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osTicket es un soporte de c贸digo abierto de solicitud de entradas.

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Instalaci贸n en 1 clic

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10 March 2021

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130.00 MB
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(versi贸n de seguridad)
10 Marzo - 130MB1.15.2

  • xss: FormAction Attribute
  • xss: onerror Property

  • Issue: Visibility Permissions
  • Depts Visibility
  • Issue: Task Inline Transfer

  • Make word count error match the actual limit
  • Mute warning when Every Minute is selected.
  • Remove extra selection - Choice Field handles prompt.
  • Fail gracefully when supported matches return null
  • Create variable before passing it by reference
  • FAQ: Check for lookup failures
  • 2fa: use isset to check checkbox
  • Session: Regenerate session id before closing it.
  • Issue: Unlinking Tickets
  • Issue: Agents/Depts in Queue Cols
  • Issue: Revise getDepartments
  • Issue: Visibility Permissions
  • issue: getDefaultDeptId() On Null
  • issue: Dashboard Export Date Range
  • Issue: Echoing Default Dept Status
  • issue: Export Memory Limit
  • Use PageNate->showing() for Users and Orgs in SCP
  • Don't capitalize Queue menu items
  • Issue: Disabled Dept on Email
  • issue: Assign To Sort Alphabetically
  • Update class.plugin.php


  • readme: Update PHP Version
  • placeholder: Quote and encode html chars

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(versi贸n principal)
25 Noviembre 2020 - 130MBEnhancements
  • Change dept_id and priority_id fron tinyint to int
  • csrf: Add ability to rotate token
  • Feature: Agent/Department Visibility
  • db: Latest Indexes
  • SLA Plan Search Field
  • 2FA Backends
  • Password Policy Revisited

  • Issue: Missing Events
  • Issue: 2FA Upgrade
  • Ticket From Email
  • Issue: User Custom Dept Field
  • Staff: Password Change
  • oops: Indexes Patch Schema
  • CsvImporter: Skip Byte Order Mark (BOM) if present
  • Oops: Method Inheritance Compatibility
  • issue: Form Instructions Translation

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(versi贸n de seguridad)
10 Marzo - 130MB1.14.6

  • xss: FormAction Attribute
  • xss: onerror Property

  • redactor: Upgrade to version 3.4.9

  • issue: markAs Popup Manager (No Access)
  • issue: Task last_update Var
  • issue: SCP Login Redirect
  • issue: Client-Side Reply Draft Saving


  • security: Parent Ticket Access (Client)

  • typo: Change User Confirmation Popup
  • redactor: Upgrade to version 3.4.6

  • issue: MailFetch Inline Disposition
  • issue: Editor Spacing
  • Issue: Collaborator Adding New Collabs
  • mail: Reply to Ticket Owner Only
  • dept: Dept Deletion Bug
  • issue: Task From Ticket

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(versi贸n de seguridad)
20 Noviembre 2020 - 130MBSecurity
  • Authcode: Ticket Access Link
  • Auth: Client Create Request

  • forms: Pseudo-random name for Dynamicforms on POST
  • redactor: Upgrade to version 3.4.5

  • Issue: Event YAML
  • issue: Missing Description On New Task
  • issue: Draft Save
  • mpdf: Logo Overlap
  • Issue: Viewing Email Templates
  • Issue: Topics on Install
  • Issue: Prevent Deleting All Topics
  • Issue: Sub Queues
  • authtoken: Add ticket link when recipient is ticket owner
  • redactor: Improper Formatting When Double Spacing
  • forms: Add SECRET_SALT to field name hash
  • issue: Better URL Parsing For External Inline Images
  • Issue: Default Delimiter
  • issue: Update Autocomplete
  • Fix incorrrect compare locked staff at Ticket Preview
  • Don't use a default comment on ticket assignment
  • Issue: Ticket Export Delimiters
  • CsvImporter: Skip Byte Order Mark (BOM) if present
  • Drop nested table from open new ticket
  • issue: New Message Alert Recipients
  • issue: Custom REGEX Failure
  • Issue: Ticket From Thread Attachments
  • cli: Manage.php Errors
  • issue: Assignee Field
  • issue: Agent Password Reset With No Existing Password
  • More modern, cleaner DocBlock
  • issue: Ticket Merge Select2

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ver m谩s versiones


(versi贸n de seguridad)
24 Agosto 2020 - 130MBPerformance and Security
  • security: Reported Vulns July-August 2020
  • xss: FAQ Category On Errors

  • select2: Update To 4.0.13
  • jquery: Update To 3.5.1
  • redactor: Upgrade to version 3.4.2
  • Issue: Template Variables in Ticket Filter
  • issue: Get Team Members For Alerts
  • Issue: Topic Help Tip
  • Create (165cf18
  • redactor: Upgrade to version 3.4.1
  • inline: RichText Fields View First
  • print: Update Icons and Add Titles
  • issue: Update Print Options Icons/Text/Title
  • refactor: Help Topic Status Refresh
  • Adding translation to the dashboard plot labels.
  • Issue: Language Verification

