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selfoss es un código abierto y un lector de RSS transmisión en vivo. selfoss fue lanzado inicialmente en 2010.

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Instalación en 1 clic

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13 March 2018

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Qué hay de nuevo
13 Marzo 2018 - 5MB
26 Enero 2017 - 5MB
15 Agosto 2016 - 5MB
  • improved handling of load list errors
  • Bugfix: f3/Web: workaround CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION not allowed when open_basedir is set
  • Bugfix: MySQL update time default field
  • improvement of translations
  • Add spout "RSS Feed (with enclosures)" to support feed enclosures
  • Added keyboard shortcut to refresh sources (Shift+r)
  • add support for private (@) and hidden (#) tags
  • Optimize SQL request to look for icon usage
  • Bugfix: Restore pgsql compatibility
  • Bugfix: fix tags filtering
  • Remove useless debug log
  • tweak browser icons
  • add toolbar color from Chrome for Android
  • added new auto_collapse option
  • added rewrite rule for ACME well known location. (folder for lets encrypt)
  • improve accesibility of selfoss
  • added no-referrer meta tag
  • Bugfix: fixed the search offset
  • Bugfix: fixed the "active" flag in the sources list
  • Rename floIcon constructors for PHP 7 support
  • indicator of below the fold unread entries

4 Agosto 2015 - 5MB
  • Implemented settings overwrite through prefixed ENV variables.
  • Fix: F3 would not launch when "magic_quotes_gpc" is not set.
  • Multiple enhancements to unread count user interface
  • Allow configuration of html
  • inline and resize emojis to fit into text flow
  • fix blockquote and pre overflow-x resetting
  • Wordpress share
  • add to allowed HTML-elements
  • Add functionality to show when the last post was found for a source
  • Change MySQL engine to InnoDB
  • fix file permissions
  • fix bad failure handling when using mobile mark these read button
  • fix typos
  • refresh event handlers upon mark these read ajax call error
  • rename CLI update script (Fix #587)
  • fix db_prefix not working (#686)
  • mobile: add unread count near logo at the top
  • periodicaly poll for stats updates, and reload list if it is empty
  • fixed "$HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA is deprecated" error
  • fix bad failure handling when using mobile mark these read button
  • rename CLI update script (Fix #587)
  • some refactorings

11 Mayo 2015 - 5MB
  • add fulltext rss spout for loading full content from any rss feed
  • show unread count in the document title
  • add titles to buttons
  • fix the author color on smartphones
  • fix reload shortcut after hitting last element of list
  • enable the app behaviour on android
  • add option 'auto_hide_read_on_mobile' support. Allows to hide read it when closing fullscreen view. Default to 0
  • fix tag names not case sensitive in mysql
  • fix bad encoding with selfoss-android app
  • avoid sql syntax error for spouts with zero items
  • avoid pgsql error on editing source
  • fix favicon parsing
  • enable secure cookie if using https and prevent cookie access from js
  • fix 'trying to get property of non-object' error
  • fix cannot run when base url contains a ~
  • fix cannot login when not using HTTPS
  • fix front-end nginx (through https:443) forward to apache2 (through http:80) the base url was http and not https
  • correctly return 403 permission denied when auth is lacking
  • correctly style sup and sub elements in entry content
  • scroll entry into view when not completely visible
  • github spout: use f3 internals and log errors in db
  • improvement of UTF-8 decoding
  • selfoss user agent for spouts
  • fix parsing href to get icon url
  • also try to use feed logo as icon
  • show and log error with stacktrace
  • added spout that is capable to retrieve a twitter list
  • allowing strike-through tag
  • new filter support for sources
  • allow windows 8 start screen pinning with notifications
  • pgsql upgrade to v6: please use transactions
  • new translation for brazilian portuguese
  • fix error during opml import
  • allow code html element in feed content
  • fixup feed icon in html homepage regexp
  • unbreak twitter spout: allow inline HTML elements in title
  • cleanup database abstraction code duplication
  • optimize database access
  • fix multiple database connections
  • hide passwords in source edit view
  • fix cookie not being set over HTTP
  • convert thumbnails to jpg
  • allow target attribute
  • add custom javascript file: user.js
  • ensure proper failure when feed url return HTTP/406
  • improvement of hungarian translation
  • improvement of polish translation
  • improvement of japanese translation
  • improvement of czech translation

