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Open Real Estate is an open source realty management application.

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Comercio-e y negocios
Versión actual
Última actualización
27 January 2018

Configuración requerida

Tamaño de la instalación
85.00 MB
Base de datos
código abierto
Vista de conjunto
Qué hay de nuevo


27 Enero 2018 - 85MB1.22.2

  • CKEditor 4.7.3
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes.


  • Minor improvements and bugfixes.


  • A new way of displaying listings rating in theme “Atlas”.
  • Mortgage calculator in listings view.
  • More convenient data input with search on country, region and city in search filters.
  • An opportunity to insert different titles for showing widgets.
  • A new widget “Summary information page” with a filter function that can be implemented in infopages.
  • Create backup copies in the admin panel.
  • New graphs in the admin panel.
  • Other minor changes and error fixes.

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(versión principal)
27 Agosto 2017 - 85MBFeatures
  • an opportunity to upload documents (files) in listings
  • ability to use updated Google reCaptcha2
  • Yandex.Maps
  • flexible search
  • create listings step-by-step
  • new administration panel theme
  • file manager in a visual editor
  • updated CKEditor
  • optimization of Yandex Realty module
  • RTL language support
  • option to create pages with city description and listings
  • FlowPlayer removed -- now html5 videoplayer is used
  • half day booking

  • PHPMailer library is updated up to version 5.2.23

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1 Marzo 2016 - 55MB
  • Improvements and bug fixes.

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2 Febrero 2016 - 55MB
  • Improvements and bug fixes.

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14 Enero 2016 - 55MB
  • Developers have implemented some corrections and made some improvements to the product to make it even better than before!

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17 Diciembre 2015 - 55MB
  • errors' correction.


(versión principal)
1 Diciembre 2015 - 55MB
  • online booking payment (available only with modules 'Booking calendar' and 'Payments and paid services');
  • new paid add-on 'History of changes';
  • new paid add-on 'Subway stations';
  • new add-on 'Materials'. Now you can create content categories of your own: news, article, blog and assign categories to newly created materials (news, articles, posts);
  • new base of countries, regions and cities for module 'Location' from SypexGeo ( ;
  • property on a map in print version;
  • framework Yii is updated up to the latest version (1.1.16);
  • numerous improvements and bug fixes.


13 Octubre 2015 - 55MB
  • fixed a new property type can't be added in the file protected/modules/apartmentObjType/models/ApartmentObjType.php


(versión principal)
30 Septiembre 2015 - 55MB
  • nested objects. For example, apartments in apartment building or rooms in hotel.
  • 'Seasonal prices' module. Option to set different prices for different periods of the year to 'Rent' listings. For example, prices in high season can be higher, than during low one.
  • optimization of map view of all the properties.
  • optimization of 'Yandex.Realty' module.
  • ability to set the default type of operations in the settings.
  • improvements in 'Forms Editor' module: option to set a field visibility - visible to all, to registered users, to owner and admin, to admin only.
  • bulk addtion of cities and reference values.
  • miscellaneous amendments and improvements.

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(versión principal)
9 Julio 2015 - 55MB
  • ability to search available properties by dates
  • improved menu settings
  • support and editing of any new currency
  • 3 colour schemes of 'Atlas' theme
  • setting 'confirmation by e-mail at registration'
  • updated CKEditor
  • filtration of the listings with paid services in admin panel
  • listings cloning
  • safe removal of the listings (the listings are displayed on the website with the sign "Listing is not actual")
  • User Agreement page and corresponding checkbox at registration
  • numerous improvements and bug fixes.


(versión principal)
10 Abril 2015 - 55MB
  • module "Customers": the basic customer accounting (add/edit/data view);
  • new paid module "Inner correspondence";
  • jQuery Sortable to move elements in tables of the admin panel;
  • search by user type;
  • search by ads "only with photos";
  • fields management: the option to connect listing's parameters to different tabs and fields assorting;
  • other numerous improvements and debugging.

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