  • oops: Local Inline Images
  • Issue: Ticket Edit Save
  • Revert Topic Saving Fixes
  • issue: NOTLS For IMAP/POP Without SSL
  • Update dynamic-field-config.tmpl.php
  • Ticket Merge Translation Improvement
  • oops: Task Missing Parentheses
  • Issue: Create Task File Upload
  • issue: Delete Users With Tickets
  • DynamicField Update
  • issue: Form Field Help Text Not Null
  • export: Duplicate Results
  • issue: Email Template Internal Notes
  • oops: Change lastupdate To updated For Tasks
  • i18n: Redactor Files Not Included
  • Issue: Ticket Task Print
  • Issue: Topic Fields on Ticket Edit
  • issue: Activity Notice getLastRespondent()
  • Issue: Create Team With Members
  • i18n: Don't Store Files Under Branch Name
  • template: Add Ticket ID To Var Scope
  • Issue: Topic and Department Columns
  • sla: Force Intval For Scientific Floats
  • oops: JS Method Typo
  • issue: Signature Box No Longer Expands
  • install: Add Mark As Answered To All Access
  • print: Client Print Not Respecting Identity Masking
  • templates: %{ticket.thread.complete} Not Respecting Identity Masking
  • issue: Filter Action Add Button
  • install: Embedded Domain Whitelist
  • install: Schedule, SLA, and Help Tip Updates
  • Issue: Ticket Number Search
  • issue: PHP 7.4 Warnings (1aafa42, d93379e
  • issue: Flush Model Cache
  • Issue: PHP Warning
  • issue: MySQL 8.0 {min,max} Value Error
  • issue: Mass Delete Help Topics Warning
  • issue: Org Added Collabs
  • issue: Attachment Upload Configuration

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18 Mayo 2020 - 130MBChanges
  • Task Inline Edit
  • feature: Configurable Agents As Collaborators
  • Ticket Merge Modal Improvements
  • redactor: Double Spacing Optional
  • inline: Set Help Topic Refresh Statuses
  • lint: updateEstDueDate
  • Ticket Merge Parent Status
  • Schedule Entry - getOccurrences algo.
  • Queue Query Optimization
  • Issue: Merge Child Status
  • 1.14 Misc. Fixes
  • Issue: Filter Actions for Deleted Objects
  • ui: improve action buttons
  • Misc. Fixes
  • Issue: Class AuditEntry Not Found
  • oopsie: Revert errant delete by commit 027c8d2
  • lint: oopsie on undefined variable
  • issue: Move Owner Check to Ticket Collabs
  • oops: Update Schedule No Description
  • revert: Agent Added Agent Collabs
  • issue: AuditEntry Not Found
  • issue: Collab Pass By Reference
  • Add AnnotatedField interface to TicketTasksCountField
  • Audit Plugin Modal Fix
  • Issue: Duplicate Thread Entry Merge Records
  • export: User/Org Tickets
  • i18n: Help Text Translate Button
  • install: Task Title/Description Field Flags
  • issue: Trailing Whitespaces Number Lookups
  • issue: Duplicate Tickets in Lookup
  • issue: BooleanField Inline Edit Value
  • issue: BooleanField Cannot Be Unchecked
  • Issue: Managing Child Ticket Threads
  • Oops: Set Child Ticket Status
  • feature: Force HTTPS
  • Issue: Close Child Ticket Without Help Topic
  • Issue: Inline Edit Long Answer
  • Issue: Ticket Link/Merge
  • dept: Disable Auto Claim
  • redactor: Cancel Button
  • issue: Redactor z-index
  • Issue: Overwriting thisstaff on Assign
  • Schedule Entry - Initial Occurrence Scope
  • issue: mPDF Print Tables
  • Clear Overdue Flag 4realz
  • Ticket Merge/Link Defaults
  • User Audit Issue
  • upgrade: Redactor 3.3.5

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(versi贸n principal)
22 Noviembre 2019 - 130MB1.14.1

  • Revert commit cedd612
  • Clear Overdue On Reopen
  • Allow Repeatable Once Entries


  • php: 5.6 Support
  • Oops: Lint Fixes
  • Update index.php
  • Overdue oopsie
  • Ticket Task count
  • Visibility: Move getJsComparator to Widget class
  • i18n spelling oopsies

  • Require Between Date Entries
  • Add Ticket Reference to Tasks
  • Disabled SLA
  • Queues: Agents with no team assignment
  • Ticket Merge Upgrade Patch
  • ticket-view: Add ZIP export option
  • issue: Check $cfg iFrame
  • feature: Separate SMTP Credentials
  • feature: Fetch From Mail Folder
  • feature: Configurable iFrame Whitelist
  • Ticket Merge: Close Children
  • Audit Log Plugin
  • Issue: Organization Update
  • issue: Redactor Reset Buttons