6 Septiembre 2014 - 5MB
  • fix prefix bug on mysql
  • integrate fancybox for images
  • improved twitter integration
  • show authors of feeds
  • wallbag support added
  • update third party libraries
  • allow ajax based update of feeds
  • fix utf8 feed title bug
  • fix #405: extra spaces on login screen
  • fix #518: sorting of sources

ver m√°s versiones
14 Julio 2014 - 5MB
  • little fix to Polish translation
  • instapaper spout: use HTTPS
  • A new spout to get full text for entries in the Teltarif RSS feed
  • fix pgsql VACUUM ANALYZE syntax error
  • A new spout to get full text for entries in the Lightreading RSS feed
  • Multi-language support of search and error fix.
  • Make it possible to disable auto stream more, add handy "Mark these read" button
  • Use PHP to set the fore color of all tags
  • itemsPerPage value is set from INI file.
  • API header returns application/json
  • added estonian translation
  • allow sub and sup elements
  • entry CSS tweaks
  • REST API : Get only items updated since given time #532
  • Bugfix: API REST : /login should return true if auth is disable
  • Bugfix: Heise feed pull kills Update process #499
  • Bugfix: https for openshift #488
  • Bugfix: heise spout error handling #517

15 Febrero 2014 - 5MB
  • fix error 500 on icon fetching
  • add heise hardware-hacks (thanks a lot to robelix)
  • reddit2 spout: fix link to return http (thanks a lot to Bert Deferme)
  • reddit2 spout: add empty validation on username and password (thanks a lot to Bert Deferme)
  • setting to lazy load images on mobile devices (thanks a lot to Bodn√°r Istv√°n)
  • update fat free php framework version 3.2.0 (thanks a lot to Tim Gerundt)
  • improve heise spout (thanks a lot to robelix)
  • fix duplicate items with MySQL (thanks a lot to mistic100)
  • fix auto language detection
  • save OPML export file with xml extension (thanks a lot to hdhoang)
  • sqlite's "optimize()" was implemented (thanks a lot to arbk)
  • sources: show sources with error first (thanks a lot to hdhoang)
  • fix bug on base url determining using https
  • support search terms with quotes to find exact phrase like "Windows 8" (thanks a lot to Tim Gerundt)
  • github spout fix (set user agent) (thanks a lot to niol)
  • more opml export logging (thanks a lot to niol)

2.9 (versión de seguridad)
27 Octubre 2013 - 5MB
  • new configuration parameter for share buttons (thanks a lot to becevka)
  • new Ukrainian translation (thanks a lot to becevka)
  • fix Italian translation
  • new error message bar (thanks a lot to tamizhgeek)
  • fix php 5.5 bug for some spouts (thanks a lot to amiga23)
  • fix 'Undefined Index' error in item tpl when no shares available (thanks a lot to venyii)
  • add multi reddit support (thanks a lot to Janez Troha)
  • avoid duplicate sources while importing OPML (thanks a lot to Azhaguselvan SP)
  • prevent reflected XSS vulnerability in search form (thanks a lot to Azhaguselvan SP)
  • add support for fullscreen Webapp on iPhone 5 (thanks a lot to darkside40)
  • added new config parameter (unread_order) to be able to read unread items from oldest to newest (thanks a lot to Paul Fauchon)
  • update twitter api (thanks a lot to bobman38)
  • the processing of the parameter of the session cookie is updated (thanks a lot to arbk)
  • prevent stored XSS vulnerability in the source add form (thanks a lot to Azhaguselvan SP)
  • sort spouts by name (thanks a lot to Tim Gerundt)
  • allow -element and style definition list elements (thanks a lot to mcnesium)
  • new GitHub spout to list commits on a repository (thanks a lot to Tim Gerundt)
  • performance improvement on feed update (thanks a lot to Brad Koehn)

