts.

Bug fixes
  • Mysql8 version fixes
  • Inactive search engine fixes
  • Captcha image not showing issue

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10 Abril 2020 - 45MB4.3.0

  • Auto Search Engine Configuration Sync
  • Google search engine Improvements
  • Seo panel API changes
  • Sendgrid API support for sending emails

4.2.0 patch

Bug Fixes
  • Google keyword rank position issue(Regex not matched error)


  • Customer Review Manager
  • Google, Bing and Alexa Improvements
  • Important bug fixes to improve the performance of seo panel

4.1.0 patch

Bug Fixes
  • Google keyword rank position issue
  • Bing keyword rank position issue


  • Google Analytics
  • Alerts Management
  • Important bug fixes to improve the performance of seo panel

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(versi贸n principal)
28 Mayo 2019 - 40MB
  • Added responsive themes for mobile.

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29 Marzo 2019 - 40MB
  • Social Media Checker - It will track followers and likes of major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube
  • Customizer Plugin 鈥 Integration of Customizer Plugin to customize seo panel Menu, CSS and JS etc
  • Directory Auto Submission 鈥 Directory submission is completely automated using captcha solver and auto category selection
  • Test Email Settings 鈥 A feature to test email settings by sending a test email
  • Bug Fixes 鈥 Important bug fixes to improve the performance of seo panel

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14 Diciembre 2018 - 40MB
  • Add websites to Google 鈥 Feature to add websites to google webmaster tools from seo panel.
  • Google Webmaster Tool Import 鈥 Feature to import websites from google webmaster tools to seo panel.
  • Sitemap Submission 鈥 Feature to submit sitemaps to google webmaster tools.

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28 Septiembre 2018 - 35MB
  • Google Webmaster Tool Search Analytics 鈥 Feature to track all keywords found in search analytics reports collected from webmaster tools
  • Report Generation Logs 鈥 Tracks daily, whether report generation is completed for a user
  • Seo Tools Priority 鈥 New feature to change priority order of seo tools displayed in seo panel
  • Seo Plugin Priority 鈥 New feature to change priority order of seo plugins displayed in seo panel
  • Sorting 鈥 Implemented new jquery sorting script to sort table columns
  • Quick Fixes 鈥 Fixed issues with pagination in email reports, google webmaster tool integration fixes

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31 Marzo 2018 - 35MBHighlights
  • User level plugin access 鈥 Feature to enable/disable access to plugins for different user types
  • User level seo tool access 鈥 Feature to enable/disable access to seo tools for different user types
  • Plugin user type settings 鈥 Feature to control features of plugin using user types
  • Plugin themes 鈥 Feature to add different themes for plugins

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed search engine manager page filter issues
  • Fixed site auditor bugs related with site crawling
  • Added changes to fix while strict trans table settings enabled in mysql
  • Performance improvements

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27 Octubre 2017 - 10MBNew Features
  • Google page speed checker 鈥 Integrated automated google pagespeed checker to seo panel using the API
  • Graphical Reports 鈥 New graphical reports using google graph API
  • Round robin report generation 鈥 Implemented round robin algorithm in report generation to get results of all keywords and websites
  • Seo panel upgrade 鈥 Changed upgrade steps to update all changes in between different versions

  • Fixed date range issues in website reports
  • Fixed https installation url detection issue
  • Fixed all sql injection issues
  • Created more common functions for database management and validation
  • Email content improvements

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17 Enero 2017 - 10MBNew Features
  • MOZ Domain and Page authority Rank integration 鈥 This feature is integrated in website rank reports, site auditor and directory submission
  • PHP 7 Support 鈥 Now seo panel will work in PHP 7 environment with out any issues.

  • Fixed issues with google and bing keyword search position reports
  • Fixed issues with bing backlinks and saturation rank reports
  • Fixed issues with crawling of site auditor reports

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30 Junio 2016 - 10MBNew Features
*MOZ Rank integration 鈥 As google pagerank service is dead, we replaced it with MOZ rank in all sections of seo panel.
  • Dashboard 鈥 Added new reports to dashboard with more details
  • Keyword Position Summary 鈥 Report format changed to include more details
  • Added more popup pages to prevent page redirections

  • Fixed issue with PHP short open tags
  • Fixed issue with Google and Yahoo search position
  • Upgraded PHPmailer module
  • Fixed issue showing inactive websites

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12 Enero 2016 - 10MBNew Features
  • User type manager 鈥 Now you can create your own user types with website and keyword limit. Also using membership subscription plugin, You can implement subscription payment system.
  • Bulk website import feature 鈥 Help to import list of websites to seo panel using csv file.
  • Pagination in keyword position summary page
  • Pagination in dashboard page, archived reports

  • Fixed issue with google first result is not showing in keyword postion reports
  • Fixed https link crawling issues
  • Fixed Forgot password submit button missing issue

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4 Junio 2015 - 10MB
  • Seo Panel API for managing keywords, websites, users and reports
  • Search Filters added to many pages for better usage experience
  • Short open tag checking disabled
  • Performance and security bug fixes added
  • Directory submission issues fixed
  • Excluded unwanted calls from crawl logs
  • Reduced external call requests
  • Keyword position checker tool improvements
  • Proxy ip selection changes
  • Alexa rank backlink count issues fixed

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9 Marzo 2015 - 10MBBug Fixes
  • Yahoo keyword rank position issue
  • Directory submission issues

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4 Septiembre 2014 - 10MBNew Features:
  • PDF reports available in 30 languages
  • Japanese and Swedish translations
  • Site auditor improvements
  • Improved logging feature to detect captcha in search results page
  • Performance improvements

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bing issue
  • Set mysql timezone issue
  • Rank and backlink checker issues

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(versi贸n de seguridad)
15 Mayo 2014 - 10MBNew Features:
  • Log Manager - Crawl log manager will provide detailed report about each crawling in seo panel.
  • Proxy performance report - Detailed report will show how proxies are performing.
  • Time zone integration 鈥 User can view reports in own time zone
  • Lithuanian translation

Bug Fixes:
  • Yahoo search engine fix
  • Cross site scripting vulnerability and security issues

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24 Enero 2014 - 10MBNew Features:
  • Advanced proxy features: Advanced proxy manager, Proxy import feature, Proxy checking cron job, Advanced proxy settings like use another proxy if one failed.
  • jQuery Integration: Integrated jQuery to seo panel by replacing prototype. Also added new Jquery dialog box for keyword report summary page.
  • Forgot Password: Implemented forgot password feature to get login credentials.

  • SMTP port management for mail sending
  • Improved perfomance of report generation cron job

Bug Fixes:
  • Zip encoding error
  • Cross site scripting vulnerability
  • UI errors

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23 Noviembre 2012 - 10MB


13 Noviembre 2012 - 10MB


9 Agosto 2012 - 6MB

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