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22 Noviembre 2019 - 130MBHotfixs
  • File data callback

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20 Noviembre 2019 - 130MBEnhancements
  • php: 5.6 Support
  • Oops: Lint Fixes
  • Update index.php
  • Overdue oopsie
  • Ticket Task count
  • Visibility: Move getJsComparator to Widget class
  • i18n spelling oopsies

  • Require Between Date Entries
  • Add Ticket Reference to Tasks
  • Disabled SLA
  • Queues: Agents with no team assignment
  • Ticket Merge Upgrade Patch
  • ticket-view: Add ZIP export option
  • issue: Check $cfg iFrame
  • feature: Separate SMTP Credentials
  • feature: Fetch From Mail Folder
  • feature: Configurable iFrame Whitelist
  • Ticket Merge: Close Children
  • Audit Log Plugin
  • Issue: Organization Update
  • issue: Redactor Reset Buttons

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31 Octubre 2019 - 130MBEnhancements
  • Datetime Formats
  • issue: Revert 453e815
  • Revert "issue: Advanced Search Default Sorting"
  • feature: Expanded Print View
  • i18n: Register Include
  • Lint Fix
  • Update osTicket Requirements
  • Update osTicket Requirements
  • issue: Update Installer PHP Requirements
  • issue: Update Outdated Links

  • issue: Mbstring Extension Requirement
  • Instantiate StaffDeptAccess
  • issue: Complete Thread Var Padding (Outlook)
  • Issue: Empty Due Date
  • issue: PHP 7.3 New Agent Set Password
  • European Date Format Issue
  • issue: CSV Patch Adv. Search Error
  • Issue: Annul Closed Events
  • issue: Department Referral Email
  • Date Range Period Timezone
  • Issue: Undefined Constant Warning
  • issue: Support Exchange Shared Mailbox Auth
  • Issue: Inline Ticket Assignment
  • issue: Dashboard No Help Error
  • Organization Update
  • issue: Advanced Search Default Sorting
  • issue: Image Attachment View
  • issue: Reset Role Permissions
  • issue: Error On QueueSort Config
  • Required Short Answer Field = '0'
  • Fix Admin Alert
  • issue: Set Staff Password On Creation
  • Issue: Reopen Assignment

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(versi贸n de seguridad)
9 Agosto 2019 - 130MB1.12.2

  • issue: v1.12 Git MAJOR_VERSION

  • issue: osTicket Logo
  • issue: Image Size
  • issue: DatetimeField Remove Unused Vars / Use parseDateTime()


  • xss: Install Form
  • security: CSV Formula Injection
  • security: HTML File Browser Execution (Windows: Firefox/IE)

  • issue: Queue Sort Title No Validation Error
  • Issue: Tickets Visibility
  • task: Implement edit of task thread
  • Reformat Incorrect Reply-To Headers
  • DatetimeField: Add jquery-ui-timepicker-addon
  • Add/Remove Collaborators Without Refresh

  • issue: API Unexpected Data Warnings
  • Double semicolon removed
  • Empty extra in list_items
  • Issue: Ticket Alerts vs Dept Recipients
  • issue: iFrame Single Quotes
  • issue: PDF Squares Instead Of Text
  • issue: Class Format Disposition Misspelling

  • Remove File Type Override
  • Validate integrity of uploads
  • issue: Rogue Closing div Breaks HTML Thread Tree

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(versi贸n principal) (versi贸n de seguridad)
23 Mayo 2019 - 130MBSecurity
  • xss: XSS To LFI Vulnerability

  • issue: Upgrader Wrong Guide Link
  • iframe: Allow Multiple iFrame Domains
  • variable: Complete Thread ASC or DESC
  • issue: Strip Emoticons
  • feature: ACL (Access Control List)
  • jquery: Update Again