21 Julio 2013 - 5MB
  • new Polish translation (thanks a lot to Piotr Dymacz)
  • improved Expires section and Compression in .htaccess (thanks a lot to S Anand)
  • make api item listing, tags and sources stats accessible for non loggedin users in public mode
  • update fat free php framework version 3.0.8
  • new configuration parameter for default readability api key
  • new configuration parameter for allowing unauthorized access for the update job
  • new delicious support (thanks a lot to bbeardsley)
  • support ssl proxy (thanks a lot to zajad)
  • new readability support (thanks a lot to hayk)
  • pass original url to external sites except for opening the anonymized url (thanks a lot to bbeardsley)
  • new finnish translation (thanks a lot to jukper)
  • new spanish translation (thanks a lot to Matias Perrone)

11 Mayo 2013 - 5MB
  • new spout for instapaper (thanks a lot to janeczku)
  • new Hungarian translation (thanks a lot to Sancho)
  • fix keyboard shortcut on some browsers
  • new spout for youtube channels (thanks a lot to Arndt Staudinger)
  • new rss feed for selfoss releases:
  • fix bug on removing search terms (thanks a lot to ochristi)
  • translation for login page (thanks a lot to jicho)
  • new japanese language file (thanks a lot to wowo)
  • new shortcuts (thanks a lot to jicho)
  • fix issues with refreshing the items list and slow ajax requests (thanks a lot to Sean Rand)
  • don't leave behind sp-container divs when refreshing the tags (thanks a lot to Sean Rand)
  • clean up orphaned items of deleted sources (thanks a lot to Sean Rand)
  • update fat free php framework to newest versoin 3.0.6
  • only allow update for localhost or loggedin users (thanks a lot to Tiouss)
  • added Facebook page feed (thanks a lot to Thomas Muguet)
  • fix memory bug on icon generation (thanks a lot to Matthieu Codron)
  • new opml export (thanks a lot to Sean Rand)
  • new norwegian translation (thanks a lot to Kjetil Elde)
  • set default title if no one was given by the feed

10 Abril 2013 - 3MB
  • fixed OPML import for other formats (thanks a lot to Remy Gardette)
  • fix deletion of sources (no longer bad request)
  • disable tag click on smartphone
  • shortcuts mark/unmark as read and star/unstar also available on closed articles
  • fix tag list refresh

8 Abril 2013 - 3MB
  • new navigation with right/left cursor (thanks a lot to jicho)
  • replace • for IE compatibility
  • fix re-initialize entry events on screen width change (thanks a lot to Sean Rand)
  • allow optional userdefined user.css (thanks a lot to Jean Baptiste Favre)
  • some smaller css tweaks (thanks a lot to Sean Rand)
  • new parameter use_system_font for using Arial instead of Open Sans
  • new italian language file (thanks a lot to David Chionne)
  • fix duplicate article fetching on uids with more than 255 characters
  • add integrated json api
  • add error handling for feeds with wrong link
  • new swedish translation (thanks a lot to andersgd)

1 Abril 2013 - 3MB
  • prevent error on icons parsing error
  • new homepage parameter (thanks a lot to Jean Baptiste Favre)
  • new button for open an articles source
  • no error message if no unread item is available and mark all as read was pressed
  • improve logger
  • readability is now available as spout instead as global parameter
  • new share buttons for google+, twitter and facebook
  • mysql use longtext for articles content
  • improved detection of mobile devices
  • allow more tags in articles content
  • show unread items per tag in taglist (thanks a lot to Fedor Bezrukov)
  • show list of sources for filtering (thanks a lot to Fedor Bezrukov)
  • use more eye catching unread stats in main navigation
  • show source title in selfoss RSS feed (thanks a lot to Darkwing1)
  • load sources for update by last update time (thanks a lot to Lars Formella)
  • Opening feed search focuses the search input field
  • Scroll blockquotes and pre on overflow (especially good for mobile devices)
  • new option for automatically mark items as read
  • new share buttons for email and pocket (thanks a lot to Francis Noel)
  • new shortcut r for reloading the current list
  • new internationalization (language files for German, English, French, Turkish, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Latvian, traditional and simplified Chinese included)
  • make article id generation more reliable
  • fix some font issues
  • fix JavaScript error in login screen
  • autofocus username on login
  • add open in new window button for mobile view
  • allow choosing tags in article list
  • concurent multiples updates makes no longer duplicates entries
  • Reload items on mark as read
  • anonymizer support
  • selfoss rss feed support tag filtering (?tag=) (thanks a lot to Francis Noel)
  • fix tag render bug

21 Marzo 2013 - 3MB

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