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phpwcms es una aplicación de gestión de contenido de código abierto y un marco de desarrollo de PHP. Inicialmente lanzado en 2007, phpwcms ha sido descargado más de 125.000 veces.

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Instalación en 1 clic

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Copia de seguridad y restauración


sistema de gestión de contenido
Sistemas de administración de contenidos
Versión actual
Última actualización
27 June 2022
Espa√Īol (Spanish) + 26 otros

Configuración requerida

Tama√Īo de la instalaci√≥n
40.00 MB
Base de datos
código abierto
Vista de conjunto
Qué hay de nuevo
27 Juin - 40MB1.9.33

Bug Fixes and Changes
  • Optimize the rendering of NAV_LIST_UL, smaller fixes and updates.


Bug Fixes and Changes
  • Fixes the problem of forced logout related to content part actions in the backend introduced in release 1.9.29.

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20 Septembre 2021 - 40MBMaintenance release. Some enhancements, dependency updates and fixes.
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17 Ao√Ľt 2021 - 40MBMaintenance release. Some enhancements, dependency updates and fixes.
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27 Mai 2021 - 40MBChanges
  • Updated CKEditor to v4.16.1
  • Allow fronend login against email too (new option in CP frontend login)
  • Takeover of multiple uploaded files can be combined with the creation of a new subdirectory
  • Product options in the shop module can be set as required
  • Extended payment options in the shop module by cash and self pickup
  • Enhanced .htaccess. Be careful and check this very well. It's not perfect yet and might need some more testing and optimisation.
  • Extended NAV_LIST_UL by AH article menu option. Use AH instead of A to hide the first article link. This can be used to avoid rendering links to the parent structure level and to the first article. Some clients still use overrated SEO tools and cry about double content.
  • Bug fixes and smaller changes

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8 Avril 2021 - 40MBChanges and Bug Fixes
  • WebP support/option
  • Shop module got some new features
  • Some smaller fixes and changes

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29 Janvier 2021 - 40MB
  • Enhancements, updates and fixes ‚Äď compatible with PHP 8.0

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19 Ao√Ľt 2020 - 40MB
  • Enhancements, updates and fixes ‚Äď another maintenance release.
  • New config options such as $phpwcms['use_content_lang'], $phpwcms['lazy_loading'], and $phpwcms['login_autocomplete']

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8 Juillet 2020 - 40MB1.9.20
  • Refactors and bug fixes

  • Bug fixes

  • PHP 7 refactoring

  • Refactor

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16 Mars 2020 - 40MB1.9.16

A bug fix release.


A bug fix release.


A bug fix release.
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24 Novembre 2019 - 40MBSeveral smaller fixes and changes and updates, nothing groundbreaking.
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29 Septembre 2019 - 40MBThis version of phpwcms is mostly a bugfix release and updates some of the vendor scripts too. There are also a few commits which introduces smaller enhancements. There is no breaking change.
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1.9.8 (version majeure)
9 Avril 2019 - 39MB1.9.8

This release fixes bugs, keeps components updated and implements some new functionality.


This release fixes bugs and keeps components updated.


This release fixes several bugs, keep components updated and implemented new functionality. phpwcms 2.0 is on the way...


This release fixes several bugs, keep components updated and implemented new functionality. But at all it's a stable release and works up to PHP 7+.

  • Support PHP 7+.


  • CKEditor updated to version 4.7.1
  • Fixed bug issue #220


  • Fixes a bug in CP Image Special and broken newsletter unsubscribe links.


  • CKEditor updated to version 4.7.0
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA implemented
  • Optimised ReWrite conditions, so check your .htaccess


  • Article start and end date are no longer set as long it's not set by the backend user
  • Content Parts were restructured a bit and got new options:
  • - Custom attributes class and id can be set and are accessible in all custom CP templates with the replacers [ATTR_CLASS]{ATTR_CLASS}[/ATTR_CLASS] and [ATTR_ID]{ATTR_ID}[/ATTR_ID]
  • - Space before and after got additional template options and can be negative too
  • - Start and end date can be set
  • IPTC image information can be used in the file manager. In combination with config settings and specific rules IPTC values can be used to set image title, caption or copyright.
  • [Edit] button in article list is readable and bigger.
  • CKEditor was updated to version 4.6.2


  • CP Image Special custom fields extended by file download option
  • CP Tabs enhanced by unique tab based id replacer {TABID}
  • PHPMailer version 5.2.21 ‚ÄĒ an important security update!
  • You can try to upgrade older releases of phpwcms by replacing old content of /include/inc_ext/phpmailer/ with the one of this release. Keep a copy of the old one before you do so to be able to roll back in case of incompatibility with your too old release of phpwcms.
  • CKEditor updated to version 4.6.1 which introduces a new, more modern looking skin


  • Rewrite implemented for downloads too, do not forget to check .htaccess on update
  • Implemented fallback for image captions, alt, title and copyright based on file defaults and frontend language
  • Cookie consent functionality implemented
  • Template got backend support for Google Analytics and Piwik tracking
  • IMAGE_TITLE, ALT, URL, URL_TARGET, COPYRIGHT available in the teaser template
  • {ID} replacer is available within nearly every content part template.
  • Most textarea fields in the backend are now autosized
  • Added support for jQuery 1.12.4, 2.1.4 and 3.1.1 (including fallback and migrate options)
  • CKEDitor updated to version 4.5.11
  • Several other vendor scripts updated too
  • JW Player is no longer supported

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3 Avril 2016 - 39MBMainly a maintenance release.

Some new replacements tags like:

There is a new option to define a structure level as onepage capable which results in rendering the related menu item as href="#anchor".

Updated components and some smaller fixes.
4 Janvier 2016 - 39MBIt's 2016, Happy New Year!
  • CP tabs enhanced by collapsable items and custom fields, see and there $template_default['settings']['tabs_custom_fields']
  • New option (jQuery only) to combine multiple $(function(){ // ‚Ķ }); into a single &;t;script> section
  • Several bugfixes

1.8.0 (version de sécurité)
14 Décembre 2015 - 39MBThis release addresses several security related issues like custom inline PHP, file upload and CSRF protection. It is highly recommend to upgrade outdated installations. The security related issues are relevant only when you have access to the backend. This limits the potential.

Beside making the backend of phpwcms more secure most components and libraries like CKEditor, jQuery, phpMailer has been updated. Several non-minor bugs has been removed.
18 Mai 2015 - 39MB
15 Février 2015 - 39MB
22 Décembre 2014 - 39MB
16 Septembre 2014 - 39MB
15 Ao√Ľt 2014 - 39MB
  • Fixed issue #96, pagination accessible again

24 Février 2014 - 39MB
1.7.1 (version majeure)
18 Décembre 2013 - 39MB
13 Mai 2013 - 39MB
  • CKEDitor 4.1.1
  • HTML5 Shiv 3.6.2
  • jQuery 2.0.0
  • Better handling for file uploads
  • Better Rewrite support
  • Better HTML5 support, HTML5 is default now
  • More options for Sitemap
  • Canonical setting
  • Changed behavior for config $phpwcms['js_lib']
  • Custom Opt-In eail template
  • CP Text with Image fiexed rendering left/right column
  • Fixes, changes and enhancements

7 Mars 2013 - 39MB

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