Bug Fixes
  • issue: Maxfilesize Comma Crash
  • issue: System Ban List
  • queues: Fix compatibility issues with newer jQuery
  • filedrop: Fix file drag and drop
  • issue: PHP 7.2 Plugin Delete
  • issue: Local Avatar Annotation
  • Selected Navigation Item
  • Issue: Attachments on Information Fields
  • issue: No Save Button On Quicknotes
  • Issue: Duplicate Tickets in Closed Queue
  • issue: APC CLI
  • users: Fix seaching of users
  • issue: Custom Column Org Link
  • issue: Internal Note Ignored
  • issue: PHP 7.2 Ticket Status
  • issue: Canned Response Variables
  • issue: FAQ Search Results
  • issue: FAQ Return Errors
  • Queue Columns
  • issue: Duplicate Form Titles
  • Issue: Exporting Tickets
  • issue: Organizations Users Sort
  • issue: Multilingual FAQ Category w/ Parent
  • issue: Task Print PDF
  • Issue: MPDF Export PHP < 7.0
  • Quick Filter Fixes:
  • Assignment Restriction Issue
  • Issue: Saving Checkbox Values
  • Issue: Choosing Fields to Export
  • oops: Thread Variable Fatal Error
  • oops: Emojis Strip Korean
  • issue: iFrame On Install
  • Issue: Ticket Export Headers
  • issue: Organization Ticket Export No Filename
  • MPDF Issues
  • issue: sendAccessLink On NULL
  • issue: sendAccessLink On NULL v1.11
  • Update (eccc57
  • issue: iFrame Single Quotes
  • issue: Choice Validation Accept Punctuation
  • issue: ACL Move To Inc Files
  • Issues since v1.11 release
  • PJAX: Increase default timeout
  • Mime Decode - Encoded char
  • MPDF Tasks
  • issue: .eml/.msg Attachments
  • issue: Task EstDueDate
  • Bug fixes and enhancements for v1.11
  • Mailer: Allow for ability to pass -f option as from_address
  • Ticket Link: Always return a link

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(versi贸n principal)
10 Febrero 2019 - 130MBHighlights
  • PHP v5.6-v7.2 Support
  • Release Ticket Assignment (d354e09)
  • Require Help Topic To Close Ticket
  • Disable Collaborators On Reply
  • Complete Thread Variable
  • Public Mark As Answered/Unanswered
  • Latest jQuery Upgrade
  • Update To Latest mPDF (460b445)

Bug Fixes
  • Canned Response Select2
  • filters: Move to the ORM (3c1bc3d)
  • oops: New sessions require non-null data (0d58a28)
  • issue: IE White Screen Of Death
  • Recipients Icon View Email Recipients for Users (8c707b5)
  • Collaborator Fixes: (a4de351)
  • Collaborator Thread Event for Web Portal: (0b34753)
  • Collaborator Tickets Visibility Fix: (98dc5d9)
  • thread: getId On Non-Object (e3b333e)
  • Email Recipients Revisited Corrections (731c9fe)
  • Ticket-View Collaborator Collapsible Fix: (7be98ee)
  • mailer: EmailAddress Object as Array
  • collab: @localhost Mailer Error
  • SavedSearch Fixup (eadccc2)
  • Help Topic Inline Save Fix: (00a3be2)
  • Email Name Format:
  • issue: Saved Searches Flags
  • queue: Improve queries necessary for rendering
  • status: Allow Reopen
  • Agent Default Queue:
  • Referral Assignment Issue:
  • Team Referral Check
  • Implement 'Select Active Collaborators':
  • Upgrader: Old search criteria
  • Advanced Search: TicketStatus / Status Name
  • Search All Tickets Setting
  • queues: Column Conditions Overwrite
  • queues: Row Conditions
  • issue: Multiple File Display
  • Staff Profile Updates:
  • Charset: Add generic transcode php_user_filter
  • issue: Image CID Attributes
  • Filter Action Saving Fix:
  • issue: Session form-data Files
  • issue: Default Help Topic Issue Summary
  • Implement Referral Internal Notes
  • issue: Existing User Registration
  • Adjust Filter Saving (49edbb3)
  • oops: Selection Search Bug
  • Filter Action Send an Email Issue
  • Optimize Upgrade: Remove ThreadEvent 'state' Enum (ebca2f9)
  • Creating Tickets with Attachments (47920c4)
  • issue: Duplicate Personal Queues
  • issue: Newly Added Queues
  • Help Topic: Ignore invalid help topics (d93bb51)
  • footer: htmlchars company name (f6687f0f)
  • Thread Entry: Chucked body (aff9bcb)
  • Filters: Cleanup filter actions on delete (6372b9c)
  • orm: Add route to merge InstrumentedList (4a793a9)
  • Search: Add duedate to base fields (b8bdd27)
  • DateTimeFilter: Support empty value (95856cd)
  • Export: Make Export Fast Again
  • DatetimeField: Format (8623ed6)
  • Oops: Creating Tickets with Attachments
  • Column Annotation (2f7e3a0)
  • Add NumericField (af829e8)
  • Add Queue Columns Annotation as Fields. (aa0924a)
  • Retain Help Topics for Emails
  • export: Field Display (8adbd37)
  • Filter Action Validation Fixes
  • Advanced Search Column Conditions
  • Update Thread Events in Batches (bea99ae)
  • Update Fresh Install Process (fce25fb)
  • View All Tickets for User
  • Ticket Sources
  • Add period to DateTimeField
  • Form Attachment Issues
  • Attachment Names Issue
  • File Disposition (0c6e9ac)
  • Primary Queues Buckets
  • Saving Changes to Filters (5f5951d)
  • Event Migration Optimization
  • Add new API headers to whitelist
  • upgrade: Actually re-fetch the config from database
  • issue: Export Event State Error
  • issue: Delete User Error
  • Dashboard Statistics Issue
  • issue: ticket_link Fatal Error
  • Queue Counts
  • issue: Queue sort_id
  • FileUploadField Validation
  • Status Column: Fix display and sorting
  • queue: Top-Level Ticket Counts
  • Deleting the Default Queue
  • issue: Email Default Dept
  • issue: create_date Variable
  • issue: FAQ/Page Attachments
  • Forms: Field Permissions
  • Field: Help Topic Forms
  • Task Collaborators
  • Issue: Edit Export Column Heading
  • Clarify User Import Instructions
  • Issue: Duplicate Search Results
  • Issue: DynamicFormEntry render (26ebcae0)
  • Issue: Filters
  • issue: Task Response With Collaborators
  • issue: Scrollable Quickfilters
  • profile: Reply Redirect
  • Oops: Modify 0 in Short Answer Field Fix
  • Issue: Mass Assign
  • issue: SubQueues Hide PersonalQueues
  • issue: New Ticket Field Permissions
  • issue: Remove Referral Borked
  • Fix crashes compiling language packs on PHP 7

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10 Febrero 2019 - 30MBHighlights
Latest jQuery Upgrade

Bug Fixes
  • issue: Translation Flags Not Clickable
  • issue: Hide Task Loading Overlay
  • Issue: Tasks Within Tickets
  • issue: Dashboard Export Period
  • Improve the Staff login
  • oops: Remove DST From User Update
  • issue: Dupe Page Requests Fix
  • change old wiki urls to new doc urls
  • oops: Class GenericAttachment Not Found
  • issue: Duplicate Page Requests
  • forms: Render Instructions
  • accessibility: Screen Readable Actions
  • forms: Disabled By Help Topic Users
  • issue: CDATA Phone Contains
  • Tasks: Task visibility
  • issue: mPDF SetAutoFont RTL
  • issue: SelectionField nset
  • cron: Clean Expired Passwd Resets
  • sessions: Clear On Password Set/Reset
  • Make getFiles() return files
  • issue: mPDF Arabic Fonts
  • issue: Task Term Search
  • Relative Time Fixes:
  • perms: Alphabetize Role/Staff Permissions
  • issue: Ticket Filter Does Not Match Regex
  • Task Assigned Team Issue:
  • issue: FAQ & Canned Attachments Dropping
  • issue: Wrong Attachment Names (#4426
  • issue: Featured FAQs On Disable
  • issue: Deleted Field Thread Events
  • issue: Custom File Upload Dropping
  • issue: Priority Field Template Variable
  • issue: Client Side Thread Entries
  • issue: jQuery Sortable Redactor
  • issue: CLI Deploy Missing Bootstrap Fix
  • issue: Client Side Column Sorting
  • issue: ChoiceField Template Variable
  • issue: TextThreadEntryBody Sanitize
  • issue: Installer Footer Copyright

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(versi贸n de seguridad)
21 Julio 2018 - 30MB1.10.4

  • Fix Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities

  • Auto-Assignment Log
  • Language Pack Locale Mismatch
  • CLI Deploy Missing Bootstrap
  • User Import No Email
  • Ticket Lock On Disable


  • Prevent Click Jacking

  • Org. User Account Status
  • Flush Cache On Upgrade
  • Outlook _MailEndCompose
  • Files - deleteOrphans()
  • Fix imap_open Disable Authenticator
  • Check permissions before displaying Close Task
  • Information Page Performance
  • queryset: Fix circular reference error


  • Prevent Account Takeover
  • Prevent Agent Directory XSS
  • Httponly Cookies
  • Only allow image attachments to be opened in the browser window
  • CSRF in URL
  • AJAX Reflected XSS
  • File Upload Bypass

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27 Octubre 2017 - 20MBEnhancements
  • Users: Support search by phone number
  • i18n: Fix getPrimaryLanguage() on non-object (#3799)
  • Add TimezoneField (#3786)
  • Chunk long text body (#3757, 7b68c99)
  • Spyc: convert hex strings to INTs under PHP 7 (#3621)
  • forms: Proper Field Deletion
  • Move orphaned tasks on department deletion to the default department (42e2c55)
  • List: Save List Item Abbreviation (8513f13)

Performance and Security
  • XSS: Encode html entities of advanced search title (#3919)
  • XSS: Encode html entities of cached form data (#3960, bcd58e8)
  • ORM: Addresses an SQL injection vulnerability in ORM lookup function (#3959, 1eaa691)


(versi贸n principal)
4 Noviembre 2016 - 20MBEnhancements
  • Support Passive Email Threading (#3276)
  • Introduce the concept of Trusted Proxies and Local Networks (4396f91)
  • * Account for agents' name format setting when sorting agents (#3274, 5c548c7)
  • Ticket Filters: Support Lookup By Name (#3274, ef9b743)
  • Enable preloaded canned responses by default (#3274, 7267531)

  • Task: Missing Description on create (#3274, 865db9)
  • Save task due date on create (#3438)
  • Show overlay on forms submit (#3426, #3391)
  • upgrader: Fix crash on SequenceLoader (#3421)
  • upgrader: Fix undefined js function when upgrading due to stale JS file (#3424)
  • Use help topic as the subject line when issue summary is disabled (#3274, 74bdc02)
  • PEAR: Turn off peer name verification by default (SMTP) (#3274, 4f68aeb)
  • Cast orm objects to string when doing db_real_escape (#3274, e63ba58)
  • Save department on __create (#3274, c664c93)
  • Limit records to be indexed per cron run to 500 (#3274, 9174bab)


(versi贸n de seguridad)
2 Noviembre 2016 - 20MBEnhancements
  • Introduce the concept of Trusted Proxies and Local Networks (4396f91)

Performance and Security
  • Fix memory leak when applying 'Use Reply-To Email' ticket filter action (8ca6bc3)
  • XSS: Sanitize and validate HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header (#3439, 4396f91)
  • XSS: Encode html chars on help desk title/name (#3439, 2fb47bd)


13 Junio 2016 - 20MBEnhancements
  • alerts: Do not include the manager with the members (#2974)

  • Only change SLA if target department has an SLA
  • Unify ticket source and preserve original (e.g Web) source on ticket edit
  • filedrop: Use jQuery to remove filenode
  • pjax: Do not assume href attribute is set
  • Default to system default, if staff does not have page limit set, thanks @antriver (#2951)
  • plugins: Assume plugins might not have configuration
  • oops: Make sure __toString returns a string
  • autoresponse: Do not send out new message auto-response to ticket owner as well as collaborators on new ticket (#2639)
  • auth: Consider the destination clicked prior to SSO authentication, thanks @jdelhome3578 (#2916)
  • config: Add error message and default for max_open_tickets setting (#2914)
  • auth: This issue only impacts SSO auth plugins, @thanks kevinoconnor7 (#2641)
  • i18n: Support language pack compilation with new support for parallel releases with v1.10.x


(versi贸n de seguridad)
20 Agosto 2015 - 20MBImprovements
  • Fix missing search box adding user to organization (#2431)
  • Fix incorrect update time on FAQ view in staff portal (194f890)
  • Fix incorrect parsing of some multi-part MIME messages (fe62226)
  • Fix auto-claim for new ticket by staff if a filter added a canned response (eca531f)
  • Fix malformed results on remote user search when adding users (#2335)
  • Fix search by ticket number on client portal (#2294)
  • Fix association of user email without a domain to an organization without an email domain setting (#2293)

Performance and Security
  • Revert poor performing ticket stats query (#2318)


(versi贸n de seguridad)
22 Julio 2015 - 20MBEnhancements
  • Log to syslog on php mail() error (#2128)
  • Full path of help topics shown in filter management (3d98dff)
  • Auto rebuild the search index if %_search table is dropped (#2250)
  • New version available message in system information (c1b5a33)

  • Fix appearance of <div> in user names (regression in v1.9.9) (be2f138)
  • Out-of-office notification does not clear closing agent (#2181)
  • Fix check for departments limiting assignees to members only (#2143)
  • Fix signal data pass by reference (#2195)
  • Fix template variables not rendering in href attributes (#2223)
  • Fix missing custom data for new users (#2203)
  • Fix incorrect cli option expansion (#2199)
  • Properly encode To header for php mail() sends (857dd22)
  • Fix incorrect message body when fetching TNEF emails (0ec7cf6)
  • Fix layout of some tables in PDF export (cef3dd3)

Performance and Security
  • Fix XSS issue on choices field type (#2271)


25 Junio 2015 - 20MBEnhancements
  • Properly balance stripped and invalid HTML (#2145)
  • Add MANIFEST file to deployment process and retire duplicate code for packaging (#2052)

  • Fix inability to configure LDAP and S3 plugins (regression) (59337b3)
  • Fix incorrect whitespace in search indexed HTML content (#2111)
  • Add support for invalid multipart/relative content type (aaf1b74)
  • Force line breaks for very long HTML lines (56cc709)

Performance and Security
  • Fix slow query for ticket counts for large datasets (c4ace2d)
  • Fix slow thread load query (thanks @torohill) (7b7e855)

18 Mayo 2015 - 20MB
  • Add option to disable email address verification
  • Fix crash upgrading from osTicket v1.6


15 Mayo 2015 - 20MBEnhancements
  • Update user information for existing users when importing CSV (#1993)
  • Agent names are consistently formatted and sorted throughout the system (#1972)
  • Memcache session backend support. (See include/ost-sampleconfig.php) (#2031)
  • Email domain validation includes DNS record verification (#2042)
  • Make ticket queue selection sticky (aa2dc85)

  • Fix incorrect mapping of ISO charsets to ISO-8859-1, thanks @nerull7
  • Fix unnecessary drop of ticket CDATA table because of update to deleted field (#1932)
  • Fix inability to create or update organization custom data (#1942)
  • Fix inability to update some fields of user custom data (#1942)
  • Fix filtering user custom data for email tickets (#1943)
  • Fix missing email headers resulting in incorrectly threaded emails when delivered (#1947)
  • Cleanup file data when removing custom file uploads (#1942)
  • Fix crash when exporting PDF and PHAR extension is not enabled
  • Fix crash processing some TNEF documents (89f3ed7, #1956)
  • Fix handling of GBK charset when gb2312 is advertised (#2000)
  • Fix link to client ticket listing when logged in, thanks @neewy (#1952)
  • Disambiguate staff and collaborators when processing a some emails (#1983)
  • Fix several i18n phrase and layout issues (#1958, #1962, #2039)
  • Improve detection of some bounce notices with alternative content (#1994)
  • Fix image URL rewrite when pasting existing images, from a KB article for instance (#1960)
  • Preserve internal note formatting on new ticket by staff if HTML is disabled (#2001)
  • Touch organization updated timestamp on custom data update (#2007)
  • Fix deployment on Windows庐 platforms, thanks @yadimon (#2033)
  • Fix upgrade crash if retrying an old, failed upgrade from v1.6 (#1995)
  • Fix corruption of some html content (9ae01bf)


(versi贸n de seguridad)
3 Abril 2015 - 20MBEnhancements
  • Remote IP is logged for staff replies (#1846)
  • Add option to require client login to view knowledge base (#1851)
  • Internal activity alert, replacing the internal note alert, includes alerts of responses made by other agents (#1865)
  • Email system now uses LF instead of CRLF as the default (#1909)
  • Mass actions for user directory (#1924)
  • Unassign tickets on transfer if current assignee is not a member of the new department and the department has "Restrict assignment to members" enabled (#1923)

  • Clear overdue flag when a ticket is closed, thanks @A-Lawrence (#1739)
  • Clear attached file listing on client post (regression) (#1845)
  • Delete ticket custom data on delete (#1840)
  • Trim whitespace from filter match data on update (#1844)
  • Fix dropping of custom data on API post (#1839)
  • Fix advanced search on create date (#1848)
  • Fix initial load and pagination of dashboard page (#1856)
  • Fix incorrect internal/public category setting in drop down for new FAQ (#1867)
  • Add UTF-8 BOM to CSV export for correct Unicode detection (#1869)
  • Fix not considering the setting for alert assigned on new message (#1850)
  • Skip new activity notice if collaborator(s) included in email To or Cc header (#1871)
  • Fix inability to uncheck a custom data checkbox (#1866)
  • Fix advanced search for unassigned tickets (#1857)
  • Fix navigation warning if not using the lock feature (#1898)
  • Fix detection of message of some bounce notices (#1914)
  • Fix SQL alert with multiple Message-ID headers (#1920)
  • Add a warning if attempting to configure archiving for POP accounts (#1921)
  • Fix missing UTF-8 output encoding header for staff control panel (#1918)
  • Fix z-index issue between popup previews and modal dialogs (#1919)
  • Record imported file backend when importing files (f1e31ba)

Performance and Security
  • Fix XSS vulnerability in sequence management (88bedbd)
  • Defer loading of thread email header information when loading ticket thread (#1900)


(versi贸n de seguridad)
16 Marzo 2015 - 20MBEnhancements
  • New Message-Id system allowing for better threading in mail clients (#1549, #1730)
  • Fix forced session expiration after 24 hours (#1677)
  • Staff panel logo is customizable (#1718)
  • Priority fields have a selectable default (instead of system default) (#1732)
  • Import/Export support for file contents via cli (#1661)

  • Fix broken links in documentation, thanks @Chefkeks (#1675)
  • Fix handling of some Redmond-specific character set encoding names (#1698)
  • Include the user's name in the "To" field of outbound email (#1549)
  • Delete collaborators when deleting tickets (#1709)
  • Fix regression preventing auto-responses for staff new tickets (#1712)
  • Fix empty export if ticket details form has multiple priority fields (#1732)
  • Fix filtering by list item properties in ticket filters (#1741)
  • Fix missing icon for "add new filter", thanks @Chefkeks (#1735)
  • Support Firefox v6 - v12 on the file drop widget (#1776)
  • Show update errors on access templates (#1778)
  • Allow empty staff login banner on update (#1778)
  • Fix corruption of text thread bodies for third-party collaborator email posts (#1794)
  • Add some hidden template variables to pop out content (#1781)
  • Fix missing validation for user name and email address (#1816, eb8858e)
  • Turn off search indexing when complete, disable incorrectly implemented work breaking, squelch error 1062 email from search backend (afa9692)
  • Fix possible out of memory crash in custom forms (#1707, 0440111)

Performance and Security
  • Fix generation of random data on Windows庐 platforms (#1672)
  • Fix possible DoS and brute force on login pages (#1727)
  • Fix possible redirect away from HTTPS on client login page, thanks @ldrumm (#1782)

(versi贸n de seguridad)
13 Enero 2015 - 2MBImprovements
  • Fix file.php to serve files added to system before osTicket v1.9.1 (e02ab9a)
  • Fix file.php to serve files if client panel or system is offline (6bb7843)
  • Fix popover download of inline images (8d3a130)
  • Avoid de-duplicating zero-length files (98caa70)
  • Send new message alert to team members if not assigned to an agent (b7e75b1)
  • Fix import of users to organization not setting the organization (1220238)
  • Fix redactor toolbar showing over the date picker (#1450, thanks @Chefkeks)

Performance and Security
  • Fix XSS vulnerability in client language selection (b38b3ca)


(versi贸n de seguridad)
9 Enero 2015 - 2MBEnhancements
  • Add support for organization vars in templates (%{ticket.user.organization...}) (#1561)
  • Canned responses feature can now be disabled (#1562)
  • Drop link redirection through l.php (#1640)
  • Use unified file download script (#1641). Links can now be shared with external users and accessed without authenticating.
  • Ticket filters support matching and banning based on the Reply-To user information (#1645)

  • Remove custom data when users are deleted (#1492)
  • Fix matching of ticket number in subject (regression in v1.9.4) (#1486)
  • Several minor translatable strings (#1441, #1489, #1560), thanks @Chefkeks
  • Fix invalid UTF-8 chars PDF error for empty thread title (regression in v1.9.4) (#1512)
  • Consider auto response checkbox and department setting for new ticket by staff (#1509)
  • Fix PHP crash if finfo extension is missing (#1437)
  • Fix export of choice field items (#1436)
  • Properly handle alert and auto response flags from API (#1435), thanks @stevepacker
  • Fix current value of choice fields if set to boolean false (#1466)
  • Do not reopen tickets for automated responses (#1529)
  • Properly handle uppercase file extensions in file field configuration (#1549)
  • Fix release of ticket lock when navigating away from ticket view (#1552)
  • Display FAQ article consistently on client portal (#1553)
  • Avoid wrapping password reset URLs on text emails (#1558)
  • Fix field requirement for clients when only required for agents (#1559)
  • Fix language selection for new email template group (#1563)
  • Fix incorrect status of new ticket if opened as closed and assigning to an agent (#1565)
  • Forbid disabling the only active administrator (#1569)
  • Searching for tickets searches to midnight of the end date (#1572), thanks @grintor
  • Fix rejection of tickets by filter, even if a previous matching filter would stop on match (#1644)
  • Fix matching of User / Email Address in ticket filters (#1644)
  • Properly HTML escape thread bodies when quoting (#1637)
  • Use department email for agent alerts (#1555)
  • Skip team assignment alert on new ticket if assigned to an agent (fddb3c7)
  • Use custom form name as the page title when editing (#1646)

Performance and Security
  • Fix possible XSS vulnerability in sortable table view pages (#1639)


(versi贸n principal) (versi贸n de seguridad)
27 Octubre 2014 - 2MBThis release introduces a variety of new awesome features and enhancements.

Major New Features
  • New ticket states (resolved, archived, and deleted) (#1094, #1159)
  • Custom ticket statuses (#1159)
  • Custom ticket number formats (#1128)
  • Full text search capabilities (beta)
  • Multiselect for choice fields and custom list selections
  • Phase II Multi-Lingual Support (User Interface) (see and (#1096)
  • Active interface translations of 46 languages currently
  • Popup help tip documentation in all languages
  • Flags displayed on client portal for manual switch of UI language by endusers
  • Automatic detection of enduser and agent language preference as advertised by the browser
  • Improved PDF ticket printing support, including greater support for eastern characters such as Thai, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese
  • Proper support for searching, including breaking words for languages which do not use word breaks, such as Japanese
  • Proper user interface layout for right-to-left languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, and Farsi
  • Right-to-Left support for the HTML text editor, regardless of the viewing user鈥檚 current language setting
  • Proper handling of bidirectional text in PDF output and in the ticket view

  • Plugins can have custom configurations (#1156)
  • Upgrade to mPDF to v5.7.3 (#1356)
  • Add support for PDF fonts in language packs (#1356)
  • Advanced search improved to support multiple selections, custom status and flags

  • Fix display of text thread entries with HTML characters (

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